Lucy Liu: ‘People see Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock in a rom-com, but not me’

I really have to give Net-a-porter’s relatively new online magazine (The Edit) a lot of credit – they’re doing a better job with interesting editorials and celebrity profiles than most fashion magazines. The Edit also skews older too – they’re not parading 20-something celebrities on their covers. Which is nice, because women in their 40s don’t drop off the face of the earth, you know? Their current cover girl is Lucy Liu, current star of CBS’s Sherlock Holmes drama, Elementary, starring Lucy as Dr. Watson and Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock.

I watched the first few episodes of Elementary last fall, then I missed a chunk of about six episodes in the middle, and then I started watching it again. I started watching it again because it got really good once they stopped with the “Watson is a sober companion” storyline and she became his assistant/intern/co-investigator. The pace picked up significantly and if you’re looking for a decent detective show, this is it. Anyway, Elementary’s two-hour finale is tonight and I’m really looking forward to it! Jonny is a decent Sherlock – he’s not as immature and abrasive as Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock – and Jonny and Lucy have a great deal of chemistry. Surprisingly, their chemistry isn’t sexual in the least. They just seem like they like each other and enjoy each other’s company, which is exactly how it should be between Watson and Holmes.

Anyway, in The Edit interview, Lucy talks a little bit about her Hollywood journey and Hollywood typecasting. To be fair to Lucy, she’s not yelling “Racism!” at everyone, and she doesn’t name names, but you get the feeling that she’s experienced a lot of subtle and unsubtle racism:

Her family: “They wanted me to have a nine-to-five job with a title… My brother, John, let me stay in his apartment. There was no kitchen, it was just a room, and I slept on the floor with him, while his roommate was on a bunk bed. He also paid off my credit card from college. Without him, I don’t think I could have taken [acting] on.”

The daughter of educated Chinese immigrants who worked menial jobs in America: “After their struggle, they just really wanted to see me struggle in a different way, in a more obvious way, maybe something they could understand – she’s at college struggling, but then she will be a banker or a doctor. They understood that.”

Looking younger than her 44 years: she attributes it to “good Asian genes”

She wishes she wasn’t typecast: “I wish people wouldn’t just see me as the Asian girl who beats everyone up, or the Asian girl with no emotion. People see Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock in a romantic comedy, but not me. You add race to it, and it became, ‘Well, she’s too Asian’, or, ‘She’s too American’. I kind of got pushed out of both categories. It’s a very strange place to be. You’re not Asian enough and then you’re not American enough, so it gets really frustrating.”

Racism in Hollywood: “[I had to] push a lot just to get in the room… I can’t say that there is no racism – there’s definitely something there that’s not easy, which makes [an acting career] much more difficult.”

[From Net-a-Porter]

What’s interesting is that Elementary is sort of set up like a romance because Holmes and Watson are so withholding with each other, and when they do have a brief moment of emotion and connection, it’s extremely powerful (and kind of sexy). But yeah, I think Lucy might have been typecast a little as Joan Watson – why does the Chinese girl always got to play the DOCTOR? And the Indian girl will always be good at math and spelling bees. Racism!

Photos courtesy of Net-a-Porter.

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  1. marie says:

    what?! I would watch her in a rom-com, it’s Julia that I don’t want to watch.

    I have always been a fan of her freckles, such a pretty woman.

    • minime says:

      me too! And I think she’s a great actress. I would definitely like to see her playing a wider variety of roles.

    • NerdMomma says:

      I second this! I’d love to watch Lucy in a rom-com, but will never watch another movie with Julia Roberts again.

    • JennJ says:

      Me too! Have always liked her. (And I can’t bear Julia Roberts).

    • V4Real says:

      I love Lucy, I used to have a girl crush on her during her Ally McBeal Days.

      • j.eyre says:

        I was coming to say I thought she was so good on Ally McBeal. All the women on that show were really good in their roles.

        I love what she is wearing in the second photo.

      • Jeff says:

        She was funny in Ally McBeal, but it was a more subtle, dry humor. She is a beautiful woman and I’m gay.

    • Layale says:

      Me, too! I love her!

    • LadyBird83 says:

      I love her too but she’s built her career playing the ice cold bitch.

