LeAnn Rimes confirms reality show: ‘We’re doing a TV show based on our reality’

I finally understand why LeAnn Rimes has been posting so many creepy Vine videos to her Twitter! They were previews for her long-gestating reality show. We’ve been hearing rumors about this “reality show” for months now – apparently, Eddie and LeAnn were meeting with networks and producers, pitching a Curb Your Enthusiasm-type reality show. Like, it will be based on their real lives but it will be “scripted” and “they will be playing versions of themselves”. At least that’s how it was billed a few months ago. Well, LeAnn confirmed the project to People Magazine in her “exclusive” interview:

LeAnn Rimes and her husband Eddie Cibrian are headed back to the small screen – and ready to face their critics head on.

“We’re doing a TV show based on our reality,” Rimes, 30, tells PEOPLE. “We’ll take things out of our lives and elaborate them and make them funny. People have been laughing at us – we want them to laugh with us!”

The couple, married since 2011, met on the set of Lifetime’s Northern Lights in 2008, and gained public notoriety when they fell for each other and ended their respective marriages the following year.

“For some reason, everyone is so interested in our lives but they don’t actually know about them,” Rimes says. “What they read is what they see. We want to be able to take control of our lives again so we want to do a show about us, about our lives, but scripted.”

The show has yet to secure a title or network, but the singer, whose new album, Spitfire, will be out June 4, is looking forward to working with her hubby again.

“That’s why we explored the idea of doing the show, to be able to be together.”

And what about the rumors that Rimes is joining the cast of next season’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, currently starring Cibrian’s ex, Brandi Glanville?

“That would never cross my mind,” she says with a laugh. “Never in a million years!”

[From People]

“We’re doing a TV show based on our reality”…? You know who talks like that? Karl Rove. He’s always talking about “the reality-based reality” versus “the reality that can be created” through sheer force of will. Which is a good way to think about this LeAnn project: think of the LOLs it will bring. Because people will still be laughing AT them and not with them. This is going to be such a disaster.

A preview of coming attractions:

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. bluhare says:

    Nothing says reality like a scripted show.

    • lambchops says:

      +1 Plus, I love the faux naivete about how people seem to be interested in their lives. Because YOU ARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA NON STOP DUMMY.

      • judyjudyjudy says:

        how are these people even remotely interesting to all of you. what is the connection?

  2. Elisabeth says:

    I will tune into crazy

    • kaligula says:

      Right? +1

      But I will not admit to anyone that I watch it.

      And seriously I can’t believe she’s stooping to this level. Poor girl is so confused. Fame must really be a trip, huh?

    • Britney says:

      I hope it will be on Bravo right after RHOBH. And I really hope LeAnn will be obligated to write bravo-style blog about every episode. Can’t wait!

    • I so want to tune into the trainwreck also, but I don’t want to give them the satisfaction of ratings!

  3. springingforward says:

    But the little boys won’t be allowed on camera……RIGHT?

    • heidi says:

      Oh, they’ll be allowed on in defiance of a court order. Two laws unto themselves could care less about that. It’s only Brandi who must obey their commands. Brandi, WAKE UP and get on it!!!

      • Sapphire says:

        @heidi-see legal rant from yesterday.

        I also saw no network or production company has been identified. So she’s flogging an idea all over-low rent, bonus show.

    • RocketMerry says:

      That’s exactly what I want to know.

      Man, are we all in for a joy-cray ride:
      “Come on Bonus Kids, let’s smile for the pretty camera… no, no running away from the lenses, stay right here besides me, where you can be filmed playing happily with me aaaaall of the time. Also, let me strike a few poses that suggest I might be pregnant. And Eddie, dear, is that a new portable phone? When did you get that…er…I mean, how cool, does it take nice pictures?”

      • Erinn says:

        I figure she’ll just hire child actors to portray them so she can make sure she looks like the best, most adored bonus mom on the planet.

      • lee says:

        yeah, back when this was first discussed I could swear I read that the boys would be played by actors. Although if you ask me, the line between showing the kids themselves on tv vs. displaying their personal lives through ‘scripted’ but based on reality means is pretty thin. I mean, unless they change their names and make sure it doesn’t seem like it’s actually ripped from reality.

    • Nerd Alert says:

      If it actually is done in the style of Curb Your Enthusiasm, they will be played by actors. Probably Wanda Sykes and Cheryl Hines 😉

    • karmasabiatch! says:

      They’d sure as hell better not be on camera.

      Really, tho…I don’t believe this for a minute. Notice that, once again, LR refuses to name the network attached to the “project”.

      That’s probably because there is no project. Except in wewe’s deranged, narcissistic mind. Just more attention seeking behavior.

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      Unless they suddenly become actors, J&M would not be on a “scripted” reality show. If anything, actors will play the boys.

  4. marie says:

    will it be named Delusions of Grandeur?

  5. hadleyb says:

    So this is the only way for Eddie to get a job I take it?

    • ncboudicca says:


    • Erinn says:

      My thoughts exactly!

    • anon33 says:


      Last night Hubs and I were watching Frasier reruns on the hallmark Channel. We saw a commercial with Eddie in it!!! He is in a new Hallmark Movie called “Notes from Dad,” where he plays some kind of high school music teacher with a long-lost son? The commercial gave me MEGA d8ouchchills. He was CONDUCTING the school band….it was SO CHEESY. I immediately thought to myself “I have to tell the Celebitches about this tomorrow.” 🙂

    • ya says:

      I know………….. exactly what I was thinking! I really hope for LR’s sake that this doesn’t get picked up!

  6. Cali says:

    Who wants to watch a show about a woman who broke up a family? Obviously it’s Eddies fault too, but yeah…. It’s like her ridiculous album with songs about pining for another woman’s husband. So gross. She just doesn’t get it.

