Hot Guys of the ‘Man of Steel’ premiere: who would you rather?

Last night was the LA premiere of Man of Steel, and holy mother of dongporium! It was a Hot Guy Festival, with a little something for every taste. Obviously, Henry Cavill is the big star, so I found it kind of surprising that he seemed so… muted. He made the same mistake Benedict Cumberbatch made when Cumby promoted Star Trek Into Darkness – women want to see your hair!! Don’t do the slicked-back, full-of-product, casino-pit-boss look. Let your curls be free! I also think this suit and that ugly tie were bad choices too, but whatever. Henry looks okay. He’s looked better. Also interesting: Gina Carano wasn’t there? She didn’t walk the red carpet, on his arm or separately. There are no photos of her. So I don’t know what to tell you. He’s mentioned her in every major interview he’s done, so I guess they’re still together, but she didn’t want to make a big fuss about the carpet.

Michael Shannon plays General Zod. Michael is EVERYTHING to me, so of course I would hit it. I didn’t know he had a hot wife though – she’s SO pretty! She looks a bit like Dita Von Teese, right?

Christopher Meloni can wear a suit! Stabler looks good.

God help me, but Russell Crowe still does it for me. He looks really good here!

Kevin Costner doesn’t do it for me, but they’re saying he’s very good in this movie.

Bonus Daniel Dae Kim, just because he’s hot.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. bns says:

    Henry Cavill is just not hot to me.

    Michael Shannon on the other hand… <3

    • Christo says:

      To each his or her own, but this guy is heavenly. If the uber-obvious stench of cologne-drenched, steroid-induced obtuseness and fumbling fingers is your thing, then so be it. I would much rather have a guy with some reserve about him than a lap-dog with style brand message T, Carrera glasses, Casio watch and oversized hubcap of a Diesel watch. Fashion and class don’t need close-captioning nor geographic markers. The good stuff is there if you bother to look for it.

      • Georgia says:

        Wow what a ridiculously judgy tone for a comment that begins “to each his own.” Or any comment really

  2. marie says:

    I’m going with Daniel Dae Kim, would hit it repeatedly..

    Henry, while attractive reminds me of my brother so NO and eww.

    Russell Crowe is a maybe, and I would like to hit (as in punch in the face) Chris Meloni, that dude annoys me.

    • V4Real says:

      Yes Daniel Dae Kim can get it all night every night. Christopher M can get it too only because I met him twice and he was such a nice guy. I also loved SVU when he was on it.
      Michael Shannon I adore and he’s such a good actor but he can’t get the panties.

      Henry is attractive but does nothing for me, well maybe after a few shots of tequilo anything can happen. As for Russell no just no.

    • Jennykins says:

      DDK is so beautiful it hurts. He’s one of the reasons I put up with Lost.

    • Eugenia says:

      I need you to introduce me to your brother immediately.

  3. Pastyousayyouneverknew says:

    Wow, Henry still looks good but he comes off as being really statue-like in these photos. I dunno what it is about him, he’s so outwardly attractive but there’s something about him that he looks like he stopped breathing for these photos, I dunno, after watching an interview he did with Jay Leno, I get the feeling that he doesn’t quite believe he got such a major role. You’re hot and talented Henry, start believing it!

  4. Liv says:

    Are they done? Gina wouldn’t have missed the carpet, that’s for sure! She even accompanied him overseas, didn’t she?

    • Lauli says:

      Maybe his PR have realized that nobody is buying their story. Wonder why, lol

    • Rachel says:

      This was his big moment. Maybe she wanted to let him shine alone. Or maybe promoters wanted him to walk the red carpet alone. I’ll admit, I like to see them together (as long as a good stylist dressed her). I think they’re cute. But I can easily see promoters telling him he has to walk the carpet alone.

      • Just Me says:

        MTE. Lainey says this is going to launch him into the sparkle dong stratosphere, so I bet that’s what happened.

        BTW, can’t wait to see this movie.

    • D says:

      I think with Gina, it’s a damned if we do, damned if we don’t situation. If she doesn’t show up, then she doesn’t support him, and isn’t good enough. If she does, then somehow it gets misconstrued into her being a fame whore.

