Amanda Bynes to Chrissy Teigen: ‘You’re no beauty queen! I’m a beauty queen!’

Ugh, it’s gotten to the point where I guess everyone is going to do the daily “What In the World Is Amanda Bynes Up To Today?” post. I had to include an update in yesterday’s post – the NYPD issued a statement saying they had investigated her claims of sexual assault and they found the claims to be untrue – there was a civilian witness to what happened (probably the landlord or something), and they say Amanda was not assaulted. Anyway, today’s Bynes Mess has many parts. Let’s get to it. Radar says that Amanda’s parents think she’s schizophrenic because she’s been “exhibiting distressing behavior” for years, since she was a teenager. A source says:

“Amanda has heard voices for years, and was concerned she was being spied on via smoke alarms, and clocks in her home. She would cover electronic items because Amanda believed that was the only way she wouldn’t be spied on. It’s extremely sad situation because Amanda just refuses to get help.”

“Rick & Lynn have met with several lawyers that handle conservatorships in the past month, because they want to get a conservatorship of their daughter. They have been advised that even as disturbing as Amanda’s behavior is, it’s very unlikely that a judge would sign off on a temporary conservatorship. Conservatorships are very hard to get, and being mentally ill and addicted to drugs isn’t enough. Amanda hasn’t ever been to rehab or ever agreed to see a mental health professional. Her parents are absolutely powerless to do anything at this point,” the insider previously told us.

Our sources reveal, “her parents have never lived off of her money. They are just concerned for her, and wish Amanda would voluntarily seek help.”

[From Radar]

Sure. I’ll believe that. I’ll also believe that she’s an a—hole too. Yesterday, model Chrissy Teigen tweeted: “The fact that Amanda Bynes has any ‘support’ to retweet is really unsettling. Support people with mental illness, yes. But don’t condone/enable scary and poor behavior.” Then Amanda went off (more in a second) on Chrissy and Chrissy tweeted: “Nope. Not going to indulge. Wish the best for her, truly….I never ask anything of you guys but please. I don’t need defending and please stop writing her. It’s not funny, it’s sad.” Do you want to know what Amanda had to say in her defense? It’s gross:

Oh, and last thing – TMZ did some investigative journalism (for real) and they found a shattered bong on the sub-roof of Amanda’s building – you can see photos here. Of course Amanda had some sh-t to say about that too:

The end.

Photos courtesy of Amanda’s Twitter.

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  1. GeeMoney says:

    This is all just so sad. I hope her parents can find a way to help her out before something really bad happens.

    • Sherry says:

      I’m with you. I think she has some kind of mental disorder and I find it very sad. I hope someone can get her help. It’s also very disturbing that even though she has exhibited this odd behavior, no one close to her can have a psych evaluation ordered. Do they have to wait until she hurts herself or others before that happens?

    • Andrea says:

      That’s what I’ve thought all week. At what point do we acknowledge that this girl is very ill and needs some medical intervention? It reaches a point where it feels disrespectful even talking about it.

      • MCraw says:

        @Sherry The mentally ill person has to put themselves or others in physical harm before they can be forcefully instituted. I have a cousin w severe bipolar disorder and my aunt could not make him see a doc until one day he locked himself in a room, refused to sit and stood up for 3 days straight. When his blood flooded down and his legs became swollen only then could se have him committed. See also Britney Spears who locked herself in a bathroom w her son before she got 5150′d.

        The way these and every law works is that an incident has to happen for authorities to get involved. There are no preventative measures in the law, only when laws are broken will action take place. Victims fall between the cracks all the time because nothing can be done for them until they can legally be called a victim. Messed up world.

    • Auj says:

      Unfortunately I think her parents are not legally able to do anything to help her.
      She clearly loves the attention she is getting. Another train wreck.
      I shouldn’t say that; she’s libel to sue me too.

  2. Jessica says:

    I think one of her many issues is body dysmorphic disease.

    • Miss M says:

      This! Her biggest insults to other people are about physical traits. Methinks, she was highly criticized about her looks during her child star years.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I suffer from BDD and struggle with an eating disorder and I can tell you that I’m not critical of the appearance of others. Those of us with BDD and/or eating disorders are, typically, so consumed with our own appearance (and the way others perceive us) that we don’t criticize others. In the instances where I do compare myself with others, I’m always finding something better or more attractive about them (they have nicer skin, better hair, a smaller waist etc). So, I don’t think those insults are characteristic of those particular illnesses. I think she’s a delusional addict who suffers from narcissism and (according to her) also happens to be bulemic (but I don’t think the bulemia or possible BDD has anything to do with her criticism of the appearance of others).

      • Lulu says:

        @Mort: Bless your heart. Thanks for weighing in.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Thank you @lulu. Also, I misspelled bulimic and bulimia! Oops!

    • FLORC says:

      I’m sure she does have some horribly skewed perception of her own body. It could very well be Body Dysmorphic Disorder, but doesn’t she have at least 2 men in her life? Don’t they influence her appearance or rather she molds herself to please them? She’s been referencing men in her life here and there.

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        She’s been referencing “all my friends” too, and says she only hangs out with hot people.

        I truly wonder whether any of these people exist outside of her head. In my opinion, the armchair schizophrenia diagnosis rings true.

    • DEB says:

      She is exhibiting all the signs and symptoms of schizophrenia as well. Seriously, I can’t believe no one can step in!

      • Lemony says:

        I’m starting to think so, too. I mean, I have no authority to diagnose her, but after reading those immature tweets I wonder….she sounds like a snotty, spazzy 14-year old girl, not a 27 year old young woman. I would NEVER guess from reading those tweets that’s she’s an adult. My lil sis is 27 years old…she runs an entire clinic, has a mortagage, husband, etc. What does Amanda do all day, pick out new wigs???
        So if she has multiple personalities, has she become “locked into” a snotty teen persona?
        Is that what we’re seeing here?

