Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s marriage in trouble: ‘Jen doesn’t really trust Ben’

Remember how Ben Affleck talked about how he was going to be “Mr. Mom” to his three kids this summer while his wife, Jennifer Garner, was on set? He said “She’s got a couple of movies coming up. There’s going to be a little Mr. Mom action and I’m going to get back in the ring.” Well if Star is correct (and that’s a big IF) that’s no longer happening. They say that Garner plans to take the kids with her on set, at least for a couple of weeks, and she’s wondering what Ben will be up to when she’s away. I can see her bringing the kids, she seems like a hands-on mom who would really miss them if she was away. But I can also see Ben visiting a lot. So we’ll see. The paparazzi follow them so much that we’ll know by either the lack of photos, or the new photos on set. Here’s some of Star’s story:

Jennifer, 41, is worried sick that 40 year-old Ben might cheat on her. “Jen really doesn’t trust Ben,” states the insider. “She’s going to Cleveland for two weeks this month to begin shooting a new film. While she’s away, she’s pulling the kids out of school in Brentwood to be on set with her – and she’s worried about Ben being by himself…

“There was talk that Ben strayed with Blake [during filming of The Town],” continues the pal. “And he started talking to J.Lo again. His wife checks up on him all the time and looks through his phone…

“Ben is a good dad, but he’s becoming obsessed with work… It’s all about him, his friends and his career. Jen has decided to do fewer movies to make sure the marriage works…

“He still drinks and hangs out with friends a lot,” dishes the pal. “They are not 100 percent solid, like their image suggests.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, May 20, 2013]

Even if Star made that up out of whole cloth, which is entirely possible, it has a ring of truth to it. We’ve been hearing these rumors about them for years. Plus every time Ben opens his mouth he confirms that his relationship is “work” and that he considers caring for the kids work. So I believe that Garner checks up on him and that their marriage isn’t as rosy as the photos would have us think. They’ve lasted though, and isn’t that the point Ben was making in his Oscar speech?

The Enquirer also has a story this week about the Garner-Afflecks. They say that they’re being courted for a reality show:

The Enquirer has learned that a Hollywood producer has big plans to convince the Oscar-winning actor/director and his beautiful wife to do a blockbuster reality show.

He aims to show how an a-list celebrity couple handles the trials and temptations of life in the showbiz fast lane. He also wants to reveal the secrets behind Ben and Jen’s eight-year marriage.

“It would be great for them to open up about their lives,” said the source. “It would help people understand why Ben said ‘marriage is hard work’ in his Oscar acceptance speech this year.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, May 20, 2013]

Yeah this isn’t going to happen. This is some guy’s pipe dream. These two have worked too hard on their images to risk that with a reality show. Even though Ben seems to risk their family image every time he does an interview.

These photos are from 4-28-13 of the family at a children’s running event in which Seraphina, 4, participated. The family was at Disneyland in Anaheim just this weekend. (Those photos linked just show Jennifer, but Ben was there too.) Credit:

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  1. Sarah says:

    I do think that Ben may not be a great husband, but he still seems like a pretty good dad. It doesn’t come easy to everyone.
    Of course, I had an absentee father, so everything else pretty much looks good by default.

  2. aims says:

    Shocking. Their marriage isn’t as strong as the impression they were giving off during award season? Ben seems to not be as into Jennifer as she’d like? Talk about a world shattering revelation. eyeroll

  3. Trixie says:

    Ben is an addictive personality and it worries me that he still drinks. Between that and the high stakes gambling my heart bleeds for Jen. Not even factoring the possible cheating yet. When Ben says marriage is hard what he means is that the wife kills his fun times.

    • SageM says:

      Didn’t Goop once famously say that Ben’s ideal woman is “a stripper with a can of beer on each hand”?

