Amanda Bynes arrested in NYC (updates: she was released without bail!)

None of what I’m about to discuss is funny, of course. Except for TMZ’s headline, which is hilarious: “AMANDA BYNES BUSTED FOR POT POSSESSION and FELONY Bong Tossing”. Okay. *slaps self* Tighten up. So, after a week that involved an In Touch Weekly cover devoted to her sketchy drug den, a subsequent Twitter hissy fit about said tabloid cover, and an attempt to use “Google” as the necessary ID to board a plane, Amanda Bynes’ week just got worse (or better, depending on how you look at it). Amanda was arrested late last night after she smoked a joint in the lobby of her building and then tossed a bong out of her window. I’ll let TMZ explain:

Amanda Bynes was arrested in her NYC apartment Thursday night for marijuana possession and throwing evidence out the window … TMZ has learned.

According to law enforcement sources … a building official called police after spotting Amanda in the lobby with a joint, acting erratically and talking to herself. We’re told when cops arrived they knocked at her door and she let them in.

Our sources say when police saw the bong Amanda quickly tossed it out the window … which fortunately didn’t hit anyone on the street below.

Amanda, who was wearing a platinum blonde wig, was placed under arrest and went ballistic, yelling, “Don’t you know who I am?”

She was booked for criminal possession of pot, as well as reckless endangerment and FELONY tampering with evidence.

Our law enforcement sources say Amanda was briefly taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation and then taken to the station for booking.

But the cop shop wasn’t the last stop. A cuffed Amanda was then taken to night court just before midnight. She’s still there in a holding cell, waiting for a judge. She should get a hearing sometime this AM.

[From TMZ]

People Magazine has basically the same details, but they added this bitchy little aside at the end of their story: “In September 2012 she told PEOPLE that she was ‘doing amazing’ and was moving to New York to launch a fashion line.” Yep. That about sums it up. What else…? Amanda tossed her bong out of the window… on the 36th floor! Can you imagine getting hit with a bong that’s falling from 36 floors? Yikes. There’s video of Amanda’s perp walk at TMZ, but I’m not going to include it. She doesn’t say anything, her head is down and it’s just kind of sad. The only good news out of all of this is that maybe she’ll get some help. And by that I mean she’ll be locked down in some kind of psychiatric facility.

UPDATE: A few new details! Amanda has been booked and she already has a mug shot, which you can see here. In Touch Weekly – the tabloid with Amanda’s drug den on their cover – claims that Amanda actually called 911 on herself last night too. Apparently, the doorman called 911 on her when she was smoking pot in the lobby, but then when the cops showed up at her door to arrest her, “She called 911, saying cops were going to assault her.” Radar also reports that before the arrest, Amanda’s parents were trying to get her a conservatorship.

UPDATE #2: Amanda was just released on her own recognizance – she didn’t even have to make bail!!!!!!!!! She has to be back in court in July. TMZ got their hands on the arrest report too, and it says that when a uniformed police officer saw the bong sitting on Amanda’s kitchen counter and asked her about it, she “grabbed said bong, ran to the westbound-facing window, and threw it out the window where numerous pedestrians were walking on the 8 Avenue and West 47 Street sidewalks below.”

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Buckwild says:

    What’s happened to this girl? We’ve watched her self-destruct before our eyes.

    • MrsB says:

      I truly think she had some sort of psychotic break. Drugs may have triggered it or helped it along it’s way. But this behavior is not normal for just drug use.

      • RocketMerry says:

        I’m honestly confused.
        One part of me wants to believe that she is faking it to a degree, but another part is firmly convinced that Amanda is having serious, real mental problems.
        Sigh, I just wish she’d get back on the right track.

      • Mari says:

        Totally agree. The drugs have been the catalyst to a disorder already there. They’ve just given it a jump start. She’s starting to remind me of Amy Winehouse. Hopefully she’ll get the help she needs before she ends up 6 feet under. So sad.

    • Rice says:

      You know what’s even weirder, her self-destruction was even more rapid than Brit Brit and Lindsay. I know we’re supposed to bitch but I genuinely feel sorry for her. I know it’s entirely legal but she should not have been released on her own recognizance.

