Miley Cyrus is named #1 on the Maxim hot list: good choice or why?

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has been named Maxim’s top babe on the magazine’s annual Hot 100 list, and she lifts the crown from last year’s winner, Bar Refaeli. Maxim’s list is supposedly voted on by readers of the lad mag, but I’m sure there’s more than a little bit of editorial control when it comes down to the top ten or so choices. At the moment, we don’t know who else made the list (although I’m sure Miley’s romantic rival, January Jones, has secured a spot somewhere, LOL) because the official announcement won’t be made for a few more weeks. However, Miley just couldn’t keep this secret to herself any longer because she posted the above snap from Maxim’s upcoming pictoral on her Twitter account and raved, “Didn’t know this was coming out yet! I’m so happy to be #1 on Maxims HOT 100! #myfanskickass #dreamsdocometrue.”

Dreams coming true? That’s an bizarre attitude for a pop star who recently stated that “A star is someone who doesn’t have to take her clothes off to be sexy because you naturally have star power” immediately before giving herself a front wedgie and flashing crack in V magazine. You know that when Maxim’s cover feature comes out, Miley will be posing in sexy mode too. After all, that’s the kind of image the magazine puts forth, and that’s the kind of image Miley truly wants. Oh well. It’s better than Mila Kunis topping yet another list. At least Miley making #1 is unexpected and interesting even if the selection is probably publicist dictated.

Oh, and Miley finally went and started an Instagram account, so she’ll be posting photos like crazy there in addition to on Twitter and Facebook. Because she’s such a private person.

Here’s Miley pumping gas last week while pairing a “Sex, Drugs & Rap” t-shirt with nearly nonexistent shorts and extremely high heels. So classy.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Maxim

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  1. s says:

    there’s no denying that her body is slamming, if that is what this contest is about.

    • dorothy says:

      What? There’s a difference between hot and sexy and cheap and trashy.

    • V4Real says:

      Another BS magazine. Miley has long legs and it stops there. She’s too damn skinny. If you haven’t notice, take a look at Amanda Bynes legs, they are very similar to Miley’s.

    • carol says:

      but her face – there are many, many beautiful women in hollywood and she isn’t one of them

    • Jennykins says:

      Makes more sense than goop as most beautiful I think.

    • rashers says:

      I dont think her body is sexy in the least. I think it would appeal more to women (who would envy the clean lines of it) than men (who are mostly drawn to curve – think tits and ass. Think narrow waist and flaring hip. Think sultry face. Long legs help but will not seal the deal)

      Never the less, I cant be mad at this. She could do with an ego boost given her fiance cheated so very publicly and shes just too damn young for bs of that magnitude.

      • *unf* Joan Jett says:

        Haha, you are kinda semi-right. Miley appeals to women but in a different way that you think. No envy, just wishful thinking for her to come out as any kind of queer. I’m not kidding, so many lesbians are crazy for her and her “clean lines”.

    • Eileen says:

      What the HECK??!! Kristen Stweart is best dressed and now Miley Cyrus is the most sexiest?!! WTF

      • Sam says:

        The Maxim list also factors in the “It” factor. It’s not 100% about looks so don’t get so caught up in that. It’s about who’s big in the industry right now. And ladies, seriously, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Miley is beautiful is her own right, she’s not my type, but she is still beautiful. (If I had my way Bar would be #1 every year).

      • V4Real says:

        But Sam Miley is not even an it girl. If it wasn’t for Liam no one would even be talking about her.

  2. Lb says:

    I watched the Last Song last week. It was on TV so I figured why not. Her and that guy haVe a lot of chemistry. I can see why they hooked up. But they’re still so young to be so committed, in Hollywood anyway. It was bound to flame out.

  3. Eleonor says:

    Her body is killer, and in her casual shoots in the streets, she always looks better than Mila “sexiest woman” Kunis in the same situation.
    I don’t think she is the hottest chick out there, but if Mila Kunis got that “title”, why not?

