Jennifer Aniston’s hairstylist explains her Oscar hair: “She wanted the hair natural”

People Magazine has a new video interview with Jennifer Aniston’s longterm hairstylist, Chris McMillan, discussing her Oscar styling and his other favorite hair looks. It’s telling to me for a couple of reasons. One is that McMillan explains Aniston’s very staid, very consistent Oscar night styling as her own choice. He’s nice about it, but makes it clear that’s what she wanted. He says “She wanted to keep the makeup natural and the hair natural. I think it’s about, at this point, being really comfortable on the red carpet.” Of course it was Aniston’s preference, but it’s still interesting for me to hear it straight from her hairstylist.

The other thing is that McMillan absolutely gushes about how great the short edgy pixie cuts look on female celebrities like Charlize Theron and Anne Hathaway. He says those women had the best looks of the night “except for of course besides Jennifer Aniston always.” He explains that “short hair incorporates amazing on the red carpet” and adds “their hair looked really modern and simple and chic.”

He calls Michelle Williams “my girl,” and in the video he’s working on a lovely model with a short cut similar to Michelle’s current style. He calls Michelle “the representation of short hair last year” adding that there’s “Nothing chicer [than short hair], it’s fashion. It’s true fashion. My inspiration for short hair has always been anywhere from Twiggy to Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s baby.”

McMillan than goes on to style the model’s hair with some product and she ends up with a look similar to Miley Cyrus. He ends the video with the sentiment “there’s a short haircut for everybody.”

My question is – is this his way of deflecting blame for Aniston’s same old same old Oscar look and explaining that it wasn’t his decision? He loves short hair and thinks it’s amazing, but she wanted to be natural and comfortable.

Remember when Aniston got an updated hairstyle a couple of years ago, which she sported during her promotional duties for Just Go with It? Back then McMillian described it as a “hairline bob” and it was a kind of edgy angled bob that he said was inspired by Julie Christie. That didn’t last long at all, Aniston was rumored to hate it, and she grew it out and put extensions in to get back to her regular length. So at some point McMillan probably stopped trying to convince her to change it.

I have long hair about Aniston’s length and I’m attached to it so I get why she didn’t like it short, but I also mix up the style and will curl it, straightiron it or wear it up. I would be kind of mortified to show up at the Oscars with my “everyday” hair and makeup, is what I’m saying, since I see it as a missed opportunity. As someone who’s into hair and makeup, that’s the impression I got of Aniston’s Oscar look, and that’s basically what the commentators on E! were saying about it too.

Her styling reminds me of Duchess Kate insisting on doing her own makeup before her wedding. It’s a huge day in your life, a day when a change in makeup and hair is definitely in order for the occasion. If you’re scared about it do a trial run, but don’t just stay with the familiar because you know it looks good. So do other looks!

This haircut was cute and flattering but it didn’t last for long.

Photo credit: and FameFlynet

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  1. HotPockets says:

    I wish more than anything Aniston would do something different with her. I saw Horrible Bosses and she looked so good with the dark hair, it made her appear so much more youthful. She needs to do that hairstyle with that color, it was hot.

    • Prinny says:

      Same with Reese Witherspoon. I thought she was stunning as a brunette.

    • Bodytypes says:

      I completely agree with you. Her hair looked really nice in that movie – the darker hair with the bangs made her look more attractive and younger.

      I don’t get why she thinks that her over processed, flat, limp hair looks good. It is like she is stuck in a mode and can’t get out. But she needs to realize that her hair is aging her and in my opinion looks outdated/not modern. A good friend should advise her that it is time for a big hair change.

    • Katherine says:

      I agree. Sadly I also watched Bosses – horrible movie – and her darker hair is much more flattering for her.

      Look at the ends of her hair in the Oscar picture – they look sloppy and unattractive. I don’t think that was the look she was going for. Messy does not look sexy at her age.

      The shorter style looked much healthier and framed her face well. The reality of life is that women cling to long hair forever – and while a little long is good – her longer length gets harder to wear as you age. Your hair changes texture and there is nothing you can do about it. It stops being a plus at some point and change becomes necessary if you want to look your best.

