Is Jessica Chastain’s boyfriend Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo a famewhore?

In the whirl of the Oscar coverage plus a particularly nasty stomach virus (ugh!), I completely forgot to update everyone on the “Jessica Chastain’s boyfriend” situation. Months ago, the tabloids tried to suggest that Jessica was secretly dating Tom Hiddleston, then a theory was floated that maybe Jessica was dating her Zero Dark Thirty costar Jason Clarke (who is HOT). Jessica basically gave everyone a blind item for her dating life, claiming that she has a boyfriend and he’s “in fashion”. Well, now we know his name: Count Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo. I’ll just call him Gian. Gian is a fashion executive with Moncler, he’s about five years younger than Jessica, and according to Star Mag, he’s kind of a famewhore.

With her recent Oscar nomination, Jessica Chastain has held a major part of the Hollywood spotlight, but there’s one thing she hopes doesn’t get attention – her playboy boyfriend!

Jessica, 35, has quietly been dating Italian heartthrob Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo for a while now, and according to a source, he’s a complete playboy.

“He’s dated hot models and is well known for bouncing between women,” spills the insider. The Italian count and executive for the French clothing brand Moncler, 30, is no stranger to the Hollywood life and counts Leo DiCaprio and George Clooney as friends.

“He loves attention and craves the spotlight,” says the pal. “It she’s smart she’ll leave him before he breaks her heart! After he gets the publicity he wants, he’ll break up with her.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Ladies, if your man is BFFs with George Clooney and Leo DiCaprio, that’s a dealbreaker! (God, I love Liz Lemon!) Anyway, I guess it’s nice to know that Jessica actually does have a real boyfriend (as opposed to a fictitious boyfriend “in Canada”). I’m kind of disappointed that she’s not with Jason Clarke, just because that would have been really hot. I kind of wonder about this Star story, though – I wonder if it’s wildly on-target. I was going to defend the guy by citing a bunch of “getting to know Jessica Chastain’s new boyfriend” articles until I realized… there are a bunch of articles about him this week. This dude has a publicist and Gian is milking this relationship for some publicity. Of course, it’s perfectly possible that he genuinely cares about Jessica AND he wants attention. Also: they’ve apparently been together since early last summer…? So it’s been a while, in actor-time.

Some sessy photos of Gian:

Photos courtesy of WENN, Vanity Fair.

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  1. Lolly says:

    Why do the “good” girls always fall for douches? Also is she really 35? I remember reading an article where it says she refuses to divulge her age

    • Liv says:

      Switching between women, sounds like such a sweetheart!

      I hope he’s not a famewhore, but when I read about them I immediately thought he must be very happy to be with her. Hope it’s not like that, she seems so nice and down-to-earth!

    • Frobeast says:

      Yeah, she’s 35. She went to my HS and graduated a year behind me, and I’m 36, so….

      I think she looks fantastic. I wish I looked half as good as she does.

  2. GoodCapon says:

    Oh my gosh, my screen just sizzled! He is HOT, even with that ridiculous name.

    Even before this ‘revelation’ I don’t think she had anything going on with Jason Clarke. I think he mentioned somewhere that he has a French gf.

    • Eve says:

      Yup. Cheesy name, hair style and posing, but he’s very, very handsome.

      • Lisa says:

        His surname is Passi, the de, or also di, with the minuscle d, indicates a town or a castle o some kind of Este the family own (or owned).

    • RocketMerry says:

      Eh. Not my type of thing. Too muscle-y.
      Also that’s a pretty typical face around here (well, maybe a bit more in the south) so he lacks in exotic sexiness for me.
      I’m into softer face features and light complexions paired with super dark eyes. Sigh.

      The name GianLuca is very common and popular here, but the last name does sound like too much: it’s very aristocratic and posh.

      • GoodCapon says:

        His ‘Count’ title pretty much gives him away as a member of the aristocracy 😉

      • RocketMerry says:

        Lol, yeah, that too 😀
        Sidenote, that is the form of Italian aristocratic surnames: “de” in front or in the middle of two last names, one of which usually indicates a region or location, sort of like the German “Von”.

        What I meant to say is, it does sound too posh, too “fancy” and too much, to me.

      • GoodCapon says:

        I think the ‘de’ is an indicator of French nobility too?

        I know a couple of Germans who have ‘von’ before their surnames but they don’t really act posh or anything. In fact, they seem very normal. I’m waiting for the right moment to ask them about their background without coming off as too intrusive!

      • RocketMerry says:

        Yeah, most people don’t make a big deal of having an aristocratic surname; what I was saying is that this one name sounds very posh in Italian. I’m sorry, I can’t express that concept clearly.

