Is Jessica Chastain actually dating her ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ costar Jason Clarke?

Ever since I saw Zero Dark Thirty over the weekend, I’ve been spending time doing “research” on the Australian actor Jason Clarke. Clarke has a fairly substantial role in ZDT – at first he’s Jessica Chastain’s CIA training officer in Afghanistan, I think, and then his character goes to Washington and he and Chastain have more of a relationship of professional equals. They are not playing love interests. They do not have scenes together where you’re like “Oh, they have chemistry.” It’s not that kind of movie. At one point, Chastain’s character sits quietly on a chair as she watches Clarke’s character waterboard a terrorist financier. This is not a rom-com. But I digress – what I was trying to say was that I came out of ZDT way more impressed with Jason Clarke, and I’ve been trying to find out more about him ever since. I still can’t find out if he’s married – I don’t think he is…?

And now rumors are starting up that Jason Clarke and Jessica Chastain are a thing. Yesterday, LaineyGossip posted some pics of Chastain with a “mystery man” on NYE, and asked if the dude looked like Tom Hiddleston – yesterday, the Mail was trying to make Hiddleston and Chastain happen, which we discussed. You can see the NYE photos here – it does look like Jason Clarke from behind, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Chastain and Clarke were a thing. Clarke and Chastain actually worked together on another film this year too – they did Lawless together, although Jessica seemed to have a lot of chemistry with Tom Hardy on that one, not Jason.

So… if Jason and Jessica are happening, I guess I would be fine with it. He’s like a really sexy enigma to me at this point because I really don’t know anything about him other than 1) he’s an Aussie who can do great American accents, 2) he’s really tall, 3) his eyes are crazy/beautiful/scary/piercing/amazing. And that’s it. That’s all I know! And yes, I would hit it. There’s this one scene in ZDT where Maya (Chastain’s character), who is in Afghanistan, calls Jason’s character in Washington. He’s been waiting for her call, and he stands on an outdoor patio at Langley – he’s wearing dress slacks and a crisp white shirt, he’s shaved and groomed and nearly the whole scene is shot in profile. I was like, “OMG, THIS IS MY NEW CRUSH.”

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  1. alons -y alonso says:

    That pic Lainey posted looks like him and it fits better than her and Hiddleston tbh.

  2. marie says:

    that’s the second costar she’s been linked to from this movie right? he’s a nice looking guy, pretty eyes but a bit of crazy hair.

    you know, I’ll probably see her movie Mama (seems I only go to the theaters for the scary movies) before I actually see this one (hold out for dvd)

  3. Suze says:

    LOL, I’ll say about this pairing what I said and her and HIddleston: their children will have high foreheads!

  4. Calimero says:

    I think they will make a very hot couple (hotter than her and hiddleston)

  5. Anna says:

    I thought Jessica hinted in interview with InStyle that her boyfriend is in fashion inustry though?

  6. carrie says:

    after Jake Guyllenhal 2 months ago,after Edgar Ramirez a month ago,after Tom “Loki” Hiddelston yesterday,now Jason Clarke! who will be the next? Fassbender? Cooper? Dicaprio?

  7. Gracie says:

    Good. I avoided that hiddleston post like it was the plague. I did reada few comments about how people said Tom was a playboy modelizer *side eye to them*. And I prepared myself to hate Chastain. I didn’t care who she was, but she can have this bloke.

  8. Aria says:

    He’s hot! I like them together. They make more sense and Jess and Loki.

    My only complaint: please, someone buy him a hairbrush.

  9. Ashlee says:

    I thought Clarke was brilliant in The Chicago Code (damn Fox for always canceling the shows I like), and he manages to intrigue even in decidedly non-heartthrob roles.

  10. La Calabaza says:

    I don’t have a gay radar or anything but I don’t think Jessica is into men. For some reason, she seems to me so asexual but not asexual ala Natalie Portman or Anne Hathaway, asexual like she’s not liberated or something.

    Loki is beautiful but so full of himself. He will pull an Anne Hathaway if someday he get an Oscar Nomination. On the other hand, this Jason Clarke is hot.

    I’m in b*tch mode. I haven’t had my coffee yet.

    • alons -y alonso says:

      I don’t know they guy but i don’t think Hiddleston’s full of himself. Just in case though, here’s to hoping he doesn’t pull a ‘Hathaway/Portman (A “Hathman”?) someday. That would kill my lady boner for him.

    • GoodCapon says:

      I don’t get the vibe that he’s full of himself either. I think he’s very nerdy and earnest which some people may misinterpret.

      I like Tom as he is -high forehead and all- but I do wish he’d stop egging his fans on Twitter. He’s playing with fire.

    • Eve says:

      I don’t think Hiddleston is full of himself…no, not yet. But I did compare him to Hathaway just yesterday (the eagerness, trying too hard to please everybody, overwrought quotes during interviews..) so, yes, I agree that there’s a chance he’ll behave exactly like her the moment he’s nominated for an Oscar (or any other major award, I don’t think he’ll be nominated for an Oscar anytime soon).