      • Amelia says:

        I don’t think you’ll find much bitching on this post today, Rice. Mental health certainly isn’t something to be mocked or laughed about.
        Whilst I think it’s fairly likely this girl has some sort of mental illness, it’s difficult to differentiate between the erratic behaviour because of said disorder, and (for lack of a better phrase) her ‘playing up’ of it.
        Just my two (quite uninformed) cents.

      • Rice says:

        @Amelia, so true. Isn’t there some law that you can force someone into psychiatric therapy, like finding them mentally incompetent (for want of a better phrase)? Why do we have to wait until she hurts herself or someone else or worse?

      • msw says:

        @rice: she did get a psych eval. It is really, really difficult to get a person declared incompetent. As much trouble as she is in, she has to show more than we’ve seen in the media to be held against her will. Unless she indicates she has a suicidal plan, which, sadly, is the way these things often end.

    • Emily says:

      I thought at least some of it was some kind of “performance art” until she tossed a bong out a 36th story window. That could have killed someone. I think she really has had some kind of psychotic break, and she’s not going to get the help she desperately needs until she hurts herself or someone else severely. Really sad.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        MrsB, my SIL is an alcoholic and crack addict and that behavior is very typical for her. Apparently her only mental disorder is generalized anxiety. I think her drug use Is related to her sad upbringing, and the same might be said for Amanda. Also, I can’t believe the police didn’t find anything else when they entered her apartment. I guess she smoked/snorted it all earlier.

    • Jan says:

      Tell me how these hollywood stars never get any jail time. It is ridiculous that they get away with murder.

  2. Esmom says:

    Sad. Funny about the bong sailing 36 stories down but otherwise she is a sad, sad mess.

    In these photos she looks like a pre-Pilates, pre-haircut Miley to me.

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      Can you even imagine if that bonged someone on the head? Or the glass shattered and the splinters hit people?
      She got pretty lucky there.

      • FLORC says:

        She is a danger to the people around her… Like Lindsey. And the Lindsey and Amanda Drag Race To Death gets interesting. I the The Soup for coming up with that.

    • Amelia says:

      Funny you mention the Miley resemblance, on the Daily Fail’s website I had to do a double take at her mugshot. With the buzzcut their facial features are quite similar.

      • Trashaddict says:

        The plastic surgeons must all be learning from the same place, because honestly, the other person she’s starting to look like is Octomom. If she ever makes a comeback, she can star in the Octomom biopic.

  3. smee says:

    It’s about time something happened that might force her to get help.

    I feel sorry for her, despite having no idea who she is or what she’s famous for (other than wanting Drake to murder her vag).

    • Dutch says:

      She was once a rising comedy actress. She came through the ranks of the Nickelodeon network, was a part and/or star of a couple of sitcoms and movies (she was the uber-Christian girl in Emma Stone’s ‘Easy A’).

      • Minimi says:

        Thanks Dutch! Now I finally see from where I know her apart from Celebitchy. She was pretty good in Easy A. It is a pitty, I hope she gets some appropriate help.

  4. Talie says:

    Hopefully this gives her family an opening to swoop in and take control.

  5. Cleveland Girl says:

    She looks disgusting

  6. MonicaQ says:

    Dang, kinda sad that until she started going off on the rails I had *no* idea who this chick was.

  7. TheOriginalKitten says:

    “Don’t you know who I am?!?!?” = CLASSIC.

    Sad to see someone use a bong for evil like that.

    • Meow Mix says:

      That poor, poor Bong.

      • Sugar says:

        exactly I hope that bong was not sacrificed in vain. Amanda get help before any more bongs die or kill someone.
        in complete seriousness she is very lucky nobody got hurt from that incident!

    • DreamyK says:

      I believe she’s in dire need of mental health assistance. I doubt even she knows who she is at this point.

      My mind is still stuck on her tweet about what she wants Drake to do to her ladyland. The words *murder* and *vagina* rarely go well together.

