Emma Stone begins filming ‘Spider-Man 2′ in Brooklyn: awkward or adorable?

These are some new photos of Emma Stone filming Amazing Spider-Man 2 in Brooklyn yesterday. You know… I like Emma Stone so much. I think she’s incredibly talented, I think she’s beautiful and I think she’s one of the great hopes for her generation of actresses. But it’s gotten to the point where I just cannot even start with how much weight she’s lost over the past year, year-and-a-half. In The Help, in Easy A, in Crazy Stupid Love, she had a lovely figure. She’s a small girl, but her vibe back then was “I eat pasta and I don’t feel guilty about it either.” Now her vibe is “How many calories are in ice chips?”

I’m not body-shaming her, and I hope I’m not concern-trolling her either. It just really bothers me how an adorable, talented and healthy-looking young woman has become so, so thin. And what sucks is that with the Bosworth Body and the blonde hair, Emma now just seems like every other Hollywood girl. She lost what made her special. I feel like we should find a way to discuss this without condemning her, but recognizing that this is the pressure put on women young and old in Hollywood, by the media, by all of us even.

As for the costume choice… I thought she looked weird until I read some old quotes from Emma about how Gwen Stacy (her Spider-Man character) was supposed to dress. Apparently, these kinds of costume choices are right for the character and consistent with the comic books. Spider-Man is going to have another love interest in this sequel too – Mary Jane Watson will be around, and she’s being played by Shailene Woodley. There might be a real-life love triangle between Emma, Andrew Garfield and Shailene too – or it could have been some stupid Twitter joke. Who knows?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. marie says:

    not a fan of the tights, I always hated them growing up though.

  2. Faye says:

    I’m not going to touch the weight issue; as a former anorexic, it’s just too sensitive for me to comment sometimes. I can see how people are concerned for her, though.

    On a purely aesthetic level, she was such an adorable redhead. I hate this bleached-out look she has going on now. And not a big fan of the miniskirt + patterned tights + hooker boots. Dark tights and regular shoes would have been better, I think.

    • Amelia says:

      Hope you’re doing well Faye :)
      After scrolling down some of the comments yesterday, some astute commenters mentioned that her mother is quite ill with breast cancer. So I suppose stress is a very viable option.
      I hope she and her mother are doing alright!
      Oh, side note – I *need* that blouse.

      • Faye says:

        Thanks, Amelia. That was back in my teen/early college years, and I’m now 33 and slender in a healthy way, thank God. But I still remember those days and all the angst — I can’t imagine how much worse it would be living in a toxic, appearance-obsessed place like Hollywood!

        I am sorry to hear that about her mother; hope she recovers.

        And yes, that blouse is fab! I’d love the skirt too, only it would need to be longer to fit my old-lady tastes :) .

    • flor says:

      Hope you’re doing better :)

      As you said, her sudden weight loss is a delicate issue but let’s agree on something, Emma is a great comedian but Hollywood probably thinks that it is not enough and if she wants to advance her career, she has to lose weight. I thought she was going to play get advantage of her “it” girl status and play her cards better to get a great drama but she doesn’t seem to be interested in that stuff. I just hope she doesn’t end up having a major problem.

      • Faye says:

        I agree. I wish she would have taken her uniqueness and run with it, a la Jennifer Lawrence, rather than give in to the pressure to downsize (if that’s what happened).

        I think when it comes to weight, women in Hollywood really can’t win, though. If you’re heavy, you get the fat best friend roles, and you’re expected to be the spokesperson for “accepting yourself.” If you’re normal but not skinny (like Jennifer Lawrence), you get backhand praise for your “curves” and get asked all the time about it. And if you’re too skinny, that’s the ideal in Hollywood, but you get knocked all the time for being anorexic.

    • Racho says:

      she is naturally a blonde.

    • F5 says:

      I don’t see any ED when it comes to Emma.. Wish you well and hope it’s behind you:)

  3. Andrea says:

    Yes, but Gwen Stacy is also one of those female characters that men fetishize as the “perfect ” woman which is why she is dressed like that. It was. “in character”. Because horny comic book writers created it. And if you know Gwen’s history you know WHY Gwen is often fetishized as the “perfect girl” in a way that is super uncomfortable. Gwen and MJ were often treated like these fantasy girls for Peter. His hot reward or something. I am glad to see Mary Jane Watson in this movie though. I like MJ and I’m hopeful that Shailene will get something good to work with.