    • Spooks says:

      Mila is much more beautiful in the face department , though.

      Going trough her instagram left me wondering, did she go to school? Because, as a non-native speaker,I find her spelling and grammar quite disturbing.

      • Eleonor says:

        I think Mila looks stunning with makeup on, without she is not that beautiful.

      • cs says:

        What is wrong with the HW’s best lists? First it was Esquire that had the most bland list of average looking women on the list.. Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence.. People’s most beautiful.. GOOP now Miley for Maxim.. What happened to the really beautiful, sexy days of Halle, JLo, Angelina, Monica Belucci?
        But when you think about it there aren’t any gorgeous/sexy women in HW anymore.

      • rashers says:

        Mila has a sensuality that Miley couldnt fake if she tried.

        Mila in makeup is sultry. Miley in makeup is cute.

        Miley is Teen Magazine. Mila is Grown Ass Woman Magazine image wise. Which is what Mileys publicist was shooting for here.

      • april says:

        cs – I agree with you. For most beautiful I would pick Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, etc.

  4. judyjudy says:

    She has amazing legs.

  5. siobhan says:

    They wouldn’t make their #1 hottest someone who wouldn’t give an interview and do a photo shoot. I wonder how many women turned them down before they settled on Miley.

    • Zooyork says:

      Sadly probably none. With the exception of maybe Bill Murray, I think celebs are all narcissists.

      • siobhan says:

        I would agree that most are narcissistic which is why they would probably find Maxim beneath them. The girl I keep hearing guys talk about being so hot is Jennifer Lawrence. I bet Maxim would have rather had her but I doubt a recent Oscar winner is going to do maxim

  6. Tessa says:

    I don’t even find her hot, let alone the “hottest”. I think she has a rodent face and a terrible case of try hard.

  7. brin says:

    She was probably twerkin’ all over the place when she got the news.

  8. Alexis says:

    Does Miley “share” the same publicist with Goop? This publicist must be very wealthy or must love his/her clients very much. WHAT A JOKE!

    • Mata says:

      I was wondering the same thing. First Goop and now Miley. Some PR people have really been earning their money.

      Since they had to photoshop Miley until she was barely recognizable, I’m guessing the editors of Maxim don’t believe this one, either.

    • Faye says:

      This. I don’t like to be mean about looks, but since she’s putting herself out there as the sexiest woman ever, I have to say, WTF? She doesn’t even look vaguely attractive to me, much less sexy. Granted I’m not a man, but I could sort of see how men would find Mila Kunis sexy. Miley? Not so much.

      • Cali says:

        Couldn’t agree more! And she has NO body, But, I do think she is kinda cute in a childish way, but that’s all I can give her, never SEXY or hot…never

  9. Liz says:

    I can see her winning if for no other reason then she has a very large fan base that will vote and keep voting for her, but her body does look great in these pics.

  10. hateonit. says:

    maxim used to be notorious for there number one on the 100 list. I just feel like in recent years they’ve been going downhill….she’s proof. I really think people should just admit she’s facially challenged. I mean her body is very nice but she’s not pretty. the weird thing is she was kinda attractive with long hair. she needs her hair back.

    • Tessa says:

      Agreed 100%. She’s not pretty in the face at all. I’d like to think that men at least look at a girls face, maybe glance at it for a time, and it’s not all about the t and a.

      • TheOneAndOnly says:

        Yes hateonit Maxim once had top models like Giselle and Yamilia diaz Rahi on it’s covers; Obviously money/favors under the table bought this cover also; as Ai side later in the post, someone with real talent wouldn’t have to go this route – that’s the problem She has no talent – I can see her “talent” at a jr. high school talent show contest; she’s over but everyone’s on the gravy train so they’ll string this out as long as they can. She has no wild streak; it’s all calculated to garner attention.
        BTW, when does she have time to work on her “music?”

