Is Jennifer Lawrence’s hair overprocessed to the point where she’s going bald?

I began dyeing my hair a few years ago to cover the premature grey. I have a love/hate relationship with hair dye at this point, mostly because my roots come out within a week and I feel like the darker hair dye is fundamentally changing the texture of my already fine hair. My hair is “flatter” now, and it feels oily really quickly. But… I love better now that I’m covering the grey. Before I started doing this, I had never fooled around with my hair color in my youth – there was just nothing to try, given my Indian-girl-coloring. I sometimes wish I had played around with my hair more in my youth, especially when I look at photos of Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer has been changing up her hair a lot over the past few years. And I think it IS her hair for the most part, give or take some extensions and the occasional hair-piece for a special event. Jennifer seems to be going through a phase where she changes her hair color for literally every movie she does, and during her Oscar campaign, it seemed like she was changing her hair color for each major awards show too. That’s a lot of hair dye! And according to Star Magazine, all of that dye and hair drama meant that Jennifer is now basically balding.

Jennifer Lawrence surpised everyone by sporting a short new ‘do at the GLAAD Media Awards on April 20, but sources say it was less of a style statement than a Hail Mary.

“Jen chopped her hair off because it’s falling out of her head,” says an insider. “She’s had so many chemical treatments and extensions that the only thing she could do to make her hair healthy again was to start over.”

How bad was she overdoing it? Following the Oscars, she went from blonde to black to brown – in 24 hours!

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I’m including the photos of Jennifer at the GLAAD event in this post – I think her color looks fine, and her hair looks healthy. The cut is a little bit mom-ish and it kind of ages her, but if it was a necessity, so be it. I doubt she’s “balding” but I’ll buy that her hair was and is overprocessed. Gossip Cop has an unnamed insider who claims Star’s story is crap, for what it’s worth. My guess is that her hairstylist was basically like “Girl, give it a rest.” Jennifer’s currently working on X-Men: Days of Future Past, and if they’re doing her hair the same way as they had in the first one… that means she’ll probably need a wig or some extensions. Poor Jennifer!

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Rachelstein says:

    Her short hair reminds me SO much of Kristen Wiig

  2. I think she looks good with this haircut, but the best her hair has ever looked was at the 2011 Oscars. Damn, that was the very definition of hairporn!

  3. BlackDuck says:

    She looks botoxed here.

  4. Jordan says:

    Star magazine is FOS. Lawrence’s hair looks fine.

  5. Jess says:

    I’ve been dying my hair for decades now. Lot’s of bleaching and stripping as well as a ton of darker dyes. I’ve literally changed my hair color 3 times in as many days. Sometimes my hair looks a little fried in the days after bleaching/stripping, but only when I’ve been too lazy to do a treatment. I’ve certainly never started losing more than the normal amount of hair.

    I might understand this story if she’d been switching between jet black and platinum blonde every few weeks, but Jennifer hasn’t even been doing that much to her hair. A few highlights, going a couple of shades darker or lighter occasionally and going dark twice I think? Unless she has the worst hairdresser in the world that isn’t going to cause her any problems.

    • Migdalia says:

      Not totally true. I’m pretty sure she’s had to use color stripper, and bleach quite a few times. Going from dark brown to blonde (and she’s stated her hair doesn’t keep to the dark brown very long) all those times will do some damage. Freddy Prinze Jr had to shave his head after Scooby Doo because of the damage.

      I had only bleached parts of my hair to lighten it so that it would take to the purple and pink colors I would occasionally sport and after the 2nd or 3rd time I was losing the hair I bleached. I had to cut it all off Halle Berry style and then I understood why those models always cried on ANTM when they got their hair cut lol.

      Anyway, I believe she had some hair damage too and that she probably doesn’t want all that hair anymore either.

  6. Barrett says:

    Mom hair cut? Is Kristin wig the mom? Come on!

  7. Jordan says:

    Star has been throwing all sorts of shit at Jennifer Lawrence…she’s doing drugs!, she’s gay!, she’s jealous!, and now she’s apparently going bald!. This is what happens when you are 22, popular, win an Oscar,etc. I don’t doubt that her hair was cut because it’s been damaged, hell, her hairstylist even admitted it needed a cut for that reason but, come on! (LOL!). As Kaiser noted, the color looks fine and it looks healthy. Classic example of Star sensationalism…take a fragment of truth and magnify it way out of proportion.

    • Lulu says:

      I was going to say the same thing, Star and it’s blog counterpart Radar.. have been throwing everything at Jennifer Lawernce , calling her closet gay , jealous of Bradley new girl , …every week they have some new ” insider gossip”…

      Saw a intervew she did at TIFF , where she was asked how she keeps her hair so healthy dying it all the time, and in the intervew her hair did look healthy & causal, she said to keep it dark , she uses a vegetable dye , and has to dye it every 10 days or the blond starts to show through .. So she’s not even using any harsh dyes when she goes dark.

  8. kellybean says:

    I highly doubt this is true. Her hair is shiny and shiny hair does not equal unhealthy hair.

  9. Deb says:

    I love that haircut. She looks great. Star mag is only good for using as car box liner.

  10. Jules says:

    @Deb: Yes, this +1,000,000. Star is running out of ideas…they have run the gamut with the usual, ie., sexuality, drug abuse, tension on set and nothing sticks. So, naturally (for Star, that is) the next step is, of course, her appearance. I can only imagine what an editorial meeting at Star magazine is like. Probably something like this:

    Editor in chief: “So, what can we write about Jennifer Lawrence this week?”.

    Staff writer #1: “Ummm…let’s write that she’s gay!”.

    Editor in chief: “Nope, we tried that three weeks ago…no one bought it. Anything else?”.

    Staff writer #2: “Drugs?”.

    Editor in chief: two weeks ago….and nope didn’t fly.

    Staff writer #3: “Jealous of Bradley Cooper’s girlfriend”—(the room erupts in laughter.)

    Editor in chief: “C’mon, people!…throw me a bone!”.

    Staff writer #4: “Ummmm…she’s going bald?”.

    Editor in chief: Sigh…oh what the fuck…okay, let’s run it.

    • Maya says:

      Ha! That’s probably what their the process is like for every story they run:
      “Okay, this week should Angelina be pregnant, anorexic, cheating, or making Brad storm out and cry?”

  11. KellyinSeattle says:

    I like her, but not her current hair color…reminds me of when my best friend and I put peroxide on our hair and sat out in the sun….

  12. Sam says:

    Actually the colour is flattering, with the low lights and hight lights, especially with her eyes and skin tone, she looks like cat with those cheekbones and mouth, and that nose, she has a amazing nose, it’s literally a nose of a feline.

    Star magazine is just playing on women on women hate, hoping because she’s young and just won the Oscar , we will pay to read bad shit about her, the usual women secretly all hate other women, especially if their young, beautiful and at top of the careers.

  13. Sara says:

    I just don’t understand the hair coloring thing when you are young and beautiful. Save it for when you are older and need to look younger and still have healthy hair to mess with.

  14. kitty says:

    if that’s ever the case then she should get cumby’s hairdresser, that man changes his hair as much as she does.

  15. xoxokaligrl says:

    The haircut is average. Just like her acting and looks.