Stacy Keibler made it through her second awards season: will she last much longer?

Was anyone else surprised that Stacy Keibler made it through her second awards season as George Clooney’s official girlfriend? I mean, once she made it through January, you knew George Clooney was going to keep her through the Oscars, because he never breaks up with a girlfriend in the middle of the awards season. What surprised me wasn’t that Stacy made it through, it was that she made it through with such little fanfare. During the 2012 awards season – when George was nominated for Best Actor – Stacy was front and center, soaking up the attention and making everything about her Marchesa gowns and her fashion disasters. She was different this time around – quieter, less attention-seeking. Perhaps she was on notice? Rumors have been swirling for months that George is tired/bored with her. So… we’ll see.

I’m including some photos of Stacy out and about in LA yesterday – those are the photos where she’s in all-black (even black Uggs). Again, this isn’t a “look at me, I made it to the Oscars two years in a row” look. This is a “good God, I’m hungover” look. She probably is! Word is that after the Oscars and the Governors Ball, George, Stacy, the Afflecks, the Gerbers, and many more went to a private dinner at Craig’s where everyone was partying until all hours of the night. A witness said, “Their Oscars were on the table, and they did shots of [Clooney’s] Casamigos tequila all night.” The couple that parties together stays together?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Katie says:

    I think he likes having her around. And he’s getting older and it probably takes time and energy to woo these young things and make sure they can toe the line and not veer into marriage/babies territory. She seems to be very capable arm candy.

  2. marie says:

    who knows, maybe she will stick around for a good while longer..or maybe she put him in the half-nelson abd wouldn’t let him out till he agreed to another year..

  3. hannah says:

    She looks much better dressed down.

  4. VGS says:

    Her contract will probably be up
    in a few weeks and by the summer, he’ll have a new bimbo on his arm.

    • Lili says:

      Omg you’re so right. I wonder who he will hook up with this time.

    • hannah says:

      I think so, too. He’ll be spending a lot of time in Germany to shoot his new movie. After that’s done, she’ll probably be gone.

    • Liv says:

      I don’t know. I mean he gets older and he probably knows it ( ;-) ) – he can’t pull a DiCaprio anymore. So maybe she stays longer, as long as she doesn’t want to have kids on her own. Plus she seems to be great to be around and knows when to step back. This is a quality which shouldn’t be underestimated.

      But do you all think he hires his girls because he’s gay? I thought so, because I heard rumours even over here in Germany ;-) But I’m not that sure. Probably because I just can’t believe that many in Hollywood are acting even in their private lifes.

      • SargassoSea says:

        Uhm, a great deal of Hollywood are ‘acting’ in their private lives. This is not a new phenomenon. Rock Hudson– ever heard of him?

        I don’t know if old Hollywood was worse when the studios contractually engaged actors and they had to toe the studio/contract line. But the trend definitely, most definitely continues today.

        Putting morality/personality differences and privacy preferences aside- ever wonder why some males never ever ever have a steady girl or any girl at all over an extennnnnnded period of time? Take libertines like Gerard Butler or Colin Farrell compared to say, Clooney or Jeremey Renner or Dicaprio. Things that make you go hmm. ‘Studio contracts’ were replaced by non disclosures and the like. Open your eyes doll. Rock needed to be viewed as heartthrob, hetero, virile male to compound his screen personas. Who knows if the reasoning today is as simple as that but if you look closely the cracks in the minstrel show are there for those that have eyes to see..

  5. Cherry says:

    Yeah, this is pretty much what I look like when I’m hungover, minus the perfect body and 500 dollar shoes.
    BTW, that ‘private dinner at Craig’s’ sounds FANTASTIC. “Their Oscars were on the table, and they did shots of [Clooney’s] Casamigos tequila all night.” Oh, man. Good times.

  6. Quinn Parker says:

    Ugh. Do not like Grizzly Adams George.