      • Annie says:

        I think she’s stating that her career as an ‘ice cold bitch’ wasn’t one of her own careful cultivation, as some actors/actresses, but rather one of being repeatedly typecast as a result of her race.

    • gogoGorilla says:


      I think she is beautiful and seriously charming.

    • xoxokaligrl says:

      Agree! She is so pretty AND talented!

    • littlestar says:

      Same! Her beauty and intelligence by far surpasses Julia Roberts (the wh*re of Hollywood, according to my baba, lol). It always made me sad that she never got to be a “big” star like Julie, Sandra, etc.

  2. JenD says:

    I love Lucy, and I’d watch her in a rom-com. I hope Sherlock and Holmes never have any type of sexual and/or romantic relationship. I feel their brief emotional connections that you mention are all the more powerful because they aren’t sexual.

    • lamamu says:

      Any sexual relationship between Sherlock and Holmes is an altogether different storyline that we wouldn’t enjoy watching…well, most of us.

  3. Atlanta says:

    I would watch her in romcoms too. Been a while since i have seen her in a movie.

  4. Maria says:

    This woman is flawless to me.

    She exudes wit, strength, and a fierceness that just radiates from her; I find her character and personality endearing (between her, Rosario Dawson, and Fassy I don’t know how to feel sometimes).

    I wish I could believe that the reason she isn’t cast in romantic comedies is because Hollywood sees that too but I’m not that naive/gullible. I cannot think of one rom-com that has went mainstream with a leading minority female (this depresses the hell out of me).

    We’re usually just the background characters of the white female who play up to whatever antiquated characterizations ascribed to our ethnicity.

    As for Elementary, I love this show; the character dynamic between her and Sherlock is amazing and I’m glad it’s doing so well.

    I’d love to see her in a film where she’s allowed to really show the layers of what she can do (she did wonders in that one episode of Southland).

    • Maya says:

      Everything you said is so totally spot-on.

      “We’re usually just the background characters of the white female who play up to whatever antiquated characterizations ascribed to our ethnicity.”

      Yes, exactly – like the ‘sassy black friend’ or ‘fiery Latina’ tropes. The options for minority women in Hollywood are still so depressingly limited.

    • Amy says:

      I feel bad that I never noticed it before, but I think it is racism. Maybe not intentional racism, but that almost makes it worse in my opinion. Romantic comedies seem to be all about WASPy types (and the occasional “hot Latina” like J.Lo). My God, I hope someone in Hollywood takes notice of this interview–I would love to see what Lucy Liu would do in a romantic comedy!
      The only concern would be finding a leading man with the chemistry and presence to stand up to her!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I think it’s a blessing in disguise that she hasn’t been cast in rom coms. She’s far too talented for that drivel.

    • TWINK says:

      What about JLo’s romcoms from the early 2000s, they were huge hits!

      • V4Real says:

        Yes JLo was cast in a few romcoms with the likes of Matt M, Alex O’Loughlin and Ralph Fiennes. Zoe Saldana with Ashton Kutcher in Guess Who. Still that’s two out of many beautiful minority actresses and somehow this just don’t cut it.

        Why must the likes of Jennifer Anniston always get the lead. I know Jen to some people is a household name and even while her romcoms have been mainstream they do horrible at the box office. Still, the studios takes gambles with her; therefore why not gamble with minority women?

    • TG says:

      Zoe Saldana was the co-lead in “Guess Who” which I loved because of her since I can’t stand that douche Ashton kutcher. I would love to see Lucy in a romantic comedy. Rom cons are my favorite but as I get older it is harder to find good ones.

  5. jlh says:

    She looks awesome. Love the styling on her.

  6. Champ says:

    Dont get me wrong, ALL racial typecasting is crap. But atleast you arent a black female. We dont play doctors unless Shondra Rimes gets a say.

    Nope. Young black female=crack whore, Middle-aged black female=noble downtrodden single mother, Elder black female=sage guide to white protagonist.

    Still feel bad for Ms Liu though.

    • Jayna says:

      Shonda Rimes is the best thing to happen to TV for racial diversity. She’s doing it and becoming a powerhouse in the TV industry. Too bad it has taken a black woman to do what should seem natural for most TV shows, a diverse cast, and if it had been a white male director for Grey’s Anatomy, there would have been a token black actor and a token one other minority, which is so silly in this day and age.

