Beyonce’s ridiculous animal-skin ‘King Bey’ sneakers have upset PETA

If you’ve been following this blog long enough, you’ll know that I’m not a shoe person. CB is the shoe person around here – I’m more of a purse and jewelry person. I can talk about purses and jewelry all day, every day. I spend half the year in flip-flips and the other half of the year in quilted, faux-fur lined slippers (while I’m working, obviously). So I’m probably the wrong person to judge another woman for the insane amount of money she will spend on shoes. But in this particular case of Beyonce and her custom-made PMK high-top sneakers, it’s not just about the insane amount on money. It’s about Beyonce wanting (and getting) a ridiculous amount of animal skins put onto these crazy sneakers. For literally no reason other than “because she can.”

Frankly, they look like a reasonably ordinary pair of white trainers. But try telling that to Beyonce – or animal rights campaigners. For these shoes, commissioned by the singer, are made from no fewer than five different animal skins: stingray, anaconda, ostrich, crocodile and calf.

Fans and animal welfare groups alike condemned Beyonce, 31, as ‘cruel’ and ‘spoilt’ for having the trainers made.

A spokesman for animal charity PETA said: ‘These custom-made kicks come with a high price – and it’s paid by the various animals who were beaten and skinned alive or cruelly farmed and killed.’

He added: ‘We hope that one day she’ll go completely cruelty-free.’

Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, described the trainers as ‘a brazen publicity stunt’. ‘The less that is said about it the better,’ he added.

The cream colour shoes are a take on the wedge-style trainer, made popular by designer Isabel Marant, but given a so-called Eden makeover by PMK using a hybrid of land and sea skins.

Called The King-Bey, the shoes, which have been given Beyonce’s approval, are decorated with gold accents. The price is as yet undisclosed, but a regular pair sells in excess of £230 ($350) so this embellished pair would sell for far more.

PMK is a favourite brand of Beyonce and her A-list husband Jay Z – indeed, Jay Z had a shoe designed for him last year- the Brooklyn Zoo – by the brand. His pair were as lavish as his wife’s, with an endless roll call of reptile skins used to make the shoe.

Of the trainer they designed for Jay-Z, PMK said: ‘The Brooklyn Zoo 1′s cannot be tamed with an elaborate combination of elephant-print, ostrich, python, boa, crocodile, lizard, alligator, suede, and sting ray intricately cut to transform the Jordan 1 from a basketball sneaker into the world’s most daring and dapper sneaker concepts known to man.’

[From The Mail]

I honestly don’t understand the whole fur thing, but I wear leather, and I will admit to lusting after some ostrich-skin purses and some purses with various reptile-skin accents. That being said, I balked at the laundry list of animal skins used to make these FUG shoes. If you’re going to wear animal skins, I think you should own it and be able to defend yourself, like, “this object is beautiful and I don’t give a crap about the suffering of these animals, so I don’t care what you say.” But I get the feeling that Beyonce doesn’t even think she owes anyone an explanation for anything – because she’s King Bey, because nothing she ever does is wrong, because why wouldn’t she wear fug high-tops made from six different animal skins? She’s like the Marie Antoinette of fug shoewear.

Photos courtesy of Beyonce’s Tumblr and PMK.

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    How was that necessary, Bey? How?!
    For the occasion, I’ll borrow a glorious line from the Perry Cox, MD, diaries: “I’m gagging and vomiting at the same time… I’m gavomiting!”

    Ugh. Now I’m so nauseous that I’m off my studying game again. Thanks a lot, B. I’ll never finish my exams ◔_◔

  2. lem says:

    i really don’t understand the resurgence of high top sneakers. don’t they understand that these make you look stumpy? even tall women look stumpy in these (heidi klum for example). they’re not flattering at all. knock it off.

    • Porkchop says:

      No, no, no. These shoes have a heel *inside* the sneaker. So not only are they ugly, they are also completely non-functional.

      I am all about wearing animal skin/fur. But only when it is beautiful or functional. This is neither.