    • cupcake says:

      “you should never throw a bong, kid. Ever.” -Grandma’s Boy :)

  8. Mia 4S says:

    Don’t let her skate New York. Force treatment and save her life. Hopefully she doesn’t have compromising photos of public officials (which is what I assume Lohan has) and she will actually face some real action.

  9. Jae says:

    Might be the best thing that ever happened to her. Girl is a mess.

  10. Nudgie says:

    She didn’t say “going to New York to start a fashion line.” She said “going to New York to do some lines. And a whole lot of bowls.”

  11. iwannarock says:

    All those Disney kid stars end up really f* up! The parents are to blame. They’re pimping they’re own kids. Dégeulasse.

    • Erinn says:

      Well, she’s a nickelodeon kid, but I get what you mean.

      I don’t think this is a classic messed up child star though – I think she has a mental illness.

      • Dutch says:

        There’s executive producer from all her Nick shows who has always been dogged by some sick rumors. There might be some smoke and fire there.

      • Erinn says:

        Agreed, Dutch. And the girl from ICarly is dating someone a lot older than her, who was a producer or writer or something. I can’t remember her name, but she played Sam. I wonder if it’s the same guy.

        I can’t even imagine having kids in showbiz. It’s a scary world.

      • Meredith says:

        Rumor was that a 30-something producer from Nickelodean was the real father of Jamie-Lynn Spears’ little girl Maddie. The “boyfriend” Casey was just a fall guy so that the network wouldn’t look like it knew a producer was committing statutory rape.

  12. Merritt says:

    This is sad. Hopefully she will get some mental and addiction help.

  13. Ag says:

    thank god no one got hit with the bong the idiot could have killed someone.

  14. Happyhat says:

    The more I read of her random statements about her current press, the more I’m starting to wonder if she’s just got severe ‘famous person delusion’ problems. As opposed to any specific mental health problem. Though you could argue that ‘famous person delusions’ is a mental health problem in and of itself (or, probably a collection of mental health issues).

    She needs a severe reality check, I think. Anyone who keeps going on about how rich they are, how they don’t have ‘ugly’ friends, how they have had surgery on their face and now everything is better etc… has fallen down the weird famous-person-delusion hole.

    Like Bill Murray said:
    “The truth is, anybody that becomes famous is an ass for a year and a half. You’ve got to give them a year and a half, two years. They are getting so much smoke blown, and their whole world gets so turned upside down, their responses become distorted. I give everybody a year or two to pull it together because, when it first happens, I know how it is.”

    I hope she pulls it together.

    • Mia 4S says:

      That quote from Murray is genius!! It’s so true, there have been several actors who got their big hit, seemed to be insufferable, and then when I took a second look after 2-3 years seemed to actually be pretty decent! Of course, then there are the others….

      • ZigZagZoey says:

        I agree, it is so true. And I like it so much when I can start to like someone who I previously thought was a complete ass!

    • Asdfg says:

      That’s possible!

      You know what surprises me?

      No one has tried to contact Amanda! That PR and Jenny Garth( Jenny something?)tried getting her help but other than them no one she’s worked with in the past, no one has tried to reach out and help her.

      If she’s really having “fame gone to the head” problems then why hasn’t any famous people/celebrities reached out to her? I know there is at least 1 or 3 famous people who have let fame go to their heads in the past. It happens. It can happen to you, the person sitting next to you or myself.

      You know paps sit and sleep outside her home waiting for their next big pay check! That alone could drive any of us average people crazy! Imagine having paps sit outside your house everyday for months! Yikes!

      I don’t know, I feel like someone in the industry should reach out to her. We average people don’t realize how stressful it is to be followed 24/7 by paps and what not…. I hope Amanda gets through whatever she’s going through.. We all have are own problems…

  15. Annie says:

    I hope the psych evaluation is still going on?

    • Lulu.T.O. says:

      Me too. I’m guessing she was deemed not an immediate threat to herself. But she can’t be behaving normally. The felony charge was enough to get her in front of a judge right away. It will be interesting to hear his ruling.

  16. hayley says:

    whatever. she’s just happy her name is back in the headlines and people are paying attention to her again.

