Nina Dobrev in Monique Lhuillier at the Critics’ Choice Awards: amazing or weird?

Nina Dobrev really stood out for me at last night’s Critics’ Choice Awards. She was one of the first presenters (with Henry Cavill) and at first I couldn’t decide whether or not I liked her scaly blue-green mod dress. It was like the dress stood out so much that it was wearing her. It kind of grew on me, and now I find it very striking. It’s Monique Lhuillier. Nina often wears bright solid jewel tones and she favors contemporary dresses. This really suits her. For a 24 year-old, she dresses with so much sophistication.

Famke Janssen, on the other hand, looked kind of scared when she was presenting. I was wondering whether she was freaking out to see her sort-of ex, Ben Affleck, in the audience. (Who didn’t he date?) This teal John Galliano gown with the sheer panels and ruffled neckline was slightly less fug in motion, but barely. It reminds me of those horrid blouses with the tiered ruffles we used to wear in the 90s. (Yes I had one and I rocked it!)

How adorable was little QuvenzhanŽ Wallis (there’s a name I will be cutting and pasting forever, I doubt I’ll ever learn it properly) when she accepted her award for Best Young Actress? She shook her iPhone in the pink case as if it were an Etch-a-sketch and then she gave a quick thank you speech and exited. I was surprised at how calm and happy she was. We’ll be seeing a lot more of her.

Elle Fanning was also nominated in QuvenzhanŽ’s category. She wore Chanel and it looks like she paired this dress with shoes that were similar to the ones worn on the runway. Her people haven’t been getting her fashion right at all, and this is not a cute dress. Her shoes remind me of something that Hugh Jackman’s wife would wear. I think her stylist was going for young and whimsical, but this just looks like one of those bathrobe wrap-arounds that you wear after a shower. Comfy, but not red-carpet ready. Also, who put that pink eyeshadow on her? Poor Elle. Still she’s super cute.

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  1. Marianne says:

    I loved Nina’s dress but I think it would have been more appropriate for something like the PCA’s.

    Famke Janssen wins the ugliest dress if the night award.

    Elle Fanning looked pretty fug as well. Just looked like she draped a blanket around her.

    Quezhavnie (sp?) looked pretty adorable though.

  2. hmm says:

    OMG Ella Fannings shoes! They are just weird, who is making those awfull shoes!

  3. Lizzie says:

    I’ve been reading this site for a while….you guys like the more conservative fashion right? :)

  4. Miss Kiki says:

    Why is Famke Janssen wearing such a monstrosity?! I don’t have the words to describe how much that dress is offending me.

  5. QQ says:

    Nina’s Eh! All that beadwork or whatever made for an awkward fit dress

    Famke : Monstrosity on wheels, this woman is pretty and has a nice body this Marchessa looking shitshow does it no justice, looks cheap and saggy

    Quvenzhané looks so supremely adorable! *sigh* in that movie and IRL her skin her little eyes, her personality *SWOON*

    Who Hates Elle Fanning so Much?! That was the Epitome of Scrolldown Fug Pound for Pound

  6. RocketMerry says:

    QWallis was maybe told in advance that she had won, hence the calmness.
    I understand that they do that sometimes, when they want to make sure the person awarded is ready (i.e. really old/young, or with known health issues).

    If not, then she is a super-professional already!

  7. smartyparty says:

    Elle has all her life to get it right. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said “Still, she looks cute”. Because really, no matter what this girl wears she wears it with confidence and her own inner beauty really shines. I actually love the 90s ruffle dress, too, but that is because I am a 90s gal!

  8. andrea says:

    It’s a parade of bad fashion. Nina’s dress is ok but the cut-out chest makes me think of someone like Blake or Mariah.

  9. Happymom says:

    Nina’s dress looks like it’s inspired by the Jetsons. And Elle’s shoes are Crocs Evening wear.

  10. mia girl says:

    Elle Fanning’s dress looks like something a patchouli wearing twirler at a Phish concert might wear. You know, a girl whose into sustainable clothing so she repurposed white rice/potatoe sacks, sewed them together, and then hot glued appliqués she found on an old dress at the Goodwill store. She constructed the dress while high on shrooms and listening to Widespread Panic.