      Also… when did Beyonce become the king of all the animals of the land (King Bey) and why does she get so much media coverage? What changed? Was it when she insinuated herself into the Obama’s inner circle?

      • Egg dart says:

        “All about wearing animal skin/fur but only when it is beautiful or functional”… The functionality argument I get but ONLY if the animals are treated humanely. The Beauty reasoning? Not so much. Even if the animal is treated humanely I find it absolutely abhorant and disgusting. Maybe you should check out some video & images of fur farms. It is easy to justify fur until you see exactly how it is harvested. The selfishness, ignorance, and all-consuming mentality of humans- especially women who are trying to be fashionable- astounds me. It’s 2013. Lets make some progress.

      • Lolly says:

        Except you are stranded in Siberia or somewhere equally as cold where you need to kill an animal for it’s fur to keep from dying, fur is never acceptable. Ever. It serves no functionality in the modern world whatsoever. It’s beyond tacky & I confess to feeling ragey & frankly murderous! when I see someone wearing fur. So No!

      • RN says:

        Amen, Eggdart. I say that to people also who eat meat, eggs and dairy purchased from a supermarket. When you see how these factory-farmed animals are raised, you can’t “unsee” it. People need to stop disconnecting from their place on this planet and pretending that this suffering doesn’t happen and that they’re powerless to stop it. You vote to support it every time you spend your money. Make different choices and “starve” out those people who perpetuate the suffering of animals. And stop pretending that animal suffering doesn’t matter, because it does.

      • Poink517 says:

        Thanks, Egg Dart. It IS absolutely horrible the way those animals are treated. NO ONE deserves that. Makes me ASHAMED of humanity.

      • Brittney says:

        Everything boiling my blood right now has already been said, but I had to step in too when I saw your “beautiful/functional” comment. I’m a vegetarian who has never once judged my meat-eating friends or attempted to change their ways, and I do NOT force my beliefs on others (though others constantly attack me for mine)… but when it comes to fur, it’s a different story.

        The information needs to be out there. People hear stories about the cruelty and they don’t care at worst or distance themselves from it at best, but the fur (and poaching) industry is responsible for, hands-down, THE MOST cruel, barbaric, disgusting, and moronic treatment of animals. I choose to believe that we’re innately good, and that if every fur-wearer had to witness the brutality in person, 99% of them wouldn’t wear it.

        In China, they strip animals of their flesh while they’re alive, alert, and kicking and screaming for their lives. This isn’t an extreme version of the truth; this is well-documented, there is footage everywhere, and it happens solely because people continue to lust after those “beautiful” fur coats. They hang animals from their feet and subject them to worse torture than any terrorist will ever see. They crush their skulls with hammers and bats so that their deaths won’t affect that “glamorous” fur. They sling their skinless, bloodied bodies into piles without making sure that they’re even dead, and sometimes they’re not.

        No creature deserves to die in unthinkable agony just because someone wants to look pretty. I have to believe you weren’t aware of this, because I can’t fathom knowing the truth and still condoning it (and contributing to it, no less).

      • decemberist15 says:


        For real, PETA is a damn joke. They might have a decent argument behind their antics, but it’s all wasted when they head and make stupid campaigns like calling fish ‘sea kittens’ because it sounds cuter… and yes, that is something they’ve actually said publicly!!!

        As for buying eggs and meat and whatever in the supermarket, guess what? Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING you buy (fruits, vegetables, gum etc.) kills animals. What do animals eat? Fruits and vegetables. Do you think if farmers ask nicely bunnies go away? NO. They kill them!

        There are so many things that either kill animals in the process or use animal byproducts that it is impossible to not do harm to animals. Unless you are making everything you own or eat yourself, you are contributing to the “mass murder” of animals.

        In short, get off your high horse, and accept that things die in the process of attaining human comforts.

    • Leen says:

      Maybe it’s because I grew up in a different culture but I can’t get behind boycotting leather, eggs and milk or meat. For one, my country’s economy largely depends on it, secondly, it is not mass- produced as in shepherds (yes, we have shepherds) rely on humane techniques to raise their animals. I regularly see a shepherd and his flock of sheep/goats herding in the hills and so on.