  17. hayley says:

    for the record, if this story was about Lindsay lohan, everyone would be laughing and cheering even though they’re basically the same person.

    • Mich says:

      What? Just because they were both female child stars doesn’t make them the same person. Lindsay has always been an entitled mess. Bynes was ‘fine’ and then suddenly started descending into madness in her mid-20s – an age when many severe mental illness can begin to emerge (right Paranormal Girl?).

      Aside from both being in trouble with the law, I see no similarities.

      • Abby says:

        I agree. I remember interviews where she talked about navigating the child star waters and she sounded really on top of things and going places. It makes me sad to see her this way.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        the average age of onset of both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in women is 25.

    • lovegossip says:

      Not even close @Hayley. @Mich, couldn’t agree more! Lyndsay is a self entitled little brat, Amanda may have issues, but she seems like she could be a nice person when not dealing with her problems. No hope for one at this point.

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      I wouldn’t equate those two at all.

      Lindsay has been lying, stealing, and drugging it up for at least a decade.

      Amanda has apparently only been drugging it up for two or three years, and all her criminal activity has been related to her being high.

      If Lindsay has mental illness, it’s one that leaves her mostly functional–but it’s not clear she has one.

      Amanda has seemed delusional since she started hitting the news again. If Amanda has a mental illness, it’s something that is screwing with her ability to take care of herself to a much greater degree.

      I think Amanda could hurt someone, but she’s more likely to hurt herself.

      I think Lindsay’s decade-long history of hurting other to benefit herself makes her a totally different animal.

      I will cede that they both deny, deny, deny when caught out at something.

      • Elise says:

        Let’s not forget that Amanda was arrested for multiple DUIs in 2012 in California, and she could have hurt or killed someone while driving drunk. That doesn’t seem so harmless. She’s lucky the bong didn’t hit anyone, because that could have been deadly, falling from such a high floor.

    • grabbyhands says:

      Respectfully, I’d have to disagree. Lohan’s troubles mostly stem from being a raging narcissist with serious drug and alcohol problems. Undoubtedly the girl needs counseling, but I would not say that Amanda Bynes is the same. It sure looked that way to begin with, but I think once she hit NY, it was pretty obvious that she was beginning to unravel mentally. I hope that she is able to get the help she needs.

      • hayley says:

        Lindsay may have had problems before Amanda but they’re really similar now. Amanda’s entitlement is on the same level as Lindsay’s. sorry, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for drunk drivers that refuse to take responsibility for their actions. to me it looks a lot less like she has a mental disability and a lot more like she’s extremely entitled with an ego to match.

      • Mich says:

        I’m with you on being down on drunk drivers but that is different from feeling sympathy for the mentally ill.

      • hayley says:

        but how do we know she’s mentally ill? I mean that. she doesn’t strike me as mentally ill at all, it looks very clear to me that she enjoys the constant attention.

      • msw says:

        How do we know she is mentally ill? We don’t, for a certainty, but the pieces all fit. She’s at a common age for the onset of shizophrenia, for one thing. The drug use could easily be acoping mechanism to deal with the behavioral health issues. I’m a medical social worker and see this a lot.

  18. Mich says:

    As a mom, I’ve had a soft spot for this girl since she did the voice work in the movie Robots – which my kids watched a million and one times. She is clearly mentally ill. Maybe she will finally be forced to get some help now.

  19. K-rock says:

    Does anyone else think she’s smoking that synthetic weed? I heard that stuff can really mess up your brain. Just saying since she does smoke a lot of weed, regular weed doesn’t do this to you. I watched the video and it was sad. I hope she gets help. I can’t bring myself to make fun of her at this point.

    • Jag says:

      Could be! Many people with bipolar disorder turn to drugs to self medicate as well. I was thinking she’s bipolar, but synthetic weed would make sense, too. (I’m bipolar, so speak from experience. My drug was alcohol and still is sugar.)