  7. gee says:

    I actually like her with him a lot. I think they make sense. I hope they stay together.

  8. Miss Kiki says:

    I have to say it again, for me Stacy’s dress was one of the best of the whole night.

  9. lucy2 says:

    I think she’s lasting because she’s playing it smart and not dropping hints about marriage and babies like the past women have done.
    I loved her Oscar dress.

    • Jane says:

      Have to agree. She stopped sending out silly tweets, she goes to the tacky places by herself, so she is taking care of her interests without making him look silly, and her looks and style have improved immensely since she first came on the scene.

      I think George knows he is getting older and is probably getting tired of the revolding door and interchangeable women in his life, so, even though marriage won’t happen, she might make it a bit longer. All of his buddies are either married or in long term relationships with children, so he keeps her around for company.

  10. CC says:

    I was actually wondring when you’d post about this, I had a hell of a time wondering whether or not she was there, lol

    And yes, I think this was her last award season. If he’s coming to Europe for a movie, “distance relationship will become a strain” or similar.

  11. Miss M says:

    Does she have new boobs? Is this why she’s not wearing a bra?

    I don’t know if they are ending whatever they have, but let’s think:
    1- Award season is over;
    2- George is shooting in Germany;
    3- She may have a new set of boobs;
    4- She has a new job given by Harvey W.;
    5- She has a new stylist. Isn’t her former stylist the niece of one of George’s friends?uhoh

    Yes, I think it will be over soon… Thank God! She annoys me more than AnnE Hathaway, that says a lot…

    Kaiser, I think she had to tone it down because during the premiere of Argo and other festivals, it was all about her. She needed to understand it was about the Afflecks.

    ps: update – she maybe wearing a bra there is not very supportive…

  12. Dani says:

    I actually really kind of like her. She seems cute/fun. Even if they do break up I’m sure she’ll be able to keep up, she’s been smart about the whole thing – picking up endless gigs etc. I find myself secretly rooting for them.

  13. PHD gossip says:

    George and Stacy do NOT look good together. She ages him for some reason and he would be better off, with someone shorter.

    • Jae says:


      I’m 6’1, thank you for projecting the attitude that ruins my dating life. The world needs that, because not enough men think so already.

      • bluhare says:

        You need to remind them where their faces will be when you slow dance, Jae.

      • Me Three says:

        Jan, I have lots of friends where the woman in the relationship is taller; one by almost a foot! And they look great together. You never think about their height difference, they’re so in love and like being together.

        For me it’s not the height difference because I have to agree with some of today’s posters, I think they look horrible together. I suspect it’s not just the height diff but the significant age spread. She makes him look old and tired. When he’s pictured with other women or friends, he looks like sexy George to me, even with that God awful beard. Next to Stacy, he looks like a pervy uncle.

        And she seems to look so much more relaxed around her friends. She actually looks much younger with him though because in pics of her with all her makeup and hair stylist buddies, she looks older than her age.

        This relationship has done wonders for her and not so much or him. Don’t know if she’ll last til next year but kind of think so. She’s easy and is getting so much from being his “girl,” I think she’ll keep on keeping on for as looooooong as possible! I mean the girl who’s been in one or two really horrible movies was sitting in the front row at the oscars and included in all the fashion lists!

      • Jayna says:

        Don’t fret. My neighbor’s 16-year-old daughter is much taller than all the guys in her school and she is the most sought after girl in her grade.

  14. Ailine says:

    Good for them for lasting this long. Everyone deserves love and happiness.

  15. Dawn says:

    Oh come on, she is harmless. And I think they look like they have fun together. I don’t see this ending until she gets more demanding and then poof he will be gone!

  16. Paloma says:

    As long as she does not make a lot of noise; that is what got Elizabetta canned. IMHO, Stacy seems like a better girlfriend.

  17. GiGi says:

    The real question is why is she carrying around a half used bottle of massage oil?