      I don’t particularly like the pair of them as a couple, but if she didn’t show up because of PR, then I think that’s terrible. Not on her part, because I genuinely think the pair of them are an item and friends, and friends would support one another. Especially as his whole family was at the premiere.

      But maybe she was busy, maybe she had things to do, or maybe they’re done because he seemed kind of glum. Or maybe, perhaps, she was just being a really nice woman and stepping back to let him shine.

  5. Tiffany27 says:

    DDK could get it every day and twice on Sunday……..and that is all.

  6. Jess says:

    I still watch old SVU episodes for Stabler.

    He is aging so, so well.

    • Chicagogurl says:

      Damn! Meloni is one of my forever dongs. That man is just so handsome and hilarious, but does brooding so well. Sigh.

  7. Toot says:

    Daniel out of this group. Henry is just robotic to me.

  8. Downton fan says:

    “holy mother of dongporium” !!!! BAHAHAHAHA best line I’ve read in a while!!

  9. Erinn says:

    Ehhhh….none of them are really doing it for me. Russell and DDK are the only ones I’d really consider I guess. Henry is too pretty.

  10. brin says:

    Cavill and Meloni!!!

  11. Vee says:

    Henry, Russell, Michael, Daniel!

    Love Russell and Kevin’s more casual suits without ties. Henry’s tie is tragic.

  12. GeeMoney says:

    Daniel Dae Kim looks good, and so does Cavill… but he should have known better to wear a black tie with a gray suit. Doesn’t go at all.

    If I had to choose who to hit, I’d take Cavill, even though he doesn’t do much for me. I prefer the funny looking ones (Cumberbatch rocks), lol.

  13. boredbrit says:

    Is it me or is Cavill a bit asexual. Like a Ken doll. He’s just too handsome.

    • Liv says:

      I think he’s so handsome, but he always turns his head like a turtle! Such a turn off!

    • Leah says:

      I agree Cavill is too Ken Doll for my taste. He is not sexy, Michael Shannon is not that attractive but somehow manages to be way sexier.

    • Emily C. says:

      Very Ken doll. And I can’t help but compare him to Christopher Reeve every time I see him. Reeve was unbelievably gorgeous, and he was also a total boy scout goodie-goodie, and he also had tons of sex appeal. He didn’t look manufactured. I’m not seeing the sex appeal in Cavill.

      I think it comes down to the fact that Reeve had a sense of humor along with his earnestness. (His Fairy Tale Theatre performance was hilarious.) Cavill — if he has a sense of humor, I’ve never seen it. He feels so wooden. Hopefully he’s better on the screen, but I’m worried this iteration of Superman’s going to be humorless, which is just what we do not need.

  14. Tig says:

    These photos do him no favors for sure. Russell looks great, and I will always have a soft spot for Kevin Costner- Bull Durham forever!

  15. chalkdustgirl says:

    Do yourselves a favor if you haven’t already…google Colin O’Donoghue Captain Hook…who was briefly considered for Man of Steel…repeatedly and often, imo.

  16. lisa2 says:

    Cavill seems like a nice guy. He is extremely good looking. Congrats to him, because Man of Steel will be a hit… But I have said it before something in that total package is missing. He doesn’t have that swagger. He doesn’t have that Star Presence. He looks so stiff in these pictures. Maybe nerves. But I don’t see him as a man that other men want to be. Or envy. Women are going to swoon over him like they do others on this site and yet some of the men that are swoon over are talented but again are missing that unnamed element. He was great on The Tudors. And while I think he is beautiful he is not sexy to me.

    • Josie says:

      He doesn’t have that swagger.

      Thank god no. Swag is for boys, class is for men.

      • Christo says:

        Well said, Josie. So tired of these women who want some Fast & the Furious type volatility and edge. Yeah, that is the type of guy that leaves you pregnant and economically-depressed while he’s moved on to the chick 10 years younger to you that he met on the second facebook account he created.

      • Emily C. says:

        Wanting a “bad boy” in fantasy doesn’t necessarily translate to wanting one in real life. I love those bad boy fantasies, and irl I have never even dated one. But Hollywood celebrities are always gonna be fantasy material.

