Kimora Lee Lesbian …

Twice the Lesbian of your average original six foot designer Kimillionairre … and at quadruple the price … and covered in bling. And Yes Virginia she will still ‘Beat a Bitch’s Ass’ … but sometimes that’s hot

Kimora Lee Simmons went lip-to-lip with a gorgeous blond woman at Cipriani Upstairs Thursday.

The mystery kisser, who’d been hanging with Simmons at her table all evening, got up on the bar for a dirty dance as the 6-foot stunner shimmied in front of her. Blondie then gave Simmons an eyebrow-raising smooch. A rep for the Baby Phat designer, who was no doubt excited about her show at the tents the next day, says it was “a friendly kiss hello to a party guest.”

Via Jossip

No matter the observable hijinx – PR flacks are on hand to spin down the Ari Fleisher flavored foolishness. Just stare you blatantly in your face and lie like a dog by a fireplace.

Impressive in a day where the PR BS bar had already been hoisted so high by Celebitchy favorite PR flack Sara Forage – who started our celebitchy day claiming that Jade Jagger simply didn’t recall drunkenly hopping all over Virgin first class with fat and filthy friends in tow. She drinks ’cause flying makes her nervous was the best they came up with. Amateur Hour I tell you … Kimora and her PR folks beat that bitch’s ass … she will see your pint of denial and raise you a gallon of her own – with high baby ‘beat a bitch down’ phat content.

Who needs a show in the tents when you got the Cipriani All Girl Revue. No wonder Russell hasn’t pursued that divorce … he’s lucky — the little wizened midget — and should thank the Gods of Olympus and Kimoristan for gifting him a crazed Amazon lip locker to share his McMansion.

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  1. frewtloop says:

    Never heard of this person before – sounds classy. She reminds me of those pretty boys who trawl the streets in Thailand.

  2. z says:

    She has deffo had her nose redone.

  3. some guy says:

    Is it just me, or is Britney looking awfully similar to Liza Minelli?

  4. crepette says:

    Thai Lady Boy

  5. Gigohead says:

    Actually, her husband has been seen by his doorman with hookers. I know the doorman he’s a close friend of mine.
    The building is in mid town.
    He’s told me that Russ is not on the down low. He likes women and lots of them.

  6. haiku deaku says:

    looks like michael jackson
    korean golddigger looking black
    black and orange from bronzer
    sells tacky clothes to ghetto moms
    druggie transvestite
    britney has really nice boobs
    gay gay gay