Pamela Anderson got a somewhat classy makeover: improvement or bizarre?

First of all, head over to The NY Daily News to see the full face photos of Pamela Anderson, 45, with a makeover. We have some of those photos here, one is above, but you don’t really get the full effect. I’ll wait for ya! She looks kind of cat-like and she still has those crazy evil villainess eyebrows, but she looks way better, right? She toned down the horrible dark trashy eye makeup and she did something different with her hair. She’s dressed respectably too. This is how Pamela looked just last month. (below.) This was her default setting for the past 20 years.

In terms of her (new) face, she’s Botoxed to hell and back and she looks a little crazy, like Kylie Minogue in the throes of her bad plastic surgery a few years back, but still this is an improvement.

Pamela was seen at the International Beauty Show in New York City on Monday. She was promoting a haircare line called Obliphica, so their people probably did her makeup like this. She was interviewed by Buzzfeed and they have some more photos too. She looks way better in their photos. Their savvy interviewer noticed the “makeunder” and broached the topic, and Pam just kind of went on about how much she loved her trashy makeup.

When in your life did you first feel beautiful?
Pamela Anderson: Well, it wasn’t today (laughs). I’m kidding. Oh, god, I don’t know if I ever really felt beautiful. I always feel like I don’t — I don’t, really.

Who do you admire in the media today, style- and beauty-wise?
PA: I love Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Ursula Andress, Raquel Welch. I love those kind of timeless beauty icons…Marilyn Monroe. Dita Von Teese!

You’re something of a beauty maximalist. So do people ever try to make you under?
PA: Actually a lot of people, especially when I was on Baywatch. They were insisting that I didn’t wear eyelashes, but I said, “I have my look, this is what I’m comfortable in.” Sometimes my eyelashes would roll up onto the beach and that’s all that would be left of me. But I was determined to be glamorous. Oh, I loved it, I LOVED it. I thought, “If you’re going to be on TV, and if you’re gonna be out and glamorous, the natural look can stay at home. If we’re gonna do this, let’s have fun with it!” I actually just did a shoot lately, and they took all the makeup off and put me in a ponytail, and I said, “Well, OK, we’ll try that.”

How did you feel about it?
PA: Well, everyone was happy about it and liked it, and so, well, we’ll see what it looks like. It was Mario Testino, so I can’t argue with him! And he loved it, so, we’ll see.

So people try to tone down your sex appeal because you’re known for being so hot?
PA: I don’t know if it’s because I’m so hot, but they definitely try to tone down my sex appeal. I think it’s time, though — you know, you grow up and you change your look. I feel different from how I did in my Playboy days. Now, I think I’m in charge of toning down my look or not. I feel like as I’m getting older, this is my version of toned down (gestures to hair and outfit). I like it.

Do you consider yourself a feminist?
PA: I do, actually. I do. I think I’m in control of what I do and what I’ve done. I think that’s the ultimate feminine power. Do as you want. Be who you want to be, and not for anybody else. As days go by, women are more and more empowered.

[From Buzzfeed]

Maybe it’s just because the Buzzfeed person, Amy Rose Spiegel, asked such great questions, but I really liked Pam’s answers here! She was self-deprecating and funny and I found myself warming to her much more than I have in the past. That could be due to her makeover, too, it makes her look vulnerable and more accessible. Makeup does wonders and Pam should stick with this look. You know she won’t though. She loves “glamour.”

Photo credit: MaxNY/Spartano/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

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  1. V4Real says:

    She is not aging well; maybe she hasn’t adopted the eternal youth foutain known as Botox. For some reason I’ve always liked Pam; she never took herself to seriously.

    • Cherry says:

      Agreed. I’ve always loved Pammy, she’s funny and accessible.
      Also: I don’t think her ‘crazy’ face is the result of botox. Look at the other pics beside the NY daily news one (which is particularly unflattering): she has a lot of wrinkles. Could it be that we’re looking at a woman who’s -gasp!- not aging well and -ohnoes!- not doing much about it? We’ve all got her 20something Baywatch-head in our collective minds. She looks older now- a lot older than she is, actually. But I don’t agree that she looks crazy or botoxed.

