Frances Bean Cobain calls Kendall Jenner ‘a f—ing idiot’ & ‘self involved’

Frances Bean Cobain

The more I think about this story, the uglier it seems. A few evenings ago, two moderately famous members of the social media generation were self-righteously tapping up a storm on Twitter, and things got hairy. Apparently, 17-year-old Kendall Jenner was acting like a teenager (as should be expected, since she is one) and tweeted that she’d prefer if “things could be easier” in life. In response, 20-year-old Frances Bean Cobain unleashed some fury by sending out several consecutive tweets that labelled Kendall as “a f—ing idiot” and “self-absorbed” because Kendall dared to vague-tweet about her own problems instead of appreciating that she’s not dealing with “CANCER, famine, poverty, draught, disease, natural disasters, Death.”

Sigh, such drama. Frances then went on to praise her own “high IQ,” which I don’t doubt that she possesses in spades. However and as much as I appreciate that Frances hasn’t followed the path of the typical celebuspawn, I think she’s being a bit harsh with Kendall. First off, Kendall is still a kid, and she’s grown up in the midst of the most self-absorbed family in recent pop-cultural history. Yes, she says some slightly dumb things at times, but she also seems pretty depressed to be trapped in Kardashian land. Can you blame her?

Kendall Jenner

Naturally, both girls have since deleted the relevant tweets, but I managed to capture a few of the latter ones. Interestingly enough, Frances retweeted her mother in the aftermath of this Twitter fight. Here’s a few tweets and some fill-in-the-blank work on behalf of the Mail:

Frances Bean Cobain

She lives a life of immense privilege that she and the rest of the Kardashian clan broadcast for all to see.

So Kendall Jenner’s tweet on Tuesday night in which she wished “things could be easier” set the Twittersphere alight, with followers blasting the 17-year-old for being ungrateful for all her good fortune.

Chief among the detractors was Frances Bean Cobain, 20, who sounded off with a series of tweets lambasting the reality star, calling her a “f–king idiot” for being so “self-involved.”

Courtney Love’s daughter didn’t hold back with her harsh words, declaring: “i’d rather be a scumbag than a f–king idiot. Praise high IQ’s, good taste & awareness about the state of the world.”

“oh ya, not to mention, CANCER, famine, poverty, draught, disease, natural disasters, Death. F–k, Humans are so self involved,” she added.

Not content to stop at that, Frances Bean wrote: “oh shh. There are kids on earth abandoned&homeless who forcibly drink contaminated water because clean water isn’t accessible.”

The artist was obviously still stewing about the tweet, as she later wrote: “I’d like to thank my parents for providing me with a high IQ & I’d like to thank my grams for encouraging me not to be a self absorbed idiot.”

[From Daily Mail]

Honestly, I dig the Bean, but I think she went too far with Kendall the other night. Like Kendall, Frances also has it pretty easy as far as monetary concerns go, and I don’t see her running off to third-world countries to help out or anything. Yeah, Frances has a crazy mom, but she’s got that in common with Kendall as well. These two girls are a lot more alike than either one of them would care to admit.

Frances Bean Cobain

Kendall Jenner

Frances Bean Cobain

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  1. gee says:

    I bet her life is freaking difficult as hell. She probably gets perks, but imagine being in that mess of a family? I wouldn’t want to be a Kardashian-Jenner family member.

    • BEYONCE says:

      Kendall, Just because you are filthy, stinking, rich, and have never wanted for anything, never will, and have all the friends money can buy, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be unhappy driving around in a $100,000 Range Rover, and living in multi million dollar houses, while you have armies of employees catering to your every whim… Actually, maybe a reality check would be in order.

      • kas says:

        Yes, she should never express vague exasperation about anything. Seriously???

        I can’t believe I’m defending a KarDASHian. Damn you, FRANCIS!!!!!

      • MrsB says:

        Haven’t you heard the expression Money can’t buy you happiness?? Just b/c she has all the money in the world doesn’t mean she doesn’t have problems.

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        Besides that Francis pretty much has the same privilege.

      • Nicola says:

        But her comment was “I wish things could be easier”. How much easier could she want it? She didn’t say she was having a bad day, or that she was in pain. She wished things could be easier. Eff her.

      • teri says:

        I guess to wipe her own butt is just not her thing.

    • whipmyhair says:

      Oh money makes your life perfect, and any complaint makes you self absorbed. .. it all makes sense now.

      So all I nees to do now is get knocked up my a millionaire; then all my problems will disappear! !!

      • Cam S says:

        @ MrsB: Money can’t buy you happiness, true. But I wish multi millionaire’s wouldn’t feel compelled to air their 24karat gold/platinum problems in public. Especially when some of us are recovering from traumatic illnesses and going broke because our we can’t afford simple healthcare.
        Rich people (including teenagers) save your “poor me” crap for confession- or whatever crutch you use to get through your diamond encrusted, terribly hard lives. Just my 2 cents.

      • dagdag says:

        @Cam S

        More than 2 cents.

        Money does not heal everything, but sure makes life easier.

      • kristin says:

        A new study actually came out recently discussing GDP per capita and happiness levels and a hiher GDP per capita (that is per person) correlates with higher levels of happiness.

    • CreamSoda says:

      More money, more problems.

      • sayittrue says:

        This is only said by those who have too much money or those who know they never will.

    • Maria says:

      Money doesn’t buy happiness. Just look at Kim Kardashian. I actually feel sorry for Kendal. She seems like a nice girl but she is stuck in the most self absorbed fake family I have ever seen. When you are 18 run girl run!! Don’t even think for one minute that your Mom or Kim are any kind of roll models. They are not!!

      • Jaxx says:

        Total agreement. Money does not buy anything but things. I live on a $700 disability check and I am one of the happiest people I know. I am most always cheerful to all I meet, I am content with my life, and always feel a deep, restful peace. I make beautiful things with my hands and it gives me a great amount of pleasure to give them to people I love. I could sell them and sometimes do, but the economy is not so good now and I am a perfectionist about my work and could never get out of it what I put into it. It’s easier to gift it, and you can be sure I feel blessed in return in many, many ways.

        So, my point? Anyone can have a bad day and make the wish that something would go more smoothly or easier. That doesn’t make her a terrible person. Her family would be very difficult to live with. That, in itself, would make life very hard. And I think Francis Bean is way out of line with her comments. After all, her only claim to any kind of fame is a suicidal father and a rather colorful mother. She needs to shut it, and quickly.

  2. janie says:

    Out of the mouths of babes…

  3. A says:

    Let the Kardashian downfall begin!

  4. Nev says:

    SIT DOWN Frances.

    I guess she never found things hard in her own life.

    • dcypher1 says:

      Father commuting suicide I think that’s pretty hard if u ask me. Ya like Kendall she is privileged but at least she chooses not to be a self absorbed vapid whiney brat who complained about their life. At least France’s can think for herself and has a brain and dosent have to sell u anything. She not on tv or trying to get attention she’s just speaking her mind.

      • oivey says:

        Not to mention her mother is an effing lunatic.

      • blaize says:

        Yes, if a rich teenager publicly expresses negative emotion about anything, she’s automatically a vapid vain brat. Rich people are supposed to smile, be happy, and never complain in order to make poor people feel better. Hooray for classism.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I think that when Kendall wished that things could be easier, she DID need to be reminded that she does have it easy. She doesn’t have a difficult life. How much easier does she need things to be for her?

        Yes, money doesn’t equal happiness, but it does equal security in many ways. Money does take care of the base levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

        And it needs to be pointed out that Frances might very well have been helping populations with limited access to water, etc. Unlike the Kardashians, she doesn’t tweet about her every movement. We don’t really know what she has been up to.

    • RocketMerry says:

      I think Frances is disturbed by the fact that a girl with a similar situation is behaving in the exact way that she is temped to act but runs away from. That’s usually what irks us in others: what we could have done/been, reflected in another life.

      Kaiser: “These two girls are a lot more alike than either one of them would care to admit.”

      • StormsMama says:


        And K has a family – however wacked- and Frances has a Drew Barrymore style selfmade collective. Plus a crazy mom (the bully/bitch apple is still close to the bully/bitch tree perhaps?) and a dad who couldn’t handle living. I’m sure FB thinks KK sounds absurd BECAUSE SHE DOES. Still, doesn’t mean KK doesn’t have a soul. She just might!!!

      • Mia says:

        I totally agree.

    • Pandora says:

      I think she actually just had her own first legit Courtney moment. Love style typos and all.
      The kardashians are boring but she’s just become a poser, just love the old paperback and beat up second hand leather bag, sigh, she’s more like her Mom that she realizes lol.

    • FLORC says:

      I hope that was some misguided sarcasm. FBC has had a very hard time and as terrible as her delivery of the message was it was valid. KJ is a rich teen that is very self involved in her own fishbowl of a life. It’s kind of all she knows. She doesn’t know how lucky she is. The message is right, but poor delivery. FBC should be so smug either.

