Johnny Depp obsesses over his food’s sugar, fat & salt as he chain smokes

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are still at it, people. They made their official couple debut a few weeks ago at a Rolling Stones concert, and now they’ve been spotted dining out (Italian!) with the Stones on Wednesday evening in West Hollywood. You can see pictures here — Johnny has changed up his scarves quite a bit.

Speaking of Johnny dining out, a little story in this week’s Enquirer says that Mr. Patchouli is super finicky as to how his food is prepared in restaurants. Like, he’s totally annoying about it. He supposedly interrogates his waiters on the nutritional content of food and acts like he really cares about what goes into his body — and then while waiting for the food, he runs outside and chain smokes like a fiend. What a dork:

Johnny Depp

On-again, off-again vegan Johnny Depp sampled West Hollywood’s new vegan eatery Crossroads with pals and relentlessly quizzed his waiter for nearly 10 minutes, demanding to know (1) how much sugar, fat, and salt was in each dish that interested him, (2) were there any “secret” ingredients not listed — and (3) exactly how would the food be prepared. My SpyWitness reports that after everyone at the table finally got to put in their orders, Depp quickly nipped outside and … hack, cough! … grabbed a quick cigarette! (To your health, Johnny Boy!)

[From Enquirer, print edition, June 3, 2013]

Honestly, I don’t know what to do with this. What else is there to say in this instance except that Johnny might very well eat healthily, but none of that will matter if he ends up with lung cancer from inhaling a few packs per day. Oh well, I guess we’re all a little weird about something. Johnny just happens to be weird about food and spending a ton of money on raggedy clothes to make himself look like a hobo.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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  1. Suze says:

    It’s terrible, I don’t even like to look at him anymore.

    • hadleyb says:

      He never aged before and BAM! all of sudden he was icky looking.

      I think if he just got a decent haircut, stopped the stupid clothes, scarves/hats and dressed casual he would look ok.

      I mean Brad got older and lost his hotness but even though he dresses super casual he finally accepted he got old and just goes with the flow and now looks good for his age. When you fight it you end up looking like a fool. And having a 22 year on your side doesnt help.

    • Miffy says:

      I know, it’s like the cursed painting in the attic that was keeping him younger than his years has played the old switch-a-roo and is now strutting around posing as Jonny.

      What a lucky girl Amber Heard is!

  2. kaligula says:

    I actually know a handful of people who do this very thing. If not cigarettes, then whisky or “clear” liquor. It makes people feel really good sometimes to have something to be really high & mighty about, but it’s really hard to beat every last demon within, isn’t it…..

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      The problem is that people don’t fear the familiar. They fear the scary alien things–BPA in plastic bottles! Irradiation of food! Fluoride in drinking water!

      Meanwhile, they smoke, drink, eat too much meat, have unprotected sex with strangers, etc, etc.

  3. Maria says:

    Eh, I get a bit miffed at the constant judgment of smokers; no one who smokes thinks it’s a healthy habit–it’s an addiction, period.

    You CAN smoke cigarettes and still care about what your caloric intake and want to be fit (consider it a form of compensation or wanting to at least have SOME form of health consciousness).

    The biggest contradiction for me regarding what he consumes is how little he clearly cares for his personal hygiene (or maybe he just looks dirty). Like, if you want to clean food, wash your hair man.

    • JennJ says:

      Yes, some of the smokers I know are very much into health and fitness. They all know that smoking is bad, they just compensate for it by being healthy in other ways.

    • V4Real says:

      We know smoking can be bad for your health but so are a lot of other things and people still do them. I once said that people frown at smokers but have no problem with people who smokes pot. Pot is illegal, while cigs are not.

      I used to smoke but I decided to quit but I don’t turn my nose up at people who choose to do it. When I smoked I still went to the gym and I tried to eat healthy food. I find no fault with Depp being cautious of what he eats or how it’s prepared. The problem I would have with him is his hygiene. He just at times looks unkept and his teeth leaves something to be desired.

      I used to get pissed when people would say to me I didn’t know you smoked, you don’t look like a smoker. My question to them was so tell me what does a smoker look like. Now I just picture Johnny Depp in my head and say oh, that’s what one is supposed to look like. That last line was just a little joke.

