George Clooney & Stacy Keibler headed for a breakup, right on schedule

The breakup rumors about George Clooney and Stacy Keibler have been swirling for months. I really thought there was a possibility that they were totally over several months ago, when there was wide reporting that George was tired of her and she was getting increasingly nervous. In Touch Weekly claimed (in January) that George and Stacy wouldn’t make it past the end of March. And I noted just after the Oscars that Stacy had made it through her second awards season, and she probably wouldn’t go much further. And now Us Weekly says that the breakup is all but done:

Looks like George Clooney’s bachelor status is here to stay. The Argo producer’s year-and-a-half-long romance with girlfriend Stacy Keibler has run its course, multiple sources reveal in the March 18 issue of Us Weekly, on stands now.

Insiders say the pair have been increasingly butting heads in recent months.

“They have little in common,” one source explains of the former wrestler, 33, and her 51-year-old beau. “She likes to go out and have fun. She’s been feeling the age difference.”
A second pal says Keibler is dreading another secluded summer at Clooney’s villa on Lake Como. “It drives Stacy crazy that he’s fine hibertnating for months.”

Clooney’s friends are a factor, too. According to one insider, the Oscar winner’s buddies aren’t wild about Keibler’s pals. At his Oscar party at Craig’s in West Hollywood on February 24, “George’s buddies resented that Stacy brought along several pals… George felt it was HIS night.”

Adds another source: “The end is near. It’s a matter of time.”

[From Us Weekly print & online editions]

I mean… of course. It’s obvious. The awards season is over, Clooney doesn’t need a Rent-A-Date girlfriend on his arm. This is his M.O., although I do enjoy Stacy’s attempt to sound like she’s over it too. And maybe she is! Maybe being George’s girlfriend is more work than we will ever know. So, obviously, the timing of this is completely Clooney’s standard thing too. He’ll spend several months dating around, not having anyone special, and then he’ll find some eager C-lister with strong hands (cough) and she’ll get an invite to Como mid-summer, and then that will be his girl for the 2014 awards season.

Here are some photos of Stacy solo last night at the “Joe Fresh At jcp Pop Up Event”. Before I even saw the Us Weekly story, my thought was: “I bet she and Clooney are already over or close to it.”

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. brin says:

    Hahaha…award season is over and so is her contract.

  2. Eleonor says:

    Wherever they are, Elisabetta Canalis and Sarah Larson are laughing.

    • OhMyGawh says:

      Pretty sure Stacy knew her time was limited. She made the best of it. Signed with a new agency and her name is now a bit more known. She lasted longer than Elisabetta who couldn’t keep her mouth shot and Sarah who wasn’t intelligent.

      • BeachBelle says:

        Exactly, and Stacy might be the very one who got tired of him FIRST. She’s a lot smarter than the last two for sure.

      • kay says:

        I think this time she is the one who’s ending the Relationship. George Clooney is no longer the hottest guy around.

      • Zimmer says:

        Good for her! Given her wrestling history, she’s a tough cookie inside and out! I hope she has a nice career ahead of her! I’m sick of Georgie too!

      • e.non says:

        yeah, she’s always struck me as smarter than people give her credit for… she’s picked up work and gotten tons of exposure/connections. not to mention a closet full of nice clothes and prolly some fine jewelry.

        and loved the shot at clooney’s old man status — he’s boring her; she’s ready to bail.

      • C.Lynn says:

        Sorry, that’s not true. If Stacy and George break up now then Elisabetta lasted longer.

        George dated Elisabetta for two years.

      • Me Three says:

        She didn’t last longer than the last one. She lasted 2 years. That aside, they never looked good together. The age diff never works when it’s this wide. Second, I’d never heard of Stacy before George so I guess she did get a little out of this relationship but what exactly? All I know is she was basically the wrestling world’s version of a stripper before George with a brief stop at DWTS. What else besides dating George has she actually done? That is not what I would call “smart.”

