Tom Hiddleston wore a shiny faux-seersucker in London: fabulous or cloying?

Gather ‘round, ye Dragonflies. It’s time to speak of Tom Hiddleston! We have not spoken of him since the Cannes Film Festival, in which Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton held hands and looked perfect together and since then… my Hiddles crush has been redefined. Despite his Pollyanna-ness, I always liked him. I just thought he could handle being called out on some of his more cloying and saccharine qualities. But after those Cannes photos, it stopped being a joke for me. Hiddles killed it in Cannes. He got to hold hands with Tilda Swinton (the magnificent alien) and her coolness rubbed off on him. It was amazing.

Anyway, these are photos of Tom at the London screening for Much Ado About Nothing. He posed solo and with Joss Whedon, who directed the “modern retelling” of Shakespeare’s classic. Hiddleston isn’t IN the movie, but he’s a big supporter of Whedon, so he came out. Tom looked good at the screening. Not “Cannes Good” but decent. The closeup of his face is kind of harsh, especially where you can see his sun-damage (or a really weird spray tan). The jacket is particularly dashing – why can’t American men have this kind of fun with fashion? Why is it that only an Englishman will attempt a shiny faux-seersucker?

So, would I personally hit it? Yeah. But I would be thinking about how awesome he looked at the Cannes Film Festival. And I would be imagining I was Tilda Swinton. Which works for me.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. allons-y alonso says:

    UNF… enough said

  2. T.Fanty says:

    Ohhh, yes. TommyAnne looking fabulous and talking about Shakespeare? Yes, yes yes.

    And seeing as I cared enough to get here early, I’m win the Dragonfly king.

    ETA: Kaiser, did you see these pics from the other day? They are fine:

    • Miss Kiki says:

      Fants you bloody life ruiner. I was all set to come on over with my smug tone, telling you how you could all scramble for scraps of TommyAnna because that ship ha sailed for me. Then I clicked on that blasted link! He looks superb in that coat.

      • T.fanty says:

        Miss Kiki! Long time, no see!

        Paddle over, Missy! We’ll drop anchor on the HMS Dragonfly and wait for you.

    • TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

      Wait wait wait, did a fan take these or is the Dragonfly King actually known enough to start getting papped?

      *waves hello*

      • T.Fanty says:

        I think he put in a call to Remora and got the number of her paparazzi guy.

        *waves back*

      • EscapedConvent says:

        Hello, PromisedBeer! I wondered if you would be here today, because they’re talking about your lover, Richard Armitage, over on the Hobbit thread. The pic is of Cumby, & it’s about the new trailer. Vaya con Dios!

      • TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

        @Escon – Hello! Yeah, I saw the Hobbit post. No worries though – I know how to share. 😉 Besides, I’ve tried to make it clear that my Southern Harem comes first (or at the same time, or after me preferably but whatevs) and Rarmage is a fun English side piece.

      • TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

        @ Fanty – *whispers: why would Remora give a pap number to her competition for Charms?

      • T.Fanty says:


        Because she thinks that a love triangle will get her on the cover of Life and Style.

    • j.eyre says:

      I am in a fairly feisty mood today so unless you can distract me with a CHarms post – side aside, sister.

      And you used MY Sassy Coffee photoset to bribe Kaiser? You’re diabolical.

      • Marty says:

        We really should get our own CHarms post today. Those new pics of him are….doing things to me, naughty things.

      • T.Fanty says:

        @ Miss Jane:

        Quick! Run before Marty gets there! Don’t pay any attention to me luring TommyAnne away by waving my Complete Works (euphemism unintentional, but it stays) in his direction. You might also face a little competition from Miss Beer with this one.

      • Marty says:

        I’ll one up you T. with this little gem I like to call my “happy place”.

        Ask him what I did to put that smile on his face! 😉

      • T.Fanty says:

        That’s quite lovely. Although when he starts batting his eyelashes like a coquettish schoolgirl, I only assume that TommyAnne is in the room.

      • Marty says:

        Touché Miss Fanty. May perhaps I let him watch, JUST watch. I don’t let others touch my toys, at least not when I’m playing with them…

      • EscapedConvent says:

        Miss Jane, look at this pic that Fanty posted. What did you do to CHarms? He’s all smudgy.

      • j.eyre says:

        Would you just go back to the Cumberbatch post, Fanty? Go live out your scarved-dragon fantasy and let me harness the dragonflies tonight.

        Marty, why you would want to prevent Tommyanna from getting to CHarms, I will never know. But the real question is, will you be able to? We’ve seen how far he will go to get something about which he is passionate.

        btw – yes, the new photos from the set are working something special. And since the set photos and Tommy’s Sassy Coffee photos came out on the same day – I can only assume they are fighting over me. Boys, there’s no need to fight.

        EsCon – I showed you that in the manual last week. I used syrup this time, it takes longer to wash off in he shower.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Actually, a scarf is exactly what the Dragon is missing. I’ll have to add another 300′ onto the one I’m currently knitting.

