Scarlett Johansson: ‘I don’t like jealous behavior, it’s really unattractive’

Scarlett Johansson covers the May issue of Marie Claire. I’m okay with the photo shoot – she looks pretty, they didn’t Photoshop her to a crazy degree, and her hair is a decent shade these days. ScarJo is currently on Broadway, playing Maggie the Cat on Cat On a Hot Tin Roof. She has plans (which she discusses with Marie Claire) to adapt and direct Truman Capote’s debut novel Summer Crossing. And of course, Scarlett is a major celebrity so I guess that’s why she’s on the cover of Marie Claire? Because she doesn’t have any films coming out any time soon. Weird. In her interview, ScarJo talks a little bit about everything, including her Frenchman boyfriend, and if you’d like to hear what Woody Allen and Chris Evans have to say about her, you can read the first part of her interview here. Some highlights:

How she spends her downtime: “I’ve been obsessed with RuPaul’s Drag Race. I love the makeup, I love the hair, I love the looks. That’s been my escape.”

On social media: “All of it drives me crazy. I don’t understand this need to ‘share.’ We almost exploit ourselves in order to feel seen.”

If she ran the world: “I would demand investment in finding and using renewable resources. Then I was thinking about other things, like cab stealing. I always say, ‘You want it that bad, go ahead.’ And they’re usually like, ‘F–k you!’”

On her divorce from Ryan Reynolds in 2010: “Well, it wasn’t that long ago. But I think I’ve had a fair amount of time to process the experience and be able to move forward. I continue to get to know myself better as I get older, and that helps me in my relationships.”

On something a man can’t do around her: “I don’t like jealous behavior. I don’t mind an occasional check-in, but when somebody is passive-aggressively jealous, it’s really unattractive because it shows a sort of insecurity that is…Oh, controlling behavior is awful. Nobody’s going to say they love that.”

Her boyfriend, 30-year-old French creative agency manager Romain Dauriac, who she brought to a party: “But we like to include everyone in a good party. That night was super-fun. I’ve never been the person who sits in the corner, orders bottle service, and judges everybody. The next day my boyfriend and I were saying, ‘We were the best dancers in the whole world last night!’” She clarifies both were “completely delusional” to think that way: “I’m sure we were absolutely, like, ridiculous together.”

[From Marie Claire]

Huh. Were those comments about “jealous behavior” particularly pointed? My first thought was… Ryan Reynolds. Some people think he’s a genuinely nice guy – there are stories to support that. But some people think he was (or is) a piece of work, darker than you’d expect, jealous and moody – there are stories to support that version too. Of course, God knows, Scarlett could just be talking about Sean Penn. Ha.

Photos courtesy of Marie Claire.

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  1. MisJes says:

    She looks really pretty in this shoot, she’s a gorgeous woman. I like Scarlett a lot. I also have no problem believing that Ryan Reynolds could be controlling and jealous.

    • mercy says:

      I have no problem believing she is controlling because she said she was.

      • Dea83 says:

        You mean Scarlett said she was controlling ? If he was like that I wouldn’t be surprised because Scarlett always admitted not to believe in monogamy…so I wouldn’t blame Ryan for being jealous!

      • mercy says:

        @Dea, yes, she was recently quoted as saying she could be controlling but was trying to get better about it.

        I don’t know if she was speaking about Ryan. It’s always assumed she is. But Sean Penn… there’s ample hard evidence that he has major control issues.

        Truthfully I think these kind of personalities often attract each other, and take turns making each other jealous because they’re insecure and it fills some deep-seated need. Not saying it applies here, but I’ve observed this behaviour in people I’ve known.

      • Dea83 says:

        I see, thanks! I would have bet people would have guessed Ryan…Lol! he’s always brought in the middle everytime there’s an article about Scarlett or Blake…Imho, he seems like a nice guy and I think Scarlett sort of regretted their divorce, but it’s only my personal opinion of course. Wish them both the best!

    • Barbara says:

      She doesn’t look too photoshopped in the cover, but the second pic is definitely VERY airbrushed. Like a lot.