  11. Agnes says:

    Whoever did the Photoshop in the first pic did a very bad job.
    But I must say she has killer legs.

  12. siobhan says:

    I have never heard a guy say Miley is hot but I have heard plenty of guys who think Mila is. It’s doubtful many men voted for her.

  13. DanaG says:

    Sexy….umm no. Just cause she pouts and flashes her side boob doesn’t make her sexy it’s about so much more then that. Trashy and tarty yes but not sexy. I guess that means we will be seeing more of her trout face.

    • geekychick says:

      Face is the problem. I don’t know a guy who thinks she’s especially sensual.

  14. geekychick says:

    Look, I don’t have anything against Miley, I even think she is somewhat tame compared to other ex-child-stars, but this is just a proof that those kind of lists are decided in PR offices. I mean, you can say she’s charming (?), or special (that voice! it’s really grating to me, maybe bc I’m not from USA?IDK), or cute-but sorry, you can’t tell me she’s the sexiest in HW or entertainment bussiness with that face*.
    *I hate to judge anyone on their face/God given look, but when you get on this kind of list and endorse it, you open yourself up to this kind of crticism.

  15. Lolly says:


  16. paola says:

    i think it’s a mistake.. Miley is the hottest chipmunk of the year!

  17. hateonit. says:

    she looks kinda evil in that pic….like a squinting mouse……her eyeliner and eyebrows….are not working.

  18. Joanna says:

    I love those black and white heels.

    • j.eyre says:

      I love them. I didn’t see them the last time these photos were up. any idea who they are?

      • Marty says:

        @Miss J- Keep an eye out for, they keep up with most popular celebs clothing, including Miley. I’m sure it will be up there soon. 🙂

  19. GeeMoney says:


  20. SydneySpy says:

    I don’t think anything a 20-year-old says should be set in stone, but why. Miley, why??

  21. Tig says:

    This is the tri-fecta of you’re kidding, right?- gwyneth as most beautiful, KStew as best dressed, and now this- Miley is a cute, pretty confused young woman right now- have yet to figure out how that translates into “sexy”!

  22. Andrea says:

    Damn they photoshopped half her thigh off.

  23. Ai says:

    She just tries way to hard; so obvious because 1 min she says one thing and next sec she does the opposite. She just tries to be what is “in”, “sexy” or “whatever it is” in order to keep her fame and which is why she is dulllllllll; there is no genuine Miley. I can’t blame her totally growing up in the industry with the ego and sense of entitlement and the enablers….if she had true talent and enough sense of self to nuture her talent instead of playing the Hollywood fame game, things could have been different. I am indifferent to her but I can see her going the Lohan, Amanda way if she doesn’t reach the level of fame she’s aiming for….

  24. DreamyK says:

    This Maxim Mag Hot 100 seems to be something that can be bought via money or influence :

    The women that top that list are certainly attractive,but not the hottest in the land: Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera, Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Garner….

  25. Dedrie says:

    Her irritating voice and constant dopey chatter unable to stay loyal to one person are the deal breakers..

  26. Poor thing wants to be Rihanna in every way possible. I haven’t used this word since middle school, but Miley just screams “dork” to me.

    • Beatriz says:

      Omg this times a thousand! Everytime I see her now she’s wearing something Rihanna would wear. I BARELY tolerate it on Rihanna, on Miley it just comes of a try-hard and fail -__-.

  27. teehee says:

    Wait– Maxim? Wait a minute— isnt this catering to OLD MEN? ADULT men? What is miley now- 20? But isnt she JUST of age– why are older and older men looking up to younger and younger women to be some sort of “depiction of what a sexy woman is”— shes still a young girl in my eyes! 20 year olds dont belong in smutty magazines!

    * on a side note, I cant even walk in heels that high, and I am 30, so, yes, big gap between mentalities here …

    • blaize says:

      Maxim is looked at by men of all ages- from guys in their teens to guys in their 50’s.

