Robert Pattinson partied at the Chateau Marmont, is he becoming a gross cliché?

I truly believe that Robert Pattinson decided to dump Kristen Stewart last month. I think something happened and Rob just had enough and he packed up his shiz and he LEFT. He didn’t return Kristen’s calls, he didn’t want to have one last meeting, he didn’t want to leave anything to chance. Just a clean break and that was it. So, in that sense, Rob “won” the breakup – he dumped her, everything was on his terms, and his fans had been waiting for him to sack up for a long time. Rob even “won” the immediate post-breakup analysis, mostly because Kristen really didn’t know how to react once she didn’t have some kind of “hold” on Rob.

But in the post-post-breakup analysis, who is really winning the breakup? And don’t play coy, we all judge the breakup and we all think “Ah, he/she is ‘winning’ because they’re handling it better.” Well, I have to say… Kristen is winning the breakup. She’s playing the long game. She’s stepped out for several candid photo ops in the past few weeks, and she’s been looking healthy and sober. She’s on a road trip through Texas and Tennessee with friends right now, and she’s signing on for several new films.

Meanwhile, these are photos of Rob leaving the Chateau Marmont last night. Seriously. Now that Rob is a single dude, he’s spending time with Katy Perry’s sparkle-boobs and partying at the Marmont. Oh, Sparkles. You’re such a dumb cliché! Lindsay Lohan parties at the Marmont, dude. Stay away.

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, WENN.

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  1. Andrea says:

    I don’t think he cares who is “winning the breakup”. I think he is happy he got rid off her!

    • nnnn says:

      ummm… srsly Kaiser? Have you seen her pics at hooters, etc? How is that winning over Rob who looks absolutely fine driving off? she’s doing a couple of indies and Rob is doing work for DIor and is about to begin filming his 2nd film with Cronenberg in a couple of weeks. What is he doing wrong exactly then…?
      PS: I wonder what made Kaiser write this random story? What or who or who’s what ($$$)…

      • pippa says:

        I am surprised at this article really.

        She has signed up for a couple of movies which most likely won’t get made. And she did a road trip which is used to doing once in awhile. She loves being papped and while stepping out to “getting coffee” was probably asked to paste a stupid smile on her face by her PR so they can handle her image better than they did after her scandal last year. Like Lainey said, they are doing it different this time around.

        Rob hates getting papped unlike her. So we wont see him out that much. He has more movies coming up including DIOR which has received a great reception so far. And Chateau Marmont is his favorite place to hang out right from the beginning and even when they were together.

        All I see is Rob trying to drive his car being surrounded by idiot paps. No winners. They are handling the break up the way they like.

    • c'est la vie says:

      I think he’s just living his life – she’s the one who still looks like an idiot, flipping off paps, going to hooters – how classy of the homewrecker.

      Alexander Skarsgard was photographed outside of the CM and I didn’t notice anyone calling him out on it. Really – how many celebrities are papped at the CM who end up on CB? Dozens.

      I’d say Pattinson is just trying to move on with his life after moving out. Can’t say the same for the traveling circus of Kristen Stewart.

      • c'est la vie says:

        I should add that I’m sure there was a CB post where Kristen Stewart was papped at the CM as well. For as I remember, a business meeting.

  2. jen says:

    He’s a cliche because he hangs out with Katy Perry and Justin Bieber and goes to lame Hollywood nightclubs. But pretty much everyone in Hollywood goes to the Marmont for various things – business meetings, dinners, parties, photo shoots, drug buys, etc.

    • Hakura says:

      Really? I’d never heard that he hung out w/Beiber… (I typo-ed ‘Briber’ xD Though he probably does have to bribe people to be seen w/him…)

    • pippa says:

      Katy Perry has been his friend from even before Twilight. Why shouldn’t he hang out with her? That Bieber bus thing happened just once. He could have pulled a diva and refused to get on that stupid bus. But no he was a good sport and he played along with the rest of the crowd because apparently they were all using that bus to get to somewhere. That doesn’t mean he “hangs” with Selena Gomez and Bieber.

  3. mia girl says:

    Meh, for me post breakup is too early to tell, but honestly so far…
    Marmont > Hooters
    Dior $12million gig > small indie about Guantanamo that sounds awful

    But they both keep wearing those stupid backward hats at night, so I’m calling it even.

    • jen says:

      The fact that he got $12 million to look derpy and wear an ugly sweater for Dior is maddening.

      • LadyMTL says:

        Seriously! I’m like “Hey Dior, you can have me for half of that!” Okay, I’m a woman but I can wear ugly sweaters too.

      • Tessa says:

        That was a press portrait for the Dior website when they made the announcement. Some blurry pics of the actual ad are leaking, and he looks amazing imo. The sweater pic is NOT the Dior ad.

      • kingkayski says:

        It’s not the ugly sweater that confounded me but his demeanor as well,i mean why accept the dior deal if he’s gonna look all pissy about it in his photoshoot,for why?

    • Melymori says:

      I hate that he keeps wearing those stupid backward hats at night…he’s going to star getting bald before he hits the 30’s…..

      • Jordan says:

        How does wearing backward hats cause baldness?

      • MonicaQ says:

        People say that about football helmets and I’ve never understood that either.

      • Chrissy says:

        I assume the stress of the cap backwards will recede his hairline. Or the fact that he dresses like an angsty tween will emphasise his growing age.

      • P says:

        Leo still has a head full of hair. That’s a myth.

      • Linda Louisville says:

        I think it’s the heat that collects under the cap that has a negative effect on hair follicles. At least that’s what my friend who used to work at “Hair Club for Men” always said…and the hat-band around the head had something to do with hindering circulation. Men wear hats to hide that they’re losing hair, and it makes it worse! Who knew?

    • SA says:

      Agree 100%. Dont forget her lovely “im so badass i flip off the papps” afternoon – thats winning?

      Also, have any of you, including the writer of this article, ever even been to CM? It’s not a club, it’s a hide-away bar where they cater to celebs because its pretty quiet and no pics are allowed. It’s not like he’s hosting Vegas parties.

    • Meredith says:

      @ Mia : yes, it is hard to look like you are “winning” when you wear your baseball cap the same way as a toddler in diapers. Nuff said.