      As for the jealousy comment, I don’t think she was necessarily talking about someone in her past. If you ask me what I don’t think is attractive in a man, I don’t think I’ll look to my past and see what I hated about the guy I was with 3 years ago. I would think about what I like or not in the time present because we are constantly changing as well. So I think it’s a stretch to try to label the comment on Ryan, Sean and whoever else she dated.

  2. Marty says:

    I’m not a big fan of her, but I LOVE that she watches RuPaul’s Drag Race!

  3. Liz says:

    That last photo is so pretty.

  4. Monie says:

    On social media: “All of it drives me crazy. I don’t understand this need to ‘share.’ We almost exploit ourselves in order to feel seen.”

    Hmm, the same as say an actress or any other narcissistic profession. *eye roll*. With anything, some people overdo it. For me, my family is 3 states away so we “share” and “exploit” ourselves to stay abreast of what is going on in each others’ lives.

    • Caroline says:

      SO TRUE! I will amend my earlier comment, because that is a very pretentious thing to say from someone who has an outlet like hers to be seen AND heard.

      If she has no desire to share, don’t do a freaking magazine cover and interview when you have no work to promote, other than your persona, which you are selling.

    • Ranunculus says:

      Isn’t “sharing” on an international level via social media a good thing?

      Oh Scarlett …. hopefully her career is over, she sucks at acting …. and at making comments about social issues.

      I guess, for her the only thing worth sharing are her nude pictures.

      • Monie says:

        Exactly. Social media played a part in giving the rest of the world an unfiltered view of what was happening in the Middle East; first-hand from the people experiencing it. It has also even recently helped solve some crimes and kidnappings.

        I rarely comment on my own posts so it’s evident ScarJo pissed me off today. LOL

      • Ranunculus says:

        Absolutely agree with you!
        News from the people for the people.
        10 times better and more honest than what the Rupert Murdochs want the world to see.

      • i'm french don't kill me says:

        her nude pics were hacked and the guy is in jail now

        i disagree with the first-hand information by social media: in France ,the anti-gay marriage is manipulated the social media with fake informations(1,4 millions peoples on the same people whereas it’s physically impossible,they’re attacked by the policemen whereas it’s them who wanted to force the roadblock with their kids…)

      • Ranunculus says:

        Somebody hacking her account doesn’t mean she didn’t send those pics around.

        Social media can be abused by anybody, but quite often it is used for the right reason. Racist rants and hate crimes are being filmed and put on youtube, people in countries that have manipulative media can get their information out via sidestepping the official news.

        I think the more we are independent from official media the better.

      • Leen says:

        It’s interesting because people in the US often don’t see that twitter is a lifeline for some people. My friends in Gaza constantly tweet when someone happens there, it keeps the media’s attention on then and ensure that it doesn’t escalate and get worse. It also reassures people (like me) who obviously cannot call Gaza during the war and to make sure everyone was alright.

        My friend during the Egyptian revolution constantly used hashtags on her way to her house every day to make sure her routes were safe and was not assaulted by government police.

        Seriously, Twitter is the best thing that ever happened to the Middle East.

    • popcorn11 says:

      Im sure that exercise some judgement on what you put on those platforms or i hope you do. Many dont! I invite you visit leann rimes or rihannas pages. Scarlet is right, alot of people know no moderation and with celebrities its just straight up selfwhoring, again i invite you to view Rihannas twitter/ instagram.

      • Monie says:

        I admitted in my initial comment that some people overdo it. I am fine with Kaiser’s second-hand reporting of Rihanna’s and LeAnn’s social media exploits; I have zero desire to visit their sites. My point is that Scarlett should not make sweeping judgements when there are millions who use social media for reasons other than sharing pics of weed smoking and our bikini bodies.

      • Belle says:

        Agree… I didn’t really get the impression she was bashing EVERYONE who shares on social media, especially the average person who uses it to connect with family and friends. We all know people who over-share… constant pics and updates about every minute of the day. A celebrity needs to stay relevant, promote themselves and/or whatever they are working on. It is part of their job. Big difference between doing photos and an interview for a magazine… and streaming constant selfies with details of where you are, what you are eating, and how your sex life is on any given day.

    • mercy says:

      Agreed. Social media is a great tool if you actually have something of interest to share with your audience, be they family and friends or the public at large.