    • OutstandingWorldCitizen says:

      What man is not flawed? For that matter what woman isn’t? During BenniferI it was apparent that he is a fun loving, kind but a dude’s dude AND she JLo was not happy with it. She really wanted to change him. Luckily he got outta that nightmare b/c he had his own fame and wealth. Remember the Dateline interview? As for Goop and her impression. Whatever. That is why it is called dating. Dating is equivalent to eating appetizers. Just saying.

      Jennifer G. is no innocent. Remember what she did to her first husband Scott Foley then Michael Vartan? She might give that safe girl next door image which most men fall far but come on. That said if this story is true, I hope they can work it out. Marriages…relationships PERIOD are work to pretend otherwise is delusional.

  4. Happymom says:

    Her clothing choices pain me. Those boots, and the mumsy hat: ugh.

  5. GeeMoney says:

    They just need to get divorced already and stop trying to convince everyone they are happy.

  6. Debbie says:

    Sorry team Ben on this! Jennifer is exactly where she wants to be and in the exact situation she planned so she gets to live with it. She isn’t dumb she knows she needs him to stay relevant at all and she is the one behind all the pap shots so its hard to feel for her.

    • Holly says:

      I’ve got to agree with this. She was married to a nice(r) guy, seriously dated nicer guys and kept leaving them. Apparently she really wanted the guy with the enormous ego, so surely she can’t be surprised.

      It’s hilarious that Ben has actually grown up to become so much like his character from the movie Mallrats. I don’t know if you can really take the douche out of someone so douchey no matter how many little gold men you give them!

      • ks says:

        Thank you! Why anyone would feel bad for Jennifer is beyond me. She got exactly what she wanted and exactly what she deserves. She knew what she was doing by cheating on each guy before she left him for the next one; she is not a victim in this marriage or her life.

      • megsie says:

        Scott was a ‘nice guy”?? Hardly. Try insecure and whiny.

      • Amanda_SB says:

        I have to agree with megsie. Scott tried to pick up someone I worked with while he was with Jen. He’s not such a nice guy.

        The same can be said for Ben. Pre-marriage, but while dating Jen, Ben tried to pick-up not 1, but 2 of my friends. The bizarre thing was that while 1 worked in Brentwood, which is pretty close to home for him, the other was at an airport out-of-state. Neither one of these gals resemble each other. So at least in the past, Ben seems to have liked all kinds of women and it didn’t matter if he was in a relationship or not. I don’t think marriage and sobriety have changed him at all. I think Jen knew what she was getting into when she married him and I think she’s in it for the long run.

        I have a friend who went through something similar. She married a known womanizer who cheated on her 10 DAYS after they got married. She “forgave” him and he continued to cheat. Fast forward several years and several kids later and I asked her why she stayed with him (my friend is very pretty and outgoing and could have done so much better). She said she had always wanted a nice home, kids and a comfortable life (she has her own career and in fact makes more money than he does), and she got that. She said as long as he didn’t bring home any diseases he could do whatever he wanted. I was stunned, to say the least. Fortunately, a few years later, she wised-up and divorced the snake. Today he lives down the street from her and they share joint custody. She still has a great career, 3 kids and a beautiful home. While she dates, her kids are her priority. Unlike Jen, I think low self-esteem played into my friends marriage, but like Jen, she was no dummy. I don’t think anyone should stay in a bad relationship. That being said, Jen has more to lose – her status as a Hollywood Power Couple, and to her that may be more important than how faithful Ben is or how he treats her. Just a guess.

    • neelyo says:

      Amen! I’ve always thought Garner was more Lady Macbeth than Rita Wilson. And she’s always traded up in partners.

  7. Birdix says:

    It makes no sense–if she were worried about him being alone, she wouldn’t drag the kids to Ohio with her.

    • Micki says:

      That was my first question too.
      If the kids stay with Dad he won’t have that much time to stray/party with friends, ets.
      And it’s for only 2 weeks…A bit over-the-top Mum, and pulling them out from school for that?!

      As for marriage being “work”…whose marriage isn’t really? I actually like that he’s not over-glossing it.