      I love that as a white director Tony Goldwyn stated he is aware of this (maybe it’s why Shonda hired him to play opposite Kerry) and is developing a TV drama with a black lead, but it is a male lead, but I still would expect that would mean stronger black female characters in the ensemble show. It is for cable but it hasn’t been picked up yet or aired. I can’t remember.

      • Maya says:

        I love Shonda Rhimes so much. Did you see the recent New York Times profile of her? She’s just amazing.

      • LAK says:

        So did no one watch the No 1 LADIES DETECTIVE AGENCY miniseries which was developed for HBO and BBC with Jill Scott in the lead?

        If you haven’t, i’d recommend it.

        BTW: The one requirement of the lead in this show was that she be a ‘traditionally built’ lady. Jill Scott had to add more weight to her frame to play her.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I love Jill Scott.

      • Champ says:

        I havent watched it but I read the books. Shes supposed to be a middle age African woman so that casting was exactly as it should have been. They wont get extra points from me! I guess we have grown to be greatful everytime a black female character isnt recast as a brunette with alleged Native American heritage.

      • LAK says:

        Champ – It’s been awhile since i read the books, but i don’t believe her age is mentioned.

        In terms of Hollywood, Africa doesn’t sell unless it’s politics or major crisis, so getting a miniseries made was/is an achievement.

        Re: the casting….it took them almost a year and several continents to settle on Jill Scott. The drama of the casting is almost as epic as the making of the show.

    • Champ says:


      My roomie and I are struggling to see your point. The character is written as a strong smart black middle aged female. Of course the casting should atleast be faithful on these bare minimums. Why you think we as black females should be greatful for it is as baffling as it is offensive. Who else would have been a potential casting ……Jessica Alba????

      And if producers dont think they can make cash off stories with black female protagonists then they shouldnt auction novels with black female protagonists!

      Finally, what on earth was your initial point?? I want to give you thd benefit of the doubt and say you werent refuting the FACT that WoC and especially black females are both under represented and negatively depicted in film. I want to believe that you arent one of those people who think that pointing out these FACTS is whinny and over-PC.

  7. Joanna says:

    I think she is so pretty and so talented. She has a presence, I don’t know how to explain it. Like class all the way. Her complexion is so pretty too.

  8. call_in says:

    she strikes me as an icy beyotch, not the smily rom-com type

    • Rhea says:

      I kinda see what you mean. She seems like a serious, strong character that you would cast for an action type of movie, instead of rom-com like Aniston or Diaz. They want to cast someone who look bubbly, and come to think of it a lot of them with blonde hair.

      I think an actress/actor tends to get cast in certain types of roles not only based on the race but also based on his or her looks.

    • Silk Spectre says:

      Huh. I always thought that outside of the characters she plays, she seems very gracious and friendly, not icy at all. I’m sure she could pull of smiley and bubbly, if needed.

      • Monkeysam says:

        Has anyone seen Watching the Detectives? It’s a cute little film with her opposite Cillian Murphy and she pulls off bubbly charm about as well as I’ve ever seen anyone do it. Slightly manic pixie dream girl at the beginning, but still very charming

      • Rhea says:

        I’m sure she can. But unfortunately, people still typecasting a role based on looks (and race).

        That’s why—for example—Jolie got lots of role for action movie. People just don’t want or maybe can’t relate to her role if she’s playing in a rom-com. Or Aniston for mostly playing rom-com. Or Burton’s affinity for collaborating with Johnny Depp in his movie.

        Probably it’s also hard for Lucy to find a breakthrough role or different script that would break the image people have about her.

    • Jayna says:

      She actually is very girly, very sweet voice, laugh, not the icy image you have of her. The rom-com I saw her in on TV she was very goofy and funny and girly, which is I think closer to her real life persona.

    • bcgirl says:

      Did you see her do SNL a lotta years ago? I’ll never forget it cause she was absolutely hysterical. One of the funniest guests ever. I’d love to see her do a comedy!!

  9. pwal says:

    She was on The Talk and was absolutely adorable on it. Love her as a badass (Kill Bill and Ally McBeal), but I can totally see her in a rom-com.

