Jennifer Aniston is cupping to increase her fertility and ‘conceive naturally’ of course

I have a pretty low tolerance for whatever “holistic” remedy is currently trending. I realize that might make me a pariah in general, but I’ve always believed that if you’re feeling rough, you should take an Advil, drink a glass of water and get a good night’s sleep. That’s my cure-all for most things. But I don’t have more money than God and too much time on my hands like many celebrities. That’s why I find Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goopy advice so annoying so often – it’s not just that she’s a snob, a smug elitist deigning to advise peasants on The Wisdom of Goop. It’s that more often than not, her advice is bullsh-t. She has too much money and too much time and she creates problems just to find convoluted solutions.

This cupping thing is a good example. Gwyneth was “cupping” years ago. And Jennifer Aniston revealed cupping marks last week at the premiere of Lifetime’s Call Me Crazy. To me, the idea of cupping seems about as wise as putting leeches on your body to suck out an illness. Go ahead and yell at me! I can take it. Anyway, Grazia (via The Mail) has a theory as to why Jennifer Aniston is “cupping”: to promote her fertility! Because at the age of 44, Jennifer has no use for “science” to help her conceive.

She hit headlines when she was spotted with cupping marks on her back at a film premiere earlier this month. But now it has been claimed the 44-year-old actress could be relying on the ancient Asian therapy in a bid to boost her fertility. According to reports, Jennifer has been looking at different natural ways to increase her chances of conceiving a baby with her fiancé Justin Theroux.

A source told Grazia magazine: ‘Jennifer has always said she wants to conceive naturally and is very open to exploring alternative therapies to help her.’

The source also revealed that Jennifer has been inspired by 46-year-old Halle Berry’s recent pregnancy announcement, adding: ‘It was Gwyneth Paltrow who told her how cupping can encourage fertility.’

And cupping expert Boniface Verney-Carron said that while cupping can’t help women who have a medical reason preventing them from conceiving, it can help those looking for a boost in heir bid to conceive.

She added to the publication: ‘The basic idea of cupping is to drag toxins out of the body and to bring fresh blood flow, which eases congestion, boosts circulation and reduces stress and tension. So it’s brilliant for treating infertility – in particular unexplained fertility. It can help women who are seemingly healthy, and their partners are healthy, but for some reason they’re still not getting pregnant. In the clinic, we often find these women are carrying stress or tension in a certain part of the body. Fertility cupping is usually part of a session involving acupuncture or osteopathic work to ease congestion and stress, which increases their chances of falling pregnant.’

Meanwhile, Dr Saud Hadi from the British Acupuncture Council said that the placing of Jennifer’s marks – either side of her spine – also suggest she is having the therapy to boost her fertility. Jennifer displayed the cupping marks on her back as she arrived at the Los Angeles screening of Call Me Crazy. It appeared Jennifer had hoped to disguise them with some foundation, but the too pale colour showed up under the paparazzi’s flashes.

[From The Mail]

The thing is, I actually believe that Jennifer probably did “cup” as a holistic way to rid her body of toxins and to get healthier, etc. She’s like Gwyneth Paltrow in that way – you could sell either of them anything if you labeled it “holistic” or “all-natural” or “exclusive”. Maybe Jennifer really did do it to promote her fertility too. But honestly, how long do we have to keep talking about Jennifer’s fertility? I thought we were nearing the end and then BAM! Halle Berry struck and now we’re going to have to do YEARS more Bump Watching on Jennifer. It just seems like… if Jennifer wanted a baby, she would have a baby. She would just do it, either by pregnancy or by adoption or surrogacy or whatever. She has the money and the time. That’s never been the issue. The issue is the inclination.

Meanwhile, The Mail is also reporting that JustJen’s wedding is being postponed, but they aren’t breaking up or anything. They just can’t agree on what kind of wedding they want to have and they’re too lazy to figure something out, I guess. A source says, “Jen and Justin have been totally relaxed about the wedding planning. They’re looking forward to the wedding, but they have different ideas about the actual wedding itself. It’s not to do with them as a couple, they’re madly in love. Every time you see them they’ve got their arms around each other. Jen wants something bigger with all their friends, Justin would just like something a bit more intimate. At this point, we’re expecting the wedding to be at the end of the summer, just before Labor Day Weekend.” Maybe they’re just waiting to see when Brangelina goes through with their wedding…? NO, of course not!

Photos courtesy of WENN & Fame/Flynet.

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  1. A says:

    She’s turning 45. It ain’t gonna happen.