  8. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    I dont get why she would take the kids out of school for two weeks to bring them on set with her. Why? Just so Ben can “stay home?” That part doesnt compute. Anyway, isn’t school over for the year, just about everywhere in the US? If not, I can imagine it’s nearing the end for most kids. SKETCHY Ben, what will you be doing for a couple weeks with an empty house and no film projects?

    • gogoGorilla says:

      That’s the part that makes me side-eye this story (ok, plus it’s Star). I really don’t think she’s going to take her kids out of school (although – probably the oldest is the only one in an actual grade) just because her husband is so untrustworthy (that part I totally believe). Plus, they have nannies, blahblah. I’m sure she’ll miss them OR she might enjoy having a break. Moms do. (gasp)

  9. Inconceivable! says:

    They’ve lasted longer than I expected, so who knows? Maybe they are happy, even if it takes work to stay together.

  10. Jayna says:

    Star cuts and pastes little bits from every other gossip mag or any interview (he has email correspondence with J-LO occasionally). Lazy, Star. Yawn. Nothing original as usual from Star, nothing they would know. Like she would even whisper to anyone she doesn’t trust him. LOL

  11. DreamyK says:

    The woman in the last pic standing in front of Ben looks like Sandra Bullock. It could happen, they starred together in Forces of Nature. Heh.

  12. Jen Ash says:

    I call BS on this article for a few reasons. One is that when she filmed Dallas Buyers Club in November and December he did stay in Los Angeles with the kids because they had school and she went to New Orleans. He took them out there on their school breaks. I’m sure they will do the same thing with this next movie. I’m not sure when school gets out for the girls for summer but I’m sure Ben stays in LA until they finish and then they move to wherever she is filming and after this upcoming film she is doing another movie as well. I really don’t believe this source especially since it says she’s working less but she’s doing two movies this summer plus she just did one, that’s three movies since Ben last did one so she’s not working less at all. But I never believe anything Star Mgazine prints, they’re the worst.

    • Tasha says:

      The kids were with her in New Orleans their are photo of Jen getting on a privet airplane with the two youngest ones and a couple of days later their was a photo of Jen walking in New Orleans with ben and all the kids. Ben movie came out in November of last year and Jen and Ben where photo all over the place together promoting the movie In November and December. If she was filming in Dallas it was of a days or two here and there.

      • Jen Ash says:

        You’re wrong. Ben stayed behind with a Violet and Seraphina because they had school. There are photos of Ben with them doing the school run almost every single day while at the same time photos were being published if Jen in New Orleans. And the kids did go out to New Orleans, I said that but they went when they had breaks from school and on some weekends other than that, thy were with Ben in LA and there are weeks worth of pictures to prove that. The only time that she had the kids alone in NOLA was when Ben left to do an interview in NYC and came back to New Orleans the next day where he then left for LA with the girls because of school. And I never said she filmed in Dallas.

  13. Dawn says:

    Oh please I don’t believe a word of this. They look happy enough to me and what happens in their marriage is none of our business until they make it so.

  14. Georgina says:

    Can we move past the “marriage is work” thing?Seriously, it’s been beat to death, and I think Ben got a lot of unnecessary crap about it. Ask any normal couple with careers and children if their relationship is work at times, and they’ll tell you it is.

  15. ks says:

    This story again? Really? This has become the new “ANGELINA AND BRAD BROKEN UP?” or “ANGELINA AND BRAD MARRIED?” or “JENNIFER ANISTON GETTING MARRIED?” How many times are they going to recycle it?

  16. Jenny says:

    I like them as a couple. As I’ve commented before on these posts, anything worth having takes a little (or a lot) of work. I love taking care of my daughter, but I consider that work as well. Also, I don’t really know the context of Ben’s drinking and partying ways, but I think that it is perfectly acceptable and normal to still go out with the guys or the girls after marriage and kids.

