Jessica Simpson and John Mayer are moving in together

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer have been all over the place lately during his tour in Florida. Now a supposed insider says that John is moving in together to Jessica’s house in L.A. this spring.

“She joined the first leg of John’s winter tour,” disclosed the friend.

“The turned his first dates in Florida into a working vacation. They hit the night spots and dined [sic] in Miami”

The next step, says their pal, will edge them even closer to marriage.

“Jessica and John will be moving in together – most likely into Jessica’s L.A. house in the spring.”

[From The National Enquirer print edition, February 12, 2007]

The Enquirer goes on to speculate that they could be getting married soon.

Given how reluctant Mayer was to admit that he had a burgeoning fling with Jessica, I really doubt this is true. He doesn’t seem sincere about the relationship from what I can glean by judging everything through paparazzi photos.

A fan followed Jessica and Mayer to their hotel as part of an assignment for Life and Style. She rain into the pair in the hotel lobby. She said they were touchy-feely and that Mayer told her that Jessica was “the nice one” after they signed autographs for her and obliged her request for a picture. The paparrazo in training followed the two to Applebees and then to a local theatre, where they saw Smoking Aces.

Here are the two pictures she snapped, courtesy of Jessica is also seen in Hollywood shopping for groceries on February 1st. Jessica was seen out at Hyde this weekend with new auburn-colored hair, which was probably just a wig as usual.

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4 Responses to “Jessica Simpson and John Mayer are moving in together”

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  1. Mr. T says:

    Jessica Simpson is a no talent publicity slut. John Mayer better get ready because if he moves in with Chestica, her father will be moving in too. This won’t last, trust me, JS is no good at all. I think her career is washed up too.

  2. Iva says:

    Is this another planted story by Papa Joe – well he and Jessica better face the facts that she’s done for. No amount of PR is going to bring her back to “America’s Sweetheart” status.

    I saw on some other site that in an interview with People or some other magazine, she stated the reason she left Nick was beacuse of the movie “Notebook” – didn’t she say a couple of months ago that she decided to leave him when she was in Africa looking at the stars…IMO, she’s a pathetic loser – although I think Nick is much better off without her.

  3. Bluey says:

    She is a sweerheart. I hope that he treats her well.

  4. methinks says:

    frm the way i see it (thru photos) , i feel John is toying her …. they always look distant whn foto’d together (phisically or otherwise) .. John always looks hesitant … no holding hands , JS always trodding behind him (and keep up w his pace!!)…….. i feel , Mr Meyer is the publicity man-ho’ here using JS ….. talk abt body language…..