    • Liv says:

      Halle Berry turns 47 this year.

      • A says:

        Halle already has a child so the situation isn’t the same.

      • another nina says:

        Halle Berry got her eggs frozen, when she had her first rounds of IVFs for the first child. so, we are talking about eggs of the 40 y.o. as opposed to 47 y.o.
        Actually RE (reproductive endocrinologists) allow you to implant your embryo through the age of 52.

    • Jessica says:

      I know of 3 women who had babies naturally in their late 40’s and one was 51. And this was way before IVF and freezing of eggs (although that hasn’t been proven to work at all by the way) and current technology. It can definitely happen!

  2. tia says:

    Seriously, she needs IVF.

  3. lucy2 says:

    I would guess it’s for an unrelated issue, but the tabloids have to make it about her being/becoming pregnant yet again. They have made millions on that premise over the years.
    Has anyone ever tried cupping? Seems odd to me,I don’t get what it’s supposed to do.

    • videli says:

      It’s supposed to stimulate peripheral blood flow. I never had it, but it’s still commonly used on my mom’s side of the family in Europe. Usually it’s used for bad colds and respiratory problems. It’s a peasant sort of remedy, by the way.

      • Serena says:

        Maybe Justin could turn her over his knees & spank her, that’ll get her blood flowing, as well.

    • Sparkly says:

      I’ve done cupping before, but tbh, it wasn’t for any sort of medical reasons. It was part of a kink demonstration. It felt pretty neat. I don’t really see how it’s help fertility unless it happens to be Justin’s kink or something. lol Not the kind of marks you’d want to show off at professional events either way.

      Also, must have been some crappy foundation trying to hide it. I didn’t look like that afterward. Had some small red circles that only lasted an hour or two. The middle one there on Jen looks like it’s dripping down her back. Ew. I know Hollywood has better make-up than that.

      • Serena says:

        Jennifer, obviously wanted the “cupping nipples” to be seen or she would have chosen an outfit with a back. Or, a shawl, God forbid, she covers her skin a little bit.

      • Nina says:

        I have had a number of cupping treatments, I started after my parents got really into eastern medicine.

        Over time it completely rid my neck/shoulders of tension. It’s also really relaxing. I was left with 4″ diameter dark reddish marks.

        It’s also a very inexpensive therapy. I paid $12 and he also gave me three tea bags to help with detoxifying organs.

    • Alice says:

      We used to do it for colds and such when I was a child, it somehow worked really well for us and it’s actually quite nice, but I guess it has also to do with believing in it 😉

  4. Faye says:

    Actually, the leeches thing is legit. My mother is a doctor, and she told me about a few cases recently where modern hospital used leeches during surgery.

    Cupping, though . . .not so much. As for Aniston and her fertility, if these stories are coming from her camp, no pity. If not, they should leave it alone. While it’s hard for me to understand because I so badly want to have children and can’t, I know there are women who just don’t want kids, and that’s fine.

    • km says:

      I think they use it as some sort of anti-coagulate as opposed to sucking out some sort of illness or bad blood.

      • Eden75 says:

        They use them when they reattach digits as well as skin grafts. The anticoagulants help with pooled blood and getting the blood flowing into the area.

      • Leen says:

        They use them to treat diabetes as well, especially when diabetes start to really affect the feet.

  5. Mia 4S says:

    God, this woman will be 65 and the tabloids will still be on this. The underlying tabloid message here of “must conceive naturally!!” is gross. A woman of 25 could have fertility problems and need IVF, that’s just life. Framing the need for medical help as failure is disgusting.

  6. Tessa says:

    Halle Berry is a rare exception, not the rule. Having a baby natuarally after 45 is very rare.

  7. DanaG says:

    I don’t believe Jennifer really wants kids she had 7 years to have them with Brad Pitt who clearly wanted them and didn’t. I think she doesnt have the gut’s just be a grown up and come out and say I don’t want children.

    • popcorn11 says:

      Fact – A woman whos stock in trade is romcoms admitting disinterest in marriage or kids is like a male action star admitting hes gay. It risks allienating key audiences. And for an average looking actress of ‘advancing’ years that wouldnt have been too smart. Its a very bigotted industry/audience
      And whos to say what she wants or why she hasnt gone a certain route? I truly sympathise if she has felt pressure to say things to keep her fanbase/industry folk happy!

    • Serena says:

      I really think that Jen’s afraid to lose her million dollar figure. After a baby, her Greek hips might return. She is too vain to ruin that body with a baby. I’ve always been on Team Jolie, so I may be a little biased. At least, Angelina uses her $$ to help the underprivileged & war torn children @ the world.

