Gwyneth Paltrow inundated Angelina Jolie with phone calls, but Jolie ignored her

Yesterday, I previewed Star Magazine’s Gwyneth Paltrow cover story – you can read it here. Now that I’ve gotten the chance to read the whole thing… OMG. If you love reading stories about what a pretentious dumbass Gwyneth is, you should really buy the magazine just for your own archives. It’s amazing. My preview yesterday did a pretty decent job of covering most of themes of the piece, but there are so many more awesome quotes about how terrible Gwyneth is. Here are more highlights:

*Gwyneth claims she only does one film a year because she’s focused on being a mom, but the truth is that producers don’t want her: “Big producers don’t really want to work with her anymore. The only big thing she has done recently is the Iron man franchise, and she has her friendship with Robert Downey Jr. to thank for that.”

*Madona hates her. “Madonna wants nothing to do with her ever again. Gwyneth’s cattiness and pretension led to Madonna finally cutting her off. She said she has never met anyone as superficial as Gwyneth and that her condescending attitude was unbearable. If you are acting more arrogant than one of the world’s biggest pop stars, you clearly have issues.”

*More shade from Reese Witherspoon, reacting to Gwyneth’s insults in an interview: “Reese points out that Iron Man isn’t exactly Citizen Kane and Gwyneth would be better off keeping her mouth shut.”

*Jennifer Garner compares Gwyneth to “the mean girls in high school”. Jennifer Lopez has described Gwyneth as “a whiny little rich girl… when J.Lo’s publicist told her People had chosen Gwyn as the most beautiful person of the year, Jennifer though it was a joke. She says Gwyn is out of touch with reality. She posts $5000 shirts on her website and acts as if she is appealing to mainstream America, but really she caters to only rich people.”

*Goop’s a snob to everyone: “She is a major diva in Hollywood – she won’t even let people touch her. If you aren’t financially or famewise at her level, she won’t talk to you.”

*Gwyneth is obsessed with Angelina Jolie. “When Angie and Brad were in England while Brad was filming World War Z, Gwyneth inundated Angie with calls and emails, offering to show her around and hang out. Angie was baffled by it – she totally ignored Gwyneth, but Gwyneth can’t take a hint. Angie thinks Gwyn is self-absorbed and would never spend her precious free time with someone so clueless, arrogant and pretentious.”

*Chris Martin “is sick and tired of Gwyneth constantly revealing intimate details of their marriage and family life. He can barely tolerate her Goop stuff, but this nonstop chatter about what she does and doesn’t feed their kids is getting on his nerves.”

*But Goop can’t help herself. “It’s like she can’t help showing off to people about her perfect life.”

For what it’s worth, I think Star has some stuff wrong – I do think Gwyneth is still tight with Kate Hudson, and Reese Witherspoon and Goop probably passive-aggressively Mean Girl each other, but they’re “friendly” or whatever. As for the Angelina stuff… it wouldn’t surprise me if Angelina considers Goop to be arrogant and pretentious, but it also wouldn’t surprise me at all if Angelina never even wasted one moment considering Gwyneth Paltrow whatsoever. Because why would Angelina care?

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  1. Swann says:

    Something always seems kind of insecure and scared behind her eyes. I think that if you think you can tell someone how to live, a la GOOP, you really are unenlightened and in need of approval and admiration. The people who deserve our admiration never campaign for it.

  2. Jan says:

    Well Brad dated the Goop for more than a minute so I am sure he would have been the one to tell Angelina what type of person she really is.

    • Susan says:

      I’m really surprised they didn’t stay together, what with 90s Brad being the embodiment of a stoned iguana and GOOP being as exciting as a stick on a tree inside an iguana sanctuary! Simpatico!

    • aims says:

      She, somehow got a lot of the “it” guys in Hollywood. Maybe due to her
      witty personality. eyeroll

      • Layale says:

        Or her fabulous bj’s, since that’s her advice to handling men when they’re angry. Every time those guys got mad and wanted to break-up with her, she just gave them a bj. o.O

    • Talie says:

      I just remembered that Angelina and Gwyn have actually worked together. But I obviously no friendship developed. They also both moved to England at the same time in the early-aughts. Weird…

      • Rhea says:

        Oh, yeah. You’re right. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Somehow they both played the perfect role for their image in that movie. 🙂

      • Charlotte says:

        They never actually met during that though, right? All scenes filmed separately and green screened, weren’t they? I never saw it anyway.

      • Jag says:

        If memory serves me, Angelina did her part in Sky Captain in two or three days and never saw the rest of the cast, other than the ones she directly interacted with in the movie. (If that.) I want to say she never saw anyone else, but would have to research it.

    • boredsuburbanhousewife says:

      Well one thing Gwyneth did have with Brad is that their romance was in the 90s during his total beautiful Adonis hot guy phase. Looking at old photos, can’t believe how awful he looks now with the scruffy hobo look and the hideous straggly goatee. They dated for 3 years and he was really smitten with her. Any speculation on who she cheated with? It happened suddenly during/right after she was in London filming Sliding Doors.