    • Denise says:

      “But they both keep wearing those stupid backward hats at night, so I’m calling it even.” – Ba ha!!

      I don’t see how Kristen is ever the winner. Winners don’t have to fake looking happy!

  4. Deb says:

    Hmm traveling around and getting papped at dive bars and hooters around the US looking like a long haul trucker is ” healthy and sober”? Yeah okay.

    • Get a clue says:


    • Chrissy says:

      To think the day would come where I’m siding with Kirsten…he’s obviously fairing better with the Dior contract but instances like this, where he’s partying at Chateau Marmont and romantically (whether or not they’re rumors) associating himself with Katy Pery when she’s rebounding with a mad love for John Mayer, doesn’t make it seem like he’s “winning”. Kirsten, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be out on a mission to make sure everyone knows she’s single. This time round she’s decided to act accordingly (without all that public grovelling) and taken to settling down as best as someone as famous as her can e.g. taking photos with fans at Hooters (I don’t think paps were involved…correct me if I’m wrong).

      • Meaghan says:

        Agreed Chrissy! And she asked the fans to not put them up online. I think she is winning too, and I am getting so sick of this hate on Kristen, I don’t particularly care for either of them, and they both seem dirty, smelly try-hards that are pathetically trying to play the “I hate fame, I hate money” card, yet are constantly papped. And nobody knows he wasn’t f’ng around behind her back too, he just wasn’t caught in action. If the relationship was as fake as everyone says, I bet they both had side pieces but only she was caught by paps. And before everyone goes on the attack, I am not a Kristen fan, or a Robert fan.

      • Anname says:

        I hate this assumption that since Kristen cheated, Rob must have cheated too. It’s like 1+1=3. Why is it so hard to believe maybe he is a decent guy?

      • Meaghan says:

        @Anname I’m not saying they both cheated, I’m saying it was a fake relationship, so how ca you cheat in a relationship that doesn’t exist?

    • Liv says:


    • Dubois says:

      I’d say they’re about even. She’s been looking clean and alert and happy. She’s not holed up crying over him. He appears to have moved on too – although he looks moody. Strikes against her for flipping off the paps, strikes against him for patronizing douchey hangouts. Double strikes against both for their eternal love of backwards caps and general scruffy clothing style.

  5. on the level says:

    IMO “moving on” doesn’t require famewhore photo ops

    • Dingo says:

      It seems it dose for both – He knows the Chateau Marmont is where the paps always are!

      • Mia says:

        +1 Dingo!

      • P says:

        The guy had an endorsement presentation/announcement/press for days last week, had been spotted at the marmont a lot and still there weren’t pics of him till now. Kstew has been papped at the most ramdon places lately, at meeting, grabbing coffee, dinner with friends, hanging around parking lots lol it’s pretty clear who is arranging photo ops.

      • Rice says:

        Um, how can it be a photo-op when fans are taking the pics? There were no paps in sight. As for who is “winning”… I’m leaning towards the Stew only because she does look healthy and happy.

      • pippa says:


        Because she knows the fandom pretty well and knows that her pics with the fans will end up online on various fan sites. No need to call the paps for this. Job done anyways. She knows how to do these things.

      • Cindy says:

        @pippa But when she turns down fan photos, people say she is a bitch. She can’t win.

  6. Tessa says:

    Wow, he looks super hot in these pictures. And Kristen has been on a nationwide multi-state bar crawl for the past week. It’s not quite the sober roadtrip you claim.

  7. Eleonor says:

    Oh please the Marmont is an iconic place (John Belushi died there). The guy just wants to have fun, and going to the Marmont, enjoying Kate Perry boobs seems fun.

  8. lana says:

    He isn’t doing anything new. He’s hung out with Katy before and he’s been to that establishment many times before. Not really sure where this has any bearing on anything. Seems to me he’s just living his life.

  9. Mmmmm says:

    and because you can have drinks with whoever is there and no pictures

  10. donna says:

    It’s not like he’s stumbling out drunk. He looks totally sober and shockingly clean and put together here. He’s also about to start filming in a couple weeks and just got a ton of press for his Dior deal. I think he’s doing just fine.

    There’s also something to be said for when one seems focused on winning the break up. Constant super smiley pap set ups and fan pics are a bit tryhard and like someone may have something to prove. While the guy who isn’t bothering with an act may be the one who honestly doesn’t care anymore.

    • Blueb says:

      Totally agree!

    • Rocky says:

      So true 🙂

    • Deidra says:


    • pippa says:

      Well said.

    • c'est la vie says:

      Good call.

    • Mia says:

      Why does it have to be an act? She’s only been papped once in about 2 weeks, when she was coming out of a business meeting. The rest of the pics were fan pics. There’s no big photo op arrangement like you seem determined to portray. Why did she looks annoyed with the paparazzo who was up on her face while she left the office if it was previously arranged? At least make sense!

      • c'est la vie says:

        Mia, the person who first mentioned the photo-ops was Kaiser and it does make sense if you read the post fully.

      • marcy says:

        She’s been out of L.A. for the past week or so, that’s why no new pap pics. But when she’s in L.A., she sets them up constantly. They were papped nearly every day in April. They break up, Pattinson mostly disappears, Stewart continues being papped multiple times a week when she’s in L.A. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure this out.

  11. on the level says:

    Don’t forget she looks mighty high and wasted in these fan pics…And right at home in those Hooters pics!

    • Rocky says:

      The awkward moment when she’s on a road trip and looks cleaner and less dirty than when she’s home 🙂 yeah goo kstew keep on the photo ops ure winning

    • Rocky says:

      The awkward moment when she’s on a road trip and looks cleaner and less dirty than when she’s home 🙂 yeah goo kstew keep on the photo ops ure winning

    • P says:

      yeah I remember that twit from a guy in marfa that saw her at a bar trying to score some yayo.

  12. Anname says:

    I think he goes to places where he knows he won’t run into crazy fans – seems he sticks to 2-3 places where he doesn’t get hounded or get creeper pics taken.

    And a note to the poster above who claims he hangs with Beiber! One accidental ride on the goofy bus to support his friend’s movie premiere does not equate to hanging out. I would guess he found the entire experience amusing, knowing his odd sense of humor.