    • Catherine Paris says:

      The dress she is wearing is from Dita Von Teese’s dress line. I think she looks great.

      • Rachel says:

        I love the dress. From the neck down she looks fabulous. The makeup and hair… are NOT working for me. A professional makeup artist is responsible for that? Really???

        That shade of blue eyeshadow does no one any favors.

      • Joy says:

        I need that dress in my life.

      • mollie says:

        thanks for the tip. I found it online. Just can’t decide if I can afford it this month! Great, great dress.

      • littlestar says:

        That dress is awesome. I would love to have it in my closet as well! Always liked Pamela, she has always seemed so down to Earth to me, even if she’s a bit loopy.

      • Annie2 says:

        She does look great in that dress. I’ve always had a soft spot for Pammy. Her face looks a little rough- I think she looks better with less makeup. I know as I grow older the less makeup the better. Good eyebrows would do wonders

    • xxx says:

      The thing is, alcohol and drugs and sun-damage really do take their toll over time. Pammy’s skin is not doing so well. I do think that she needs to grow in her eyebrows and have larger, softer, ash blonde brows and that will soften her whole face.

      Her make-up and hair is actually not good here. I think she could be made-under in a MUCH nicer and softer way that would be so much more flattering.

      I really like Pam. Everyone who meets and knows her loves her. I think she’s smart, funny and sweet and she has overcome some really tough times. It says a lot about her that all of her exes think so highly of her too.

      I feel for her when she says she never felt beautiful. All of the “adjustments” she has made to herself say to me that this is true, and it’s sad because her natural self was her most beautiful self.

      Also, I LOVE that she calls herself a feminist. I’m so sick of all of these celebs backing away from that word. Good on you Pammy!!

  2. BooBooLaRue says:

    Aging, but not like fine wine.

    • Lucinda says:

      Too much sun over the years. Her skin is just damaged and Botox can’t fix that. I admire her for living with the wrinkles.

  3. Emily says:

    Ahhhhhhhh :S

    In a few of those pics, (yes, it’s weird) I am getting Emma Bunton vibes… but like… Emma Bunton in 30 years

  4. Shade says:

    Nope. Still looks busted to me.

  5. Kelly says:

    Where are her eyebrows?

    Major improvement though. Love the dress.

    • Petee says:

      She over plucked them for that Movie she did while she was married to Tommy Lee.I am drawing a blank on the name of the film for some reason,but that’s why they look the way they do.They never grew back.Nothing age’s you more then having no eyebrow’s.And also the sun is not your friend if you want to stay young looking.

  6. brin says:

    I would say a makeover-the-top!

  7. Kelsy_c says:

    At least she knows how to get out of a car properly. Not that everyone hasn’t seen he biscuit. But still…

    • LAK says:

      No, she doesn’t.

      What’s saved her from flashing us is the fact dress is tailored tight at the knee. AnnE H was caught out exiting a car the same way, but her dress was tailored differently AND had a thigh high slit which rode up, giving everyone a view of her crotch.

      In both cases, they are not utilising the little step on the side of the door to facilitate knees together, both feet on the ground before one exits.

  8. Tessa says:

    Wear SPF on your face every day, even if it’s cloudy… and don’t smoke. Seriously.

  9. embertine says:

    That dress is wonderful on her. But what’s with the cray-cray hair? She looks as though she’s been attacked by a family of over-caffeinated marmosets!

  10. spinner says:

    Yes, she is older, but that doesn’t explain the bizarre factor that’s happening here.

  11. mel says:

    THIS is what years of hard partying will do to you. Yikes.

    • Sabrine says:

      She liked the sun and spent a lot of time in it. That’s all well and good as long as you don’t mind paying with your face later.