    • Elle Kaye says:

      She may be a teenager, but she needs to be a little more aware. After all, she did tweet about wishing life were easier while Moore, Oklahoma was pulling its children out of a collapsed school. She has a large following, and she needs to keep in mind that they have problems as well. It is perfectly normal to want to express yourself, but perhaps she should be more specific about why she feels life is hard for her so that others can relate.

      • Thiajoka says:


        And while the Jenner/Kardashians might be dysfunctional, the level of dysfunction compared to Bean’s life isn’t really comparable. Think it was just a case of Bean reading something that kind of hit her the wrong way at the right time.

      • Carolyn says:

        What you said.

        “Mom’s so annoying. She insists I be on teen magazine covers, lose weight, smile for the paps, toe the Kardashian line. I’d rather be a normal kid.”

        If this family is still on tv in 3 years time I’m hoping for a team Kylie/Kendall rebellion and them refuse to participate in any Kardashian krap. Hopefully one or both of them has a soul and some moral fibre.

    • F5 says:

      Frances is so hardcore, she’s following Kendall on Twitter? Hysterical..

  5. marie says:

    meh, I’m sure this type of fighting happens a lot on twitter, those 2 just happen to have a level of fame so they’re being called out for it.. have I mentioned I hate twitter?

    • DSS says:

      I believe Twitter exists only as a platform for the public to prove themselves to be unbelievably shitty.

    • Erinn says:

      I don’t mind Kendall being called out for her vague-booking. Or I guess vague tweeting in this case.

      I don’t know how many of you have social media profiles, but at least once a DAY there’s someone whining about something very vague for attention on mine. And when someone asks them what’s wrong they get butthurt and are like “OH IT’S PRIVATE”. No. If it’s private don’t go fishing for sympathy on social media.

      • JenD says:

        Ugh, I have those people too, who want attention, but then pull the “it’s private” card. Or even more annoying, “inbox me.” So you can message it privately to every one of your friends separately. Just ugh.

      • Palermo says:

        Good point! I don’t use Twitter but I have people on my FB that love to post vague statuses to get everybody to say “what’s wrong??”. I never comment on any of those, it’s just drama queens

  6. teehee says:

    Now thats pitiful– when the product of COURTNEY LOVE looks down on you….. wake up call. Although probably what she means, is that its not fun to live with a “klan” of sociopathic marketing machines that she has to call her “family”.

    • Hanna says:

      She has millions of dollars in her personal bank account, has a proper family with more and father, has a beautiful face and amazing body and a proper job, and she is healthy. So please Kendall, do elaborate on what you were talking about. I have a feeling it’s gonna be real serious and interesting

      • BlackMamba says:

        From what I’ve seen on their show(guilty pleasure) Kendall just wants to be a “normal teenager” doing “normal things” as oppose to going out and making millions of dollars for a couple hours of work. I wish I had her problem now and when I was a teenager. I like her but she’s always acting like her life is major hard and she doesn’t seem to realize how fortunate she is.

      • blaize says:

        Demi Lovato is young, rich, reasonably talented, and reasonably attractive.

        But she has struggled with bullying, an eating disorder, depression, and self-mutilation.

        Mary-Kate Olsen is young, rich, and somewhat pretty.

        She was also anorexic.

        See my point?

    • dagdag says:


      Huh, this product, Bean, could not pick her parents.

      • teehee says:

        I have more respect for Bean than Kendall, byfar– its more a dig at Kendall. Think of the odds Bean has at least mostly risen against- thats one way to see shes a strong and smart girl but another way to say even she can be and is much better than Kendall… and thats pretty bad.

      • dagdag says:

        I apologize.

        Fine irony is sometimes hard for me to read. English is a second language to me.

  7. Nina W says:

    Geez Bean, don’t make me feel bad for one of the klan, why are you being such a self-righteous B? Are you digging wells in Africa? No? Then shut up already cause your IQ is not looking too high.

    • Annie says:

      She doesn’t even work or go to school. She lives off a large inheritence of her own. Is she better because she watches the news? What’s the point of being ~aware if she does nothing about it? What is her contribution to the world? She has no occupation and has never had a job in her life.

      People forget this girl is super privileged on her own. If she was so smart she’d be doing something with that high IQ. Not bullying another girl.

      • whipmyhair says:

        Testify Annie!

      • Gia says:

        Bean had the good sense to emancipate herself from her psycho, drug addled mother at an age when most young girls can barely form a coherent sentence. Frances may be wealthy, but she is also a talented artist. And while digging wells in Africa seems to be your measure of a good person, I think that based on her life decisions thus far, Frances has every right to tell this girl to quit her b-tching. If she wants out of the Kardashian circus, she can get out or say “no”. Kendell has the right to express her fellings on twitter, but she also has to take the heat if she wants to make it all public.

      • Rachel says:

        Word Annie!

        And Gia, as Frances is the party who brought up famine and clean drinking water, etc., it would seem that providing clean drinking water is also HER idea of the measure of a good person. She wants to bring up disease, famine, etc. to provide perspective, yet as far as I know she does nothing to help improve the lives of those who would benefit from it.

        Also, this is just bullying. If Kendall was just your average high school student and Frances launched a social media attack on her, people would be up in arms about a kid being called a “f-cking idiot.” Why are people defending Frances for being a bully. If you want to give Kendall a little perspective (which lets face it EVERY teenager needs), then take the opportunity to educate her in a non-demeaning way.

      • Elle Kaye says:


        She didn’t tell Kendell to go and DO something about drinking water or cancer, she simply reminded her that there are people in the world who have serious problems, and perhaps she should think about the very real problems that others face before she complains that she wishes life were easier.

        It is very easy to fall into a self-pity mode. But when a person is aware of the world around them, and the struggles that others go through, their own problems seem minuscule by comparison. This is the lesson that Frances was trying to instill. Yes, she was rather abrupt about it, but the point was made…be thankful for what you have. There is nothing wrong with that. Sadly, the The Kardashian’s and Lohan’s view themselves as victims. Therein lies the problem.

      • Diana Prince says:


        Truer words…dammit.

        Bean acted like Kendal farted in face with all that aggressiveness. It’s so unbecoming.

      • bluhare says:

        Gia: That was bullying? Do you have any idea what bullying truly is? It isn’t responding to a self absorbed twit with entitlement issues on Twitter.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “Are you digging wells in Africa?”

        You wouldn’t know because Bean doesn’t tweet about her every move. She very well could be digging wells in Africa for all you know.

      • Anastasia Beaverhausen says:


        I know I should feel bad for Bean because of who are parents are but I just can’t. She is such a hypocrite. So up her own ass and above it all but doesn’t mind doing nothing on the money she didn’t have to work for. Money doesn’t make you immune to problems. Oh and Bean’s on twitter. That’s pretty self-absorbed already. BOTH of them need perspective.

      • curegirl0421 says:

        Annie I totally agree. I’m pissed that I’m having to defend a Kardashian Klan member but seriously – the girl is not allowed to have a bad day because she’s rich and famous-for-fuck-all? What Frances Bean did was hipper-than-thou in a way that is beyond abrasive – I should know, I was just like her when I was a teenager (even had those boots). 😀 Difference is that I’ve learned that it takes more than a passing knowledge of Sartre to make the world go ’round. Girl needs to slow her roll.

        I wanted Kendall Jenner to come back and say “sorry for not being cool and edgy like you, Frances. my bad.” Would have been hilarious.

    • MBP says:


      If Bean girl doesn’t want to read self absorbed tweets, then she doesn’t have to.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I think people assume Francis is intellectual, but I have yet to hear her say something groundbreaking (or even mildly intelligent). I feel like she’s buying into the hype Nirvana fans have created. She’s a kid, not the second coming of Kurt.

      • The Wizz says:

        And she looks like Maddona in the late 80s in that shot with the pink hair!

      • Kath says:

        But how did Frances even know what Kendall Jenner said unless she follows her twitter account or visits her twitter page??

        When this first happened, I was all ‘go Frances!’.. but upon reflection, it does smack of smug, hipster bullying from someone who should have better things to do.

        The suffering-kids-in-developing-countries stance is a bit of a cheap shot, in my opinion, as you can throw this in someone’s face about virtually anything. (“I’m bummed my car broke down”… “You selfish bitch! There are children starving in Africa!”)

        Out of interest, I also tracked down Frances Bean’s twitter page. And guess what she tweets about? Yes, she may occasionally mention music etc., but most of her posts are about her hair, her clothes, her boyfriend etc. and most of the photos are flattering self-portraits.

        Which leads me to believe that FB is pretty much full of crap.

        Given that they both have greedy, money-grasping, fame-whoring mothers in common, you would think that they would have a lot of things to bond over.

  8. Shauna says:

    Irony? Thankful for high iq and not being self absorbed?

    But, I think very few people put the Kardashian/Jenner family in their place so I enjoyed it, even if it’s petty of me.