    • Byte Me says:

      No one, that’s why this will never sell. LeAnn is getting more delusional by the day.

    • hazeldazel says:

      well, according to this story no network has picked up the pilot so this is just wishful thinking on her part. especially since we all now her new album is a total flop. no network is gonna want to touch this.

    • PhillyGurl says:

      Come on! We all have to dvr this. This show is going to be HILLARIOUS when they get a divorce.

      Remember Brittany and Kfeds show. I wish i would have dvr that show. Brittany must have had the show wiped off the face of the earth. I can’t find it anywhere.

  7. maria says:

    I actually feel sad for her future. She is going to have a difficult time when the marriage eventually does end. A handsome man like that who has a history of infidelity most likely will not remain faithful.

    • springingforward says:

      I highly doubt that the cheating is a future thing. I imagine it has been going on since day one, but he will hang around until her bank account dries up.
      She will continue to look the other way because the paps won’t photograph her every day if they are broken up and she has become addicted to the attention.
      Any paying gig they get just prolongs the inevitable.

    • Christin says:

      So true – it is like fighting a losing battle. This relationship seems to define her existence.

    • Emily C. says:

      Eddie Cibrian, handsome? Ugh. He oozes slime. And he looks like he’s checking someone out in the first photo.

      • bettyrose says:

        Agreed, but objectively he’s better looking than KFed, who’s had no problem keeping a trail of ladies interested post-Brit (nevermind that he abandoned the mother of his children for Brit and then had a failed marriage with her). Sadly, too many women in the world with too few standards.

  8. Aussie girl says:

    Get the fuck out of town!!! What a hypercrit!!! She better not have the kids on there!!! She will be dying to show everyone what a great bonus mum she is!m( I gag). This show will flop!!!

    • Sarah says:

      Does anyone notice her picture with the older son? She is pulling his head in as if to hug him but he is very deliberately keeping his body/torso away from her, keeping space between them so that their bodies don’t touch. I don’t think the older boy is too fond of bonus mom!

      • Zombie Shortcake says:

        Lol He’s so much more into drawing on the ground with that stick than giving “Bonus Mom” the time of day Hahaha.

  9. Cody says:

    She is definitely attention starved and his career is going no where, so they will be perfect for a reality tv show.

  10. Macey says:

    Those videos are the most horrid site to wake up and see. I cant get to my adblock fast enough.

    As far as this “alleged show”, it will never happen. she truly is delusional if she thinks any tv network will invest in this. I said it before when this tv show talk came up but TV is all about ads and sponsorship, the show itself is an after thought. Nobody is going to invest in ad time for these loons when they know the public hates them. Her own label wont even invest in her music and that is something she truly has a talent for and she cant even sell that.

    She gets crazier with each passing day and publicity stunt. I also highly doubt Ediot wants to do anything with her since he seems to be enjoying his time away from her.

    • NerdMomma says:

      Agreed. I would totally watch this show, but who on earth could advertise during it? Stalker websites? Alcohols? Twitter rehabs?

      • Samigirl says:

        Ashleymadison.com 😉

      • Deanne says:

        Ashleymadison.com The website for married cheaters. That would be a double plus for Eddie because they’d probably comp his membership and he wouldn’t have to pay them anymore. Score for Eduardo!

      • Lady D says:

        Ex-Lax, the makers of Valium and Ritalin, veterinary services, Shoes Aren’t Us.

      • Lady D says:

        And birth control. I forgot birth control. They’d make a killing advertising beside her face.

  11. Badirene says:

    What does this loon know about reality? She lost touch with it a long time ago.

  12. Erinn says:

    I hate the phrase “My/Our reality”.

    It just comes off as someone knowing what really happened but deciding only to believe in a version that makes them look good. It’s such a delusional sounding phrase.

    • Nerd Alert says:

      Right! I hate that too, just like “my truth” or “our truth.” There is only one reality, one truth. I get creeped out when people have convinced themselves otherwise.

      • ViktoryGin says:

        Not according to Buddhist philosophy or even Western psychology, but I do agree that it’s become this convenient platitude for people not wanting to take responsibility for their shit.

      • heidi says:

        @victory ginn you might be misinterpreting Buddhist philosophy. And as for Western psychology~well, it’s always changing it’s mind on how the mind works. Much stabbing in the dark because of too much basing theories off of materialistic thinking.

      • Emily C. says:

        There are multiple truths about a lot of things. What people who lean on that don’t like to accept is the corresponding fact that there are even more UNtruths about things.

    • littlestar says:

      Yup! You are spot on with that. I also hate the phrase “my/our reality”. UGH. Give me a break.

  13. LAK says:

    What happened to the comedy series they were doing, also based on their lives, and featuring a crazy ex-wife (their words)?! Wasn’t it also inspired by curb your enthusiasm?!

    Also, what happened to LeAnn’s contempt for the reality shows? Last december she was mocking Brandi’s choice of ‘reality career’ complete with quotation marks during the interview she gave to E!

    • holly hobby says:

      You can’t be too picky when you are broke and hungry. I’m surprised her agents let her do this. She had a very promising career in Nashville before she decided to piss it all off for some cheap roll in the hay.

      Eddie isn’t fit enough to host a tv game show.

  14. brin says:

    Only Leechann would confirm a tv show without a network. Wonder which one of her multiple personalities will get top billing.

    • Christin says:

      She talks in circles, yet leaves out that one very important detail….Which network has agreed to air the show? And wouldn’t that network be the one to confirm it?

      Actually, I would like to see his acting abilities as he tries to portray the doting husband.