    • Jessica says:

      I think she was just weighing her age and prime earning years against when she could have a baby. There are so many actresses that have their first baby in their late 30’s, I figure it’s because they took advantage of their peak earning years. There are no crystal balls – she couldn’t have known she’d be single again and how hard it would be to fall in love with a decent guy.

  8. Sabrine says:

    Until Aniston hits 50 and presumably will be beyond the age where she can have children, these ridiculous stories are going to come up. After that they’ll hone in on a surrogate doing all the work.

  9. lem says:

    i’m all about holistic healing. modern science has it’s place for sure, but i think we rely far too heavily on manufactured drugs and often don’t let our bodies take care of themselves. for me, half of the holistic healing is aiding your mind/body in healing. if cupping assists you with that, go right ahead. it’s no different than a massage, bikram, or accupuncture.
    GOOP is only interested in how posh she sounds and how much money she can make off “all-natural” products. JA seems to live the lifestyle without throwing shade at those who don’t. To each their own.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree – if it works for you and doesn’t hurt you, go for it, even if it’s all just mental. I know a few people who acupuncture has really helped for a variety of issues, and I keep thinking about trying it out to help with my sinus headaches because nothing else seems to help.
      I’m a little leery of OTC pain stuff, they can do a number on some of your organs, and overuse can lead to serious problems and even death. If you find something that gives relief without all that, why not?

      • Mira says:

        Agree. Holistic heeling is, as lem said, about aiding your body to heal. It’s about making lifestyle changes, which is needed more than ever now because of the way we work and operate in our daily lives. Yes, it’s caught on the “fashionable” tag and a lot of these techniques are grossly expensive. The organic/natural fad is ridiculous because of what people have turned it into so they can make money off of it. It’s laughable because cupping is seen as this exotic healing technique whereas it’s a very peasant remedy in my home country. My grandma used to do it – tie rock salt in a cloth, heat it and then dab in on bear back. It’s basically another form of heat therapy. When celebrities reveal that they follow one of these holistic healing techniques, it seems to acquire an exotic and shitty expensive tag.

      • Lulu.T.O. says:

        Acupuncture has actually been scientifically proven to reduce pain, likely through a pain blocking mechanism similar to capsaicin (hot pepper extract).

  10. kristine says:

    Yup.. I still hate this outfit

  11. serena says:

    Such a tool.
    Of course she did the ponytail to show off the ‘cupping’ and let the media talk about it. It’s all PR strategy, people.
    ‘She tried to cover it with foundation’ yeah, sure. LOL

    • Glaughy says:

      100%. She could’ve easily worn something covering/partially covering her back for this event, or wore her hair down like she almost always does, or even got an expert makeup artist to pack on some high quality camouflaging makeup if she really wanted to.

      So transparent, jen…

  12. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    Well, that explains why she wore something exposing her shoulders. She is SUCH an attention whore. She ‘wanted’ people talking/asking/speculating about the ‘noticibly’ lighter cupping marks on her shoulders. ‘Talk is dying down about me … Oh, I know! Let’s stoke the BABY BUMP watch again!’


  13. Sara says:

    I think if she is healthy and still ovulating it would be very possible for her to conceive naturally. The window is fast closing so she needs to start ASAP if she truly wants this to happen. Not sure if she is still smoking but I know that can make you less fertile as you age and damage your eggs. I truly don’t think Jen wants kids though, i think she is fine without them.

  14. Paloma says:

    And yet, another website claims the wedding is postponed. That will definitely not help in her
    “fertility quest.”

  15. Nicolette says:

    She’s too narcissistic and in love with herself to have a child. Not buying it. Of course she wore a ponytail to expose that mess. Ugh! I can’t with her.

    • crimestick says:

      Actually, not having children is a very unselfish thing to do if you know you are not mother material. I know a few selfish, narcissistic people who did have kids and it’s a sad situation.

      • Nicolette says:

        You misunderstood my comment. I know several women who have chosen not to have children, and that’s their choice, nothing wrong at all with that. Better to be honest about who you are and what you want than to bring a child into this world and not give her/him your all.

        That said, she just has always come across like a tremendous phony to me. This whole “cupping to conceive naturally” is just a bunch of BS to me so she gets written about. Because goodness knows we aren’t going to sit here and talk about what a great actress she is *cough*.