      Also– I get a weird vibe from her father fixation.

      • Helvetica says:

        The rumor is that Gwenyth cheated on Brad and that is what ended their engagement.

      • word says:

        She cheated with Ben Affleck

      • Shaz says:

        I thought it was Viggo Mortensen while they filmed A Perfect Murder.

      • MademoiselleRose says:

        I thought she cheated on Brad with John Hannah on Sliding Doors.

      • Peta says:

        And I thought it was with Michael Douglas on A Perfect Murder.

        Girl sure gets around.

      • Joblow says:

        Gross why would you cheat on brad pitt with ancient michael douglas. You are probably confusing michael douglas with a corpse. Corpse being fair more attractive

      • Lauren says:

        I figured it was Viggo too. Watch “A Perfect Murder” and you will understand. I could not resist Viggo either. He is a sensual animal.

  3. springingforward says:

    I love that Angelina could not care less. All of it sounds believable and likely; “Whiny little rich girl” sounds spot on as that is how she plays Pepper Potts. (The only drag on the movie franchise was her casting)

    And for those who believe that they can’t understand how such a pretentious twit came from the wonderful Blythe Danner should talk to people who work with Blythe.
    The mother’s reputation is also in the “entitled and unpleasant” category.

  4. Hipocricy says:

    I love Gwyneth as Pepper Potts and the complicity she has with RDJ/Iron Man. But other than that, she gets on my last nerves and i wouldn’t watch anything with her that is not Iron Man..

    I wouldn’t be surprised that she tries to connect with Jolie since they made a movie together and she likes to be around the rich and the famous.

    I wouldn’t be surprised that Jolie ignores her. She prefers cool people like Gwen Stephany or real people from her humanitarian circle.

    Gwyneth is as vapid and as pretentious as her BFF, Beyonce..

    • Susan says:

      I totally get a major diva vibe from both RDJ and GP. Like, “Who’s the bigger queen on set?”

      They have as much on screen chemistry as a Hollywood Beard and her “Boyfriend”.

    • Elle Kaye says:

      Jolie has also commented that she has very few friends, one being Gwen Stefani, due to the timing of their pregnancies, and the other being Pitt. A woman who has only one female friend is not going to take on Gwennie, whose need for approval and validation is all-encompassing.

      I seriously wonder what role her father played in her life. She must have done no wrong in his eyes, and he must have praised her continually. Perhaps this is why she is constantly seeking positive feedback that she can then share with the rest of the world so that she can prove her self-worth. Daddy can’t do it anymore, so she relies on everyone else to fill that void. It is very sad.

      • Lyssa says:

        I think it would’ve been the exact opposite of that. Gwenyth got no approval as a child, and so now she’s completely insecure about everything.

      • Kim1 says:

        AJ has more than one female friend and Stefani is not one of her close female friends. She has stated her close friends are not in the industry.

      • Loulou says:

        I can’t help thinking of Goldie Hawn as a JAP in that movie where she goes into the army. Same advice for women: men want BJs. I think that Gwyneth’s problem.

      • Elle Kaye says:

        Jolie stated in an interview that she had very few friends, and the only female friend she said she had was Stefani. Not my words, her own, since I don’t know her personally I only know what she tells the press.

        As far as Paltrow, she idolized her father, and he adored her. I thought this was common knowledge. She even named one of her cookbooks, “My Father’s Daughter” and talks about how close they were.

      • catt says:

        From what I have heard her say about her dad she was IT for him. He told her there was nothing she could not do and everything she did try he told her she was the absolute best at…that there was never anyone better blah blah blah.
        I often wonder how that intense bonding between father and daughter make her mother feel.

  5. PHD Gossip says:

    letts not forget her relationship with Harvey Weinstein. when she was very young. She should do a column on his personal hygiene.

  6. V4Real says:

    I think Goop has some deep rooted issues including insecurities. She’s parading around displaying this show of confidence as if she has this perfect life but that’s the furthest thing from the truth. This woman is dislusional and out of touch with reality.

    I don’t feel the least bit sorry for her. I wouldn’t be surprised if RDJ was her only friend in Hollywood. Why in the hell would she think Angie would need her to show her around London. I really can’t stand this woman and the only thing I envy about her is her friendship with Robert.

    • marie says:

      completely agree V4, her heads so far up her butt she quit smelling clean air years ago.

    • Kate says:

      I completely agree. She almost reminds me of LeAnn Rimes in her constant “Look at my perfect life!” parade for the media. Both women will mention previous troubles, but it never seems genuine, only a means to segue into the good stuff again. Their goal seems to be creating an image people can envy.

    • RDJ Love Mel says:

      I like some of RDJ’s movies a lot, but his worship of Mel Gibson is gross. I feel the same about Jodie Foster. So, his “love” of goop is less offensive, but he didn’t really seem to like her much during that AWFUL Oscars skit- she was terrible & he couldn’t save it.

      • V4Real says:

        She was terrible during that Oscar skit because she just isn’t funny and has no comedic timing.