  9. Tiffany27 says:

    Yes Kendall is priveleged. Yes she has access to many things other people do not and will not ever have access to……..but the price of it is being in that horrific family so I believe her complaints are valid.

    • Joanna says:

      i agree. team kendall

    • Tapioca says:

      Unfortunately for Kendall all her complaints are invalidated by the simple fact that she has CHOSEN a career in the public eye, a career based almost solely on her mother’s former surname, at an age when she could easily be anonymously prepping to go to college.

      I can’t see a gun held to her head in the promo pics, can you?

      • Tammy says:

        No a gun isn’t being held to her head, but she is 17. She doesn’t seem to have much of a choice with the family she was born into. Most teenage girls think the world is ending if they chip a nail or the hair isn’t just so or they don’t have the right shoes. People like to bash Kendall for simply being Kris’s daughter. And that bothers me. Leave the girl alone, let her be a teenager.

    • erika says:

      just take a look at kendall’s body language in that first pic…legs crossed, arms crossed, both arms pressed against her body ohh and feet crossed too, ALL of that points to LOW self esteem/nervousness..”i have something to hide, I don’t want to be seen/heard, i’m withholding something, i’m not comfortable, hide my body, don’t express anything” etc etc.,

      now, flip a coin, she’s got the BOD, the looks, seems nice n’ all for a KarKrashTrash and here’s the opposite of the coin, she IS a KarKrashTrash, w/ a vapid/evil/suck-whore Mom, a plasticized Dad, whore-sisters,

      worst of all, she’s severely limited and only allowed to dress in BLACK and WHITE and by KarKrashTrash law she MUST legally keep her hair length PAST her Vagina….

  10. Sara says:

    Wow, Frances looks so much like Courtney before she got all the plastic surgery. The way she dresses makes me feel like I’m looking at pictures of Courntney from 1992.

    • margaritachum says:

      even the hands are similar! i always thought she looked just like courtney but i haven’t noticed the hands…

  11. Petee says:

    Yes Twitter is stupid.I tried it and it is just overload.I really don’t think what Francis said is that harsh.I am sure Francis has heard very unkind thing’s about her dad,whom she never really knew, and a way out there fame whoring mom.I guess that’s where she is coming from.Kendall better be prepared for this.She and her mother have put her out there.My God did any one see the video of her laying in a bikini and Kim drooling over her?And all of her bikini picture’s of herself?She is just a baby version of her sister’s.She could have been like Amy Osbourne and stayed out of the spotlight but she didn’t.And on a different note,what is with all these young girl’s taking picture’s of themselves anyway.It’s sad.We have a generation of self absorbed girl’s.Thanx Paris and Kim.

    • Me Three says:

      So true about a generation of self absorbed narcissists! All those selfie pics are ridiculous. And girls especially are all following idiots like the Kardashians and other Hollywood D list types with their bikini pics and porno fish lip pouts. It’s actually pretty funny. Miley, Ireland, the Kardashians, all of them just make me laugh.

      Sadly, just looking at my Facebook and Twitter feeds everyday, I get depressed. I swear people spend more time posting pics of themselves supposedly “doing” something than actually living life. Seriously thinking of quitting both because I’m tired of hearing about every waking moment of my “friends!”

      • blaize says:

        Narcissisim is becoming one of those words that is overused and misused in our society. I hate how people automatically label any young celebrity who takes a lot of pictures of herself on twitter as a ‘self-centered narcissist’, and I don’t think that’s fair. Truly being a narcissist involves way more than being a social media addict and taking pictures of yourself. Narcissists are selfish people who think they’re better than other, and are often willing to unfairly take advantage of people for their own personal gain. Their are other traits involved too, if you look at some articles on it. So that’s a heavy label to pin on some stranger. A person can be totally nice and caring but still be a social media lover who has selfies on twitter.
        And sorry, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with celebrities doing some attention-seeking, since that’s basically what their careers depend on. As long as you’re not willing to do just about ANYTHING for attention, or tear other people down for it, I don’t see a problem with it. Some celebrities get crazy with the attention-seeking- like Amanda Bynes- but then other celebrities seek attention in harmless, interesting, or even funny ways.

      • bluhare says:

        Just like bullying. Say something someone doesn’t like and you’re a bully. smh.

      • ViktoryGin says:

        What you are referring to is Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a clinical mental defect. Narcissicism is absolutely a word that we can usee to describe our current culture of self-obsession and personal branding.

      • Petee says:

        And your point was Blaize?Sound’s like them to me.

  12. Devon says:

    Just because Kendall is well off, it doesn’t stop her from being a 17 year old. 17 year olds think everything is the worst and that their lives are perpetually ruined/over. I know Frances isn’t much older but there is a big difference between 17 and 20. She needs to lay off. And isn’t Kendall the one who seems to want out of the spotlight? The girl may live a charmed life but it can’t be easy.

    • Spooks says:

      I don’t get that. I was 17 a few years ago and I never thought my life was the worst or my problems were the biggest. Nor did my friends, or at least I think they didn’t. And I was fat and nerdy in high school, btw.
      Jeez, give teenagers some credit.

      • MonicaQ says:

        I think, fellow fat and nerdy high schooler, that we understood perspective and didn’t have every person telling us how awesome we were all the time and could do no wrong. That goes for Francis too.

      • BlackMamba says:

        I was a pretty sensible teenager myself but generally teenagers do think that EVERYTHING is a big deal, earth chattering, will never recover situation. I think about some of the stuff I use to worry about when I was a teen and I’m like OMG this was not that serious at all but when it was happening it felt like it.

      • Devon says:

        Then you were on of the few. I’m 30 now but I remember what it was like to be 17… I wouldn’t go back there for anything! Trivial things feel like your world was crashing down around you, you feel things more intensely and that life could never get any better. I was a pretty smart kid but I still felt all those things. Just because she’s rich and famous, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t get to go through teen angst like the rest of us.

    • Petee says:

      Me three.

    • Shannon says:

      Totally agree. Yes she’s a lucky 17 year old but ALL teenagers experience angst and difficulties. Doesn’t matter how much money or fame they have.

    • anneesezz says:

      If she wants out of the spotlight why is she on the red carpet and modeling? Also, why do they consider themselves Kardashians when they are Jenners? Obviously they are just fine with the attention the Kardashian name brings.

      • Shannon says:

        Who says she wants out of the spotlight. She tweeted things could be easier, not I hate my life because I’m in the spotlight. Jeez no one can have a moment I guess. Especially a famous person.

    • backwards says:

      Everything is that little bit more dramatic when you’re a teenager.

  13. Bianca says:

    I’ve got SUCH a soft spot for Frances Bean Cobain, so I’m going to pretend I never read this story. Ugh.

  14. Dawn says:

    The one and only thing Kendall has going for her is she is NOT a Kardashian. I wish people would stop forgetting that. She is tall and slender and pretty and that she gets from her father. But Kris Jenner is her mother and so who knows what lurks under that pretty face. She has been shown if NOT taught that morals do not matter but money does and so does fame. She quit school to work on something but I don’t know what. I am with the Bean on this one. Go to OK and help and see what tough is girl and please spell three letter words with three letters and not four…man(n).

    • Spooks says:

      So the only thing going for her is her looks? Great.

      And she may not be a Kardashian, but she’s already starting to go their famewhoring ways.

      • Shannon says:

        Famewhoring just because of one criptic tweet about things not being easy?? Ok.

      • Spooks says:

        No, she is famewhoring because she takes part in the reality show, does interviews for magazines, etc. I know it probably wasn’t her decision, but she is in the spotlight basically doing nothing, just likeher older sisters.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      If her twitter feed is an indication, then Francis is just as self-absorbed as the Kendall. Someone in the world always has bigger problems than you. Kendall made pretty generic statement and didn´t complain about her new Mercedes not having the leather interior she wanted.

      Francis is behaving like a self-righteous asshole.

      • Shannon says:

        She thinks she’s more entitled because her father committed suicide and her mom is a certifiable nut bag. Yes her father was incredibly talented but what has SHE done with herself?? She can’t say sh*t. A self righteous @sshole is a perfect description.

  15. Annie says:

    Sorry, but she was too harsh. And that was completely unnecessary. I don’t understand the need teen girls have of being so mean to each other, hurling insults and attacking someone unprovoked, especially when the other one is not doing anything. What? Just because she’s rich her life is perfect? Need we remind Frances that Kendall’s mom is stage mom Kris Jenner? God knows she’s been pushing Kendall to be a model. If she’s do awful, why follow her?

    I find it hilarious that she goes on to praise her own ~high IQ. With a mother taking heroin during her pregnancy and an addict father too I highly doubt it.

    Also, Frances has tons of money too. What makes her different? She doesn’t even have a job or go to school. If she was so smart she’d be in college or doing something with her life. Not just hanging out with her “musician” boyfriend. What exactly is her occupation? At least Kendall is making her own money and trying to do something with her life. Frances does nothing and lives off the inheritance she gets.

    Don’t praise this girl. She’s an angry poser. She’s rich too and does nothing with her life.

