Jon Hamm keeps his ham under wraps at the ‘Mad Men’ premiere: disappointing?

And here are some photos of the dudes from Mad Men – I already covered the ladies earlier. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any good photos of my favorite Mad Man, John Slattery, but here’s the Hamm Dong with his girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt. Is that the face of a lady who gets Hamm Dong on the regular? Sigh. Jon looks okay… I can’t really make out The Freewheelin’ Dong.

I kind of love that Pete Campbell has a receding hairline now, and I love that Vincent Kartheiser is trying to “fix” it by giving himself a Justin Bieber hairstyle. He’s so cute.

Ben Feldman (otherwise known as the Jewish Don Draper, Michael Ginsberg). He has amazing hair.

Aaron Staton (Ken Cosgrove)… I have a thing for Ken. HE’S FROM VERMONT.

Jay Ferguson (Stan Rizzo) – he looks like (a really short) Wolverine!!

Christopher Stanley (Henry Francis) – the man who thought he was rescuing a disillusioned housewife and ended up getting Fat Betty. I hope Henry’s mother is in a few episodes!

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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31 Responses to “Jon Hamm keeps his ham under wraps at the ‘Mad Men’ premiere: disappointing?”

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  1. Eve says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever get Jon Hamm’s appeal.

    “Jay Ferguson (Stan Rizzo) – he looks like (a really short) Wolverine!!”

    Actually, Wolverine is supposed to be really short (at least, according to the comics/cartoon).

    • BB says:

      Jon Hamm is so hot to me as Don Draper!! Outside of the character Don Draper, he does nothing for me at all. It’s like night and day. He is only sexy in the role of Don.

    • jinni says:

      I was just about to point out that Logan is supposed to short, so this guy is a more physically accurate version of the character than Jackman.

    • Lipsy says:

      Ditto. I don’t watch the show, so I don’t know how hot he is in character, but to me, this actor has either no neck or thick neck… I can’t tell. Anyway it’s not hot.

      Also, from what I know outside of Mad Men, he refuses to underwear. Am I the only woman who finds it not that hot? I see why men love seeing women’s cleavages but I just can’t relate to women who drool over an outline of this ‘hamm dong’.

      • lunamiel says:

        LOL @ Lipsy

        I think it’s a combo of no neck and thick neck. I still think he’s hot though, I just can’t help it. :p

    • Diana says:

      @Eve, I thought I was alone on that bus! I just don’t find him atractive at all.

  2. lori says:

    There must have been some sort of agreement between him and Christina Hendrix. He’d only leach the stallion if kept her goods under wraps as well. Boring!

  3. momoftwo says:

    I feel very sad saying this but Jon Hamm just isn’t doing it for me these days. He’s giving me the Fred Flintstone vibe and that’s never good.

    But it looks like he has a puffy weird tummy bulge in his suit pant area and I know that the bulge is not a pooch, and it is not very attractive (and I usually really look forward to Hamm bulge shots!

    • debisis says:

      Fred Flinstone? Wow, and just the other day, i said he looked more like a “Barney”…i guess i wasn’t that high after all. this is too mean, I know, but i am SO sick of seeing his stalker girl friend up his ass in every premier. and pics of her at Mad Men by herself. o please. annoying as hell. yes they’ve been “together” for years…apparently…and i’m not so hot for the likes of this guy…and yes, i’m lying but she’s really that annoying. maybe it’s because of her image and meeky persona. he deserves a strong cleaning woman like me! i feel like yelling at the top of my lungs : don’t get her pregnant! don’t dilute your genes, Jonathan!

  4. Ellie66 says:

    I really haven’t watch Mad Men I’ve seen a few episodes (I like it) why does everyone hate Megan so much?

    • lunamiel says:

      She’s just kind of annoying and whiny and doesn’t seem to add much to the show.

  5. eileen says:

    I dont’ watch Mad Men-but that Ben Feldman guy is HOTTT!! Yes please!

  6. danni says:

    I want to say something about jon hamm girl.
    she is always stuck in the photos like she is one of the crew. (not like other ladies, like alexis baldel)
    lady! if you don’t have a job, why it’s our problem????
    you need to find your own project or job.

  7. Eleonor says:

    No Silver Fox??? Where’s Roger???

  8. Dorothy#1 says:

    OMG I love Ben Feldman!!! He was/is on drop dead diva. Man he’s soooo cute 🙂

  9. Dani says:

    Jennifer Westfeldt is not pretty. Her face is sooo jacked up.

    • DSS says: one time she really was pretty with dark ash blonde hair and her eyes were much larger..such a shame, she really would have aged well without all the jacked up plastic surgery.

  10. Arock says:

    Roger? (Shakes the computer)
    Where’s roger? I’m so glad it’s back, I’m already sitting in back on my eames chair preparing Martinis in my head.
    Has anyone heard the plot line?

  11. Lin says:

    Jon is looking bloated and greasy and gross.

  12. DreamyK says:

    Release the Hamm Dong!

  13. Miss Kiki says:

    Maaan I only came here for pictures of John Slattery *hurls glass at screen*

  14. poppy says:

    hama-lama-ding-dong, not so much.
    ben feldman on the other hand, holy jesus, almost enough to make me think about watching the show.

  15. Ginger says:

    Dang! Ben Feldman is hot when he’s not in character! I’m going to enjoy this season 🙂

  16. jinni says:

    Vincent is serving Mr. Collins from the 1994 Pride and Prejudice mini series realness with that hair and expression. Not a good look.

  17. truthful says:

    J. Hamm cleans up sooo well!

    his lady is one lucky chick.

  18. Inconceivable! says:

    Aaron Stanton really looks like Ken Cosgrove in everyday life. He does not have to transform much for his character!

  19. Happy21 says:

    I think they all look great! Jon and Jennifer look genuinely happy (and I hate it! LOL) and everyone else looks good, even Wolverine! Plus, I’m goin to be paying more attention to Ginsberg this year 😉

  20. Kim says:

    Ginsberg!!!! I seriously hope there’s lots more Ginsberg this season. He’s such a great character and can totally show up Don. With Peggy gone (but never forgotten) it’s his time to shine.

    So excited for the new season… I. Can’t. Wait.

    Also, I’m with everyone who says Jon Hamm does nothing for them outside of Don Draper. Put on some damn underpants, bro.

  21. Sumodo1 says:

    I think The Hamm Dong is in a banana hammock, resting during the premiere. I am sure it free-balled once it was at home. Notice the weird ass on The Hamm’s suit. Hmmm. Not so nice.