Pete Doherty Shoots Up After Marrying Kate Moss

In yet another edition from the Moss and Doherty Handbasket to Hell Review: new footage of Pete Doherty shooting up hit the newsstands and web today. Stills and video allegedly show this latest sobriety stumble two days after their much denied and confirmed “commitment ceremony” in Thailand. Grim, grainy and gruesome indeed – is this the world’s shortest or just messiest honeymoon period?

According to reports, Doherty, 27, had left the exclusive resort where they were staying to seek out drugs.

He was recognised by an Australian fan who invited him back to her room with her and two female friends.

Once there, Doherty was filmed injecting himself on a bed strewn with drugs paraphernalia and cash.

He can also be seen talking to someone – possibly Moss – on a mobile phone while he gets high.

With fans like that who needs enemies, pushers or pincushions? Not that poor Pete seems to need much help in lurching from ill considered lapse to ill considered lapse. He’s a pasty faced, sad baby with tragic-end writ large across his shaggy bangs. When it comes to addiction he seems to give as good as he gets: Kate certainly cannot get enough or tear herself away from his dying spaniel charms.

Last night a source close to the model said: “Kate is understandably livid about these pictures. That they were taken just two days after their special commitment ceremony simply adds insult to injury.

“Of course Kate still loves Pete and vice-versa but she’s a clever woman and knows that she has got to put her career first. Kate needs to start looking after herself – or at least be seen to be doing so – and has been strongly advised to take some time off from Pete.

“This means not getting herself photographed with him and certainly no raucous nights out – at least until the fuss has all died down a bit.”

[Via The Daily Telegraph]

With sources close to you like that who needs a poke in the eye?

Surely one of the key things about merely ‘pretending to tidy up your act’ temporarily so you don’t get a nasty smack from the world is that you gotta keep it to yourself. If everyone knows its a lie … you are very likely to be confronted on the ol’ blatant falsehood. Unless you are Dick Cheney.

The kind of rebel chic that was the subtext of Moss’ short fall and celebrated return to advertisers’ graces last year was all about “edge.” She was still edgy … she was newly edgy … she was so Edgy if anyone still cared about U2 she could whack on a little wool cap and play arena rock with them.

This very fashiony reading of scandal is unlikely to survive ongoing tales of Kate Moss a Mess – Pete Doherty Pincushion — no end in sight to continuing downward spiral. The edge and glamour seem to be fading from the coverage and both are showing up looking rather bruised, scabby and dehydrated. Sid and Nancy is a fine film … but as a lifestyle it’s not very Burberry or Vogue.

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8 Responses to “Pete Doherty Shoots Up After Marrying Kate Moss”

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  1. gg says:

    ?What? He injects both arms??
    Sorry but I wanna see this Foicker in jail.

  2. julie says:

    gg, why do you want to see him in jail? I feel really, really sorry for him.

  3. Girlygrrl says:

    That looks really bad. I hope all these people around him who supposedly care for him do whats right and get him some real help. SERIOUSLY.

  4. Toubrouk says:

    Well, the press love rebels lately…

    This is what rebels looks like.

  5. Maritime says:

    That made me feel really sad. I can’t imagine needing a fix that bad that I would go to a hotel room with strangers. Did the “fans” secretly tape that? Does Kate still have custody of her little girl? It must so hard to be in love with an addict.

  6. alexi says:

    He is a junkie addict – I have never seen anyone shoot up before and it looks like he is putting an ocean of shite into his veins. ALl I can think of is that poor child. This is tragic for all. Kate needs her head examined, what’s left it post the coke, as much as he needs rehab. It will not end well at all.

  7. gg says:

    julie, I’d like to see him in jail because rehab all those times has not worked and he is a dangerous situation waiting for an accident. Judges just keep patting him on the hand every time he gets convicted. I just can’t think of any other way for the poor lad to get any help. He needs to be scared straight because absolutely nothing else has worked.

  8. frewtloop says:

    Help schmelp. He doesn’t want help obviously, he wants to be the tragic bad boy rocker and do drugs. He’ll either have an epiphany and get clean of his own accord or he’ll OD. I don’t really care – Kate Moss is a fuckwit with extremely bad taste and judgement and doesn’t deserve any of my empathy either.