      • lee says:

        schizophrenia is NOT multiple personalities. I’m kind of concerned about all of the armchair diagnosing that is happening. no offense intended to your comment, but we should all maybe try not to throw out labels that may not apply to this situation and/or that we don’t fully understand.

      • msw says:

        Thank you, lee, that needed to be said. Schizophrenia has nothing to do with so-called “multiple personalities,” and it is probably the most complicated and diverse diagnosis in the DSM. Please leave the diagnosing to the professionals, folks.

  3. grabbyhands says:

    I’m beginning to agree with the people who say that there should just be a media blackout on this girl. Printing stories about her Twitter craziness is just aiding this behavior.

    • Mia 4S says:

      She’s obviously reading them and likely obsessing about them. Still she’d probably just try to do something “newsworthy”. That’s a scary thought.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree – it’s obvious she is suffering from some form of mental illness, and watching that happen should not be entertainment (yes, I know I’m reading a story about her on a gossip blog too). But I hope she is able to get help and that people and the media stop feeding the cycle here.
      Good luck to her and her family, this has to be very hard for them.

    • Andrea says:

      I think she’s a very sick girl who needs help and we have reached the point where instead of talking about her we need to just be hoping someone close to her is going to intervene.

  4. Erinn says:

    I was listening to TMZ live yesterday, and she probably only came to the ciroc bottle conclusion because one of the guys in the office said it looked a kinda like a ciroc bottle. Which I agree with. But there’s also nothing saying that it couldn’t be a bong with the same kind of color effect on it.

  5. DanaG says:

    Oh gee it’s so sad and to think everyone used to say what a great role model she was for kids who grew up on TV. Amanda needs help even if she doesn’t think so she is getting worse.

    • Sherry says:

      I have a teenage daughter and I always thought she was a great role model! I remember seeing her on The View one time promoting a show and she stated that we would never see her at a club or in the tabloids like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton because she wanted a career as an actress, not a celebrity. She said she did not want to be known as a partygirl, but as an actress.

      Add that to the fact her father keeps insisting that she’s not on drugs, makes me wonder if she has developed some sort of psychiatric disorder and started self-medicating with booze/drugs.

      It’s just very sad to see someone go from The Amanda Show to this.

  6. valleymiss says:

    Of course that attention wh*re Chrissy Teigen jumped into it…god, John Legend could do a lot better. She seems like a loudmouth.

    I’m really disappointed in all the celebrities who seem to enjoy poking Amanda Bynes with a stick. Leave her alone – she’s mentally ill. Yes, Amanda is initiating a lot of it (see: Rihanna) but I thought Rihanna’s response was tacky. It would have been much classier for her to ignore it, or respond with, “Best wishes to Amanda, I hope you find what you’re looking for.” Or something. The fact that celebrities aren’t taking the high road, when they know what it’s like to be under a microscope/made fun of (see: Courtney Love) is really disappointing.

    • Sam says:

      Mental illness provides an explanation, not an excuse. Amanda Bynes may very well be mentally ill. But she is also a nasty, abusive piece of work. There’s this idea that if you are mentally ill, people should just “understand” and not give you back any grief. I say bullshit (and I say this as somebody with a mental illness). Mentally ill people can be abusive, vicious and terrible (and Bynes’ tweets to Rihanna were beyond the pale). At this point, she deserves what she gets. She feels empowered to attack and threaten everybody who she wants to. She’s an adult – her mental health is her business and her duty to care for. I felt bad for her when she was pleading for compliments. But now, screw her.

      • BeesKnees says:

        I think Rhianna had a right to defend herself. I also think that there are a lot of C/D list celebs that are tweeting about her knowing it will get a response. Amanda is saying really nasty, stupid things and acting like an asshole. The more attention she gets, the more she tweets this crap.

      • Decloo says:

        I disagree. She’s so clearly mentally ill. Schizophrenia nearly always rears it’s ugly head in the teenage years. I don’t think she can be held accountable for the things she is saying in the media. The very fact that they are SO incendiary, i.e. racist, immature, making fun of Rihanna’s abuse, shows that she is deeply unstable. Her tweets are not just spoiled bratty but way over-the-top. I really think she’s lost it and the kindest, most responsible thing to do is to not engage her in any way.

      • Thiajoka says:

        Sam, thank you so much for that response. I was worried that I wasn’t being sympathetic enough toward someone in my family who is mentally ill and is consistently causing trouble by verbally and emotionally attacking people. I secretly thought that it really wasn’t fair, but just needed some validation and you’ve provided that.

        When someone has a chronic or terminal physical disease, they don’t insist that others feel their symptoms by causing them physical pain and so it seemed to me that someone mentally ill who wants to constantly cause others emotional pain, especially fear and exhaustion, are just selfish.

      • Zoid says:

        Also have to agree with Sam. She’s downright nasty, no other phrases required. She’s (unfortunately) considered to be mental capable to take care of herself, so we should just ignore her until she either gets help or gets over herself. Half of her issue is being self absorbed.

        Please don’t chalk this all up to a mental illness folks. Mental illness doesn’t make you an asshole.

      • Sam says:

        @Decloo, I disagree that people are engaging her. Neither Rihanna or Chrissy Teigen spoke to her. They mentioned her name in a tweet. If Amanda has a problem hearing people talk about her, she needs to unplug. And I think she is mentally ill, truly. But so am I. Even when you are mentally ill, you are still in control of your own actions and words. Bynes’ tweets to Rihanna weren’t rambling – they were sharp and designed to play on a very sensitive subject. She is an adult who is still (for better or worse) in control of her life. If she’s sick, she needs to get some iniative and get help. I didn’t get better until I took some responsibility and made changes. It’s the same for any mentally ill person. Bynes shouldn’t be excused from terrible behavior because she has a condition. She will not recover until she owns up to it and assumes some responsibility. It’s not other people’s job to tiptoe around her. Treating mentally ill people with kid gloves feels patronizing to me. If she wants to be treated decently, she needs to take the first steps. Plenty of people would help her. She’s doesn’t want it 0 which is her perogative so far. But she doesn’t get to dictate the kind of response she gets.