      But in all seriousness, there are people who smoke and they can be just as much into health than the ones that don’t. Boy just typing this brings back some of those memories of people saying, you don’t look like a smoker. I’m still waiting for the answer to what does a smoker look like.

      • Jennykins says:

        As a non smoker I know exactly what a ‘smoker’ looks like. Aged skin, lip wrinkles from puckering, of done long enough it can affect hormone balance and cause facial hair in women too.
        There is a certain look, sure it’s a vast generalization, but smoking causes physical changes in appearance. Nice that you didn’t get the damage though, super lucky.

      • MJ says:

        ^ Judgykins is more like it. Jeez.

      • Jag says:

        She just answered. Do a search and you’ll see that studies have been done where photos of people have been shown to doctors and they can pick out which people smoke. There can be a sallowness to the skin as well.

      • V4Real says:

        @Jennykins and Jag Ok Jennifer Anniston smokes, does she look like one. I have quite a few friends who smokes and have been smoking for over 20 years and they do not fit the description of what you just posted. Stop generalizing people and then try to throw studies into it.

        That study probably only means that they went looking for smokers who physically showed signs like you mentioned. I’m willing to bet that people who smoked that didn’t bear the signs probably were not chosen for the study.

      • V4Real says:

        One last thing Jennykins mentioned that lip wrinkles from puckering is also an indication of smokers. The same thing can be said for kissing, you pucker your lips to kiss don’t you?

    • & says:

      ITA. People act like just because someone smokes, they aren’t allowed to give a shit about anything else.

      • Angel says:

        LOL! What a generalization. I quit smoking five years ago, I’m 41. No one believes me. I still get carded, not a wrinkle in sight, really white teeth and no smoker lines around the mouth. None! I smoked for 20+ years. My cousin hates me, says it doesn’t make sense that my skin and teeth look as good as they do. It’s genetics people, plain and simple. Do some people age poorly due to unhealthy lifestyles. Of course. But not all of us. Also, as an ex-smoker, I’m still annoyed by the shit smokers get. People throw you a parade for smoking a joint, but god forbid you puff a cigarette. SMH!

  4. janie says:

    This guy is so fiercly private that i’m shocked he is out in public? This woman seems to have had quite an affect on him. A notorious chain smoker concerned over salt & sugar? Kinda ironic, don’t you think?

  5. o_o says:

    I swear, he said a while ago that he quit, that he could never do it but after his children were born, he just quit, “just like that,” which I believe were his words.

    And here he is, smoking again.

    I can’t fault him for smoking again per se, but it just goes to show, IMO, that his priorities have changed for sure.

  6. smee says:

    Check out the pics in the Daily Mail link. Seeing her hanging out with all these (very famous) OLD MEN makes me kind of sad. I wonder what the dynamic is – maybe they’re really polite and include her in the conversation or maybe she sits there silently…..who knows. Seems very “sold your soul” and she looks very subdued in the photos.

    As for the clothes….I don’t “get” what AH is wearing – sort of a crazy hodgepodge of white clothes and some ugly tan sandals. As for JD – he’s been wearing a costume for years. He does look somehow “better”in the DM pics – maybe he lost some lbs due to his picky eating? He certainly doesn’t keep the exterior of his “temple” that clean.

    • Miffy says:

      Have to say I was wondering the exact same thing. The photos look awkward as hell. Granted, they’re of them leaving and not all sitting around the table but it did leave me wondering what did Keith Richards have to talk about with Amber Heard? The weather?

  7. MichelleR says:

    Isn’t that a girls coat??

  8. Lurker says:

    Even Salvation Army would not accept the clothes Johnny wears. Disgusting.

  9. choppersann 13 says:

    I’m a vegetarian..a and I smoke
    I also run five miles a day several days a week…and drink beer….
    I don’t do ‘one’ to compensate for the other….
    I enjoy a meatless diet and a runners high
    I also enjoy a good craft beer buzz with a cigarette chaser..