      • Dutch says:

        Think she can sue Hasselhoff for this?

      • Arock says:

        Agreed. And sunscreen on the neck, largely neglected area on women and a dead give away for age.
        She looks like she just stepped out of a covertable that’s been doing donuts in the desert all day and never bothered to hit the ladies room.

    • Nina W says:

      Looks a little leathery up close, too much sun.

  12. Poink517 says:

    I’ve always like her – as V4 said up top, she doesn’t take herself too seriously, which us very appealing. However, I hate her ‘make over’ hairdo. It looks like she stuck her finger in an electrical socket.

  13. Cam S says:

    Ladies, let this be a lesson. Keep your face and decollete out of the sun! And Pam, please stop with the high school over plucked eyebrows.
    Nice body, love the dress length. But that face is busted. Sorry

    • Tessa says:

      After a certain amount of plucking, your brows just won’t grow back. She’s ruined her potential eyebrows forever.

      • blannie says:

        Boy, I wish that was true with my Neanderthal eyebrows. Lots of plucking, but those babies still grow back and I’m 62! 🙁

        Pammy needs to add more to her brows.

      • SydneySpy says:

        Yes, Blannie, i wish this was true for me, too! When I was young I used to pluck my eyebrows to within an inch of their (or my) life, but now I’m nearer your age, and they are just as bushy, just as thick and just as stubborn. They are the bane of my life.

    • Lulu.T.O. says:

      So true. I have protected my face for years, but neglected my chest. 6 months of Retin-A has done wonders!

  14. Maya Memsaab says:

    I usually have no strong opinions about her but hey, it’s glad to see someone say they’re a feminist without the “but..”

    • j.eyre says:

      Bless you for saying this. I agree.

      And is anyone else a little depressed that “Are you a feminist” or worse “Would you call yourself a feminist” needs to be asked in most interviews with women today? If we must reintroduce this question, can we through it at men as well?

      • lucy2 says:

        Great point – I think it’d be much more interesting to ask the men.
        And with a few exceptions, what woman is going to answer no?

      • Spooks says:

        Her answer on that topic is much better than Taylor Swift’s, Beyonce’s and Katy Perry’s combined.
        And in showbusiness, you’re more likely to find someone who says no, than someone who says yes when asked that question.

    • Becky1 says:

      Yes-I agree. I think she’s actually more intelligent than her persona.

      I really don’t think she’s aging that badly either. She doesn’t look like she does Botox so she has some wrinkles. Well, if you are fair skinned and in your 40’s odds are you’ll have some lines on your face unless you either have very good genes or were scrupulous about staying out of the sun. I think so many celebrities have work done that it skews people’s perceptions about what people should look like at various ages.

      • SydneySpy says:

        Finally, someone said it. Not only do these narcissistic celebs give people a skewed view of what women should look like beyond 30, but they seem to fail to realise that they all end up looking almost the same: like cheap, plastic ventriloquists’ dummies. These women (Kylie Minogue?) also don’t seem to notice that they end up looking worse than before. Also, they appear to be starting with the enhancements younger and younger. For example, Lindsay Lohan has been at it for years. I believe she’s only 26 or something, and she looks horrendous.

  15. DeltaJuliet says:

    She looks awful. What’s the difference between this and her old look? The horrible updo?

    No bueno.

  16. yeahright says:

    She’s always been one of those over the top celebs but not too serious about herself… its a likeable thing.

  17. Nicolle says:

    Fk she’s gettin old

  18. epiphany says:

    She looks like she went to bed with curlers in her hair and few of them are still there!

    • Lulu.T.O. says:

      Ahaha!! Good one. That hair does defy gravity, but hey, the messy updoes are all the rage.

  19. lovegossip says:

    Does anyone else see Loni Anderson in a few of the pictures? Just me?

  20. judyjudy says:

    Uhh….yeah…NO. Busted.

  21. janie says:

    I have always loved her too! She is such a sweet person & so crazy about her boys! She just exudes sexy & not in a sleazy way. Bravo Pam!