        Yes, it seems she’s gotten more store openings and D List events but what else? And, I’d bet, a year after she and George are through, Stacy will longer be a client of that top PR agency, nor will she be asked to “model” by some of the gossip mags. Sarah L was signed by a top modeling agency while she was with Mr. Glooney and dropped shortly after he dropped her.

        I’m not defending Clooney–his taste in women has made me lose respect for him But he’s hardly the only guy reported on by this site and others who seems to think he should only hook up with women 20 years or more younger than he is.

        I guess I don’t get all the ridicule towards George when Alec Baldwin is married to a girl in her 20′s and having a baby at 56, Lliam Neeson has a 40 something in London and a 20 something in NYC, Leo DeCaprio only dates VS models who are 20 years younger than he is and Bruce Willis is married to a woman 25+ years younger. And Steve Martin…Steve Martin!…is having a child with a woman 28 years younger at the ripe ol’ age of 68.

        Frankly, all I can say is they’re all pathetic and don’t seem to know it!

  3. lady mary. says:

    yayyy,who’s up next now ?,clooney plz donot choose someone who is mooney ,try someone exciting and fun and with an inch of a brain:P

    • cr says:

      There are women out there, closer to his own age, who are smart and funny and good looking and who don’t want to get married any more than he does. I know some of them.
      He should try that for a change.

      • lambchops says:

        +1 I would love to see him with someone in their forties or fifties, like a Cindy Joseph looking woman. Someone with brains and interesting stuff going on who is his intellectual equal. Not gonna happen though, is it?

      • RHONYC says:

        Helen Mirren would wear. him. out. ;-)

      • Irishae says:

        Diane Lane is single now…maybe that would get her to do good movies again.

      • Polk8dot says:

        But then he would actually be required to put in some effort into the relationship. He’d have to exert himself to keep such woman interested. And he is not an intellectual giant – no matter how much he would like to pretend otherwise.
        Can you imagine the amount of work it would take for him to sustain a liaison with a woman who’s seen the world, has her own interests, goals and *gasp* OPINIONS? Who would not just sit around and feel fulfilled by worshipping Georgie all day long?
        Geez, that would be way toooooo muuuuuch effort for him, especially if there is no ultimate reward at the end in lifes joined together, in symbiosis, and joy and excitement in anticipation of spending the rest of their time on earth with each other.

        And we all know that he has no such goals. He wants a woman who will completely merge her personality not with his but INTO HIS. A woman who will never question his judgement, never notice his insecurities, never point out his errors, never see thru and acknowledge the emptiness of his public persona.

        That’s why he will NEVER go after a woman who might actually enrich his life.
        He will spend the rest of his days with women getting younger and younger as he gets older. He is not a ‘relationship man’, he is an ‘arm candy man’. And the older he gets, the more sleazy he will become.

      • Fleur says:


        Great post!

  4. ladybert62 says:

    He looks really old in that picture with his greasy hair and beard.

    • Ainslee says:

      The body language in the first photo says it all.

      I would love Stacy to dump George. That would be so sweet.

  5. Boodiba says:

    Me! I’m sure he’d love a 46 year old with bad teeth.

  6. spinner says:

    ooooh…Stacy should dump George first. Now that would be a story & would set things right.

    • Dutch says:

      But then she wouldn’t get the lovely parting gifts/severance package.The dumbest things in the world to do is quit before you get laid off.

      • Jane says:

        Laughed out and at this. Love this way to describe it. Just remember how bad she looked when she came on the scene and how nice she looked at the oscars. I think she got a nice severance package and that was her going away present. Funny that there were no photos of them after the ceremony, at least not that I could find, which is interesting, then he flew off to Germany alone.

        In fact, even with the infamous Christmas vacation in Cabo, there were no photos of them together there either, just her playing with Phelps.

        Don’t know what is or is not true, but it does look like his pattern. But this woman is a survivor and will land on her feet just fine.

      • Aqua says:

        Actually she has done very well for herself. Better than his previous two girlfriends.She’s upped her appearance fee,has a new T.V. show,has a nice little fund (retirement) set aside for a rainy day.And is now considered to be a model/actress.Not to shabby for only having to put in a couple of years.