      So maybe you should stray away from mass-produced industries but I can’t see boycotting locally organic produced eggs and milk. Or even meat for that matter.

      • Stephanie says:

        In the US, the reality is that supermarkets only sell items in which the animals suffered. So as long as I live here in the United States and I’m not planning on moving out of the country, I vote with my dollar as the other person stated above. I’m totally with you guys on this!

      • Sandy Pandy says:

        Sheep aren’t electrocuted up the @ss for their wool. Big difference from fur and skin. Proud vegan here. Fur and meat are murder.

      • Leen says:

        I think you can consciously seek out organic and locally produced meat, eggs and milk if you look hard for it. Personally I have mo qualms about eating meat in my own country because as I described to you the situation. But when I moved to England for Uni, I didn’t touch meat for a while. I’ve done my research so I started to go to halal and kosher shops who have humane ways of raising animals. I prefer going to a local halal butcher than buying anything from a supermarket (I don’t think it’s sanitary anyway, something about mass produced meat freaks me out) as for milk and eggs, nothing like a good old local milkman or farm nearby.
        I brought up the sheeps part because in my country, beef is VERY expensive so most of the meat eaten is mutton (and the milk is used for cheese and the like). Not anything to do with wool because acquiring wool doesn’t mean killing the sheep.

      • Seagulls says:

        Oh, is that how they decide what to sell, Stephanie? Torture of animals is the criteria? Never heard that one before.

  3. Ms Kay says:

    This is so… Ugly!

  4. ccinkissimmee says:

    I love u Bey but I hate the wedge style shoes. I don’t want to speak ill of the dead but all those animals died for those horrendous looking sneakers. May they all RIP.

  5. aims says:

    Talk about unnecessary and tacky.

  6. diva says:

    It sounds like she just went to a zoo and said, “I want that one,that one and that one”. #1 they are UGLY! I’m not one of those hardcore “don’t wear animal” people but I think this is over the top. She is so extra for no reason at all.

  7. Amea says:

    As a sneakerhead I was intrigued until I saw that there was actual fur. Animal cruelty aside, I am just not a fan of fur, especially on shoes. I just think they make whatever body part they’re on look hairy. So in this case, I prefer not to have hairy feet.

    I can’t say I’m a full-blown animal rights advocate (I really don’t think it’s wrong to wear leather or animal skins, and I think it’s annoying how people like PETA love to ignore the thousands of other items we humans use every day that involve the killing of animals) but really? 5+ different animal skins? For a sneaker that I’m pretty sure I’ve already seen before? Pass.

    • rita says:

      um…peta is active in various projects. they do not look away from other problems where animals suffer. they support causes where people like to look away. that’s why they have pictures and video material from fur farms and labs where animal get experimented on. because they want you to know about it. you should educate yourself about the work that peta does. it seems to me u just educate yourself about their work on gossip sites…and well…this here is what gossip sites report about peta because it’s celebrity related.

      and when someone tolerates the fact that animals are skinned alive and suffer…for fashion or beauty…then i hope karma exists.

      sorry for grammar. i am not a native speaker. i do not agree with everything peta does but i applaud them for their work for animals and bringing them to peoples’ minds.

      • Egg dart says:

        Well said Rita!!

      • Lolly says:

        attagirl rita! Yes PETA is extreme but they DO get their message across.

      • PoliteTeaSipper says:

        How many shelter animals has PETA killed? Penn and Teller even made a Bull*hit episode on their antics.

        The day that someone from our local PETA chapter told me that I was subjecting my 12 year old, blind, diabetic cocker spaniel to “cruelty and animal slavery” by owning him as a pet and that I needed to let him live free in the wild “as nature intended” I completely lost all respect for these goons. Also, they used a town in my state as one of their stupid publicity campaigns. Named after the founder of the town, Jim Slaughter, this tiny town of less than a thousand people were harassed and petitioned by PETA to change the name of the town to…Veggieville. Because the name of a podunk town in the middle of nowhere infringes on animal rights and promotes cruelty. Give me a break.