  13. MisJes says:

    I agree with you, Kaiser. She’s looking well, having fun with friends and sorting out her career. She’s playing a good game right now, and a smarter game than she had when the cheating scandal broke.

  14. Hmmm says:

    Oh yeah, Kristen looks sober at EVERY bar she’s been photographed at. Seriously? Also, I highly doubt he was partying that hard if he was driving. But nice little narrative you have going there.

    • Cindy says:

      @Hmmm The bars she goes to also happen to be restaurants. She ate at a Hooters and at a Blues cafe. Good for her. She is roadtripping across America instead of sitting at home.

  15. Rocky says:

    He is single and rich he can party anywhere he pleases , plus he has to go back to work in less than three weeks so party on rob and have fun …

    • Anname says:

      A bit off topic, but I actually don’t think he can “party where he pleases” because there is too much attention on him, especially after the break-up. In his new Rolling Stone article, Johnny Depp says he realized at one point he was living his life like a fugitive. I think this applies to Rob as well. So he goes to the Chateau Marmont because he knows he can get in/out easily and people don’t bother him there.

      • TinyPixie says:

        He’s really not that famous. And not even half as famous as Johnny Depp.

      • Anname says:

        You don’t think Rob has an obessesed fan base? It doesn’t take a Depp level of fame to have problems with fans. Love him or hate him, trying to deny he is “famous enough” is rather absurd.

      • Lou says:

        @TinyPixie You don’t think Rob’s that famous? Come on now, whatever you personally think about him, he’s internationally famous. He’s known world wide and has a very vapid fanbase. Your comment is ridiculous tbh.

  16. Ray says:

    What? He’s just living his life! He’s the iconic new face of Dior Homme. He’s about to work with Cronenberg (again). He’s got stuff lined up with Werner Herzog and he’s looking seriously hot. So damn HOT. Rob wins at life.

    • bee says:

      A++++ Comment tbh. What is with this article today? I’m astonished anyone thinks Stewart is winning at anything.

    • jen says:

      “He’s the iconic new face of Dior Homme”

      Cackling. Twihards are so sad.

      • TinyPixie says:

        Twihards are always good for a laugh if nothing else.

      • SA says:

        Those are Dior’s words during the presentation (as seen on leaked pics), not a “Twihards” jsyk

      • DB says:

        Dior refers to Robert as their new icon in the sneak peeks we’ve seen.

      • TinyPixie says:

        That doesn’t make it any less stupid.

      • P says:

        Well he does have something going on as a personality since he was among the portraits of Cannes this year, and now the Dior deal where he go more$$$ than brad Pitt with Chanel.

      • Cindy says:

        @SA So it is Dior’s marketing. Got it. I think they are just looking for a way to sell a pre-existing product. Rob’s fans are breathlessly asking Dior when Dior Homme will be available for purchase. Umm, it’s been out. Jude Law has been (maybe still also is) a spokesman for it.

  17. Vee says:

    Isn’t this the first pap sighting in several days? He goes where he won’t be bothered.

  18. Ray says:

    I hate to say it cos I really didn’t like kstew before, but between the hooters pics with fans/actually smiling/not looking like a hobo/not acting like a total c**t I’m really starting to like her. Wonder how long this can last…

    • nnnn says:

      now Ray, why don’t I buy that you only NOW are starting to like her????

    • Ginger says:

      Hooter’s pics weren’t that special to turn you into Kristen’s fan. I bet you’re Krisbian and have always been. LOL

      • Ray says:

        I really wasn’t. I was never a hater per se, just didn’t really like her, but when she cleans up she’s more likeable

      • c'est la vie says:

        And I think she’s totally faking it.

        Even if she isn’t that good of an actress, she can always wash her hair and smile pretty for the cameras. And she still doesn’t always do that.

        She’s better at flipping the bird. And wrecking homes, not only Liberty Ross’s, but her own. Great reputation. That’s what she’s known for now.

        I wouldn’t call her a professional actor. She’s just trying desperately to stay relevant and in the public eye. She’s pathetic. And Rob didn’t do anything wrong, she did. So what’s winning got to do with anything. He won the moment she put out her cringe worthy apology in People.

  19. Leah says:

    Not to defend him but everyone in hollywood goes to the chateau. Just because lindsay lohan has become synomous with it doesn’t mean its just her ilk thats there. Much more established and respectable people conduct lunches and dinners at that place.

    • Tessa says:

      This. Lindsay actually got kicked out of CM, they didn’t want her anymore. How the place became hers I will never understand. It’s a beautiful spot and privacy is their #1 priority. Celebs got there, all of them, not just Rob and Lindsay.

  20. Ross says:

    Since the breakup I’ve seen like everyday new pics of kstew smiling and this is the first pic we’ve seen of rob , hes looking clean and sober , he has been doing press for Dior , hasn’t been doing photo ops like the homewrecker .

    • Mia says:

      If Kristen refused to pose for fan pictures people would call her rude, sullen, miserable, ungrateful blah blah. She can’t win with Rob fans. She’s happy, she’s getting on with her life, she isn’t pining for Rob, even though that’s what his fans seem to want.

      • Ross says:

        No I’m just stating the obvious we haven’t seen that many pics of rob , he looks clean sober and too has many projects line up so he’s doing just fine ..

  21. TG says:

    If you look at my previous posts I can’t stand Kristen most of the time but I think she posed with fans because they asked her to. I think she was actually being nice for a change but I could be wrong. They even said on E News the other night that the fans asked her to pose for a pic and she said she would after her dinner. I think it is rude of employees to harass patrons regardless if it is done because you are a fan. So in this case Kristen was actually being gracious and looked it to in the photo. Also Rob can be hot on film but when he isn’t in front of a movie camera he looks ugly. I am glad he dumped her finally. In regards to the Chateau I remember in my early 20’s when I first started following celeb gossip I used to imagine the day I could afford to fly to LA and I would stay at the Chateau Marmont. Thank god that dream was never realized. That place must be crawling with cooties. Any establishment that would Lindsay Lohan is not somewhere I want to be.

  22. Another Ann says:

    Partying? I see no receipts for that. If he was with a bunch of friends, or stumbling out of the place looking wasted, it would be one thing. But he is simply DRIVING away in a car, alone, looking completely sober.

    Perhaps I have a different concept of what partying is. This looks more like a business meeting to me.