  16. valleymiss says:

    So we’re supposed to buy that Jennifer is friends with Goopy, who was the woman Brad was engaged to before he married Jen? That, plus we’re supposed to buy that she’s using cupping because she has “unexplained” fertility probs? Isn’t the explanation simply that she’s 44? Lol

    • Eve says:

      I don’t know if they’re friends, but Aniston doesn’t seem to mind that Paltrow once called her “that TV girl”:

      • Nikita says:

        She would never dare to say anything negative about goop. She does mind of course but goop has too much influence in hollywood, so even if jenjen hates Goop, she wont ever show it. she rather act like they like each other. i dont think that they talked much at this event. one pic doenst tell a whole evening.

      • Nikita says:

        and jenjen doesnt look to pleased on this pic with goop, goop is shining 😉

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Nikita, who wrote: “and jenjen doesnt look to pleased on this pic with goop, goop is shining :)”

        That’s because Goop is everything Jennifer isn’t, but has always desperately wanted to be: tall, thin (in a non-stumpy way), and a natural blonde.

    • Sal says:

      So a person isn’t allowed to be friends with her husband/ex husband’s ex? Really? Are we supposed to buy that women are not allowed to be friends with their significant other’s ex, Valleymiss? What you are insinuating is so petty and immature. Ican’t believe you just said that Aniston wouldn’t be friends with Paltrow, JUST BECAUSE of Brad. O_o

      • Katherine says:

        Um we are talking about a woman who refused to live in her husband’s dream house because his former finance once lived there with him. So now we are supposed to buy that they are “friends”? LOL!

  17. another nina says:

    Yes, she many use cupping ’cause this procedure might improve quality of eggs (prevent drastic aging due to improved flow of blood), etc. Eggs would be retrieved for IVF purposes…So, cupping might improve fertility but it does not necessarily imply that they are going for natural conception.

    • Lulu.T.O. says:

      There is no way that applying sucking pressure to your shoulders and back will improve the quality of your eggs. It might improve bloodflow temporarily, but so would brisk walk.

  18. Madhubala says:

    Why would anyone choose to reveal these cupping marks? I find that bizarre. Do it by all means, whatever floats your boat, but cover the marks up please, especially on the red carpet.

  19. Kate says:

    I’d be shocked if she ever becomes a mom in any way (giving birth, adopting, finding one at the Coffee Bean). She’s been with that guy for a while now. You just can’t start trying to conceive naturally, thinking it will happen. Not at 43. Do people get pregnant at 43? Yes. But it’s not the norm. Just because she looks younger and exercises and eats right doesn’t mean her reproductive system hasn’t aged.

    • Suze says:

      I found every single child of mine at Coffee Bean and I can highly recommend it as a path to parenthood.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Kate, who wrote: “Not at 43. Do people get pregnant at 43?”

      I’m pretty sure Jennifer Aniston turned 44 in February.

      • Serena says:

        Why doesn’t she just adopt? God knows, there’s plenty of Mexican babies, that need a good home. I say, Mexican, because she seems to vacate down there, frequently. And Justin seems @ as vain as her. I would love to see their “mirror war” in the morning. I’m certain, they both have their own mirror room, though.

    • Isabelle says:

      I have a friend that didn’t marry until she was 40. She married a man 15 years her junior. They didn’t use contraception believing it would be hard for her to conceive. She was pregnant the first month of their marriage, had another baby at 43 au natural. Her Doc told her the younger husband was one of the main reasons it was easier for her to become pregnant. Justin is hitting middle age, so it’s going to be even harder for them because his age factors in as well.

  20. Amanda says:

    Off topic but I love her ponytail. How does she get it like that?

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      Lots and lots of extensions.

      You can see them in the side picture on the other article. So much doll hair it looks like an actual “pony” tail.

  21. Suze says:

    Why does she have to get pregnant “naturally”?

    For heavens sake, most women over 40 (much less 45) use fertility treatments to get pregnant – its not horrible by any means, not shameful at all.

    And before people start flinging Halle Berry’s name at me I will go out there and say I believe Halle was employing a battery of fertility options – probably including her own frozen eggs – to conceive despite her innocent protestations that it was all just a super duper surprise.

    This begs the question, does Aniston even want to get pregnant? It seems the tabloids want her to but what she actually thinks is a mystery.

    • Chicagogurl says:

      But fertility treatments take someone who wants to have a child. She can’t go running off to cabo and go out drinking on fertility treatments. Also, I think it’s vanity. There said it. I think she’s worried the hormone will make her fat. I don’t think she wants a baby she just doesn’t want to say she doesn’t want a baby.

