Daniel Radcliffe: ‘I love getting beaten up. I encourage people to just hit me’

The headline I read was something like “Daniel Radcliffe likes to be smacked around” but I read it first as “Daniel Craig likes to be spanked” and I got really excited. But Spanky Craig is not going to be discussed today (sadface). Which is okay, because I like DanRad a lot. He’s a little elf of a man, but he owns it and owning it is very sexy. Daniel has a new interview in Time Out London where he discusses his masochism (I think?), tattoos (he’s into pretentious quotes) and how he’d love a part in Star Wars.

He loves being slapped around
‘I love getting beaten up. I encourage people to just hit me. The comedy in ‘Cripple…’ comes out of people being incredibly cruel to Billy (the ‘Cripple of Inishmaan’, a lame village idiot who wants to be a film star). One of his aunts slaps him around all the time. All of that getting beaten up stuff is brilliant. I encourage people to just hit me harder. The actress, Gillian Hannah, she’s not going to do permanent damage by smacking me in the head. She doesn’t like hitting people, understandably, but I’ve got her into it now, I think.’

He won’t play Harry Potter again… but might do a cameo as Harry’s dad
‘Even if Jo wrote a sequel, which is unlikely, I’d take a LOT of talking round. I’ve done so much work to establish myself as something outside that series I’d be really hesitant to go back. Even if they were set later in time. I’m 23, which is too old to be running round in a school boy’s cape. Because the theme parks are expanding there was an enquiry whether I’d do more filming from them and I was like: No, I can’t get away with that any more, I’d just look foolish. I’d never totally close the door for the reason that Jo’s a great writer. But no more school boy stuff. A cameo as Harry’s dad? That would be perfect!’

And he wouldn’t mind a part in the new Star Wars films
‘Franchise mustn’t become a dirty word. If directors like JJ Abrams and Joss Whedon keep doing what they’re doing, it won’t be. I’d love to be part of one again. Maybe not leading it: a nice supporting role. In Star Wars? Yeah, that’d be awesome. That’d be crazy cool.’

He’s writing a screenplay
‘It’s a serious attempt at a black comedy. A very, very, very dark comedy. I‘ve always loved the way Martin McDonagh writes. That very economical but rhythmic way he writes the interplay between characters. You learn about their relationships through how they’re talking not what they’re saying. That’s the kind of writing I love and I aspire to. And it’s got a fair amount of blood in it too. In that way I’m just ripping Martin off!’

And he’s getting inked
‘It’s going to sound really pretentious but there’s a Beckett quote I really like which I’m going to get tattooed on me. “Try again, fail again, fail better.” That’s what I’m about. I heard someone say growing up is about aiming to succeed but being fulfilled by failing very well. I agree with that 100 per cent.’

[From Time Out London]

I think Daniel has managed to diversify and “grow up” into a more adult celebrity image partially because he has such a good attitude about life and about the work that he does. He reminds me of some of the great journeyman actors in Britain – the actors who don’t necessarily care about money, fame and stardom, but they just want to work a lot in a lot of different projects. I think Daniel is going to end up a splendid character actor, and I don’t mean that as an insult at all. As for the “I love it when people hit me” thing – I think it’s specific to physical acting. It’s probably easier for an actor to take a real slap than try to feign (for the audience) a slap.

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  1. marie says:

    other than that last photo (no on looks good playing drunken air guitar), I think he’s a cutie.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Lol, I was about to say the last pic is my favourite 🙂
      He looks good a bit rugged and scruffy.

      • Audrey says:

        He looks a bit like pete doherty in the last one 🙁

      • listenUP says:

        So I’m guessing he’ll get along greatly with Rihanna huh?

        Sorry I just had to. Awful person I am yes *Yoda voice*

        Anyways, he kinda looks like R Pat in the second pic or at least rocking his look.

  2. Insomniac says:

    I really love this guy. He seems like he’d be fun to know in real life.

