Madonna enrols Lourdes in a school famous for producing actors

Madonna’s eldest child Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon has begun school at a New York acting college, previously known for training Sarah Jessica Parker, Scarlett Johansson and Christian Slater.

‘Lourdes is desperate to become an actress and has joined Manhattan’s Professional Children’s School,’ says my source.

‘She is determined to prove herself and plans to throw herself into studying the technique.’

The young Kabbalahist was approached a year ago to appear in the movie The Secret Life Of Bees – but turned down the part because her mother didn’t want her getting into the business so young.

Daily Mail

Some people might think that Madonna is pushing her daughter into performing. I suspect that the move has more to do with the fact that Lourdes has just moved to a new city following her parents break up, and she could use a place to build confidence. As much as I believe Madonna to be a narcissistic bitch, I think her parenting skills are fine.

The school doesn’t actually specialize in educating children in the performing arts sector, as the Daily Mail is suggesting, but is focused on children who are already involved in such endeavors, including sports or other pursuits that require them to have a flexible learning timetable. This school has possibly been chosen for the children because of their need to travel to London to visit their father/stepfather and this allows some flexibility for that.

Of course, little Lola will probably follow her mother into entertainment – look at her style, she’s only 14 and already dressing for the spotlight. Some teenagers would dress down to avoid the attention, clearly Lourdes is not one of them.

Lourdes is shown outside the Kabbalah Center in NY on 8/1/08, 10/24/08, and 12/15/08. Credit: WENN. She is shown with her mom in the header on 8/1/08. Credit: Fame

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  1. boomchakaboom says:

    Well I certainly hope she has more acting ability than her mother.

  2. RReedy says:

    Boomchakab: Amen to that!

  3. Ling says:

    Gorgeous girl. She looks so much like her mother during her young and pretty days. SO Italian… she looks like a picture of one of my great aunts in the old country ca. 1950.

  4. Anna says:

    I always think she looks arrogant and like she’s trying too hard to be stylish. I even think that she keeps her unibrow because she thinks of it as her trademark or something. And I’ve never seen her wear anything that looked good. She just seems to randomly grab things from her closet without thinking about how everything will look together.

    Then again, maybe it’s a good thing she doesn’t have a stylist and goes with her natural eyebrows…?

  5. Tess says:

    I’m getting a little annoyed by this family dynasty thing that seems to be a growing phenom of late.

    Whether it’s the next little Ms. Madonna, or the Caroline Kennedy annointing, or the Bushes, or Tim Russert’s son getting plum media assignments, or the sense that Chelsea Clinton’s just waiting in the wings…it’s all just a little too much.

    These kids have such an inside advantage…

    we seem to be ditching our meritocracy for some kind of European-style entitlement system for our own homegrown royals and social elites.

  6. hOLLY says:


  7. bluejeanblues says:

    wax the brow, wax the lip

    hairy :::shudders::::

  8. sandy says:

    lourdes is actually only 12- born oct. 1996

  9. mojoman says:

    Dayum, is that moustache I see?

  10. geronimo says:

    Jeez. Picking on a 12yr old? What’s wrong with some of you? She’s beautiful, stylish, presumably happy with the way she looks, all this criticism about her appearance is really shitty. I agree with you, Helen, on this being something really positive and confidence-building for her after the divorce trauma.

  11. dovesgate says:

    Stylish? I didn’t know patterned stretch pants were the height of couture.

  12. Kaiser says:

    She’s got the same fame-hungry glint in her eye that Madonna had circa 1984. She’s going to be huge, whatever she does.

  13. MomInNH says:

    The unibrow I’m not so fond of. The quirky clothes, meh not my thing.. But I’ll take Lola over Miley the prosti-tot any day.

  14. Lisa says:

    She’s a kid for god’s sake, not a fashion icon. She looks better than some of the slugs that my kids see at school.
    I hope this new school is a positive and stable thing in her life.

  15. vdantev says:

    Only things missing are the face paint and the furs and Lourdes could be cast in the new Clan of the Cave Bear movie.

  16. nikkid says:

    All of you who are bashing this 12yr old girl must be 12yr olds as well. Because I cannot understand how it’s possible for adults to be putting down a child whether it’s a celebrity’s child or a regular child. The point is she is child and it makes you all sound like a bunch of jealous and ignorant asses!!!

  17. Call Me Al says:

    She is beautiful. I like her style. I would wax though.

  18. Heather says:

    Get the poor kid some wax!! I would have been furious at my mom if she didn’t clue me in to that kind of thing as a teenager. She’s a lovely girl, but some personal grooming is necessary.

  19. DD says:

    Wow she’s a beauty, she should start plucking those eyebrows a bit though.

  20. pak31 says:

    To Anna and the others mocking this poor girl. She’s 12. She’s still a child for goodness sake. When I think back to when I was 12, it’s when you are going thru puberty changes but you are still a kid. She is hispanic and italian, yes that means facial hair is very possible. She could start soon to minimize the hair but how sad is it as a society that we nowadays push such young girls to be so perfect at such a young age? No wonder 6 year olds have body issues. She’s beautiful, hair or not.

  21. KDRockstar says:

    Geez, my parents didn’t want me to shave my blond-haired legs when I was 14. Give the girl a break. At least she looks like a girl instead of a Disney-processed slutster.