    Sadly, I must agree on Emma. I like her but it makes me sad too. I miss the old Emma and I just hope she is well and healthy. We want to be careful of body shaming but I agree….it’s a concern. :( .

    Speaking of women in superhero movies….someone leaked the image yesterday of Amy Adams as Lois Lane looking like a powerful career boss on the cover of Total Film magazine standing tall (and not male gaze) next to Superman. No objectifying pose. No cutesy outfit. No male gaze sex object costume. Just a powerful woman in a business suit standing in FRONT of the Superman as the powerful icon she is. It made the others look like teenage children with Twilight level love stories. Which, I guess, is the point. Lois and Clark aren’t teens. Lois is an adult with a job. It’s an interesting contrast and Amy looked like the Queen she is.

    • emmie_a says:

      So in comic books, the perfect girl has a 12 year-old boy’s body? I don’t get how in any world Emma (looking like she does) could be considered attractive.

      • Dutch says:

        Not to go all comic book nerd on you, but the character of Gwen Stacy made her debut in 1965, which is right around the time Twiggy became all the rage, hence Gwen’s iconic mod dress and super skinny frame. Personally I wonder if Emma isn’t as skinny as she is because she doesn’t want to look beefier than her boyfriend, Andrew Garfield.

    • Kate says:

      I worked at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres in Minnesota where Amy started…she is AMAZING!!!

  4. LadyMTL says:

    She has lost a lot of weight, but that seems to be the norm in Hollywood. Up and coming young actress starts off declaring how she loves her body and etc then a year or two later is half the weight she used to be. I think a lot of it is just pressure to fit that “mold” and it’s sad.

    That said…I actually like that blouse, lol.

    • Daz says:

      She doesn’t look as happy and full of energy like before.
      I hate the way hollywood puts pressure on people and ends up destroying then.

  5. Lulu says:

    She has gotten so tiny, I agree it is concerning. But I would die to have those boots.

  6. GoldenState says:

    I think her thin frame doesn’t fill out these clothes! The skirt seems to just hang off her body. And if she took away the boots and put on some black flats, I’d say this could be a fun, sassy outfit.

    As for her appearance…. Disappointing. I know some people are attracted to very thin body types, but I am NOT one of them. In both men and women, I like some curves! And, as a side note, I hope she didn’t lose weight because of stress from her relationship? (Maybe this isn’t all Hollywood.)

    • flor says:

      I agree about the boots. I think they are terrible and flats would look much better.

    • Dutch says:

      Emma’s character, Gwen Stacy, debuted in the mid 60s and was first killed off in the early 70s. The boots are her iconic look.

  7. serena says:

    You’re totally right Kaiser, she lost what made her special… I still have hope left for her anyway..

  8. GoodCapon says:

    I hate those boots.

    I miss her as a redhead so, so much.

  9. beth says:

    According to a September 2012 interview, her mother is hitting the 4 year cancer free mark so I am not sure this weight loss is due to her mothers illness.

  10. Tessa says:

    She is TOO THIN. Soft pretty Emma is no more. She looks like crap. It’s really a shame.

  11. Talie says:

    You’re not trolling, that was my first reaction. It’s sad she felt the pressure.

  12. bar world land says:

    Bleh. She used to be uniquely beautiful, a thin but much healthier looking redhead. Now she’s just another emaciated face in a crowd of boring, skinny blondes.

  13. Spooks says:

    I think she’s very pretty, too thin but still pretty. She’s adorable, funny, smart and I really like her.
    But, I don’t think she is an incredibly talented actress. She doesn’t have much versatility and seems o play the same character in every movie.

    • Tessa says:

      I agree. She’s good in comedic type parts, but she was schooled by the other ladies in The Help. Her part was the weak link, which was unfortunate because she was the lead.

      • Ranunculus says:

        She is one of those girls where you wonder why she is in movies – she is kind of meh in pretty much everything she does. Plus her friendship with Taylor Swift is what I find very creepy.
        @Hoya Chick
        Carey Mulligan can definitely act circles around her. Andrew I find is quite talented. He was amazing in Never Let Me Go. I always wished I could have seen him with Philip Seymour Hoffman in Death Of A Salesman. If you can act opposite him you got it.