    • LadyBird83 says:

      I second that. And I wouldn’t mind smacking him around in the sack….

  3. Mrs. Peacock says:

    That last picture looks like Pete Doherty.

  4. whipmyhair says:

    I love the Joss Whedon reference. Daniel just gained a few more points in my book.

  5. SmokeyBlues says:

    He’s such a goofball! I’m so glad the man that played one of my favorite characters is a good person who owns his own identity. I think he would be great to just sit around and have a laugh with.

  6. turningviolet says:

    Love DR – in a sort of mothering way, most definitely not in a fancying way. And from a mothering type perspective I’m pleased he’s grown up so relatively ‘normal’.

    Am sitting here watching The Lost Boys as it happens and seeing those two Corey guys makes you realise just how easy it is for the film industry to eat up those child actors alive – and the HP lot happily seem to have escaped all that.

  7. DeltaJuliet says:

    I read the headline as Daniel Radcliffe but then I read your sentence about my darling Daniel Craig and my heart skipped a beat.
    Damn it, now I can’t focus on my work.

  8. Miss Kiki says:

    I’ve always thought he was a bit of a ponce, the kid that would regularly get his head flushed down the toilet.

  9. Runs with Scissors says:

    It would be so hard to smack that face, even acting in a film! He seems like such a sweet guy.

  10. Green Is Good says:

    Nothing pretentious about DanRad. He’s got a great personality and attitude.

  11. lin234 says:

    The harry potter cast seems to avoiding the pitfalls of being a child star so far. Good for them!

    Also, I get the context of his quote but as a public star it doesn’t seem like the smartest thing to say to the world. Just because there are too many crazies out there that the next thing you’ll know, you’ll be hearing a story about him getting punched on the street.

  12. Faye says:

    I agree about him being a good character actor. And he’s lucky in that, having made a boatload of money early on, he can afford to just focus on the parts and projects that interest him. I’ve always felt a sort of big-sister affection for him, and look forward to seeing him succeed in his career!

  13. lisa says:

    if harry potter can move on and work without type casting, esp considering he’s like 5’3 or something, anyone can if they have any talent and work hard

    good for you boy who lived!

  14. aenflex says:

    I adore him. Sadly, I will always love him as Harry, tho – not Daniel. But just the same, those kids all have a spot in my mind forever. Those books changed me.

  15. JennJ says:

    I do like that quote. But I am so glad that tattooing wasn’t as popular when I was in my early twenties — I shudder imagining all the pretentious drivel that I’d be forced to look at!

  16. Emily C. says:

    He’s awesome. I can’t wait to see what he does with his career. Britain does so much better with their child actors than we do, it’s not even funny.

  17. Anna says:

    He manages to say something interesting and unexpected in every interview, AND I love that he seems dedicated to staying genuinely humble – yes, it IS work, in his biz, so it means he has his head on straight. I like him more with each passing year.

  18. Lucy says:

    Love him! He’ll have an amazing career.

  19. Bijlee says:

    He always sounds like he’s begging for a franchise job. Last year he wanted to be flash (sorry….BUT NO!!!), and this year he’s talking about wanting to be in star wars. Next he’ll want a Pixar film. Or some animated movie franchise. It’s so unbecoming and makes me like him less when he talks about it. I mean I get he wants to diversify and talks about what he could enjoy doing, but it also strikes me as inappropriate. If orher actors or actressess did that I’m sure people would throw ish at them. He’s a decent actor, not really amazing.

  20. Decloo says:

    Whoa! Shades of Macauley Culkin in that last photo!

  21. Jade says:

    Aside from that last pic, oh Daniel Daniel
    let me take care of you…

  22. arine says:

    He looks like Elijah Wood in the second pic. I think its because they both have blue eyes and dark hair. Both are short but still lovely looking.
    Also, Elijah Wood and him are both one of the rare child stars who never screwed up badly. Young Hollywood should take a look at how these guys have done it.