The current Bachelor, Sean Lowe, is a ‘born again virgin’: are you surprised?

We don’t watch the Bachelor over here, but I swear I hear about that show a lot in my offline life. It seems like people watch it and enjoy it, so we’ll cover it when there’s something interesting to say – and this is interesting! The Bachelor Sean Lowe, a 29 year-old insurance agent from Texas, is reportedly a “born again virgin” in that he had sex in college or something but is now saving himself for marriage. He’s said to be engaged to one of the women from the show at this point (the finale hasn’t aired yet so we don’t know who it is out of the finalists) and they’ve already planned a summer wedding since they can’t wait to finally have sex. *facepalm* This is really funny to me, but I’ll try and be respectful of people who chose to be celibate for religious purposes. Lord knows I could never do it, especially at 20-something when there were so many hot guys to hook up with. How do dudes do it? Here’s more, thanks to the print edition of US Weekly:

Though US can confirm that the 6 foot 3 former fitness model is engaged to one of the final four contestants on the ABC reality hit, the devout Christian, 29, and his bride-to-be are abstaining from sex until they swap I do’s. (The proposal, taped in November, airs on next month’s finale.) “Sean doesn’t want to have sex until he’s married,” a show source says. Though Lowe did have sex in college, he embraced religion in his twenties and no longer believes in premarital relations. “He’s a ‘born-again virgin,’” continues the source. “It’s very important to him.”

And the winner – either bubbly Giudici, 26, earnest divorcee Frazier, 32, optimistic Desiree Hartsock, 26, or free-spirited Lindsay Yenter, 24 – has acceded to Lowe’s wishes. For now. “She wasn’t celibate going in to The Bachelor, so this is a big change,” continues the source. “She’s dying to do it. Waiting is tough!”

[From US Weekly, print edition, February 25, 2013]

I love that show Nashville, and here’s a spoiler for a past episode so if you want to watch it at some point you may want to uh, abstain from reading further. (I couldn’t help it!) Hayden Panettiere’s character, pop country singer Juliette Barnes, hooks up with a hot football player who is a virgin waiting to have sex until marriage. So she pursues him and asks him to marry her and he’s into it, marries her in town hall and breaks his vow of chastity. They plan a big church wedding to appease his conservative family, but when it comes time to walk down the aisle she jilts him at the last minute and his family is all “we told you so.”

My rambling point is that I guess a vow of chastity can work if both people are committed to it from the get-go, but let’s be realistic – these are reality show contestants, they are not an average pool of attractive coeds. These are women who specifically want to be on television, and the US article states that the winner can’t wait to have sex. Sure Lowe could have picked the most Christian of the bunch, but is it going to work out in the long run? Odds are that it won’t and that we’ll be looking at a Bachelor divorce for once (if they go through with it) instead of just your average breakup.

These photos are from 12-2-12 and 1-9-13. Credit: FameFlynet

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  1. Winnie says:

    I don’t watch this show, but based on the descriptions of the finalists, I bet he picked “bubbly.”

  2. Seagulls says:

    Translation: I would like to participate in both cultures so I can enjoy the best of both. I can at least respect people who choose celibacy before marriage even as I disagree with it, but being so vocal about being a born-again virgin is just stupid.

  3. Gene Parmesan says:

    Once you’ve had sex, you’ve had sex. You cannot be re-hymenated so he should call himself celibate

  4. lady mary. says:

    what exactly is goin on in that last pic?

  5. virginia5 says:

    Oh for fsakes! the whole born again virgin is such bullshit. lol. once you had sex, there is no turning back.

    I think its worse when girls say they are virgins because they only had anal sex -_-

    • fabgrrl says:

      Maybe that’s all this guy has had? ;)

    • Skipper says:

      What? People do that? I think that is more sacred than regular sex

      • sasa says:

        Yup, I’ll never understand this. Also, how is a BJ only a BJ but anal sex is OMG ANAL?