      As long as my hair can “swing” and be tied back in a pony tail when need be I am fine with my now shortened hair.

    • Sassy says:

      Could it be that she looks good with dark hair because she is actually a brunette, not a blonde?

  2. Amelia says:

    I’ve never understood why her hair is her so-called crowning glory. Maybe back in the 90′s when people were copying ‘the Rachel’, but now it’s bleached to buggery in places and looks a bit tired.

    • Jane says:

      Took the words right out of my mouth. Just don’t get it. And did she win an Oscar and did not tell us because I don’t get the every 20 minute posts about her and what happened at the Oscars.

      • Joyce says:

        Me too. I understand about Rachel cut in the 90s but her stupid blonde hair is not so great. I’ve seen better long blonde than this woman. I think it has to do with the fact that she got dumped. Jen has great hair, great body, she never been happier, she this and that just to make her look good in front of the public eyes. This is all Huvsy doing to keep his #1 client relevant. If Aniston is really private and don’t care about what people think, why bother to explain why she had her hair down. If I were Aniston, I would have said don’t bother to explain. I don’t care. I’m happy and it’s my hair.

    • MollyB says:

      I agree. I have curly redhair, so any of Aniston’s styles are out of question but I liked the “Rachel” back in teh day. It looked full and face-framing and flattering. Nowadays, her hair just looks thin,flat, fried and boring.

    • Lauren says:

      I hope Aveeno has a product to fix the broken sprigs on her scalp.
      This Aveeno contract is silly. Jen smokes, suntans, boozes, has plastic surgery, and hair extensions..she is not a natural beauty by any standard.

      • Really says:

        Aveeno isn’t natural either. Look at all the chemicals in their products. The baby line is horrible too.

  3. Jm says:

    So she wanted “natural hair.” Considering she colors and straightens her hair, not sure you can call the end result “natural.”

    • Amory says:

      and those nasty extensions – I find those really gross.

    • sirsnarksalot says:

      Exactly! a natural look for her is frizzy and brown. She probably can’t even remember what it looks like naturally.

    • Lily25 says:

      I laughed at the “natural hair” comment too. I don’t get why everybody thinks Jennifer is so healthy and natural. She straightens, color her hair and wears extensions. She works out hours a day but also smokes and drinks a lot. Not to mention the tanning and cosmetic procedures.

  4. Ms Kay says:

    But… She has *always* had that hair, no matter short or long, that hairdo has been there as in always and forever!

  5. Marianne says:

    Did that really need an explanation?

  6. Gine says:

    That dress really needed a more glam hairstyle, too. I mean, my hair always looks boring too, but I’m not constantly photographed at fancy events. I think if I was, I’d get just as sick of seeing myself looking exactly the same as everyone else would.

  7. RHONYC says:

    3 things:

    #1 – her hair is as boring as a can of paint.
    it’s unchanging and commands no interest whatsoever.

    #2 – her hairstylist must secretly hate her, b/c of those shady digs he said in the interview. plus, all i thought when i saw her up on stage was “damn, couldn’t the stylist put a dab of Frizz Ease on top to tame her flyaways?!”

    #3 – if she really wanted to go ‘au natural’ she would’ve went brunette. :-(

  8. RN says:

    I feel as though she’s fallen deep into a styling rut. I understand that this look works for her but it was definitely too casual for the Academy Awards. I would love to see something different from her.

  9. chimchimsmom says:

    What was up with her hair looking so fuzzy at the top? Is that what extensions look like, or is it just messy? During the Oscars she looked like someone rubbed a balloon on her head!

    • emmie_a says:

      I think it’s fuzzy on top from teasing it to get more volume.

    • gloaming says:

      I read somewhere it got really fly away later on. Full of static and so noticeable that people were laughing at her behind her back…..

      Looking back, I think that angular bob was really flattering on her.

    • Amelia says:

      Those fuzzy hairs at the top are just short hairs that are broken from damage, over processing, etc. it’s called breakage. She should have used silicone or gel or something to tame them.