      • K.T. says:

        Oh my Doc, that just too funny and true about a severance package. Don’t you just get the fact that they are all hired P.A.’s, not even sure grab-ass is in the contract! Its also feeling more and more asexual, the more hires he goes through, right?!

      • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

        Good one :)

      • kibbles says:

        As absurd as this all sounds, he probably makes all of his girlfriends sign a contract before they hit a single red carpet event. Same thing with a lot of other shady celebs whose reputation would be utterly destroyed if any of their lovers were to sell their story to the media (think Tom Cruise or Taylor Swift). A contract would probably include a nice severance package that would allow most of us to never have to work a day in our lives ever again.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      That would be a nice change. Given the way his relationships always play out the same way, I just think *someone* ought to send him on his way first.

      I think there would be some distinction among the discarded Cloon-ettes, if you checked out before he did. Just my tuppence!

    • Me Three says:

      Not going to happen. She’s getting too much out of this gig. I had never heard of her before George Clooney and I suspect most people who don’t watch the WWE hadn’t either. It sounds like she’s tried for years to get into acting but can’t act. Have you ever heard her voice? She sounds like a little girl.

      At 33, without any real talent other than long legs and a killer body that she spends most of her time maintaining, she’s too old for Hollywood. She will undoubtedly end up with some old rich coot or a famous athlete and provide him with some much needed arm candy. She’ll have babies, divorce the guy and live quite nicely on alimony and child support while she continues to hunt for the next guy.

      As a woman, this kind of woman makes me sad!

      • Pandy says:

        Agree with you, Me Three. Never heard of her before Clooney as I don’t watch wrestling. Now she has a level of fame that is good for store openings, etc. She’ll find a b list athlete or c list celeb and settle down.

    • Fleur says:

      And the future ones.
      Guess he’s already found some crappy pictures of his next girlfriend showing her private parts to the world.
      But the current one is the worst of all.
      She did the most atrocious pics and jobs including violence and posing like a little girlie with her bare butt.
      She’s just disgusting.

  7. aud says:

    I was only shocked that she lasted 2 seasons.

    Am I the only one who sees Clooney’s “bachelor life” as creepy instead of amusing/charming? He always seems so sketchy to me, blah

    • BeachBelle says:

      George has definitely passed the time when single is cool. However, some people just don’t want to marry. He seems to be one of them.

      • Cazzie says:

        Yes, but there’s a big difference between never wanting to get married again and not being able to sustain a relationship for more than two years…

      • Abby says:

        I don’t want to marry but I also don’t jump from relationship to relationship with no break. Not do I date mostly insipid people…

    • Christina says:

      You’re certainly not the only one.

      I would be the very last person to say anyone – male or female – has to get married or ‘settle down’ once they reach a certain age, but there’s something off about Clooney and his production line of escorts. I wouldn’t mind so much if he was just a serial dater who liked to have fun with hot women, but it’s so obvious these ‘relationships’ are fake. So why does he do it?

      • aud says:

        Yeahh, it’s not being single or not marrying that creeps me out

        It’s his cycle of younger, unestablished girls he dates for years and then ditches. It happens on such a regular schedule that it really does seem like they’re on a contract or something

        His “relationships” are only with arm candy. :/ It gets so weird after a while.

      • Jen34 says:

        Clooney is firmly in creepy old man territory, even though he isn’t an old man. He just needs to date someone over 40 to regain his cool status.

    • Me Three says:

      I realize that Leo is 12 years younger than George but do you also find his relationship history a problem? I don’t respect either one of them or the other Hollywood guys out there who seem to believe they need to date girls at least 20 years younger. I just don’t get why everyone finds it so much worse with George.

      As far as faulting him for not marrying any of these girls. That, is his saving grace for me. So many celebs seems to marry divorce marry divorce that I respect him for at least knowing himself well enough to not get into that trap. Also, he’s hardly the only one out there going from one hookup to another. Charlize Theron does it and usually her relationships last much less time than George’s.

      I guess I just don’t get the ewwww factor with Clooney when it doesn’t seem to be applied to anyone else!

