Why isn’t Paris Disinvited?

If I was Richard Lugner, I’d totally retract my invitation to Paris Hilton for company at the Vienna Opera Ball.

Quick Synopsis: The Vienna Opera Ball “is an annual Austrian society event which takes place in the building of the Vienna State Opera on the Thursday preceding Ash Wednesday.” Richard Lugner is some rich guy that invites famous hoes beautiful women as guests. This year, he chose Paris Hilton. He’s married by the way; fourth time’s the charm!

What a great choice, Paris Hilton. Almost as great as the time you asked Carmen Electra to the Vienna Ball. You just keep picking winners, Richard.

Look, there are probably three or four nude photos of me, too, stashed away somewhere.

Your feeble attempt to dismiss Paris’ stupi-nudity and justify your invitation, well, let’s just say, that if someone did find those pictures of you, they probably burned them and buried the ashes under a volcano and then committed suicide… just speculatin’.

Please, Richard, reconsider! The Austrian people will be so peeved. They’ll pass you on the street and go, “There’s the guy that brought clap and hep to Austria.”

Hilton has told the Austria Press Agency she just wants to enjoy the magic of the ball. That, and dance.

“I learned the waltz when I was young,” she said. “All I really have to do now is practice my steps.”

Okay, whatever, Paris. Go get your debutante on.

Picture note by Celebitchy: Paris is shown on the set of The Hottie and the Nottie shivering and eating cereal. Ever since I paid $40 to rifle through her things I find myself oddly fascinated with her. I wonder if people on the set are sneering at her for using the F and N words in that video. Note that her chair isn’t even personalized, it just has the name of the movie with “The Hottie” stuck on it in pink electrical tape. Pictures from Gossip Rocks.

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  1. legless says:

    Man I wish people would just get over the “n” and “f” words usage. She wasn’t shouting it at others she was using it in private. WHICH IS FINE. You may say whatever you like to your friends in private.

  2. mandi says:

    well, she was dumb enough to do it in front of a camera and then let those tapes get out. anyway, Isaiah Washington used the ‘f’ word on a hollywood set (not completely private but still not public) and Mel Gibson said his tirade to only a few cops in an environment that he probably assumed was very private. They both made TONS of apologies, and their careers will probably not recover. Paris should get booed wherever she goes from now on. If you’re a celebrity, don’t act like an ignorant, spoiled moron, period.

  3. Jess says:

    Lugner has gotten himself excommunicated from the Catholic Church and doesn’t seem so bothered by it, so I’m not so sure he cares what other people think about who he invites….


  4. Iva says:

    Why isn’t the media crying OUTRAGE over her comments, much like they did with Mel, Issac, and Michael? People are plenty ticked off that she has said horrible stuff and she’s not held accountable!

    I bet Mel, Issac, and Michael are all wonder why the outrage and media frenzy over their inappropriate comments and this viral human being seems to get away with it, I don’t even know if I want to classify Paris as a Human Being, that speaks very badly about the rest of us!

  5. Other Karen says:

    I like Paris better than Jessica Simpson, anyhow. Granted, Paris is annoying as heck and vapid and shallow. But she has a lot of chutzpah, which isn’t a bad thing, and she really lives. And she keeps her chin up, no matter what, and just keeps on doing her thing.

  6. Anonymous says:

    She doesn’t need to apologize for her “private” stuff. Even though it is a video, it was still her property.

    Mel, Michael (Seinfeld guy) and Isaiah said it publically that is why there was such an outrage.

    I hear black people call each other the “n” word all of the time. So, it is ok for some people to say it and others should be publically admonished & have their careers destroyed?? To make it fair make it illegal for EVERYONE to use it. Then there is a ground to stand on.

  7. Iva says:

    Sorry to disagree – but the property no longer belongs to Paris and it looked at though the comments were made in a public place.

    Mel’s comments were made to a police officer as he was getting arrested – that should have been public.

    Issac’s comments were made to someone else while filming on set – how is that public – that was a conversation between 2 people at a place of business – yet it gets to the media and everyone knows about it.

    Only Michael Richards comments were in a public place -however, I’m pretty sure that video taping his show via a phone is really not permitted, so actually the footage of Michael’s tirade was most likely gotten illegally – but who is going to go after that person when Michael’s comments were so bad.

  8. Anonymous says:

    it shouldn’t have anything to do with public or private. it’s the context. if someone uses these words in a discriminatory manner or out of hate, that’s where the problem lies. and the only difference with paris is that her career isn’t really being threatened by her comments since a) everyone knows she’s a racist anyways and b) she doesn’t really have much of a career to begin with. the reason for the apologies os to save their asses and if she doesn’t give a shit, she’s not going to apologize.

    also, i realize the celebitchy folk say they’re busy lately and have more pieces from others, but today’s writting is pretty awful. it’s replacing wit with petty insults. i just don’t think any of it is particularly entertaining today. but maybe that’s just me. (and i’m not talking about the actual stories, i mean the writting).

  9. Viv says:

    3:35 pm– Sorry, this is actually one of a few of the first pieces I’m writing on celebs… my beat is usually the news bizarre.

  10. crepette says:

    Because she will alwyas have her looks and money to fall back on

  11. Iva says:

    Paris has looks to fall back on?? Are you kidding me??? With her witch nose and wonky eye?

    I’m not trying to be cruel here, but Paris is not an attractive woman, her man hands alone scare the crap out of me.

  12. Anonymous says:

    hey viv, i’m the anon from 3:35. i should have been more specific. i wasn’t actually refering to this article. i just meant in general and this just happened to be the article about which i had something else to say. i didn’t even fully pay attention to who wrote this one until just now and it’s actually better than a lot of the others. actually, now that i look back on them, it’s almost entirely the White Trash Mom articles that i didn’t like. ha.

    so sorry viv, you’re doing a good job considering it’s your first!