        ETA: I don’t think it’s wise to argue if Bynes has schizophrenia or not. None of us have any idea whether she is truly delusional or just being nasty. Not all liars are schizophrenics. Even if she is, she still has the onus on her to seek help. But I think speculating on her exact diagnosis is premature. She is lucid enough to write and speak coherently, at least now. Her behavior doesn’t suggest schizophrenia to me personally, but I won’t speculate as to what I think it is.

      • dean travers says:

        You are not correct, sorry. Her insults and rants are totally meaningless and they are all pretty much the same. Schitzophrenia is a monster of a condition and while I can understand not wanting to subject yourself to someone behaving this way I find it very cruel to presume the person has any control. At this point they absolutely do not.

      • Sam says:

        Actually Dean, I’m fully correct (owing to the degree in actual Psychology I have). Bynes is lucid – you can tell from her tweets. She isn’t displaying any of the characteristic breakdown in cognitive functioning or word salad that most schizophrenics display. You also assume that she’s delusional, when she could just as easily be just lying. We have no evidence that she’s not in control now, so your diagnosis seems a bit premature. Anything else you wanna add, since you are clearly so educated on the subject?

      • Lucrezia says:

        @ Sam: While I agree that an armchair diagnosis of schizophrenia is completely premature, I completely disagree with the idea that the mentally ill are responsible for their actions.

        Some are, some aren’t. Depends on the disorder, depends on the person, depends on what action/s we’re talking about.

        I don’t think you have to put up with offensive behaviour, just because someone is ill. But I do believe that if they regret it later (when sane), then you shouldn’t hold it against them … it was the disorder, not them.

    • Faye says:

      The question is wether she has capacity as someone who has a had a mental health condition its all about wether you have the capacity to understand your own actions. Just because you have a mental health condition does not mean you should not be called out on your actions and just because your mentally ill does not stop you being a right cunt to people. I have once or twice lost capacity and done things I have regretted but to be fair it has been pretty obvious that I was not incontrol of myself. I’ve known many people with similar conditions to myself who have hidden behind there illness to get away with murder which isn’t right. In the case of Amanda I think she is obviously mentally ill but if her parents can not get right of attorny then she probably still has capacity.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Thank you for sharing your struggles @sam. I made similar points downthread. I hope you continue to be well.

      • ChicagoGirl says:

        This is a good point. There are people that live with mental illness but have behavior that is rational and reasonable. There are also people that are suffering their mental illness, do not have healthy cognitive functioning, and have erratic and/or hurtful behavior towards themselves and others. To loved ones and clinicians it is obvious when that mental illness has influenced behavior. I can’t diagnose this girl, but I can say that model that antagonized her was in the wrong. Pushing the buttons of someone who has potentially hit a psychological break is not a classy way to stay in the press.

        Many have said she needs a psychiatric hold placed on her,and while her antics are very disturbing, she hasn’t indicated she will hurt herself or anyone else out of intention. Many have also said that she is merely acting. I have to ask that if someone has the capability to be this extreme, including burning bridges, throwing away any career she had, and getting arrested, is that not indicative of a mental or emotional disturbance in and of itself? She’s not a performance artist.

  7. Sam says:

    It’s pretty sad when the TMZ paps are doing real investigative journalism and uncovering evidence.

    I’m curious – did she ever sign with a modeling agency? Wikipedia only notes modeling she did after turning 18 (like for magazine covers and maxim). Nothing seems to suggest that she was an actual model. If she really believes she was, it suggests that she is really delusional and she’s probably lost her grip on reality at this point.

    • Annie says:

      Of course she was never a Fords model. Ever. She was incredibly awkward and fuggly at 13. She’s just spewing lies and delusions.

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      She also keeps saying she has had a nose job to remove “webbing” from over her eyes, and she clearly hasn’t had a nose job.

      She is delusional.

    • jess says:

      TMZ didn’t uncover anything. There is no way that is a bong. They don’t have heavy vase/bottle bottoms like that. NYPD probably investigated and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a bong, because it’s not. It’s a couple of pieces of glass, and nothing else from a bong. They have multiple pieces to them.

    • dean travers says:

      Well Sam, this is a change of heart. I would hope that a fellow psych major would be more nuanced in their analyses of behavior. I am NOT a doctor, no argument there, but I am someone with practical and theoretical knowledge on this topic. I am genuinely curious, how does she sound “lucid” to you? Are her speech/writing patterns consistent with how she presented publicly in the past? Do you think that a severe mental disorder completely robs you of cognitive function and you just mutter words randomly? I mean, it CAN…but typically after far more progression. This women is acting in the most publicly humiliating way I have ever seen, (big thanks to social media). Serious question, do you honestly see her insults and rants as carrying any real power to injure anyone but herself? I just can’t see it.

      • Lauren says:

        As a psych major, are you familiar with the ways in which severe substance abuse can mimic or cause mental illness? I am a psychiatrist and have treated many people with a variety of psychiatric conditions, including schizophrenia and BPAD. That everyone is assuming mental illness based on Tweets and snippets of behavior – not a clinical interview, etc. – is disturbing.

  8. Jano1981 says:

    When I read about her yesterday, saying that her and her friends laugh at Courtney love, I have no doubt they do. However I believe those “friends” only exist in her head. She’s never photographed with friends. Ever. This is so sad. Even if was brought on by drug use I still feel bad for her. All this you’re ugly, I’m pretty stuff. It’s not even true anymore, she just looks troubled. Poor thing.

  9. Val says:

    I’m starting to think that she’s not doing hardcore drugs but it’s just her mental state that’s making her act this way. Who knows if she will commit suicide or something. I hope something clicks in her brain that makes her get help.