    • Deanne says:

      I’m beyond excited about this entertainment extravaganza. I can’t wait. Who’ll be cast as Darrell B, Gingie, KHoff, her assistant and BFF Kiki, her Mother and Bonus Dad, Lizzard, her dear friends in the country music industry, Brandi and the rest of the fascinating characters that all make up her super interesting life. Will both of her faces be featured, as to fully showcase her hypocrisy? Will the suicidal fans be part of the hilarity? Will her multiple lawsuits against innocent people get a special episode? Does LeAnn know that a network has to want to air her show? Does she think that she can announce that they’re doing a show and it will magically happen? I know that she needs an easier way to dong sit, but this is really one of her most awesome displays in terms of delusions of grandeur. How about calling it “Bonus Mommy Dearest”?

      • brin says:

        …or “I Loathe Loony”

      • candigirl says:

        “Everbody Hates Horseann”
        “Two and a Half Eyes (Between Them Both)”
        “Full House (of Horrors)”
        “How I Met Your Bonus Whore”
        “Law and Order: Special Stalkers Unit”
        “Single White Female”

      • brin says:

        “Hot In Hades”

      • candigirl says:

        “Arrested Development”
        “Ugly Little Liars”

      • pamspam says:

        You guys just made me snort laugh at work!

      • PhillyGurl says:

        To Quote MK from DListed:
        “LeAnn says that their show doesn’t have a name or even a network yet. I helped LeAnn out a bit. I called WCC (the Who Cares Channel) and NGAFN (Nobody Gives A Fuck Network) and they both said they’re passing.”

      • brin says:

        @PhillyGurl…I heard WPFN (When Pigs Fly Network) also passed on it.

      • Christin says:

        “Ding and Dong”
        “Hidden Hills Hillbillies”
        “Momma Says I’m Perfect – So There!”
        “How to Bag a Douche in 6 Months or Less”
        “What Gives with the Cibs”
        “Casa DeLusion”
        “Our Real LifE – The Scripted Version”

        Or, they could go with a court TV show about various lawsuits or the split that usually happens following a “reality” show.

    • Deanne says:

      Or “Mrs. Ed”. Then they could save money on a theme song and have Darrell Brown produce a new fangled version where Ed sings “a horse is a horse, of course”. LeAnn and the kids could ride their ATV’s in the background. It would be entertainment gold and a good way for Eddie to get back to his musical roots from his boy band days. They could even put out a soundtrack of them singing duets of cheating songs. I can’t wait.

  15. truthful says:

    it will flop and she’ll be defensive about it on twitter, THIS should be a good laugh, smdh.

    hmmm, will the kids be on there, I wonder…

  16. lady mary. says:

    i hope they include an episode of Brandi sticking in two straws up Falkors nose

  17. Jacqueline says:

    I just don’t understand how this qualifies as her having a show yet. NB name & no network sou did like she still has no show.
    And as for the based in our reality comment, it just means we won’t see her actual life, we will see her life as SHE sees it. There’s a significant difference, I’m assuming.

  18. NerdMomma says:

    Translation to all of this:

    “I’m looking for a way to employ my husband so he has a job and I can keep an eye on him. Plus, he won’t touch me in real life, and this way I can get a script that forces him to kiss me and tell me how beautiful I am and how much he loves me. Score!”

  19. SpaceDonkey says:

    If her vine videos are anything to go by , her ‘reality’ show will be horrifying.

    • Narrelle Hertslette says:

      Haha imagine that, just looping her Requiem For A Dream-esq 6 second ‘vine’ clips for 25 minutes. Watching it would send you crazy, maybe A Bynes saw a preview copy…

    • pamspam says:

      Those video clips are seriously creepy. Her smile is evil.

  20. doofus says:

    Like a few of you have said, how is it “reality” if it’s scripted, “elaborated” reality?

    goes along with what I said about her yesterday…she wants people to see her “reality” as SHE sees it, not as it truly is.

    ETA: oh, btw, if they’re “laughing at you”, they already find the reality funny. no need to take things that people are already laughing at and “elaborate” them to create a funny “reality”.

  21. oliveo says:

    God her face looks super jacked up in motion

  22. Jenna says:

    One of her vine videos up there froze, and her whoville face was on full display. Loved it. Nice to have a good laugh this early in the morning. 🙂

  23. DEB says:

    Those pics with her hands all over the kids give me the creeps. 🙁 Ugh.

  24. dorothy says:

    Her reality or everyone else’s?

  25. Samigirl says:

    I guess that’s one way to make sure her husband is employed and in her eyesight at the same time.

    • Cirque28 says:


    • MrsBPitt says:

      I read a book about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz and it said that when Lucy was going to do I Love Lucy she insisted that her real husband, Desi, play the part of her husband. The reason being that he was a known cheater and she wanted to keep him with her so she could keep her eyes on him. Well, he still screwed around and got even more side pieces because of how famous he became. Then, guess what, they divorced. So, whatever LR plan is to keep her hubby under control…won’t happen…a douche is a douche is a douche!!!!!

      • brin says:

        Exactly! And she’s such a control freak that not being able to control him must drive her even crazier than she already is.

  26. SouthernGal says:

    LeAnn is LAME and BORING. No other words. If her scripted reality is anything like her vine videos it will FLOP just like SH*TFIRE! Can she just take her millions, bought hubby and ride off into the sunset? Four years of the same old crap. Just GO AWAY!!!!

  27. Dedrie says:

    Reality, of me and my man, bonus kids, jealous ex, a very interesting life.. which I dream up, allow to happen, or appear to happen and have upsets or triumphs.. as the day goes along with help from my inventive, trusted pals.. hee hee..

  28. Alexis says:

    Nobody laughs at her, they pity her.

    • nomorerimes says:

      Wrong! I don’t pity her. Maybe if she felt any remorse or if she were the tiniest bit humble. No–no pity here. But I do laugh AT her because she is such a sick, manipulative, stalking, in-love-with herself, pathetic liar. She says one thing one day and then contradicts it the next. So easy. Someone should keep running track of how many lies she has told.