  22. Codzilla says:

    I’m 33 and I still haven’t started plucking my brows. What if I f*ck up? How long will it take for the hair to grow back?

    Lourdes (or Lola, or whatever) is just a kid, and the longer she stays that way, the better. As KD rightly pointed out, innocence at that age is far more appealing than the primped and plucked Disney harem.

  23. DD says:

    I started shaving at 12. I had the second harriest legs in my class at age 12. No adolescent girl really wants to be walking around with a moustache or unibrow. If it doesn’t bother her than good for her. She’s a very beautiful girl regardless.

  24. Tabby says:

    And for her first role… a young Frieda Kahlo.

  25. vdantev says:

    Shouldn’t that be enrolls not enrols ?

  26. Jane says:

    Yeah picking on a 12 year old. Very classy and mature.

  27. vdantev says:

    Almost as classy and mature as rising to the defense of a total stranger who couldn’t pick you out of a line up if you were on fire. It’s gossip, not Action News at 5. Deal with it.

  28. Heather says:

    vdantev- you rock!

    Jane- did you happen to notice the name of this website? What exactly do you expect?

  29. paris herpes says:

    If Lourdes wants to become at actress she has to a) FACE WAX, b) learn how NOT to act by watching her mom in movies. That is all!

  30. Bodhi says:

    I think she is a beautiful girl! She will be a total stunner when she is older, just wait!

  31. prissa says:

    She looks a lot like her father to me…

  32. James says:

    She’s got style and a beautiful face and seems like a sweet, interesting, and smart girl.
    We’ll all be watching, even the haters.

  33. Christina X says:

    I don’t even like Madonna.

    But holy shit, people. I expected more from you than taking the piss out of a 12 year old’s appearance.

    She *is* pretty. She looks the way I imagined Madonna to have looked before all the crazy surgery and exercise. As someone who is Italian, it’s the Italian blood that causes body hair to grow prominently, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Even though I’m more fair and less ethnic looking than everyone else in my family, my 14 year old sister grows body hair the same exact way.

    I think 12 is too young for waxing and certainly way too young to feel pressured about her self-image. This is one time I get on my soap box and say shame on you, especially because I know what it feels like to be pressured about self-image from a very young age, and so do many of the women in my family.

    Some of you are so inconsistent about “natural” beauty, but I see that clearly your ideals about natural beauty is no more realistic from the rest of Hollyweird’s. Should she NEVER have to shave? Of course not, but what exactly is a 12 year old supposed to be? Sexy? Give me a break.

  34. Sunny says:

    What a beautiful child.

  35. j ferber says:

    vdantev, I usually agree with you and enjoy your pithy, insightful comments, but coming to the defense of a complete stranger is always honorable (especially in the case of a 12-year-old girl), no matter the returns. I’m sure in your heart of hearts you’d agree. Also, I think the gossip vs. news argument is a false one. Criticizing girls’/women’s appearance is a cultural commonplace, unfortunately, and calling a girl hairy is calling a girl hairy, however and wherever you do it (and yes, on the internet the force of the message IS the same as if it were on the national news).

  36. KL says:

    Gosh, Lola is so pretty! When she grows up- watch out!

  37. Beverly S. Hill says:

    She does need to do something about that Uni-brow though!

  38. Trashaddict says:

    Pretty yes. But she looks desperately unhappy. Hopefully without all the photogs around she has some reasons to smile. That age is hard enough when you don’t add all the drama her family is going through right now. Hope she survives it…

  39. Ashley says:

    Judging by her brother’s bio it’s clear Lourdes wears the pants in that relationship. I have a feeling that girl is spoiled beyond belief, especially considering how much Madge wanted a kid. You know those types, they say yes to anything in order to make their kids happy.

  40. MRS BROWN says:

    yes, at 12 she is still a little girl and i’m glad she’s not trying to look drop dead aged to quickly glamorous. I just pray she turns out completely different from her mother.

  41. Liquid Muse says:

    Man, Madonna looks like poop! Her daughter is just a kid, so I won’t diss her.. but Madonna’s wardrobe must be on vacation. I haven’t seen a good picture of her in ages. Why is Madge prodding through NYC looking like that? I liked Madonna back when she was stylish and made people gasp at everything she did/said/wore. Now, she looks like the cat lady and is dressing like a homeless breakdancer. Poor thing.

  42. aleach says:

    shes super cute and shes got her own thing going on- i like!
    at least she doesnt expect to be given roles in films, just because of who her momma is.
    i can respect that.

  43. brista says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize that was a real school…Little J from Gossip Girl mentioned applying there when she was working on being a ~*fashion designer*~. Huh.

    Pretty cool idea for a school, though.

  44. mich says:

    she has a great potential of being very pretty. if only someone would do something with her facial hair.

    she’s only 14? seems like kids really grow up a lot faster nowadays.

  45. ericka says:

    mich, she’s actually only 12.

  46. EDJ says:

    We can pick on a 12-year-old if her parents let her (or push her) into said “machine” — she should get used to all the scrutiny. She’s bringin’ the Chewbaka look back; all the nerds will love her!

  47. Pgh Gurl says:

    Dang, they can afford it, get the kid to an electrolisis stat! That or a great big tub of wax

  48. perla says:

    I’m 12 born oct.28 1996. i have a unibrow too. hairyness runs in my family( i have italian descent and hispanic . so i know how it feels