Hugh Grant The Kissing Bandit

1240949.jpg The amusing evil that is the 3am Girls at The Daily Mirror add some catchy lyrics to the ho-hum music of Hugh Grant’s love life

HUGH Grant’s roving eye has sparked another public spat with Jemima Khan – their second in as many weeks. While Hugh schmoozed the ladies at the post-premiere party of his latest film, Music And Lyrics, on Monday night, his girlfriend of three years was left alone and stony-faced sitting in the corner.

Now stony faced is really one of the better looks on Jemima Khan, whose face is not really her best asset. She occupies that odd rarefied position of the resident hugely horse-faced British IT girl — of some years standing with no discernible talent, charm or accomplishment. Jemima does possess a posh background, money, and has one interesting marriage to a cricket star behind her: this somehow equals tabloid glamour in the UK.

The last few years she has been working as the monogamy placeholder for Hugh Grant … the sort of post-Hurley girly that he walks around while getting up to all sorts of mischief in his doddering confirmed bachelor way

At one point, 46-year-old Hugh was overheard saying: “I can’t kiss too many more women tonight as I’ve already had a row with Jemima!” Oops…

Not that surprising when you realize their last public row was when he took her out on a tour of his old Divine Brown haunts. Almost like he’s asking for trouble … or the Universe is delivering it free of charge … surely he should be permanently avoiding Sunset Boulevard

This isn’t the only time the couple have fallen out in public. Last month, Hugh yelled at Jemima after they were left stranded on LA’s Sunset Boulevard – the very spot where he picked up hooker Divine Brown – because their car didn’t turn up after lunch.

And just last week, guests at Jemima’s 33rd birthday party at The George in Mayfair were astounded to hear Hugh accuse her of being a “dictator” and a nag – after Jemima had made a joke about him being a commitment-phobe.

Given that he blew up on a talk show yesterday when the “When you gonna marry Jemima” Question was asked …doesnt seem like she was wrong … doesnt seem like she should hang around much longer. Why the long face Jemima … is it Hugh or were you just born that way.


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  1. Dee Bee says:

    That second picture is so weird… looks like it was taken in the ’70s.

  2. UrbanDK says:

    And She’s named Jemima .. that’s either PuddleDuckish or Pancakeish …

  3. Anonymous says:

    She needs to dump him and get a new bloke!

  4. chic mommy says:

    Jemima is looking more and more like a tranny each day.

  5. She’s a man, baby!

  6. kailie2 says:

    I don’t know what’s your beef with Jemima (other than her silly name). I think she’s quite lovely (NOT on the photos selected here, of course), never done anything nasty to anyone, has two cute sons and can’t get Hugh to commit. If I were her, I’d dump him immediately and move on to the next bloke. Hugh is going to end up old and alone like the character he plays on About a Boy. Or maybe Liz will take him back after she’s done with her current beau (who’s taking his sweet time to marry her as well).

  7. Fabiola Thing says:

    Why so nasty? She’s actually quite accomplished.
    “Jemima dedicated her life in her new country to helping the downtrodden, notably Pakistani women, Afghan refugees and cancer victims. And she did it all while running a business and earning a university degree in comparative religion.”
    Frankly she’s too good for his foppish ass.

  8. sickofjealousidiots says:

    I agree Fab so is she emotionally retarded for being with him? He’s on the wrong side of 45 for chissakes and he obviously can’t commit (reminiscent of Warren Beatty). His phobia is starting to look really pathetic and she’s looks like an idiot for putting up with it.

  9. Cyndi says:

    I think Jamima can do way better. She seems to have turned into WAG-like girlfriend of a movie star, dressing weird and behaving tartly. For god sake, she has 3 young sons, where does she get the time partying all the time with this aging playboy?

    Its like she’s compensating for having married @ 18 yrs old.