      • nomorerimes says:

        Oops! I forgot to say delusional!

      • Emily C. says:

        When I “pity” someone, it’s not because I like them. It’s because they’re pathetic. I’d say I “feel sorry” for or “sympathize” with someone I don’t dislike who’s going through something rough. Pity, I reserve solely for the pitiable. There are only one or two rungs lower than “pitiable” for me. Eddie’s on one of them, btw.

        So yeah, I pity her.

    • Lady D says:

      She is suing a special needs teacher with 6 children, 4 of whom are adopted and also special needs kids. She gets injured on the job and still goes back to work because she loves what she does. Leechann has threatened to ruin her and take her house. All this over a phone call that horseface initiated. Does Grimes really think this lawsuit of her’s will bring in viewer? Delusional barely skims the surface.
      $50 bucks says if she gets her show, she will work a ‘scripted’ pregnancy into it. Hope Ediot is prepared.

      • candigirl says:

        Thank you for mentioning this, (HelptheSmileys) This is one of the most despicable things I have ever known a millionaire celebrity to do. Trying to bankrupt a special needs teacher, Leann and Darryl have boasted that they are going to take her house and bash her reputation and try to get Kim fired.

  29. Gia says:

    I know it seems to her like ‘everyone is so interested in their lives’ because the microcosm of twitter makes her think so…but no one cares about these two in a way that would bring tv ratings required for the show to float. Twitter ain’t reality shweet heart.

  30. Suzanne says:

    Dear God…they are NOT going away…are they? A reality show now? You KNOW that is just to showcase her with Brandi’s kids..and to one up Brandi on RHWOOC. Ugh..I’ll never watch it..not even once!

  31. Celeste says:

    I see her announcement as a desparate grasp for a network to pick up the show. She wants it BADLY, obviously. But what network would sign her when she is labelled as one of the most hated people 1) in Hollywood 2) on Twitter.
    However, if some network is stupid enough to take the bait (she probably thinks there will be a bidding war), it will flop and she’ll only make herself look worse. Passive aggresive jabs at Brandi! Yah, that will revive your career…
    Speaking of, isn’t this her last album with Curb? Is she out on the street after this? Perhaps she has no new deal, and this is her way of staying in the limeligh.

    • SouthernGal says:

      Curb dropped her which is the reason why the album was delayed several times. They aren’t investing in this cd. If you look at the music videos (if you want to call it that) she is in a studio with a mic recording the songs. Same clothes in each video (talk about low budget).

      Also, she is self-promoting her album at Walmart. Who does that? And she knows this is it for career after this release of the album. It will flop and we will get to see an epic meltdown.

      I will never understand her need for public approval. Just be happy and live your life.

      • Deanne says:

        I could make better music videos on my Mac. Low budget is being way too generous. The photo of her at Walmart, holding the whiteboard is classic LeAnn. She’ll never get how low rent she really is.

      • Macey says:

        The cheap Walmart promotions she is doing cracks me up. she has a pic on her twitter of her holding a hand written placard to buy her album in Walmart. I have never seen any other artist have to do that. Same with the videos, she has one of her paid employees posting her new music videos in the comment section of ROL under the guise of commenting on the article but its obvious its just a way to put her vids out there.

      • ya says:

        Well this is the last album on her contract with Curb, which is probably the best thing for her career, considering what happened to Tim McGraw and so many others (including LR).

        And ya, I’m sure Curb doesn’t want to spend the money promoting this album – it’s release was already a mess in terms of timing too. I’d bet LR knows all of this though.

    • Deanne says:

      She must be pretty slow on the uptake. Her announcing that she’d “been in talks” with X-Factor, America’s Got Tallent and American Idol, didn’t land her any of those gigs, why would announcing a nameless, networkless show, be any different?

      • brin says:

        I noticed that some later articles are saying they are “talking” about a reality show (not using confirmed). Just like she talks about having kids, being a judge on X Factor…blah, blah,blah.

  32. mugs says:

    “The Mole People from outer Space” or “The Squint squad”

  33. sheri says:

    How’d they get Rob Lowe’s character from the Liberace movie?

    • Christin says:

      While watching that movie, I thought (1) Eddie is closer to the squinty look of that character and (2) Rob is 10 years older and infinitely hotter than Ed.

  34. Cam S says:

    But, but, but I thought she said reality shows were for talentless hacks? She is a singer, no? Her husband is an actor. A real life actor, so why would he need to do a reality show? This woman’s fans are deluded to fall for her CONSTANT stream of lies. How and why on earth would they keep defending such a blatant liar? I mean, it’s shameless the way she lies.

    And what ever happened to her spitfire social club that she had fans PAY to join, because she was going to be tweeting less? Because she thought twitter was a toxic environment for her. That lasted like 3 days until she was back to tweeting 100 X a day. Good gawd what a liar. And ANYONE who defends this woman, I gotta question their intelligence level.

    • Sweet Smiles says:

      Great points!!!

    • SouthernGal says:

      Very well said….she rarely post in the social club. Her constant need for attention is hilarious. Let’s just sum it up for this week…fertile, surrogacy, adoption, depressed, pathetic, and a scripted reality.

      Her few fans are just delusional. If they aren’t begging for attention..they are trying to sell their products or damn near suicidal.

  35. Quinn says:

    Truly, this woman has a slew of personality disorders. I pity those children.

  36. Stephanie says:


  37. candigirl says:

    LOL You guys are cracking me up, this is as good as the Instagram commenters:
    “So you broke up your family to snack on Costco Cheese Platters, damn you’re cheap.”
    Cannot stop laughing.

    • SouthernGal says:

      The comments on the People mag article are hiliarious. She puts herself out there for people to talk about her. Ummmm no network, no show title = no damn show. She just throwing sh*t on the wall and hoping it sticks.