      • Serena says:

        I saw a photo of Jen, looking at some baby pics with Drew Barrymore & you could literally see, how much she was putting on @ the baby pics.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      Halle and Gabriel tried to conceive after Nahla because he wanted more children. It didn’t work. So perhaps she really ‘was’ surprised.

    • Jessica says:

      Maybe I’m missing something here, but I’ve spoken to several doctors and they have all told me the same thing. In New York, for example, only one hospital is accepting frozen eggs and there is no technology yet to actually use the eggs. Frozen embryos – yes, science has figured out ways to make that work sometimes. Frozen eggs – no use, at least right now. So I do believe that she got pregnant naturally because she would have had to go through IVF and use a donor egg, which would be incredibly hard. IVF is a very invasive process, it’s not a walk in the park like some posters seem to think it is.

  22. epiphany says:

    If Aniston wanted children she would already have them – she obviously likes living without the burden of much responsibility; it’s a lifestyle that doesn’t hold much fascination for some of us – seems a little shallow and empty really – but she has the financial means to do so, so why not?The cupping was undoubtedly done in the mode of a massage – it’s weird, but it does feel good. Someone asked why she would wear an outfit that revealed her cupping experience, when she could have easily covered them up? Because this woman craves attention, and knew people would talk. I’m not sure what she’ll do in a couple of years, when everyone’s focus will have moved on to younger actresses. And yes, people on this site criticize Jolie all the time, but it’s much harder to criticize a woman for speaking out against rape in refugee camps and taking her kids shopping.

    • doofus says:

      whoa. if someone wants to live child free, that makes their life shallow and empty?

      I really hope that’s not what you’re saying, because that does nothing but perpetuate the idea that a woman’s only point in life is to bear children.

      I know plenty of women who are child-free by choice (myself included) and we lead rich, fulfilling lives that make us happy.

      If that’s not what you’re saying, I apologize for the misinterpretation, but that’s how it came off.

      • epiphany says:

        No, that’s not what I said… I’m referring to HER lifestyle, i.e., cobb salad, Cabo, tanning, vodka, hightlight hair, cobb salad, Cabo, tanning, vodka… you get the idea. OF COURSE women can have rewarding, fulfilling lives without children – I’m saying Aniston’s life has none of those qualities, IMO.

      • doofus says:

        thanks for clearing that up…

        …but how do you KNOW that her life has none of those qualities?

        I guess the “IMO” means you DON’T know, but are assuming.

        fair enough.

      • The Original G says:

        Choosing to not have children is not shallow and empty.

        Promoting a disingenuous middle aged bump watch in the tabloids for publicity is.

    • lucy2 says:

      Ugh. Like doofus, I’m hoping you aren’t really saying that, but there is nothing shallow and empty about choosing not to have children.

    • Miss Melissa says:

      As someone who wants children and does not have them, I have to say that you are speaking out of turn here.

      You don’t know what kind of pain she or anyone else who may want them and doesn’t have them has gone through. For any reason.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Epiphany, who wrote: “I’m not sure what she’ll do in a couple of years, when everyone’s focus will have moved on to younger actresses.”

      … and an actress is ‘wasn’t’ the ex-Mrs. Brad Pitt.

  23. Holden says:

    I tried to read this but then tl;dr

  24. One more example of ….smarts and celebs do not go together! And I am sorry but the easiest thing when you are stinking rich should be planning the wedding. They are either having trouble OR waiting for brad and ang to marry.

    • Serena says:

      That’s true; she already did the big wedding thing with Brad & that didn’t work out. I think she’s waiting to see what Angie & Brad do, so she can either top it, or go in the opposite direction, with her wedding. As far as, no time to plan, just hire a wedding planner; give them the jist of what you want & let it go.

  25. Sweet Dee says:

    It’s weird how cupping on her shoulders is supposed to help fertility, but when I saw it on No Reservations, Bourdain was getting cupping done there for a hangover.

    For JA, I’m going with hangover.

    Listen people, when someone tries to sell you something by saying it “increases blood flow,” thereby causing your desired effect, it’s a farce. There are about one million things you can do to increase blood flow. It’s always temporary and rarely affects your organs in a meaningful way unless it’s something regular and more intense. A couple of cupping sessions provides nothing but a placebo effect.

    Now, I’m one of those “natural” people as well in that I don’t like to take pills and I stick to whole foods. I exercise a lot (increases blood flow!) and I agree that pharmaceuticals are vastly overused. The difference is that I’m aware that the vast majority of holistic treatments are pseudoscience, and there is nothing “natural” about them. No, placing hot rocks on yourself or having someone stick a hundred teensy needles in you is not natural, either. Neither is cupping. It may feel good, and that is the only good reason I can think of to do any of that crap. But nobody says they do it because they like how it feels.

