Star: Britney Spears is a ‘born-again virgin’, she wants to prove she’s a ‘good girl’

Yesterday, CB discussed the likelihood that Britney Spears’ new “normal guy” boyfriend David Lucado is just some dude that Jamie Spears and Larry Rudolph hired to hold her hand in public. David’s job description seems sketchy, and you’ll notice that media outlets often talk of David’s work history in the past tense, like he WAS working at a law firm until he got a full-time gig as Britney’s boyfriend. I always felt that there was something similar happening between Britney and Jason Trawick too – that maybe she cared about Jason, loved him even, but that for Jason, it was simply about business, and it was a professional arrangement. After all, Jamie Spears did allow Jason to be Britney’s co-conservator (which was the beginning of the end of that relationship).

So, what’s going on in Britney’s mind with this new relationship? Does she simply like David and consider him to be her new boyfriend? Or does Britney understand that every guy she meets is vetted by her father and her management and that her romances are mostly “professional”? I don’t know. Truly. I hope for her sake that she understands and agrees with how her dad and her manager do things.

Anyway, that’s just background for this truly disturbing – on many different levels – story from Star Magazine. According to Star, Britney has decided that she’s a “born-again virgin” and that she’s going to wait to have sex with David because her goal is to prove to him that she’s a “good girl”. Oh, Britney. Honey.

Britney Spears is known for her seductive dance moves, but the pop star seems to be more in touch with her Christian roots these days, because she is refusing to have sex with her new boyfriend, David Lucado!

Britney, who split with Jason Trawick in January, wants to take things slow with her new “everyday” beau.

“She’s determined not to rush it and wants to prove that she’s a good girl,” says a pal. After first stepping out with David, 27, is February, Britney “would like to hold out until they’ve discussed the future… her goal is to be a ‘virgin bride’.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

The “born-again virgin” thing was more popular a few decades ago, but it still has some strength in the evangelical movement as a way for wanton women to rediscover their “purity”. Sorry, I’ve been reading The Purity Myth and all I can think about is how mixed up Britney is. Like, I feel like poor Britney is just tangled up in all of these competing agendas and it’s really no wonder that it sometimes feels like she doesn’t know which way is up. It’s completely her business if she doesn’t want to have sex with David or if she considers herself a born-again virgin or if she wants to chuck it all and come out as a sex-loving atheist. This whole situation just bugs me, with her father picking out her boyfriend and the idea that Britney could be clinging to the idea of “saving herself” for her third marriage because she wants to prove that she’s a “good girl”. Ugh.

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  1. springingforward says:

    I guess that her mental health requires constant supervision.
    I could see how a male would be preferable to her and her father. While sad I can see the necessity…
    But born again virgin? Color me dubious on that gem.

  2. Anaya says:

    Bullsh*t! I find this story to be ridiculous. If she isn’t having sex with David it’s because she isn’t attracted to him. I don’t buy this stuff about saving herself to prove what a good girl she is.

  3. Victoria1 says:

    She’s probably not attracted to him and lying by saying “born-again”

  4. clare says:

    If they hired a woman to supervise her just wait for all the ‘Britney is a lesbian’ rumours.

    • JL says:

      +1 on that one.
      If she’s not sleeping with me, or mine than it’s none of my business.

  5. Jennifer12 says:

    I’m bewildered as to how her life has turned into this. She never seemed off the rails until the huge breakups in her life. Is she truly this unstable, or are they overmedicating a cash cow? She was such a great performer, so fun and full of life. I hope she pulls a Katie Holmes and takes her own life and back and is free, happy, and healthy for her sons’ sakes and hers as well.

    • Steph says:

      As someone with bipolar II it’s upsetting that some posts are acting like her parents are destroying her life. I only get hypomanic- people with mania lose all control. People with bipolar often need someone to care for them (usually a spouse or parent) or would do much better if they had such an opportunity.

      Additionally, it often does not imerge until one is a young adult. For many, including myself, no one realizes what is happening until the disease gets worse, and it does progress.