      • candigirl says:

        Yes the People Magazine comments are so fitting, I especially love: “Little Slut on the Prarie”

    • Christin says:

      Can you imagine the hilarity if vine had a comments section?

      My personal favorite comment was on the photo at the barn with the caption, “I wanna be a farmer.” One commenter responded, “Well, you already have the hoe.” It was apparently removed, and it was bad, but most of those photos (just like these videos) opened the door for catty comments.

  38. fabgrrl says:

    So, she needs a venue to showcase her scripted reality? I thought that’s what she has Twitter for?

  39. DGO says:

    No one’s picked up the show so it still only exists in her head. That said, I kind of hope Mason is in it, because the way he treats her is hilarious.

  40. gogoGorilla says:

    I am sorry, but not ONE comment about the hideous wallpaper? And the scary baby doll collection thing? I really think Neighann (originally typed as: Neighass, LOL) stopped maturing around age 11.

    Also, am I the only person who really hates those stop-motion videos on Vine? I don’t know what the purpose is and it all just really annoys me.

    • anon33 says:

      YES!! That wallpaper and that cheap ass looking metal/wire shelf unit…I think my grandmother had one of those in 1985 and even she knew enough to get rid of it eventually…

    • Itsa Reallyme says:

      The wallpaper, the tacky shelf and all the little decorations that were far too small to be displayed on that bakers rack thingy. Not to mention how dusty and dirty it all looked. The little glass items had a film on them. Why do people show their filthy houses? And why did she show Jake’s car seat that was filthy and full of crumbs? Yuck.

  41. Jayna says:

    Who is so interested in their lives? Nobody really even knows who he is as an actor, just his face on shows really. The few real (not twitter bot) fans who are interested and then all her haters who follow her every move to post about her, those are the interested online people, not people who will watch her fake TV show though, save the few fans. I don’t see big viewership for her as this will be so boring. She’s no cute Lucille Ball. She wants to do it Reba style, I guess, but Reba is beloved and has a fuge fan base. LeAnn has turned in to a wannabe California girl with bad fillers and a changed, cold speaking voice, no longer the soft voice with a slight southern accent. Her phony behavior would make my eyes blaze over.

    If there was so much interest, why didn’t a network already offer them a deal? She’s having to make it and shop it and apparently still hasn’t had a bite. You know they’ve been shopping it and nada, so LeAnn’s trying it this way now, mentioning it, to drum up interest. Sad. LOL

    Brandi seemed to be salivating in a good way when Andy said they were going to be on the show teasing her. Her eyes were like cash registers, ca-ching, ca-ching, realizing she would be relevant for more seasons, until he admitted it was a joke. That’s the only place LeAnn and Eddie would get viewers or ratings, is on that reality show, is with Brandi on it, for the drama. Then all three fame hos could get what they want, attention, and Brandi’s fee would get to go up higher. LOL

    Eddie has sunk so low. He used to be recognizable on prime time TV with his fireman TV show he was in and then CSI and at least he got a lead offer for the Playboy Club. It got cancelled, but showed he was still viable for TV for offer. But he’s so stupid he let LeAnn’s antics on twitter and their fame whoring on gossip site with incessant photos ruin his chances to be employed for more than this mess.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      You know,if The Playboy Club had become a hit series, and EC started making some real coin, he would have dumped LR ass faster than a speeding bullet!

  42. Sandra says:

    Call me crazy but…this could work! If they have Brandi on every now and then, it will give them all an opportunity to laugh at themselves. OMG, I am so idealistic it hurts.

  43. Maddie says:

    Falcor and Eddy : Their Neverending Reality.

  44. Ag says:

    Omg, Kaiser, that “our reality” thing made me totally think of Fox News.

  45. JL says:

    OMG, now she wants to be Tori Spelling?
    Reality show with kids and no name husband?

    Not even close.

    In reality that dated 80’s wallpaper needs to GO! Just saying!

  46. betty says:

    This article is just another poor attempt by Leann to sell her album. The dislike the public has for the both of them would not make any network interested. Any show they attempted would be a big failure as her new album coming out.They are boring enough off screen. Eddie is mute and Leann tweets and take staged photos. Outside of that WHAT?

  47. Celeste says:

    I didn’t know that Curb dropped her. Maybe that’s why she was crying outside aa restaurant one day, and Lippy gave her a hug for career support.
    I love how She loses more Twitter followers every day. Someone may be reporting the Twitter bots? LOL.

  48. Leslie says:

    So her career as a singer is done and she’s joining the lowest echelons of society–reality TV. Will she talk about all the work she’s had done on her face and why Eddie squints all the time?

  49. Rita says:

    “We don’t have a script, plot line, writers, producers, no network backing or interest in making a pilot but I can confirm my husband and I are doing a TV show….and have you heard I have a new album coming out?”

    ….3…2…1 “Oh Eddie, I spent our last dime on our TV show”….fade to black with the sound of a slamming door and the echo of footsteps.

    • Zombie Shortcake says:

      *Echo of footsteps followed by sound of car engine speeding into distance* 😀

  50. Rita says:

    Imagine Eddie’s delight in having to spend 10 hours a day 5 days a week with LeAnn on a TV set, go home with her for the evening, and when the week-end comes LeAnn says,

    “Don’t get too comfortable, honey. We have concerts on Friday and Saturday night at the ChaChing Indian Casino.”

  51. Izzy says:

    Awesome!! I LOVE science fiction, and there aren’t enough of those shows on TV. So glad they’re adding one to the rotation.


  52. NerdMomma says:

    Y’all want to get creeped out? Listen to “Just a Girl Like You.”

    He may break my heart too
    But that’s a chance I gotta take
    Just like you

    First of all, I’m not sure I can agree that she has talent. Her voice is…hard to take. Second, OMFG! Is this a song written TO BRANDI??? LeAnn is actually more insane than I thought, and I thought she was completely insane.