        But, no. Nice try. Until Cumby puts on some weight and this healthy-looking dandy back:

        you will have to fight me for Sassy coffee fingers. Don’t make me slip a note to Remora, via Toby, telling her to sneak in on you at the drawing room at Thornfield.

      • TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

        @ Fanty – I was going to tell you that Charms does nothing for me, but I decided to click (since you mentioned that I might be some competition), and oooooh. Very, very, very well played. It’s like you remembered that I like my men a little dirty.

        Luckily for you, Marty, and Mrs. Eyre, I got a call from one Jace Everett the other night and we’ve been reliving a torrid affair filled with real bad things. I can’t even bring him to the manor, he makes the hedgehogs blush so much!

      • j.eyre says:

        Fanty – I am not sure with whom I am in the drawing room – I really must get higher wattage bulbs in here. However, if you place Remora anywhere near Toberon, I shall let Luke “the Shadow” Windsor know exactly where you made off with Tommyanna.

        @ProBeer – I am so happy you and Mr. Everett have reconnected, you make such a charming pair. Now, if you could just step a little further away from CHarms, I would feel so much better. Oh, you may keep the beer – I have something else for him to suck on.

      • EscapedConvent says:


        Miss Jane! I’m shocked! You are extra-sassy today. And could you please keep it down in the wine cellar? Cumby & I can hear you all the way out here in the Snapdragon garden.

        Just when I got the hedgehogs settled down for a nap……

      • Anna says:

        Hello, Ladies!

        It’s a holiday in Russia so I got to spend some of the day attempting to gallop without a repeat back injury, but I see I missed out on quite a party!

        @Marty – That CHarms gif is my fave gif of him of all time. We’re in that Happy Place together, dear.

        @Fanty – I loved the Hiddles ‘out and about London’ pix SO much better than the ones in this post. Kaiser is right, I think there’s something weird going on with the bronzer/face situation.

        More on the coffee shop pix: is it me, or does it seem like Hiddles is modeling the hell out of them? He just looks…too perfect in them. The outfit. The perfectly visible script. The coffee house setting. It’s all too much. Granted, I’m not complaining, the pix are gorgeous and there has been so little CHarms lately (tho I am on board with his haircut), but…

        Is it possible that TommyAnnie asked for the paps number from Remora? Luke Windsor certainly wouldnt be above that move.

      • TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

        @Anna (Karenina?), Fanty already suggested above that Remora has helped him out on the pap front.

        PS – how did she get the name Remora?

      • Anna says:

        @Beer –

        You’re right. I originally misread the comments (it was past 1am in Moscow after a VERY long day) as the paps thing being Remora’s doing, rather than Hiddles initiative. But yes…VERY staged.

        I think Eve (?) dubbed EP ‘Remora’ bc that’s the name of sucker fish that sticks to sharks and feed off of them, parasitically. Before I came onto CB, I’ve been using the name Wagon for her (and still occasionally do on here) – as in, she hitched her wagon to CHarms/Brody to ride their coattails (I know I am mixing metaphors here). Same general sentiment tho.

        PS – nothing as tragic as Karenina. Just my name 🙂

    • drea says:

      In these photos, with the weird tan, hmmm, he’s all right. But in those photos in the link you posted? Oh, yeeeah.

      I’d be a lot more excited about a Tommyanna post, but it’s summer (at least in your part of the world), so I’m pretty much about the [properly] tanned athletic types right now.

      • j.eyre says:

        It’s the slight glare in the Sassy Coffee photos, isn’t it, drea? You wonder what he intends to do to you.

      • drea says:

        Haha, yes, that’s exactly it! Although I suspect that, deep inside, Mr. Grumpy is tickled by the idea that he’s now got his own retinue of paps.

    • Browniecakes says:

      Can anyone tell what script he’s holding in the Tumblr pix?

      • Resnictem says:

        It’s the Photographer Robert Capa script for Close Enough, which is in pre-production right now.

  3. Lemony says:

    Gimme gimme gimme gimme!

  4. Marty says:

    I’m sorry to all my girls here if this sounds harsh, but Tom has really aged a lot in the past year. To me anyways. He looked REALLY good last year promoting The Avengers, and still has a lanky British sexiness to him when you see him in motion, but he is doing absolutely NOTHING for me lately. Sorry! I’ll go back to drooling over new CHarms pics.

    • T.fanty says:

      You can’t! I need him to distract Miss Jane while I wrangle Tom out of the sassy capris.

    • V4Real says:

      I was about to lose my love for Tom because he was starting to come off as a try-hard. Then I kept seeing the Trailer for Thor 2 and fell in love all over again because he has dark hair. His hair is styled differently from his appearances in Thor and The Avengers. He looks absolutely delicious. The way he looks in Thor 2 I can see why he was up for the role of Eric Draven in the remake of The Crow. He definetely has that darkness about him.