  10. Erinn says:

    I really really liked her hair during the Just Go With It promotion. I think it looked fresh, and really pretty. It made me want to cut mine shorter. But I’m unwilling to spend the time blow drying it properly and straightening it every day, because my hair, despite being incredibly fine and straight has a tendency to flip in weird ways when it’s shorter.

    • ohiogirl says:

      That’s my problem too. I had a short hair cut similar to hers and it was always bending in weird directions. It’s a shame because when it looked good it was really flattering.

  11. Kate says:

    I think with her hair long, she’s holding on to that time when she was on top of the world, conciously or not. There was that year that she won the Emmy, Friends was the show everyone was watching, and Brad Pitt was her Rita Wilson. It’s probably hard to let go of that.

    • Katherine says:

      ” . . . Brad Pitt was her Rita Wilson”


      • Kim says:

        She was the Star and Brad was her +1.Like w Hanks and Wilson.Some people believe she was more popular than him because of Friends.I don’t

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        Yep, those two sites that shall remain nameless both believe Jen was ‘more’ popular, famous, and A-list than Brad Pitt when they met and married. They say ‘she’ helped ‘his’ career and made ‘him’ A-list, because he really didn’t do any movies worth anything before they met and not before “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” while they were married.

        Now, among the ’11′ movies Brad made between 1998 to 2004 are: “Meet Joe Black,(1998)” “Fight Club (1999),” “Ocean’s Eleven(2001),” “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002),” “Troy (2004),” and “Ocean’s Twelve (2004).”

        During the same time-period, Jen made ’7′ movies: “The Object of My Affection (1998),” “The Thin Pink Line (1998),” “Office Space (1999),” “Rock Star (2001),” “The Good Girl (2002),” “Bruce Almighty (2003),” “Along Came Polly (2004).”

        Yep, she sure carried him alright.

  12. marie says:

    I heard the same was said when she got that haircut during Friends. if you hate short hair, then stop allowing/asking for it to be shortened.

    and I agree with HotPockets, she should dye her hair darker, it looked good.

  13. Lisa says:

    I have hair about two inches shorter, but basically the same style, longish layers, not to many, etc. I understand that it is easy on a day to day basis, I do very little to it to make it look decent. But, good grief, this is the OSCARS. If there were ever a time to pull out the stops, this is it. Thought the styling was way too casual and boring with this gown (which I didn’t think was all that great, but a different hair style and make up woud have done wonders.

    • Cameron says:

      I so agree with you.. I could see someone like Keira Knightly Wearing that dress so differently. She would’ve had the perfect hair/ makeup and gave it a modern twist. With Aniston, it look like an older woman wearing a prom dress. It was all kinds of wrong. It was more evident when I saw the photo of her standing next to Miranda Kerr. She look so dated and old.

  14. BooBooLaRue says:

    Sorry it’s ‘natural’ since she looks as if she just put her doobie down, rolled out of bed and into the Oscars.

  15. heyu says:

    Of course he loves michelle look, he is her hairstylist and gave her the cut lol.

    I don’t know if he does charliez hair as well.. But I know aniston,demi moore williams, miley cyrus,hugh jackman ,julianne moore are a few of his clients..

    He has various pics of him doing his clients hair for events on his IG account

  16. Spaz says:

    She’s stuck. And yawn. It’s boring.

  17. LooLoo says:

    I have a hunch based on absolutely nothing that she doesn’t want any sort of short hairdo for fear of it being labelled The Rachel 2.0. And I have another hunch that that would remind herself that her best days were in television. Thus. LONG HAIR MUST BE LONG.

    Pity, because she looks better with the short hair and glasses. She should go even shorter.

    • sirsnarksalot says:

      That, and the fact that Justin probably tells her he likes it this way best…she’ll never change. Unless he tells her to.

    • Gemini08 says:

      I actually think she is one of those women who mistakenly think that long hair makes them look young. Instead it just makes them look tired and stuck in a rut.

      • ohiogirl says:

        She IS young still. People (not you in particular) are making it sound like she’s 80 and her hair is the equivalent of bootie shorts.

  18. heyu says:

    I agree she looks better with the bob haircut in the pics posted above.

    The long hair she sports is just plain and dull for major events.. Its ok for everyday but not for a red carpet event.

