“Matt Dillon arrested for speeding” morning links

Matt Dillon arrested for speeding. He was going 106mph on the Interstate in Vermont. (My husband tells me I drive too slow on the Autobahn. I feel like it’s so wrong and unsafe to drive that fast and not to have speed limits on the highway!) [Popcrunch]
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Steven Spielberg interviews Andy Warhol back in the day. I hope Spielberg is on something. [Defamer]
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Johnny Depp back in 1985 strips down to his skivvies in the movie Private Resort (NSFW) [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
– One of the Blue Men caught in the park doing something, well… blue [Best Week Ever]
Toni Collette premieres in “United States of Tara” on January 18 on Showtime (not an ad) [PopBytes]

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  1. Baholicious says:

    Let me see, 100km/h = 60 mph so if he was going 106 miles per hour, yeah, that’s too fast. That’s not just speeding, that’s reckless driving.

    Going too slow on ANY highway is dangerous. More important really than the speed limit is the speed of traffic. If someone’s not traveling at least the same as other motorists, they cause problems. My mother does 80km/h on the highways, which are posted at 100km/h speedlimit, and I shit my pants when I’m in the car with her. She’s going WAY too slow. It frustrates other drivers and they’re more likely to do something unsafe to get the hell away from you: tailgating, unsafe passing, nevermind running into a road-rager etc.

    Anyway, I doubt anybody else was going as fast as Dillon on that interstate. License suspension is called for in this case.

  2. Jinxy says:

    106 mph in Vermont on a highway, which is not a freeway but two lanes in either direction, would amount to a suicide attempt by car. Rather inconsiderate, he could have killed someone else. What a thoughtless little pig.

  3. WTF?!?! says:

    The posted speed limit is the fastest a vehicle is supposed to be travellng. Going 46-54 mph in a 55 miles zone is acceptable. Try that “keeping up with the flow of traffic” line on a cop when you’ve been caught speeding and he will laugh in your face as he hands you your ticket. The right lane is for folks who don’t feel the need to go the maximum, left is for fast drivers and passing. On single-lane highways, the guy w/the need for speed needs to suck it up and slow down until they find a stretch of road where it is safe (and legal) to pass.

  4. Anna says:

    Personally, I’m an extremely careful driver. I stick to speed limits so vigilantly, it drives anybody else in the car crazy. “Why can’t you drive 5km/h quicker, everybody else is doing it!” is one of the phrases I probably hear most. The only one who was ever pleased with my safe driving style was my driving instructor. They like speed limit sticklers and obsessive signalers.

    HOWEVER: I grew up in Germany and got my license there (I now live in Switzerland where they drive like slugs) and I do go up to 130km/h on the Autobahn and up to around 160-170km/h where it’s allowed. I start feeling scared at around 180, so I usually don’t go there unless the road is quite straight. There is nothing wrong with having such lax speed limits. Germany does NOT top the polls of the traffic collisions, so it really can’t be that bad. I like it that they, to a very large extent, give us the freedom to decide how fast we want to go. My opinion is: give people the responsibility when you can and don’t belittle them. Of course there are accidents and crap drivers in Germany as well, but I like not have the feeling the government is my overprotective nanny.

    Still: I’m a fierce advocate of sticking to the speed limits of whatever country one happens to find oneself in. Matt Dillon was being irresponsible and reckless and there is no excuse for that. You just gotta stick to the law and that’s that. If the law says 50mph, then you do it. If I were in America, I would never dream of going above the speed limit just because I grew up accustomed to something else. And Matt doesn’t even have that excuse.
    I’m surprised, actually, that after a film like Crash Matt would act so stupidly.

  5. Codzilla says:

    When are Jay Z and Beyonce NOT relaxing on a yacht in St. Barts?

  6. Carena says:

    Why would he be arrested?? Even if he got reckless driving, that is still just a ticket and go on your merry way. I guess Vermont is a little different than my state. Here, if the speed limit is 65, you can usually go up to 90 safely. Much like Vermont, the roads just don’t have that much traffic, especially at 10pm on a Tuesday.