    • Jayna says:

      Even more than that line are other lines in there on that song, like they are just two girls alike in loving him. Uhmmm, you had an affair with her husband.

      I have stated before, Brandi never makes stinks about the things that would bother me most and then wastes her remarks on things that are a waste, like can’t reach her kids for only an hour and she carries on on twitter. Pointing out a song’s lyrics like Just a Girl Like You that is so offensive and insenstitive to a wife cheated on, like they’re so alike, is what I would lay out in public or really pointing out in public how she puts on twitter that Brandi’s children love to sing the hook to the song Borrowed about LeAnn cheating with Eddie. I mean that remark wasn’t innocently put on twitter, it was to taunt Brandi. I mean, who in their right mind would think it was cute to tweet another woman’s kids love to sing the hook to Borrowed around the house. It’s insane she would tweet that and feign innocence. These are the things Brandi could get the John Q public on her side, pointing out real things, not just a stupid remark that all the songs are bad, bad songwriting, which isn’t true anyway and just makes her look petty since she has no talent. Plus she says her career is over. Well, in LeAnn’s defense, she is singing about 30 something dates this year. You can’t really call her career over and really does look petty coming from someone with no talent. Take better lobs at LeAnn, Brandi, without looking bitter or fame-whory. It goes a long way.

      Brandi misses out on really on not pointing out specifics that would give her sympathy, like the songs lyrics to Spitfire and especally the song’s lyrics to A Girl LIke You. For me, even more than Borrowed, as the wife it would piss me off. People sing all the time about loving a taken man in the history of music. It’s been four years, so not many are up in arms with that. In fact, it is well-received at her concerts. But a song like Spitfire that is really vicious towards the ex-wife Brandi (who LeAnn claims to always be taking the high road with. This song disproves that with those lyrics) and a song like Girl Like You where she is lightheartedly commiserating about how alike they are in their love for Eddie, ugh, gag me. Is she delusional? Brandi went through hell in the split up emotionally and the scars will always be there and LeAnn writes a song like it was just someone that used to date him and love him too, not a long-term marriage with kids and torn apart by an affair.

      • Southerngal says:

        Yet she can’t figure out why she is detested. Nothing to do with the affair but BS songs, stalking, SWFing and that bonus mom crap is enough to make anyone dislike her stupid a**.

      • Relli says:


        I started following this mess casually without a dog in the fight but have slowly became irritated with both sides over everything you stated above. I was appalled that LeAnn was sharing her music with the kids and that they were actually singing songs about the demise of thier parents marriage. I couldnt imagine anyone being cool with that but from her book its easy to understand that she isnt exactly co-parenting with the greatest pair. So even being able to handle it privately would be difficult and over time its become apparent that center of this storm is actually Eddie. I believe that he encourages LeAnn’s rage by expresing unhapiness or displeasure and she overcompensates by seeking attention through social media as well as by provoking Brandi. She is thier common enemy and sticking it to her never seems to get old for them. I do wish Brandi handled herself better sometimes too but she is who she is and keeping herself relevant is all part of her job now.

      • Cirque28 says:

        Agreed. LR is devoted to her own inappropriate behavior. I think she tries to be naughty and ribald and funny like Brandi but instead it just comes out so completely WTF.

        LR talks on and on about how guilty she felt for cheating, then writes this lighthearted song which is anything but guilty. I think she WANTS to feel terrible about the affair and WANTS to empathize with Brandi, but she just isn’t capable of that kind of unselfish maturity of feeling. Emotionally, LeAnn is a bull in a china shop.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Jayna, I really like Brandi and am on her team all the way. But I am not sure that she is capable of being as articulate as you think she is. This is a woman whose formal education ended at high school decades ago and who has not pursued any type of learning since. I am not insulting her; she doesn’t pretend to be a rocket scientist. But I have often thought that she misses chances to be succinct and make better points as well, and I think she may not be as capable of doing so as we hope she is. She’s cool and funny, but that doesn’t make her articulate or able to convey her thoughts as well as she should.

  53. Lila says:

    Wonder if they’ll pay her in hay and sugar cubes?

  54. Susanna says:

    Who would watch this show? I can sum it up from LeAnn’s perspective already; “Lovable Mary Tyler Moore type, quirky and cute and sweet, everyone just adores her, has super handsome husband who is head over heels for her, 2 step children who live to please her and by the way they love her oh so much more than their hideous evil bio-mom. Hilarity ensues.” Ugh, I’d rather watch paint dry.

  55. Jayna says:

    Just A Girl Like You”

    “Every night I say my prayers
    Like throwing confetti in the air
    I don’t need perfect, but I’ll take fair
    I’ve learned to drive while I cry
    Figured out the answer’s always why
    I’ve been brave and I’ve been scared

    I’m just a girl like you
    I’m just a girl like you
    He may break my heart too
    But that’s a chance I gotta take
    Just like you did

    Do what I can to survive
    Back and forth from a woman to a child
    I’m coming up for air
    We’re not all that far apart
    Both fragile works of art
    See the colors that we share

    But, I’m just a girl like you
    I’m just a girl like you
    He may break my heart too
    But that’s a chance I gotta take
    Just like you did

    Oh I’ve always believed in him and me
    I get you, I wish that you’d get me

    Yeah well, I’m just a girl like you
    I’m just a girl like you
    He may break my heart too
    But that’s a chance I gotta take
    Just like you did

    Oh, I’m just a girl like you
    I’m just a girl like you
    He may break my heart too
    But that’s a chance I gotta take
    Just like you did.”

    Seriously? LeAnn is singing she has to take a chance “just like you did.” “I’m Just a Girl like you.” “Oh I’ve always believed in him and me
    I get you, I wish that you’d get me.”