  23. Mia says:

    I don’t think you can really call who did the breaking up. It’s all rumors. That said, Kristen IS the one looking happier and lighter. Rob’s been out almost every night, usually at the Chateau, apparently third heeling with Katy Perry and John Mayer. I don’t get the sense that he’s getting a peek at Katy’s boobs. I think his fans are more eager for him to see Katy’s boobs than he is lol!

    Kristen has been hanging with friends, she isn’t out partying every night like some people seem to want to imply. She went to one wedding and danced and had a great time.

    I have to say, i am impressed that they have kept it so private. There’s been very little gossip about them post ‘split’ considering how famous they are. Even Lainey has nothing, she’s just giving her take on Us Weekly/People stories which as we all know are not the most reliable a lot of the time.

    I agree about Chateau M. It seems like a sleazy/cliche place to hang out, and he has been seen there every weekend. Don’t forget, Rob is good friends with some of Lohan’s friends. I know people hate to give Kristen credit for anything but 2008 Rob was all about going to LA clubs, bragging about not washing himself and drinking with douchey people like Katie Perry’s friend Marcus, that stopped for the most part once they got together. He’d go out when she was out of town. Now that he doesn’t have anyone at home i wonder if he will go back to the way he was. Good thing is he will be busy filming for the rest of the year. Of the two, Rob as the big boozer, not Kristen.

    • bee says:

      People who spotted Rob last night said he appeared to be at a business meeting. Lots of business meetings are held at CM. Your agenda is pretty clear. Rob is driving. He looks good and certainly doesn’t appear to have been partying. I don’t get this article today at all.

      • Mia says:

        No, the business meeting was in Silverlake. He then went to Chateau to hang out. He wasn’t drinking clearly. the guy can drink if he wants, Good for him. i just don’t get how Kristen is the one who has the ‘drinker’ reputation. She’s rarely spotted at bars when she is in LA. Certainly not skeevy ones like Chateau. I don’t get why people have to specify that she is ‘sober’. She’s never fallen out of a club drunk or been caught with a DUI. Know what i mean?

    • Adeli says:

      No, Mia, he has not been seen there every weekend. And Rob likes to have a tipple, so what? It hardly makes him a raging boozer. Don’t get it twisted.

    • Tessa says:

      Just in the last week Kristen has been partying at Hooters, and Coyote Ugly, and more places. She’s on a bar crawl/roadtrip as we speak.

      • Mia says:

        Exactly, she is on a road trip, she is stopping off to eat and maybe have a beer or two. She’s hardly boozing it up when she is on a ROAD TRIP.

      • marcy says:

        lol at people acting like Kstew is on some cultural tour of the U.S. She’s not being seen at museums or botanical gardens. She’s being seen out at bars, looking wasted and greasy everynight. No shame, I’m glad she’s having fun. But let’s not act like she’s on some sober, healthy-living kick here. She’s partying WAY more than Pattinson, who basically gets spotted maybe once a week, and other than that, seems to be MIA.

    • NM9005 says:

      Chateau Marmont is the worst. There are loads of places to party but he chooses a celeb and pap hotspot notorious for all kinds of shit. But yes Stewart is the bad one because she goes to a bar and takes pictures with fans. Hooters doesn’t even come close to the skeeviness of CM.

      • TinyPixie says:

        CM is the place to go to get lots of drugs.

      • IWantToLiveInNew York says:

        And ladies?

      • Nicolette says:

        Of everything I’ve ever read about it Chateau Marmont just sounds like a fancy name for ‘drug den’. Not saying he’s doing that by the way.

      • Meme says:

        Have you actually ever been to CM? In approx six weeks Rob’s been papped three times. Twice leaving CM in a car. He hasn’t been papped drunk or ‘partying’. He’s been papped leaving a secluded place, lots of celebs go, in order to avoid the spotlight. I’d say CB has been over run with Stewart stans today.

    • Rice says:

      I agree about the whole break-up thing. We don’t know who did the breaking up. It’s all been photo assumption after photo assumption. Nobody is talking and that is really strange considering that they are famous. They both look over it and like they’ve moved on. In fact, I think the media has been making this bigger than it is. Couples split everyday. No big deal.

      • Cindy says:

        I actually thought she did the breaking up. Kind of like she made him get all of his stuff out in a hurry and all he had were garbage bags. And on the way out he took the dogs.

  24. erika says:

    lilos crotch is burning MAD right now that she’s forced to stay away from ‘ze Marmont’..well, either that or a rancid case of ghonorhhea…

    becoming a gross cliche? uhmm…does greasy hair, perma-frown, shagging kstew and hound sniffing katy perry make you a gross cliche…???

  25. blondiee says:

    Silly article. He seems to be doing great, why bother with “winning the breakup” ? he’s working with notoriously talented people on several future projects, the Dior deal, his reputation is good. His choices are good. He is a low key guy, hasn’t been papped much since he left kristen. The most significant news about him now are work related and soon he will be on the set with David Cronenberg again. As a fan thats all i want really, work on something good with substance and keep photo ops to a minimum. Hooters and Camp XRay would make me a sad fan that’s for sure.

    • Mia says:

      lol she just had dinner there. You’d swear she took off her clothes and did a did a lap dance! I don’t see what is wrong with doing a movie about cruelty and sexism aimed at female soldiers. It’s sad that your Rob fanaticism means you resort to mocking something that could mean a lot to others. Camp XRay has successful producers behind it and the fact that a potentially controversial, tiny indie with a first time director is getting made at all in this economy says a lot about Kristen IMO. I see that you haven’t mentioned Sils Maria. Juliette Binoche, Olivier Assayas and Tom Sturridge good enough for you?

      • blondiee says:

        I’ m not against lap dance at all! Lol theres nothing wrong with hooters but theres nothing right either. Waste of time in terms of public image IMO. As for Camp XRay, don’t let your love for her blind you. That is not a good project. None of her competition will worry about that. It sounds TERRIBLE and being a very sensitive topic + plus kristen incredible foot in mouth complex= offense to come. I can’t believe that this is the best project they could find for her. Seems shes just not getting hold of the best scripts out there anymore. Sils maria its indeed a good project but how its gonna play outside of the arthouse circuit? And what it means for the girl that was the highest paid acctress, had 2 franchises to her name to end up with 1 project that no one will see and another that no one wanted? She was aiming for superstardom, with balenciaga, her choices in movies, the photo ops, robert. That girl was not supposed to be in this situation now but she fuck up with her actions and how she handled everything. Now all the other actresses are leaving her in the dust. So yeah, imo her management is a disaster. She should look for someone else to represent her. But keep being supportive of her hooters trips, poor spokewoman skills, neverending photo ops and innability to wait/choose the right project for her, i mean, u do u gurl.