  22. Holden says:

    WTF? She looks like Joan Rivers with bedhead.

  23. annaloo. says:

    Awww, Pam — I love you. You’re a gay icon (which makes you good in my books all the way! We’re all going to face aging (if the universe allows us) and I think – for the spotlight she’s in – she’s doing it well. Good for her, I like the new look.

  24. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    I really cant believe she is 45! Looks at least 60! How is that possible? That’s about the same age as Aniston and Lopez…This one looks like she was rode hard and hung up to dry, several times over. Yuck.

    • Trudy says:

      She is the same age as so many celebs, she has no business looking like this. Drugs may be involved or mental illness because I really dont understand why she let herself go like this.

    • Nina W says:

      I hope you’re kidding cause she doesn’t look that bad. Her styling is not that great and her skin has been too long in the sun but otherwise she looks fine. You must have a really distorted view of what 45 and 60 year old women look like.

  25. RobN says:

    Nice dress, but she’s just kind of a wreck. Kind of a nice, not taking herself too seriously wreck, but still a wreck.

  26. Abby says:

    I freaking love her. She’s so funny. This outfit is stunning, she still has a great body. That being said… her hair is a mess and I don’t like the makeup.

  27. Belle Epoch says:

    This is how they sell HAIR products? I’d run away!

  28. Fleurthefrenchy says:

    You know what? I think the way she looks no longer is that important. I think she’s been through a lot over the years. She’s no Angelina but she’s been involved in a lot of projects, working almost constantly, while raising her kids and trying to get involved with charities. While I wouldn’t defend someone like KK, I think Pamela has earned her fame and every cent in her bank account through hard work, and for that, I respect her.

  29. Darlene says:

    I think she’s looking age-appropriate, if nothing else. I’m glad she’s changing it up.

  30. lucy2 says:

    Much better, but still busted.

    I expect we’ll see a lot of her at events like this, she’s reportedly got money and tax problems, so she’s probably getting her hustle on.

  31. ShakenNotStirred says:

    Crazy eyes.

  32. nikzilla says:

    she looks much better in the black but her face does look kinda crazy.

  33. RHONYC says:

    i’d f*ck those stylists up once i got wind of these photos!

    those bitchy queens tried to turn her into a cockamammie version of

    she ain’t that old, please.

    agh! 😯

  34. Mayday says:

    If I look like her when I’m her age, I’ll be fine with that.

  35. K-rock says:

    I don’t know what to make of her hair. Did half of it fall out of the style or?? Anyway, she’s got a bangin’ body still so she can pull off a lot of really nice clothes.

    I love Pam, always have. She never caves to pressure.

  36. nannan says:


  37. Palermo says:

    Eyebrows are way too overplucked, too many years of sun and hard living have aged her well beyond her years. Glad to see for once she is covered up though.

  38. Jane says:

    She is trying for a Marilyn Manroe, 60s vibe.

  39. Jill says:

    I think she has such a pretty mouth. I love her lips and her teeth. It looks so much better now that she doesn’t draw her lip line above her natural line.

  40. Haolebunny says:

    It’s just her hair. I’m fine with the rest of her. It’s obvious she spent way too much time in the sun (I’m guilty of that too and paying a very high price) but if she had decent hair, she would look good.

  41. teehee says:

    Looks like an accident. As most misogynists say ‘too much peen is bad for your looks’; they usually say it to the detriment of the woman, but I prefer to understand it to the detriment of man: Apparently they are poison for our bodies and good looks, so don’t enjoy too many of them in your lifetime 😉

  42. Bella says:


    • K-rock says:

      Yep, I thought the same thing. She went too far with the “natural” look. A little darker on the lipstick or eye color, but not both. Makes her look washed out. That natural flesh tone color works better on darker skin tones and hair.

  43. m says:

    In the top picture her face looks just like my mom, eerily so. Which is sad for Pam because my mom is almost 70.