    Hope she at least makes an effort with the hair for her wedding.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      “Hope she at least makes an effort with the hair for her wedding.”

      I seriously doubt she will. She didn’t for her last wedding.

  19. Lulu says:

    She looked so cute that time she won a Golden Globe (I think?) and had her hair pulled up and back so you could see her cute stick out ears. That was the time she forgot to thank Brad in her speech.

    Anyway, considering her hair is naturally brunette and wavy, to call her Oscar hair ‘natural’ is silly.

  20. Guesto says:

    Let’s face it, this is not an adventurous woman: look at her life, her style, where she holidays, how she’d love (according to herself) more than anything to travel the world but yet never does. Not because she can’t, more because imo she just doesn’t have any real passion for change. I’m not even criticising her, just saying that she at heart is a homebody, happy to stay locked in the life and the look she’s most comfortable with – she IS her hairstyle!

    It’s actually that lack of passion and adventure that makes her very wearying.

    • anom says:

      is it now clear why her marriage ended?

      • Gemini08 says:


      • Guesto says:

        You say that as if I should care? I don’t, and I’m not here for an anti-Jen rant either, merely commenting on her as a person and how she comes across to me.

        Why does everything have to be about her ex and her past? Move on, eh.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        Why is it that the very people here asking us to ‘move on’ are clearly the ones who ‘haven’t moved on themselves?

    • gogoGorilla says:


      I totally agree with this. I find her boring in the extreme because she so refuses to change anything.

      It’s also why she’s a crappy actress. The best actresses are willing to sacrifice some outer beauty in order to really inhabit a role. Some of them won’t ever let us forget it (AnnE, I’m looking at you!) but others do it perfectly (think Charlize – not just this latest buzz cut, but remember how she looked in Monster?).

      Anyway, my point is that Jenifer Aniston is self-limiting by nature. She’s gone as far as she’ll ever go and has done the most she’ll ever do. I look forward to the day she fades out of the tabloids.

      • Guesto says:

        Exactly, it’s almost as if she reached her full potential a while back but has to keep up the pretence of being more than she actually is for the sake of her career/status. Which is kind of an awful way to live but I guess her millions soften the pain somewhat!

        @Emma – the JP Lover
        Your name says everything that needs to be said here. Carry on with your obsession. :)

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Guesto, who wrote: “@Emma – the JP Lover
        Your name says everything that needs to be said here. Carry on with your obsession. :)

        Actually, I only tagged my name because shortly after I began posting here someone else started posting with the name ‘Emma’ as well. I had no way of knowing which one of us was the ‘Original’ Emma, so I went with this tag. Thanks for noticing! :)

        And what’s wrong with countering half-truths and assumptions with facts?

  21. Kim says:

    A guy on TVG channel said the dress was Haute Couture and hair was Walmart

  22. DeltaJuliet says:

    I loved the shorter cut. There was a time on Friendswhen she had it cut similar to that too and I thought she looked fresh and young with it. The loooong hair is dragging her down.

  23. NeoCleo says:

    There’s not much Aniston could wear in the way of style than what she’s already worn. She needs length because she has a masculine face, especially her chin. Pulling back her hair or cutting it would only emphasize the wrong features.

    She’s no Charlize Theron.

    • elkiddo says:


    • Cameron says:

      Its ok to have long hair but do something more with it instead of that same straight, parted in middle look. She could wear loose curls, a bang, a bun that pull back over the ears. Something!!!

  24. d says:

    That short hair when she was on Friends looked really good, but i’m not sure it would work now. Somehow her face HAS changed, and she’s gotten older, her body is changing…she needs to change it up, but I don’t know what. Still, she didn’t really need to cut it at the Oscars…I think a loose wispy side braid would have looked nicer at least.

  25. KellyinSeattle says:

    I agree about the longer hair….she’s one of those who must think longer is always better (in hair, those of you with a dirty mind :) You think her friend Chelsea would tell her to change it up, but then Chelsea has tiring hair, too.

  26. kitkerenina says:

    Why so many planted stories about HER at the Oscars?

