Johnny Depp finally talks about the Vanessa breakup to promote ‘Lone Ranger’

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp covers the July 4 issue of Rolling Stone as his character, Tonto, from the upcoming Disney’s Lone Ranger movie. This interview is a doozy and spans several pages, but not once does he mention the hot young thing that he’s spoiling, Amber Heard. Instead, we’re getting a very different picture of Johnny as the man who regrets the demise of his most recent long-term relationship. Yep, he’s finally talking about his split from Vanessa Paradis … just in time for the release of a potentially disastrous $250 million film that could use all the tabloid-oriented publicity that Depp is willing to throw its way. Yes, I question the timing of Depp’s sudden need to shill his private life and appear remorseful about ending it with Vanessa while also conveniently neglecting to mention his new piece.

In this interview, Depp also explains why his bird-wearing Tonto seems so freaking weird and why last year’s turn as grand marshal of the Comanche tribe parade (in Lawton, Oklahoma) left him with the perception that “he had never felt so accepted anywhere in his life.” The journo notes that during part of the discussion, Depp is “possibly blushing a little under the shadow of his awful hat,” which sets the tone for this piece quite nicely:

Johnny Depp

On getting older: “I’m kicking 50 right up the ass. I can’t say that I’d want to be doing this for another 10 years.” Thoughts of retirement pop up “every day,” he says. But nothing’s imminent. “I think while I’ve got the opportunity and the desire and the creative spark to do the things that I can do right now, I should do them. And then, at a certain point, just take it down to the bare minimum and concentrate on, I guess, living life. Really living life. And going somewhere where you don’t have to be on the run, or sneak in through the kitchen or the underground labyrinth of the hotel. At a certain point, when you get old enough or get a few brain cells back, you realize that, on some level, you lived a life of a fugitive. I don’t know if I can relax. Relax, I can’t do. My brain, on idle, is a bad thing. I just get weird. I mean, not weird. I get, I get antsy.”

Why are his jeans duct taped? “I realized one morning as I was going to a thing my boy had at school — one of those things where, you know, they get up and sing a song? I had to be there at a certain time, and, of course, I was running late and I was reaching back to check and see if I had my wallet and passport and stuff. I always have a passport for some reason. And so I reached back and I thought, ‘Jesus Christ!’ There was this really long tear — and there were no undergarments involved. That’s the general approach. And so, yeah, I just immediately looked for duct tape. I know, it’s pathetic. And then I continue to wear them.”

He justifies his smoking habit: “If you’re a cigarette smoker, a serious smoker, then you’re a junkie. You’re a junkie to that drug. They show some guy with three and a half teeth and some sort of red, dangly bit in his mouth. So that’s for the smoker to look at. OK, fine. He sets it down on the f*ing table and eight kids see it. That’s cool? Jesus. There’s worse shit out there. I mean, what’s wrong with these people? We all know it’s not f—ing good for you. Life’s not good for you! It kills ya! Do you know what I mean? God damn! These are the same people who are so adamant about not smoking and being around smokers. No, you can’t smoke on the Sunset Strip when you’re eating outside — however, you are welcome to all the diesel fumes and every bit of dirt and filth and dust and disease and everything that gets rifled up in the streets.”

On Vanessa Paradis: “The last couple years have been a bit bumpy. At times, certainly unpleasant, but that’s the nature of breakups, I guess, especially when there are kiddies involved. Relationships are very difficult. Especially in the racket that I’m in because you’re constantly away or they’re away and so it’s hard. It wasn’t easy on her. It wasn’t easy on me. It wasn’t easy on the kids. So, yeah. The trajectory of that relationship — you play it out until it goes, one thing leads to another. So for whatever reason that ceases, it doesn’t stop the fact that you care for that person, and they’re the mother of your kids, and you’ll always know each other, and you’re always gonna be in each other’s lives because of those kids. You might as well make the best of it.”