  10. Soph says:

    Who cares?!!! People smoke, doesn’t mean they can’t be healthy other ways! It’s his life!! He must be doing something right, because he looks great for 49!!!!! :)

  11. dcypher1 says:

    He looks good when he doesn’t dress himself. He should get a stylist.

  12. Anon33 says:

    Blech, is his shirt unbuttoned in those DM pics!!?? That is so beyond tacky.

  13. Meh says:

    I believe that in the same way that he stopped drinking alcohol since he is with Amber, his concern about his food may also be her influence (if there is any truth in the story of course)
    I’ve read that she cares about her food, she like to eat healthy food, to cook her own meals and enjoy buying the ingredients, etc, etc.

    She isn’t a drinker, she likes healthy style of life, and she doesn’t smoke either…I swear if she manages that Johnny to stop his smoking habit, I’ll going to see every one of her movies at the cinema. I will support her career forever, it doesn’t matter how bad her movies are!! I promise!

  14. Alarmjaguar says:

    He was filming about two blocks from my house in Albuquerque last night along with Morgan Freedman. Despite these pics, I still got a little fangirly…but, I’d also be happy just to sit and listen to Morgan Freedman all day.

  15. kat says:

    I love love LOVE his look in the picture from the set of the movie.
    He looks so fine when he want to.

  16. Decloo says:

    Ugh. I can just imagine what he smells like. There’s nothing more disgusting than smokers’ clothes, hair and fingertips that just stink of cigarettes.

  17. Daria says:

    So what if he watches what he eats, smokes if he wants to. I love his bohemian vibe, scarves and all, and that he doesn’t look like every cookie cutter actor out there. I’d be his younger babe any day!! He’s always been eccentric & I love it.

  18. Jade says:

    @Jennykins no you don’t!! your so full of crap it isn’t funny! I smoke im 39 and I still get carded I look 17 even tho I have tattoos.

  19. whateven says:

    I love how people get SO defensive about smoking. Have an article about something actually serious and there is no where near the uproar, but ok smokers…

    • ozmom says:

      I don’t think the smokers are “SO defensive”. They are just pointing out it is a person’s right to smoke. Just because a person smokes doesn’t mean that is all he or she does. A smoker can eat well, exercise and even raise children!

  20. geneva says:

    Johnny Depp, like Helena Bonham Carter, seem to be under the Tim Burton school of I can’t make any movies now unless I look deranged, in costume, freakish and I think I will waste my talent on yet another movie where I don’t play a complex, adult character but instead play a caricature.

    • Nina W says:

      I would rather enjoy the alternative stylings of Burton, Carter and Depp then the vast majority of drivel churned out by Hollywood. At least these three are often creative and unique, the complex characters are few and far between in most films.

  21. Mew says:

    I don’t know who would ever want to kiss a chainsmoker, yuck! Food seems to be easy thing to be obsessed about in crazy ways – I know more than few people who are nuts about food but not so controlled about anything else in their life. Odd.

  22. Scarlett says:

    He’s also obsessed with over-accessorizing. He’s starting to dress like an eccentric man of a certain age with all of that jewelry, over abundance of scarves, hats, etc.

  23. Bitca says:

    Man; can’t a body have a Midlife Crisis in peace nowadays? Yes: we’re 49 & smoke (tho’ cutting down, of course), but our exes suddenly look sooo old & have noticeable bellies, so we watch sodium & eat more cauliflower &c…

    It doesn’t make sense, but why did turning 40 feel sorta cool, but 45/6 & upward s*ck so badly? Give the poor man’s personal stuff a break, & complain about him taking on unchallenging, lame, I-could-phone-it-in-with-a-massive-hangover roles in mega-$$$ franchises—despite having enough lucre to put his great-great-grandchildren thru private school & college—RDJ too.

    For the rest, being 49 myself, I get it; but slacking off & ceasing to take chances in interesting movies that might not otherwise be produced is a disheartening way to close a career.

    BTW, is Depp always wearing a hat now due to beginnings of male-pattern baldness, or is it merely part of his desire to have an aging rocker look, like Keith? haven’t seen pics showing a downward view of his scalp, & am starting to wonder…