  10. mkyarwood says:

    Yeah, not to enable or whatever, but that’s a vase. I have seen enough bongs in life to know that glass is too thick. Plus, looks like she was using it as an ashtray.

  11. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Ooooooooh burn!

    It would be easier for me to feel bad for her if she wasn’t such a b*tch. I hate how every “zinger” she doles out is based on insulting someone’s appearance.
    And yeah-she really need to stay off of Twitter.

    • Sandra says:

      No kidding, dude. Allegations of mental illness (because let us not forget, she isn’t crazy and she’ll sue every last person who even thinks that she is!!!) don’t excuse the fact that she’s a horrible, horrible person. You wanna talk ugly – she’s ugly inside, where it actually counts.

    • marie says:

      yeah, I’d have to say she’s an a-hole with a mental illness.

      and this just goes to show how much attention I pay, I just noticed she had her cheeks or whatever pierced (supposed to give dimples I guess) I always thought she had food or something on her face.

    • MojoRising says:

      I have seen someone who is having mental issues and using drugs (diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder). They can become so horribly mean (and violent) you can’t imagine. I have seen the same person get clean and feel so ashamed of their behavior and never behave that way again. It’s just not as clear cut as you want it to be.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Never said it was “clear cut” but I’m glad if people can recognize and take responsibility for their behavior-I’m sure that’s a big part of getting well and managing the disease. That being said, taking drugs in a conscious decision and I have no doubt that mental illness and drug abuse is a dangerous combo.
        How much bad behavior does one excuse because a person (may or may not) suffers from a mental illness?
        What about murder? Do people get a free pass for murder because they were mentally ill and high on drugs at the time? I mean, I know this is an extreme example but I think it’s relevant in the context of this conversation.

        I too had a close friend who suffered from BPD. Maybe the disease affected her differently but she NEVER magically transformed into an asshole when she was in the throws of her disease. She was still a very good person, just someone who was extremely troubled (mainly to herself) when she was off her meds.

        “I’d have to say she’s an a-hole with a mental illness.” YEP. Exactly what I think, marie.

      • Denise says:

        That’s a great point, Mojo. Mental illness manifests in all kinds of ways, and her meanness is so over the top and aggressive, and obsessive with certain ideas (ie. beauty/ugliness) that it’s clearly not a lucid act. It’s frustrating for sure, but if people, including bloggers (I understand their dilemma though) would just disengage with the issue it would help not escalate it more quickly to its inevitable conclusion. She will be gone soon enough, untreated schizophrenics will eventually do themselves in. I cannot even begin to imagine the heartbreak her parents are experiencing.

      • Mich says:

        @ Kitten

        The insanity defense exists for a reason.

        It is unrealistic to expect someone operating in such a detached from reality state to be able to self-regulate. Yes, with medication, some people can regain control but the road to getting treatment can be long. Particularly because certain forms of mental disorders screw the brain so much that the ill truly don’t recognize that they are ill. When you suffer from depression, you recognize you feel wrong. Psychosis is an entirely different story.

        I don’t like or condone what she says. But I am compassionate because I don’t think she has any control at the moment.

      • littlestar says:

        I agree MojoRising. Mental illness will make people you love and think you know behave in ways you couldn’t imagine. Amanda is a year younger than me, and I used to watch her show “What I Like About You” (as well as her movies). In interviews she always came across as so level-headed and nice. She was never in tabloids. I’m not excusing her behaviour, but ever since she started acting out/exhibiting signs of mental illness, she’s become a completely different person than who she was in those interviews I remember watching. Mental illness sadly runs on my mom’s side of the family. I’ve seen family members act out in ways I didn’t think possible of them. Yet when they are better (on medication, seeing a psychologist regularly etc), they return to being the people the family knows. While I think a lot of the stuff she is saying is completely disgusting, it is possible that mental illness is making her act like an asshole (I have one bipolar uncle who in particular becomes a major asshole when he’s unwell that you do anything to avoid him, yet when he’s back to “being himself” he’s a pleasure to be around). Amanda Bynes needs help, and unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Mich & Littlestar-Not disagreeing with all that, but the insanity defense doesn’t EXCUSE murder. Mentally ill people who murder others still face consequences for their actions-they still get tried in a court of law.

        Look, none of us are her psychiatrist so at this point it’s all speculation anyway. I just strongly disagree with the idea that she shouldn’t be held responsible for her actions because she’s mentally ill. Frankly, I don’t see how that attitude is really helping her as it’s basically validating her behavior instead of sending the message that her actions are abnormal, that she’s not being herself (if that’s the case) and that she needs help. Sure, that probably wouldn’t get through to her but at least it wouldn’t be making it seem like her hateful words are ok. I’m not saying she should be the constant subject of tabloid fodder, but I certainly don’t blame others for being appalled by her disgusting words.

        Anyway, good discussion and good thoughts expressed here. I guess we just agree to disagree.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @original kitten, I’m with you. People like James Holmes (who shot up that theater in Aurora) shouldn’t be pitied because they’re mentally ill. In fact, I think that’s part of the problem. We excused people’s behavior because they’re mentally ill. I’m sure there were signs of Holmes’ illness before he committed mass murder. However, no one bothered to do anything about it until it was too late. IF Amanda is mentally ill (and not just in the throes of addiction, as I believe) she should still be held accountable for her words and actions, like the rest of us. Maybe forced accountability will encourage her to seek help for her “illness.”