    That’s the thing about JA, everyone else (who’s relevant) has moved on already. Oscar stories, still? And that about her hair? Her old Rachel hair? Really!

  27. Birdie says:

    She really should go darker, her blue eyes will pop out and shine. This boring hair was not suited for an event like the Oscars!

  28. elkiddo says:

    This is a woman who prefers to hide her face behind her hair. Yawn.

  29. Quinn says:

    I am SO tired of fake hair. On everyone.

    And, Aniston looked much cuter and younger with the bob.

  30. June says:

    Are we still talking about her hair?? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    That is all she is. She is 44 and the most interesting thing people can say about her is in regards to her HAIR.

    What a dull person.

    She was not even nominated for the Oscars and her pr team is acting like she was! It is Thursday and they are still talking about her stupid hair.

  31. Lolly says:

    This woman’s epitaph should simply read “She was hair” seriously!
    P.S. I thought her hair stylist had jumped ship & was now styling Kim?

  32. spinner says:

    She would never go short because she would no longer be able to hide her masculine features behind her curtain hair.

    Her nose, chin and weird face shape would be in full view w/o her security hair blanket.

    Charlize, Michelle have beautiful & Feminine faces that can handle short hair.

    • G says:

      I have someone posting under my moniker also. Oh well.

    • spinner says:

      I am not a troll!

      JA is just so average and dull.

      The only reason Justin stuck around is because he has not worked now for 2 years and is enjoying the mansions, cars, planes. What a user,

  33. Sapphire says:

    Skip the hair which is a snooze and tell her to tone down the fillers!

  34. Patrice says:

    There isn’t enough “Bitch please” in the world for this one. Jennifer Aniston’s hair hasn’t been in it’s “natural” state-in color OR texrure-in 20 years!!

  35. spinner says:

    She would never go short because she would no longer be able to hide her masculine features behind her hair.

    Her nose, chin and weird face shape would be in full view w/o her security hair blanket.

    Charlize, Michelle have beautiful & Feminine faces that can handle short hair.

  36. rocky says:

    nah….just accept of getting old!

  37. Gemini08 says:

    Are we surprised? This woman is allergic to change or anything outside her regular style routine. She wears black all the time and when she doesn’t what’s her go-to color?? Red. Jen is about as interesting as a piece of cardboard.

  38. Katie says:

    I love the short bob on her! (Pic 3 & 6)She looks younger and her hair looks healthy! Her hair now is borderline thin, stringy and fried! CUT IT Jennifer!

    Everybody has a comfort zone when it comes to their hair! I know I have a comfort zone but sometimes you have to step out of that zone and go for it!

  39. Cooloo says:

    1) It’s now a few days after Oscar, and I’ve seen more of jennifer Aniston items, than anyone else. Yes she presented, but so did Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana. In other words, so f ucking what?

    2)Her PR flack is AMAZING. The fact that this mediocre former tv sitcom ensemble player from the 90s who now makes universally panned rom coms still gets this kind of ink, riding the fumes of her long dead marriage to ‘Brad Pitt,’ is pathetic. But the PR dude gets it done.

    3) I noticed he cleverly backended her Oscar appearance with her closed spokeswhore deal with Aveeno hand cream (commercial tie in post Oscar), and then somehow managed to push his own other client (one with actual talent), Anne Hathaway off to the People Ragazine sidebar along with other Oscar winners, while Aniston took the People cover for…what else? Her personal ‘happy at last,’revenge fantasy (aka ‘SO THERE BRAD!! I am over you, I AM, I AM!! ..and YOU TOO John Mayer, and you too Vince Vaughn!!)

    4) Really? Talk about embarrassing.

  40. Janet says:

    All this woman is about is hair, diet, hair, exercise, hair, Mexico, hair.

    No wonder Brad and everybody after him bailed. She must bore guys into a coma. I’m more convinced than ever that Justin is a gigolo who’s only marrying her for her money.

  41. skuddles says:

    What’s natural about a bunch of damaged frizz sticking up at the crown?

  42. Shelley says:

    Her face is an odd, sharp shape made even odder by now being extremely thin. If she’d gain 10 lbs, her face would greatly benefit and her body would still look fine. She would look very scary with her hair pulled back. I can’t imagine and don’t want to! And the troll-shaped boyfriend is just…disturbing to look at, both face and body very weird.

