Bachelor Sean Lowe made up that born-again virgin stuff for the show, it’s not true

The Life & Style people sent us this cover and it made me bust out laughing. This face bachelor Sean is making is hilarious, right?

We don’t really cover the Bachelor much around here, but as I’ve mentioned many times, I seem to hear about this show constantly in real life. Just last week someone learned I was a gossip blogger and they started asking me about Kim Kardashian’s growing ass and what I thought about the Bachelor couple, Sean and what’s her name – Catherine Giudici. I told them that the news was about to break that Catherine was getting falling down drunk in bars in LA after she moved out there to be with Sean. In my professional opinion, Catherine is missing her life back in Seattle and she wasn’t even getting laid in LA, so she’s only staying for appearances and the meager fees she gets for showing up for d-list events. I may have been wrong, though. Life & Style has a new cover story claiming Sean’s born-again virgin thing was an act for ratings. I can’t believe I fell for it, but he seems stupid enough to really believe it’s possible to be a “born-again virgin,” so there’s that.

Sean Lowe became known as the Virgin Bachelor. And while viewers were drawn to his old-fashioned values, Life & Style can exclusively reveal that Sean’s vow of celibacy didn’t last.

Two sources confirm in the new issue of Life & Style that Sean did in fact sleep with his fiancée, Catherine Giudici — while the show was still airing. “Yes, they definitely had sex,” a Bachelor insider reveals exclusively to Life & Style. “The first time was the night he proposed in Thailand.”

After their encounter at the $1,100-a-night suite at the Anantara Golden Triangle Resort & Spa, the source goes on to confirm the engaged couple continued sleeping together whenever they met up on passionate “secret dates” in LA, when they were forced to keep their romance secret before the show’s finale aired. “Catherine has always respected Sean wanting to show his Christian side, but she honestly would never marry him without making sure they had sexual chemistry,” the show insider dishes, adding, “It’s all for the show and his parents.”

A second source close to Catherine confirms the premarital affairs to Life & Style, admitting, “Sean and Catherine have hooked up already. The whole born-again-virgin thing is a bunch of B.S. It’s just something he made up for the show.”

For more on Sean and Catherine and the strain Sean’s DWTS partner, Peta Murgatroyd, is having on their relationship, pick up this week’s issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now!

[From Life & Style]

This guy is on DWTS and he’s hanging in there so I guess this is some kind of cross-promotion deal. Was this planned all along as some kind of tabloid story arc? Like claim to be a born-again virgin, earn the cover of People saying you’re “waiting for the wedding night,” then take it back when you need publicity again? I wouldn’t be surprised.

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  1. brin says:

    Can’t believe that show is still on.

    • Me Three says:

      Me too. Good god it’s the most sexist premise out there and I can’t believe people are still watching it. It’s all fake people! How many of these people have even ended up together? And, it just bugs the sh!T out of me that the women are so willing to go on a show like this and basically sell themselves to some schmuck! Gotta say, this generation of 20 something girls needs to grow up and realize that pleasing a guy (and not being pleased in return, thank you very much!) is not what they’ve been put on this earth for! Please!

  2. marie says:

    there’s a shocker..

  3. aims says:

    Say it ain’t so. The Bachelor is a bunch of bullsh*t? Who would had thought?

  4. Annie says:

    All the people on this show are a joke.

  5. TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

    Oh good. Glad to know he was getting laid all this time. I was really starting to worry about him.

    Who is he again?

  6. gabyrana says:

    I think he is gay and this is all a publicity stunt. May be that’s why he made up the born-again virgin stuff, so he wouldn’t be expected to sleep with the bachelor girls.

  7. Katie says:

    I can’t stop giggling.

    Sean didn’t actually refer to himself as a “born again virgin,” did he? The only thing more ridiculous than his claim/this label of being a “born again virgin” is that there’s a chance that people thought it stood a snowball’s chance in Hades of being true.

    I will say that if the “born again virgin” thing is true, I’m glad only because the Fantasy Suite concept disgusts me. I try to be open-minded, but I don’t know why people (both the show’s producers and its viewers) think that idea is a good one. I don’t care that everyone involved is a consenting adult, it still brings out my inner prude.

  8. Abby says:

    Meh. He never said anything about being a born again virgin on the actual show, so I was skeptical. That’s not really a thing anyway. He just didn’t want to sleep with all the girls…. is that so bad? I don’t think so. If he slept with his fiancee, that makes sense.

  9. tracking says:

    I’m sure it was the producers’ idea and he had no problem adding this to his “aw shucks” fakery.

  10. Dawn says:

    No! I am shocked! A lie being told on “reality” television, it just can’t be true. Oh I can’t wait for these types of shows to be gone and replaced with real entertainment and talented people. Truly I can’t.

  11. Happymom says:

    Who are these people again? And why do we care?

  12. lucy2 says:

    Skip the Bachelor and watch the parody Burning Love instead. It is HILARIOUS, but intentionally so.

    • brin says:

      Yeah, that show is a great spoof of the Bachelor.

    • Scarlet Vixen says:

      Yes!! I’ve caught bits of Burning Love after The Soup and it’s hilarious. I’ve never understood how anyone can actually watch The Bachelor–it’s so gross…

  13. Maggie says:

    I watched this show for about ten minutes. The guy made my skin crawl.

  14. bluhare says:

    Born again virgin is such a load. IF it was true, he was celibate. That’s not nearly as juicy as “born again virgin”.

  15. KellyinSeattle says:

    I checked the show for the first time this season, and I couldn’t believe how absolutely stupid it was, and all the participants seemed so desperate and flighty.

  16. Barhey says:

    I can kind of understand the born again virgin concept. It’s like you had sex but you regretted it and it wasn’t for you. So yes, technically you’re just celibate. But celibate is such a technical term that means a lot of things – maybe you’re asexual, maybe you have abuse/trauma in your past, made you have medical issues. I think people say ‘born again virgin’ to distinguish it specifically as a religious choice.

    If you head on over to the feminism section of tumblr they love titles too; genderqueer, genderneutral, trans*, etc. I’m totally okay with people choosing their own titles if it means something to them personally.

  17. Spaz says:

    Burning love was awesome! I only read the bachelor recaps on television without pity. They are hilarious. I hate the show otherwise.