  26. jess says:

    He probably goes there to eat and have a drink. Hes clearly not drunk.

  27. Perplexed says:

    No comments on the ‘leaked’ Dior hot kiss pic yesterday? Or are we saving that for later?
    Also, is anyone else noticing that his nose looks less squished, for lack of a better word, or is that just me?

    • Prim & Proper says:

      Yes, I noticed that his nose looks more refined. Also, I hope he has really stopped smoking, even those fake cigarettes that some doctors in Europe want to ban as being possibly harmful.

  28. TinyPixie says:

    God he’s gross looking.

    This is what people consider hot?

    • gorda says:

      I don’t like either one, bot RK are overexposed, I wish they would disapear for a while. So sick of them.

    • Meme says:

      Just so you know, you are one of the more obvious Stewart fans. I’m not sure why you feel the need to comment on every Rob post incessantly. Your agenda is showing. Sorry, gross he is not.

  29. TinyPixie says:

    They both suck but it always amazes me that when Kristen is out with her dumb backwards hats, people say she’s “gross” “unwashed” “disgusting” but Robert Pattinson goes out looking dirty and with that dumb hat backwards (at night, gasp!) and he looks “hot.”

    Got to love a stan.

    • Mia says:

      +1 That’s true. Yesterday on Kristen’s article many Rob fans were shading Kristen for wearing a backwards baseball cap at *gasps* night! Where are they today?

      • TinyPixie says:

        Dressing like a 12 year old isn’t attractive on anybody.

      • Olivia says:

        He dresses no better than she does. What he wore for the Dior press was pathetic. Would it kill him to apply a little effort and not look like a douche frat boy when promoting Dior? I guess this is what his obsessed fans call “real”. I call it real immature. Take off the hat, tuck in the shirt, pull up the pants can be “real” too without compromising his “realness”.

      • pippa says:

        @Olivia – That was NOT Dior Press conf. That was for a one on one junket. He was probably dressed for comfort. Just like a movie junket.

    • Original A says:

      @TinyPixie. This times a million. I don’t have an issue with either and used to be a fan of both. But the double standards the stans have are hilarious. Backwards ball cap=gross and immature for her. Backwards ball cap=hot and real for him. In reality, it’s a stupid fashion trend for both. She’s somehow a boozer for hitting up Coyote Ugly on her road trip, but he’s super clean and sober despite the fact that I’ve seen several articles about him hitting up Teddy’s and the CM since the break up. Oh Stans.

  30. Olivia says:

    The chateau, the backwards baseball cap, Katy P. it’s like 2008 all over again except he is a backward wearing baseball cap LA guy as opposed to the beanie british guy.

    He sure isn’t giving the impression he is happier since the break up. I saw a fan pic from Dior press and his eyes look dead. Either he was bored silly, drugged or depressed. Where is that happy guy everyone fell in love with. These pics aren’t any better.

    The Dior contract is cool, i guess but I can’t help thinking he did this for the cash and some attention since he won’t have anything out this year. Didn’t think he was broke or that insecure. I thought he made fun of people that did endorsements.

    • PunkyMomma says:


      The backward hat and baggy azz pants totally negate the Dior pics. Such a disappointment.

      • Notta Twitard says:

        +1 – was hoping he’d clean himself up now that he’s rep’ing Dior. The backwards hat – fug. I still lick, ahem like him. Not sorry.

    • pippa says:

      The Dior contract IS cool. Not just for the money and attention. There is a positive spin to it. He can use that “attention” and “money” to make small out of the box interesting films like he is doing now. Smart choice and a good way to navigate that industry.

      Of course you will be cynical.

      • Cindy says:

        You mean like Kristen did with Balenciaga and now she is able to do smaller works like Camp X-Ray and Sils Maria. You can’t have it both ways.

  31. Just No says:

    What’s with this sober rhetoric? When has Kristen’s sobriety been a problem?
    If anything Rob drinks a lot more than she does.

    Not brushing ones hair and wearing dirty converse does not equal been a drunk or druggie. Get a grip!

    Also no one should mention the Oscar’s as an example. It was stated and documented that she had hurt her foot severely.

  32. TinyPixie says:

    Both of their careers are not going very well and that is how it should be since they are both woefully untalented.

    Pattinson has a bunch of movies that have fallen through or are in limbo. Hold On To Me is not happening and the Herzog movie probably won’t happen either. Naomi Watts has already signed on for another movie to shoot this fall and Jude Law dropped out.

    Mission Blacklist sounds about as interesting as Camp X-Ray and wasn’t that film announced ages ago anyway? Although I’m hoping he does end up filming it just so I can get some unintentional laughs out of it. Sparkles in the desert hunting Saddam Hussein! The comedy of the year!

    • Janet says:

      Just as well they both disappear. I like him, I can’t stand her, and they both have about as much acting talent as a pair of stoned amoebas. I wouldn’t care if I never saw either of them in another movie.

    • pippa says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble.
      He recently wrapped The Rover.
      Maps to the Stars is filming from July 8th. He still is attached to QoTD. The producer mentioned in a tweet that later this fall is when the movie begins. He was specific about the locations too.
      The rest will fall in place eventually. But then you know this already 😉

      At least he has something concrete going in the next few weeks…

  33. rose says:

    I love it when all people see are RPatz like party everynights with bad friends, drinking too much, cheating rumor…while KStew always stays at home, cooking, hanging out with girl friend, working hard etc…and then suddenly she got caught cheating in broadday light with a married man, who also a douchey.
    I also love when they get back together Lainey even said he is a good, suppoter boyfriend and now they broke up, suddenlly he becoms a cheater, bad guy…

    • ala says:

      You pretty much nailed it! Seriously I can’t believe even after dry humping pics with a married guy, It’s still oh poor victim Kstew.. Like seriously wtffff

      • c'est la vie says:

        Thank you, ITA.