  20. chria says:

    Judging by the way she is acting and has been acting I dont think she only smokes weed. Weed doesnt make you act that way…more like meth

    • Maria says:

      NO way weed only, no way it is just not that strong no matter how strong the strain

  21. Nicolette says:

    “Don’t you know who I am?” is a celebs twisted way of saying that they are famous, and should be allowed to do whatever they want without consequences. So sick of it.

    This may be a good thing for her though. Maybe now she’ll get some help before she really goes off the deep end, which doesn’t seem far off.

  22. Abby says:

    You know things are going downhill when you have brit-brit bad extensions.

    I’m sad for her. I hope she gets help because of this.

  23. LoL says:

    This is not a good week for marijuana. First Brad pitt says he thinks it caused brain damage and now this.

    • Kath says:

      Yeah, I think we can all agree that the ‘war on drugs’ has been a colossal failure, but I’ve also never bought into the “weed is a natural, harmless high” argument either. (I’m looking at you, Bill Maher).

      I know that *some* users have no side effects at all, but I’ve known too many people who end up with serious mental problems due to heavy use in their late teens.

      And no, I’m not saying alcohol is any better – far from it – but I don’t like the “pot is harmless” argument either.

      I think if you have a genetic predisposition for mental illness, pot can be the difference between it manifesting itself or not.


  24. Jano1981 says:

    I’d love to see video of the bong tossing. How did that go down?? She sees the cops see it, so she runs over and throws it out an open window? They said she did it in front of police, maybe there were some outside on the ground. She’s so lucky she didn’t hit someone with it.

    • Bej says:

      She’s very lucky it didn’t hit someone. From that height it could have caused death or serious injury. I was in a 30th floor apartment once & the wankers living there were throwing water balloons down into traffic (cos it was hilarious to them to see traffic swerve & people duck due to the sound) & they hit an elderly man in the head who ended up hospitalized. Those fools were charged with GBH & once the severity of their stupidity hit home, they no longer saw the funny side of their hi jinks. They were lucky the gentleman didn’t die. Amanda’s bong from that height could have had the same tragic outcome.
      As far as Amanda herself is concerned, I just hope she gets some help. That there is someone out there that can put aside their own lust for her dollars & help her seek proper mental health evaluation & care.

  25. grabbyhands says:

    when this whole thing started, it was amusing because it looked like Lohan V.2, but now I’m afraid she’s gone over into head shaving Britney territory. Something is going on in her head and it’s not just the drugs-she needs serious mental help and I hope that this will get her the assistance she needs, however roughly it came about. Can her folks set up a conservatorship like Brit’s dad did?

  26. Yelly says:

    Hopefully now she will get the help she needs.

  27. littlestar says:

    I haven’t commented too much on Amanda Bynes stories because I think it is an extremely sad situation, but I am glad she might finally be getting help. It’s hard to believe she used to be a beautiful refreshing funny young woman in movies like She’s the Man, to having a complete psychological turnaround and becoming almost unrecognizable.

  28. Lexi says:


  29. Mirella says:

    I really hope that she gets the help she needs.

  30. Andrea says:

    I loved her show when I was younger.

    But I wonder how she get a felony so soon when lohan keeps skating.

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      Because New York is not California.

      California has no money and no prison space to put anyone away. New York has sufficient quantities of both to actually send criminals to jail.

  31. Decloo says:

    Wasn’t she carrying on about getting a new nose and not wanting any photos published of her with the old nose? It looks like the exact same nose. Which, by the way is a perfectly fine nose. I kind of like the short haircut.

  32. Moi says:

    Why on earth would she alter her looks? She was absolutely adorable. Must be body dysmorphic disorder. This makes me sad. I always liked her. She had great comedic timing. Never understood Lindsay Lohans appeal, ever, but I always thought Amanda was fantastic. I’m really hoping this is an “art project” of some kind ala Joaquin Phoenix. :( (

  33. Ginger says:

    I’m not a psychiatrist but I have a lot of experience with mental illness and if she’s talking to herself, acting erratically, paranoid and self medicating she probably has schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Her parents are right to seek a conservatorship for her if this is the case. I hope she gets help. I just remember how adorable she was when she was a younger actress. My son used to watch some of the movies and shows she was in when he was little.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      well, they didn’t do an emergency psychiatric hold on her, so her parents should push for a 2pc medical certification hold.

