Halle Berry shows off her growing bump in Monique Lhuillier: dated or pretty?

Here are some photos of Halle Berry in Rio de Janeiro, walking the red carpet for the Brazilian premiere of The Call. Just to give you some idea of how much Halle’s pregnant belly has “popped”, THIS is what she looked like just four days ago and THIS is what she looked like two weeks ago in Hawaii. Like, Halle literally “popped” overnight. It’s making me wonder if she’s further along than we suspected? One week ago, wasn’t everyone claiming that she’s about three months along? I wonder if it’s closer to four.

As for the dress, it’s Monique Lhuillier. CB called it a “crazy 90s dress” and it does look kind of dated, but I think that’s just what Halle does to clothes. Some women make couture look budget, some women make thrift store finds look expensive and some women (like Halle) make everything look like it’s 1998. Which is fine, I guess, because Halle still looks the same as she did in 1998. Personally, I kind of like the idea of the dress (I especially like the lace back and the quality of the lace) but the execution is kind of meh.

Also, can I just say how weird it is that Halle is spending so much time promoting The Call in South America? If she was in Asia and Europe, I would understand it, because Halle actually does have global fame and she’s popular in Europe and Asia. But I never think of South America as a hotbed of Halle Berry fandom. Perhaps I’m underestimating how much love Halle gets everywhere she goes. Or perhaps I’m underestimating how badly Halle needs The Call to make some money so she can justify her paycheck.

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. spinner says:

    She looks great. Happy & healthy. Best of luck to you, Halle.

  2. Lulu.T.O. says:

    Weird dress. Still heaps better than Kim K.

  3. dorothy says:

    She’s really working this pregnancy to re-coop her image. It’s not working for me. She’s still a very ugly person on the inside.

    • Melanie says:

      I agree 100%. She is a beauty, but all that selfishness over her child killed it for me. Don’t have a child with a man if you are not willing to RAISE that child with him. We all know Halle cannot hold onto a man. Olivier better watch out. He’ll be having a fist fight with the next guy soon enough. Wonder how he’s gonna feel when the next guy tries to take over with HIS kid?!

  4. dorothy says:

    She’s really working this pregnancy to re-coop her image. Not working for me, she’s an ugly woman on the inside.

  5. Marty says:

    Oh God, she’s already belly cupping for photos…it has begun.

  6. ladybert62 says:

    Horrible dress – looks like she is caught in a spider’s web.

    • bluecalling says:

      te he.

      i am thinking she picked out this dress long before and was like “i want to wear it!” as her stylist cringed.

      she looks happy. that is 99% of looking good.

    • Loulou says:

      Spiders kill the males after mating. Freudian slip?

  7. Marigold says:

    Eh. That just looks weird. I have respect for a bump but it pulls on that dress in a strange way and I don’t like the spiderweb effect. And I really wish she’d stop doing that stupid bump hold. We KNOW you’re pregnant, lady.

  8. Suze says:

    Well, she sure has a slamming bod and if I looked like that I would probably show off, too.

    But it’s an odd dress…odd spiderweb effect.

    • bros says:

      I think the dress makes her look even more pregnant because it looks like a baby bjorn in the front.

    • Belle says:

      Haha… for some strange reason, I actually kind of dig the spiderweb effect, though I don’t like the rest of the lace/mesh/whatever look… looks like fern plants or something to me?

      Also, I think I would like the dress a bit more if the lace/mesh/whatever stuff didn’t cut into the belly like that. That might be what is making the dress look like it is pulling… or something? Besides, I just hate the cut-out look on the waist like this. Ick.

      She is gorgeous though! I have to add that I am SO SICK of her hair style. It suits her well, and has looks beautiful…. but she seems to have had it FOREVER.

      • Sabrine says:

        I like the dress, She looks gorgeous as usual. She is obviously thrilled to bits to be pregnant.

        I don’t feel dislike for her anymore. She seems to be treating Aubry a lot better these days, sharing Nahla in a fair and calm mannner so I’m willing to cut her some slack.

  9. Itsa Reallyme says:

    She has to be a lot further along than we think. I bet she’s 5 or 6 months along. I would lie about my due date, for sure, if I were a celeb. I’m surprised she was able to keep this on the DL for so long.

    • JenD says:

      Jessica Simpson showed about this size when she was about 3 months along, too, so I could believe she’s only 3-4 months along.

    • Belle says:

      Some say that second babies pop earlier. I showed much earlier with my second, and was told by my doctor that it was quite common… something about all of the muscles, ligaments, etc. being more relaxed… same reason 2nd babies are generally easier to deliver… first baby kind of blazes a trail 🙂

  10. Janet says:

    If she’s only three or four months along, she’s carrying twins.

    • ladybert62 says:

      Hi Janet! Are you sure? How do you know that? Thanks

      • Janet says:

        I’ve never seen anyone carrying a single baby sticking out that far at 3 or 4 months along. However, who knows? Maybe she’s carrying a big baby.

        Or as the old wives tale says, if you carry toward the front, it’s a boy; if you carry towards the back, it’s a girl. She’s having a boy.

    • Marigold says:

      Personally, I think she’s just bloated. I remember being super bloated early on. It gives a good bump effect.

      • Sarah says:

        I believe she’s just at the end of the first trimester. It’s her second baby, which usually pop sooner, and she has a slim figure so there’s not much space to hide. I think I looked about like this at 3 months with my second. Also yeah for bloating and she could be sticking it out a little too.

  11. Nemesis says:

    She just can’t hide the crazy, it’s all over her face.

  12. Diana says:

    My first thought: holy crap! She really did pop out over night. Nice bump she got there.

    • Belle says:

      I’m wondering if anyone has seen a profile pic of her in that purple dress from a few days ago? Looks like the type of dress that might not show much from the front, but more from the side?