      Heck, he already attends almost every single ceremony of awards he’s nominated for (even those for best dressed/stylish men).

      There’s no doubt he LOVES the spotlight and the attention he gets from his Twitter/Tumblr fans. With apologies to all Hiddlestoners here on CB, but he wants it…badly.

  11. GoodCapon says:

    I thought they had good chemistry at ZDT and I actually thought they were going to get it on at some point, but I had to remind myself that ZDT is not that kind of film. ;)

    He’s much better-looking when he has a beard!

    • I saw ZDT today and I also thought they were going to end up together. I was actually a bit sad that it didn’t happen, but maybe it wouldn’t have been realistic enough (since the movie was based on true events)

      • honeybee says:

        Me too! ITA with Kaiser on this. I don’t know a thing about Jason but I was immediately impressed by him from the very first scene. I was hoping Maya and Dan will hook up in the movie but they didn’t :( At least they could have f^cked…
        Anyway if these two are happening in real, good. They are good together. I saw an interview with these two, and they have known each other for 7 years or so.

  12. Post-Its says:

    I first saw Jason Clarke in the TV series Brotherhood. I was really impressed with him then so I’m glad to see him get more attention. If you’re a fan, you might want to check it out. It only lasted two seasons, but it was a good show and he’s great in it.

  13. ernie says:

    Actually, they were in another movie together. It’s called Texas Killing Fields, great cast but it pretty much sucks. I don’t remember them having scenes together, his role was not that big. He plays psycho well, though.

    He seems like a cool guy, and they would be hot together but I sense more of a friendly vibe between them. I mean, we didn’t even know how old she was until a few months ago, and the only thing she decides to share about her dating life is that her rule is no actors. It doesn’t make sense. Or maybe it’s really fresh and she’s kinda biting her tongue. Whatever. Either way, good for her. Ginge power!

    I prefer him over Hiddleston. Weak jaw on that one.

  14. j.eyre says:

    I like Jessica this guy looks good so I’d be happy with this too. But doesn’t this union still call into question her “no actors” protests? I have been given the impression she really pressed that point.

  15. lol says:

    He looks like Matthew Perry to me.

  16. Jenna says:

    They were GREAT in ‘Lawless’. But sheesh, the girl is being linked to everyone. I’m more interested in the actual boyfriend she gave us a little bit of details on.

  17. terry says:

    Jason has girlfriend, a french actress called Cecile. I don’t know if they’re still together but in some interview he refers to her.
    I think Jessica and Jason are very good friends, and I’d looove if they were a thing. But I don’t know, I mean… who took the pics in NYE said they were canoodling, and I’ve seen some interviews of them and he’s always very cute with her, the way he looks at her… but, who knows.

    Sorry for my english, hope you understand me well.

  18. normades says:

    This is a nice looking man. Like his wavy hair and sexy crow’s feet.

  19. gloaming says:

    I’ve been crazy about him for 4 days so step aside b*tches. He’s mine!

  20. nele says:

    in the last pic he looks a little like paul newman

  21. Ms Kay says:

    Aaahhhh so it means Edgar Ramirez is still mine… I was this close to break divorce him… *heart eyes* [Yes I do have husbands on each continents and Edgar is my South American husband]

  22. Alexandra says:

    I liked him ever since I saw him in the underrated “Public Enemies”, he had some great scenes with Depp.

  23. Lizzie says:

    This guy was the evil guy turned good guy turned evil guy in Our Lips Are Sealed! (My favourite mary-kate and ashley movie from my childhood… <3) He's waaay more distinguished now.

  24. ??? says:

    Chastain really doesn’t strike me as a scandalous/mysterious/intriguing/interesting enough person for there to be this much speculation over her love life.

  25. Viktory Gin says:

    Ok. I wasn’t to say anything, but some comments on this thread have prompted me to do so. Regarding Tom Hiddleston I feel like it would be beneficial if I were to inject some astrology into the matter….

    This is a man who has an astrological mixture of Aquarius, pisces, libra, and leo. This bestows upon the native a humanitarian outlook with a legitimate bent toward altruism…as well as a need to be diplomatic and amiable. Someone on a past thread said whenever he interacts with his fans it’s like he is trying to “better” them. That’s exactly what he’s trying to do whether or not he’s conscious of it. This is simply how he’s wired. Furthermore, his karma suggests that it’s his evolutionary imperative to creatively express himself and have people take notice, so if it seems that he’s engaged in a sycophantic pursuit of acceptance and of his career of self-expression it’s because he NEEDS to be.

    Just a few thoughts about some his planet placements.

  26. leah says:

    The Italian Press are linking Jessica to a guy called, Gianluca Passi, he works for a fashion house and looks very much like the guy from that was in the pictures.

    Think its more likely to be Passi than any actor.