    During the Oscars I did wonder about their day-to-day life… what is a conversation like with him? He reminds me of my uncle, who is all-knowing and condescending towards everyone. He has that same sort of scoffing attitude. I’m sure as long as she stays pretty and agreeable she’ll have a place at the table.

    • Belle says:

      Not sure about his private life, but his co-stars always liked him, say he is a prankster and has a great sense of humor. I wouldn’t go for him like I would back in the Dr. Ross days… oh how I loved him back then… but I think he would still probably be fun to be around.

      • Jayna says:

        I saw him on the red carpet being interviewed by someone and he was so funny and charming, kept the conversation flowing, no awkward pauses. He’s naturally funny and charming and has the gift of banter and making people feel at ease. That’s a great quality to have.

  18. Jade says:

    She’s a smart chick, she’s playing it right. Don’t care for her personality (who knows what’s real in Hollywood right) but style wise, I do look forward to seeing what she’s wearing.
    Her body is awesome though a tad thin.

  19. Gine says:

    I actually think he’ll keep her around for awhile–not because he can’t get/doesn’t want someone new, but because he knows it would hurt his image. More and more people have been making fun of his dating habits lately.

  20. Cordelia says:

    Honestly she is the classiest girlfriend he has had in years.

  21. anonymous fan says:

    I think that the older Clooney gets the more tired of dating he probably is.Stacy is quiet,she always stands behind him at awards,she told reporters she doesn’t want to get married or have kids, and she has no job or career of her own,so is available to blow him on any yacht he chooses at any time.And she is certainly not smarter than him.In George Clooney’s mind people, that is the perfect woman.
    As long as she doesn’t screw up and try on any more diamond rings again(he put her on notice after she did that)she won’t be going anywhere….until she turns 40.

  22. mandy says:

    I am sur this relation is false. There is no alchemy since the beginning. same during evening he prefers to be with these friends. In Germany he was alone!!! Between this week in Germany and Oscars they did’nt see together!!! And today, she is again alone and he left. It is a couple? She does not smile any more!! And she really too much made look slimmer(lost weight)!remember the end with eli !! the same things, signs??

    • bluhare says:

      mandy: I loved your use of the word alchemy instead of chemistry. Totally fits! The word you probably meant to use was chemistry, but alchemy is an old science where one of their goals was to turn base metals into gold! (And if you did mean to use alchemy — brilliant!!)

      English is your second language (correct?), and I’m going to use this post to tell everyone else whose native language isn’t English, you guys rock.

  23. GiGi says:

    He reminds me of someone I once knew – a very well known photographer. This person has been married for a very long time to a woman, but is openly gay. But he loves his wife, loves the companionship of women. His wife has enjoyed a lovely life and she loves him as well – they just don’t have a “traditional” marriage.

    I don’t think George is gay (but who knows) but I definitely get the feeling that he’s a “companionship” guy. Doesn’t want to be alone, but doesn’t want to be committed.

  24. janie says:

    I agree.. On her way out. He looked miserable by her side at the Oscars. She looked beautiful, but sad. Wonder if the Oscars were her parting gift?

  25. Cody says:

    I have read that the last few weeks George has been in Europe, because he is making a movie there and returned to the US for the Golden Globes and Oscars and Stacy has been doing what Stacy does. She even took a photo of some guy she went out to dinner with on Valentines Day on twitter. So I am not quite sure if they are still together and it was too late to break a new girl in. I think they are going to go their separate ways after this.

  26. Valerie says:

    Look at the look on her face.She looks like a woman doing the walk of shame after just getting dumped.I think there are some problems there.She used to smile even when she was picking up his dog crap.

    • Me Three says:

      I think the not smiling for the papparazzi after absolutely loving the attention initially is due to two things; one, she’s working really hard to act as though she’s not desperate for attention. That apparently turns him off so she does the irritated, why are you following me look now. The second reason is that it must get a little old to have them follow you everywhere.

