Christina Hendricks in velvet L’Wren Scott at the ‘Mad Men’ premiere: gorgeous?

More photos from the Mad Men premiere last night! I already covered the Battle Royale of the Mrs. Drapers here. This post is devoted to the rest of Mad Men ladies, all of whom wore black dresses to varying degrees of success. I think Christina Hendricks was (surprisingly enough) the best dressed woman at the premiere. Christina wore this gorgeous black velvet L’Wren Scott dress which I flat-out LOVE. I would love to own this dress. I want this dress. It’s gorgeous and flattering for the big-busted amongst us. It suits Christina’s body – she’s not spilling out of it, it’s beautifully tailored and she just looks amazing. My only complaint is that I think it might have looked better with the hemline raised about two inches? It feels like there’s too much fabric at the bottom. Other than that – a total win. Beautiful dress, beautiful styling. Titsy McGinger wins the red carpet! HUZZAH.

Elisabeth Moss wore a McQ dress which shows off her bust (they look perky, so good for her). I don’t think Moss is a very stylish woman, and I get the impression that being a “Fashion Girl” isn’t her priority anyway, so for who she is… I think she looks good. I would have gone with different shoes and a fluffy blowout, but it’s a cute dress.

I don’t have the designer ID on Alison Brie’s dress. It looks kind of cheap and I barely even recognized her!

Good God, what is Julia Ormond wearing?!?! I love Julia, and I love that she’s taken this small but amazing part in Mad Men (she plays Megan Draper’s ballbusting mother), but this dress is a NOOOOOoooo.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Eleonor says:

    The stupid Megan character has brought Julia Ormond. Now I want to see MORE Megan’s mother.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      I adore Julia, but she looks dreadful here. She needs to get out of the sun, get a better haircut, better everything. Oy.

  2. Lizzie says:

    No….Velvet!?! NO! That dress is awful! Velvet is a fabric that should NEVER be worn!
    Love the McQueen Elizabeth Moss is wearing. So cute!

  3. Cherry says:

    Julia Ormond annoys the hell out of me in Mad Men. Seriously, she’s supposed to be Megan Draper’s ‘French-Canadian’ mother? Could they not afford to get an actual French or French-Canadian actress on the show, or at least someone who can do a decent French accent?? Her ‘French’ on the show is ridiculous. I love Mad Men, but I feel like they’re insulting our intelligence with this one.

    • Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

      Yeah, her french bugged me, too.

      But her daughter’s name is “Megan”. Born in the 40s. In francophone Quebec.

      So for someone who swears he is a stickler for historical details, Wiener has dropped the ball entirely on this french thing.

      • Malificent says:

        Her name really bothered me too. Not only is it not French Canadian, I wondering if it was even common in English-speaking Canada in the 40s. In the US, Megan was pretty much unheard of until (I’m guessing) the 70s. I don’t know a single American “Megan” who was born before 1980.

  4. Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

    Oh MY GOD–Julia Ormond has serious crack-face. Bright lights seem to belie a dirty habit…

    Anyone have a zoom on Hendricks’ ring?

    • Malificent says:

      I’m thinking it’s just cigarettes and sunshine. I live in the Rocky Mt. West, and the women who don’t bother with sunscreen all have faces like shoe leather by the time they’re 40.

  5. Aiobhan says:

    I wish Christina had done a better job with her hair and makeup but , overall, she does look good. Not great or fantastic but good.

  6. Agnes says:

    omg, christina’s dress is TERRIBLE. velvet is truly the worst fabric in existence. and velvet shoes too? good god.(it makes me think of george costanza and how he “would drape himself in velvet if it was socially acceptable”.”

    • GoodCapon says:

      I love velvet but I think it should be used in moderation. What Christina did here is overkill.

    • emmie_a says:

      Absolutely agree. That dress is HORRIBLE. The fabric, shape, length are all wrong. And red velvet (or satin?) shoes just add to the disaster.

      • paige says:

        agree completely- she just can not dress herself…
        she’s a young woman and when i see her, i think: “grandma”?

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      The dress is pretty atrocious but I’ve seen much worse on her.

      I think it’s funny that Hendricks HATES the way she is styled on Mad Men because I honestly think she looks best on that show.
      Not that she’s not pretty outside of the Joan character-she most certainly is-I just think there’s something about the makeup, wardrobe and hairstyle on that show that really compliments her.

      • lisa2 says:

        ITAWY.. She looks better on the show. And so does Jon Hamm. When he is not dressed up or his hair not slicked back he looks like a dork. I don’t find him attractive the least bit outside that show. And a fan of the hanging chad. Regardless of how the women on this site carry on. GROSS

      • FassDaActor says:

        I agree. The styling on the show suits her fab frame.

        Cute couple. I remember when I showed a few guys a picture of her husband. They were puzzles. Idk why. Who is she supposed to be with?? He probably has good convos, he’s nerdy hot and he’s probably rockin her world.

    • Kezia says:

      Great shout on the George thing!