      • Cyndi says:

        Yes!! This!! There are several different types of people in this world, we’re gonna stick with:
        “normal”, well adjusted- nice to others
        “normal”- but assholes to everyone
        Mentally ill- super nice prior to emergence of symptoms (prior to self-med’g)
        Mentally ill- assholes to others before AND after emergence of symptoms
        It is normally the mental illness or the drug/alcohol use (used for self-medication) that exacerbates the “asshole” issues. Once on meds and off the booze/drugs this person reverts back to the normal decent person they were prior to their first psychotic episode.
        Of course, just like the rest of humans they could be AH before AND after symptoms develop. Most tend to revert back to their original personality once medicated and titrated to a therapeutic, effective dosage. Its called mental illness for a reason, it affects the brain in almost all conceivable ways.
        Amanda was never known as an ass when working when she was younger, only with everyone seeing all of this played out in the public eye only makes it worse for her. This girl (girl to me, I’m almost 50) is decompensating at an alarming rate. I just hope she doesn’t end up hurting herself or someone else before she’s able to get the help she clearly needs. :o /

      • Mich says:

        @ Mort

        No one ‘excuses’ the criminal behavior of the mentally ill. It is a mitigating factor that influences consequences – incarceration in a mental facility or in a prison. To hold a mentally ill person to the same standard as the sane would be cruel and pointless. If the brain isn’t working, it isn’t working.

        The majority of people want to know why someone so clearly unstable is not being ‘helped’. It is because the system isn’t rigged to intervene unless the situation is so dire that someone is in imminent danger. I get why that is but it makes watching what is happening with Bynes all the sadder.

        I remember BritBrit’s descent into madness clearly and people were saying the same things about her that they are about Bynes. The girl was sick. It was sad. It is still sad.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        But I don’t recall Britney going on Twitter and calling every person on the planet “ugly” and “old” or making blatantly racist statements. I don’t remember her being outright cruel and nasty to complete strangers.

        Spears exhibited self-destructive, excessive behavior but never did she turn into an asshole who berates others for fun.

        The truth is that most people (at least here on C/B) were VERY empathetic to Britney, mainly because she seemed like a sweetheart who was just lost and struggling. Bynes is a different story.

      • Mich says:

        Twitter wasn’t a ‘thing’ when Spears was spiraling. And I seem to remember that Lufti character keeping a pretty tight rein on her ability to communicate with anyone. Until she shaved her head, many people were quite cruel and kept pointing to drugs.

        Amanda is 27 and has no history to match her current behavior. She is saying horrible things, sure. But, honestly, so what? I’m not going to gnash my teeth over the outbursts of someone who seems to be in the throes of a brain disorder.

        I want her to get treatment. Once that happens and she is back in control, I’ll judge her behavior.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Britney had her moments of being rude, but people have a certain affinity for her that makes them want to over look things.

        Britney held up a Delta flight for over an hour because she decided after boarding that she wanted a private jet since the 1st class on the Delta plane didn’t have leather seats. She flipped off the other passengers as she was leaving the plane. There were other incidents like that, but people didn’t give them much attention.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Britney didn’t lose the ability to communicate–she was simply never an angry and nasty person.

        No one is “gnashing their teeth” we’re just not saying “oh poor baby” when the thing is you don’t KNOW for certain that she has a mental illness. NONE of us do.

        “I want her to get treatment. Once that happens and she is back in control, I’ll judge her behavior.”

        How about we start with an actual diagnosis first? For myself and others, speculation about a potential mental illness isn’t enough to excuse awful behavior.

        And no, tweeting “@Rihanna Chris brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough” is just NOT ok. Sorry.

      • Mich says:

        I just don’t agree. Common sense says this is mental illness. A psychiatrist who contributes regularly to this thread has speculated that mental illness seems likely. Social workers have chimed in to say they see this situation often. People with family members suffering from psychosis-related mental illnesses have said that this is too close to their own experiences to believe it is anything but serious. Her parents are said to be frantically concerned and speaking with multiple lawyers – only to be told again and again that they are powerless.

        I don’t know if you saw my post yesterday, but Bynes is doing far more out of the ordinary than just sending vicious tweets. There is a whole spectrum of behavior at play here – from roaming the streets talking to herself, to acting bizarre in spin classes and being asked to leave, to locking herself in bakery shop bathrooms so that the fire department is called.

      • anon33 says:

        Mich, how do you explain that Amanda directed her tweet “response” to Courtney Love to either E!News or E!Online??? I can’t remember which one it was.

        She didn’t respond directly to Courtney; she specifically directed it/retweeted it or whatever at E!News. Why else would she do that, other than the obvious reason-because she knew it would get reported…which it did.

        Sorry. Simply not believing she has any type of disorder or illness until a doctor says so. “Common sense” is not medicine or science.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I think that saying Britney was never an angry or nasty person is making a big assumption. I remember things getting pretty ugly and nasty there for a while (umbrella beating, etc.).

        As for Amanda, we don’t know what she was like before this situation happened, but by most accounts she had a reputation for being very kind and the anti-lohan. She drove a sensible car, didn’t go to clubs, co-workers spoke positively about her, etc. When that changed, it changed very quickly.

        I think if we are going to assume from hearsay that Brit was nice before her meltdown, we also have to assume from hearsay that Amanda was nice before her meltdown. There does seem to be a “switch” that happened with both of these girls where their behavior changed drastically over the course of a year or so.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “how do you explain that Amanda directed her tweet “response” to Courtney Love to either E!News or E!Online?”

        To me, it seems similar to when Britney opened the curtains before she took the clippers and shaved her head. Cry for help, perhaps? I think there has been very little about this that has been clearly definitive. So many of her actions could fall either way depending on your perspective.

      • Thiajoka says:

        MorticiansDoItDeader wrote: “However, no one bothered to do anything about it until it was too late.” (Sorry if I spelled your name wrong–very, very tired tonight, long story.)

        Many people operate just on the fringes of mentally ill and cannot be forced legally into help that they will not agree to. Our legal and health system has far to go to help these people get the treatment they need and protect others from them.

        I agree with much of what you said, but it is hard for another person to get help for the functioning mentally ill. It’s usually when they finally hurt themselves or others that some options are available.