  14. Harpreet says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this outfit is very Daphne from Scooby-Doo??

  15. annabelle says:

    Well stated Kaiser. Clearly it’s a pretty drastic change at this point and it’s concerning. She seems like a really down to Earth girl, I hope she is a healthy one as well.

  16. Alexandra Bananarama says:

    Not understand why everyone here is critiquing her clothes. It’s right for the character.

    She’s got the lollipop figure here. It’s like looking at an optical illusion.

    Maybe it’s that I didn’t like the last Spider Man movie, but the acting for the 2 leads was terrible. Her talent faded away with her weight. She was bad in Gangster Squad too but maybe that was poor casting. I hope she doesn’t get lost in the hollywood see of generic, twiggy, blondes.

  17. Hoya_chick says:

    I actually don’t think that she is that talented. She is very limited range wise. I think she plays the same character in all the movies I have seen her in. I also think that both her and Andrew were terrible in the 1st Spider-Man movie! She is definitely better than the Vanessa’s and the Selena’s but JLaw and Carey can act circles around her.

    As far as her weight. Sigh. It’s the nature of the beast I guess. They all say they won’t get sucked in but there is so much pressure! Once they have a hit movie, the studio and stylists step in and most of them succumb to the pressure. I like her enough. She isn’t my fav or anything but the weight loss makes her look so frail and even her face looks different. She was gorgeous in Easy A and I love her raspy voice and awesome red hair.

  18. Bobbie says:

    I completely agree with the post and the commentators. What I don’t understand is how people want to function on basically no calories. I always think I need to loose weight- I am about a size 4 or 6 now- so I have my own body disorder. But whenever I try to eat less, I just am so miserable and crabby and not functional with the kids because I’m so hungry! When everyone you see on screen and in magazines is this Emma Stone thin and people like JLaw who are also superthin are being called “curvy” it just slowly, slowly teaches us all that we need to be that thin too. And basically to get there for most of us, we’d need to develop an eating disorder and be hungry/miserable all the time. It’s depressing. But I try to counter it but telling myself I look good the way I am and being this thin is unhealthy for this poor girl. It’s hard to tell yourself this though in the face of all the media images.

  19. Sweet Dee says:

    Well, she’s wearing what the character would wear, except Gwen Stacy’s boots would usually be high heels. Not that I think it’s sexy but obviously the readership does. In the comic books she’s a much better character than Mary Jane, despite how much they over-sexualize her to the point where it’s distracting. GS is smart and actually nice to Peter. MJ is just…indifferent and confused. It’s annoying.

    As for her weight, I really wish she would have some sort of awakening where she gets so hungry one day she realizes how stupid this is. Her disorder is young, started after her teens, so she can still snap out of it.

  20. Shira says:

    I really don’t think she can be considered one of the greatest hopes of this generation unless she stars picking some diverse roles.
    And yeah, she’s far too skinny lately.

  21. Diana says:

    I love her, but I agree; she has lost her muchness. She needs to go back to red hair and gain a few pounds.

  22. TheOriginalWaffle says:

    She had such good energy a few years ago. But how can you be peppy if you’re hungry?

  23. salamanca says:

    Just FUG.

  24. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    They need to stop making Spiderman movies.

  25. Kristine says:

    As a ginger I hate seeing my fellow redheads always seem to go blonde once their movie careers start taking off. Come on! Stop bleaching our beautiful color!

  26. Kata says:

    While I do think she has lost weight, I also remember how skinny I thought her legs were in Zombieland. She has little bird legs! But that doesn’t mean the rest of her needs to be as skinny to match.

    That being said, I actually think its kind of sad that anyone would say she “lost what made her special” because her appearance changed. Emma Stone’s personality made her special, not red hair or weighing more than 110 pounds. Many actresses change their appearance constantly and it doesn’t make me think, “oh, no longer awesome” when they cut or grow their hair or change the color. I like Emma because I like her personality and think she’s a good comedic actress, and that doesn’t change no matter what color her hair is. If what makes her special is her appearance…that’s kind of a sad thing to say about anyone, even an actress.

  27. Jay says:

    I would totally wear that skirt with those tights and boots. (Well…maybe different tights.) I’m generally a fan of that kind of look.