      • vvvoid says:

        I find Leo’s dating habits creepy. Not for the age differences. I don’t find George’s dating habits creepy due to the age differences either. It’s the women they both choose, in relation to their public persona. They both like to come off as high minded idealists, intellectuals, but when it comes to women they scrape the bottom of the intellectual barrel intentionally.
        They choose younger women who are VAPID. That is what creeps me out. If George dated an interesting, intelligent 20 something I wouldn’t really be that creeped out. He tries to stay in the 30s range these days though, at least. I’d prefer he dated some ruggedly intellectual 23 year old than Stacy at 33. Or even 43.

  8. Guest says:

    Clooney now has enough ex girlfriends for them to begin a reality series.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      I thought a movie about Cloon & the Cloon-Ites might be fun. Any ideas on who should play Clooney?!

  9. LAK says:

    At least her hair has improved over time…

  10. GiGi says:

    So, so predictable.

    I did think she was one of the best dressed on Oscar night. Just heard she & Jenna Dawan Tatum were both styled by Brad Gareski – fun!

    • Chordy says:

      Good work, Brad! They both looked classic and stunning and not a stunt nip in sight. *cough Hathaway*

  11. val says:

    Say it isn’t so! Eyeroll

  12. Shira says:

    I’m sorry, but is she signing people in these pictures? I mean… as WHAT?!

  13. Aqua says:

    She has been looking a little unhappy lately.Lets face it the break-up rumors begin to start the minute he gets a new girlfriend.Things do happen in threes.#1 Jason and Michelle,#2 Jay and Allison so it’s very possible that Stacy and George are #3.

  14. Talie says:

    It’s a shame he can’t see that she was actually perfect for all of this stuff. She’s quiet, had a pretty great makeover, and doesn’t create drama unlike the other two.

    • The Original Mia says:

      My thoughts as well. But then I actually don’t think they are done either.

    • Me Three says:

      And she doesn’t have anything else going…she seems to love the red carpet life so she is perfect for this kind of relationship.

      I also don’t think she’ll let this relationship go quite yet. I never thought he was that into her. I see this as a friends with benefits relationship only. But she’s gained a lot from being Clooney’s arm candy. And she’s played the game smart so she’s made it hard for him to dump her.

      I see her hanging on through the summer at least and then quietly parting ways.

  15. Miss Kiki says:

    Noooo, I love Oscar date barbie :-(

    • Miss M says:

      @Miss Kiki: I don’t recognize you, please come to your senses! :)

      • Miss Kiki says:

        I think that I’m resigned to the fact that George will never date an age appropriate woman, or even younger women who can do more than two things a once. So I might as well enjoy him and SK, bonus points ebcause her dress at the Oscars this year was great.

      • Miss M says:

        @Miss Kiki: Fair enough! Her dress was nice.

    • j.eyre says:

      I’m with you – Oscar Barbie forever. I thought they had finally perfected the construction to make her indestructible.

      Maybe a muffin basket would help. Let me get about to baking at once.

      • Miss Kiki says:

        Exactly, so much has gone into perfecting her it’s a waste to put her back in the box.

        Oooh I vote for cherry muffins, I think they’re appropriate for this.

      • Me Three says:

        I’ll make the coffee…oh wait, I don’t think Oscar Barbie eats or drinks real food!

        Have to agree with Kiki. I’ve given up on the idea that Mr. Clooney will ever hook up with someone his own age and intellect. She’s at least fun to watch. She really does look like a mannequin or doll. And she’s perfected the posing and the pasted on smile. And she’s most definitely way better with her style!

        Although…it is fun to see them when they’re new and aren’t being professionally styled. I take it back. I’m ready for a new girlfriend! I need the entertainment!

  16. Dani V says:

    This article makes it sound like she is there to be his servant. Cater to his every need w/no consideration for her likes. Gross, just gross. She may have known what she was in for but I still can’t help but have a bit of sympathy for her.

    • Me Three says:

      Why do you have sympathy for her? She chose to do this and had to know what it was going to entail. I googled her today because while I know a little about her, I’d never heard of her before she hooked up with George.