      • Poink517 says:


      • rita says:

        thank u all for your kind responses to my comment. it’s a matter i care much about.

        i do not agree with everything peta does but when u do get your information from this website that the meat industrie set up to harm peta…then u should start reading the site notices of websites. because it seems like u quote something from there.

        and as far as i know about the village you are referring to…i work in advertising and it seems like marketing/pr move from peta. and they need the attention for their causes (thats the way i understand it). they did a lot for animals in the past and i am thankful for that. some moves i do not understand…and sometimes the media reports things peta does…a bit more harsh. and of course there are always people in groups, organisations and countries that are extreme…but they don’t represent the whole picture. u know what i am trying to say? it’s not all black and white. sorry i am really trying to write what i mean here…i hope you don’t understand it in a bad way…thats not intended…i am just struggling with english language here.

        you know…i am a vegetarian…and there is always a day in the week where someone makes fun of me for it at work or people laugh about my empathy for animals and hurt me with their arguments why in their opinion my way of life is wrong and their look at things is correct and why animals are worthless and…you know…i could go on and on and on…
        and i don’t start it. it’s often about what i eat in lunch break what gets their attention and so the discussion starts.

        and i am not alone with this. but you learn to deal with it and give diplomatic answers…so people don’t hate you and your cause based on the image they have about you.
        BUT i experienced and saw this plenty of times:
        when i didnt knew better and would say something bad about people who act like eating meat is kind of a manly religion…i would get a huge backlash for it. but when people do that to me now…i try to stay diplomatic so people can maybe understand although some of their comments hurt my feelings. but i don’t say things that could harm the image they have of vegetarians, animal right supporters and stuff. what i am trying to say: in my experience…badmouthing ppl who like to hunt, eat meat and stuff…is always huge news and people feel attacked by it but on the other hand: badmouthing ppl who are opinionated on saving animals…is just “fun”.
        i could imagine this is what happened in this village u described there. maybe things got blown out of proportion…or maybe not and there where activists who did not act like they should. i don’t know but it’s not all black and white. this one is too big to think like that.

        i just wrote straight from the heart. i did not intend to hurt anyones feelings.

      • Lulu says:

        Are you serious? You cannot believe that furrowed skin animals alive. It makes zero sense. The only reason PETA et al have videos is because they paid some hapless trappers toattempt it.

      • Lulu says:

        Seriously, ^This is what happens when I try to post from my idiotic phone.

  8. Jackson says:

    Nasty. Sad. Beyond unnecessary. Ugh.

  9. Bijlee says:

    I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. I’ve never been an animal rights activist or anything, but it’s been ingrained in me since birth that we don’t buy such useless items. especially if they’ve been made by the skin of exotic animals! It’s icky to me. It seems so unbelievably wasteful for a dumb pair off shoes. These are ugly ass shoes and beyonce should feel ashamed from where they came from. As should that ugly husband of hers.

    • MaiGirl says:

      I agree completely. These shoes honestly make me feel queasy. What a gross, wasteful, tacky, senseless and overprivileged woman Bey is! I used to just think she was pretty, dumb, and mostly harmless, but she’s clearly much more malevolent than I had thought. There is no reason so many animals had to die for those ugly shoes. I mean, STINGRAYS???? WT everloving F???

      What’s funny to me, though, is this is the first time I have heard about Jay’s equally wasteful pair, and I check out gossip blogs regularly. How come there is such an outcry for Bey’s pair when Jay’s pair seemed to go unnoticed? What I’m saying is, they are BOTH horrible, so I don’t understand why only she seems to be getting the outcry.

      • Bijlee says:

        she advertises them unlike her husband. besides she’s the woman and women are scrutinized for their fashion. Jay’s the man, he gets away with all the crap he spews.

        God they both disgust me, but Jay definitely disgusts me more. The guy’s a loser. He treats his wife like sh**. He sleeps around, has a ginormous ego, kills helpless animals for his ugly ass shoes to put on his ugly ass feet when he’s just an ugly ass himself. And he’s got a bajillion dollars, while I have 9 dollars in my bank account after paying all my bills. Life effing sucks.

