Cruise and Stiller Plan Least Funny Comedy Ever

In truly frightening news Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller are in talks to star in a Hardy Boys all grown up comedy Hardy Men. It all started when

Tom Cruise met with Ben Stiller about possibly starring Ben’s newest project Tropic Thunder, a film that mocks the Mission Impossible trilogy, but that Cruise won’t be involved with that project. The site also reports that Cruise sees the Stiller comedy as a way to remold his image after a string of bad publicity surrounding his odd behavior including jumping on couches and calling Matt Lauer glib.

Having recently finished impregnating (?) and re-sculpting Katie Holmes both outside and inside, nasally and spiritually, Cruise is busting a Betsy Ross on the tatters of his reputation.

The theory being that a comedy will make him both likable again and somehow imply that he’s in on the joke – rather than the personally trained butt of it.

When looking for a comedy project – clearly the Ben Stiller train is leaving every five minutes. Stiller’s manic over-production seems to turn major motion picture production into a weekly Sketch Comedy show. Something will be rolling out with a catch phrase and a basic parody concept no matter what day of the week it is. Mission Impossible parody not a good fit … no worries … he has baker’s dozen of half-conceived projects already in pre-production. This boy needs a lot of love from a lot of people all the time.

Lucky for Ben The Wayan Brother keep churning out their product — insuring the Hollywood bottom feeders rung is always occupied … sometimes your competition is the only thing that keeps you from coming in last.

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  1. aneurysm says:

    “The theory being that a comedy will make him both likable again and somehow imply that he’s in on the joke – rather than the personally trained butt of it.”

    Excellent writing & excellent observation celebitchy! Were you a psychiatrist in a former life?

  2. legless says:

    Oh my, that will bomb. Cruise is as funny as lymphatic cancer.

  3. countrybabe says:

    It doesn’t seem as though he can come up with anything original. All of the movies he’s optioned over the years have been someone else’s idea.

  4. celebitchy says:

    aneurysm I do have a psych background but UrbanDK wrote that. I wish I was as clever as he is. You can see who wrote a post by looking at the “written by” notice at the bottom on the main page and in the individual article.

  5. UrbanDK says:

    You have a psych background … how very Janet Leigh …

    and you are far cleverer than the likes of me … just stay out of the shower

  6. Other Karen says:

    A Mission Impossible parody would be a bad fit for Tom, but I would like him better if he did one.

    Hardy Men? Ewwwww. Not with Tom. That would be so . . . gay? (please don’t beat me up, any homosexuals out there–just can’t think of a corresponding adjective)

    Ben Stiller certainly churns them out, but they’re usually pretty funny, so it’s all good for now.

  7. UrbanDK says:

    Ben does like to work out and strip down for his movies … so that’s its always a thin edge of Stiller humiliation slash … hmm. isnt he really fit and cut … that’s a little gay … and homosexuals please do come and beat me … lets have drinks first

  8. kailie2 says:

    La Cruise will never allow anyone to humiliate him, not even in a comedy that’s supposed to reinvent him. There will be no scatological humor, no vomiting, physical or psychological humiliation so common in Stiller movies. I don’t think Cruise can do comedy–just looking at his face on this photo gives me chills. He thinks that laughing like a maniac while slapping his knee is hilarious. Stiller is starting to get overexposed too, imo. Has he done any good adult comedy since Meet the Parents/Fockers?

  9. aneurysm says:

    i just noticed that cb. many apologies to urban. so urban, do you have a psych background as well? 😛

  10. Loob says:

    Ben Stiller does do an amazing impersonation of Cruise. He should just keep doing that instead of working with him.
    He did a whole thing on his own show a few years back, sending up A Few Good Men, and he had the voice and bizarro-eyes and mannerisms just perfect! 🙂