      Having said that, I do find it interesting that there have been almost no stories about her the past several months. The DM who I swear is on her PR team hasn’t even done their weekly isn’t Stacy Keibler hot stories and her best friend Jared rarely posts about her.

  27. BuckyBoyd says:

    I actually really like Stacy. But i hate her with him. She’s too pretty for him and he’s just getting older and uglier to me. I just saw a video interview where Snooki said that she thinks George Clooney is gay, i almost pissed my pants that she had the balls to say it lol

    The private party at Craig’s is where many sources are revealing that Ben Affleck shaved his beard in the bathroom or hallway or something in front of everyone. He literally took a shaver with him to the Awards LOL

    PS i would pay good money to see Jennifer Garner getting drunk. I don’t think it takes much.

    • says:

      Yeah, that Snooki is the “brain trust” of the USA, don’t ya know! Well if Snooki said it it must be true??? Oh Okay…whatev. hahahaha

    • Belle says:

      As for Garner… I think she would agree with you that it doesn’t take much. I didn’t see it, but she told a story once about doing a cooking show with Martha Stewart, sipping wine, and getting all tipsy. She was actually very funny about it.

      As for Snooki… I don’t think she had the ‘balls’ to say that… I think she is just stupid enough to say something like that.

    • Me Three says:

      She’s not too pretty. She’s too young! I don’t know why all these old guys…Alec Baldwin, Bruce Willis, Kelsey G all George being with women in their 20s or 30s makes them look younger. They look ridiculous!

      And I’ve wondered if the girls are embarrassed when they end up at parties with each other or do they meet up at Starbucks and share stories? Even 39 year old Leo seems to think he should only hook up with girls half his age. It’s sad and a little creepy!

  28. Thiajoka says:

    The way he burred up when the ABC coverage dared to stop talking to him and was asking her about her dress, I’d say no, she’s not around much longer.

  29. KellyinSeattle says:

    I like her….and it’d be funny if she dumped his ass.

  30. pandora's box says:

    Seems like a lot of PR phonies posting here. Truth is it that Clooney has never even slept with her. She’s a red carpet pr arrangement. He’s confided that she’s too big & he prefers brunettes anyway. Rande Gerbe suggested her to him for PR. Clooney despised Canalis, but he’s not too fond of Stacy. Thinks she’s conniving.

  31. Jayna says:

    How sad to be with someone that doesn’t even comment once on you, you know, like, she’s amazing, such a beautiful woman, ANYTHING.

  32. april says:

    I never think she’s all that attractive but she looked spectacular at the Oscars. Her hair style and hair color is what did it. Hope she wears it more often like that.

  33. Aqua says:

    I think that these two are going to last longer than what most people think.Stacy appears to be very easy going, likes to have fun,nice and to me seems to be more socially independent than his last girlfriend.In other words she is perfectly happy to be doing her own thing while George does his.

    • Jayna says:

      Yeah, but George gets bored after a few years. Even the little French girl that he fell head over heels with and lasted three years petered out. He was never head over heels with Stacy from the get-go.

      I do have to say she was the prettiest I have ever seen her at the Oscar’s. From head to toe she looked fantastic, the dress, hair, everything. She nailed it.

  34. Paloma says:

    I did not watch any of the awards, pre, or post. Any thoughts on their body language?

  35. shawn says:

    The Canalis contract was for two years, and Keibler’s hasn’t yet hit the two year mark. The only reason Canalis didn’t attend the Oscars the second year of her publicity contract with Clooney was that he wasn’t nominated the second year and was busy filming Ides of March. Keibler won’t go past two years & won’t last any longer than Canalis.

  36. mona says:

    elisabetta didn’t make it to two years , GC dumped canalis 2 months before he celebrate the 2nd year anniversary

  37. Blake says:

    I think all of this is just hysterical. Who cares if they last? He will just have another one just as stupid, if not more, fame wh*ore, and overamibitious. It is the same over and over.