        As for RDJ being friends with Mel; it’s hard to judge unless we have all been there ourselves. Mel stood by him when he was going through his _hit and they have been friends for years. Who are we to say he should end over 20 years of friendship with Mel just because Mel has mental health issues.

        RDJ has also known Gwyn for years. He said himself he tried to sleep with her when they met at a film festival in Canada about 20 years ago.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Another reason to *side-eye* GOOP-she passed up on boning RDJ.

        I agree with v4Real’s assessment of his relationship with Mel Gibson and I HATE HATE Gibson. I know people are big into judging others based on their friends but I strongly disagree with that perception.

        I have a few close friends that are very close to a guy that I perceive to be a MAJOR dbag (and that’s saying a lot because I’m pretty tolerant of others) but I didn’t suddenly drop them as friends because they started hanging out with him you know?

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree too, I think there are a lot of issues and unhappiness there, and she tries to overcompensate with all her “perfect” life stuff. Her food issues are pretty disturbing too – at least based on what she puts out there.

    • jenny says:

      To be fair, Gwyneth Paltrow is very good friends with Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Kate Hudson. People can say what they want about Paltrow, but , at least she didn’t have affairs with married men and engaged men, like Angelina Jolie. Give the lady some credit for having some class.

      • Ms.Smurf says:

        Uh, the rumors as to why Goop and Brad broke up was because she cheated on him….a Lady she is not…..” I was the architect of my own misery”. Goop is a pretentious snot, who can’t act, and insists on selling us all thousand dollar shot glasses…I’d rather be friends with anyone else on that list (Angelina!) who doesn’t think that everyone should be up her butt.

      • Sal says:

        You want to check your facts because you have it completely and absolutely back to front. Gwyneth admitted her and Brad called off their engagement because she (Gwyneth) cheated on Brad. Angelina has never had an affair with a man, married, engaged or otherwise, unlike Gwyneth.

      • Jenny says:

        I don’t really see your comment as being fair; it is complete conjecture that Angelina has had affair/s with married men. She has actually commented that she saw what her dad’s cheating did to her mom and would never do that to another woman.

      • Ok says:

        Trying to reply to Sal but there was no reply button next to Sals name. Your statement about Angie never having an affair with any man married or otherwise………

        What do you call the Laura Dern and Billy Bob Thornton situation?? When Billy Bob told his pre-teen kids that he had just eloped to Vegas, they first thought he had married Laura.

        So, yes, Angie has been with less-then-available-men. She is very shrewd on how she manipulates the media so she is perceived favorably.

      • Katherine says:

        OK, it was BBT himself who made it clear that he had broken off his engagement with Dern BEFORE she went on location to shoot a movie. That was months before Angelina. Dern just didn’t want to accept it was over. I think your little story is tabloid BS. Who woud have gotten a quote from BBT’s children anyhow?

  7. Katie says:

    I don’t know what caused this massive public outcry of “we hate Gwyneth!”, but it’s really irritating me because it’s making me soften towards her (and I’ve disliked her for almost 20 years). Between the ridiculous public mocking of Anne Hathaway earlier this year, and now the media has moved on to Gwyneth. It’s disgusting. I’m sick and tired of women being a constant target for public vitriol, and it’s never going to change because the male-dominated media starts it, and WOMEN perpetuate it. I get that men are threatened by educated, well-behaved women who don’t constantly seek their approval or defer to them, but women need to stop projecting their own insecurities onto other women and support each other.

    • OhDear says:

      To be fair, she did put her foot in her mouth…many times. However, I think the dislike directed against her is disproportionate to her “offenses,” esp. compared to others (often male).

      • Katie says:

        Oh, I think she’s super pretentious, but when someone like Gwyneth opens her mouth I just roll my eyes and go about my day. To me, she’s like a co-worker that you put up with because you only have to put up with her on weekdays, but you steer clear of her at office parties. lol

        Besides, the people who go on and on about how wonderful their lives are either putting up a front, or they’re about to get theirs.

      • OhDear says:

        Re: going on about how great her life is – that’s in part why I feel bad for her. She just seems so damn insecure.

    • anneesezz says:

      Gwyneth is not well educated. She is just super annoying and a pretentious snob. Am I insecure because it’s a guilty pleasure of mine to read celebrity gossip sites? I really don’t get your post at all.

    • MrsB says:

      True. You never see men get this sort of treatment. They can be the biggest douchebags around, and no magazine would have this sort of cover about them.

      Also, for what it’s worth, I don’t buy this article at all. Gwyneth has many friends in Hollywood, and I don’t see that changing.

    • Tiffany says:

      Paltrow bought this upon herself. She should not get a pass because she has a vadge. We gave crap to Depp when he says stupid crap as well. Like other commenters said she lives in this bubble, which she is entitled to, but that
      does not mean I am not entitled to an opinion.

    • JustJen says:

      My 1st theory….it was Goop’s dis of Anna Wintour’s big night out. When she made her comments about the Met Gala, I thought there would be trouble.

