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5 Responses to “Britney wears her undies on the outside”

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  1. I wear my boxers on the outside of my pants.

  2. van says:

    Better than usual, but still a mess!!! Wow, her neck is really thick…makes her look strange.

  3. itoluso says:

    Sigh. This is what happens when you stumble into the salon and pass out upside down in the waxing chair: your cootchie gets streamlined instead of your EYEBROWS.

  4. mandi says:

    she used to be so cute. how did this happen?? she reminds me of the girl who peaks in high school and then gets knocked up after graduation and fattens up and looks disgusting.

  5. Daniel says:

    Britney still has the tags on because she’s going to return the bra to the store and get her money back.

    Fed-ex is gonna take her to the cleaners and she’ll need every dime she can get.