      • Rikki says:

        What do you know how Jay treats his wife and sleeps around? You don’t know either one of them. Ugh

  10. says:

    Those shoes upset me too, because they are so damn ugly.

  11. marie says:

    damnit people, I escaped the 80′s-stop trying to bring them back!

    nah seriously, those are some ugly shoes, can’t see myself paying any amount for those things.

  12. poppy says:

    the more exclusive pair called “beysus” will be offered on goop and, in addition to those fine leathers, it will have the foreskin of unicorns, leprechaun hair and run about $12k.
    worth the $$$$, they will be twice as fug.

  13. florencia says:

    horrible woman. So mean.

  14. Faye says:

    Well, it may be a bit hypocritical of me to criticize, because I do wear leather. However, it seems sort of over-the-top to go and find the most exotic animals you can find and kill them just for the sake of having “unique” sneakers. And ugly ones, at that.

  15. nelly says:

    all i see is Isabel Marant sneackers plagiarism

    • dana says:

      over this trend when eeeevery chick breathing bought these…I’ll stick to my regular hightops..which are flat

  16. Cam S says:

    Those shoes are not pretty, they look bulky and heavy. I’ll never understand America’s fascination with wearing trainers when you are not exercising etc. Growing up in Puerto Rico (in the 80′s)- we could always tell the tourists because they were so informal. Always in sneakers. I’d think to myself- Don’t their feet sweat?
    I’ve never been one to wear them outside of the gym, but I grew up and now also live in a warm climate. Also, my feet are big for a girl and I think trainers emphasize how big they are! I practically live in thong sandals. I don’t understand to spend so much money on them if they are not used for sports? I’d rather own a nice pair of dress shoes. I’m getting old I guess

    • Zoid says:

      Well, for example, when I was in High school (in a cold climate) I certainly couldn’t wear flip flops out and about. Sneakers were great because I enjoyed walking home, and flats/boots weren’t great for that. (I lived a few miles away from school). Also, I had after school activities that involved running and it was nice to not have to change clothes.

      That being said these shoes are ridiculous. And ugly.

  17. Sweet Dee says:

    Beyonce is kind of an a-hole, no? I mean, I’ve always been a moderate when it comes to skins and furs, but this is gratuitous and ugly. Ugly in more ways than one. I stopped giving her passes a long time ago, though. She’s just short of a terrible person.

  18. RN says:

    My roommate from Queens used to wear an identical pair. In 1984.

    I’ve never cared for Beyonce as a singer but have tried to remain neutral about her personal life. Lately I’m finding it more challenging to do so. However, there is always a price to pay for this kind of arrogance, which brings me comfort.

  19. Jules says:

    How utterly disgusting.

  20. Samigirl says:

    Those are, without a doubt, the most fug shoes I’ve seen in my entire life. I’ll stick to my vegan toms.

  21. Rikki says:

    I like the sneakers.

  22. anonymous fan says:

    The worst part is she knows her fans will buy whatever she endorses.She shouldn’t take advantage of that with these butt ugly shoes.As long as she can make another hundred mil she doesn’t care what she’s shelling.Fail.

  23. Sue says:

    It may be just me, but that picture in the shower looks like a tranny dressing up as Beyonce…. I think it is whatever she is doing with her lips, maybe???

  24. shewolf says:

    Obviously these trainers weren’t made to grab attention at all… sting-ray, anaconda and whatever else? For real? The only way anyone would know that was if they promoted them that way.

  25. Inky says:

    If she wants to make frivolous purchases, she can afford it, why not? However, this is just ridiculous and so over the top. I don’t understand why she feels animals need to die so she can have shoes she probably won’t even wear.

  26. NeoCleo says:

    Just one moret thing to add to her massive egotism.

  27. annaloo. says:

    SHe is TOTALLY the millenium’s Marie Antoinette and I can NOT wait for her reign to be guillotined. SO OVER HER.