He stopped drinking a year ago: “In terms of the breakup, I definitely wasn’t going to rely on the drink to ease things or cushion the blow or cushion the situation. ’Cause that could have been fatal. I felt it was my duty to be real clear throughout that. I had something pretty serious to focus on, really, which was making sure that my kids were gonna be cool. They’ve been incredibly understanding, incredibly strong throughout the whole ordeal. And it’s hard on every side. You know, Vanessa’s side, certainly not easy. My side, not easy. The kids are the most complicated. The thing is, kiddies come first. You can’t shield them, because then you’d be lying. So you can at least be honest with your kids, and you say the absolute truth to your child – that was very important to not p-ssyfoot around.” Not drinking helped him with that, he says, allowing him to “bite the bullet and deal with real life, deal with clarity.”

Why he’s so big on costumed characters: “Covering myself up in makeup, it’s easier to look at someone else. It’s easier to look at someone else’s face than your own. I think for everyone. Jesus, you wake up in the morning, and you brush your teeth, and you’re like, ‘Ugh, that f—er again? You’re still here? What do you want?’ Hiding: I think it’s important. It’s important for your — for whatever’s left of your sanity, I guess.”

He won’t watch his own movies:“I prefer to walk away with the experience. My job, as an actor, is to give the director options. You can only hope that the takes that you thought were the best were chosen. But, then again, if I don’t watch it, I’ll never know. So, better off.”

On his version of Tonto: “I wanted him to be no joke. First of all, I wouldn’t f— with someone with a dead bird on their head. Second of all, he’s got the f*ing paint on his face, which scares me.” Depp has Native American blood. “I wanted to maybe give some hope to kids on the reservations,” says Depp, who’s wearing an ancient Comanche symbol on the end of his rope necklace. “They’re living without running water and seeing problems with drugs and booze. But I wanted to be able to show these kids, ‘F— that! You’re still warriors, man.'”

[From Rolling Stone]

Well, now I feel like I understand a little bit more why Johnny obsesses over the sugar, fat, and salt content of his food as he chain smokes, and it’s cool that he’s basically validated that story in this interview. Johnny seems like he’s a bit of a mess and somewhat self-destructive. (and he always has been – it’s just that, nowadays, he’s no longer throwing furniture out of hotel room windows) However, I do appreciate his sentiments about his children and making sure they are the first priority in his life — that part of this discussion rings awfully sincere.

As for Vanessa? I guess that relationship simply ran its course after 14 years. Here she is looking gorgeous at Paris Fashion week a few months ago, and she’ll be fine.

Vanessa Paradis

Johnny Depp

Photos courtesy of Rolling Stone, Pacific Coast News, and WENN

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  1. Faye says:

    I love these celebs who scream “Privacy! Privacy! Privacy!” and then spew out all this information when it’s time to promote something.

    Not that I’m condoning the paparazzi culture, but you hardly blame the press for trying when celebs indicate they are willing to give it up – for the right price.

    • poppy says:


    • Caulfield says:

      It seems to me that he wasn’t too talkative press. This interview is nice, Johnny is very charming and deep. And he told really cool things about his kids and Vanessa but he haven’t told very private things. Well, we still don’t know for sure the reason of their split. But we can see that both of them behaves in a very dignified way in this situation.

    • Meaghan says:

      A friend of mine lived in the same town that him and Vanessa lives in, in Southern France, and actually they very successfully lived a private life. He said he would go to the local cafe and see them having a coffee together, totally undisturbed. He has been very successful at keeping private, and this interview seems like the perfect balance of making people think he’s opening up, but in reality not really opening up about much at all.

      Although his mid-life crisis is super annoying.

      • lol says:

        mid life crisis? why? what has he done ? move on and start dating someone else? is that a mid life crisis?

      • Denise says:

        Exactly. He really didn’t reveal much at all. Nothing he said was even headline worthy, no soundbites here!