    But it does re-ignite a question I have always ask myself – can or will women of color ever be considered ‘the girl next door’ or ‘American sweethearts’? Mind you, those titles seem condescending when it comes to women who hit a certain age.

  10. Anna says:

    I absolutely love Sherlock and I really enjoy Elementary. The second one is set up as a more straight-forward procedural (with occasional nods to the source material) and it really works.

    Sherlock’s Sherlock and Watson (Cumby & Freeman) actually have a lot more romantic and quasi-sexual chemistry than Elementary’s pair, which is kind of funny but also works kind of perfectly for both shows. I like that Liu’s and Miller’s most intimate and loaded emotional moments are of true friendship and companionship. I never cared for Liu or Miller before this show, but now they both won me over.

  11. allons-y alonso says:

    I love Lucy Liu. That is all

  12. Jayna says:

    I love her in the TV show. I started watching it later in the season but enjoy it. I never found her to be movie star material but love her on the small screen where I think her qualities shine more and are more obvious. She did a rom-com on Lifetime or Hallmark this year, and it was very cute. She has a really pretty soft voice and demeanor and humor that really lights up a small screen.

    I had no idea she was 44. Wow. She looks 35. Guess what, reality stars and actresses, this is how fresh you can look in your 40s without big fat cheeks overplumped and surprised eyes from overbotoxing and lips that look hard and fake. Just look at her at 44 and Naomi Watts, who is 45. They both look much younger.

  13. Andrea says:

    I’ve always liked her. Always thought she was such a pretty woman and has adorable freckles.

    I would watch her in a Rom com but frankly I think she’s above Rom coms.

    There are some women I would love to see do a really, really wonderful romance narrative with passion and love and all that good, corny stuff: Cate Blanchett, Amy Adams, Kerry Washington and Lucy is totally there. But they are all too good for a stupid rom com. I want them to do a legit romantic drama. Don’t waste their talents on badly written Rom coms.

  14. Hipocricy says:

    I love her too. She is beautiful, talented and very versatile. She could play in action, drama or rom coms…and she can sing !

    Too bad, her ethnicity is the main reason why such talent is not exploited to the fullest.

    On a personal note, Asian and us Black people really don’t crack. How old is she ? I know she was the oldest Angel and she still looks younger than her two colleagues at 45 !

  15. Feebee says:

    She has to get herself some small guest gigs doing comedy – even if it’s TV. Then maybe people will warm to the idea of her being funny.

    Way easier said than done I know and won’t really put a dent in the overall problem.

    However I will say this, Mindy Kaling has blown the Indian girl being good at math and spelling bees stereotype out the water. Even if ultimately her character is a doctor, ha. Actually Lucy could do worse than do a small guest arc on Mindy’s show.

  16. c'est la vie says:

    She looks stunning. I always thought she should be in more material than she has been…

  17. Miss M says:

    I love Lucy Liu. She is flawless on the carpets and very interesting to see in the big screen.

  18. JennJ says:

    For many of us who live in multicultural environments, the idea that certain races can’t be cast in certain roles seems ridiculous.

    Perceptions do change because of the entertainment industry. Put a likeable actor in a good role and people will watch and respond. As someone mentioned, look at “Grey’s Anatomy.” And movies like “Bend it Like Beckham” — that movie made a star out of a relatively unknown actress.

    • Maya says:

      “And movies like “Bend it Like Beckham” — that movie made a star out of a relatively unknown actress.”

      Yes – Keira Knightley. Parminder Nagra, despite the fact that she played the lead and gave such a great, critically-praised performance in Bend it Like Beckham, is not exactly a household name today. She’s not the one who went on to star in blockbuster hits and get an Oscar nomination, you know? I don’t think their different career trajectories are entirely due to the fact that she is Indian and Keira is white, but that’s definitely a big part of it.

      Things are certainly changing in Hollywood (you mentioned Grey’s Anatomy, and Shonda Rhimes has definitely done so much for diversity on television), but, as you point out, not fast enough for the multicultural environments so many of us live in today.

      • JennJ says:

        Good point in that I couldn’t even remember Paraminder Nagra’s name. She did have a huge breakthrough and then was cast in a more stereotypical role as a doctor on ER and I haven’t heard much about her in a while. I am curious to know more about the reasons behind the roles she has taken.