    • MsAubra says:


      He said nothing insulting when he professed marriage is work. There are MANY people who feel/know this. If your marriage or relationship doesn’t take work, then good for you, but don’t think that because yours doesn’t and most others do that you have it better…you don’t and when the shit hits the fan, you’ll get the picture

  17. Jess says:

    They always come off as co-parents to me, rather than two people in a romantic relationship. I picture them having separate bedrooms (if not separate wings) and only talking to each other about the kids.

    I think Ben gets a bad rap quite honestly. Yes he’s skeevy, but they’d known each other for quite a while before they officially got together and it’s not like he hid his predilection for strippers and booze particularly well. Plus Jennifer’s no saint either, having cheated on her ex-husband. She knew exactly what she was getting into with Ben, and she sacrificed a little self-respect so she could be one half of a power couple. I bet she thinks one day they’ll be Paul and Joanne.

    • amberly says:

      I don’t think so. They very much come off as a couple when they’re seen out together both with the kids and alone, which is quite often. If I had to say the coparents separate bedroom thin it would be GOOP and Chris Martin.

  18. Kota says:

    Why do people make a big deal if Ben drinks? He was seen drinking, with Jen, throughout awards season at the Globes, SAGs, etc. He went to rehab over a decade ago and it was never because he was an alcoholic, it was because his father was and he wanted to make sure he didn’t become one as well. I’m sure he knows how to handle his liquor as a 40 year old man. We absolutely never hear reports of him being a drunk so I really don’t see the issue with him having a few harmless drinks. And I don’t believe anything in this article. Ben and Jen actually seem happy to me lately, like genuinely happy.

  19. bns says:

    Their marriage is always in trouble.

  20. amberly says:

    I highly doubt she takes the kids with her. Ben stayed behind to do the school run last time. School probably gets out soon and when it does he probably goes to Ohio with them. Whenever one films the other spouse always moves with the kids on location unless its during the school year. And I really don’t think we can judge pap pics because we won’t get any in Ohio and who knows when they get out of school, so if they aren’t seen it can be because the whole family is in Ohio since school ended for summer.

  21. Ally says:

    You only have to look at their children to work out the state of their relationship.

  22. oh snap! says:

    and in between all the trouble she gets preggo. I believe she’s carrying number 4 by the looks of her most recent pics.

  23. Ginger says:

    I feel an ounce of sympathy for Jen because I was in a marriage just like this and it ended. It worries me as well that he may still be drinking after he was already in rehab. That’s not a good thing. But since this story is from Star it’s probably a lie.

  24. mimi says:

    Let’s be fair for a minute.

    If anyone should not be trusting the other- that should be Ben not trusting Jen.
    I would not trust anyone who got pregnant without his consent and push the guy, having known his history and father issues- to marry the mother of his child.

    So she basically did it to herself.
    She was calculating. she declared how much she wants children beforehand- yes, but that is no excuse to get pregnant to seal the deal.

    The rumors about Rebecca Hall were enough for Kate Winslet- a woman I respect and has self respect- to leave her husband, but were not enough for Jen Garner to draw her conclusions.

    • Belle says:

      She got pregnant without his consent… how did she do this exactly? Did she steal his sperm?

      Curious also how she forced him to marry her?

      From the many photos I saw of this couple after Jen got herself pregnant and forced Ben to marry her, he looked pretty damn pleased. Odd.

      • mimi says:

        To have sex is not tantamount to having children together. Far from it.

        Anyone who ever read Ben’s interviews about his father and childhood would know he would marry and stay with the mother of his children and would be extremely averse to anything other than the traditional marriage when children are involved.

        He went through tough times when his father left them and was open about that sensitive spot.

        Jen has cheated in the past, and I getting pregnant without your partner’s consent is exploiting trust.