    • Ted says:

      Call me old fashioned but proud of it. No religious thing, just real. “Moving on” from a relationship like they had is not sad but dumb. Because of the children, first experiences in life for both, no one could change that
      If you are a parent you get it. You can’t replace a “family”

  2. Launicaangelina says:

    Is it just me or does Johnny look like Al Pacino in that last picture? I did a double take.

  3. Leah says:

    He sounds really inarticulate and confused for his age.

    • AZ says:

      Nah, hes got nothing on Brad Pitt aka himbo of the ages. Whos the most articulate, RDJ perhaps?

      • Leah says:

        Brad maybe he a himbo and inarticulate but he does not sound confused. He is all about angie and his family. Depp is in the middle of an embarrassing midlife crisis plus his angst about being a celebrity is so lame. At least Brad doesnt constantly complain constantly about how hard it is to be a famous actor. Eyeroll.

      • bluhare says:

        What Leah said. Depp has become a caricature of himself.

      • @leah says:

        wooh do you live with him to know that? you know nothing about him! how the hell do you know what he is going through? you just believe any BS you read?

      • Meaghan says:

        @@leah Ummm, then why are you reading a gossip blog at all?

  4. Liz says:

    Not a fan of hers but Vanessa looks wonderful in that pic.

  5. lisa2 says:

    I have always laughed when people would go on and on about how Johnny was always with his family. thing is as he said he has been away a great deal. And yes sometimes things just run the course and it is over. but I need to go back one day to some of the old threads and read because the comments then and now are so so different.

    • Caulfield says:

      But he is busy and hard-working person. Of course, family is important but nevertheless it is not the only important thing in your life. Everyone should work and I don’t think it was bad of Johnny to be far away from his family in oder to succeed and, yes, earn money not only for himself but for Vanessa and kids too. Vanessa as a celebrity herself should understand it.

      • Leah says:

        actually it was said that he doesnt know what to do with himself unless he is working. that it would irate vanessa that he was always away on set and cause problems in their relationship. he pretty much confirms in this interview that he has no idea what to do with himself unless he is working. he sounds like an absent husband. Of course its gonna runs its course then as the couple grow more and more distant.

      • lisa2 says:


        You missed my point. I was saying for years posters here have been praising johnny for always being with his family when he was working; at the same time being negative when other celeb men are working away from theirs. Johnny never got headlines that he was a bad father or he and Vanessa were breaking up or cheating on each other. Your point about Johnny working and taking care of his family is true and right on point. But again my point was that this understanding is not always given to all celebrities.

      • Caulfield says:


        Absolutely. Now I totally agree with you.
        P.S. English isn’t my native language, so I can easily misunderstand you for the first time. thanks for explanation

  6. Micki says:

    “I question the timing of Depp’s sudden need to shill his private life and appear remorseful about ending it with Vanessa while also conveniently neglecting to mention his new piece.”

    His interview doesn’t irritate me.
    Timing? Sure and so what? He must be the first to use his personal life to shill a film.

    So what is he talks about Vanessa and not about Amber?

    If you search “Johnny Depp talks divorce” there are over 15.Mill sites

    “Vanessa Paradis talks divorce” brings only 369.000 news. Still it’s not as if she never ever said a thing.

    I respect the candid way he talks about alcohol and cigarettes.
    And I trully enjoyed his thoughts on getting older.

    • marie says:

      yeah, I don’t have a problem with his interview either.

      • binturong says:

        Me neither. This sounds like a pretty honest interview. Which of us is not confused at some point? Or all points?! Getting older is hard, which is something we’ll all find out sooner or later.

        I thought his take on religion and his own death was a scream! He’s a funny guy. And he was perfectly decent about Vanessa.