    • Silk Spectre says:

      Sure, but Bend It Like Beckham made a huge star of Kiera *pout, giggle, put chin forward, repeat* Knightley and a modestly successful TV star of the actually talented and lovely Parminder Nagra. Not that I’m still bitter over that, lo these many years later, or anything.

      Edit Maya is obviously a faster typist than I.

  19. Maria says:

    the first time i saw her in a movie was actually as the love interest, in Lucky Number Slevin.

  20. Viv says:

    She is unbelievably beautiful – looking at Calista Flockheart, Portia Rossi, and all the Sex and the City women it is hard to believe she was around at the exact same time and she looks like THIS now.
    Let her get an awesome romcom and some juicy parts.
    She may come across as very one-dimensional or unemotional sometimes, but she and Tilda Swinton are the only ones I would watch peel potatoes.

  21. Norman Bates' Mother says:

    I would totally watch her in a rom-com. I love her as Watson in Elementary and I think she’s really beautiful so it’d be easier to imagine that men would go crazy for her than for Julia Roberts. Miller is good in Elementary but I prefer the writing in Sherlock. Benedict’s Sherlock is over the top and immature but I think he is very consistent as a true sociopath while Miller’s Sherlock is written as a sociopath half of the time – he manipulates and offends people, breaks the law, shoots gun in his apartment etc and then he goes all sentimental over Irene’s death or does those nice little things indicating that he really cares about some people as opposed to just being fascinated by them or attached to them and those are the things that contradict his sociopathy. So he is not a sociopath, he is just a rude and arrogant jerk for no reason at all but he can be nice when he pleases and that’s why it’s harder for me to understand why would anyone want to be around him.

  22. andrea says:

    She is ageless!! gorgeous.

  23. Jenn says:

    The second picture reminds me of the moschino perfume bottle

  24. Dawn says:

    I never used to see that she’s right! But after I’ve seen her in her television roles I’ve changed my mind. I think the whole Charlie’s Angles thing warped my mind toward her. I think she is a very good actress and can play anything! I like her lots.

  25. Dhavynia says:

    Hubba hubba

  26. moon says:

    As an asian aspiring actress – she’s a HUGE inspiration and role model for me. She’s really pushed the boundaries further than other asian actresses and done very well for herself, in spite of racism.

  27. Debbie says:

    I love her have since ally Mcbeal, and she was fabulous on southland. This shoot is freaking beautiful! I love the looks and styling.

  28. Sirsnarksalot says:

    She launched her career playing into the stereotype on Ally McBeal so she really can’t complain. Plus she was run out if Hollywood not long after the Charlie’s Angels movies because she was a collosal diva that no one would work with. She’s only now able to make a come back which should tell you how bad her reputation was.

    • Hollz says:

      Run out of Hollywood, really?
      Her filmography disagrees. After Charlie’s Angels she appeared in an average of two movies a year right up till 2011 when she appeared in four.
      She also started producing, as well as working in TV.
      When I ran a search for “Lucy Liu hard to work with” and “Lucy Liu diva” the only things that came up were a story about her Charlie’s angels costar Bill Murrry being hard to work with and a single story from 2003 which has been taken down but seems to be about a journalist calling her a diva.
      So, links, or it didn’t happen.

  29. s says:

    omg, she looks like she’s 25.

  30. Lflips says:

    Lucy is so elegant and classy, I’d watch her in just about any type of movie.

  31. Darlene says:


  32. Lexi says:

    Freckles! Love them. The clothes she is wearing in this shoot are fabulous ~ better than anything served up on the carpets this year. She is drop dead gorgeous.

  33. Dinah says:

    She is really beautiful, but I don’t remember seeing her in any scenes written to allow her to have a wide-open mouth laugh a la Bullock or Roberts(ick). That said, I admit I haven’t seen her in a ton of roles. She seems more suited to drama- even in these pics, there is no hint of humor or accessibility- it creates a distance between her & the viewer, IMO. Disclaimer: I’m definitely not saying she shouldn’t challenge that stereotype.