        I dunno about swagger, but I’ve never seen much charisma of any kind in Cavill. Also he’s said some things that are just… dumb. Nothing is as big a turn off for me as lack of intelligence.

      • lisa2 says:

        seriously missing the point.

        Swagger has nothing to do with being a bad boy; and I have no interest in the Fast and Furious type. Swagger comes in many forms. I don’t see him as sexy and that has nothing to do with being a boy.

        swagger and class can go hand in hand. Cavill as I said is a good looking man, but for me something is missing.

  17. Tessa says:

    Crowe all the way! Henry Cavill looks like an animated Ken doll. Not for me.

  18. Chickie Baby says:

    Russ, Russ, RUSS. All day, in way…I’ll take him! There is nobody else. (Although Meloni has always been pretty hot–check out his younger years when he had hair!)

  19. Lucretia says:

    Everybody looks good (some, to my surprise) except Cavill, who looks a little hefty in what is probably an ill-fitting suit. He also seems too solemn. I’m also curious about Gina’s absence.

    • Kristin says:

      I commented on the same thing on another site. For the big premiere of his big hit he seemed a little sullen even in the interviews. Very very surprised that Gina wasn’t there especially when he supported her at FF6. He always mentioned her but she never mentioned him. He is just the complete package hope he finds that in a partner as well. But again, I do hate to speculate cause things are never what they seem.

  20. Rabia says:

    Out of these, Russell. I’ll always have a soft spot for him.

    Cavill has a handsome face, but he looks like a wax doll. And he’s way too bulky to look good in this suit.

  21. Adrien says:

    Cavill looks too wholesomely goody-good. No, wouldn’t hit. I’ll just put him in a pedestal.
    Michael Shannon. He’s super charismatic but he reminds me of the Bond villain, Jaws.
    DDK and Meloni. Yes and yes.

  22. Miss M says:

    “Don’t do the slicked-back, full-of-product, casino-pit-boss look.”

    In his case, it’s fine to go with a slicked-back hair style because he has a gorgeous face (perfection to a point of looking vanilla).

  23. Anna says:

    From this list – definitely Cavil, but I HAAAAATE this suit on him. He looks like a bouncer or a really beefy accountant.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      You know that I just realized that he’s British a couple days ago? I’ve never seen him in any movie or interviews so I had no idea..
      The accent made him hotter to me but he still seems so…stiff and just not fun to me. Amazing how even such a classically handsome man without charisma quickly loses appeal.

  24. j.eyre says:

    And I am just supposed to pick one? Is that at a time?

    St. John Cavill looks stunning here. Russell looks the best I have seen him in a while and he and Costner get the nostalgic vote from me.

    Meloni looks good but didn’t I read that he may not be a nice guy?

    I have always found Daniel extraordinarily hot he looks amazing here.

    So, I guess my answer is – yes.

    • Miss Kiki says:

      Daniel is so hot, his outfit is terrible though.

      Meloni, in that suit, all day every day.

      The rest? Meh, they’re yours my dear.

      • j.eyre says:

        There you are, my slut-in-arms!

        The bad suit works to our advantage – I always feel so guilty about ripping a well tailored suit off and having it trampled he struggles for purchase to secure me against the wall.

        Alright, I will head in here with Russell and St. John then. My word – it will be my own little version of good cop/bad cop.

        (I do so miss you when you aren’t around)

      • Miss Kiki says:

        Well anyone being allowed access to my inner sanctum need to own several good suits, therefore we won’t mourn the loss of one every now and again.

        You can be safe in the knowledge that I will never fall out with you over Russell, Cavill? I’m not sure, my biscuits are trying to muster up some excitement for him but alas to no avail.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I’ve always been a Costner Hater. Totally irrational I know but I never liked him and found his looks…meh.

      That being said, he is rocking that khaki suit here. I might be softening in my old age, but he’s not repulsing me in these photos…not one bit.

      …Russell is always a no for me. Too jowly.

      Michael Shannon wins because he’s a kickass actor. His face is strangely haunting and dare I say mesmerizing? But I wouldn’t say that he’s hot.