        Come on people. I just don’t understand all the hate for Johnny here. So he split with a long-term girlfriend and has found a new woman–this is NOT a crime, fyi. And honestly, whether or not you think he’s pretentious, etc, etc, he is obviously way smarter than Vanessa and has many more intellectual interests. Look at his friends–they’re not dopes. And what does Vanessa do? Modeling? Snore…Johnny must have gotten bored, and that IS a good reason to leave someone, kids or not. What would a stale, distant relationship tell them?

        Looks to me like it’s Vanessa that’s the calculating one: she has always attached herself to older, more famous men, one after another, without a break. Could it be that now that Johnny isn’t the hot public ticket he used to be, she’s “moving on”?

      • Leah says:

        Oh please, Depp is not some kind of an intellectual. Hell George Clooney is more of an intellectual. This depp the intellectual is some kind of urban myth perpetuated by his fans and his own pretensions. He is a fine actor although, these days his work is a little lazy. But he is generally quite uneducated and appears wrapped up in his celebrity bubble. I like him as an actor (especially early on in his career) but i cant stand his posturing. He is the biggest earner in hollywood in the last few years . He does disney movies. Doing pirates 4 is no different to vin diesel doing fast and the furious 5. He is not doing anything for “art” so he needs to stop acting like a tortured artist.

      • @leah says:

        well dark shadows,the rum diary,rango,the tourist,public enemies were a disney flicks nor a family freindly movies! and the rum diary and public enemis were for “art”

      • bluhare says:

        Leah, I’m going to follow you around this thread saying “what Leah said”!

    • V4Real says:

      The timing is a little suspect but I can’t honesty say he’s only talking because it’s movie promoting time. If you think about most celebs only give interviews when it’s time to promote something that they are involved in.

      I agree with what he said about the cigs. I used to be a smoker but chose to quit but I don’t condemn people who choose to continue with the habit. They know it’s bad for them and if they keep their smoke away from non-smokers then why complain about them. He’s right there are other things such as diesel fumes that can be hazardous to your health. You really don’t have a choice but to breathe all that in unless you go throughout your day with a surgical mask on. He really didn’t reveal much about their break-up; he just sort of skirted around the issue. I have no problem with this interview at all.

    • binturong says:

      @Leah–I’m not saying Johnny’s Noam Chomsky, but he does have a brain, reads, was close friends w/Hunter Thompson, etc, etc. That’s way more intellectual, or whatever you want to call it, than Vanessa or indeed most celebs. Or Americans in general, I’m afraid. Pretentious or not, he’s got a brain.

      Not arguing w/you about Clooney, he’s also a very smart and thinking person.

      • KD says:

        How are you measuring these people’s brain power? Just cause Johnny talks about how many books he’s read, you think he’s some profound intellectual, and because of the friends he keeps? Well, one of those friends featured in this article ( Marilyn Manson) just attempted to profit off a 15 year old girls suicide attempt! How classy and smart is that? And no matter how many books JD reads, he’s still a high school dropout, who got lucky he hit the genetic lottery!
        Vanessa grew up in a different culture in France, so you don’t know anything about her intellect.

      • Lina says:

        Exactly! Kstew also likes to mention all these books she reads but she still seems inarticulate, whiney and immature just like depp. Like Leah said its posturing. Real smart people dont have to announce their brains its self evident. People like depp and kstew are typically actors who wants to be taking seriously so they think that if they rattle of some serious books that makes them seem smarter. It doesnt really

      • binturong says:

        KD and Lina, you sound like hostile anti-thinkers, the sort who call anyone who got beyond third grade “a pointy-headed intellectual”. Like I said, I never claimed he’s an Einstein, just that he’s smart, interested in many different things, and does obviously read. He has never struck me as pretentious.

        What’s with all the Johnny-hate in general these days, esp here? He is consistently rated as one of the nicest celebs to fans, has done great films, and is still great looking, in spite of his crappy fashion sense. Sheesh, can’t you haters find a better outlet for your bile?