      • pippa says:

        I sometimes think these are actually people who are paid by her team to come to her defense like this 😆

        I mean how can anyone see the goodness in her actions? What is there to be a fan of?

  34. Anna says:

    Let the boy play, however gross he likes it.

  35. Hakura says:

    I don’t consider either of them as ‘winning’. I think (as anyone who’s broken up from a long relationship knows) they’re still trying to deal with each being ‘themselves’, & not some sort of ‘joint entity’. So for now, they’re just trying to ‘adjust’.

    • Anname says:

      Agreed, but articles like this pitting Kristen fans against Rob fans attract alot more attention. Stupid but so it is.

  36. geekychick says:

    Lainey makes this break-up interesting.
    They kinda both have fallen of my radar lately, although I do like her.


    • Olivia says:

      Did you see te ontd post at laineys? Some of Rob’s super fans went batshit crazy on a reporter. I swear, his fans would drive me to drink. It has got to be depressing he has these type fans and they apparently don’t go see his movies since he hasn’t had a certified BO win. I almost wonder if he has fewer fans than we are led to believe but the ones he has are just everywhere making it seem like more. He should be doing circles around Kristen’s films at the BO since he is more popular but their BO are similar.

      • pippa says:

        Funny. I think that about KS’s fans. They are nothing if not persistent in painting her as this “poor girl, can’t catch a break”! Always putting the blame on others and in their opinion she never does anything wrong blah blah blah….

        A bunch of apologists… I wonder if they get paid for this service.

      • Cindy says:

        @ Olivia Rob’s fans are known for their multiple accounts. They don’t even try to hide it.

      • marcy says:

        lol, so we’re just going to ignore that it was a Kristen fan with a fake account that gave a fake story to E! in the first place? That it was a Kristen fan so desperate for Robsten to be unbroken that she created a new twitter account, faked a sighting, then DM’d with a reporter? Please. Kristen’s fans are cray cray. I don’t blame Rob’s fans for getting pissed at them trying to drag him back into that mess AGAIN.

  37. Rabia says:

    He looks good. I feel like we rarely see pap pics if him anymore.

    When we get pics of him fall-down drunk, or we get reports of bar brawls, or he’s caught dry humping a married person on the side of the road…well, then I’ll be on the “gross cliche” bandwagon.

  38. Tig says:

    He needs to drop the hat too- totally agree with that one!

    “Winning” the break-up? There’s a scoring system? Seems to me he’s moving on nicely. No drama.

    • Olivia says:

      Except for Katy P. 😉 He sure had no problem with that rumor and attention to his private life and as a matter of fact, neither did his fans. It is just Kristen rumors over the past 5 years that make their blood boil. His crazy fans make it all the more entertaining.

      • Olivia says:

        @anon and rob can hang out with the Katy, bieber and Lohan crowd. Seems everyone is winning! Even Charlie Sheen, Didn’t Rob say that was one of his idols? I am sure his musician friends are glad he is hanging at better spots now that he broke up with Kristen. Who wants to come to LA and hang out at dive bars. They probably want the LA scene and hollywood parties.

      • marcy says:

        Well, Katy didn’t cheat on him with a married man, have it all caught on camera, issue a humiliating “apology” via People magazine, and then drag him along on dozens of photo ops to try to rehab her image. No wonder his fans like her more.

  39. Adeli says:

    What is this article? It sounds like it was written by Lainey, especially the Bieber dig. Kristen ain’t winning sh*t on her tours of diners, drive-ins and dives across America. She’s also been papped numerous times since the breakup. The 2 movies she has lined up don’t sound all that promising.

    Meanwhile, Rob has been keeping a low profile, going to places that affords him privacy. He’s just launched a prestigious campaign for Dior in which they’ve named him their new icon. He’s about to start shooting his 2nd movie with Cronenberg, with a spectacular cast.

    Yeah, I can totes see why you think she’s winning.

    And there is nothing wrong with hanging out with a long-time friend, even if her name is Katy Perry.

    • keny says:

      It’s funny how Rob’s fans use the Dior project to show he’s doing good. He’s late about that because last time i checked kstew did that first and he’s the one copying her here. Robsessed fans thought kstew would kill herself if he dumped her but from what i see she has never looked happier. ha ha

  40. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Rob is not being a gross cliche. He’s just trying to go on with his life. What else is he supposed to do when not working? Party or hang out with friends. Don’t we do that when we are not working? Who likes to sit idle at home?

    • Olivia says:

      He was the one who after the summer of 2008 decided to tell people that he was boring and not LA and say at home writing music and reading. He wanted to appear different. I think the fact that chateau marmont has become his regular hangout post break up tells me he likes to go out and be seen otherwise he could find more discreet places to go. That is if valued his privacy. He could certainly hold meetings other places if he wanted to.

      • Olivia says:

        @anaon if he has to ask me where to go to be private after living there for 5 years then he is dumber than I thought. He knows where the papps and the parties are. I expected better from him afer the break up but he seems to be capturing his 2008 self, which was fine when he was 23 and a newbie but now he just looks pathetic.

  41. blueclouds says:

    Seems like this article just invites fan wars. I think both are moving on with their lives, in different ways. I’ll judge who wins based on their post Twilight career, so I’ll wait till their new movies come out then.

  42. Well says:

    I think Kristen is the cliché already: sleeping with a married director is the biggest cliché ever.
    Why is there drama about Rob going to CM? Shouldn’t you be calling out all the other Hollywood actors as well? Carey Mulligan, Jennifer Lawrence etc?
    Seems like someone is on a payroll *whistles*

    • re Well says:

      You honestly believe that Pattinson never once stepped out on Kristen with all the rumors about him with others over the years? Just because there were no smoking gun pics taken by paparazzi doesn’t mean he didn’t and doesn’t continue to behave the exact same way. Also dating your co-star in order to get more fame and publicity for yourself? Biggest Hollywood cliche of all wouldn’t you agree?

      • Well says:

        @re and you have proof right? Those rumours are nothing but that. Rob just has to stand next to someone of the other sex and he waas cheating. And if he was cheating on Kristen all the time why did she stay with him? Why did she not dump him? But this is typical for her fans: Make Rob the bad guy so Kristen looks better.