      She’s a party girl. Period. She wasn’t a “wrestler” in the way everyone seems to think. She was a glorified stripper for the WWE and I could only stand to watch a few of her videos on YouTube before having to shut them off. She makes her living off attending store openings, car dealership openings and parties. She apparently dated the son of the head guy for the WWE while she was with them. Since coming to Hollywood, she’s been a party girl.

      The Clooney gig has been a step up for this woman. She’s met the President. She’s met Bono! She’s met Bon Jovi. She’s been in magazines and on magazine covers. She’s gone to 2 Oscars and tons of other huge events with George Clooney. I don’t feel sorry for her. She just makes me sad because she shows how the world has really not changed all that much for women…she’s using her body to get ahead.

  17. Zorbitor says:

    For guys like George there’s a new bus every 15 minutes.

  18. Miss M says:

    “They have little in common..”

    What? what about the perfect girlfriend image they kept selling for months? The boy’s girl, the girl’s girl… Someone who likes sports (and parties), someone who likes playing dress up,loves cooking, learning Italian, who takes their dog for a walk and lives in their house, George’s friends really like her…
    They covered at all. I don’t buy they are breaking up…

  19. Toot says:

    George just seems so sleazy to me.

    I could never be with George, like he wants me lol, but if I was one of his women I would be trying to put money away for the time when he dumps me. At least Stacy tried to make new business opprotunities for herself.

  20. eileen says:

    I look at her now and its crazy how much she has changed since they first began their contract. Her style, make-up and even demeanor are 50Xs better. Its like he takes them and, if he can, creates the same woman over and over….

  21. poppy says:

    aw, i have so many fake feels regarding their fake relationship!

  22. KellyinSeattle says:

    I have to admit I like her; she’s grown on me. I forgot she used to be a wrestler!! I can’t believe anyone would want her autograph, though…

  23. Nev says:

    If all this talk about bearding or contracts is true then I am sorry but it is embarrassing and majorly awkward. Ugh

    Not. Happening. At. All.

  24. truthful says:


  25. mandy says:

    you make me laugh so much! we know from the beginning that this is the end soon. it is pathetic and ridiculous these false stories! someone help this man! I just know that this man has a problem with confidence (he even sign a confidentiality agreement to its parents: (…. NEXT

  26. littlestar says:

    Only comment on this: I love Joe Fresh clothes! It’s a Canadian clothing brand (I’ve actually planned all week to go to Superstore tonight to check out Joe’s new spring stuff lol). Hopefully America loves this great clothing brand too!!!

    • Laprincesita says:

      I thing hé date Carole Radziwil, she’s a Nice woman in her 40s, succesful intelligent and Nice personallity, That Will ne a good match fot him

  27. Stig says:

    I’d love to see him with Diane Lane… that would be unexpected and hot! Dare I say I don’t think she is looking for anything permanent just now so this could be all sorts of fun for the next award season but realistically it won’t happen.

  28. Nanea says:

    I don’t think there will be a big break-up drama, more like a quiet fizzling out.

    George has been in Germany for weeks, minus the award shows and will be filming there until June. And he always shows up with a new girl at Lake Como in time for the Venice Film Festival.

  29. babyturnsblue says:

    I think he’s Asexual. These ladies probably have a two year limit so he doesnt feel guilty about leading them on/wasting their time during their “prime”. In exchange for companionship they get their name out there, to travel and all those other perks.

    • Me Three says:

      So is Leo asexual? I guess I don’t get why it’s okay for so many others–Leo only seems to date VS models who are 19 or 20–and yet no one seems to think it’s strange. I find him just as sad…Frankly, I think Clooney isn’t much different than most rich, successful guys. He just doesn’t marry them. And his generally last 1-2 years which is more than Leo’s do. So why all the disgust with George?

      • Jane's evil twin says:

        Leo isn’t 50.If he is still chasing 20 year old models in 10 years when he is 50 then he will officially be as gross as George.And there is something fake about George and his relationships.Idk,I am sure he is hiding something weird.