    • Zelle says:

      Just because someone is an addict doesn’t mean they can’t be smart and have a high IQ. I am a child of the 90’s and I happen to think Kurt was a fucking genius musically. A lot of geniuses turn to drugs, actually.

      • Annie says:

        Musical genius is not genetic. You don’t pass down talent to your kids. Taking drugs during pregancy definitely affects a baby’s brain.

        She’s not dumb but I highly doubt she has a high IQ. She’d be compelled to do something with it if it were true. She does nothing but hang out all day.

        This was bullying. Just because the other girl is rich doesn’t make this an unprovoked attack. An angsty teen, wow, someone alert the media. That was totally unnecessary. Teen girls need to stop attacking each other like this, it’s like it’s in their blood. How sad.

      • Jenny says:

        Having a high IQ is definitely not a neccessary predictor for success and doesn’t compel anyone to do anything. Perseverance, passion, grit compel people to do something with their lives.

        Of course a mother’s drug use can have an effect on the brain of the baby, but you cannot automatically assume the child of an addict cannot be smart.

    • dagdag says:

      I don´t think Kendell needs to be pushed to be a model. I read in an interview, somewhere, she said modelling for Victoria Secret would be her dream.

      And mother pushing a 17 year old one into doing something they really don´t want to do?

    • Petee says:

      Some one correct me because I am not sure.I do think that Francis has gone to school and she was working not that long ago.She has also had to fight to keep her inheritance away from her mother because she was spending it all away on drug’s.I think Francis life has been a tad bit harder then Kendal’s.

      • Annie says:

        That’s true. Her life has been hard. But she’s still pretty privileged and rich, so she doesn’t know that Kendall’s life is perfect. And yes, I do think she was pushed to model after watching the episodes of the show when she is forced to model and she wants to go to her pep rally, but is not allowed. Tryst me, she’s been pushed. She’s only 17.

        Frances went to high school but as of now she does absolutely nothing. So she doesn’t really have room to talk when her privilege allows her to not work or study. That’s not self-involved?

      • Petee says:

        No I don’t think it’s self involved.As for Kendal I don’t watch that horrible,scripted,waste of a show.Just go by the press and picture’s she post’s about herself.I came from a very well off family,not as elaborate as Kendal’s but I knew I was different then most.On the flip side I had a horrible personal life and still deal with it to this day at almost 50 year’s old so I guess it’s a trade off.I can relate more to Francis because she is not a princess and seem’s more grounded.Both have money but are very different.I don’t see picture’s of Francis on vacation and bikini’s every time I turn around.

    • bluhare says:

      Last I heard, Annie, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, including Frances Bean. Keep in mind Kendall’s tweet was in the midst of the Oklahoma tornados. Perhaps that was what got Frances’ goat.

      And Frances might be rich, but her life’s been no bed of roses. She has her own house and apparently is quite a talented artist. And, no, she wasn’t bullying. She stated her opinion which basically indicated Kendall’s an airhead with nothing more on her mind than her next pair of Laboutins. If that’s bullying, count me in. (Is this post bullying because I don’t agree with you?)

  16. Lulu77 says:

    Francis was over reacting. Nobody knows what Kendall was talking about. She never said she wished life was easier just things. She could be talking about anything. It could be homework or somebody she knows is going through chemo. I don’t understand why people keep complaining when wealthy/famous people have problems. Money doesn’t mean rich people don’t face problems that other people don’t.

    • Annie says:

      Exactly. I honestly wouldn’t want so much money if it meant having a mother like Kris, with her blatant favoritism among her children and her famewhoreness. We all know she’s been pushing this girl to be a model, even taking her out of school.

      When we say a person should be happy because they are rich, we are the ones who are being vain and superficial. Money is not everything.

      • Jenny says:

        I don’t think most of us think that if you are rich it means you have to be happy or have no problems. But that doesn’t change the fact that, to many of us common folk, it is rather irksome when millionaires complain and/or whine about things being super hard or terrible for them. (I do, however, think Bean’s was a huge overreaction, considering she is quite privileged as well)

  17. poppy says:

    unfortunately, sometimes people with *high IQs* engage with self-involved idiots. on twitter. sort of negates any point she had (that i agree with).
    the high horse is strong in this one!

  18. MonicaQ says:

    Frame of reference fallacy–your problems aren’t like their problems and theirs are so much bigger how dare you even feel upset in anyway. It’s in the vein of hearing my fellow sexual assault victims sneer at people who just have depression. “What the f*ck does she have to be sad about?” I hear and I explain that things are different for each person. Obviously this is not that serious but I was just counseling/running the group last night.

    As for twitter–my life is not that important to tweet out 140 characters. I only use it to try to get football tickets when my team has contests otherwise, I have no idea of my password.

    • Rachel says:

      Exactly Monica. I always tell people that there will always be someone who has it worse than you… but that doesn’t make what you are going through any less traumatic for you. Perspective is good, but you never have to apologize for your feelings or feel guilt about what you’re feeling because someone else may have it worse. It doesn’t make what you are going through any less *real*.

  19. Erinn says:

    I’m surprised and a little impressed that so many people are sticking up for Kendall.

    Frances was being too harsh, but I do agree with the message. I know we don’t know what Kendall was going through, but she’s 17, lives at home, is beautiful, and has a butt ton of money. Life can’t be THAT hard for her. She was being an over dramatic teen, likely.

    I think all things considered, Frances has turned out to be a pretty cool kid.

    • Annie says:

      Because this was bullying and young girls need to stop being so mean to each other just because. There’s other ways to say things to a person without insulting them. That was uncalled for.

      Also, coming from Frances this is rich. She has no room to talk about privilege when she’s rich too, thanks to her parents. She doesn’t work or go to school. She has no occupation. She’s never had a job in her life. She does absolutely nothing. Hey at least Kendall makes her own money and modelling has its obligations. What obligations does Frances have?

      Watching the news and reading doesn’t make you a better person when you don’t contribute to society. And having a high IQ means nothing when you don’t do anything with it.

      • Erinn says:

        I did say it was harsh.

        I’d say overall though, considering what a complete psychopathic mess that Courtney is, and having lost her father at such a young age Frances turned out well. I stand by that statement.

        And it was mean. There are nicer ways to say things. But Frances didn’t say that her life was harder, or that her life was perfect, or anything.

        She was making a statement of “HEY things can always be worse”. Yes it was too harsh. But do you think a single one of the Kardashian’s give a rats ass about global issues? It’s not like Kendall gets any schooling either.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Well I think she overreacted too but this is coming from a girl who’s mother did drugs WHILE she was pregnant with her, who’s father committed suicide, who’s mother has OD’d several times on painkillers, and who was raised by her grandmother/nannies/various family members–I think Frances Bean is doing pretty damn well for herself.

        Of course, it doesn’t behoove her to criticize other wealthy celebuspawns (..bit hypocritical no?), but I think it’s important to acknowledge everything that this young woman has overcome. Maybe she’s not funneling her millions into charities but she def. seems like she’s managed to overcome some serious adversity. Give credit where credit is due.

      • Petee says:

        WELL SPOKEN OriginalKitten.

      • bluhare says:

        It was NOT bullying. Calling her on the carpet? Yes. Bullying, no.

        I am so sick of bullying. It’s over used and really mitigates what bullying really is. (ask me, I know).

    • Annie says:

      No, but Kendall was not attacking anyone. She posted this vague tweet and that was enough to call her self-involved, dumb, f-ing idiot. Let’s not dignify this as a wake up call. This was everyday, ordinary mean girl bullying, because young girls love to attack other girls. This is a major problem in this society.

      Frances needs to be concerned with her own priviliged, uneducated, unemployed ass before getting self-righteous. At least Kendall makes her own money.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        “Frances needs to be concerned with her own priviliged, uneducated, unemployed ass before getting self-righteous. At least Kendall makes her own money.”

        See, I don’t get the point of trashing one girl in defense of another one. How is that helpful?

        As far as Kendall making her own money, let’s be fair here. There is NO WAY she would be ‘making her own money’ if she hadn’t been born into wealth and privilege. Her last name opened a LOT of doors for her.

      • Erinn says:

        I really don’t understand your hatred of this girl. Has she done something to you?

        And speaking of her not working, not contributing to society. She’s been shot for Elle, (Isn’t Kendall a model? That’s how she’s making her money right?) and she has done multiple art shows as well. And clearly, she researches global issues.

      • Petee says:

        I was thinking the same thing to Erinn.

      • MisJes says:

        Annie, I am getting a strong feeling that you might actually be Kendall?

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        @TOK: Annie is using the tu quouque argumentation. When you act holier than thou and critizing someone for being a self-absorbed, entitled twat, then your own behaviour and entitledment will be measured against the one of the person critized.