      Okay, a quick search found this pic (if the link will work)… still not a profile, but definitely showing more than the other photo of her in this dress reveals. I kind of think her ‘bump’ is about the same size over these few days, but the purple dress has more of a camouflaging effect and the black one is much more form fitting. She has definitely popped over the last week or two, but probably not as much as it seems in just the last few days.


      • Diana says:

        Then what a fantastic dress because it is night and day the difference between this one and the purple one. I think I would love one of those to hide whatever mihgt be out o place 😉

      • Belle says:

        I could use one as well 🙂

        Seriously, I don’t think it is night and day. She may be just a bit bigger in the black dress… but if that purple dress had a nice side view, with her holding her belly right under her breasts with one hand, and the other hand, cupping it all of the way underneath, pulling the fabric close, I think it would be fairly similar. Clothes do make a big difference especially when comparing a flowing dress with strategically placed ruching to a skin tight dress. jmo though 😉

  13. Ellen Smith says:

    Lousy taste. I never once held my stomach like then when I was pregnant (certainly not in public). Why are these poses necessary?

    • SydneySpy says:

      I agree. Women who do this give me the shits. I once emailed an Aussie newsreader. Just after her last bulletin before she went off to have baby, she and all the others on that show stood up to present her with their good wishes. The cameras were off her for a bit but I was convinced that when they came back to her, she’d be doing the ubiquitous “cup and rub”, but she never did it once. I emailed her to thank her for not forcing us to endure ths nonsense again. She graciously emailed back, saying she detested women doing it, too, saying, “The rubbing, especially! What, do women think a genie is going to suddenly
      appear?” Love you, still, Sharyn Ghidella!

  14. roxy750 says:

    Strange how it all of a sudden popped out. Not sure what it means but just strange is all.

  15. NeoCleo says:

    Tacky, tacky, tacky. She is one of the worst dressed celebrities.

  16. paranormalgirl says:

    Her pose in the top photo accentuates the belly, as does the dress. She looks good though. I hope this is an easy pregnancy for her.

    Yes, I’m being nice. Yes, it happens.

  17. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m going with gauche.

  18. Sirsnarksalot says:

    There was a blind recently about getting fake baby bump advice for someone who was planning to be “pregnant” and then “miscarry” after a little while to gain sympathy. I originally thought it might be KK but this fits Halley to a T. Flat stomach to perfectly rounded bump a week later seems a little suspicious. And if anyone needs a sympathy make over in the press it’s this bitch.

  19. Silly Girl says:

    She popped like this in 3 days? At 3 months? No way.

  20. Diana says:

    I’ve been hiding under a rock. I can see how she is crazy– picking crazy men and partners etc. But what has she done to be deemed crazy herself?

    • drdoolittling says:

      1. she hit someone in her car who was seriously injured, left the scene, and the first person she called was her plastic surgeon. (Although this is not necessarily crazy more socio-pathic)
      2. she has claimed every single one of her exes have abused her after breaking up
      3. she had her evil little gremlin baby-daddy beat Nahla’s father’s a** after losing a custody battle regarding a move to France

      I’m sure there are more but I can’t remember. Her and Leann Rimes are just the worst in my eyes. There is something just sub-human and completely devoid of all empathy in both of them.

      • DGO says:

        4.) She lied about having diabetes.

        5.) She lied about Eric Benet being a sex addict.

        6.) She lied about adopting his daughter India and lied about keeping in touch with her.

        7.) She lied about her father abusing her and her mother.

        8.) She has disowned the black side of her family because she says she can’t relate to them.

  21. vvvoid says:

    I dunno, I was 3 months along when I miscarried, and I had like no bump yet. I felt like my lower abdomen was “gravid” and full, but I definitely didn’t have a bump to speak of. I guess people show differently…but I’d still guess she’s like 5 months along.

  22. Maggie says:

    She looks beautiful!

  23. Mika says:

    The back of the dress is lovely! She is beautiful.

  24. Viv says:

    God, it’s sad to see so much cray-cray wrapped in so much beauty. She is rocking that hair. She is the prettiest batshit crazy chick I have ever seen- even in that ugly dress. Nahla’s going to be so bad-ass.

  25. Ginger says:

    She is thin so she will probably pop a lot sooner than other women might, perhaps. She looks beautiful here. It makes me wistful because she’s only two years older than I am. I still wish I could have another child. She is blessed.

    • DGO says:

      Thinness has nothing to do with how soon you show. Case in point: Kate Middleton.

      • andrea mc says:

        Kate’s anorectic and has her own issues. Halle has always been petite and lean. Big diff.

  26. Alexis says:

    She seems so happy to be pregnant! Even if she had help at her age it is still quite surprising to succeed in conceiving.

    I think H/O having a kid of their own will relieve some of the tension between H/O and G. I think that H/O is here to stay for at least a couple of years. I think she was hiding him to promote her movie because their relationship is not popular(remember when everyone thought they broke up?). It worked — The Call was successful and has relegitimated her on the A-list, and this pregnancy will probably help her popularity, too.

  27. Listerino says:

    I was wondering the same thing because I’m 9 weeks pregnant and I haven’t popped yet and one week she’s 3 months pregnant the next she’s popped like she’s 5 months along….

  28. DGO says:

    I’m going to get jumped for this, but I think Halle looks about 50 years old. Everyone says how good she looks for her age. IMO, she doesn’t. Plastic surgery only lasts for so long, and her looks are fading. I also wouldn’t be surprised if she’s using a surrogate.

  29. Wren says:

    I don’t think that dress can hide a fake bump, I believe she is pregnant. I am three months along with my third child and I go from normal tummy in the morning to about Halle’s size at night. It’s called bloating – it’s one o the un-fun symptoms of pregnancy 🙁