      • @ binturong says:

        no one is hating on him other than the losers who believes every made up BS they read in the cheap gossip magazines and sites

    • Shanya says:

      @Leah When has he ever promoted himself as an intellectual? In fact he has always been saying that he’s not particularly articulate. However , being inarticulate with the media and a high-school drop-out doesn’t necessarily mean a person isn’t smart or intelligent. Not speaking is different from being dumb. Also if someone’s talking about the books they’ve been reading they are posturing?? For me he has always just come across as someone who’s thoughtful and sincere about himself. He’s not being confused but candid. If Brad Pitt doesn’t talk about anything other than Angie and family that doesn’t make him any better, he’s just not talking that’s all. At least Depp is willing to be more open about himself.
      And in what way is he always complaining about being famous? He doesn’t complain about fans, or people stopping him on street for pictures or autographs. Those who are doing that would be pretentious. On contrary he’s always known to be extremely generous to his fans and always acknowledging about him being lucky. The only thing he talks about is paparazzi and having to go through strategic entrances and exits whenever he goes out, something all those very famous celebrities don’t seem to be totally happy about. Being candid about that doesn’t make him pretentious IMO.
      I’m sorry, I know there are reasons to dislike Depp but this kind of disapproval doesn’t make sense.
      I also couldn’t quite agree with some of BedHead’s observations. Depp has always given interviews only during promotions and so he’s going to be asked about everything whenever there’s an opportunity. All he’s talking about is it’s been hard for all of them and kids being the priority. Not sure what’s the tabloid feed there. Also, I’m not sure if it’d been appropriate for him to talk about moving on with a new girl in the same breadth. I agree with the overall impression, he’s always been a bit of mess, not being able to get himself together in certain aspects ( which is why I never thought whatever he’s going through now to be a mid-life crisis) but he’s always been open about it. This is a good and honest interview.

  7. ladybert62 says:

    He should keep the Tonto outfit on 24/7 – he looks better in it than out of it.

    • binturong says:

      Hahahaha, I agree he looks great in it, but if I were World Dominatrix I’d force him to cut his hair a bit and wear nice clothes–something like he looked in Public Enemies, you know?

    • Caulfield says:

      no. he doesn’t need this. Johnny is super hot and handsome

  8. bokchoi says:

    I dont get the adoration of Vanessa as a fashion icon from everyone. I have never thought the looks fabulous, just very skinny and more or less haggard depending on the photo.

    • binturong says:

      Yes, not only is she not that good-looking, and very haggard lately, but her fashion choices are mediocre as well, imo. Granted, she’s very short, so her choices are limited. She’ll never be Tilda Swinton :), even if she had the style/artistic sense.

    • bns says:

      A fashion icon doesn’t have to appeal to everyone. She’s beautiful and has a unique, signature style of her own.

      • ew says:

        fashion icon? yea in her dreams maybe she is awful looking and ugly as hell and she’s old now!

  9. kim says:

    That movie looks boring and dumb. Johnny the Will of the week?

  10. Dedrie says:

    Time to vent.. he’s not all bad and doesn’t want to be bullied by the ex-partner anymore.. so many she will stop acting all righteous and superior when he stays quiet and tried to respect her privacy?

  11. KeepRocking says:

    I think that this is a very interesting interview.He is honest and sounds like a deep and mature person.Also I don’t get the Johnny Depp hate/Vanessa Paradis adoration on this site.On the one hand Johnny just moved on with his life.Even if this means dating Amber Heard, it’s not a crime.And on the other hand I don’t buy the whole ”Poor Vanessa” or ” she did nothing wrong”.I don’t think she is a saint.Maybe the things between them just didn’t work out.There is not necessary a bad guy and a victim in all break ups.

    • kate says:


    • Agnetha says:

      I totally agree. I don’t know why so many people are hating on him. Guess it is the cool thing to not like Johnny Depp anymore? I could really care less about his personal life, he seems like one of the more boring celebs who likes to stay home and drink wine or coffee now, smoke, and go to the occasional concert. I generally like his acting choices.