    Natural means not messing with your body, period.


    • Erina says:

      um… Traditional Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years and is still highly integrated in the Chinese medical system as well as various other asian countries. My husband is currently finishing his Masters degree in TCM and has spent countless hours hours treating patients in the student clinic with successful results with this “pseudoscience.” In addition to the hundreds of hours in clinic, he also has to apply and pass national and state board exams to receive his license. Seems like a lot of work just for a placebo effect. Also I would just like to state that in China, Korea, Japan as well as many other countries being a TCM doctor is as respected a profession as being a western medical doctor, sometimes more so. I’m not discounting western medicine at all which I know is essential, I just found your comments to be really insulting and ignorant.

      • Sweet Dee says:

        That’s super, but I didn’t discount actual medicinal practices. You read what you wanted, not what I wrote. Eastern medicine is not on trial here because like Western medicine, it can be used effectively or destructively. Are you actually trying to tell me that the medicine your husband intends to practice works by increasing blood flow? No? So then what’s the issue? I insulted acupuncture, was that it?

        I actually work in clinical research for MS and many of our patients use TCM and acupuncture at our suggestion. There is a lot of TCM that has been tested and proven useful. IMO, much of it is also BS. I was educated in chemistry (BSc.) and neurobiology (MS), so if you think I’m ignorant I think you’re presumptive. I’m not going to apologize for you being insulted by a faceless stranger’s comments.

        Also, I was speaking about myself. ME. I have no health problems, and I don’t need any cures, and neither does JA (I don’t actually believe she’s trying to get pregnant). What I said was that NO medicine is natural, even if the kind you like doesn’t involve chemicals. I get my preventative care and if I fall ill, I will use Western medicine and probably smoke (legal) marijuana. Does that offend you as well?

      • claire says:

        (early) Congrats to your husband! I have the utmost respect for Chinese Medicine. It’s been a complete lifesaver for me. I’ll take that acupuncture “crap” any day over pharmaceutical companies’ latest fads.

    • maitri says:

      You obviously have your mind set on the narrow button, and have your definitions and parameters determined. There is no point discussing with you j ust b/c you ‘have western medical science degrees’…how great for you!
      that is one way of looking at life and the body and medicine, not the only lens. And, you have probably noted, not always or even often that effective [without major side effects that people choose to ignore]…
      Something that cannot be ‘studied scientifically’ through your lens of viewing the world, in your mind is somehow not able to validated?
      I think people will continue to use chinese medicine with or without trials, b/c frankly, it works! If you can use something that will not hurt you [herbs are another story, but acu. is rarely contraindicated and practitioners know the difference-], is pretty cheap [see community acu clinics all over the country] and might take away your suffering in a very short period of time, it’s essentially a no brainer.
      And there will be staunch opponents and they can continue on that path….good for them. And there will be also those who somehow think it’s a religious or spiritual practice-again, good for them.
      But if people can not suffer and be in pain constantly, would you not wish that for them? I’m glad you MS clinic refers people.
      Again, it’s not a cult or a club, but a common sense option. Whatever works for people, to take away suffering…so many people needlessly live through daily pain, taking away their quality of life, productivity and happiness. I wish that to change through whatever means possible.
      Peace out-

    • Lulu.T.O. says:

      Acupuncture does apparently work by blocking the nerves, like I said, similar in a way to capsaicin. I thought that research came out quite some time ago. I admit I am no longer reading papers like I used to though.

    • Leen says:

      Although I agree a lot of natural remedies have a very placebo effect, I actually found quite some success with Acupuncture. I have both Tennis and Golf elbow in both arms, and I’ve tried Acupuncture twice and it seemed to work. Obviously it is not long-term but it helps to reduce the pain.

      For me, natural remedies is more to do with diet/food/nutrition. That’s what I always understood natural medicine to be. Although I come from a family where we don’t like pills/whatnot. There’s a lot of natural remedies for common colds, etc.

      But, I also think that stress is a huge factor in a lot of ills/diseases so I think that these sort of ‘natural remedies’ are aimed at destressing someone which of course is very helpful to reduce the pain/effects/etc.

  26. popcorn11 says:

    I love this. I actually took a year long hiatus from AJ and JA posts because i found the discussions so toxic.

    I dont get the need to diefy one and villainise the other. As if a woman can either be a Madonna or a Jezebel and nothing in between. They are probably alot more alike than we know given that Pitt fell in love with both.

