J.Lo clings to fame with escalating demands

J.Lo shocked employees at a recording studio by sending over a list of remarkable demands a mere two hours before she was due to record. She wanted a specific type of fresh hot Cuban bread, all kinds of Skittles, and most incredibly, all low-watt bulbs set at specific angles to replace the lighting throughout the studio. I really hope she was being video recorded, because that sounds ridiculous if she was just showing up to sing:

Top of the crackpot catalogue given to staff at Santa Monica’s famous Westlake Studios in LA was: change all the lights for dimmer ones and place them at angles to make the singer look “desirable”.

One record executive told us: “J.Lo was such a diva when she was here last week. Her people sent us a three-page rider request for her dressing room which was absurd. It was so last-minute.

“All the lights had to be at a certain wattage and an angle to make her look good. We’ve never seen anything like it since Michael Jackson asked for a room to be made above the studio so his monkey Bubbles could watch him record.”

Her food needs also went into agonising detail. Our insider continues: “She wanted fresh, piping-hot Cuban bread which we had to trawl 10 bakeries to find and dozens of packets of Skittles – including the new sour flavour. She also wanted a gourmet meat selection, a separate cheese platter and crates of water and fruit and scented candles.

“We needed to get six extra members of staff to fetch all she needed and lug all the food and crates over.”

But then the star – who is making her new album – hardly touched her grub.

Our exec added: “There was enough to eat for about 20 people in the end, but she barely so much as looked at it.

“No one here could believe it – we knew she was a little demanding sometimes but this was absurd.”

It’s not like she was performing for thousands of people – she was making an album. Maybe there was a film crew with her for her dance contest reality show and that’s her excuse.

J.Lo’s first ex, waiter Ojani Noa, has been ordered to go into private arbitration in her lawsuit seeking to block his tell-all book. That’s a victory for Lopez, because it means that details of the book will not be made public.

Noa tried to blackmail Lopez, claiming he’d publish the book unless she paid him $5 million. She sued him, citing a confidentiality agreement he signed in late 2005 as part of his payout for leaving his job as a manager at her restaurant.

Among the rumored details in the book is Noa’s claim that J.Lo cheated on Diddy with Marc Anthony back when Anthony was married, and that she had “multiple duplicitous sexual affairs” on the set of Anaconda in 1997. Noa also is said to claim that J.Lo is into the voodo religion Santeria and that she performed spells on her enemies and lovers. Scientology might not be so much of a stretch for her then.

Here are pictures of J.Lo and her corpse bride promoting her Spanish language CD, Como Ama Una Mujer, in Miami on January 23. Pictures from Go-JLo.com

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  1. Gigohead says:

    This poor stud is hungry for his meals. There isn’t really anything there that no one doesn’t know. It’s a snoozer of a book.

  2. Fabiola Thing says:

    Diva? Please, who she think she is, Aretha Franklin?
    Bitch needs to step off.

  3. kailie2 says:

    LOL.. I love the part about “low wattage bulbs”–are we entering into Barbara Walters territory? I didn’t think she was THAT sensitive about her appearance. Next thing she’s going to sit in a haze with diffused lights and out of focus cameras. I love the part about voodoo spells. Somehow I believe J.Lo would be this crazy.. she hangs out with La Cruise, after all.

  4. Chris X says:

    And yet – she is named most influential Hispanic. If I was Hispanic I would shoot myself rather than let anyone think I was being influenced by that clown face make-up sad mess that she is. As for the diva demands, she has always whined for candles and special crap.Jenny from the block – what a hypocrite. And while others adopt kids even when they can have their own, she just whines about wanting to be a mom but does nothing about it. Let Crazy Cruise have her.

  5. FF says:

    Diva? Perhaps.


    If they have to do accede to all her demands then she must be doing something *for* them or they’d just tell her to take her generously sized ass and take a hike.

    In which case, they need to bitch to their supervisors/managers, not the press. The more outrageous celebs get the more the press laps it up.

  6. Anonymous says:

    i bet that she is a total stoner. she must be toking and smokin’ something. yeah, wtf with her friendship with the scientology cult bobble heads tomcat , and her own father being a scientology meat head. has jennifer become one too?? i heard that she did somewhere but im not sure
    yeah, when is jennifer getting married again?

  7. matty says:

    Unidentified sources again? That should tell us something. This Isn’t Watergate.. What was the reason for the listening party in Miami? Anybody else hear there’s been really good Buzz about the music and Jennifer’s voice in “Como Ama Una Mujer” (How a Woman Loves)? Odd how the important info about the album was left out.

    Check this out: It was widely reported last year that Jennifer made exorbitant housing and hairstyling demands on the movie set of “Bordertown.” Anonymous sources fueled the criticism: describing Lopez as stressing the producer because she “didn’t understand” indie film-making and budgets. Well, guess what? That couldn’t have been farther from the truth. As it turns out: Jennifer Lopez herself produced the film, with the profits from her perfume sales!

    Amnesty International has selected Jen to receive an “Artist for Amnesty” award today, 14 Feb ’07, at the Berlin Film Festival, for her work in “Bordertown.” The drama documents the unsolved murders of hundreds of women in Juarez, Mexico, and will premiere tomorrow. Jennifer will also launch a bilingual website with AIUSA, in memory of these women, that provides resources, and will help apply more pressure on the Mexican government to end this tragedy.