      My 2nd theory….women are drawn to drama. If there’s a woman on top, find something catty to say about her, even if you have to make it up or twist someone’s words to make it seem like it happened and run with it. It works for magazines and it works in life.

    • Faye says:

      While I don’t hate Gwyneth -rather, I view her with a sort of amused, pitying disdain — I also see nothing defensible about her. I don’t believe women are obligated to rush to the defense of another woman just because they all have ovaries. Defending someone no matter how ridiculous their behavior, just because you’re the same sex, is in itself a form of discrimination — it’s patronizing, and implying that the other person is too weak or pathetic to be held accountable for her actions and words.

      Gwyneth has set herself up as a lifestyle guru, so she’s legitimately opened herself up to criticism and questioning of what she puts out there in the public. And her never-ending parade of ridiculous interviews, each one more head shake-worthy than the last, has earned her most of the negative publicity she’s gotten.

      In addition, she is not well-educated — this woman, with access to all the resources in the world, didn’t even finish college. She also apparently supports no charities and doesn’t do much for anyone other than herself and her circle. So I don’t see her as someone I need to look up to or defend.

      Finally, we throw shade on male celebs all the time here, so poor put-upon Gwyneth is not getting any special discrimination.

      • springingforward says:

        So articulately stated, Faye. Thank you.

      • MrsB says:

        While I agree we shouldn’t defend somebody just because she’s a woman and also this site doesn’t discriminate who we throw shade at. However,that doesn’t seem to carry over to more mainstream publications. I could be wrong but I don’t recall ever seeing a cover with a man declaring how unbearable he is, and everybody hates him. That seems to be a common theme in magazines against women lately.

      • jenny says:

        How do you know Gwyneth does not support charities ? Do you know her personally ? Not everybody wants to publicly declare the charities they support.

      • Ms.Smurf says:

        And also think, how many male celebs act like she does all the time? How many men do we see saying to go down on their wives when they’re angry? Or tell us in detail about their diet and try to sell some kidney cleanse to us? Or try to be some kind of health expert…cleanses, gluten? Not very many. I don’t know what it is about male and female celebs, but there are generally very few blatan,outspoken, snotty, pretentious male celebrities. The only one I can think of is Sean Penn, and the only reason he’s still around because like it or not, he can act….although I think Scarlet, as a parting “gift” sucked all the hot out of him, because he looks like hell right now. He better be glad his dong is big, because that’s the only reason he’s getting women now….well that and his charm.

      • Faye says:

        @Jenny – I don’t know for sure, which is why I said “apparently.” If Gwyneth is ever revealed as a secret philanthropist, I will eat crow on this one. But given her inability to be discreet about many subjects in her life, from her digestive tract to her child-rearing methods to her marriage, do you really think it’s likely she would be quiet about giving charity?

        @Ms Smurf – I agree that male celebrities don’t seem to spout as much nonsense as some of these female lifestyle guru celebs. I certainly don’t think it means men are more sensible than women — maybe it’s just that magazines ask women more of these types of questions? I don’t know. Either way, if a man spouted the nonsense Gwyneth did, I’d call him out on it for sure.

        Also, I wish would could get away from this mentality of calling people “haters” every time they say something negative about a celebrity — especially on a site called “Celebitchy!” To me, hate is a strong term and involves wanting the worst for someone or making threats against them. I don’t think scoffing at celebs’ idiocies makes you someone who hates them.

        And yes, despite this article, I doubt that Gwyneth is that much more hated in Hollywood that most of her peers. They’re probably all more or less the same, some are just smarter than others in what they reveal to the little people in interviews :).

      • MisJes says:

        +100 Faye, you’re spot on.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:


      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        Exactly, Faye.
        This silly, spoiled rotten pampered poodle does little more than absentmindedly pontificate about how wonderful she and her life style is!! And, with her position of privilage you would think she would devote some of her time and or her *cash* to charities.
        I thought long and hard and I cant even recall ONE time she was papped at a charity event.
        She sickens me.

    • jenny says:

      @Katie Thank you Katie, I couldn’t agree more. Mel Gibson, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, and R. Kelly will never receive this type of hate from the public and the media. They are some of the most disgusting people on the planet. Whether you like Paltrow or Hathaway, at least they are harmless and they keep out of trouble.

      • Emily C. says:

        I think regarding the men you list, one reason women on gossip sites don’t talk about them so much is — what is there to say? They’re evil, and it doesn’t seem to matter to Hollywood one bit, because they’re evil against women and girls and women and girls do not matter in Hollywood. It’s also incredibly upsetting to talk about them. I just see Polanski’s name and I’m upset all day. That’s not what I come to gossip sites for.

        Gwyneth is a lot less stressful, easier to talk about. It doesn’t mean we hate her more than the Polanskis of the world at all. But she is entitled, full of herself, and condescending. Plus, worst of all, she peddles diet advice that is severely unhealthy and dangerous. That there are greater evils in the world does not make her lesser evil above criticism.