  12. Lala says:

    He only does interviews to promote his movies. so when do you expect he’ll be talking about it? Are you expecting some pathetic cover in “People Magazine” talking about his personal life in any other moment? That would be good to you?

    Well, that’s doesn’t gonna happen. He doesn’t do interviews and he didn’t do interviews for almost two years (since Vanity Fair in 2011) and he only does those interviews because his contracts with the movies force him to talk with the press.

    Give me a break with your hate!

  13. Rachel says:

    Just feels like Johnny Depp has been playing the same character (and wearing the same outfit) forever.

    • amanda says:

      yup the native american indian in the wild west is soo like the damned intelligent vampire in the 70s (and on and on and on) right ? you must be blind then if you think he wears the same outfit!

  14. MAC says:

    The fact that he is dating Amber is in the four page article. It was not missed, it was not commented on. I can not believe any publicist would green light an article this bad.

  15. stinky says:

    i heard Johnny reading the entire interview aloud in his Hunter Thompson voice, and loved it!! (i swear)

  16. Dahlia says:

    Who knows Vanessa from the press, from the 90s until now, would know that she seems to be a friendly and sympathetic, downearth person – who has her own opinion and does not struggle for success (e.g. her refusal for CK one campaign). It’s a special character for celebrities in fact. Moreover her music background and her alternative style makes her more suitable to Depp. I don’t want to watch any Johnny Depp movies in the cinema anymore. As he has disappointed me. A broken relationship could be usual today…. But getting together with a 23 years younger blondie just after the breaking up was heart breaking for Vanessa, so he does not care for her..but he just act like he does…what a liar.

    • lol says:

      woow do you know her or live in her head to know that? she is not heart broken or anything and he does care for her because he got out in public with amber after almost a year since the spilt! what does that mean? he respects her and cares for her feelings

      • Dahlia says:

        wwwwoooooww but the way you talk seems like you know nothing about respect in a relationship. Go out with a younger female on parties and to las vegas, starting rumors that there are relationship probs between Vanessa and him, seems ridiculous to me. Why there has to be an another one around if there are realationship probl. I don’t get it. And I don’t care if you are not with me at this point. A wwwooooww does not impress me at all. Listen to her new album, then you may will see what is going on in her head..more than from the press

      • lol says:

        actually he started dating her weeks after the spilt and even if he did before the spilt it was because he and vanessa were already over

      • Dahlia says:

        when it was over, why they both were saying that it was not over at first…makes no sense at all. And while they were officially together and Vanessa said it was not over…he was seen with Amber and you could read in the press that they were seen together…for me he is just a heartless man. And even the interview in the Rolling Stone does not change my mind from this opinion. As there are just words….but his behaviour said all

    • Jade says:

      I respect your feelings for Vanessa but you’re speculating way too much. Just because she has expressed her pain in her songs it doesn’t mean she was the only one going through it. She wrote songs about their love and happiness as well. She just uses her personal life feelings in her art.

      Depp does it differently. He had worded his admiration for her and what she meant to him when they were together. And he has done the same thing now, infact he says she’ll always figure in his life as the mother of his children. You maynot know how he dealt with his pain. He looked miserable, drunk and like shit around the time the real break-up is said to have happened. Amber Heard came in later. Both of them denied the break-up, Depp was the last one to do that at the Dark Shadows premiere only to avoid the break-up drama during their respective press conferences. They made the official announcement once both of them were out of the press radar. And both of them have been looking happier and free ever since.

      As for his rebound with Amber do you realize how quickly he rebounded with Vanessa when he broke up with Kate Moss? However at that time Vanessa told that she had nothing to do with that relationship, it was over and he’s with her then. Why it shouldn’t be the same case with Amber?