  34. grabbyhands says:

    That’s sad-so much for her getting help. Let’s hope this isn’t going to trigger even worse self destructive behavior.

  35. Talie says:

    If she passed a psych evaluation, then I don’t know what’s going on here…hmmmm

    • paranormalgirl says:

      the psych eval is usually fairly rudimentary and if at the time of interview, she does not appear to be in danger of harming herself or others, they’re not going to go for the emergency hold (which requires full assessment by a phsyician within 24 hours and the hold is only 15 days unless converted to a medical cert hold.). If I were her parents, I would request a 2pc medical cert hold. 2 physicians determine her need for a hold and her parents submit the application for said hold and she can be held on that certification for 60 days.

      (This is New York State regs. I practice in new York.)

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        We tried to get my SIL admitted after she overdosed on crack the second time. They wouldn’t keep her for more than 24 hours. She was hallucinating and acting erratic. I never understood why they didn’t keep her.

  36. Shelly says:

    She actually looks so much better in her mug shot with her short hair, instead of having that disgusting, flea-ridden-looking wig on.

  37. Madpoe says:

    The Amanda Show: Drugged out years continues…

  38. Mich says:

    ParanormalGirl – where are you? I’ve been looking forward to your thoughts since this story got posted. Can you give some insight into how she could possibly have ‘passed’ a psych eval??

    • paranormalgirl says:

      I’m here (gor another 10 minutes before my next appointment). I have a full slate of patients today. I commented above about her “passing” an eval – it was more than likely a very rudimentary eval with lots of “wiggle room.” If she could appear not to be a danger to herself or others, they won’t do the hold.

      • Lulu says:

        Yeah, when I heard she went back to jail, I guessed that was pretty much the case. It’s not illegal to be mentally ill.

  39. Norman says:

    It was only in 2010 when she had a starring role in the movie “Easy A”, by God how she has fallen in such as short time. Now she has become a paranoid drug addict, a recluse and a threat to herself and other people. I hope some how she begins to acknowledge her problems and finds help.

  40. Kelly says:

    How could the judge let her out on bail? No real psych veal?

  41. coolio says:

    Should we start asking whats going on in hollyeood? Why somehow its a miracle if a kid is okay and why thi has become the norm? In my opinion amanda has been sexually abused and is still scarred by it. Quite frankly shame on tmz because the people on the imside know what happened to her

  42. bettyrose says:

    Felony possession?! For pot??

    • Lulu says:

      It said the felony was for endangerment. She threw the bong out of a 36 floor window.

      • bettyrose says:

        Thanks, Lulu. I guess I read that completely wrong (I blame my phone). In any case, I don’t know how serious a charge criminal possession is, but I assume the doorman who called 911 was concerned about her mental state and not the joint – I hate to think they’d send police on reports of someone smoking a joint. But if they were concerned that she posed an immediate threat to her own safety (and it sounds like she was), that’s a different matter.

  43. HappyJoyJoy says:

    I saw the pictures on TMZ and it made me really sad. I Am truly rooting for this girl. She is such a talented comedian, I hope she gets all the help she needs and pulls it together.

  44. Mia says:

    Wow. Obviously she’s going through some kind of mental distress. I’m also shocked that all this erratic and illegal behavior hasn’t qualified her for a conservatorship yet. At least she can’t drink and drive anymore…smh.

  45. Shy says:

    Well – Lindsay Lohan will be furious when she will get out of rehab and find out that Bynes took her place.

    Bynes completely took over Lohans role as crazy joke that people laugh at. And Loha still have 2 months when she can’t be arrested or go to court.

    • Talie says:

      I was just saying, she’s probably dying inside that all of this is going on while she’s locked up.

    • Jayna says:

      I don’t know anyone who is laughing at Amanda or think she’s a joke. She is mentally Ill, and it’s very sad watching her deteriorate.

  46. Snowpea says:

    What is it with those godawful synthetic hair extensions?