  43. blonde on the dock says:

    I would have liked to have seen her do something with hair as well. The fact that she didn’t want it done up or her makeup to look more natural tells me she’s not the high maintenance that everyone likes to bitch on her for. She’d rather be comfortable. I have long hair and I hate anything in it….drives me crazy. Cant help but notice that it’s the Angelinatics that keep bringing up Brad. Still cant get over the fact that he married Jennifer Aniston. Let it go already! That’s boring.

    • ja says:

      We long got over the fact he married her. Who cares that he married her? He also left the marriage and never looked back. It probably scared him off marriage.

      It is her fans that can’t get over that he LEFT her. You all act like he left you.

      And she is very high maintenance. She thought no mascara in a film was a huge deal!!! She thought she really was stretching her acting by wearing no mascara!

  44. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Considering that that isn’t even her natural hair (which is brunette and curly), what a dumb statement.
    And yeah she definitely looks better with the bob.
    Her chin/face really is unfortunate. Yikes.

  45. Jullicious says:

    i see an Adrian Maloof in the making here. eek

  46. maitri says:

    My favorite Aniston look was pre surgery and when she had her natural, brown curly hair…like in the movie ‘the Good Girl’….I thought she looked lovely in that movie; yes, she looked more ‘ethnic/greek’…..but she looked more attractive b/c the look suited her.

    I do like her look in those horrible bosses premier pics, as well….amazing body!

  47. blonde on the dock says:

    Agree X10000
    She is as interesting as watching paint dry.

    I think Justin likes the lifestyle and her $$$ so much he can deal with her dull personality. But for how long? Better get a pre nup Jen.

  48. neelyo says:

    Like Goldie Hawn and Bernadette Peters before her, Aniston will probably be wearing a variation on the same dress with the same hairstyle well into her golden years.

    I also think Aniston is aware that she needs that hair to soften her face. I’ve always thought that she and Helen Hunt should play two women in the Dust Bowl surviving the depression.

  49. Lucy Goosy says:

    I must be in the minority because I hate the short haircuts on Anne, Charlize and Michelle. I actually think it is relatively rare to find someone who really does look good in short hair. Pink is one of the rare examples that springs to mind.

    That said, I may just be bitter and aggravated because I have long hair and have always felt like people tried to pressure me to cut it against my will. “But you will look so CUTE!” I don’t want to look cute. I want to look attractive or sexy or mature or sophisticated. Cute is for small animals and young children not thirty-year-old women!

    • Annette says:

      I actually love the short hair on all 4 women you mentioned…but I do see what you mean about a short do’s tendency too look a bit “cutesy”, but that mostly depends on the rest of your styling apart from the hair. The whole “gamine” look is nice but can get a bit saccherine sweet.

    • Runs with Scissors says:

      god, thank you, why do people want grown women to look “cute” or “adorable?” Annoying, agreed.

    • Petee says:

      No you are not in the minority.I don’t like her with shorter hair or a bob simply because it doesn’t look good on her.Her face isn’t soft enough to pull it off.I too have long hair and only my sister tell’s me I need a change.Rule number one when it come’s to your look,do not listen to other women!I know that sound’s bad but it is true.I listen to what men and mostly stranger’s tell me.I like to look sexy and attractive and know what look’s good on me and it would not be short hair.And you can also tell Jennifer was not comfortable with it either.As for as the Oscar’s she could have pulled it up with soft curl’s hanging down to soften her face and that would have worked.As far as her make-up she did try false eyelashes but it didn’t work.She need’s to stay out of the sun and quit smoking because her forehead is showing sun damage.those are the 2 very worst thing’s for you.I really like Britney Spear’s but those 2 thing’s have made her look ALOT older then 30.

  50. LittleMissy says:

    she definitely needs a change to freshen up her look and help her look younger…..why doesn’t she ever put her hair up??? does she have grotesquely big ears or something? I would love to see her w/ different looks

    • Annette says:

      I think she doesn’t like her lantern jaw, which is much more obvious when she has her hair up which is why she always wears her hair like a long straight curtain. But IKR? Surely a good stylist can do something that would make a splash and flatter her face shape without looking frumpy?