        I don’t know specifically about French surnames, but I guess it could be “de”, too; they do say that Italy and France are “first cousins”, and our languages did influence each other during the centuries.
        Come to think of it, I don’t think I know the equivalent form for the English language either; maybe just “of”? Uhm.

  3. Mew says:

    The douches have self confidence that seems to capture the imagination of women for some reason… I guess it’s about wanting to believe a fairy tale rather than the truth.

  4. Downton fan says:

    He looks kinda douchey? Maybe it’s the hair… I wonder how hard is it to be with someone like her though… She comes across as controlling. Didn’t she make a big stink because IMDB published her real age?

  5. Esmom says:

    He reminds me of Clooney in his Facts of Life days.

    She seems super nice, almost goody two shoes, so this seems like an odd pairing to me.

  6. marie says:

    he’s attractive, I had never heard of him before last week/this week? I dunno I’m tired-isn’t that the opposite of fameho? honestly though I know next to nothing about fashion so, I could be wrong.

  7. Anmelt says:

    He looks so cheesy. LOL.

  8. Uzi says:

    Since Jessica is also a huge famewhore this sounds like a match made in heaven!
    Actually, this seems like a publicity stunt to keep her name in the news now that the awards season is over.

  9. T.Fanty says:

    Those pictures are a bit tacky. They look like the type of spread you might find in the late 80s, with JFK Jr.

  10. OhDear says:

    Not to say that he isn’t, but you’d think that if he were a famewhore he would have posed with her on the Oscar red carpet. Waiting for him to secretly arrange pap shots of them, though.

  11. He’s not bad looking but I prefer Jason Clarke. I totally shipped their characters in ZDT!

  12. Amanda says:

    He’s cute. Never heard of him before so yeah, he’s probably riding on her coattails.

  13. Chickenlishus says:

    He kinda looks like Justin Theuroux

  14. kaligula says:

    Undercover MVP: Gian, every time.

  15. Original A says:

    No, he’s been quietly dating her for months…and a lot of those “getting to know”
    things are done using public info, and not a publicist.

  16. andrea says:

    Hmmm. If he’s such a famewhore, why’d he wait half a year to cash in on the publicity? And why date someone who’s (supposedly) not all that interested in tabloid coverage and has said that she likes her love life private?

    It’s not even very good publicity for him. Basically, he’s that guy on the side who gets cut out of her post-ceremony/party pics (even after we’d been told about him).

    The random comment about him being friends with Leo and George doesn’t mean anything. Aren’t those two friends with just about everyone? Oh well, I guess we’ll see in the next few weeks.

  17. Amy says:

    He wanted publicity, she wanted a “skirt.” I still think she’s a lesbian.

  18. j.eyre says:

    Gah – look at hm. I don’t think it’s her heart she is looking to break.

    Cheesy shots or not, I could get used to that face hovering over me. And he comes with fashion? Yes. Please.

  19. KellyinSeattle says:

    I don’t care at all about gian luca, but I think I’m the only one in the room who doesn’t care for Ms. Chastain; reminds me of my evil aunt Bunnie. Plus, I’m just tired of seeing her around; I don’t feel that she has the lasting power of a great star.

  20. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    He’s cute.

    I like Jessica so I hope he doesn’t turn out to be an a’hole for her sake.

  21. FingerBinger says:

    Yuck, his chest hair looks like a merkin.

  22. Flower says:

    Tom is hot in his own way, still Tom and Jessica would have been cute.

    Her Italian count is a looker, good for her 🙂

  23. ??? says:

    “Jessica basically gave everyone a blind item for her dating life, claiming that she has a boyfriend and he’s ‘in fashion.'”

    Technically, Kaiser, she has never admitted that the person she is (or was?) seeing is a he:

    (Sixth block of text from the bottom of the web page.)

    Her references to having dated an actor during her time at Julliard can be taken with a grain of salt; it’s not altogether uncommon to use the term in a gender-neutral fashion. The fact that she is so careful to withhold details but frankly states in the article linked above that the actor she previously dated was “famous,” and that she was thus afraid of getting papped with this person, is a bizarre contradiction as well. Why would you be so furtive and then drop a hint like that? It’s a smart way to fuel reader interest and speculation.

    I suspect she’s doing what she’s being told to do — play hetero for the press by using this guy as her “skirt,” as someone else mentioned upthread. She’s absolutely entitled to keeping her private life private. But if she is in fact into girls (as I strongly suspect), she’s somewhat of a hypocrite for playing the “Hollywood game” when she so adamantly claims to be against it.