  34. Jayna says:

    @Maya, thanks for referring me to the New Yorker interview of Shonda Rimes. I love her even more now. Here’s the link for anyone else interested in the article and the references to racial diversity on network TV.

    • BeesKnees says:

      I love her philosophy of casting that is not racially biased. I believe she has called it a rainbow philosophy or something like that. My husband works at Johns Hopkins hospital, the doctors/residents/nurses aren’t all pretty white model types!! More real word casting I say!

  35. I Choose Me says:

    I would definitely watch her in a rom-com. I’ve got to start watching Elementary. Gorgeous woman and she’s styled so beautifully here.

  36. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    This woman has gotten some great roles over the years despite her ethnicity, so it’s kind of hard to feel sorry for her. She is arguably one of – if not THE – top Asian-American actress of our generation. That being said, this is America. The target audience for rom coms is a white female. so yeah, Sandra and Julia and other white actresses get those roles bc of the audience demand for them. I mean yeah it must be frustrating for minorities, but that’s just the HWood game playing into the American culture. Like I said, I dont feel bad for her. I’m sure there are 1000 other Asian-American (and other minority) actresses lined up to take her place. She should be grateful, IMO.

    • Apsutter says:

      Great attitude you have there. “She should just shut up and be happy with whatever scraps we give her because she’s a minority.” And if you think America only wants to see white women, you’re wrong. The problem is that studio execs in Hollywood are all old, white men so the only women THEY want to see is young white woman. Your attitude is pretty much the same reasoning as why women over 40 can’t get roles either.

      • Lane says:

        Actually, most in charge of casting are white women so that’s why we mostly see white women on screen.
        I know a black young actress (beautiful btw!) who has experienced racism from older white women in charge of casting.
        If you are a pretty minority actress it’s especially hard!

    • lena80 says:

      Is this comment real?? So she can’t grateful and acknowledge her hurdles of dealing with racism in Hollyweird at the same time??? Your attitude is disgusting. The fact that you think she is ungrateful or should be satisfied because she was given some crumbs is shameful. Minorities don’t have to stop climbing the ladder because people like YOU think a couple of stairs is sufficient.

    • JennJ says:

      The target audience for romantic comedies is white female? The target audience is female.

      Movie producers want to sell tickets, and I highly doubt that there are many that are interested in excluding groups. They know from past experience that people of all colors will go to see a romantic comedy starring a white female because they want to see a romantic comedy and that is the option that is available.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Well, I was talking from an honest marketplace standpoint. So, no need for attack mode! Goodness gracious. If you look at the earnings of well-written rom coms with minorities as lead actress, it is very evident they dont do as well at the box office/viewership. Just a fact.

      Several examples: Ashton Kuther as lead

      ‘Guess Who’ with Zoe Saldana brought in $101.8 M. ‘No Strings Attached’ with Natalie Portman 147.8M

      ‘He’s Just Not that Into You’ Full white cast: 178.8M. ‘Think Like a Man’ full black cast of practically the same exact movie: $99M

      ‘New Girl’ (Fox comedy, white female lead) about 4M viewers/week. ‘The Mindy Project’ (Fox comedy, Indian femal lead, comes on right after NG) about 2.5M viewers/week.

      OK – hopefully this shows what American viewers demand. I am in no way saying it’s right. I have seen and enjoyed all of these projects equally. My point is that, the demand for a minority actress is overall lower than a white actress here in USA. And that the few minority actress – like Lucy – who consistently get great roles in American films, should be thankful considering all of this. So put your shaming aside. Thanks!

      • W says:

        You are comparing actors and actresses who already have fame and a huge fanbase before making these movies,to actors and actresses who aren’t as famous or have been in a lot of movies (guess why! no it’s not because of viewers it’s because of opportunity they simply don’t get because of their “race”).
        If you think black and asian actresses get the same roles and opportunities as white actresses, you are delusional.
        And your “omg stop attacking me” thing is getting tired (I’ve seen your other comments) Google ‘white women tears’. That card is maxed out.

  37. Apsutter says:

    I LOOOOOOVE Lucy!! She’s so beautiful and I love these photos. I have always liked her but my love affair began when she played O-Ren in Kill Bill. I’ve been hoping that Tarantino would cast her again.