    What delusion? Leave Brandi out of your song. Brandi doesn’t care that you’re taking a chance on having your heart broken. That “chance” entailed tearing a home apart and breaking Brandi’s heart, not just falling in love with Brandi’s ex. At the time, he was Brandi’s husband, her love, a longterm relationship.

    You wish that Brandi would get you, and that you’ve always believed in Eddie, and that you get her? LOL You don’t get Brandi at all by the way you taunt her.

    “We’re not all that far apart. We’re both fragile works of art.” LOL Aw, what soulmates you and Brandi are, LOL. You nut. Brandi was fragile because she was on the floor with grief over her kids being ripped out of her home half the month and over your affair with her husband and a really tough divorce being left with little money.

    You’re insane with this song, singing to the ex like this, ignoring the fact you had an affair with her husband and plotted with him to humiliate her.

    And the lyrcs to Spitfire baffle me. They are really mean towards Brandi and fly in the face of how she does nothing to taunt Brandi. Spitfire was written several years ago and she chose to put it on her album, yet acts like I only try to promote peace. LOL

    • Christin says:

      The title song lyrics sound very mean girlish, and now this song’s lyrics also appear to be directed to Brandi. There are a couple of lines in the girl song that make me think she’s trying to convince herself that all is well with her dream man. It’s a bit depressing.

      • Jayna says:

        She will just deny it like always, everyone just jumps to conclusions, poor, wronged LeAnn again. She always wants it both ways, makes her digs, and then carries on that everyone twists what she does or makes it up, and she just wants peace unlike someone else and then will retweet a couple of deep, profound sayings. LOL

      • Christin says:

        Yes, we have to think in our 13- or 14-year old mentality mode (no offense to teenagers intended). Where is the proof it’s about HER? Oh, I wrote that in the 1990s about someone else…on and on it will go.

    • Deanne says:

      I’ve read that malignant narcissists will literally set out to take over and ruin another person’s life and will then expect said person, to express their gratitude for having their life destroyed. When you know the history and present situation, these song lyrics look like they came out of the malignant narcissist handbook. What does LeAnn want Brandi to do? Say she loves the album? Say she thinks it great that her six year old son is singing about his Father’s affair? Publicly thank her for her part in the ruination of her marriage,? Spitfire should have been called “Spiteful” because that’s what it is. It’s just plain mean. You are right. She’s going to backtrack about who the songs are aimed at and cry victim all over again.

    • littlestar says:

      I posted about this on another Leann thread this week. I’ve listened to a couple of her songs off of her new album, and that I think they are actually pretty good (and I’m NOT a fan of country music). Sure, the lyrics are simple, but she has that old fashioned twangy country voice and the music is catchy. But when you know what the lyrics are about and WHO they are about, that’s what turns my stomach and makes the music hard to truly like. Like the song “Spitfire”. Really catchy, but the lyrics make me sick because they are 100% about Brandi – and the worst part is, they’re an attack on Brandi and Brandi has done NOTHING to Leann.

      It’s sad, she could have had a really good country music career (her music is even more authentic country sounding than say Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood). But she insists on carrying on about something that happened FOUR years ago and SWFing Brandi. She’s like Lindsay Lohan in that way. Threw away a decent career over STUPIDITY.

      And Jayna, I agree with another post you did above. I don’t understand why Brandi doesn’t use the hard evidence she has on Leann acting like a lunatic and use it against her. It’s really starting to baffle me. I think I’m slowly starting to think Brandi really is enjoying this because it’s her small hold on the tenuous fame she does have… And that makes me sad, because I actually really like Brandi! 🙁

      • claire says:

        I’ve seen Brandi in plenty of interviews where she is very articulate, makes a point and expresses it well. Much opposite from Leann who rambles and talks in circles and you’re usually left scratching your head wondering what the hell she was trying to say.
        But man, does Brandi sure miss opportunities to point out clearly and concisely the crazy shit Leann does.

        Personally, I chalk it up to the fact that the Leann shit just pisses her off so badly she just passionately blurts stuff out in response. She is fiery and just reacts. It’s that issue where you realize the good comeback you should have said, once it’s too late. I’d love to write statements for her. Heck, I’m sure we all would.

      • Bex says:

        I think the reason Brandi does so little legally is to do with money. Rimes has the money for top notch lawyers as was shown when Brandi was so royally screwed over in the divorce -it’s in her book. If she took them to court you could guarantee that the lawyers would do anything in their power to make the whole process as drawn out and expensive as possible, preferably bankrupting her in the process.

    • silver says:

      “We’re not all that far apart
      Both fragile works of art
      See the HPV that we share”

      there, fixed those lyrics for you, Leann.

  56. Michele says:

    Dear God, why??? I’m not sure I’ll have the strength not to tune in. She’s vile but I might want to see for myself just how vile….

  57. RHONYC says:

    my 19 yr. old just showed me her ‘Vine’ videos which are sooo funny & cool.
    i was like…i know i just saw that somewhere. Hmmmm???

    needless to say, i think this is something cute for younger folks,
    but this chick needs to have seat. smh 🙁

  58. BeachBelle says:

    Tweeted by Brandi one hour ago:

    “Listen up all bloggers I have NEVER heard @leannrimes record! Never will. I simply gave my opinion on some lyrics I was read over the phone”

    • ya says:

      haha – ya, whatever.

    • littlestar says:

      Now she’s DIRECTLY Tweeting Leann? Oh brother………

      So much for not engaging in this anymore……

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      Brandi Glanville is officially a liar. This QUOTE was used in the story from ITW and the previous CB story about LR and her new reality show.
      >>BG says: She continues: “If LeAnn wants her career back, she needs better lyrics. These are the worst songs I’ve ever heard. No one wants to listen to this!”<<

      She said it herself, the worst songs she has ever heard. Now she backtracks. Both these women are disgusting. BOTH of them feed off this crap. Ugh, I am so over BG these days.