      And to hope that she runs away is really misguided. When someone with MI runs away they lose all stability and support. They are usually a ticking time bomb. It will most likely not end well, with worse case scenario being suicide, which bipolar runs a very high risk for. Without proper care people with bipolar attempt suicide until they succeed. Or during mania they may even hurt someone else.

      It’s just insulting to minimize it. End rant.

  6. JL says:

    Poor Baby;

    She is doing well with supervision (or at least better) compared to Lilo and Baby Bieber, however that life has got to suck the big one.

    Nothing wrong with not sleeping around, nothing wrong with parents “vetting” a boyfriend. Most parents have plenty to say on boyfriends, regardless of age.

    It’s what I perceive as a lack of choice or control over her life that bothers me.

    There is a big difference in out of control and being controlled – is their no way to give this woman her life back? All the meds we have, all the therapy.

    Yes, Poor Baby.

    • SydneySpy says:

      I totally agree, JL. As I asked in yesterday’s post: Will she ever get a chance to be re-assessed and have this “conservatorship” (I’m thinking that “Power of Attorney”, as we have in Australia, is what this is) gets revoked and she gets to control her life and finances again? I also find it appalling, bizarre and somewhat inhumane that this grown woman, with children, is controlled in this way. I can say that in Australia at least, there are many, many people with far worse psychological or psychiatric issues who are not treated this way. The Council of Civil Liberties and other social/humanitarian bodies would have jumped on something like this. It’s about the freedom of self-determination. I’m inclined to agree with Jennifer12 that these controlling parasites are over medicating their cash cow. Does anyone know if the courts periodically assess her situation? Who controls the controllers? Sad. So sad.

      • JL says:

        Spy you said it.

        Jamie ‘legally’ medicates his cash cow.
        His cash cow is well behaved and desperately wants to be a ‘good girl’.

        Good girl – CRINGE!

        Dina Lohan illegally dopes and boozes her cash cow. Her cow is not well behaved.

        They are both cash cows.

        God, what a sickening thing to do to your own child.

      • Jarredsgirl says:

        Actually Sydney spy, we don’t know the details of Britney’s mental health issues so how can you say that? I work in the mental health field and people with “worse issues than Britney” – I assume you mean schizophrenia because that’s as bad as it gets – ARE treated in similar ways, if not “worse” ie they are hospitalized involuntarily. There are also community treatment orders that have a list of rules and regulations one must abide by or else a warrant will be put out for their arrest. Britney seems lucky in this regard. If she really does have mental health issues, this is all done for her protection and to preserve her assets, which she is unlikely to be able to handle herself. Not everything is a conspiracy.

      • Lucrezia says:

        @ Sydneyspy: FYI, here in Oz, “power of attorney” = control of finances only. “Enduring guardian” = control of lifestyle and personal decisions (where to live, medical decisions etc), but specifically NOT control of finances. You can appoint one person to do both, but they’re separate jobs.

        The conservatorship sounds like combined power of attorney and guardianship.

  7. Hakura says:

    I agree, Jennifer12 & JL. I was a young teen when she became popular, so was a fan for years. It’s really upsetting to see where she’s ended up. She truly deserves to be happy & at peace, whether that means in a romantic relationship, or not.

    If dad IS choosing her dates for real relationships, that’s crossing the line. He’s done right by her in everything else, but that just doesn’t seem to be working out. If they aren’t boyfriends, I don’t think they should have to lie & pretend they are.

  8. murphy says:

    I absolutely believe this guy is paid to be there for her.

  9. MrsB says:

    And how does Star know this exactly? Sorry but I don’t buy this one at all. This is one of those stories that came from Star’s imagination

  10. dahlianoir says:

    A woman’s vagina on a cover of a magazine. just whouah. I’m still waiting for a cover of DiCaprio “awesome life” and Heffner “gentleman lifestyle”.

    Her body, her choice.

  11. judyjudy says:

    Sex loving atheist here!

    It’s cool to wait to have a physical relationship with someone. Smart move. But calling yourself a born again virgin after 2 marriages and 2 children is really quite silly.

    • Sweet Dee says:


      It’s as if the words came from my head.

    • Apsutter says:

      Very silly. When will people realize that a woman’s virtue has nothing to do with her vagina.