  38. Amanda says:

    She’s too good for rom-coma anyway. She’s awesome in Elementary.

  39. Amanda says:

    That was supposed to be rom-coms. Silly auto correct.

  40. lisa2 says:

    I am such a fan of this woman. I hate that she is not in the movies she deserves to be in. So beautiful to me. and as someone up thread mentioned. I adore her freckles.

    I’m basically Sick and Tired of the women that are the Rom Com queens. We need new faces and new takes on that genre. Can we officially retire The Girl Next Door. because it is an outdated concept. the girl next door is not sugar sweet and rainbows. she is edgy and she is not always white/blond/blue eyed..

    It is 2013.. let’s paint a new picture.

  41. carol says:

    she’s crazy beautiful and seems smart and talented

  42. Mhmm says:

    I adore her. I wish I saw her in more.

  43. Kaboom says:

    Is she saying her role in Payback wasn’t rom-com-y? ;)

  44. Liz says:

    She is so good looking and her body is fantastic.

  45. Claudia says:

    Um… because in the novels, Watson was a doctor?

    I don’t see her cutting it in romcoms or making it far in movies– I don’t think she has a lot of depth as an actor and her face isn’t very expressive. I like her and will always hold a soft spot for her (Ally McBeal!!), but I don’t think she’s all that great of an actress.

    Also, Sherlock > Elementary by miles and miles and miles. I gave Elementary a shot for several episodes and was extremely unimpressed… I did the same thing as you Kaiser, and skipped several episodes and started watching the last few again. You’re right in that it has picked up, especially now that they’re past that lame storyline of the sober companion bit, but it’s still just an OK series.

  46. Claudia says:

    Just wanted to add– I am excited for the finale because…


  47. Stacia says:

    She’s a better actress than those that play in rom-coms. I think she can play far better roles than that. Aren’t y’all tired of Jen Aniston’s rom-com’s. That’s all she can do…now that’s typecasting. But I feel Liu can play more diverse roles if given the chance. And I can’t name one of the bland characters that Aniston has played in her numerous rom-coms that was worthy of remembering, but Liu is iconic for the O-ren Ishii role she played in Kill Bill. ICONIC!

  48. Emily says:

    I want Lucy Liu and Viola Davis to star in a cop buddy movie. With only the romantic content that male cop buddy movies get. That is my dream.

  49. Ginger says:

    She is so beautiful! I’m surprised she’s the same age as I am. I would watch her in anything so the typecasting is so sad. I do love Elementary.

  50. Ag says:

    Love Lucy. She’s awesome. And really strikingly beautiful. And I hate rom-coms, they’re ridiculous, so I’m glad she’s not in them (although I totally understand what she’s saying).

  51. babybarbie says:

    i love all her movies. shes so beautiful

  52. KellyinSeattle says:

    I saw “Sandra Bullock” in the title and clicked, hoping to get a glimpse of Louis :)
    Lucy Liu is the coolest, and so refreshing and beautiful. Some of the rom/com actresses also are typecast to that type of movie simply because they can’t act in other roles…I think Lucy could cross over into different roles.

  53. Laura says:

    i’m going to write a romantic comedy, just for her. Don’t know how to write a screenplay yet…but i’ll figure it out.

  54. Jane Q. Doe says:

    She looks amazing in that red dress. Never really thought much about her before, but I love Elementary. She must be teeny in real life, because in every scene she’s got on what appear to be 5 inch heels.
    And I’d love to look that good when I hit 44!

  55. Onyx XV says:

    No, they don’t see you in a rom-com, Lucy Liu – because you look like an inbred Siamese cat. Now be gone with you…

  56. taxi says:

    Please, Lucy, give us a smile sometime.

  57. Quinn says:

    I’d definitely love seeing her in a rom-com,she’s a gorgeous and talented lady,and love the freckles too!

  58. kct says:

    She comes across as icy because she looks mean. I’ve never seen her smile.

  59. Jane says:

    Nobody wants to see Julia Roberts in an action movie.

  60. Niki says:

    The Asian/Indian stereotype exists for a reason and it has to do with the awful tragedy of Asian/Indian parents pushing their children to do better for themselves through hard work and education while (white) American parents rush around making sure everyone gets their participation trophy.