        Also Francis seems to be insecure about her own privilege, because the people and artists she hangs out wouldn´t be friends with her if she wasn´t Kurt daughter.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Right. My opinion about ‘tu quoque’ is that it’s complete ad hominem BS and counterproductive to a worthwhile discussion.
        But I digress…

        I just think you guys are taking a 20-year-old’s irreverent comment and going a bit overboard.

        Listen, I don’t consider my mother to be sanctimonious in the slightest but she always taught me to appreciate my life. I had times like any young adult when I wallowed in self-pity and my mother would often say “Relax, you got a bad grade, you don’t have cancer, it’s not life or death” and to me, it was great way of forcing me to self-check and reevaluate.

        Granted, I know that’s not what FB is doing here and certainly not the tone she is using but it’s the same sort of message. Life could be much much worse for Kendall. For Frances, her childhood WAS worse that Kendall’s. In fact, her childhood was worse than most so I guess I forgive her sanctimonious tone. She’s been through some shit, ya know?

        I think it’s one thing to say Frances Bean shouldn’t have tweeted that, but you guys lose me when you start bashing her. She’s overcome a lot, whether you give her her due props or not.

        Ultimately, I agree with the sentiment that Kendall has every right to be sad and if she wants to use the evilness that is Twitter as a vehicle to express that sadness then she has every right. In the end, I don’t think either girl should be crucified for doing what young people often do. I’m pretty sure Bean realized she was out of line when she deleted all her tweets.

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        A lot of people have been through shit in their childhood, including myself, but that doesn´t mean they are above moral judgement or aren´t bad persons themselves. It doesn´t make sense to me that we aren´t supposed to judge her because of her childhood, but when she judges someone else harshly, who no matter how rich she was I wouldn´t want to change lives with, she gets a pass.

        Besides that Francis wanted to put her in her place, she also wanted to profile herself “I’d like to thank my parents for providing me with a high IQ & I’d like to thank my grams for encouraging me not to be a self absorbed idiot.” I think she is just as self absorbed as Kendall is/a lot of people are and self righteous as well.

        Just because she is the orphan of one of your favorite musicians doesn´t make these double standards you are applying here valid.

      • Erinn says:

        But the thing is, adding to the judgement is just propelling this circle of hatred. To complain about a young girl bashing another girl, and then in the same breath bash the first girl, is wrong, no? Your excuse of “Well, too bad she had a shit life, she’s not above judgement” is again just adding to the cycle.

        If we’re going to complain about the judgement of one girl, we can’t go ahead and drag another girl down in the process. Everyone is preaching moral superiority, and things of that nature, but at the same time doing the thing that they’re condemning. It’s not constructive.

        Nobody said we can’t judge Frances just because of her childhood, if you go back and review the posts, you would see we’ve said that she has turned out pretty well, all things considered. We’re not saying “Stop talking about Frances- she had it rough”. We’ve agreed that what she said could have been phrased in a better way, and that she was harsh, but at the same time we’ve acknowledged that considering her life, and her mother she’s still turned out pretty well. And really, there’s no denying that she’s turned out to be a decent human. You don’t see her acting like Lohan, or releasing nude photos, or getting DUI’s. You don’t see her cracked out of her mind. She has a life that she’s had to take control of, and she has a knack for art. She’s doing okay, and she’s only 20.

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        @Erinn: I don´t hate her, I am pretty much indifferent about her and she is doesn´t care about my opinion either, calling her self righteous for insulting Kendall as a fucking self absorbed idiot over one harmless generic tweet “I wish things could be easier sometimes” is not hating her, just little criticism.

        Also if this wasn´t Kendall but Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Stone whom Frances was attacking, then I doubt people would be all Team Frances, talk about double standards.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      Francis is just as self-absorbed as Kendall, inspirational quotes from her twitter feed, if you follow her logic and calling out sel-absorbed statements from people by applying the someone has it worse argument, she should start at herself:

      “this sweater is misleading. It looks cute&wearable, but if warn all day (9 hrs) it’s fucking hellish”
      –> oohh, this sweater is uncomfortable,be happy you can afford clothes when people are starving in Africa.

      “I have such a bad fucking migraine. So bummed I’m gonna miss my favorite ppl. break faces”
      –>Oh poor bb, you have migraine,”There are kids on earth abandoned&homeless who forcibly drink contaminated water because clean water isn’t accessible.”

      “Anyone have good suggestions for online stores that have vintage record players. Looked on eBay & can’t find anything aesthetically pleasing”
      –>Aww, you can´t find a vintage record player, there are real problems like “CANCER, famine, poverty, draught, disease, natural disasters, Death,”

      “so sick. the worst. Imma spend my sickly Sunday re-watching every episode of @SHO_Shameless while trying not to heave. party.”
      –> Aaww, you are sick there are people who are dying of starvation.

      “Coachella 2013 bitches. year 7. I’m so hip.”
      –> Why don´t you donate your ticket money, people are so self-absorbed.

      “My sweet french bulldog, Uncle Fester, died today. I am beyond devastated. He died during surgery whilst (cont)
      –> Aawww millions of people are dying of cancer each year.

      “anxiety/panic attacks are the fucking worst! Blorgh … double blorgh”
      –> You will know real anxiety if you don´t know how to feed your children the next day.

      • Elle Kaye says:

        You do understand, don’t you, that nothing you wrote makes any sense? Her dog died, she was sad. End of story. She didn’t say her life was worse than anyone else’s in the world because of that event. She talks about a sweater appearing wearable and cute when it is “hellish.” She didn’t say that the sweater ruined her life. She writes she can’t find a record player, she didn’t write that because she couldn’t find one, she wished life weren’t so hard.

        Keep it in context.

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        Of course it doesn´t, I was just following Francis` pattern.
        Francis whines about somewhat shallow things on twitter just as much as Kendall, Kendall also didn´t complain that her life is so hard, but that she wishes things would be easier, could be anything, but Francis calls her a self-absorbed idiot when she is just as self absorbed.

      • Elle Kaye says:

        No, Stella, you weren’t even close. But that is your issue to figure out.

  20. ramie says:

    Who cares? Frances is young, she’ll say stupid sh*t. Those Kardashians need to fall (hard) anyways.

  21. Buckwild says:

    Everyone has their own problems. Just because Kendall LOOKS like she has everything doesn’t mean she’s happy all the time. It sounds like in the past she’s acknowledged how lucky she is for all the things she has. I don’t think this means she has no right to express some dissatisfaction. Happiness is all relative. I’m sure there’s someone else she would like to be sometimes.

    Frances was overly harsh. Using her logic, people can only be vocal about cancer, death etc.? That’s not the way life works, we all have little stresses in life no matter our station. She comes off as an immature and raging teen.

  22. dagdag says:

    I have to dig wells or do other important projects in order to be eligible to critize a statement?

    As for the twitter rant between these two adolescents, I always prefer a critical person versus one who does not question anything.

  23. Lucy Goosey says:

    In both cases, I think it is just the modern opera singer mentality: Me Me Me!

    With an added dose of “Anything you can do, I can do better, and I’ve just got everything harder than you.”

  24. Joanna says:

    so if you’re rich, you cant complain about anything, ever? i’m sure ms. righteous courtney bean has complained about things before. no wait, i’m sure she’s perfect. team kendall

  25. megsie says:

    Frances is beginning to sound like her mother. 🙁 Damn.

    • Annie says:

      Yes! Starting fights with prople just to get attention.

      And people automatically attack Kendall because of her family.

  26. ruby says:

    Because congratulating yourself on your high IQ isn’t self involved… I think Frances could have taken the high road and she didn’t. Not impressed.

  27. Maria says:

    If this is the right Jenner, I do believe when her parents wanted to throw her a huge party, SHE wanted something smaller–she also requested gifts being donated to various charities vs her getting stuff since she had money.

    Yeah, she’s filthy rich and lives a life a luxury, but if Kris Jenner was my mom I’d have issues too.

    You CAN be rich and have problems; she’s entitled ot convey frustration, especially since that comment could be directed at the media and public–something she was thrusted into and had to roll with as she is still a minor.

    I like Bean, her struggles (especially with mother and father’s suicide) I’m sure aren’t the easiest, but sometimes a little bit of compassion goes a long way.

    • Petee says:

      I read that this morning.Sound’s like someone else wrote it to me.Damage control.

      • Annie says:

        Oh come on. Why would anyone else write it?

      • Petee says:

        Because she couldn’t?

      • Diana Prince says:

        What damage control? The girl didn’t do anything wrong.

      • Petee says:

        To Diane Prince damage control because this family is getting trashed left and right for all of there action’s and everything they do or say.I am sure she never expected anything like this.Just go on any celebrity site’s and read the blog’s.They are getting ripped apart.People hate them.It took two day’s for her to respond so I am sure it was carefully written and prepared.

  28. Shannon says:

    I personally think FRANCES is the self absorbed one. Who brags so openly about being super smart? A self absorbed person.

  29. hayley says:

    team frances all the way. it’s nice to see a celebrity-child that gets it.