    • Marty says:

      I suppose I could lend Chris out today, for the greater good.

    • j.eyre says:

      Marty – you are quite bold seeing as Miss Kiki is present. Even I don’t pretend to have control of CHarms when she is around. I think you are about to find your handbag slashed.

      • Marty says:

        Are you saying I should not go into vivid detail as to what I want to do to those bear claws he calls hands?!

        Ha! The joke’s on her anyways. I wear a fanny pack!

      • T.Fanty says:

        @ Marty,

        Then I would suggest being *really* careful when you see her advancing with a glint of steel.

      • j.eyre says:

        Yes, Marty dear – whether you mean “fanny” in the American sense or the British, this is not going to go well for you…

    • Anna says:

      During Thor/Avengers Hiddles gets to feed off of CHarms’ solar-level energy. But for now he’s all lonesome…and thus aging rapidly.

  5. LadyMTL says:

    Ladies, I leave him all to you. He does absolutely nothing for me, biscuit-wise. Plus I can’t get over the fact that he looks to have an orange mask on over his normal face.

    That said, I do like his suit…British men do tend to have more fun with fashion.

  6. pretty says:

    can’t he just leave his freaking skin alone? what is that? so unattractive.

  7. Chrissy says:

    Maybe he was basking in the Cannes sun for too long?
    But gosh, Tom, what’s happened to your skin?!
    Nevermind, time spent in bed with me will have you restored soon enough!

  8. Micki says:

    …” The closeup of his face is kind of harsh”…
    Hm, no, he always looks like a weasel to me.

    • An says:

      Haha this is so mean but I laughed out loud when I read this.

      Sorry I just don’t get it either. Maybe he will improve with age.

  9. evie says:

    He does absolutely nothing for me. Actually, I get a douchebag vibe from him.

  10. serena says:

    awww he always does it for me, sun damage or not -I think he has the type of light-delicate skin- he’s so charming awww, thank you.

  11. marie says:

    no, I get his appeal even less than Cumby’s.

  12. Maria_Spain says:

    maybe he sunbathe with glasses and cap?

    :p i love him aniway

  13. Severine says:

    He seems like a sweet guy, but why the terrible faux tan ? No one looks orange from natural sunbathing .

  14. Dani says:

    I like him a lot more than I did when I first heard of him last year. I also think he’s actually more attractive now that he’s ‘aged’ within the past year. Wrinkles are inevitable, anyway. But either his hair line is receding or he tanned and then foolishly got a hair cut.

  15. LV says:

    The jacket rocks, I like his hair better when he lets the curls loose.

  16. ds says:

    Jacket’s nice, but it’s just styled very badly… some materials clash and shoes are horrible… maybe I’m just a hater today. And seriously what’s with the orange face?

  17. Resnictem says:

    I have hopes that with his recent appearances and actions that he has listened to the credible ladies on this board, as far as his try-hardness is concerned. I was encouraged that after he flogged the UNICEF rally that was taking place, he didn’t show, much to the disappointment of some of his more enthusiastic fan base. I just wish he would use some sunscreen when he’s outside. Does he keep his hair short because he is wearing wigs, maybe?

    • flower says:

      Yeah I heard about that and apparently a lot of those stalker fans who were there went on Twitter and complained @ him about his non appearance.

      I just remember him promoting the event, nothing about “oh yeah I’ll be there”.

  18. Betsy says:

    I cant stand the self promoter. Did you see the photos of him being papped with a script in his hand. Talk about being staged. He even had the script top sheet turned round so you could see the cover.

  19. flower says:

    I’d still do him, even though I think the orange stuff on his face looks horrible. Seems like he only started doing that when he was dating susannah fielding who also looked orange in photos. Tans are not his friend.

  20. Melanie says:

    Hate the jacket, but he looked damn good in those pap pics. Staged or not staged? Clearly the question.

    He’s super boring on twitter these days. Not tweeting anything except for to the occasional female journalist or UNICEF promo.

  21. T.Fanty says:

    Eve just sent me a little gift for us all in this discussion:

    Actually, I think this is mostly for the benefit of C&C.

    • Anna says:

      He really can wear the hell out of anything. Classic suit – check. Shiny pseudo-seersucker – check. Beatnik hipster coffee run get-up – check. And he always looks so freaking smart and pensive! AWW TINGLES!!!

  22. Ginger says:

    I can always count on a Hiddles post for sheer commenting entertainment! Thanks ladies! And for the Tumblr post…wow! That put a perk in my day! Back to work…until next time Lovely dragonflies.

  23. Miss M says:

    I, no longer, need to use my dragonfly gravatar to support my Tom (my darling!), as I noticed the love for him is back.

    Should I thank Tilda for ‘teaming up” with me in this mission?! lol

  24. mmhmm says:

    Well, he looks hot. Just wish he’d grow his hair out…I miss the broom, lol.