      • Faye says:

        @EmilyC: 100% agree with what you said. You can’t compare the two because it’s really apples and oranges.

      • Jenny says:

        Mel Gibson certainly did on numerous occasions and from what I can recall received his fair share of negative cover stories.

      • Shemp says:

        re: Roman Polanski

        YEAH, it’s AMAZING how much “support” this creep/rapist gets from Hollywood Big Names either because he’s such an “artist” and/or his wife was murdered.

        And SO many people “stood by” Michael Jackson too…

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Yeah I pretty much agree with Katie and Jenny. Gwyneth induces a lot of eye-rolling from me but that’s about it.

      People go way overboard with the hate.

    • bluhare says:

      Totally get your point. I don’t have much skin in the Gwyneth game, and understand how the bashing can engender some unwanted sympathy!!

      To be fair, looking at the list of Gwyneth’s faults up above, there’s a fair amount of them in which she has good company. It’s not like Hollywood is known for its egalitarian behaviour towards others. Not wanting to associate with others who arent on her level? She’s definitely not alone there. Where Gwyneth goes wrong is in her feeling that she’s an example to everyone else. But then us peasants are idiots for reading Goop, so she’s not totally to blame. (No, I don’t read Goop!) I get her emails, and usually delete them without reading. 🙂

      • Esmom says:

        “To be fair, looking at the list of Gwyneth’s faults up above, there’s a fair amount of them in which she has good company.”

        THIS. I’ve been thinking this for the past few months as the Goop bashing has escalated. Yes she can be insufferable, but so can much of Hollywood. She does seem to get a disproportionate amount of hate.

  8. NerdMomma says:

    I don’t buy the Chris Martin stuff. I don’t know how he deals with all of this, but I am sure that if he didn’t want her talking about their kids, he could get her to stop. Something is weird about him.

  9. aims says:

    Gwyneth was engaged to Brad for a second. Not that Angelina has anything to worry about, but who would want to hang out with your man’s ex? No thanks. I think Gwyneth lives in such a weird bubble, that she doesn’t understand how the real world works. For most of us, a three hundred dollar meal is absurd. 300 is how much I spend on a whole week of food! There are two things I can’t stand. Pretension, and snobs and she is both. She is the definition of a spoiled, miserable, privileged bitch. She’s just a major turn off, and you can kinda gage a woman by how many girlfriends they have. It looks like she has very few, and that says a lot.

    • Lulu says:

      Disagree on the number of friends being a gauge of insufferability. AJ also has few, but we don’t constantly hear how stuck up she is.

    • prayforthewild says:

      I don’t understand the issue of “hanging out with your man’s ex.” Why would that be a problem?

      I’ve done it, been friendly with exes, and new GFs/wives. Hung out with them too. Their relationship is the past.

      Unless a she did something awful to merit my dislike, personally, I could not imagine giving a crap that, at some point previous, another woman was involved with “my man.” This idea has its basis in insecurity, and I don’t get it.

      As far as number of friends go, I go for quality over quantity myself. “Judge each individual on their own merits, not on what you can only see from the outside.” That is my personal belief. By labelling people based upon such superficial things, you might miss out on some great ones.

      • bluhare says:

        pray: Are you me? Couldn’t have said it better.

      • Jenny says:

        I don’t think it is particularly normal to hang with your significant other’s ex; if you are comfortable with that and decide to, more power to you. I just don’t think feeling awkward about being friends with your man’s ex means you are insecure. I think I would feel awkward about that regardless of if I felt I had something to worry about or not.

    • Emily C. says:

      Some people, like me, are introverts and do not want a lot of friends. It’s way too much strain.

      I can’t stand Goop either, but I think it’s the quality of friendships that shows what a person is, not the quantity. And the quality of her friendships STINKS. I once had a friend who could only ever have one girlfriend at a time after we graduated high school. When we re-connected years after high school, for some reason I thought I was immune to this. Nope: she met someone new and suddenly cut all contact with me. Goop seems to be like this.

      • aims says:

        Like in anything meaningful in life, it’s not the numbers it’s the quality.

  10. Kate says:

    J.Lo saying someone else is “out of touch” with reality is pretty rich. Madonna thinking someone else is superficial? Come on. While I don’t think Gwyneth has a ton of friends, this stuff is pretty weak.

  11. Jess says:

    So Reese Witherspoon ‘reacted’ to an interview done by Goop 7 or 8 years ago by referring to a film franchise that began 5 years ago…that makes sense.

    Madonna complaining about someone else’s condescending attitude is hilarious to me. Same reaction to J.Lo’s supposed comments about GOOP being out of touch with reality.

    So all of Hollywood hates GOOP with a passion, but the only celebrities who are named by Star are the ones she’s already had very public fallings out with (Madonna, J.Lo and Reese) and the partners of people she once dated (Jennifer Garner, J.Lo and Angelina). Oh and also Kate Hudson, last seen on Glee. Maybe everyone does hate GOOP, but this article reads like someone just made a bunch of comments up to suit the desired narrative, which was most likely inspired by internet chatter like that on this site.