      • Ann says:

        Ha ha! That’s a good one. Back in 2009, dating Kristen Stewart gets you more fame? Really? How did that work out for Michael Angarano?

        In the aftermath of Twilight, it was Rob who was the most famous, the most talked about in the cast. He didn’t need to date Kristen to gain fame, the buzz around him was crazy. If either of them was looking to gain fame from the relationship, why did they hide it as long as they did?

      • pippa says:


        ITA. She knew he was crazy about her and the buzz around him was crazy. I too believe she got more popularity only because of Robsten and the fans saw them as Edward/Bella coming to life 🙄

        She knew the buzz around him even before the movies got out and I think her team encouraged her to go for it. She got more to gain from that relationship than he did.

      • Pastyousayyouneverknew says:

        “Also dating your co-star in order to get more fame and publicity for yourself?”

        No honey, just no. Right after twilight, I remember those Robsessed dvdS or whatever came out, the dude was EVERYWHERE even before reports of him and Kristen dating came out. There were even reports of him getting hit by a car somewhere because he was trying to escape fans, if there is one thing Rob was not lacking – it was publicity.

      • Cindy says:

        Something I’ve always been curious about and maybe his stans can help. Emilie de Ravin was married when she auditioned for RM. She “separated” from her husband right before filming and got back with him a month or so after filming ended. Was the separation legal or verbal (i.e. press release but no legal paperwork)?

  43. Loser says:

    aaand he’s driving after drinking FTW

  44. hahahahahaha says:

    Now that Rob is a single dude, he’s spending time with Katy Perry’s sparkle-boobs and partying at the Marmont. Oh, SparklesNow that Rob is a single dude, he’s spending time with Katy Perry’s sparkle-boobs and partying at the Marmont. Oh, Sparkles. You’re such a dumb cliché! Lindsay Lohan parties at the Marmont, dude. Stay away.. You’re such a dumb cliché! Lindsay Lohan parties at the Marmont, dude. Stay away.

    • hahahahahaha says:

      Truer words never spoken…however he’s already hooked up with Lindsey (and likley Katy pre-break up too) and he always used to frequent the Marmont before. He just hid it better and had his safety net of being in long-term relationship with Kristen to cover him. Not anymore, eh Robbie boy. Way to finally show your true colors. I wonder how long until all the women of the past 4 years start to come out of hiding too. Won’t be long now with the downspiral you’re on. hehe

      • pippa says:

        Looks like KS’ crazy fans have descended here.

      • Cindy says:

        @pippa Just visiting. Crazy RP fans live here.

      • c'est la vie says:

        Maybe it’s not a matter of liking Rob so much as disliking Kristen.

        She’s very easy to dislike. And she does it to herself.

      • Janet says:

        @ Cindy: Do us all a favor and go visit someplace else. KStew’s crazy fans already destroyed Gossip Cop.

      • mia girl says:

        Hahahahaha – Did you try respond to yourself faking as someone else but then mistakenly use the same user name?!

        That’s a first on Celebitchy I believe. Classic. Your user name is ironically appropriate.

  45. P says:

    While k is spotted bar crawling all over the south, people twitting how she was either drunk off her ass or high, taking pics with fans looking greasy and sweaty, and this guy is pap for the first time in a couple weeks just driving off at the marmot, looking clean enough, and sober; but still he’s the one partying all over and being a cliche? Alright..@@

    • Rice says:

      Good Lord! I can’t believe you’re making me defend this girl. She did not look greasy, dirty, high or drunk. She looked normal. Did you want her to wear Haute Couture on her road trip or whatever it is? Stop the unnecessary sh*t that you’re spewing. They BOTH look fine. They are both moving on. I don’t believe Rob or Kristen are drunkards. They may go out and have a few drinks but that’s it. BTW, I don’t see anything wrong with them wearing their caps backwards. It’s their right and their business.

      • P says:

        People (non fans) that saw her at bars in texas said so.
        I saw the pics with fans, very nice of her btw, but to me she looked her normal self, Greasy.
        Backward caps, very douchebaggery and 13yr old boyish of them, no?

    • Mia says:

      Nobody said she was drunk or her ass OR high. You completely made that up. How desperate. She looks fine in her fan pictures. Grow up!

      • P says:

        No I didn’t made anything up. You should look it up, you sound like a fan it might be easier.
        You’re deluded if you think these two don’t do drugs. R just hasn’t don’t it were people twit about it.

  46. ray says:

    Rob’s grieving for it makes it look like he had real attachment in this case. Kristen is just looking for excuses to be photographed and be in news otherwise people will just forget her as she is already disliked. Its her last option to cling to a career and stay in news anyhow. cultivate that base that reads your news no matter how small it is. everyone uses this trick starlets like miley and others who do not have work but parade around to be in gossip columns.

    as for drinking aspects. well kstew is famous for weed, not alcohol and there are talks of her being high in all the recent pics.

  47. Nev says:

    He DESERVES some blowing off steam messy, fun times to WORK IT OUT.

    go ahead dude.

  48. Kelly says:

    I have always liked Kristen better than I like him. I think she’s actually talented.

  49. Kassandra says:

    If he is the one that left her (finally after she cheated on him) then I think it was probably the best thing he could do for her. Because seriously, I’ve never seen KStew looking happier than she does now. He on the other hand looks ‘not good’ to put it mildly.

    • lulu says:

      yeah rob looks like crap. we have hardly seen any pictures of him, but he looks like crap. guess rob forgot the rule of smiling when you have a camera in your face while driving. damn him :/

    • pippa says:

      Keep telling yourself that. Maybe it will make you feel better about your home-wrecking cheating idol.

    • c'est la vie says:

      Where is that gif of Rupert dryhumping Kristen?

      It cracks me up and it’s all I can think of when someone mentions her or her career.

  50. Kristen is over it says:

    For someone who you believe apparently packed up his things and left her she sure looks bothered. More like she kicked him out and sent him packing. Kristen is well shot of him and you crazy looneys on here still obsessed with her still talking about her. He is a Hollywood cliche Who cares if hes got a dior add ,Kristen has her own perfume thats made number one fragrance of the year ,Shes doing a few indie movies which she loves to do and a strong possibility of doing swath 2 next year so pleases save your sympathy for her cos next year she will be laughing all the way to the bank again. Yet wheres robs blockbusters? Keeping praying for that and his fragrance to sell well. Being a fan means not just drooling over his pictures but buying it if it smells good.

