Did John Mayer dump Katy Perry because she dared to ‘put on a few pounds’?

Katy Perry

About a week ago, we reported the shocking (not really) news that Katy Perry and John Mayer had broken up for the second time, and then reports filtered out that John was mostly dating Katy because being seen and photographed with her kept him in the spotlight while he’s unable to tour regularly because of his throat granuloma recovery. I think it’s pretty easy to discern that, no matter the reason for the breakup, John is probably the one in this relationship who acted more douchey; and I think that, short of Katy actually catching him in bed with someone else with her own eyes, if anyone did the breaking up, it was him.

This week, all three of the major U.S. tabloids have their own version of events leading up to the split. The worst story comes from Star, which printed a story about how John dumped Katy because she’s just “not hot enough” for him anymore. As in, Katy gained a couple of pounds, and John started pointing it out to her in a negative way. Obviously, mentioning your girlfriend’s slight weight gain is always a negative thing to do, but I can see John being extra douchey about it. Here’s the story:

Katy Perry

John Mayer seems to be “Hot N Cold” when it comes to Katy Perry. After gushing over his relationship in recent interviews, stating that he is “quite happy,” the music industry’s most notorious ladies’ man has hit an all-time low — dumping Katy for getting fat! The “California Gurls” singer, 28, who started dating 25-year-old John last summer, is “devastated,” says a pal. “She is so confident, but as soon as she put on a few pounds, he was constantly putting her down.” Despite John’s shallow reasoning, insiders say a shattered Katy would still like to make it work! “She’s going to make sure she looks amazing,” continues the source. “She wants him to take her back.”

[From Star, print edition, April 8, 2013]

Meanwhile, In Touch writes that “Katy has finally acknowledged John tricked her. ‘She thought he was a sweet, sensitive guy. Then boom: He dumps her. She didn’t see it coming.” The Enquirer adds that John’s wandering eye was a problem (no kidding), and Katy couldn’t handle how affectionate John was with Allison Williams even though she’s Katy’s friend too. All of the tabloids’ theories seem plausible, but we’ve already heard that John and Allison were reportedly getting gropey in public together a few months ago. I know that Allison is supposedly dating John’s friend, Ricky Van Veen, but I wouldn’t put it past John to hit on his friend’s lady. Quite simply, the dude has no scruples, and yes, I can also believe that he’d dump Katy because she ate at Taco Bell two days in a row and gained a pound.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

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30 Responses to “Did John Mayer dump Katy Perry because she dared to ‘put on a few pounds’?”

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  1. Launicaangelina says:

    Crazy! Her body is amazing. But, he tends to date curvy women (JLH, Jessica Simpson) so I’m not sure i but this story. He a douche but… I don’t know.

    • hatsumomo says:

      Thats my take-away too; he dosent typically date “thin” women, maybe with the exception of Aniston(even then she’s more fit than skinny). They are probably breaking up because they’re both massive narcissists.

  2. Faye says:

    It could be the “weight gain,” or it could be anything, really. I don’t think this guy needs much of an excuse to exit when it looks like he’s heading from “constantly hooking up” to “actual relationship.”

    I don’t know why any woman involves herself with John Mayer. He is so, so . . .yucky. You can’t say you don’t know what you’re getting into with him.

  3. heyu says:

    Wjy does she still want to try and make it work with this douche, the sex can’t be worth all these heartache.. can it ??

  4. allons-y alonso says:

    She’s got a great body.

    I’m sure Katy Perry feels lighter already without the insufferable egocentric ‘weight gain’ that was John Mayer

  5. The Original G says:

    Of all the things that KP can be faulted for, her bod is not one of them.

  6. Jess says:

    The weight thing seems doubtful as Jessica Simpson put on a ton of weight when they were dating and he was all over the place saying everyone needed to STFU, that she was gorgeous.

    • heyu says:

      I thought one of the rumours then was that he broke up wit jessica due to a d weight she gained..

      U do hv to remember mayer was a fat kid.. Infact he was a little chubby whn he first started out, maybe he has a self loathing abt it,can’t imagine him thinking its repuslive and thus putting her down.

      The dude has major douche vibe..

      Simpson, aniston , hewitte, swift and plenty other exs eventually learned, one day too perry would also learn .

  7. ycnan says:

    Why even write this article? My god it’s so stupid. I highly doubt that is why he broke up with her, if he did.

  8. Hakura says:

    I had been noticing how amazing Katy’s been looking recently, especially her face. Seems like she was too thin when she started out, & has finally allowed her face to fill back to what it should’ve been all along. Her skin has been totally flawless.

    If the ‘being put down’ thing is true, she should turn on her album & listen to the song ‘Pearl’ a couple times…

  9. Lamb says:

    John Mayer is 35, not 25.

  10. dcypher1 says:

    What did u expect katy hes john mayer u picked the dude with the worst reputation in the buisness a player. So I cant feel sorry for her. All I can say is told u so katy.

  11. DIANE says:

    With her producing noxious preteen pop and him probably thinking he’s an ‘artiste,’ it’s a wonder they lasted this long. They’re both creepy.

  12. Lisa says:

    Well, he looks like an anemic meth addict. Who is he to set the standard?

  13. NeoCleo says:

    I’m sorry for her being dumped, but she’s well rid of him. He looks like a disease.

  14. j says:

    My guess on their break up: a) he was using her because she’s hot and she’s super famous, b) he is still cheating and probably was the whole time, c) he’s going on tour soon and wants to bang groupies, or d) all of the above. :)

  15. Meggin says:

    There is no way he is only 25!!! That’s my age… And yeah no. Lmao

  16. velourazure says:

    John Mayer is a walking petri dish of STDs.

  17. Tastykakes says:

    She put on a pound? Where? More likely she gained an ounce of self respect and smartly cut ties.

  18. Lux says:

    He’s only 25?! I thought he was at least in his 30′s. So how old was he when he was with Jennifer Aniston?
    Oh no worries, I checked wiki he’s 35, it was just a typo. Phew!

  19. anonymous fan says:

    Sorry but anyone stupid enough to get involved with Mayer The Player gets all the hurt they deserve. Which cool A-Lister is he going to seduce next? My money is on Jennifer Lawrence.

  20. nanster says:

    If John Mayer wasn’t a celebrity, would he be dating any woman as attractive as Katy (or Jessica or Jen, etc…)? He’s not attractive and is know for being the Zen Douchemaster – so why would anyone want to date him?

  21. crtb says:

    What do women see in this guy?