  28. KellyinSeattle says:

    Off the topic, but Jay Z is so ugly.

  29. Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

    Animal skin? You mean like keather?

  30. Stella says:

    I was legit about to scream & rant about this chick jacking Isabel Marant, but it seems this is an Isabel Marant collab / tribute thingamajig.

    I remember when Beyonce was trying to wear IB sneaker wedges over a year ago with leather leggings & well …the look never flattered her. Her thighs are massive & that style never did her any favors, to say the least.

  31. Verbear says:

    Just when I thought I couldn’t like Beyonce ANY LESS.

  32. Claudia says:

    Oh geez. This really makes me angry. What excess. Ugly, ridiculous, vain, tacky excess.

    Some people are so crazy wealthy they lose touch with reality and run out of things to buy that flaunt their wealth… as if that was the most important thing in the world. Forget values, consideration, compassion, awareness. It’s all about excess!!!

    I liked Beyonce. I’ve even been a bit of an apologist for her in the past, but this pisses me off. Such blase cruelty and inconsideration will never get a free pass from me.

  33. mar says:

    Beyonce is sooooooo overrated

    Im sick of her too, already

  34. HotPockets says:

    I wish people would stop putting Beyonce on a pedestal and acting like she is a goddess, because she and her husband are both deplorable human beings and this is just another example of what an entitled, out of touch person she really is. Not to mention, how ugly, cheap and tacky do those shoes look? Money can never buy these two class or morals.

    • Gemini08 says:

      I think you need to reevaluate the definition of the word deplorable. T They are perhaps people you don’t like. But deplorable? Umm…no.

  35. SolitaryAngel says:

    Ugh. THIS bitch again proves she has more money than class, style, OR sense. I am the proud loving owner of an 18-foot Burmese python, an 8-foot red-tail boa, and 2 4-foot ball pythons *not to mention
    * 2 cats and a Brazilian salmon pink tarantula. I could NEVER consider wearing my pets! One of my son’s friends made a joke–ONCE–about making a belt out of one of my snakes and I’ll tell you what. When I got done with giving that “friend ” a piece of my mind I showed them the door and said “come back with one of your dogs and let me make jokes to your. face about what article of clothing I might
    want to make out of it. Until then get the
    f–k out of my house. My pets may not be anyone else’s choice but I love them and f–k PETA and Beyonce.

    • MST says:

      Arent you afraid the snakes will eat the cats? And doesn’t the cat want to chase that tarantula? I have cats, I know how much creepy crawly thinks entice them.

      Anyway, to the best of my knowledge, none of the animals she wants in her ugly-azz shoes are endangered, but — but just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD!

      • SolitaryAngel says:

        No, that’s what’s so cool about them–i raised the cats and snakes together. They sniff each others’ noses and they’ll lay in our laps together –except that the biggest snake is scared of the cats. And I never allow the cats near when I’m fooling with Carmella (the spider). I have photos to prove this, wish you could see my Facebook page!! ;)

    • Dory says:

      Just curious how do you feed your snake pets ? I used to like snakes but I saw a horrible video online about cruel owners who had fun throwing live small animals to their phyton for feed and it broke my heart (I am a proud momma of a gentle fluffy rabbit).

      • SolitaryAngel says:

        Dory, I’ve seen those awful videos too. It’s true that some people get offon doing that but we don’t. I raise my own rats for their food; I treat them really well and they get a nutritious diet with lots of vitamins.
        There is a way to stun/kill the rats very quickly so that they’re not made to suffer but it’s a fact of nature that snakes are predators. It is not one of my favorite things to do but everything eats. I love bunnies!! I can’t give my snakes bunnies,it would break my heart.

  36. goddesslove says:

    Stingrays, Anacondas and Crocodiles are murderous and will kill your children. An Ostrich will f*ck you up but a calf is pretty helpless.

    • SolitaryAngel says:

      Accidentally double posted

    • stellablue says:

      You’re right, we should totally skin all those f*ckers to make hideous shoes so that those animals don’t eat our kids.