      • ChicagoGirl says:

        @TheOriginalKitten BPD presents in a lot of ways and at different times in life. I live with it. Statistically, most symptoms start presenting anywhere from childhood to early adulthood. Your friend is one of so many cases which means she is not representative of the population. Severity can be mild to severe just like anything else. Some are also more compliant with meds and therapy than others. Either way, none of it is an excuse as you ask about. However, the courts have an obligation to take mental illness into account if the dependent may have been influenced by it at the time if the crime. If convicted, the punishment is likely to be treatment based. The court systems don’t keep this as a secret. The mentally ill don’t just walk on murder charges and never have.

  12. Jackson says:

    Plain and simple, this woman needs help. I don’t believe for a second that she would be doing this stuff if not for whatever kind of mental illness has hold of her.

  13. Madpoe says:

    I wish the media would block her out and so many damn others. It would do everyone some good.

  14. Nick says:

    I am terrified to admit this but I tend to agree with her about the alleged “bong” on the roof of her building. That did not look like a bong to me.

    I know this is a clear sign of mental illness, but it is amazing to me how she goes in and out of lucidness seamlessly. Plus, she is obviously keeping abreast of the latest developments about herself.

  15. Sandra says:

    This obsession with physical beauty and who’s got it (her!) and who doesn’t (everybody else!) is FASCINATING from a linguistic perspective. She’s actually fairly well spoken for a total nutbag, but her vocabulary is seriously stunted – beauty queen, ugly, pretty and old seem to be the only descriptors she can manage to spit out. It’s highly reminiscent of Katie Holmes’ “He’s amazing, it’s amazing, we’re amazing” responses to any and all questions asked of her about Tom Cruise.

    And I hardly know who Chrissy Tiegen is, but I can certainly tell you who’s NOT the waste of oxygen here.

    • Mia 4S says:

      “She’s actually fairly well spoken for a total nutbag, but her vocabulary is seriously stunted”

      Good point @Sandra, but I’d say it makes sense for a child star. They are taught to “present” well but while some make education a priority, for the rest it’s just a burden and is wrapped up as fast as possible. The “beauty” obsession could easily be child star insecurities. Remember once upon a time it would have been a toss up as to whether she or say, Anne Hathaway, would succeed as adults. Mental illness aggravated by child star-itis? Yikes!

  16. serena says:

    Dear seems like a 7 years old writing, no exaggeration.

  17. yeahright says:

    What. This isnt even entertaining in the slightest. Why is Hollywood filled with mental patients?

  18. Mayday says:

    So wait, I thought at first it was a VASE now its a bottle of ciroc? jesus if youre gonna lie girl, get your facts straight.

  19. Dedrie says:

    She needs to join forces with beautiful gals Leann and Niki Minaj.. bwahahahahahah!

  20. Yelly says:

    She’s getting into it with Chrissy now? Oh man…

  21. Shannon says:

    It would be nice if twitter had monitors that could moderate such nasty tweets. She is a mean vicious girl!! What she said about Rihanna was horrible. Twitter should put a lock on her account or something so she can’t tweet for awhile.

  22. Debbie says:

    This is just sad and I agree the media needs to stop covering her, but then again I’m reading and commenting so I guess I’m fueling the fire here too.

    It truly is sad and honestly scary.

  23. teehee says:

    What is her obsession with calling everyone “ugly”? — and Sueing? Hmmm— ugly + sue …. ugly + sue….. what is it hinting at…

  24. Samigirl says:

    “I’m allergic to alcohol, but I know a ciroq bottle when I see one!”

    Anywho, this is just…sad.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Also, being allergic to all drugs and alcohol CAN’T be true. My husband has a morphine allergy, but the doctors just find alternative means to alleviate pain. I have celiac, so I can’t drink beer (unless it’s gluten free). I just don’t think it’s possible to have THAT many allergies. Also, according to MAYO clinic, there is a such thing as alcohol intolerance but not an alcohol allergy.
      “In some cases, what may seem to be alcohol intolerance is caused by a reaction to something else in an alcoholic beverage — such as chemicals, grains or preservatives. In other cases, reactions are caused by combining alcohol with certain medications.”
      Apparently symptoms are typically skin flushing and nasal congestion (which probably wouldn’t stop most people from drinking every once in a while). Her allergy claims sound like complete bullsh*t to me.

  25. Lucy says:

    I’m against TMZ on what they did, they really need to back off

  26. Lexi says:

    She is so obsessed with appearances, her biggest insult to people is you’re ugly! She is ugly now, and so crazy

  27. L says:

    If I remember right, when she first got her DUI-her parents dropped everything, flew out to CA, didn’t give any interviews, and tried to get her into rehab and get help. Like good parents should (side eye to the Lohans)

    And she cut them out and wouldn’t take any help. Then flew off to NYC for her ‘modeling’ and they are pretty much helpless to stop her. I agree with Chrissy-its just sad. The girl is clearly mentally ill and doesn’t realize she needs help.

  28. ViktoryGin says:

    Replace “beauty queen” with “45 year-old pr0n star ” and maybe that will begin to approach the truth.

  29. mamasaid says:

    I honestly believe that this is all a planned real life soap opera that Amanda is PAID to do. many of her photos look too professionally angled for it to be just from her snapping on her iphone. there was a photo spread in particular recently in one of the tabloid magazines that showed her in her apt partying and it just looked toooooo staged! she may be pulling a fast one on all of us and there are reasons for this…it makes money for a lot of people!

    • kristiner says:

      I agree. I think she’s totally faking it. She was an actress but nobody really famous. Her “retirement” was IMO for attention. Then she came out of it and now she’s all “crazy” and IMO she’s doing it calculating so she can hit rock bottom then come back and be in the spotlight all “clean and sober” with a revitalized career.

      Remember Britney had a legit breakdown but when she got better she came back big. Circus is one of her best CDs ever. Amanda is IMO trying to actually make it real big for the first time.