      • Miss Kiki says:

        I second that with Russell, he was verging on a yes for a hot minute during Gladiator but even then I was really all about the Phoenix.

        Costner will always hold a place in my heart for the wondrous Robin Hood.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Gladiator was the ONLY movie where I found him attractive and yeah, it promptly vanished upon seeing Joaquin’s piercing blue eyes and adorable cleft pallet.

      • NYC_girl says:

        I thought Kevin was so hot in Untouchables – that was probably his height of hotness. “No Way Out” was a great movie too.

      • j.eyre says:

        Yes, but ladies, remember I know somebody who slept with Russell – that is why the welcome mat is always out for him. Lights can be turned off – innate abilities cannot.

        I still have Silverado fantasies about Costner – where he’s swinging around on some bars I installed to my roof and I am telling him to come down and stop squiggling. And then there is the Costner in a Navy uniform fantasy… and the Costner painting my toenails in the bathtub fantasy…

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        @ Miss Kiki

        Joaquin Phoenix is the only reason I watched Gladiator. It was about three years ago and my brother was watching it at my grandma’s really late at night. Once I saw the “am I not merciful” scene, I was gone. God, Joaquin is so beautiful. He was even beautiful when he was a kid…and such an interesting voice for someone that young (in Parenthood). He must’ve had all the girls after him.

        I’m a little ashamed to admit that I, a rampant meat eater, would cheerfully give up meat if I could have him. I’d get my cooking on and everything…now I need to watch that scene again.

  25. dunzoo says:

    None of them. Cavill looks like an expressionless ken doll. He’s wearing too much foundation and his suit is unflattering. Michael Shanon looks good (but he’s not my type), nice hair and great suit. Kevin Costner looks good for his age but those shoes are an instant lady boner killer.

  26. jepressman says:

    Oh by all means Russell Crowe,Cavill is the new guy and will get judged severely. But Crowe has presence.. a sexy guy.

  27. lori says:

    Has Costner always been so humourless??

    • Emily C. says:


      • Tig says:

        Humorless? You mean in this interview? Again, Bull Durham- so funny in that movie- watch the scene re the meeting on the mound! Recently, well, have to agree with you there!

  28. Samantha says:


  29. Josie says:

    He doesn’t lack personality; he’s just incredibly reserved and ridiculously good looking. The combination of the two make him seem like he’s not real or something.

    Whatever. I like him the way he is. Hollywood has enough loudmouthed peacocks if you know what I mean. I’ll take understated over that any day.

    BTW I dont think Gina was there; simply because Henry’s busy WORKING.

  30. shaboo says:

    Cavill is so bland, he’s so puffed up and bulky. I really dont think he’s as beautiful as everyone makes out.

    Russell Zrowe and surprisingly Michael Shannon look really good;

  31. Christo says:

    Cavill is beautiful and sly in these photos—a real man. Some women just want the most obvious ogre of a man with an open-mouth guffaw, knuckles dragging, and dry-humping the furniture in order for a man’s masculinity to register with them. Thank god there’s woman out there out there, who aren’t all caught up in the Facebook culture of instagrammed peen.

  32. Emily C. says:

    Meh. I used to think Henry Cavill was hot, then he opened his mouth.

    As I have never heard anything bad about Daniel, I choose him.

  33. I Choose Me says:

    Michael Shannon
    Russell Crowe
    Daniel Dae Kim

    In that order. Cavill doesn’t do it for me but I think he’ll do a good job as superman. June 14th hurry up!

  34. AustinMJ says:

    Henry, but why won’t he SMILE???

  35. MrsBPitt says:

    Henry Cavill is gorgeous!!! He was so sexy in the Tuders…I just think this is not the best picture of him…I cannot wait to see Man of Steel!

  36. amilu says:

    Michael Shannon’s wife is fair-skinned and dark-haired, but other than that, she looks nothing like Dita Von Teese. Pfft.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      His wife is hot. That’s all we need to know about him. He’s not really good looking; I remember seeing him on Kangaroo Jack when I was younger and thinking that he was odd looking, but now that I’m older he’s very appealing to me. He’s intense and smoldering…that’s how I’d put it.

  37. Norman says:

    Where’s the women?