      And he does talk about how hard it was for all of them and that he had to control his drinking. If that’s not hinting at the pain then I don’t know what else is. He cannot be explicit about his pain because in Hollywood it’ll be turned into a tabloid circus. Their decade long relationship and kids will be dragged through mud.

      He has faced the inevitable question with real integrity. This is an honest interview in many ways. You might be offended as a Vanessa fan but the fact is that relationship has run it’s course ad you’re just holding a resentment towards Depp

  17. Barhey says:

    I still can’t get behind him playing a Native American character (caricature, really). It just makes me uncomfortable.

  18. Miss M says:

    Jack Sparrow in a Native American costume…

    • well well well says:

      jack sparrow didn’t wear a heavy white makeup with a crow on the top of his head and he wasn’y shirtless running on a horse in the wild west using a native american accent

  19. Madriani's Girl says:

    A friend of mine was asking about those spaces between his teeth and I had to tell her those aren’t spaces – they are nicotime stains. With all his money, he still has nasty, gross teefs.

  20. Lena says:

    It’s weird, in the RS interview JD appears soul-less and one dimensional, a cardboard character cut right out of Hollywood. What I do appreciate about true Native Americans is their deep connection with spirit and the land–they certainly aren’t aetheistic. I guess I’m not a fan of Johnny, and yes, I think he was with
    Amber and she was the reason for the split. Vanessa has stated she wouldn’t sell her soul to magazines so that others could profit from her hurt. There’s too much money being made by Johnny Depp, and he doesn’t seem happy at all. The fact that he feels like “a fugitive” is very sad. He seemed much happier in France, before he became uber-rich and life was more simple.

  21. lambchops says:

    Why the bird, though? Why make up a Native way of dressing that never was? Why not dress Tonto as he would have really dressed as a Comanche Indian? I have a problem with him just deciding how Tonto would look without respecting what tribe Tonto is from and what customs and dress he would have had. It seems so arrogant.

  22. SheilaSheilaSheila says:

    Two points, neither of which is of any importance.

    1. “Pussyfoot” has nothing to do with a woman’s hoo-ha. That word didn’t need to be censored by anyone for any reason.

    2. Those things at your boy’s school where they get up and sing a song? Those are typically known as “school concerts” – or perhaps even “school programs”. You’re welcome for the nomenclature lesson, Johnny Depp. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Day or night.

    • SheilaSheilaSheila says:

      My follow-up is more serious. A friend of ours who chain-smoked for years just died of oral cancer at age 33. Johnny’s weird rant about a red dangly bit hanging from the mouth? That would be a tumor.

      Yes, life kills you, ie: we’re all going to die some day. But some behaviors are likely to hasten the journey, create terrible physical pain for you & create emotional anguish for your loved ones when you leave them far too soon.

  23. Ruby says:

    This sounds like an honest interview in some respects and I’m not really sure he opened up much about his split because all he says is that it’s been hard for all of them and that their kids matter the most. Sounds like some polite remarks just for the sake of media’s curiosity. Not even sure if there’s anything scandalous there for the tabloids.

    Only a while ago I started reading stuff on Depp here and not sure what to make of all of it since I don’t follow him much. For some curious reason I saw comments about his teeth which actually made me watch a string of interviews of his. All I could perceive was that his teeth are of a natural colour (which has to do with his wine drinking habit)and not whitened like that of many other movie stars. They seem coloured against his skin tone whenever it’s too pale (his real skin tone it seems )and not so much when he’s tanned.

    Never was a big fan of him, many of his movies bore me, nor cared to know why he’s considered as such a heartthrob. However after watching those interviews I realized what an alluringly beautiful face this guy has. It’s also quite characteristic making it one-of-a-kind. Kind of realized why every woman around me is crazy about this guy and give me funny looks whenever I say I don’t know much about him. However he always hides behind make-up or something else in his movies, so that would justify my indifference. But WHAT A FACE! Too bad his movies bore me.