    • littlestar says:

      I’m with you, Monie. I live in a different province from my immediate and extended family and close friends, so if it wasn’t for Facebook, it would be a lot harder to keep in touch. Sure, I realize there’s the telephone, but it’s much easier to upload pictures onto Facebook for those 50 people to see rather than to call everyone/email them all. It’s a love hate relationship lol. And as long as you aren’t one of those people who have 500+ friends on social media, and just close friends and family, I think sharing things is fine (within reason of course).

    • Merritt says:

      This is an overreaction. There is a difference between staying in contact v.s over-sharing information. Some people over-share on social media to the extreme. Do all of a person’s Facebook friends need to see a positive pregnancy test? Or just broke up? Or random life drama? Probably not.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      Yes this exactly. I don’t get that she has a sense of irony or humor, do you?

  5. andy says:

    I wish her luck with directing. We need more women directors.

  6. Caroline says:

    I don’t hate her. She does her thing, doesn’t explain or apologize or pander. Jennifer Aniston could take a page from her.

  7. GossipG says:

    its unattractive Ryan…i dont now but its like shes telling HIM…even tho they moved on..

  8. Mew says:

    “controlling behavior is awful. Nobody’s going to say they love that.”

    This is where she got it wrong. I remember the countless responds of women writing here “I’d love that, it’s so sexy, if it’s him, yeah, lock me in and keep me prisoner” when there was a story that Daniel Craig didn’t allow his wife to go anywhere alone.

    But she has at least one part of it right: controlling behaviour and horribly jealous behaviour is really horrible and nobody should go saying “I’d love that”, not even if it was Daniel Craig or any other “superstar”.

  9. Feebee says:

    The jealous behaviour comment could have been directed at Ryan Reynolds. But Kaiser, just because some report him as a piece of work and some as a genuinely nice guy doesn’t mean someone’s wrong. We’re all complex and different relationships can bring out different behaviours.

    I agree with Scarlett on the social media overshare thing but also with those who point out, it’s easy for her to say when she has so many outlets to otherwise get her thoughts and opinions out there.

    • Brittney says:

      Good point on multi-faceted personalities. People often throw words like “two-faced” and “fake” around without realizing that every single person is composed of different personas and attitudes, depending on both internal and external factors. Actors probably moreso; it’s their job to shift in and out of different parts of themselves!

      I came to a realization about this recently, actually… I always get annoyed (or enraged) when my boyfriend’s mannerisms and sense of humor seem to change completely to match certain friends; the minute they walk in the door, it’s like he’s mirroring them. But it’s natural to have different sides, and sometimes people choose friends/partners/situations/career paths that allow them to bring out those different sides.

  10. nell says:

    i think she looks like Adele on the cover

  11. bella says:

    i think her response that her divorce hasn’t been that long ago was a dig at reynolds.

    she’s had some time to gain perspective, but he’s already married again!

    i think that’s what she wanted to convey…

    she’s just lovely…i think prettier on screen than in stills, which tend to distort her features…or maybe it’s photoshop that does it.

    • Brittney says:

      Bingo… PhotoShop for sure. I was a huge fan of hers about a decade ago, but right around the time of her first Black Widow role, her print campaigns changed completely. Her weight loss was compounded by endorsement deals and magazine covers with heavy editing, and I wrote her off for awhile, assuming she had become another cookie-cutter stick-thin blonde starlet. But she still has that mesmerizing screen presence, thank god(s).

    • mercy says:

      This is probably why he keeps his mouth shut. Anything he says will be construed as “I think he’s talking about Scarlett” lol. If she’s making digs, well…so much for being against passive aggressive behaviour and the need to share.

  12. steph says:

    Just recently it was “over sharing” of a video on social media that got Mike Rice fired. Obviously Rutgers was okay with his behavior until everyone on FB yelled “bull shit.” Boom. Fired. And rightfully so.

  13. TG says:

    For some reason I love watching Scarlett on screen. She has something about her that is appealing. She also is very sexy.

  14. nannan says:

    i love her! her play finished about 2 weeks ago. she was great in it. as for sharing via facebook/twitter, i think she is referring to the celebs or overly obsessed people. not families trying to stay in touch.