    • Poppy says:

      Sex loving Christian here – it’s possible to be both!

    • blaize says:

      Sex-loving agnostic here!

      I’m not sure if this story about Britney is true or not. It could be. Sometimes after going through a stressful time and relationship problems people do take a break from sex.

  12. Annie says:

    Why is this even a good idea?? What goes through Jamie’s mind when he sets this up? He’s letting useless men take advantage of someone who is not capable of figuring it out herself, and giving them money for basically doing his daughter. The Jason thing was so shady and gross. And do we need another Kevin Federline? Look at his fat ass living off of Britney. Everybody treats Britney like property, like a cash cow, like a show monkey and like a helpless child all at once. She can’t make her own decisions, but she can support your sorry ass and have you living like a King.

    I wish they let her retire and live her life. She just doesn’t want to do this anymore, we can all tell. The passion, the drive, the commitment is not there anymore. But way too many people live off of her so that is not going to happen any time soon.

    I’m sure Jamie wants her to be happy and it’s hard to find her someone for real, but please, don’t let useless guys use her as a meal ticket and play with her emotions like that.

    She should be the next Bachelorette or something, jeez, somebody find her someone for real. Requirement for applicants: must have own successful career. Make at least 300k a year, so we know you don’t need her for the money or fame. Dancers, “actors”, “musicians”, need not apply, thank you very much.

  13. Bridget says:

    Even in as sketchy a source as Star, the idea that a 31 year old woman, twice married with 2 kids, even needs to worry about being a “good girl” bugs the crap out of me. It’s so infantilizing an sexist, it really bothers me.

  14. d says:

    For sure, he’s a paid boyfriend. And I believe they do it as much as to protect Britney as to “control” her, to keep her happy, which is to give her structure and routine, because without it, she’d get up to no good. I’m sorry, but I really believe that. It’s as much to protect her from herself, as it to protect her from any doofus golddigger (they don’t count themselves as such, natch).
    Britney seems to be someone with poor impulse control, with no boundaries and poor judgement, and god knows what else. I think she’s easy to take advantage of and they just want to protect their investment.
    She still doesn’t have full custody of her kids and she consistently dresses … I mean, I’m sorry, I can see dressing like a slob every now and then, but consistently? She clearly still hasn’t proven to medical authorities that she no longer requires a conservatorship and I refuse to believe that’s in place for nefarious reasons only. It’s there for a good reason, and again, to protect Britney (and her sons) from Britney (‘s lack of attention, neglect, etc.) and from people who will definitely try to take advantage of someone who isn’t very good at taking care of themselves, never mind two little boys. I think Britney loves her kids, but isn’t exactly … on the ball, and without supervision, they could get into trouble.

  15. blaize says:

    Even though I don’t like Britney Spears as an artist, I feel bad for her. I hope that one day she’ll be ablr to put her past (with the breakdown) behind her and that she won’t need a conservatorship, that she’ll have a healthy life. I read The Purity Myth to. Jessica Valenti is awesome.

  16. Shelley says:

    Remember how badly off she was long before her breakdown, and remember that she was holding her son hostage and threatening him. That was a horrific incident. I’m not a mental health professional but I think her issues are huge and deep, and longstanding. There are reasons her life and choices are restricted as they are. To me she always looks and seems on the brink of that precipice again, and without the conservatorship would be in grave danger from the same sort of people who were endangering her before.

    I believe she’s under heavy meds and hope and pray that there are rock solid plans to keep her safe once her parents are gone. This illness isn’t going away. Notice she’s never given an interview about it, e.g., I was depressed, I am bi-polar, etc.

    I think she’s very fragile and wish she would stop trying to be part of this entertainment industry. There must be a way to get someone like this to step back and say, what do you enjoy and have some interest in, and then get them training in that and let them life a private life. The public and press will forget her soon enough. If she will let them…

  17. Greenieweenie says:

    酔 means drunk, what an asshole.

  18. Candace says:

    She really needs a stylist. That pink and black dress????!

  19. Truth says:

    Does no one see the obvious? She is schizophrenic. Think about it.