  30. sooz says:

    good lord! he looks like c. everett Koop in that top pic! yikes!

  31. Jane's evil twin says:

    I never thought G Cloo was gay but I do believe the reason he dates DListers is because he is into some weird stuff in the bedroom.And another famous movie star might not be so willing to do the freaky things he likes or to keep them a secret after he dumps them.Cross dressing,toys,pegging who knows? But I bet this guy pays off these women to keep their mouths shut.

  32. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    He leases women the way some people lease cars, returning the old one every three years for a new one. Except he wants his new model before the 3 years are up. I guess he can afford it.

  33. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I just noticed she has the starve/purge receding hairline from malnutrition. I never noticed that before about her. I wonder if this is recent?

    • Jane's evil twin says:

      I notice, but I don’t think it is malnutrition.I think she just has a big Helen Hunt forehead.And you see how dark her hair has gotten since she started dating him?He likes brunettes and obviously told her to dye it dark for him.Atlleast he lets his trophy girls go to the Oscars,Leo doesn’t even do that for his models.He is a much bigger playboy than Clooney.

      • Me Three says:

        Thank you for pointing that out about Leo. I get that George has horrible taste in women and seems to have little respect for them but he seems to get way more disgust from people than ALL the other celebs and rich old men out there doing the same thing!

  34. Patrice says:

    “A second pal says Keibler is dreading another secluded summer at Clooney’s villa on Lake Como. “It drives Stacy crazy that he’s fine hibertnating for months.”

    What type of lunatic would complain about spending totally paid for summers on the Mediterranian coast?!? I mean, have you all seen the pictures of his VILLA and the surrounding town?? Besides, Stacy didn’t seem to be complaining too much last summer when she tweeted/Instagrammed insessant pictures of her time there when she invited all her pals like the Tatums and Dave & Odette Annable….Come to think of it, that might be the biggest problem: Stacy is like a girl in highschool in that she seems to need to be surrounded by her friends constantly and brings them just about everywhere-and probably all on George’s dime! Lol. Ugh.

  35. Granger says:

    I don’t think he’s gay, or he’s into kinky sex. I think he’s just a pig. An old dude who likes to date women so young that they haven’t formulated strong opinions yet, and are happy to be spoiled by and subservient to a rich older man. He doesn’t want a mature woman in her 40s/50s who’s already had kids and isn’t interested in marriage because she’d have too many opinions and might even outsmart him in conversation in front of his buddies.

    Let’s face it: if he DID date an older woman with daughters in their 20s, he’d probably end up leaving her for one of them anyway.

    • Christina says:


      I really dont know if Clooney is gay, asexual or whatever. But one thing is for sure: he’s got a dodgy attitude to women.

    • kibbles says:

      You could be correct. I don’t think he is gay or asexual. He seems to be the type of guy who doesn’t want to be tied down ever again and who has the money to lease a young woman on his arm every 1-2 years before trading them in for a new piece. He knows he has the fame and power that so many women in Hollywood crave. It’s gross but that is the reality of the situation. If you are a waitress, struggling actress, or C-list celebrity who wants the press and a few years of lavish living, then selling your pride to be his arm candy would seem to be worth it.

  36. F5 says:

    Taylor Swift is available now if he needs a new beard..

  37. janie says:

    Welllll…. I’d do him in a New York minute!

  38. Loulou says:

    Joe Fresh? That’s pretty downmarket, even for an Oscar rent-a-date. I don’t think she was the worst girlfriend. She applied herself. His dating rituals have made him lose esteem in my eyes.

  39. Jade says:

    I think she has done well for herself. If he goes for women above 35 (in an alternate universe) I think it would be fun to see him with women like Diane Lane, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rachel Weisz, Sandra Bullock…

  40. Dawn says:

    Well I sort of like them together so I hope they last a little longer. But only they know for sure what is going on and what isn’t. At the end of the day I have heard that he always takes good care of his ex’s so that will be a win for her I guess. No snark from me on this front!

  41. swack says:

    I would love a summer in his Lake Como residence – with or without him!!!!