        To put it in mathematical terms: females have three potential holes for sexy times. One is a baby making, baby birthing one that serves no other purpose. You could call it the most natural option (if we try and apply the term natural to humans).

        The second one is the pooping hole and the third one is the speaking and eating hole. Pooping is done in your own personal privacy much like sex usually is. So it makes sense to me in that regard.

        Speaking and eating are however public and highly social activities. To modify the function so drastically and turn it into a private one requires (for me) a bigger leap than genital sex does.

        Nothing against oral sex in the least but I’m always surprised with how it’s portrayed like no big deal, a lesser form of sex.

      • Skipper says:

        I regard oral as less sacred because the potential ramifications are fewer or perhaps less risky. I guess in that regard, doing it in the pooper is less sacred than in the baby maker.

      • sasa says:

        Sure, I can understand the appeal of distancing oneself from the baby making aspect of sex in a context of casual fun. It’s the huge difference in how oral and anal are regarded that I don’t understand.

      • Skipper says:

        I guess. I was going to say anal is a big favor so you must really love the person but really both of them are a big favor so I guess I see your point. The only difference would be that HIV and those other diseases are more difficult to get with oral. Oh and oral can be done discreetly in a car while anal cannot so hookers have made it into more of a casual act. None of it should be casual though.

  6. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Just because a person doesn’t have sex doesn’t make them a good person. I think this is the schtick dude is trying to sell – that he is holy rolling good because he doesn’t shag.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      The whole born again virginity thing is legit. There’s no physical change in a guy after having sex like a girl. It’s more of a state of mind.

      He found god and wants to start fresh. In his new life he’ll view and value sex differently. I think it’s unrealistic since sex is driven with hormones and not much else, but it’s not as silly as it seems. Please don’t group that guy or girl you knew that said those bjs or backdoor times weren’t sex in with this group. Those people are only fooling themselves and it’s like apples and oranges.

      Is this guy is legit then he’s fully abstained. Otherwise it’s just an angle for the show.

    • Sarah says:

      Agreed. I don’t have sex and I’m a terrible person. Admittedly it’s because no one will have sex with me, but let’s not quibble over small details.

  7. Jayna says:

    I bet he’s had a ton of BJs during that four or five years of celibacy, but doesn’t consider that sex. LOL

  8. Mandy says:

    I’ve been watching this show and I’m really into it. But not because of vanilla beefcake Sean. I just watch it for the catty girl fights. He is just not attractive to me at all. And I’m pretty sure he did something to his teeth before the show started.

  9. Merritt says:

    The Bachelor and all the people on it just need to go away. Full of incredibly stupid people. I don’t even watch these shows. And yet it seemed like everyone had to recap when boring Melissa Rycroft was crying all over the place a few years ago.

    You can’t be a born again virgin. You can be celibate. However that is not something that needs to be broadcast about. Who cares. It doesn’t make you a good person. And if you are on this show, then you are probably not a good person.

  10. fabgrrl says:

    *rolling my eyes so far back it hurts*

    If you don’t want to spread your sunshine all around town, then fine. Bully for you. If you have an unsatisfying sexual relationship while young, and decide you just don’t want to rush into it again, cool. That is a mature, rational decision. I applaud people who make responsible choices about sex. BUT, it bugs the HELL out of me when people wear their virginity or “virginity” as some kind of freaking badge of honor. I think that waving your (non) sex-life around is the far less “chaste”, ie. modest, than someone have all the “fornication” there is in private.

  11. MonicaQ says:

    Is this because they couldn’t get my Alma Mater’s former QB? (Tim Tebow) Because that angle is *so* tired. Even people on campus with me were like, “Ok, he may be abstinent but celibate? That’s a whole ‘nother story.” Pleasant guy though.

    Don’t know about this Bachelor dude though. Won’t really be watching, I just find it funny after all the rumors of who was going to be on the Bachelor.