  44. j.eyre says:

    I am not detracting for the sun aging comments but is this woman not also staving off Hepatitis C? I don’t know much about the disease but I do know it takes quite a toll on you and will most likely be the cause of your death, something Ms. Anderson has acknowledged. Even if she is lengthening her life with treatments, I imagine the treatment would also take quite the toll on her.

    I am glad she is still out there doing her thing. I really liked her comment about having her look – that, I would call refreshingly honest. She knows she wasn’t hired for her acting and she wants to stay true to her brand. Savvy, I feel.

    • littlestar says:

      I heard a few years ago that she claimed to no longer have Hep C. I know it’s not a curable disease, but she said she somehow cured it from living a health lifestyle or something. I’m thinking it was likely a bogus claim from some tabloid, as I haven’t heard anything about it since.

      • Beatriz says:

        Maybe that’s true, Anthony Kiedis was diagnosed with Hep C, but somehow managed to “eliminate” the disease from his body by doing a VERY strict and healthy diet.

      • Becky1 says:

        In some cases, Hep C actually can be cured although you have to go through very intense treatment with some heavy duty medications.

        A small percentage of people are actually fortunate enough to “fight off” the Hep C virus without treatment. These people will always test positive for the antibody but will have no viral load. I have a good friend who’s in this situation-she got Hep C in her twenties and has had no active virus in her system for over 10 years.

  45. Sassy says:

    I’ve never liked her. HATE her eyebrows. Something nice – I like the dress.

  46. The Original G says:

    Sorry? This appearance was to promote hair products?

    Between the roots, the white hairs,the over-processing and looking like she just got tossed off a roller coaster, yikes!

    Why is she surrounded by what appears to be insurance salesmen?

  47. Grace says:

    She needs to go back to her regular longer hairstyle. She is carrying her illness as well as can be expected but Hep C is harsh on the body. Her dress and shoes are lovely. Botox is linked to immune disorders so it will probably affect her negatively if she uses it.

  48. Jen34 says:

    I saw her once with very little make up. I was surprised by how naturally pretty she really was.

    And, yes, she is harmless, and I like her.

    • teehee says:

      I have to agree— her ‘before’ pics when she was very young are actually cute/beautiful…

  49. LAK says:

    car exits! car exits! perhaps this should become a mandatory class everyone should take especially if they land in LA determined to be a famous person.

    • j.eyre says:

      There should be celebrity commentaters like sports casters for these things:
      “Barbie’s car has just pulled up and let’s see from which side she will be emerging? Ah, the right side, that’s unfortunate. Now she’s panicking, yelling at her promoter, asking where the crowd is and whether she is a has been. Oh, oh, she has realized her mistake and is scrambling – will she be able to make up the time before the paps get the “dazed and confused shot?” SHE’S BACK IN THE CAR! SHE HAS GONE BACK IN THE CAR. This is extraordinary. She is going to redo the whole car-exit – I have not seen this since Myrna Loy stepped out of a car with the wrong husband. OK, here we go again. The door opens and… and she has her legs together -nice save. That should put her back on track. Well done. Okay, she’s out, she’s waving – and there’s the ‘wow, all of this for me?’ look, well-executed. There’s the humble shrug – this girl is a pro, huh? A few timid steps towards the carpet. Look at that, she is not looking down, she will attempt the no-look-step-up-in-stilettos and… oooohhhhh, she’s down – flat on her ass. And at the start of the carpet. This is going to set her back some… “

      • TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

        I am leaving a giant pot of jambalaya and my famous rocky road brownies at your altar, Mrs. Eyre. May I make someone laugh as hard as you just made me laugh. *swoon*.

      • j.eyre says:

        Ah @PromisedBeer – just you showing up is gift enough.

        How are things in the South?

      • TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

        @Mrs. Eyre – *blushes* I only match the quality of the company here. Even so, I can’t show up without food. That’s bad manners. Leann Rimes told me so. 😉

        It’s sundress weather down here and the humidity is up, so just about perfect I say. How is it over on the west coast, ma’am?