  42. Cody says:

    I am not quite sure they ever were a couple to begin with. The more they tried to act like a couple on the red carpet and the more stories and pictures that came out that she was the girl for him, the more I believed that all she was is arm candy for Oscar season, nothing more. As for her getting more high profiled jobs, because she dated Clooney, in a few weeks no one will be interested in her. She really has no talent and yes she cleans up well, but so is many other women in Hollywood. She will have to find another sugar daddy.

  43. Turtle Dove says:

    I hope not. I really like Stacy. She’s come across really well when dating George. She raises him in my esteem.

  44. norm says:

    Diane Lane would be perfect for him. She may be older, but she seems interesting, intelligent and fun. These qualities are sexy and personaly I would rather have this type of person (guy in my case since I’m a girl) then a young so so person. I think she is fun, but I don’t think she’s interesting or intelligent. It would drive me crazy to be with fluff for too long. Nothing wrong with her, just That he seems like an interesting man, but how can one be happy not being with an equal mind? For a while maybe, but long term? Maybe George isn’t as interesting as the media has portrayed him to be. I think she’s very pretty, but that’s all. He needs an Angelina type and Diane Lane is another classy, smart lady. They could be friends first. George, ask her out and don’t give up. You can send me a thank you note later. Now that would bring sexy back. Right now Stacey makes him look old, boring and just OK. He can do better, but if he really loves her then marry her so people stop wishing for more for him.

    George, make a home for yourself sweet heart. We love you and want you happy, but well suited.

    • Louise says:

      How can anyone wish a woman on Clooney? He’s a user. Even if the woman is naive enough to embark, she’s not despicable enough to deserve that BS. I hope his next prospect laughs in his face.

    • Amanda_SB says:

      I worked in PR on a movie with Diane. While she was very cordial and professional with me, there are so stories about what a B*@$! she was on the set (and this goes along with what I have heard about her for years). I’ve heard she has quite the temper, especially when drinking, and also tends to be somewhat of a “homebody”. I don’t think she and George could even fake a relationship (and why would they even want to?). Just my 2 cents…

  45. Louise says:

    I want to be George’s next conquest…said no one (in my dreams)

  46. Amanda_SB says:

    Does anyone find the timing of this ironic – not just that awards season is over, but at the same time that rumors of a potential split between Cindy and Rande are running rampant? Hmm….

  47. Carolyn says:

    Curious question…are the Nespresso ads that are currently running really old? George looks gorgeous in them. Looks old & grey in real life!

    Stacy has done well for her contracted timeframe. Maybe Cindy C and Randy will split up and she and George will step out as a “couple”.

  48. anna says:

    Clooney has everyone fooled with his charades. Maybe he is asexual, but I doubt it. George is gay, has been for years. He had a boyfriend, but I have no idea if they are still together.

    The hollywood dream machine strikes again. Hopefully one year actors will not be encouraged to hide their gender preferences.

  49. lady X says:

    I see all these people want him with someone closer to his own age… AGAIN … Men like young women … period always have …
    That is why most of the Billionaires and Multimillionaire who are divorced or never married have wives young enough to be their Grankids…

    That is why Ashton left Demi.. and why most starter wives get dumped …

  50. Aqua says:

    Apparently Clooneys rep has denied the US WEEKLY story.Say “They are not having any relationship problems.It’s made up.I guess only time will tell.

  51. mandy says:

    I thought he’d keep her till September. I do know is that it’s a major disaster for his image. He has fallen from grace because she’s gutter-trash!
    He lost the Nespresso ad. That was worth millions! His highest endorsement! Why? They prefer Penelope Cruz & Jarvier Bardem since they’re more respectable.
    Because George is sleazy!
    I think it’s karma. And he probably knows it but is SO arrogant.
    He’s probably trying to find a date to build up the “official break up.” But then he took 6 months with Canalis.
    And I bet a new bimbo will be shown to the world by the VFF. He probably has one now.

  52. Good_as_Gold says:

    Sounds like Stacey’s PR is working overtime to try and soften the blow for her. Look at her dead eyes in the most recent pics. It’s obvious that it’s over already…