    • amberly says:

      He said before she even got pregnant, but after they had been dating awhile, that he wanted to take a break from acting, get married and have kids which is exactly what he ended up doing. And if she “trapped” him than why has he said multiple times that he wants to have a fourth child with her? And rumors are rumors, there is absolutely no proof that Ben has ever cheated. I think it’s so funny how many people take rumors about Ben cheating, their marriage troubles, etc to be true but don’t believe rumors about any other couple. These rumors have been around since 2009 yet still no proof has ever been released and they are based off photos on set. Whatever.

  25. Dusty says:

    She is the most papped celebs. I read she rings up the photographers to let them know where she’ll be. They are one of the fakest couples. Not surprised. Wish they’d hurry up and end the phony show.

  26. Lulu.T.O. says:

    She looks put together here! I could do without the bling on the boots, but other than that I think she looks great.

  27. Maggie says:

    I call BS on the whole article.

  28. Katie says:

    lol Jennifer Garner is not going to divorce Ben. She’s already been divorced once. She’s not going to give up the Perfect Wife/Mother image, and he’s not going to stop playing the Hollywood game. They’re in it for the long haul.

    I miss late 90s/early 00s Ben.

  29. MsAubra says:

    What if Ben has never cheated and Jen just feels uneasy because she overlapped in two prior relationships, therefore projecting in some way??

  30. Cazzie says:

    Why is he wearing dog tags?

    • amberly says:

      He’s been wearing them for awhile now. (They were even popping out of his shirt at the GGs). There was a close up of one of the tags one time and I googled what the meanjng behind it was and my search came to the date of Seraphina’s birthday and he has more than one so I’m assuming one for each kid.

  31. kibbles says:

    I believe there is a ring of truth to these accusations. We know from his comments in the past that this marriage hasn’t been a walk in the park and that he may have had a wandering eye while away on work. So, it isn’t far fetched to believe that Jen doesn’t trust Ben when it comes to fidelity.

    Even if Star made up the story about Jen not trusting Ben when it comes to cheating, I am curious to see if she really brings the kids on set with her and if Ben will visit them or choose to spend the entire summer in LA. If Jen and Ben had planned it so that she could work this summer and he’d be taking on the role of stay-at-home parent, then I think there is a lack of trust not just with infidelity but also with the upbringing of their children. That Jen would rather pull her kids out of school to be with her on set than leave them alone with Ben could signal deeper issues. I know she’d miss them, but he was away when he worked and now it is his turn to be the “mom” while Jen works.

    The reality show will never happen. Maybe if Ben had married Lopez. She’s enough of a fame whore to do a reality show on their family life. Garner would never even consider that option for a second. Especially if their marriage was built on a weak foundation and has had major problems as most of us here tend to believe.

  32. pk says:

    I don’t exactly think that Ben was at the top of his game when she got pregnant. The marriage and family has helped his image and his career. They look happy. It does seem that there are certain couples that the media is always targeting as “in trouble”

  33. Rena says:

    Ben has begun preproduction on a new film he will begin shooting in Aug/Sept as an actor and director again. He won’t be Mr. Mom for long. He seems very ambitious and career driven, especially after winning with Argo, and his career comes first, they are not equals in that way.

    Jen will put up with whatever he does as this is the life she seems very happy with. I think they are each getting exactly what they want out of the marriage but that Jen puts forth much more effort than Ben in keeping the marriage intact.

    Wish their kids would not be papped each and every day.

  34. DAFFY says:

    surprise!! ALL marriages have their ups and downs, my parents married 70 years separated for a year back 50 years ago..

  35. mimi says:

    When was their marriage ever “up”?