  7. Deb says:

    They all look so much better when in character

  8. bettyrose says:

    It’s the best thing she’s ever worn not on the show – IMHO. The cut, the material, the accessories . . . paired with bold shoes. I love it.

  9. Talie says:

    I love Megan’s mother more than her…she has great lines. I’m glad she’ll be back next season.

  10. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Love Christina but this dress doesn’t do much for her imo, sorry. It’s too long and shapeless/mature. Her hair and makeup are pretty. The rest of them, ack. Julia Ormond looked much prettier with the gamine hair, I don’t think the current style is doing much for her. She has a lovely figure still but that dress is just blah. Elizabeth’s dress is too low cut but I do like the overall shape/style of it on her.

  11. Gemini08 says:

    I love Christina Hendricks but this dress is a big NO. It does nothing for her-it makes her look frumpy. I love what Elisabeth Moss and Alison Brie wore. Alison’s dress is young and edgy and fun. Julia Ormond’s dress makes her look boxy and gives her man shoulders. She’s such a beautiful woman – I wish she would dress better.

  12. Dawn says:

    I think Christina always looks great. She looks exactly the way a curvy woman should look. I would like it to be about an inch shorter however. I like Elisabeth’s dress but there is something wrong with neck line, perhaps too low on her? The other two are just meh.

  13. Esti says:

    Love Christina, HATE this dress. The low cut front that shows the middle of her bra. The terrible length, that makes her look stubby. The fact that, aside from those things, it’s a total nothing of a dress that doesn’t have anything interesting going on.

    I appreciate that she’s got the girls under control here, but other than that I don’t know what there is to like about this. She looks gorgeous, of course, but the clothes aren’t doing anything to assist that.

  14. Jenna says:

    What’s Annie doing outside of Greendale?!?! o_O

  15. El Kiddo says:

    WTF, velvet? SRSLY?

  16. poppy says:

    wth happen to julia ormond? who told her to wear that dress? AWFUL. the color of the sheer sleeves makes her look terrible. especially with her hair and lip color. she is beautiful but what happened here?!?!
    all of these people need to let the show’s stylists dress them. period. they all look rough when not in character.

  17. nancypants says:

    I didn’t realize Julia is old enough to play Draper’s mom but I haven’t seen her in years.

    I remember around the time of Legends of The Fall when she was in everything.

  18. DreamyK says:

    Christina has the most beautiful skin. I want to call it ivory skin tone or candlelight skin? Christina, Nicole Kidman, AnnE all have it and it is gorgeous.

  19. RHONYC says:

    my boobs are painfully swollen from PMS and Hendricks in that dress is making it worse. :-(

  20. Peanut says:

    The velvet shoes are too much. But I do think the cut of the dress is flattering for Christina.

  21. Trillian says:

    The carrot haired clown is back. For once I do like the cut of the dress, but velvet??? No to that. Plus with her short legs she can’t pull off this length, needs to be shorter.

    • Lexi says:

      Have to say ~ thank you ~ everyone seems to luv this woman. If her breasts were real it would be one thing , but what sane, non-pr0n star, gets implants that size?

      No hate on her for acting or anything, just gah, so classless. Plus, she always talks about them and takes them out for walkies!

      • paige says:

        Agree! those huge implants are ridiculous!

      • Agnes says:

        I know, I can’t believe people think her boobs are real. There are pics of her from not too long ago where she was SMALL. She’s gained weight, of course, but there’s no way her boobs are the result of natural weight gain. I guess she got them that big to set herself apart?

  22. Micki says:

    I don’t like any of these dresses.

  23. Fran says:

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how good Christina looks! Compared to what she usually shows up in, this is a huge improvement. It could have been a wee bit shorter, but other than that, I don’t get the hate for it.

  24. Reece says:

    No to them all. L’Wren does get love for giving velvet some structure but still nope.
    I can’t believe that McQueen! Yes I can. Ugh!

  25. Cam S says:

    I’m so attracted to Christina. I’m a sucker for a pretty face on a woman, she is so exotic to me. Being Latina and I live in the Deep South now, it is rare to see the pale, porcelain colored skin. Gorgeous

  26. truthful says:

    ohhh, I love that black velvet dress, its fitted and classic.

    I love all of the characters shown this go around, on the show–not the rest of the outfits.

    Ms. Hendricks looks divine.

  27. tangoecho5 says:

    I wish she had buttoned the dress up a bit more not to show the bra. And shorten the dress a bit and it could’ve been more a winner.

  28. lucy2 says:

    Don’t love the velvet, but that’s one of the better dresses Christina has worn. I wish the shows costumers would dress her ALL the time.

    I feel bad for everyone working on that Jane Got A Gun movie, with the director just bailing like that. For the wealthy actors it might not be as big a deal, but for the crew, that has to be worrisome.

  29. Sophie says:

    Oh my god all these women look terrible.

    Is this what it looks like when regular people try to do the red carpet?

    Do they not get paid enough to buy designer shoes/clothes?