  12. Sam says:

    Hold up – most “born again virgins” swear off a lot more than sex – they start conducting themselves as “chaste.” This guy is kissing on multiple women, getting in the hot tub with them, etc. Sounds like he’s one of those “everything but” virgins, which aren’t really virgins at all.

    Some intrepid paparazzo ougtha get him on the street and ask “do you count a beej as sex, or are you more like Bill Clinton?”

  13. Amanda says:

    I’m surprised. To me, that is kind of a turn off.

    • drawbackwards says:

      Right? It would have been awesome if a few of the ladies dropped out after being notified… Maybe I would watch the show then. The submissive angle that these shows take on (men and women “battling” for one person’s “love”) is off putting to me. Maybe if the whole show was about winning 1 night of marathon sex with a gorgeous man/woman, I would find it more respectable. And yeah, I said it- respectable. Falling in love with someone you hardly know while they woo 25 other people? Bullshit. Seeing someone for 5 seconds and knowing you want to blow your mind with them? Legit.

  14. Angel May says:

    We’re learning a lot about guys who claim to be “virgins” from the Arias trial.

  15. judyjudy says:

    I can’t believe this is still a show!

  16. tabasco says:

    bachelor show idiots aside, there should be respect shown for people who go the “born again” virgin route. some people do it for very serious reasons – from learning new religious views as they get older to having been sexually assaulted and feeling that this is a way to reclaim their body. don’t just blanket sh*t on all people who do this b/c of someone on a damn bachelor show.

  17. MJ says:

    I’ve never understood the interest in this show, but I can’t help but feeling they’ve taken out the only titillating aspect of it by hiring this guy.

    Also, he is strangely monochromatic and smooth, like an orange Ken doll. Do not like.

  18. littlemissnaughty says:

    That’s not even a thing! Born again virgin??? My a**. Swearing off sex does not re-virginize you for the love of God.

  19. S says:

    He’s gay. I’d put money on it it’s something in the eyes. It’ll probably come out after the show is done. But not a metrosexual- he is gay. They could do a gay bachelor though!

    • MinnFinn says:

      Gay was also my first thought but after looking more at his photo I’m on the fence.

      Assuming he’s straight, I question his motives for doing this show because he should be able to easily find a woman at any church.

      I’m told by a single 30-something relative (she’s in seminary) that a man will find SO many women in that age range at any church with SO little competition.

      She says the single women out-number the single men by a ratio of 2:1 or more.

  20. JudyK says:

    Like Sean, but just say you’re celibate. So stupid. Nobody is ever re-virginized.

  21. e.non says:

    sorry, but those photos make me think he’s not nearly as chaste as he wants peeps to believe… one thing for sure — judging by that hungry look, their first ‘encounter’ ain’t gonna be more than a couple of minutes…

  22. valleymiss says:

    I hadn’t watched The Bachelor in years…and then last season I hate-watched Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette season. I was really impressed with Sean and thought he actually seemed like a I’m SO glad Tierra’s finally gone! Lol Btw, Tierra’s eyebrow has its own Twitter. ;-) Anyway, I’m rooting for Ashlee to win, though I also like Desiree and Catherine a lot. I don’t have any affinity for Lindsey. To me she’s incredibly blah.

  23. KellyinSeattle says:

    I think it’s one of the most stupid shows on TV; a bunch of women making themselves look so needy for him.

  24. Little Darling says:

    I’m celibate, and I’ve been so for almost ten years. It is much much harder than it appears to be. My choice to abstain from sex came from a number of factors..I married at 19, had my first child when I was 24, second at 27. By the time I became single after separating from my husband I found myself being 32 with the sexual “experience” and maturity of essentially a 19 year old. Being an attractive single woman on the dating scene again was so painfully overwhelming, because I’m “good looking” men’s attention never ceased to stop and it completely, wholeheartedly overwhelmed me as an adult. I had never really dated before, had not had sex with anyone besides my husband…I was so lost and incapable of emotionally handling this male attention that I thought I’d never have to face in life again after I married. I found times had changed so much with dating and many men seemingly expecting sex or sex acts (BJ, HJ etc) just because I spent four or five dates with them. (And lets not get started on the fact that my emergence into dating led me to realize no one had pubic hair anymore!!!)