  36. Remi Ledger says:

    Okay, I don’t usually post on these gossip sites, but I’ve had it with the Ben-Jen marriage in trouble stories. I am a producer and have been a producer on both Ben’s and Jennifer’s projects. Their marriage is normal–perfect? I have no idea–but I believe the Blake Lively issue was more of a young Hollywood startlette desperate for Ben’s attention and I did not see anything that indicated that it was more than a Blake flirtation and Ben feeling his oats that a young thing still found him desireable. It happens. It’s Hollywood. Blake is universally thought of as a mediocre actress with a pretty good leading man following, so we producers put up with it. As for Jennifer Lopez–NO WAY. Ben is polite but thinks she is ridiculous and is not very discrete in telling some pretty good stories about her idiocy. I would bet a bank account on the fact that he is not in contact with her in any other manner other than him being polite in responding to her contacting him –UNSOLICITED by Ben.

  37. Dedrie says:

    He wants the respectable, smart and pretty wife, educated, well behaved kids but blows it on loyal, faithful, loving husband.

  38. KellyinSeattle says:

    Not to be naive, but how does anyone cheat with the media constantly following them?

    • Lauren says:

      Every marriage has challenges, troubles, stress. There is no way Jen would divorce Ben. She is a devoted Mum, and i cannot imagine her handing their beautiful dimply children over to Ben alternate weekends while he is cavorting with someone else. That alone would put the kibosh on divorce.

  39. TOPgirl says:

    Ben would be nothing without his wife. Just watch and see!

  40. hmm says:

    Classic case of stayin together for the kiddies…….

  41. floretta50 says:

    That marriage is so over. A picture is worth a thousand words, Ben Afleck in these photos seem to be just going through the motions.

  42. onegirlup says:

    Well, His hair plugs seem to be holding up.. now let’s see if his marriage vows will! As as far as his dedication to anyone or anything I’m just not so sure. He may secretly be a total ‘hit it & quit it’ kind of guy underneath a fake family man skin..? As I recall he has an addictive personality which means he’s probably into instant gratification. Let’s not forget how Jenny (Lopez) was all over his ass for his stupid over the top gambling addiction(losses). Plus there were a ton of rumors about him and Blake Lively gettin’ it on off set during Savages. He seems full of himself, more so than usual lately… Time will tell.
    Giddy Up!

  43. lisa2 says:

    Ben wants a Political career somewhere down the line. And he is checking off the boxes for that future run. Winning the Oscar has helped on the career side. Nobody will care about the past struggle. Look what it led to. Jennifer is shaping her image too and that is one of the “perfect mommy with the dimple kids”

    I hope for her sake he doesn’t go into politics. I think that would be the worst thing for their marriage. But we will see.

    I don’t believe anything in Star Magazine. Lying piece of crap.

  44. Su says:

    Oh please ben has always been a cheater. He cheated on goop and jlo there is no way he is or has ever been faithful to plain jen garner. Jen lives the hollywood lifestyle she’s always wanted thanks to ben and as long as he is never outed publicly cheating on her she’s more than happy to look the other way. They have an agreement that works for both of them and they both seem pretty happy with it. Its a typical hollywood arranged marriage.

  45. Leslie says:

    I think all Hollywood marriages are hard work. Every woman who’s married to an actor must have trust issues when that guy is doing sex scenes on a movie set (3,000 miles away) with some hot actress. No matter how faithful he is, she’s going to have trust issues. And the tabloids are going to make it worse by making up stories.

  46. april says:

    I think he is in love with his wife and kids and probably does find it difficult to be monogamous. However, it looks like he doesn’t want to screw up his family through unfaithfulness. And maybe it’s not the happiest marriage for him but he doesn’t look unhappy either.

    I don’t see Ben being extremely happy with anyone, really. If he’s not happy with his current beautiful wife and kids, then being with anyone else won’t help him.

  47. Starlight says:

    This trouble thing has been going on and off for a while now. I hope he doesn’t make the same mistake again. He might tank again for the second time. I wonder if he remembers that.

  48. Malak says:

    Eight years is a long time for Hollywood!

  49. kim says:

    Omg he’s an alcoholic gambler and she’s insecurly and has no sense of self worth. She needs ro get a backbone bc I don’t feel sorry for her situation and marital status…why eat the crap being served?

  50. MissBB says:

    I still think he’s hot