President Will Smith

Will Smith’s … not running for President yet

Will Smith – recently rumored to have replaced crazy couch bouncer Cruise as Mr. Number One Box Office – may be headed for the ultimate Number One in the Free World– at least according to the slightly confused American Association of Retired People demographic.

Will Smith spoke today at the Motion Picture Association of America in Washington D.C. Mr. Smith told the crowd a hilarious story.

It happened this morning on his way to the event. An older couple approached Smith and said, “We love what you’re doing. You’re so great for the country!” In true Hollywood fashion, Smith said, “Thank you!”

As the star walked away, the old man said, “And we’ll be sure to vote for you.”

(via TMZ)

And he’s not even Barack Obama! What a punch line. That is a hilarious story … old people are a hoot – what with their bad eyesight and race confusion. It’s a knee slapper. Ouch my knee … what with all the slapping.

Come to think of it, Will did express a desire to run for president not that long ago. It was when he was on his ’I am the Greatest’ high – right after shooting Ali. Jada supported the idea. The crazy couch apparently has room for any number of Box Office Stars. Here’s the old quote from USA Weekend:

“I feel like I could be the president of the United States. I really do. … Education has to be the priority. Every other problem we have is based on a lack of education in whatever field. It is not as instant a solution as pouring more money into it, but I feel the greatness of any society is based upon the depth of the scholars. …

“That’s the ultimate rule: The smartest guy wins.”

I can’t see any proof for this thesis of presidential fitness … do we have the smartest guy now … will we have the smartest guy when Will Smith runs or is the smartest guy Barack Obama for hitching his presidential wagon to such a winner as the Fresh Prince of Happyness? Is it smartest to spell happyness with a Y? I’m still a few years away from retirement, but I’m starting to get confused myself.

Pictures via xhollywood and Senator Obama’s Office

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  1. disco says:

    mr smith is a lovely role model as a husband, with views – conflicting to the norm, a father.

    and a black man.

    he rocks. wish him all the BEST.

  2. CupcakeMagee says:

    “Happiness” being spelled with a “Y” in regard to the movie’s title is an allusion to the horrible low-cost daycare that the man had to put his son in, there was sign on the wall with that word misspelled… And I’d vote for Mr. Smith to go to Washington in a second.

  3. UrbanDK says:

    Will for PREZ … take it from ME … Kids allacross the LAND /// CONGRESS Just Don’t UNderstand

  4. Perry says:

    Yeah, Will Smith’s gotta be one of the coolest dudes on this earth but he can’t rap freestyle. Check out this awful awful performance on Japanese TV recently