      • Meredith says:

        Brilliant take on the car exit! I snorted out my laughs! And the flat on her ass comment at the end? Brilliant ending.

  50. islandwalker says:

    I like her but she always looks so lost and sad. The hair is a fail.

  51. Laurie says:

    Pammy is just 3 years younger than me. She has a great figure, but unfortunately is a graduate from the school of If It Fits I Can Wear It No Matter How Old I Am. She joins fellow alums Ivana Trump, Janice Dickinson and Kris Jenner. On a 20/30-something year old woman that disheveled sex kitten look can be hot. On a woman over 40, it screams desperation at the top of vanity’s aging lungs. The hair is a disaster, the blue cream eye shadow is a huge no-no and WTF is up with those pencil-thin scrawled-on eyebrows?

  52. skuddles says:

    That’s what you call a classy makeover? Looks more like an ad for an escort service (that caters to men who like long in the tooth ho’s).

  53. grabbyhands says:

    Is she aware that a bird has built its nest on her head?

  54. JL says:

    The dress is better than her norm, the hair looks like Agua Net and a teasing comb had an affair.

    Now her face, it looks like it’s melting – WTF is with that?

  55. Cleveland Girl says:

    She looks awful. Her skin looks awful. Her hair looks ridiculous. And she looks 10 years older then her stated age.

  56. Snowpea says:

    I love this gal in all her self deprecating, humble, nude, vego, animal loving glory.

    I’m surprised she thinks she was never beautiful. When she was young, she was an absolute PEACH!

  57. Beatriz says:

    I really like Pamela, always have. She always comes across as being a really sweet person and she has this vulnerable quality to her IMO, which kind of contradicts her sexual playboy image.
    Also, I agree with the poster above, it’s refreshing to see a celebrity say that they’re a feminist without treating it like some dirty word.

  58. Viv says:

    I think people should leave her alone. She’s a beautiful woman who is aging, and that should be respected. I’d rather her have some wrinkles (like I intend to do) than to look like some trumped up botox mask.) She looks beautiful.

    • Nina W says:

      I have wrinkles and I look more like my mother every day but I’m at peace with it. No major renovation plans are in the works.

    • SydneySpy says:

      Hear, hear. I think people should wear what they want, how they want, and that takes confidence, because others are so quick to criticise. It’s really none of our business. She was stunningly beautiful, and she’s still lovely – wrinkles, sun-affected skin and all. She’ll do what we all must do – grow into whatever the next phase is.

  59. Jennifer12 says:

    Imagine, Pamela Anderson is enlightened and self aware enough to say she’s a feminist. Bravo! Though her past says otherwise, and I’m not sure about her present. The dress and heels are pretty, but her makeup and hair in these pictures are hideous. It ages her horribly.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Jane Magazine (Sassy’s grown up sister, RIP) did a makeunder on her once. And it was much better.

  60. Boxy Lady says:

    I’m not into the hair style but otherwise I think Pam looks great. I love her dress and the lesser amounts of makeup.

  61. Annette says:

    She looks much better, in fact from a bit of distance she looks great! But please, please Pammy lose the blue eyeshadow and buy some 30+ sunscreen.

  62. Official Bitch says:

    Natural blondes age TERRIBLY. Ugh she is sol young to look like such an old hag! It’s their fault for being sun worshippers.

  63. Kristine says:

    She looks good aside from the bird nest hair style. I don’t think she looks bad for 45… She prob just smokes and tans too much. I respect the fact that she hasn’t attacked her face with botox and tons of plastic surgery so I’m not going to start slinging mud at her for not looking 20 still.

  64. Nicolette says:

    Wow, she’s not aging well, without the pounds of makeup she looks older. I don’t think she’s using any botox, she doesn’t have that frozen face look. But all the years of tanning, drinking and drugs sure do show.