    • ShaCur says:

      Wow – the ignorance in that post is pretty astonishing. Stingrays are quite docile, but I believe got such a bad rap from that croc hunter that always poked at things on television. All animals are capable of harming humans- even beloved elephants and dolphins, dogs and cats. Point is it is ignorant comments like that that people cling to when justifying unnecessary animal cruelty.

  37. Shelly says:

    People need to catch up on their Biology, there is such a thing called the Food Chain, animals die, get eaten or are used for products for human beings, I’m not saying you should be cruel to them but they serve their purpose, if your’e so against it don’t wear leather shoes, eat chicken or anything with animal by-products…PETA is an extremist group. Plus i’d love to leave these great creatures in a room with representatives of PETA, see how kind they would be to them as soon as they attack their asses.

    • DGO says:

      Please. There’s such a thing as responsibly using animal by-products, and then there’s this crass, vulgar abuse and complete disregard for living creatures. Beyonce has crossed the line.

      • stellablue says:

        It’s not like the animals that were skinned for those sneakers were already dead. Someone killed them to make her stupid, ugly shoes.

      • ShaCur says:

        very true!! There absolutely are humane ways of wearing leather and fur that people often forget. Many artisans do so and use the entire animal for a purpose, you just have to put a little extra effort into finding them. I have some beautiful leather handbags and fur lined coats from my visits to Norway, but those pieces were made by local artisans from animals that were killed by local hunters (who have to be registered there to kill certain animals), and every piece of that animal is used. It died with purpose. I’m not vegan but I do make a very conscious effort to eat organic, free range and cage free. I also shop only at a local grocery that supports local farms. I understand many people don’t have access to these alternative resources, but they are out there.It is possible to act responsibly and humanely without being like peta. That being said killing animals simply to make a pair of shoes is horrific, wasteful and disturbing. I’m quite sure those deaths served no other purpose than for her ridiculous whims.

      • lucy2 says:

        Agree. This crosses a line into gross and unnecessary.

  38. teehee says:

    So these lace themselves and enable me to stay on my hoverboard longer, right??

  39. anneesezz says:

    I think Beyonce and PETA are both idiots.

  40. kitkerenina says:

    No more pining over a certain blue ostrich tote for me… It was faux, but still.

  41. dcypher1 says:

    Those are sum fug ass shoes poor animals had too die for how sad. If they were cute it wouldnt be as bad but she could just use leather and not kill all those animals. Pmk sounds like pimp mama kris new shoe line not beyonces.

  42. reg says:

    What else can you expect from self absorbed, idiot, who does not give a crap about animals.. Kanyae West made similar ugly sneaker shoes for women last year.

  43. Pompadour says:

    Another proof that no matter how much money you have you cannot buy class!

  44. Tara says:

    So Fug, even minus the considerable issue of animal cruelty. This couple screams “you can’t buy class .”

  45. Aud says:

    Beyonce would have to be the most overrated performer, but not only that, she is a huge ditz as well. In my mind, it’s not just the animal issue that is the issue here, but her ego. Does she not have enough money or fame, that she needs to put her name on a range of shoes as well? And that is what sickens me about these types of celebrities and Beyonce.
    Jennifer Hudson can out sing Beyonce any day.

  46. Sandra Sydney says:

    Beyonce gives me the screaming shits. Her music is shit. Her voice is shit. Her interviews are shit. Her whole story is shit. She is a narcissistic, entitled, over-rated, overpaid, over-indulged, arrogant slag, and Jay Zed is her pimp.

  47. reg says:

    And her super ugly husband made the same sneakers for men from elephant skin…
    and it’s not even original the actual shoe design is rip off of another popular expensive sneaker popular with celebrities.

  48. walter crump says:

    These shoes have made me lose so much respect for Beyonce. They are so unnecessary. They are also so beyond any kind of reasonable use of animal product for commercial purposes. Not to mention the fact that they are not even attractive. I wish she would acknowledge this mistake of hers. If PETA is one extreme of crazy, these shoes, and Beyonce’s purchase of them, are the other extreme. Disgusting.