Kelly Clarkson lookalike plus German Idol highlights

My husband and I have have been enjoying Germany’s version of Idol, Deutschland sucht den Superstar, and I was struck by how much this one chick, 18 year-old Lisa Bund, looks like Kelly Clarkson. She can sing too.

Drama on this year’s season of DSDS includes a candidate, Nico, who tearfully reveals he’s got narcolepsy when he’s cut from the competition, and a smoldering orphan with ice-blue eyes, Christian, who leaves on his own accord to spend more time with his wife and infant daughter.

There’s also a water-spraying incident by a guy who calls himself “Mr. Love” that’s suspiciously similar to something that went down on American Idol two years ago. Judge Dieter Bohlen uses the word “scheisse” several times while describing the guy’s performance, which is predictably German for “shit.”

And a woman shaking her tits singing about her pretty hair that’s so fun I couldn’t resist. Overall there’s a lot more T&A on Germany’s Idol, including kids stripping and showing their butts, but we get softcore stuff here on weekend nights, so that’s not surprising.

You don’t have to understand German to get a kick out of the highlights from Germany’s version of Idol. Just like on the American version, there are plenty of unattractive clueless people who can’t sing. (Link leads to video) Do a search on DSDS on YouTube for more.

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  1. Sarah says:

    This is so funny that even YOU start to make jokes about DSDS, the German AI. ROTFL! Well, nice turn for a change… ;o)