    The decision to be celibate kind of came naturally. I was a single mom of two boys,
    determined to keep my emotional Dating life far away from my home with them. In the past five years I’ve spent time with many men. Some were inherently cool about my decision to abstain from sex and take the road to limited intimacy very very slowly. Some guys were compete dicks. I’ve been berated, pressured, yelled at for my choice. All that served for me was to be a perfect weeding out process…I was also upfront about my decision, offered few apologies for it, and always let them have a choice in continuing to date me. Happily most could handle it, and I now have more male friends through this dating/friendship/Hanging out business.

    My boyfriend now doesn’t love that we don’t have sex, he’s honest with me about that, and I’m happy he is. However he’s very content with what we can do, and enjoys being sexual with me in a way that makes both of us feel good. I don’t know if it will be marriage or soemthing else that will make me decide to resume a “regular” sex life, but the decision is still mine and needs to be respected for that.

    I hope it’s not just bull with this dude, I’m not judging him. But I definitely don’t think being a born again Virgin is something one uses as a “selling” point because its a very difficult choice, and one that does require a different mindset.

    • swack says:

      Congrats to you for holding on to your beliefs. But you used the words celibate and abstain which are totally different that being a “born again virgin”. I don’t put him down for wanting to be celebate but let’s call it what it is – it’s celibacy or abstinance NOT virginity.

  25. Patrice says:

    This type of thing drives me crazy. I consider myself a woman of faith but sorry, in life you just don’t get to have it all ways. You can’t go out and sow your wild oats so to speak throughout your youth then claim “virginity” again later once you’re a full fledged adult and may regret your actions of days gone by. I’m totally fine with it when people say they are celibate or chosing to abstain after the fact, but I don’t believe in totally re-writing history.

    Once you lose your virginity ONCE, it’s gone forever and isn’t coming back. Like I said, I totally respect those who chose celibacy or abstinance in an effort to change if they so chose, but lets not call a mouse a duck you know? (Actually, this makes me think of Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy last night: she willingly & happily participated in lots of wild, crazy s*x with one of the super hot male docs but later regretted comprimising her perviously long held beliefs so she dubbs herself a “virgin” again. I’m sorry but that whole storyline & the idea of one actually “re-virginizing” one’s self is just foolish.)

  26. anonymous fan says:

    I don’t want to offend religious nuts but it is REALLY, REALLY STUPID to commit to spend the rest of your life wih someone before having sex with them.Sex is very important in a marriage and if your mate is a prude or isn’t good or just doesn’t want to do things you like you should know before you marry.What if Sean’s penis is super small or he doesn’t like giving oral.That is something they need to know before the wedding.

    • Skipper says:

      Yes. That’s like getting married without living with someone – also dumb – or knowing them for two weeks. It could work but I preferred not to have too many surprises after getting married. I want to fully know someone before deciding to spend my life with them. You can set standards of commitment that precede marriage.

  27. ronny says:

    Hmmmm!I have been celibate for 2 years now.Not easy at all at all.My poor ex boyfriend who I used to sleep with prior to that time didn’t understand how I could suddenly change.But because it was for religious reasons I stood my ground.I have engaged in smooching,petting,being naked and letting the guy do crazy tins to u,even puttin his d*ck next to my whooha,yet no entry and No SEX.
    But I have come to the realisation that if u r celibate, then be celibate the whole way. No use fooling yourself.And dats my new motto.No more hanky panky until am married.

  28. veronica says:

    This is strange.

    He hooked up with ex bachelor contestant Jenna Burke at NY event in August. – the one from Bens season that cried on the first night. They ‘hit it off’ and ended up in a hotel room together. The next day appaz. he went all cold and completely ignored her, and she was ‘devestated’…. Its possible they just kissed and talked about The Bachelor, but its doubtful.