    • don't kill me i'm french says:


    • lucy2 says:

      I’m not buying all the stuff about the other actresses, I think they’re thrown in because they’re tabloid heavyweights who sell a lot of papers.

      I can see her not being well liked though, she seems pretty obnoxious and so pretentious, but I doubt any of the other women actually commented on it.

    • Rhea says:


    • mslewis says:

      Well said and I totally agree. This is all made up by Star with input from some people who have problems with Gwyneth (i.e., Anna Wintour). This will all pass and Gwyneth Paltrow will still be A-list and Star will still be struggling to stay in business.

  12. Guesto says:

    LOL. Poor old Goops. 🙂 Maybe this will shut her up for a bit.

    Personally, I don’t like any of the women quoted above apart from Jolie who, I’d guess, has never given Goops and her nonsense a second’s thought.

  13. serena says:

    LOL I can’t even picture Angelina and Goop together, so wrong.

  14. Hautie says:

    Oh, my.

    I recall Goop and Madonna mean-girling Jennifer Lopez more than once. In front of a lot of people.

    So Madonna taking any issue with Goop cracks me up. Since they enjoyed being hateful to so many of their contemporaries.

    I also suspect Goop did the same to Jolie in the late 90’s. When Angie was going out of her way to be “different”. Before the sainthood years.

    And I still believe Gwyneth crawled out from under her rock, because she needed the money.

    She spent many smug years in London. Spending crazy money.

    Without bringing any in.

    So maybe the husband finally told her, if she needs more outdoor pizza ovens. She needed to get a J.O.B.

    And here we are. Blessed with the ultimate mean girl. Desperate to be the top mean girl in LA again.

    • jenny says:

      Jennifer Lopez said some mean / nasty comments about Gwyneth and Madonna for her infamous Movieline interview. I missed that magazine, because they had some of the greatest celebrity interviews- no holds barred.

  15. Dedrie says:

    Nosy parker.. Gossip bearer.. beware

  16. huh? says:

    Yeah, I doubt Gywenth could even get Angie’s phone number. Aging, neurotic Gwyneth couldn’t get enough attention more organically (film roles, family, books, blogs, friends), so I wouldn’t be surprised if her PR created this whole “everybody hates Goop” narrative to show how much she is on EVERYBODY’S mind. Truth is, nobody is thinking about her and that crushes her- so, negative attention (pretend hate) is better than no attention for someone with such a huge ego.

    • poppy31 says:

      Goop has the same PR as Aniston, so I wouldn’t be surprised. Aniston has spent millions attaching herself to Brangelina while at the same time turning herself into #1 victim in the universe. Goop (EVERYBODY(?) hates POOR me) looks like she is trying to do the same.

    • pwal says:

      Several things…

      First, it’s Star Magazine.

      Second… fairly certain that while the JPs were in England, Paltrow was in the US filming IM3. Plus, it seems like Paltrow has made the US her home base for a while.

      Next… why would Angelina need a tour guide when she lived in England for a few years? Plus, she has friends (not seen or acknowledged by the girl’s girl brigade) who could steer her in different directions, although Jolie seems like the type who would do research about a place before going.

      Next… as some have pointed out, Paltrow is a Huvane/CAA girl. And who else are Huvane/CAA girls-Aniston and Handler. Why invite someone into your inner circle who would volunteer information to those with a major ax to grind?

      Again, if all of these actresses ‘hate’ Paltrow, she shouldn’t give a rip. Mind you, these actresses should give a rip that tabloids are depicting them as high schoolish at best.

      • Also says:

        Angelina was married to a Brit (Jonny) for 3 years before GOOP even met Chris. She’s also worked in the UK on various films and several of her (& Brad’s) good friends are British. In 2002, bought a home near London. She sold the home when she got with Brad. As people have said here before, Angelina has never said anything bad about anyone and proven to be kind to to people from all walks of life- she may draw the line at crazy, goopy stalkers, though.

    • bluhare says:

      huh?: We’re all aging. I really hate having a head start on most of you, though.

  17. Aussie girl says:

    She says she rarely works but is she only talking about movies??? Because this bitch has been in my face all year!!

  18. Runs with Scissors says:

    I wonder if Winona is feeling “deep relief and … happiness” now that people hate Gwyneth and she is finally suffering something “unfortunate and humiliating?” 🙂

  19. shanaynay says:

    And here starts the breakdown…

  20. Aud says:

    I sometimes think that Gwyneth and Martin have separate lives.
    The time she spends in public, promoting the rubbish on her blog/site [that she is paid in some way to endorse], it’s any wonder that she has any time for a marriage let alone parenthood. She herself said that any time she has to be somewhere, she has a nanny anyway. So it seems that she is the one that comes first in that family of hers.
    I still can’t get the image of her daughter [at her current age now], holding Gwyneth’s hand and still sucking her thumb.

  21. Bird says:

    I am starting to feel really bad for the Goopster. This is just getting out of control.

  22. dorothy says:

    Paltrows a stalker. Who knew?