      She’s not a very good actress and she’s not that pretty. That Jennifer Aniston nose only worked for JA. So she had to do something drastic ie what she’s doing now.

  30. Shelly says:

    She scares me just by reading her insane rants. I don’t know how she’s not considered a danger to anyone.

  31. Meggin says:

    She was definitely never a model at 13. She was crazy awkward looking!! She needs psychiatric help. The obsession with physical appearance is really sad.

  32. Anele says:

    I like her so much. This is sad.

  33. diva says:

    John Legend’s gf needs to shut up. She is always starting stuff on Twitter. She could have kept that comment to herself. We all know Amanda had issues so why provoke her online and then tell people you aren’t going to “indulge”? She needs to have several seats

  34. emma says:

    it’s pathetic how obsessed by ‘beauty’ she is.

  35. Zombie Shortcake says:

    She certainly has the levels of insanity to be a beauty queen.

  36. Kate says:

    I feel so bad for her parents, if they are trying to get her help. I’ve gone through many a situation with my mother, who we believe is schizophrenic (hears voices, is paranoid, delusional), and getting her treatment takes a lot of work. I’ve been told “mentally ill persons have the right to live their life as mentally ill”. Getting her short term help is the best our family can do.
    It’s also sad that Amanda is becoming known for her problems, and not the work she’s put out. I hope her family continues to fight for her well-being. No one should have to live with hearing voices and a constant state of paranoia.

    • Cyndi says:

      Absolutely know where you’re coming from, at least from a medical professional standpoint. That quote (“…mentally ill persons have the right to live their life as mentally ill…”) drives ME to the point of near psychosis sometimes!!!! All of the meds considered to be “chemical restraints” is f’n insane!
      Granted there are still Nurses who will overuse p.r.n. psych meds because Betty’s being a PITA in room 401-A. But we are so limited today in the things we can do anymore, and to me letting a patient decomp and live “mentally ill” is WORSE than actually giving them the meds they need! That’s denying them the quality of life they deserve instead of living unmedicated, scared, and often isolated and alone because of their symptoms!

      • lee says:

        the thing though is that recovery can mean completely different things for different people and it doesn’t have to be (and rarely is) getting back to the person they were before the onset of illness. if someone was refusing chemo for treatable cancer, you are obligated to allow them that choice. or if someone refuses a porcine transplant because of religious reasons, same deal. it’s unfortunate if someone refuses treatment, but they do have a right to do so as long as they are still legally entitled to make their own decisions and it is hubris IMO to assume we know for certain what is best for someone else’s health, be it physical or mental especially as we are not the ones obligated to live with the often massively undesirable side-effects.

        that being said, I totally get the frustration. a close family member of mine refused treatment for schizophrenia for a long time and actually moved across the country and lived on the streets without any contact with us for years because of it. we had no recourse and didn’t even know if he was alive. even after being forced into psychiatric care by the police, he refused to allow us to be informed of his condition or treatment for several months. thankfully, he was eventually able to see that his illness could be managed and that we would not judge him and we love him as he is and he has chosen to come home and maintain his treatment. from my perspective, he is much happier and healthier now, but I still know that that is not my call to make and I am just thankful every day that he continues to see his treatment as a positive.

  37. Lulu says:

    Hmmm. I have experienced psychosis myself – they now call it ‘hospital psychosis’ probably brought on by days worth of interrupted sleep. They were taking blood round the clock, and I was also jacked up on steroids. It was the oddest thing. I realized I was hearing voices, and that was it. I slipped right over the edge. But I KNEW I was psychotic. Scared the bejesus out of me. But I honestly don’t remember how I spoke to the nurses. In fact a LOT of it I don’t remember. I came out of it 24 hours later, shaken to the core. I can tell you that Amanda is frightened and lashing out. I feel for her. And I’m not sure that she doesn’t realize that something is wrong. But I know my biggest fear, was that they weren’t going to let me go home. Ever. I think Amanda fears being ‘locked up’. The fact that she deletes her offensive tweets shows me some kind of self awareness. Anyhoodle, for what its worth, there you go.

    • jaye says:

      The problem is that if she is mentally ill, and refuses to acknowledge it, she may very well become a danger to herself and no one would know until it’s to late. I had a cousin who was diagnosed as schizophrenic(not saying Bynes is)but even after the diagnosis she insisted that there wasn’t anything wrong and she refused medication. She was out of control for a while and then all of a sudden she seemed to be pulling herself together. Then after a while she stole a check from her dad and tried to buy a gun. It was lucky that the merchant called my uncle to advise that the check bounced and that she couldn’t have the gun. She should have been 5150′d after that, but unfortunately my aunt and uncle thought that if they just kept an eye on her, she couldn’t harm herself or anyone else. They thought that that tactic was working, but one day she came home, hugged and kissed her mother and went into her bedroom and blew her brains out. It’s hard to help someone who doesn’t think they need it, or are so in their heads and mired in their pain that they can’t see past ending the pain forever. I do think Bynes has exhibited some really horrible behavior, and there should be some accountability on her part for that behavior. I do hope that her lashing out isn’t masking something darker and we end up reading a grim headline about her in the future.

  38. Alexandra says:

    She should be the anti Dove commercial

  39. tifzlan says:

    Why was Chrissy Teigen tweeting about her in the first place? There is clearly something seriously wrong with Amanda, and Chrissy should’ve known better than to provoke her like that. I’m not defending Amanda’s behavior, but Chrissy is wrong here too.

    • Lila says:

      Chrissy is provocative, it is part of her personality. She has plenty of self-deprecating humor, too – way more than any other model I’ve ever seen.

      Amanda needs serious help – this isn’t just Lohan-brand narcissism. I think Amanda has an escalating mental illness.