    Crikey, GET RID of them. When did all these birds fall for the idea that a long, tangled, dirty nest of long hair is SEXY?!


  47. the original bellaluna says:

    Is her weed laced with LSD or PCP or something? Seriously, the woman needs help.

  48. Jane says:

    When Britney went all “pink wig” on us her parents stepped in and had the conservatorship (I hope I have the correct term)to take over until she got back on track. I am wondering if Amanda’s parents can do the same. She is in need of serious help.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I guess her parents have been consulting attys about it, but because AB “has never been to rehab or seen a mental health professional” there’s nothing they can do.

      Does that sound right? Had Brit been to either of those when her dad got conservatorship?

      I don’t know…it doesn’t seem right. She obviously needs help. I guess this is how the mentally ill “fall through the cracks.”

  49. Belle Epoch says:

    Go see the mug shot. She has one inch long hair all over. The blond thing is a wig – she had to take it off. Her chipmunk cheeks are gone too. She looks TERRIBLE.

    Court date in July. A lot could happen before that.

  50. Jennifer12 says:

    This is a very, very disturbed girl. She’s not a sideshow; she’s mentally ill. How as a 5150 not occurred, I have no idea. But this IS New York, where you can do pretty much anything, including push someone off the subway platform before you’re deemed unfit.

    • bettyrose says:

      That’s why I’m kind of surprised that the police responded to the call so quickly. I assume mention of a celeb at a high end address has some effect, but I’m trying to picture a 911 call in NYC “Yeah, this guy’s talking to himself on the subway platform. I think there’s drugs involved.” Seriously, would they just hang up on you or take some time to pretend they cared before hanging up?

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Cops here are so overworked that it takes a while to show up unless there are guns involved. Not sure what happens if it’s a celebrity.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      5150 is part of the California Welfare and Institutions Code. New York has different involuntary commitment criteria.

  51. Lexi says:

    That wig is awful! She always looks soo awful, she use to look good, i feel sorry for her cause i think she is actually mentally ill and no one is helping her, she has become such a trainwreck, its just sad!

  52. jes_sayin says:

    And yet a lot of people still claim that pot is so “harmless”.

    It’s a drug, abused just like alcohol and everything else.

    • Esme says:

      Really? Obviously, you know nothing about POT. If Amanda isn’t on something else (like crack), then it’s her mental illness that is making her act dangerously. Most pot smokers can barely get motivated to get off the couch.

  53. HB says:

    As of last night (there are more now) Perez Hilton posted 50 heads shots of Amanda. 25 large shots 25 small. In fact, just since the arrest issues of Amanda on his blog, he’s posted, 270, head shuts of her arrest, videos, and articles about her. And he wasn’t kind enough to not post the worst of the worse photos of her either.

    This for a kid, already suffering body image issues. It is unconscionable to treat another human being this way. Why I wonder do you recommend radar online. They aren’t as bad as Perez, but following closely behind him.

  54. Amanda G says:

    This girl clearly needs help. I don’t think it’s just a drug problem, but probably a mental problem a la Britney Spears. I hope someone who cares about her will step in and try to help her. Sigh…yet another child star who goes off the deep end. Why would any parent in their right mind want to send their kid to Hollywood?

    • Jayna says:

      Bipolar or schizophrenia has nothing to do with the fact she was a teen star. It has been said the symptoms started appearing around 19, I think. My neighbor’s son when I was growing up was handsome, athletic, great student. Sadly his behavior started after high school. Hexwas eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia. It was so sad to see his decline. My sister’s friend has a son 19 that I feel sure is Bipolar. His behavior is getting worse and worse and self-medicates with pot. He refuses to go be evaluated and has to still live at home. His mom is a single mom and is at her wit’s end.

  55. paranormalgirl says:

    I was leaning towards bipolar disorder, but the more I see and read and the more I read her statements and tweets, the more schizophrenia jumps out at me. The delusions are troubling and she’s right there around the average onset age for schizophrenia. But again, without treating her or evaluating her, it’s all an armchair diagnosis and in no way valid.

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