      I don’t think 20 is too young to be considered sexy. At 20 one is legally and physically an adult and no longer in high school. It’s not like we’re innocent asexual girls at this age.

  28. JudyK says:

    I LOVE those heels and want them!

  29. blaize says:

    I think part of the reason why she’s considered sexy (besides the fact that she’s young, popular, and has a great body) is because she’s controversial. She’s been controversial for a few years now, and a lot of her controversies involved ‘sexiness’. This isn’t her first year making the list. Controversial young pop stars are generally considered sexy- think about Madonna, Christina, and Britney when they were her age (although I think they were prettier than Miley).

    Still, there’s no way she should be number one- especially with that haircut. She beat out a lot of women who are a lot better looking than her. Overall Miley is pretty, but she’s not beautiful and she’s definitely not better looking than Rihana, Megan Fox, or most of the other girls who would be on the list. I’m surprised Kate Upton wasn’t number one this year.

    I think some people are just attracted to Miley’s wild streak.

  30. Trudy says:

    I like Miley… she is girly,funny, and she doesn’t seem as fake or as bitchy as a lot of the other tween idol girls *ahem Selena, Taylor*.. I think she works hard for her body and she deserves it. I love her outfit too, only she should have worn likea converse sneakers or Jordan or something with it instead of heels.

  31. Marty says:

    What bothers me the most is this ‘dreamsdocometrue’ BS. What the hell is her life about where making #1 on that list is a dream?

    I remember just a few short years ago when The Cracken was named #1, smh.

  32. Chrissie says:

    She does have a great body (I would too if I had all day to devote to working out and eating healthy), but I just cannot get over her horrible haircut. She just looks like a fuzzhead to me.

  33. cubfan34 says:



  35. kudzuqueen says:

    I have not read through all of the comments, so this might have been said already. But can someone tell Leann Rimes that this is how those shorts are worn?

  36. Lisa says:

    Unnecessary photoshop on those gams, dudes. They ‘shopped out her thigh muscle. 🙁

  37. novaraen says:

    Ugh…she’s not sexy. Maybe she has nice legs, but the girl is still a GIRL. Her personality is lacking…her style is super bad as well. Not to mention the hair is so ugly with her little gremlin face.

  38. Holden says:

    No, not at all, I realize the readers of Maxim are probably 18 year old guys, but her on the same level as Bar Rafaeli? Not even close.

  39. Appleve says:


  40. KellyinSeattle says:

    She’s already annoying at 20…with a whole, wide open future for further annoyances….I don’t think she’s that bad, but her lack of talent and bland personality/try-hard traits make her blah. Just because she’s not so bad doesn’t mean she’s the best.

  41. heidi says:

    Do these celebs pay these outlets to award them #1 positions? Anyone else believe this is all about luring the Aussie hunk back for the wedding? I do! Run Liam~ you can do much better.

  42. dcypher1 says:

    She needs to hire a stylist asap.

  43. TXCinderella says:

    She is so street. (Rolling eyes) She is just gross, and I hope her and Liam are done. She is a lost soul searching for her identity.

  44. WendyNerd says:

    I use to have a kind-of popular blog on when I was a teenager. It was during 2005-2009 when Miley was at her high point with Hannah Montana and echoing more and not dog a str. The blog was on a site dominated by kids who were in their high school social alienation/rebellion jar rock phase and mostly these kids would just post and comment on pictures of, discuss on message boards and/or blog about bands like My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Avenged Sevebfold, etc. Sp Miley and her hyper peppy clean Disney brand were not popular there. I remember feeling resentment towards her because the Hannah Montana soundtrack beat out MCR’s record go the number one spot. But after a while I developed a real soft spot for her, partly out of feminist solidarity when the first of her “scandalous” bikini webcam photos came out after she was hacked and it made me feel awful that all these people were calling her a slut. She was even younger than me and it struck me hard. Since then I’ve felt a compulsion to defend/support her, so I’m going to say that the “dreams come true” line is just her way of saying thank you. In our generation, everything has to be a “dream” and every little success is supposed to be a huge deal. Also, I’m willing I bet that she could use this sort of validation after all the rumors about Liam cheating on her. That sort of thing really has a way of making you feel unwanted and unattractive.