  15. Lamont says:

    I guess as she’s known as an aggressive ahem – ‘flirt’ – , I remember the rumors of Axl Rose, Liev Schriber and we’ll see on the Ben Walker situation – it’s probably better to project the fault on the man and claim they are insecure with their jealousy; (although I doubt Sean Penn was jealous he dumped her no?) as opposed to HER own insecurity and desperate need to be the most desirable woman in the room at whatever cost or harm to other people’s feelings or emotions.

    A good thing for her that Emily Blunt (first choice) passed on the role of Black Widow in the franchise it gave Scarlett relevance to spew her pretentious ish.

  16. Annie says:

    Jealous and controlling men are the biggest turn off of my life. Took me everything to escape a very controlling home with a very strict father. That is the last thing I will look for in a man. Girls who like that (who also happen to enjoy 50 shades of Grey, from what I’ve seen) mistake this behavior with attention, or “caring”. Sadly some girls do like that sort of thing.

    To me, at the slightest hint of jealousy or control, like “who is that guy? Where are you? When are you coming home?” And incesant calls to my cellphone and I’m outta there!

  17. Tiffany :) says:

    Is she going to be in Iron Man again? Could that be what she is promoting? (I am so out of the comic book franchise loop though, so I could be wrong).

  18. Dawn says:

    First of all she looks positively wonderful in those pictures very young and very fresh. And secondly it’s true, the older you get the more you get to know yourself or at least you should. And she seems to be working on her craft as she should at this age. I’ve loved some of her work and not so much other’s but I think she is trying to grow and is not stunted at 21 like others who appear on these pages.

  19. Bijlee says:

    Isn’t she a known flirt? She has an ego and needs to be the most beautiful/smartest person in the room. Girlfriend has major ego issues. I feel like I’m on the cusp of slut shaming her because she flirts so much and from her comments will sleep with guys if she wants to so much no matter what, I mean she doesn’t really believe in monogamy married or not.

    Side note: she looks beautiful here and I want that dress on the cover. It’s gorgeous!

  20. Spooks says:

    I don’t like her. The only movie she was sort of good in was Lost In Translation.
    And Woody Allen’s quotes just seem so gross, don’t know why.

    • taxi says:

      I liked several of her movies- Horse Whisperer,
      Girl with a Pearl Earring, Match Point, Vicky Christina Barcelona, The Prestige, Scoop & a few other movies.

      She won a Tony for “A View from the Bridge”.

      She & Ryan kept their wedding very private. No paps or sold pics.

      She’s talented, better than competent, and is not as typecast as many of her peers.

      nctive voice.

  21. allons-y alonso says:

    Ugh. Enough said

  22. Barbara says:

    Well Blake – Ryan’s currently wife – filmed GG with her ex for months after she got together with Ryan and I don’t see a story about that (and we all know how many stories are planted every day). She was also in a very sexy movie with Taylor Kitsch (sp?) and Aaron-Johnson – Savages. She dresses in a much provocative way that I think Scarlett does… so I don’t think Ryan is that jealous and controlling.

    It does bother me that she says using social media is sharing too much, but doing an interview to open up about her previous marriage, current relationship and whatever preferences she may have isn’t sharing too much. She has nothing to promote but herself in that interview, so I’m sorry if it feels like she’s being a bit contradicting here…

    She always wants to send the message that she’s better than anyone else. She says all the time about how she hates her sex-symbol image, now how she hates sharing things on media. She always sent me a vibe of the girl who wants to be different from everybody else in a way she feels superior to them.
    I’m not a hater, but definitely, never found anything good to like about her. Don’t like her acting, don’t think she’s that pretty and once she opens her mouth it’s too much self-importance. Or at least that’s how I perceive her.

  23. Mr.Smurf says:

    Sean Penn was my guess as well, although maybe he didn’t really care what she did as long as she didn’t embarrass him in front of politicians at the Correspondance dinner, or whatever dinner they went to when she had that red hair and that awful green dress.

  24. t says:

    Ryan Reynolds is such a douche. There are so many stories of him being a controlling and douchey ass.