  30. squeakie says:

    there is starting to become a trend of celebrities calling out the kardashians on twitter, didnt someone from motley crue call out kim the other day for tweeting about sunless tanner and not saying anything about the tornado in OK? I dont feel one ounce of pity for kendall either

  31. decorative item says:

    Francis is angry, Kendall is sad. They should get together and help each other.

  32. valleymiss says:

    I don’t feel sorry for Kylie or Kendall or whichever one she is, and I don’t think Bean went too far! If anyone knows self-involved, it’s Bean, because hello, look at her mom.

    Think about the era that Kurt and Courtney were a part of, media-wise. It was the 90s. Kids were encouraged to rock the vote, get involved in the process, hell, even wear less makeup and look “grungy.” Fast forward 20 years and this Jenner girl is posing in her bikini all over Twitter, and her half sis Kim can’t be bothered to tweet about Oklahoma, but she can sure tweet about self-tanner! Bean is frustrated and I get it, cuz I am, too.

    Besides, the Jenner chick can choose to make her Twitter private, can’t she? By being public on there, she invites any criticism she gets. So maybe to make things “easier,” she should get out of the spotlight.

  33. hadleyb says:

    Go Francees Bean!

    If Kendall maybe had just said that one thing but I know from other stories she is self involved, flaunting her wealth all the time, there have been clips of her shows shown where she is shown as a snobby spoiled brat who probably doesn’t even know how to buy toilet paper.

    So no, I don’t think Frances was too harsh on her.

    Just because Frances lives off an inheritance her father had doesn’t mean she is just like them. I dont see her flaunting her wealth, twittering her new range rover, walking around in heels and dresses fit for a 30 year old. Kendell probably only reads US weekly and doesnt know anything or cares about anything other than her little world.

    Sorry, but thats the problem with kids today, saying they are JUST 17 and its ok to act like a twat, and not understand world problems? We shelter them too much for too long and make excuses for them. Whether they are famous or not, I sadly see this all the time. It’s ok to let “kids” do adult things ( audult movies, go out, dress sexy, drive etc) but heaven forbid we make them take responsibility for their actions, teach them sympathy , compassion and that they shouldn’t be entitled, and no they cant be anything they want in the world, or get a medal just for participating.

    • Dawn says:

      Amen! This and the fact that E! just renewed their show means more and more of Kendall.

    • dagdag says:

      That´s what it is. Kids don´t pose in tiny bikinis with chest and butt poked out, sexy body language and place this pictures on social media for the world to admire them.

      And when one critizes, it is called bullying. Silly.

    • MisJes says:

      +1000 to this post, I completely agree.

    • wonderwoman21 says:

      Amen! Team Bean all the way. We have no idea how Frances lives her life or spends her money because she isn’t all up in our faces via media ala Kardashian style. For all we know Frances is taking action with her concerns privately, or is at least planning to do so. What we do know is nobody Kardashian has ever cared about anything more than their own lasered hairline and silicone stuffed body.

    • blaize says:

      @dagdag: Yes, it’s so unnatural, abnormal, and sad for a teenage girl to want to look sexy and have fun playing with eroticism. Teenagers, after all, are innocent children who don’t engage in sexual activity and don’t have sexual desire.

      @hadleyb: That argument works both ways. In the same society where we (in some ways) don’t seem to want to hold teens accountable for their actions, we also treat teens like pedophiles and rapists for having consensual sex with eachother if they’re 2 or 3 years apart. Did you hear about that 18-year-old girl in Florida who’s in trouble for having a consensual sexual/dating relationship with a 15-year-old girl? The relationship started when the older girl was 17.

  34. chria says:

    We all complain at times in life. Some days are harder then others and no matter how bad or hard they are there is always going to be someone worse off then you. People die and starve everyday and many of us dont think of those when we have a hard day. Im no kardashian fan, but money cant buy happiness. Kendell has to deal with strict schedules and a pimp as a mother which im sure none of us have to deal with. I dont want to say im defending her, but we all have bad days…even celebrities. Frances should be more understanding especially when she probably deals with the same issues Kendell does. I would hate having a life in the spotlight…everytime you sneeze it would be OMG look at Chria’s face as she sneezes.

  35. JillyRo says:

    Yeah was Frances harsh maybe a bit overboard as 17 year olds are dramatic abotu silly stuff. But maybe it`s best to nip ANOTHER Kardashian huge ego int the butt! The whole Kardashian clan are full of themselves and think the world revolves around them. So maybe this type of thing will squash this out of Kendall early so maybe, just maybe (as if), she won`tt turn into another MEGA-selfish, spoilt Kim. But likely too late for that anyway. That family knows now humility.

    Must admit I`m enjoying watching the K-clan`s new downward slide LOL!! Happening more and more frequently it seems (almost very week and ratings are down and Kim is so disliked), so best to stay far back folks because the backlash has finally started!!

    That said, I see Kendall doing a visible charity thing very soon LOL!!

  36. Tessa says:

    Complaining about your life is normal for a teenage girl. Bullying the hell out of someone you don’t know shouldn’t be. Frances was in the wrong here. It’s not ok to just bully someone over such an innocuous innocent comment.

  37. Sam says:

    I’m not really sure how FB went too far. So on top of all the privilege, we have to handle Kendall softly because she is a teenager. Give Me A Break. We should all be praising FB because it just goes to show that even if your family is fucked up you DON’T have to turn out like them. Family corp or not, if she didn’t want to deal with the kardashian bullshit, she wouldn’t. Remember how ozzy’s second daughter wasn’t on the show when he and the family had a reality show? She wants to be like her sisters and family. So when you throw yourself out there and complain how your Rich Person life is hard, be prepared to have some shade thrown at you; no matter what age.

    • Tessa says:

      You’re just assuming that rich people are immune to depression and anxiety, to bullying, to low self esteem. Those aren’t just poor people problems, and rich teenagers deal with them as well. Who knows what goes on in Kendalls head on a daily basis or how she’s treated? And just because there’s a kid starving in Africa, I don’t expect her to just shut up. Teenagers like to be heard, they like to complain, they get frustrated with their lives. I guess no one here had those moments growing up.

      Frances should have shut up. She’s a bully.

      • Dawn says:

        Oh please this is NOT being a bully. This is calling some one out on their silly b.s. There is a big difference.

  38. Talie says:

    Kendall always does looks pretty down, and while I understand what Frances is saying…she, herself, isn’t exactly a pauper. Not many 20 year olds can buy multi-million dollar properties as their “starter home.”

  39. nikzilla says:

    More pics of Frances please! I really hope she isn’t following in her parents footsteps.

  40. Lala says:

    I can somewhat see why Frances Cobain said what she said. But she is also NOT Kendall Jenner. She has no idea what could be going on with her. What if Kendall is tired of this limelight? Tired of traveling, modeling, filming, appearances, etc? Maybe she just wants a normal rich kid life minus all the publicity. I don’t care what your economic status is; that does not EXCLUDE you from depression or going through a bad time in your life. Her tweet was probably taken out of context. How many regular people, celebs or whomever with what seems to be good lives, end up taking their own life or sufferring from some type of breakdown? Not everyone has the same mental capacity. So one may feel Kendall shouldn’t have anything to worry about because she’s rich, but we don’t know what demons (if any) she could be battling within herself. People need to be more understanding that being rich does NOT EQUAL being happy. Like the saying “More money, more problems.” Frances should probably think before she tweets. She went off on this tangent about the problems in this world like she’s never had a bad day in her life and didn’t complain about it. give me a break!

    • Blenheim says:

      “Think before you tweet”!
      #aint gonna happen. It would defeat the whole purpose of twitter and it would become a silly intellectual debate. GOD FORBID

  41. HH says:

    Kendall’s tweet reminds of the Bieber-Anne Frank incident. Young people being young and stupid… But in the spotlight. In both cases no harm was meant, and you could see the intent of each statement, but just so poorly worded.

  42. littlestar says:

    The only thing I have to say about this, which is mostly off topic, is how the two Jenner’s girl were allowed to quit high school (and yeah right they are being home schooled, education doesn’t seem to be a priority to PMK, fame-wh*ring does). As evidenced by yesterday’s post on them, the Kardashians are now in the down-swing of their fame. They’ll never “be on top” again. I give it a couple of more years, and they’ll go the way of Paris Hilton. What happens to the two Jenner girls then? They’ll have no education, no skills, and as Frances Cobain pointed out, no self-awareness/empathy for the world around them. It makes me very sad for them. They’ve been told by their mother they can be rich and famous, but they do not seem to realize that the “famousness” of being a reality star is pretty fleeting (see: Kate Gosselin, the Jersey Shore people, Paris Hilton, etc). No one is going to care in a few years, not even us “haters”.

    • TheOneAndOnly says:

      Yes to everything you’ve said; but i still want to know why the media,which has a pretentious and inflated view of itself, has colluded with idiots like the Kartrashians to make them “famous”, All the chest thumping by the media is negated by their collusion with the likes of the Kartrashians.