  45. Starlight says:

    What do you think. It goes with the economy too.

  46. TxGal says:

    This little girl since before she was 18 she loves showing off skin. I do not find her appealing at all especially when she opens her mouth.

  47. LurkeeLee says:

    She looks like a truck stop hooker in that outfit. Most sexiest for the vision impaired maybe.

  48. yoloy says:

    lmao first Gwyneth Paltrow now this??? yeah right!

    • jilly says:

      LOL! I didn’t think of it in this way but you’re right. Next up Falcor will be declared Miss Universe. LOL!!!

  49. jilly says:

    It’s clear that she deeply aspired to this accomplishment. Her hunger for this kind of validation is actually deeply sad IMO.

  50. Meegs says:

    She has that too-skinny physique that impossible for 95% of the female population to achieve, yet is revered anyway. She’s not unattractive, but it seems like she will always have the face of a young girl. Her facial features are very round or something, and I just get the feeling she will always look “young”…how old is she anyways? Long hair would help I think…

    • Stacia says:

      I assure you that she did not ‘achieve’ this physique. She’s young and energetic so it’s natural AT THIS AGE and her genetics that she is this slim. I WAS too at that age, but now beyond 35 years..not so much.

  51. Ally8 says:

    Miley & Bieber need to get together. They’ll look like twins and between the two of them, they will have two brain cells to rub together for attention.

  52. Dani V says:

    Sometimes a woman has to get a few years under her belt to be considered sexy. That is derived from really knowing who you are at the core. I don’t want to be spouting reverse ageism but at 20 yrs. old I am not so sure one possesses that quality. She is cute in the face and I think she has really worked hard on her body this past yr. and I give her props for that. I mean in addition at 20, there isn’t too much wrong with ones’ body. Of course I am a woman, so what do I know? Maybe men go gah gah for her.

  53. Megalicious says:

    Ah Miley it’s not recommended to use a mobile when filling up!

  54. Norman says:

    I haven’t bought a Maxim top 100 mag and supplemental since 2010. Don’t get me wrong I like Miley but she is not top 10 or 50 let alone top 1 material. She has tried very hard to get rid of her Hannah Montana persona by going in a “wild” direction that has seemed to make her look troubled in the eyes of observers and fans that have followed her in her early years at Disney. Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton just a few months older than Miley, Mila Kunis, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, my preferred and many others are better qualified to be #1.

  55. Stacia says:

    Try-hard…look at me. She dresses for the papparazzi. WTH… 3 inch shorts and 5 inch heels…TACKY! And I know shes’s a kid but she’s trying toooo much, toooo hard.

  56. Dommy Dearest says:

    She’s beginning to resemble MMA fighter, Georges St. Pierre. While he’s gorgeous… that’s never a good look for a female. But that was for the photoshoot linked above with the camel toe. She looks like Justin Bieber in day to day life IE pumping gas.

    Girl needs to stand up straight. Heels help with the appearance of an ass but her posture makes her look flatter than a piece 4×4. She has no curves which makes me question why she got this. I like Miley more than most other celebs I just wish she’d stop trying so hard.

  57. SCREEEE says:

    I get it. The lady’s now gorgeous, which is unexpected…? And she hasn’t yet crapped on the straight-men’s fantasies by doing Kutcher or something similarly repellent. *AHEM KUNIS*

  58. Zach says:

    Seriously… Miley Cyrus??? I usually don’t care about this crap but when I heard this on the radio I wondered who paid maxim off… Many more better looking ladies out there