  23. eliza says:

    Geez, did this woman kill someone’s puppy or something? Not a fan but there are faaaaaar worse celebrities in the world than Paltrow, not to mention far worse people, period. I ignore her for the most part, but as someone else said earlier in the thread, this flood of hatred for her has me softening on her too. For all the alleged accusations of Paltrow being a “mean girl”, it would seem plenty are “mean girling” her. I mean, in the scheme of things, her offenses are not that serious.

  24. Meggin says:

    That dress is hideous!

  25. poppy says:

    god dang it -another priceless picture!
    y’all kill me with your choices! please please NEVER change.

    still think, like many, the article is random BS, culling together a bunch of past issues. someone at star is not happy with stephen huvane, hence the extreme goop and annE bashing.
    it is enjoyable to see a magazine acknowledge what many people have been feeling for a long time, though.

    ITA agree she is miserable and extremely insecure.
    this is the woman that said she ONLY wanted to act, she didn’t care about money, fame, houses, clothes- she’s a not a red carpet/opening kind of girl -just acting in well written, quality films.
    she had one film that wasn’t an ensemble piece that anyone thought was decent (emma). she was NEVER the talent or force they promoted her to be -one of the reasons people get their panties in a bunch remembering she beat out cate blanchett for an oscar.
    when her sun set after hooking up with bone afflack i think it hit her extremely hard and she has never recovered. her movies were bombing so she figured she’d get knocked up and use children as an excuse as to why she wasn’t working or getting the offers she once did. to the contrary, she’s been constantly working (children be damned) very very hard at anything she can get her hands on -those things don’t happen to include any *quality* films.
    she isn’t the IT girl she thinks she should be recognized as so she has resorted to telling the world how great she is, to the point where she mentions what her *friends* say about her.
    she still can’t open a movie, 22 yo stripper ass or not.
    sorry, long rant.

    did goop get pissed that she has never been asked to co-chair the met gala? is she butt hurt it wasn’t her and bey together but bey and rooney mara? is that what this mess is really all about?

    • ViktoryGin says:

      Oh, but don’t forget how she’s relieved to not have the pressure of being the Hollywood “It” girl anymore. *Side-eye*

    • Sticker Shock says:

      I remember the Harvey Weinstein machine trying to make Gwenyth the biggest thing, and it kinda worked at first. But even then it was outrageous. At around the time “se7en” was out one writer described her acting as: “No actress has ever been able to portray emotion and thinking in the moment” as Paltrow can. REALLY? and that he way she says “i hate the city” in se7en was a momentous revelation. WTF.

  26. Nicolette says:

    Just another reason to love Angie 🙂

  27. Ray186 says:

    As she should. Unless she really wants to read about their conversation the next day in Star magazine.

  28. Shelly says:

    This would be hilarious, if true, but Star is always full of shit. Most of Hollyweird adore Gwyneth. And if Madonna does in fact hate her, then I actually will like Gwyneth more, as Madonna is way more insufferable to me than Gwyneth. And…AS IF Gwyneth would call Angelina. She would never. Gwyneth is annoying as hell, but I do not think she’s a “mean girl”.

    • Eleonor says:

      I’ll take Madonna everyday, she has worked her ass off to achieve the success, Goop had her career thanks to her connections, and her Oscar only thanks to her dad, and she acts like she is the new coming of Sarah Bernard.

  29. jzhz says:

    Wait one damned minute. Angelina Jolie has been making major decisions about her health. No effing wonder she’s ignoring this idiot.

  30. BooBooLaRue says:

    Wow just wow. Runs out to buy the mag…Goop – so pathetic and sorry your mummy never loved you, but you were competition for daddy.

  31. Helvetica says:

    I do not buy at all that Gwenyth called Angelina. Not for one second.

  32. Ginger says:

    I still want to know what or WHO she did to win that Oscar over Cate Blanchett! I will always hold that against GOOP. And even though the story is in STAR magazine, it’s not too hard to believe. Maybe the writers had a hangover that day so they went for the most obvious subject?

  33. coe says:

    +10 I went to an all girls school, and this is exactly what the mean girls did to this one girl Michelle I knew (Michelle and I later became great friends). They would gang up on her b/c she was a little obnoxious,very pretty, and acted dumb to look cool.

    I could see Michelle was very insecure, and she had a visible eating disorder. Later learned that her HORRIBLE relationship with her abusive mother caused her to behave as she did.

    Anyway, so many parallels with GOOP! So I kind of think she projects stuff we don’t know about her (though she has hinted at not being close with her Mother, and obviously was dearly loved by her Father).

    My own mother taught me to treat everyone with the same level of respect you want to be treated with, from the homeless you pass on the street to the CEO you ride the elevator with… And if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all – just roll your eyes and change the page while saying “NEXT!”

    • bluhare says:

      Can’t we just have a teensy bit of fun with her?

      Guiltily yours,

      • Sticker Shock says:

        lol. Aw. I was feeling sorry for Michelle until the “acted dumb to look cool” part.