  51. blonde on the dock says:

    She is nothing without her hair.

    I’d be embarrassed to be 44 years old and the only thing going for me is my hair. To have lived that long and all people say about you is in regards to your hair and past marriage, Sad.

    Can anyone name even 5 interesting things she has done? Same hair, same vacation spot, same roles. How are her fans not bored.

    • Alicia says:

      Here you go, precious…

      - She has an awesome body. Better than those 10 years her junior!

      - She is kind, and gives large amounts to charities without sending a “press release” that she DID so.

      There is two for you dear… There are many more, but I certainly don’t want to embarrass you.

  52. blonde on the dock says:

    Lets see…Angelina can fly planes, drive motorcycles, meets presidents/Prime Ministers/ Heads of State for one on one talks, has 6 kids, multiple awards, a long term relationship, has been with UNHCR for 10+ years, is a special envoy, and is about to direct a second film etc.

    Jen can talk about her hair, yoga and Mexico!!! Don’t forget her tan!

    • lisa2 says:

      I love Angie

      Please keep her out of this. She has nothing to do with Aniston’s boring hair. It was nice that the thread stayed on topic and didn’t mention people that have nothing to do with each other.

      We were making great progress. Let’s keep it going.

    • ohiogirl says:

      That relationship was so long ago that I can only remember one picture of them together, can we just let it go? And I’m not defending Aniston because I do think her lifestyle is shallow, but why do we need to compare her to someone she doesn’t even know? Not everyone wants to do the things Angelina does. It doesn’t seem like Aniston is harming anyone.

  53. Ginger says:

    She is the same age as me so I guarantee you her “natural” color is now mostly gray. I went to a darker color a few years ago and everyone says it makes me look younger. Jennifer should do the same. It’s flattering on her. She definitely should quit smoking drinking and tanning as well unless she wants to look old before her time. At least she wore color for once on Oscar night but the hair and makeup were a big yawn.

    • Lulu says:

      I’m older than her by 4 years, and no grays yet. So who knows? I just think that when you are raised by a beautiful narcissistic mother who constantly reminded you of your physical faults, you might want to look like someone other than yourself, even as an adult

  54. Nicolette says:

    Her “Oscar hair”? WTF is the difference from the way she wears it any other day?

    • missiecoco says:

      exactly! She has long tresses at least try an up do or some curls/waves. She always looks the same if you lined up all hear awards night head shots you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference year to year.

  55. Ariel says:

    Her stylist should get paid two dollars.He isn’t doing anything but the same style. She has the same hairstyle forever. She probably have the same style at her wedding.It’s funny that she is still wearing the same style from her first wedding, thirteen years later. I saw her Aveeno commercial. ” The beautiful Jennifer Aniston,”I almost fell off the bed laughing.

  56. judyjudy says:

    I can’t hate on her for this. I’ve worn the same make up, hair, and clothing style everyday as long as I can remember. I got all fixed up for my wedding and immediately went home, washed out my updo and wore my regular hair down the aisle. So I understand her.

    • ohiogirl says:

      I hated what my stylist did to my hair for my wedding. Still when I look at pictures I wish I had done the same thing as you.

  57. Christin says:

    Several years ago, a pap photo showed her with visible gray roots, so by now I’d say she’s mostly gray (no harm in that). So, her truly natural look now would likely be super wavy, half to mostly gray hair.

    If I were in the public spotlight having the time and money to get my hair done more frequently, I would personally mix it up for big events. I personally think that at her age, a slightly shorter length and some loose waves might make her look younger than the pin-straight look.

  58. Jaxx says:

    She wore her hair up frequently on Friends and it looked amazing. However, in the early days of Friends she was quite a bit heavier, it wasn’t until the end that she and “Monica” got went skeletor. The extra weight was very kind to her face, filled out her chin and made her much prettier and more feminine. Her body was a little hippy but not unattractive at all. I’m sure she likes her body much more now but in my mind she sacrificed her face to gain it.