    As for cupping, I know nothing except people do all sorts of things that i dont understand eg prayer, acupuncture. Whatever rocks your boat.

  27. DIANE says:

    The outfit is dreadful. Is that formalwear for the rich and famous these days? Couldn’t her husband or anybody else tell her what she looked like from the back? Looks like giant mosquito bites covered in drippy calomine lotion. That’s all you’ve got in your closet to wear, stupid?

  28. j.eyre says:

    The only forms of cupping I like to do are either a) one in which the cup is in my hand and full of alcohol or b) akin to what GOOP did to the comedian on the Graham Norton show.

    I can attest that they both do lead to pregnancy, though.

  29. Maggie says:

    I love the hairstyle. So pretty!

    • Janet says:

      It’s a plain ordinary ponytail and sloppily done at that. In the photos of her showing the side view you can see where they stuck the extensions in. You’re not supposed to be able to see that.

      • Maggie says:

        Well ok then. I like her plain ordinary sloppy ponytail. Wish mine would look like that!

  30. april says:

    I like a lot of natural remedies but the cupping sounds like a fad.

    I do hope she is successful getting pregnant. I’m not a fan, but she does deserve happiness.

    • Bee says:

      I hate this “deserves” happiness. The media, her fans etc. go on and on about how she DESERVES to be happy! Like no one else does.

      And is she not happy without a child?

      She did not lose a child in war, did not go through cancer, did not lose her family in a tragic way. All she did was get divorced almost a decade ago! Why does she deserve to be happy so much?????

    • Janet says:

      Nobody deserves to have happiness handed to them on a plate. You make your own happiness.

    • Janet says:

      Like many of her fans, you’re assuming she wants to be pregnant. What if she doesn’t? Did it ever occur to you that if she had wanted children she would have had some by now?

    • Sal says:

      Why does Aniston ‘deserve’ happiness? Given that Aniston is a homewrecker who stole Justin from Heidi Bivens, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to say that if you destroy another woman’s relationship, then you DON’T ‘deserve’ happiness? And that HEIDI BIVENS deserves happiness, after what Aniston did to her? I will never, ever, cease to be amazed at people who think Aniston, no matter how much pain she causes people, ie Brad, Angelina, her own mother, Heidi Bivens et al, “deserves” happiness. The people hurt by Aniston’s actions, are the ones who DESERVE happiness.

  31. Miss Melissa says:

    I have to weigh in on this. Cupping is used in acupuncture. I am an insomniac and my doctor (with and MD and PhD and two specialties) recommended acupuncture to me.

    Yes, acupuncture is also recommended for fertility enhancement – but again, by the established medical community. My sister was sent there to help her get pregnant, along with hormones and insemination.

    So don’t dismiss it with quite so much prejudice. It’s actually quite accepted in the scientific community.

  32. aang says:

    My great grandmother was 45 when her last child was born. No IVF then. It does happen.

    • Loira says:

      Tell it to me. I had a mom who had two children after forty, the last at forty three. Then when I was 34 and trying to have at least one, my gyn told me how it is different because the body “knows what to do”. It is way harder for a first timer.
      I waited too long to get preggnant, and All I could get is a hint of a pregnancy and an empty ovum miscarriage at one month. If I had had the money, I would have had IVF from the start.

  33. KellyinSeattle says:

    Jennifer Aniston on Friends: sigh, cross arms, make duck face. Can’t bear the site of it.

  34. maitri says:

    cupping is actually very effective for neck,s houlder and back pain esp if you’ve tried everything else and this has not worked. it’s part of the complete SYSTEM OF MEDICINE of chinese medicine, used for thousands of years by a culture that historically had one of the highest life expectancy rates.
    Too bad you are not broad minded enough at celebitchy to not frame everything as though it’s a ‘holistic trend of the moment’. It may be popular at the moment, and fads will come and go, but that does not relegate its status to ‘popular but useless’ automatically, you know? it’s not a coach purse of the month for god sake.

    whatever-research things before you comment on them is my opinion.

    Anyway, my spouse is an acupuncturist, i’ve seen many people benefit and be cured from ailments western medicine could not do a thing about. People are not living in pain, suffering and many times are not taking pharmaceuticals daily anymore, due to this medicine [this includes cupping but also acupuncture, herbs and other adjuncts to this system].