  43. Dan says:

    I am not sure why so many people think that money solves all life’s problems… and then go on that ridiculous rant always involving African children

    I have never worried about money in my life but have plenty of problems to work through. Would having MORE money sort them out? No.

    Sure money can HELP with money related issues like food, homelessness, some illnesses but to think it brings happiness and peace is so stupid. Every human has the right to their own feelings and doesn’t need to justify them to anyone

  44. SuperSteph says:

    Strange when I think about it, but Francis Bean and I have something significant in common – a father who committed suicide and a crazy ass mother (minus the drugs and fame).

    I like Bean and I’m happy to see she is making good decisions for herself. However, I think she was too harsh here; ignorant to the feelings of someone she doesn’t really know. Kendall is definitely privileged, but her life can’t be easy as a Kardashian trying to become a model. Her mom is also nuts and the poor girl is probably starving herself to be a model and build a career for herself. I hope she succeeds. I also hope Bean learns a bit more humility and compassion, along with empathetic communication.

    Twitter is such a strange creature.

  45. jacquie109 says:

    So people with money can’t have problems and wish that things were easier? Sometimes people go through difficult things and you can’t throw money at every single problem you ever have and expect them to go away.
    Now I’m not defending Kendall here because she has it a lot easier than most people. but she is working at 17 and not just living off her parents like most teens in the world do. She will have money when she leaves her parents home because she earned it not because they gave it to her. All the people who get annoyed with a rich girl wishing her life could be less complicated need to learn empathy and not judgement. Of course her life isn’t as bad as it could be, very few people are actually in that situation and just about everyone wishes their lives could be less complicated.

  46. Palermo says:

    I feel sorry for both of these girls. They are rich but had terrible upbringings and rotten mothers.

  47. AcesHigh says:

    I’ll give Frances credit where credit is due. I mean, who else wants to rip the Kardashian family a new one? Granted, maybe Frances aimed the hate at the wrong person. But at the same time, most people probably looked at that tweet and rolled their eyes and thought exactly what Frances was thinking. The only difference is Frances takes after her mom and has no vices against voicing what she’s thinking.

  48. DeltaJuliet says:

    You know what all of these people are missing? A mother who, when they start whining about some stupid shit says “honey, I know you are upset right now. But remember that you have it better than a lot of people and be thankful for the blessings you have”. I mean, that’s what what mine did. t seems to have worked.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Mine too. It’s why I have PERSPECTIVE and GRATITUDE.

    • anneesezz says:

      Unfortunately, Kendall’s mother is on the other side of the world pimping out her other daughter because she is the cash cow of the family. I’m sure it must be tough for the kid feeling like the only way to get mommy’s attention is to bring in the most money or keep the camera’s rolling. How sad. I guess I kind of feel sorry for her. Maybe she should stay in school and get an education and get away from those fame whoring idiots.

  49. Isa says:

    She’s right. Someone will always have it worse, no one should complain ever!

  50. NEENAZEE says:

    It looks like Kendall is already injecting her face with shit… what a shame.

  51. valerie says:

    Uhhhhh….why was Frances Bean following Kendall’s tweets in the first place? Get a life before you start overreacting about someone else’s.

    • Apples says:

      This was my question! This is the funniest part of the whole stupid argument!

    • Sunlily says:

      Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! That was the first thing that came to mind when I read this.

    • Diana Prince says:


      Following a ‘self-involved f*cking idiot’

      Unsolicited yet remarkably aggressive responds to said ‘self-involved f*cking idiot’

      That’s that high IQ at work baby!

  52. Susie says:

    Wait a minute: money doesn’t buy happiness? Really? Do you live in America?!?!?!

  53. Ginger says:

    Plenty of people self destruct or suffer from depression. I don’t think money or fame has anything to do with it and may make it worse in some cases. Just look at the track record of lottery winners. And teenagers tend to suffer from a very high rate of depression or at the very least unstable emotions. I’m not sure what would have possessed her to tweet about it however. I guess that is where my age is showing. They are indeed of the social media generation and the fact that Kendall is in the Kardashian family it’s probably normal for her to express herself in a public arena. I do have to add however that while I believe that Frances has a high IQ, it’s not cool to brag about it. That’s a self absorbed, conceited thing to do as well. Just sayin!

  54. blaize says:

    I’m sorry, but to me Frances is coming off as a sactimonious bitch here. Even though there was a lot of truth to her message, she didn’t have to resort to name-calling to get her point across, or make the self-aggrandizing comment about her IQ. Kendall was not attacking anyone, Frances is the one who who attacked her. This comes off as an angry, self-righteous 20-year-old picking a twitter fight with a 17-year old. Another unnecessacary teen Hollywood feud, as if there haven’t been plenty of those over the past decade. Why do famous women- no, why do girls in general- always have to be mean to eachother?

    People are clearly biased against Kendall because she’s related to the Kardashians. If Frances had made these comments about a celebrity who people like- such as Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, or 16-year-old Hailey Steinfield, people wouldn’t be defending her. People would be saying that she was being catty and judgmental. But because Kendall is related to the annoying Kardashians, whom we are all rightfully tired of, it’s a different story. She’s being unfairly judged based on her family, rather than as an individual. We don’t get to choose our family or their behaviors, people.

    And a lot of people are making that annoying old argument that because Kendall is rich (in addition to being young and beautiful) she should never publicly express negative emotion and has nothing to complain about. Not only is that argumant both classist and ageist, but it’s also a little inaccurate. How do we know this girl has nothing to complain about? On some websites like E! there are people who slut-shame her and say that if she ever gets raped, it’s her own fault. (And I’ve seen multiple comments like that about her. It wasn’t just a one-time thing) How do we know she never sees those comments? You’d think that after seing examples like celebrities like Demi Lovato, we wouldn’t still be making the “You’re young and rich and famous, so everything’s ok and how dare you complain” argument.

    Team Kendall. Rant over.

  55. garvels says:

    The Bean was right. Kendall doesn’t complain about the money and riches….Kendall sounded like Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame.The last thing I want to read or hear about is the poor poor lives of these self absorbed spoiled brats.

  56. Glaughy says:

    Awesome. I dont care who or how it is done, I just want to see the Kartrashians fall from grace. Start being called out by other celebs, make it more obvious how truly little they are respected in the celebrity world.

  57. LaurieH says:

    Yes, we should be concerned with cancer (so says the grungy chick with the ciggie tucked behind her ear).. We should be concerned about poverty (so says the grungy chick with the trust fund). We shouldn’t be so self-absorbed (so says the grungy chick whose waged a public legal and social media war against her mother). Gee, Beanie – self-righteous much?

  58. MAC says:

    Anyone in America complaining needs to be called out. 1/3 of Americans do not even have a passport and I wonder how many have a clue about the suffering that exists outside of America. Anyone defending anyone in that family just makes me laugh.

  59. Len Edwards says:

    Someone should teach that Jenner kid how to eat like a grown-up.

  60. Madpoe says:

    I would take Bean over any fake-trashian any day of the MF week!

  61. StaCat1 says:

    And? your point is?

    Calling a kardashian a F***ing idiot and self absorbed is as insightful as calling the sky blue.

  62. Emily says:

    A 17-year old being self-absorbed and a 20-year old being self-righteous. If they weren’t rich and famous, they’d be able to laugh about it in a few years.

  63. Jolinda says:

    Go Bean!

  64. bk says:

    I can’t stand the Kardashians. At all. And yet, I’m not offended in the least that Kendall wishes life were easier. Life deals challenges out to everyone. She didn’t say she would like more economic ease. Money can’t heal a broken heart, mom-drama, wanting to fit in (and she’s said she wishes she had a more normal life). So really people give the girl a break.

  65. Lauren says:

    I will say that a persons problem to someone else may seem like nothing but to that person it is the whole world. I am never a fan of making someone feel like crap for their suffering no matter what I have endured in my past. I can see where Frances may get her resentment but I am a little tired of people throwing other peoples suffering back in their faces.

    Human suffering should never be made into a competition. I remember when my one sibling passed away and my other sister invited one of her friends over. All this friend could keep saying was, “Well at least you only lost a sibling. I’ve lost my mom and losing mothers hurts way more. You have more siblings but I only had one mother.”

    Over the years that has always stuck with me as a horrible way of shaming people for anything they may be going through just because you perceive your suffering to be some how greater. The example is an extreme case but I think it can apply to minor things as well.

    I’ve met a few people who have had better opportunity and access to wealth over me. I dated a boy in Uni for a while whose’s family was in the oil and gas industry. He was in want for nothing materialistically but emotionally he was very much alone. I could see a lot of problems in his adjustment to others. His parents had a habit of just throwing money at him and calling it parenting. I felt sorry for him in a lot ways outside of his money because he was person outside of all of that and a good person at that. Whereas I didn’t have a strong connection with my parents at least I had my brothers and sisters. As a only child he had nobody really but himself. Money can’t fill the place where love is supposed to go.