  59. Janet says:

    Somebody is trolling Blondie/Spinner.

    • spinner says:

      Thanks Janet. Looks like the moderator deleted me (the real spinner) and let the troll remain. Not sure what THAT means.

  60. Amelia says:

    Reading Jennifer Aniston stories is better, and cheaper, than taking Ambien.

    • Runs with Scissors says:

      …although the fantasies of a more interesting world than hair, and night-time “stabby feelings” are similar.

  61. Chrissy says:

    I don’t think it looked bad, but I get that it is kind of lazy and boring for the Oscars. But she’s been to so many of these functions, they probably aren’t that special to her. Plus I’ve never been a huge fan of her looks because she’s always been a bit dull with the same style hair and clothes. I actually thought this red was pretty nice on her since it was a bit of a departure from her usual black dress.

    • lulu says:

      I think this is only the second time at the Oscars for Aniston, this is not her turf, she’s no movie star in the real sense, and certainly no award winner, well, unless you count the awards the ensemble won for Friends about a million years ago. As for her hair, it’s a moot point, she’s wearing extensions or a weave, always has and always will, except for that few short months a couple years ago when she had it cut, and within a few months, the fake hair was right back in place.

  62. silver says:

    I loved her red gown, even though she got a lot of flack for it, I thought it looked beautiful.

    Of course she’d prefer to stop dying her hair totally different colors and wear a wig instead – isn’t she the spokesperson of that new hair care line, Living Proof? She just wants her hair to look as healthy as possible, which is understandable.

    • Janet says:

      If she wanted her hair to look healthy she would stop bleaching and blow-drying it.

      • silver says:

        Actually, not to be a bitch, but for her latest role, Aniston wore a bleach blonde wig, rather than bleaching her own hair. Her normal hair color isn’t “bleached.”

        “Jen’s hair color is a light brown base with golden-blond highlights, and some baby-blond highlights focused on the ends,” says Negin, of L.A.’s Sally Hershberger salon, who visits Aniston at home to give her this enviable color.,,20276967_20275499_20614638,00.html

        And btw, it’s possible to blow dry your hair without damaging it. If your hair is damaged after you blow dry it, you’re doing it wrong. Salon experts can show you the right way to blow dry without doing damage.

    • manly says:

      wrong!!! she was/is curly for real.

  63. pwal says:

    Why wouldn’t he gush over the short cuts? He’s getting the opportunity to experiment with clients who are willing to take the risk. Once upon a time, Aniston was one of those clients, until she decided to piss on the Rachel cut, which he did create.

    He’s over Aniston, as evident by him dropping dime about her insistence of rocking everyday hair, along with dropping dime on her male hormone use to his other clients years ago – but he’s not completely over the trips overseas and $50K for the tried and true blowouts.

  64. Jennifer12 says:

    I am not an Aniston fan, but I really liked the angled bob on her in those pictures. I can appreciate why she likes to keep it simple and natural, because a lot of those people looked silly and overly done up. A simple twist would’ve looked nice, though.

  65. Chickenlishus says:

    I want those black pants!!!

  66. mar says:


  67. shannon says:

    I can completely understand sticking to what you feel comfortable with. I haven’t seen her in too many updo’s…I think the long bob was really cute but I don’t understand why she just didn’t grow it out naturally and why she had to have the extensions. I’m not too keen on big changes myself…there have been many times when I’ve had layers cut and I hated the SH*T out of it. I have no patience to grow out a bad cut…maybe Jen feels the same.

  68. Angie says:

    Ill never understand why she insists on that boring, overdone goldy-highlights-ash-blonde/brown atrocity she’s been wearing for, what, a decade now? It doesn’t compliment her skin tone; she looks SO much better with it slightly lighter (like the angled bob), or slightly darker (early Rachel). She HAS options.

    & IA, she always looks better with a bit of weight in her. Ah, well. I’ve given up on her looking her best, as well. She’ll never stray long from her usual.

  69. ann h says:

    Rub a balloon on your head for a minute, and when you remove it, presto, you have Jennifer Aniston hair.

  70. bridgett says:

    I love jens long hair…i liked it along came polly …