    Also, you can receive cupping for like 20 BUCKS!!!
    Just b/c goopy shills it and may pay 200, does not mean this is what acupuncture and cupping cost across the board. There are community acupuncture clinics operating on sliding scale around the country, and acupuncture colleges [most are 3-4 year med degrees of 3000 hours plus, though culminating only in the title licensed with an MS] offer senior student/faculty led high quality clinics for usually 30-40 dollars a treatment,or less.
    Yep, ALL INCOMES can and DO receive this therapy. In fact, many schools and clinics also do community outreach and have addiction and pain clinices set up for vets, homeless, abused women shelters, cancer oncology at hospitals [assuages symptoms=my spouse did a residency while he was in school].
    Yea, it’s not elite beauty care; it’s medicine

    • phlyfiremama says:

      Chinese medicine is absolutely balanced medical care but can also be used for vanity purposes. They are not mutually exclusive~the ultimate goal is to unblock and support normal body functions to restore optimal health. At the same time, this improves the “vanity” aspect simply by bringing the human body to a healthier state. TCM can be used for ANY condition, to augment allopathic medicine OR as a stand alone system of helathcare. Only foolish people DON’T integrate various modalities in their overall healthcare strategy to achieve and maintain optimal health. I am a Licensed Acupuncturist practicing in Houston, TX and have come to the tragic conclusion that women~and even men~will pay for their vanity before they will pay for their health. With TCM/Acupuncture you get fantastic value for your money because you can take care of ALL aspects of your health~mental, physical, and problematical.

  35. LaurieH says:

    While women do naturally conceive in their 40’s (my mother had her last child at 43) it’s VERY rarely their first pregnancy. Jennifer’s chances of conceiving her first child naturally at age 44 is less than 1%. There is a 56% chance of miscarriage and a 1 in 30 chance of a birth defect. No amount of “cupping” on Jennifer’s part will change these statistics. Is it possible for her conceive naturally? Yes. Is it probable? No. Of course, we are assuming that she wants to get pregnant. If she does, I wish her all the best. If it doesn’t happen for her (downside to waiting so long) I hope she will consider adoption.

  36. phlyfiremama says:

    As a Licensed Acupuntruist, Cupping actually falls under Chinese Medicine as one of the modalities we use for various reasons. Generally, cupping relieves muscle spasm cramping and pain, and draws lactic acid out of the cells, bringing fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients to feed the tissues. Another affect it has is as a lympathic system stimulant, helping to drain excess tissue fluid and stimulating the immune system. Cupping can also be used with bleeding, which releases excess toxins that accumulate in energetic and nervous system channels that correlate to various organs. It is a very important modality to relax the body, stimulate the immune system, increase lymphatic and blood flow, and decrease pain, inflammation, and stress. Bringing the body back into balance allows the natural functions to occur smoothly in and of itself, and works wonders when incorporated with western medical fertility treatments.

  37. skuddles says:

    Gah, I knew some twit would connect the cupping with Jen’s attempts to get preggers. And more specifically, that Jen would want us all to think that’s the reason she’s cupping. I swear she’s gotten more mileage out of her womb than Michelle Duggar! All this silly “is she, isn’t she??” speculation is one of the only reasons people still talk about her. She knows it too, and she’s going to go with it for as long as possible.

  38. SydneySpy says:

    Well, if she really wants to get the blood flow raging, I recommend copious amounts of vigorous shagging. Benefits:

    1. Increase in blood flow
    2. Gets the heart pumping
    3. Releases loads of feel-good hormones
    4. Helps insomnia
    5. Builds muscles strength
    6. Promotes creativity
    7. Great relaxation
    8. Excellent bonding activity
    9. Makes both smile
    10. Gives participants an almost-permanent smug look

    Oh, and bonus, I hear it aids conception.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @SydneySpy …

      LOL!!! Thanks for making me laugh and spill coffee on the desk!

      Perhaps if she ‘cupped’ Justin more they’d engage in shagging therapy more. 🙂

  39. Mew says:

    Going on medieval Jen? How about some leeches? Very natural, quite ecological too!

  40. Oyn says:

    What a load of cr@p.
    I am studying acupuncture and cupping is entirely unrelated to fertility treatments. Moxibustion is the preferred treatment. And herbs that “warm” the uterus and “smooth” the liver.

  41. Jade says:

    Of course it makes sense to slow down the wedding plans. JA’s celeb status has been built around her love life. So after the wedding there’s not much else to talk about ‘cept for a baby watch.

  42. Sal says:

    Yeah right. Its amusing how desperate these pro-aniston rags are to believe Aniston wants a baby and wants to get pregnant. Amusing, but sad.