    What might be a whimsical achievement for a Phish concert is a total WTF? on a red carpet.

  11. Lupe says:

    Kinda wish Elle Fanning would ditch that yellowy blonde and go with the color of her roots, looks like it would be striking on her, and maybe keep her from looking so lolita-ish? Oh well, at 14 I never wanted my hair natural either.

  12. Erinn says:

    It looks like they wrapped Elle in a table cloth or a shower curtain. Poor girl.

  13. sasa says:

    The length on Nina’s dress, paired with that elaborate neckline, was bugging me so much that I had to photoshop a different length just for my peace of mind. :)
    Check it out:

  14. T.Fanty says:

    Nina is a twig of a girl, and that dress makes her look very full, and not in a good way. Her head now looks tiny.

    Famke Janssen’s dress is hideous, but I met her in a bar one night and she is beautiful and lovely, so she gets a free pass from me.

  15. Axis2ClusterB says:

    Really love Nina’s dress – it’s hard to make her look bad, tho. Of course, I’ve always said that about Famke, but that thing she has on is just sucking the hotness right out of her.

    And Elle looks like she’s wearing an actual bathmat. One of those big ones that you love because because they’re all soft and squishy and actually get your feet dry.

  16. oh dear says:

    i love the colour, not sure about the cut. wouldve looked better if it was tight around the hips/legs.

  17. Riana says:

    Oh dear God Elle…even her eyeshadow…poor thing. Backs away slowly.

  18. MsLib says:

    Nasty shoes
    Nasty outfits
    Nasty make-up

    I am such a traditionalist!

  19. pfeiffer87 says:

    It’s Quvenzhané Wallis. Pronounced Qui-ven-ZHEN-ay.

  20. Sway says:

    I’m pretty convinced that Nina and Alexandra Chando are twins separated at birth.

  21. ZigZagZoey says:

    I’m sorry ~ I have NEVER seen Elle look good or wear anything pretty in the slightest. Nothing against her personally (she seems very cute and sweet), but it practically makes me gag, she looks that bad all the time. Why is she always in colors that only wash her out MORE, and how in hell does she always find the ugliest shoes on the planet?
    PINK eye shadow on a pale as pale girl?
    And everything she wears also seems to make her look bigger than she actually is. I don’t get it!

  22. Mouse says:

    Whoa, just glancing at the face, I thought this was J-Wow.

  23. lucy2 says:

    I like the color of Nina’s, no sure about the shape.
    I don’t care for Elle’s look, but as long as she likes it, she’s a kid and should have fun with it while she can.
    Q looks so cute!

  24. Diana says:

    Nina’s non existing upper lip bothers me to no end. Poor Elle with that make up and QuvenzhanŽ Wallis is just adorable.

  25. Rachel says:

    Can we please just address Famke’s feet?! WTF is going on with her toes hanging WAY out of the peep toe? Not cute.

  26. Ron says:

    Elle Fanning wore my Nanna’s table cloth and her shoes! Holy hell. But at least she had the sense not to wear that thing on Famke.

  27. Nina says:

    Ugh… Famke Janssen’s dress looks like the cheesy crap they call clothes from Victoria’s Secret!

  28. Gabby says:

    My first thought seeing Nina was not very kind… I don’t know if its the dress or what but she looks like she put in some weight. Prego w Ian’s baby? :-)

  29. Pucci says:

    Nina = J-Wow! It appears that Nina’s Bulgarian heritage minus her baby hairs = J-Wow’s Spanish and Irish heritage.

  30. Shy says:

    I don’t watch TVD and couldn’t recognize who Nina was at first. I decided that this is girl that plays Sutton/Emma on The Lying Games :)

  31. VGS says:

    Nina’s dress isn’t that bad…Elle Fanning’s shoes are hideous!! She dresses like an old lady!

  32. MisJes says:

    Dear God, this fashion is atrocious!

    Nina – I have seen this look on her a thousand times. Her look has no range, and I hate the ponytail. If she had taken 5 more minutes to add some grooming, sleek and shine to it, the look would work better for me.

    Famke – No.

    Elle – The dress, the shoes, the lack of hair styling – a total miss.

  33. sauvage says:

    I find Nina Dobrev’s dress nothing less atrocious than Famke Janssens’s.