      • BeachBelle says:

        Maybe not. Brandi told E-News she was misquoted:

        “I said Leann has a beautiful voice and I haven’t heard any of the record,” the Bravo star exclusively tells E! News. “But I don’t think anyone wants to listen to songs about a family being broken up. If she wants to have a hit song she should hire Pharrell. That’s all I said!”

      • Annie B says:

        Brandi’s comments are about snippets of lyrics from songs on Shitfire were read to Brandi during the interview and she was asked to comment on them. From Shitfire, Borrowed and Just a Girl. She commented on each one she was read. So ya, she “heard” something from each of those 3 songs, the interviewer reading the lyrics Barrell Clown wrote for Leann based on the melodramatic, 12 year old mean girl song topics she came up with.

  59. skuddles says:

    Nothing says “my career’s in the shitter” like signing on for a reality show.

  60. Jennifer12 says:

    What else is there for Leann besides her reality? Actual reality has no bearing on her; her reality, based in her snowgLobE is all she knows.

  61. Jane says:

    I seriously hope no one claims this show and tells her “no”. She is too used to getting her way.

  62. Cirque28 says:

    She always uses the same tactic. “People despise us??? They just need to get to know us, then they’ll loooove us!” Sure, LeAnn. It hasn’t worked so far, but why not keep plugging away?

    And, at this point, there’s no show. Apparently even the charming and sane duo behind Amy’s Baking Company are getting a reality TV show, yet all LeAnn has is still just the idea for a show. Maybe she and the Ediot could do webisodes on YouTube?

  63. leah no-no says:

    I just wanna say, I read all these comments, and I love you b’s. So much. This is why this is my favorite gossip site. <3

  64. Apsutter says:

    Ed looks absolutely MISERABLE in recent pics. She’s nuts if she thinks this show will ever even happen. All she has right now is an idea. She needs a team of people to actually write it and make it happen and then it needs to be picked up by a network which is a long shot. I love her comment about laughing on being of real housewives. I’d bet anything that she’d KILL to be on such a popular show as Housewives.

  65. MademoiselleRose says:

    Makes me feel sick just thinking about watching it. I truly can’t fathom the world now where people actually do this to themselves.

  66. KellyinSeattle says:

    Eddie looks good but we know he’s an ass – also, think about it – if Leann didn’t have money, would he be with her?

  67. iLuvSpringTime says:

    If Eddie and LeAnn truly loved and respected those boys… they would NOT be doing this show. tsk tsk tsk to both of them!

  68. Isabella says:

    This is that last nail of the coffin of his career

  69. Christin says:

    Well, we have new vine videos. One has her shaking her rear and applying makeup. The video kept freezing as she is looking in the mirror (unflattering, to say the least).

    In the “hot dad” video, he is shown facing kids at a birthday party and then scrolling on his phone (never looking at the camera).

    These odd yet mildly entertaining 6-second videos are probably a cheap way to sell this idea that “they” have. I’m sure he is completely on board with being tied down to a TV show with his wife. The filming would only be part of it. They would need to discuss script ideas, go to events to promote the show, etc. He’ll probably need to shower and go work out quite often (unless new wife was smart enough to install a full gym in the casa or suggest they do gym time together).

    • claire says:

      Her videos are also quite telling about Eddie. In the vine videos, he seems totally unamused and annoyed. And who could forget her birthday video, where he went to walk away and she launched herself at him to kiss him. He couldn’t run away fast enough after that.

      • Deanne says:

        He tried to high five her and she threw herself at him. It was actually embarrassing to watch. I’ve noticed that the only time he looks “happy” with her now, is when alcohol is involved.

      • claire says:

        Right! I forgot about the high-five. Dude is sooo not into her.

  70. susie says:

    it is NOT the affair that most people are having a problem with. It is her continuous lack of boundaries. Brandi has asked her SEVERAL times to not tweet or discuss her children. What does Leann do, she post videos of Mason’s 10th birthday party on her vine web page with the title “Hot Husband, cute kids, and BFF.” Her BFF is Brandi’s old friend. Who does that??? Someone who has NO friends and never really had any to tell her that she acts like an idiot. Most people pick up the phone and share things with their good friends. Leann shares it with Twitter because it appears NO ONE in her life cares to try and stop this train wreck of a woman.

  71. Kiddo says:

    D-listed calls them “The Squints”. No other description could be more perfect.

  72. BeachBelle says:

    Bikinis, tweets, and more. Picture was posted by LeAnn when she was in Nashville. I did see her give an interview in her closet in a bikini.


  73. Leslie says:

    LOL at this from Dlisted:

    “I called WCC (the Who Cares Channel) and NGAFN (Nobody Gives A Fuck Network) and they both said they’re passing.”

  74. Zombie Shortcake says:

    Those vine videos remind me of teaser trailers for “found footage” horror movies :S But I love a good horror movie, so I hope somebody somewhere picks this up.

  75. Jennifer12 says:

    Can’t stand her. In her NYTimes interview she said, “As a parent….” and talked about having two boys to look after. STFU already.

  76. Jennifer says:

    This show is going to fail-just like all her projects have failed since she hooked up with Eddie.

  77. VioletCrumble says:

    Reality: re·al·i·ty (r-l-t)
    n. pl. re·al·i·ties
    1. The quality or state of being actual or true.
    2. One, such as a person, an entity, or an event, that is actual: “the weight of history and political realities” (Benno C. Schmidt, Jr.)
    3. The totality of all things possessing actuality, existence, or essence.
    4. That which exists objectively and in fact: Your observations do not seem to be about reality.

    There you have it, then: “Our” reality.