      • tifzlan says:

        That may very well be part of her personality, but i don’t think that justifies her talking about Amanda in the first place. I completely agree that mentally, Amanda is deteriorating and she is deteriorating fast. What Chrissy did only gave Amanda something to feed off of. Like i said, i am in NO way defending Amanda Bynes, but Chrissy Teigen should not have said anything at all. Her statement might be correct but she didn’t have to use Amanda Bynes’ name in the tweet.

      • jaye says:

        Why can’t she talk about her? We’re talking about her. Chrissy wasn’t poking the bear, she was stating her opinion regarding people enabling her (Bynes’)behavior.

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      Chrissie didn’t @-message Amanda. She mentioned Amanda’s name in a tweet to her followers.

      Amanda is obviously stalking all mentions of herself on Twitter (more narcissism) and found that tweet.

      It isn’t reasonable to expect Chrissie to never speak her opinion simply because Amanda might find out she has one. That’s like saying you and I don’t have a right to speak about Amanda here because Amanda could potentially find this site.

      Chrissy is not responsible for Amanda’s actions. I thought Chrissy’s tweets showed laudable concern and empathy.

      • bluhare says:

        It could well be paranoia not narcissm.

      • tifzlan says:

        That’s a good point you make about Chrissy not @-tweeting Amanda, which i overlooked. But i also agree with bluhare on paranoia. The way she tweets about other people is always very defensive. It does seem like she believes that everyone is out to get her. Sigh. I don’t know. This is all just so tragic. The girl is obviously very unwell and legally, there’s nothing anyone can do until she hurts herself or someone else.

  40. ojulia123 says:

    I have to go to my son’s school today where I will be surrounded by tiny, perfect, blonde moms [I'm a tall, chubby redhead]. If any of them try to talk to me, I’m just going to shout, “YOU’RE NO BEAUTY QUEEN! I’M A BEAUTY QUEEN!”

    I really think that this will help me fit in and make friends. Thanks, Amanda!

  41. chria says:

    Mental illness or not i hate how she is always trying to bash peoples looks. Regardless of what excuse the media portrays she is being a total bully and to me she isnt pretty. I think back a few years back she was because she didnt try to overdramatize makeup, wigs, etc…now she’s just a hot mess. An unpretty one at that.

  42. DreamyK says:

    Is she trolling for the lulz? Like Joaquin Phoenix did for his strange documentary? If she is? Not funny.

    Is it possible someone really did hack into her account or was that just BS too?

  43. gie says:

    Amanda Bynes was an okay child star. I don’t get all those comments like ” Oh Amanda, what happened to her, I used to watch her show,etc,.
    She could never be like other talented child stars like Elijah Wood, Ryan Gosling, Natalie Portman, Joseph-Gordon Levitt,etc.
    She was just the money girl for Nickolodeon back in the late 90s to early 2000s.

  44. Bonfire Beach says:

    A major problem with this country is inadequate mental health treatment options. How can we let people with legitimate mental health problems just go without help like this? What does it take for someone to receive help? Obviously, a person with severe issues cannot recognize they need help themselves in order to seek it on their own. At what point do we allow authorities/family members to step in? It seems like there is no answer and unless the person wants help themselves they cannot get it. Ridiculous!

    • Tiffany :) says:

      ^^^^^ THIS!!!!

      That is the conversation we really need to be having. It isn’t just celebs, it is about our neighbors too!

      At what point should a person be able to be fully evaluated without their consent? Medicated? Is waiting until a crime or self harm has been committed the best way to approach the situation? How would you prevent mentally healthy people from being unjustly held or victimized because of views on their lifestyle (I keep in mind that listening to the “wrong” music or loving the wrong people has been used in the past as evidence of mental illness).

      I just think the conversation we really should be having goes so far beyond this one person. We should have had it when Britney had issues. We should have had it after the mentally ill committed horrific crimes in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut (etc)…and yet it never happens!

  45. Trudy says:

    It is possible to make a bong out of Ciroc bottle. Tutorials are all over youtube.

  46. Auj says:

    Is that what she does all day?
    Take photos of herself and tweet pics?
    At least Kim Kardashian has paps to take the photos.

  47. Shy says:

    I don’t feel sorry for her. That is spoiled, selfish, narcissistic, rude bitch. Who perfectly understands what she is writing. She is capable to take care of herself. She is not completely insane. She knows what she is doing when she writes those rude tweets. That fact that she unleashed on Rihanna for God knows why is amazing. Rihanna didn’t even talk to her on Twitter.

    She keeps calling people ugly like it’s the worst insult ever. Which means that she probably hates her own face. Which is understandable since she was never flat out pretty. Just had usual face. And then like Lohan decided to make it better with surgeries. Or something.
    I went to her Twitter. And it’s so pathetic that she keeps retwitting messages of people who made positive comments on her. Like it proves something. I don’t know what.

    And can she please sue anybody already? Because she keeps yelling that she sues somebody every hour and then nothing is happening.

    And media should really start to ignore her. Don’t feed crazy rude bitch.

  48. Belle Epoch says:

    Any information about her lawyer? What lawyer would actually follow through on her threats? She needs a lawyer to DEFEND her ass at this point. I thought I saw a picture of her with a lawyer but don’t know if he was appointed to her or what. Good thing she’s an educated multi-millionaire – fastest way to burn up money is go to court!

  49. margo says:

    Did she have surgery on her face, to me she does not look like the same person

  50. tmbg says:

    The thing is, even if she eventually gets help because she is forced to, she might refuse to take her medication. That’s what happened to a family member. She took herself off her meds, lost control and tried to kill herself.

  51. antidoll says:

    she looks like a glitz pageant girl post break down! :s

  52. paranormalgirl says:

    I am staying out of the Amanda Bynes thing moving forward. I really don’t need people finding my facebook page and sending me crappy messages because I don’t agree with their armchair uninformed diagnoses.

  53. Ulla says:

    what the f%&*( happen to her????

  54. Lady_Luck says:

    Sorry for my ignorance from across the pond, but what is this “car crash” famous for (initially)?