  34. sorella says:

    I don’t believe the contacting Angelina that she is hated by all of Hollywood, but with all these story, there is likely a tiny grain of truth. I believe the JLO part. And I don’t think she is really close to Reese, think they have mutual friends like Drew and Cameron, but not close. And after Reese’s recent verbal “do you know who I am”, she is likely snipping about Goop behind her back. Actually I think Goop is not a mean girl to anybody in person (wants to be the MOST loved, another accolade), but I bet after a few, with her besties like Cameron, she probably lets it rip about others. And Reese too (and let face it her career is not on fire and she has no Iron Man type of role which anybody could have played, so likely jealous). So I believe that both Goop AND Reese are closet mean girls.

  35. Emily C. says:

    I enjoy hating on Goop, but this is twaddle. Pure fiction. Also, the line “she won’t even let people touch her” — uh, I don’t let strangers touch me either. I guess I’m a diva!

  36. Madriani's Girl says:

    I find it highly amusing that two of the world’s most pretentious and arrogant women – Angelina Jolie and Madonna – find Goopy to be pretentious and arrogant. And she certainly is but this is hilarious.

    • Jim says:

      So true, MG!

    • Kim says:

      I dont buy it. I think Madonna likes to control and dictate what her friends can do and when she dumped Tracy Anderson yet Goop remained friends with her, Madonna then cut off the friendship because she didnt get her way. Madonna comes off as WAY more arrogant than Goop in every nterview I ve ever seen or read. I dont believe Goop called Angelina mulitple times & that Angelina actually said she didnt like her. If if even did happen maybe it was more of Angelina being uncomfortable with the fact that Brad & Goop dated. Who wants to spend time with their lovers ex? Im not buying the whole Goop as such a major bitch. Is she out of touch sure but ALL celebs are.

      • lisa2 says:

        Why would Angelina be uncomfortable with a past relationship that was over 14 or 15 years ago.

        And Brad doesn’t have a problem with Angie’s exes. they have hung out socially. I don’t get why people think Angelina is insecure. I don’t see that at all. But I guess it’s something that some women need to think. Brad doesn’t talk abut Gwyneth. So why would Angie give her a thought.

  37. skuddles says:

    I’m much more intrigued by the Star headline that suggests Reese’s hubby is a “slimy drunk”. Do tell ex wife! 🙂

  38. Marybel says:

    NOW I heart Angie Jo!

  39. iLuvSpringTime says:

    A thinned lip woman got, The Most Beautiful award? Good, it must mean the fat lip trend is leaving…. one can only hope. Gynn is so out of touch. So irrelevant.

  40. Gabby says:

    I call MADE UP DRAMA on the whole STAR hack job. Wonder who is behind it – my money is on Madonna!! But then it also could have been Winona, Kate Bosworth…

    There are a number of things that stand out as fake in this story.

    Um Kate Hudson attended GOOP’s summer luncheon just last week.

    Reese has hung out with Gwyneth on dinner dates dozens of times since Gwyneth gave that interview quote like six years ago.

    Why on earth would Gwyneth call Jolie to show her around London when Jolie used to live there? That’s just stupid.

    J.Lo of “$1200 beach towels” fame would not likely have dissed Gwyneth for being materialistic.

    Jennifer Garner is the queen of Hollywood mean-girling, duh.

    Madonna didn’t cut off Gwyneth. It was the other way around.

    Gwyneth wont let people touch her? Not from what I’ve seen first-hand. She cant keep her hands off people, she’s very touchy feely.

    It’s a plant. Now who done it?

  41. Just sayin says:

    Anyone else notice that this wave of anti-goop news started after she harshed on aw’s gala (“it s-cks, won’t go again etc”)? Now suddenly we are reading in full-blown mags/articles run by pr folk that she stinks! people can’t stand her! Angie doesn’t call her back!…I mean whether you love or hate her, this onslaught seems rather insidious. Just sayin.

    • judyjudyjudy says:

      she was also recently quoted as saying she may be moving back to LA for a few years so maybe she is going to be more actively working. This whole thing with Jolie is funny because if true, it is Jolie who looks rude and not GP. And I like them both. They are pretty awesome.

  42. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    I think its sweet a lot of you guys are theorizing that Gynnies obnoxiousness is deep rooted insecurity, her mother never loved/accepted her etc etc.
    No. Just no. She really really just is a mind blowingly arrogant, self obsessed, self loving overly, and I mean OVERLY confidant jerk. She cant/doesnt read social cues. cant understand how she comes off to people. Cant understand how people wouldnt want to be around her. She is a rich, connected jerk and she has something wildly “off” about her. Hey, it happens. She probably had aspergers. I dated a wealthy guys who has it and he’d openly brag about his tony address, his families money, his famlies pedagree and then wonder why his “friends” avoided him, laughed about him behind his back and hated his attitude. He genuinely didnt “get it.” It was sad and I really believe this chick has it.

  43. Kat says:

    Angelina Jolie called someone else pretentious? Seriously?