    Sure money makes a lot of things easier but it doesn’t take away the emotional ways in which a person can suffer. Some people seem to think that suffering is limited to only physical pain/ the things we can clearly see with our eyes like going without food water and shelter but there are so many different forms and ways in which a human is damage.

    Of course I don’t know Kendall Jenner nor do I particularly care for her or what her family stands for. But I just don’t like for people to stomp around and tell others how to feel about their situation when they may know very little of its true nature.

  66. paranormalgirl says:

    things aren’t necessarily easier just because one has money. There are some things that money cannot help with. Kendall Jenner could have been talking about a lot of things, not necessarily something that can be made easier by throwing money at it.

  67. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Slightly off topic: Of course there’s a point of diminishing returns but everyone who I’ve known who has told me that money doesn’t buy happiness had enough money to get by on that claim without having it tested or challenged. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but poverty doesn’t buy anything. Content of character is valuable, I’m not a robot, I just think it’s naive to think that a myriad of life problems aren’t compounded in their sting by adding an empty savings account on top. I’m not trying to sound accusatory, I’m just saying that for of the legitimate problems that people can and do have at every tax bracket I have to remember that there’s something to be said for the validity of the ‘First World Problem’ scoffs. It’s always a good time to bear witness to the virtues of perspective. We’re all in the gutter, but our bodies are all stacked up on each other and that’s not so great for those stuck at sewer level, even if we’re in Giles Corey’s position.

  68. Dana says:

    Team Cobain!

  69. Mia says:

    I’m on the fence about this. While I’m sure that Kendall is probably extremely self absorbed due to not only being a part of the Kardashian klan and a wealthy 17 year old in America, who knows if there is something upsetting or dysfunctional going on in her personal life. At the same time I completely agree with Frances Bean that she and the rest of her annoying, egotistical family could use some perspective and self awareness, and take a break from concentrating on themselves for once. I think that Frances is a girl who’s trials and tribulations, and family members (excluding Courtney Love) kept her grounded and down to earth. She’s rich but she’s not an airhead.

  70. Bobbiesue says:

    Twitter is a public forum. Girl can write pretty much whatever she likes about herself. When you’re 17 a zit feels like a big problem. She doesn’t deserve intense vitriol because others have traumas. I’ve had my fair share like everyone else here; I don’t blame Kendall Jenner. I’m sure Warren Buffet has bad days and I’m sure Steve Jobs had plenty when he was battling cancer. It’s life people.

  71. lisa says:

    it doesnt help people who are actually being bullied to call every little thing bullying

    any moron, not just this one, who posts every fart all day out on a public feed, is inviting other people’s opinions every time they post. when said moron gets a reply they dont like, they need to remember they invited the response.

  72. lbeees says:

    Ugh. Frances Bean reminds me of those annoying, self-righteous, super pretentious douche nozzles who whine about how bad everything is in the world, looking contemptuously on us mere unaware idiots who dare live in the world. Come on, she is no different from Kendall when it comes down to it. Tons of money, crazy family. That’s it.

    “Don’t you know there is CANCER?!”

    Me: “Um, yeah. But I still need a job. I have bills to pay.”

    Douche nozzle: “The CHILDREN ARE HUNGRY!!”

    Me: “OK, yes, that’s true. But I don’t see you giving anyone your lunch.”


    • Asdfg says:

      A little harsh but I do agree with Frances!

      • Asdfg says:

        I honestly have no idea how my comment was posted under yours. I thought I refreshed the page? Ignore my comment..

  73. homegrrl says:

    Bean may be adept in some geopolitical issues, but like her mother, she’s not so versed in compassion or class. It’s sad she’s taking on one of the worst parts of courtney love- the qualities that alienate and give her an hateful aura. Plant yourself in more compassionate soil little bean!! The result will be an inner beauty, much more helpful than a perception of “IQ”

  74. Starlight says:

    The K will take advantage of this situation and use it to their advantage. You bet they will drag this for as long as they can exploit the situation. Poor Frances, she is no match to the “K” clan. I just pray that she will be protected.

  75. Asdfg says:

    I admire Frances! 🙂 She’s got it together! She knows whats up! Hell yeah for her!

  76. Mario says:

    I don’t feel sorry for or respect celebrity brats, regardless if its a shallow greedy Kardashian or a privileged moody Cobain. They have absolutely no idea what the world is like for everyone else.

  77. Thora says:

    Gawd Cobain is a miserable looking person. I know she has her reasons but still.

  78. MrsBPitt says:

    1. Most teens are self-absorbed…

    2. FBC had no idea what KJ was tweeting
    about. What if she had just found
    out a loved did have cancer? or some
    other really bad news.

    3. If FBC was really as intelligent as
    she seems to think she is, then
    maybe, she would have realized that
    tweeting, count your blessings would
    have been better than calling
    someone a “f–king idiot”…seems
    to me a smart person would realize
    its never okay to degrade a person the
    way she did…

  79. Shelly says:

    It seems that Frances doesn’t fall far from her mother’s tree. She really needs to mind her own business. Teenagers are dramatic and angsty, and Kendall is a teenager. She could have been referring to anything when she said she “wished things could be easier”. Perhaps she was referring to a boy, friendships, etc. Just because she’s rich doesn’t mean she’s not allowed to ever feel sad or overwhelmed. Good grief.

    • Joanna says:

      exactly. people need to leave her alone, she’s a teenager, ffs! she’s gonna be moody etc!

      • Dawn says:

        No people don’t have to leave her alone when she puts b.s. out there. For every action there is a reaction and that is the way of the world. Bean has the right to call her out as does anyone else in twitter land. Being 17 is not an excuse. She needs to live with it now but it will pass.

  80. Thiajoka says:

    Things money can buy:

    Immediate and viable solutions to problems related to physical and economical issues.
    A way to geographically distance yourself in case of abuse, emotional or physical, from someone (Rhianna never used this–didn’t understand it.)

    Of course, it doesn’t make one happy, but it can smooth the way from minor and superficial problems that plague most people. Of course, if one is mentally ill or tormented, it’s not enough. Clearly.

    • Meredith says:

      Frances seems to have more awareness of what is around her than other kids her age. Kendall seems completely unaware and likewise Rihanna (as per your comment) is completely unaware of the patterns of abuse in her life, so she doesn’t use her resources to get away from it.

      • Thiajoka says:

        Well, I’ll just go ahead and point this out in case it’s not very clear to you–I’m ON the Bean’s side in this. Seems you are, too. What’s the conflict?

  81. Meredith says:

    Frances Bean Cobain grew up with money for sure. But her mother was in and out of courts over her custody and at one point she was living with a nanny full-time and her mother wasn’t allowed to see her. Later she was in the custody of a relative (aunt, grandmother?) for a long time. So, no, it isn’t easy being her and her life hasn’t been “soft” just because she has money. And Kendall Jenner lives in the home that vacuous consumer consumption build. So if she buy into that, she can be happy but if not, she will be miserable because like FBC, she is surrounded by insanity but of a slightly different kind. FBC seems to have learned a bit more from her troubles, Kendall seems like a barbie that her mother takes out to play. Yes, sometimes I feel sorry for the Jenner kids – clearly no one is raising them to be much of anything.

  82. Denise says:

    Looking dirty does not make you righteous, Bean. Your image is actually more contrived than Kendall’s, she’s just being pretty and at least her ears aren’t stained with nicotine. And I resent you for making me defend someone from that family! But I think it’s warranted in this case.

  83. Norman says:

    I like where Francis is coming from, I am glad though she may have limited understanding of the world around her she does seem to care about people who are not as well off as she is. On the other hand calling someone a f***ing idiot out of the blue for saying “things could be easier”, it is not as selfish as saying “Anne Frank would be a Belieber”. The thing is Kendall J. is 17 a HS drop out and modeling is pretty much her whole world and under the thumb of Kris Jenner don’t expect any of the brewed to become nerdy “bleeding hart” global issues intellectual smarty pants, not that Francis really is. Even in that matter I don’t see Kendall really becoming another Kim. If Frc. wants to get serious have a talk with Kim. K talk to her about education in other countries, clean water, sustainable global solutions for poverty the things that people like Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey are doing and be part of a positive solution. Kim K. has been around the world, at least dare to bring it up with Kim, she is older and the peer master of the Kardashian empire.

  84. jen says:

    lol, I dont care but to have some old dude holding your purse as your perfectly able to carry it makes YOU look like an ass Frances. She looks pretty conceited as well.

  85. Lexi says:

    So random, she just randomly verbally attacks kendall out of nowhere for no reason! Even if what she is saying is true its kinda wrong

  86. Eatadick666 says:

    Frances sounds like a condescending, hypocritical bitch, and anyone that wants to make the argument that she’s entitled to be because “She had a hard life” deserves to get trampled by the horse she rode in on. We all have fucking problems, not all of us have the PRIVILEGE of dealing with the shit hands life dealt us while enjoying the perks of being the daughter of a “rock legend”, that coincidentally killed himself under the pressure of fame and fortune.