    • Pastyousayyouneverknew says:

      @Kristen is so over it You sound SO pressed, it’s hilarious, and you sound like the “crazy looney” here – Kristen did not have her own perfume, it was by Balenciaga.

      If you’re gonna defend someone, do it right sis 😀

    • Nicole says:

      Well if she wasn’t happy with him, she should have kicked him out BEFORE she started an affair with somebody else shouldn’t she? And she should have chosen a guy who wasn’t her colleague’s husband and the father of two young kids. Her self-indulgence risked damaging the whole franchise and hurting every stake holder, from Taylor all the way down, if they hadn’t pretended to reconcile (which it’s now fairly obvious is what went down). Personally, I think he was a complete idiot to agree to it and he should have left her to twist in the wind. He’s certainly getting nothing but shit from her fans now, who blame him for what exactly? If he “cheated” on her, which is pure supposition, he at least didn’t humiliate her publicly doing it. I’m sure keeping up the charade for the last few months hasn’t been fun for either of them and they’re both relieved to be out. She isn’t by any means completely rehabilitated and will have to play her cards carefully for a while. But why is any of that his fault? It’s all down to her stupidity and arrogance in allowing herself to be photographed in public, mini-coopering her married director. This futile attempt to transfer blame from her, by smearing him with unproven allegations, is as distasteful as it is pointless.

  51. Adeli says:

    No Mia, the business meeting was at Chateau, then the hang out in Silverlake. Also, that tweet about Kristen in Marfa looking to score yayo does exist. Geez, get your facts straight.

  52. Pastyousayyouneverknew says:

    This article was just written to piss off Rob’s fans, clearly 😉

    I don’t think either of them are “winning”, they’re both coping and from a professional/pr standpoint, Rob is better off. 2012 was Kristen’s peak year – that kind of fame will not be happening for her again, I hope she can one day be more famous for quality acting than being tabloid fodder.

    • Original A says:

      Ha, RPattz stans are hilarious. I always forget so many of them come on to just post on his posts and KStew posts on this website. I have no problem with either him or KStew (used to be fans of both), but I find it so funny that if someone post anything even slightly critical of RPattz the stans lose their minds or slightly positive about KStew the stans lose their minds.
      Re: Yeah, I don’t think anyone’s winning and I don’t even think she’s trying to call. Seems like both have moved on just fine. Agree that he is better off professionally & PR, but he’s kind of taking a risk with some of his film choices despite the great directors. Playing the role that Laurence Olivier played…very, very risky. She seems like’s she finally kind of reached an okay place though, both professionally and in PR. What’s a win for both is that the mainstream tabloids are leaving them alone, at least according to Midweek Madness on Jezebel. Hollywood Life probably continues to print their fanfiction, but it seems like the tabloids are backing off.

      • Pastyousayyouneverknew says:

        @Original A haha, what makes it more hilarious is that the Kristen stans definitely have more of a presence in today’s post, usually, 80% of the comments will be anti-Kristen but it’s almost 50/50 today which is kinda cool.

        And personally, I don’t think either of them are phenomenal actors, I fully believe that Twilight was a golden ticket for both of them but the next year or so will really dictate how they fare in Hollywood. I’m not a fan of either, though I like Rob more.

        And yes, Hollywood Life is relentless, gotta give those Robsteners hope! 😉

      • Original A says:

        LOL. Hollywood Life is hilarious and so obviously fake. It must annoy the hell out of their PR reps though that HL uses them as major clickbait for the twi-hards…especially because the articles are usually not flattering.

        Yeah, any KStew or RPattz posts usually consist of 90 percent stans…but I can see the KStew stans have come out today for a change, when it is usually the RPattz stans. The stans are so odd though, because so many of them (not all) have an obsession with trashing one or the other when KStew and RPattz themselves had a fairly drama free break up. The funniest thing was an article on them a while ago, when several regular posters were like “these stans are so batshit I’m going to start ignoring these posts.”

        Agree with you on their acting. I think the next 2 years will dictate how they do…but if Orly Bloom and Kate Bosworth can have semi-decent C list indie careers, I’m sure these two will be okay at least.

        BTW: love your handle. Reference to Ab Fab?

    • Suzeque says:

      Well it worked! I honestly do not understand this article. Why cause more fandom fighting? It’s beyond sad that a guy and girl cannot mourn privately. Do you think this didn’t hurt both of them? Of course it did. But, to be in the eye of the tiger when doing it, I can only imagine what it must be like trying to get over it when everyone is analyzing every single thing they do! Good lord, Kaiser why would you do this?

  53. Manny says:

    Y’all need some bug spray up in here.

  54. Source says:

    Days and days of Dior stuff. Rob doing press conferences and working. About to leave for a film shoot.

    One night at the Chateau where he:

    1. Was not with ANY girl, including Katy
    2. Was not drunk, because he got behind the wheel (he’s never gotten behind the wheel drunk)

    And somehow he’s this douche cliche? Does this include from BEFORE The breakup when he went there with K?

    I’m confused.

    How does one sober night at the Chateau constitute a Lohan-style party animal?

    Oh, and you wanna see loony? The Kstans are freaking out over the kissing pic. First they claim he shouldn’t put those lips on anyone but his mama and K. Then they claim it’s NOT HIM.

    • Original A says:

      @Source. He’s at the CM and Teddy’s a lot, not just one night. I don’t think there is any issue with it, but it’s not like he only goes there once in a blue moon. I’ve seen photos/articles in People and E!. Anyway, I don’t get the big deal.

      Also, you want to talk about how crazy some KStew stans are? Look at some of the crazy RPattz stans on here. There are crazy people on both sides. LMAO’ing at the person believing every single tweet about KStew like the one about yayo. Or, as they mentioned on ONTD, some RPattz stans shipping her with Chris Brown, saying she should cut herself, or that she was abusive..and that batshit exchange between that stan and a reporter that ONTD posted. Believe me, I used to be a fan of both. RPattz stans are just as insane as KStew stans.

      • Source says:

        Original A…

        As I said in my post, Rob has been seen a number of times at the CM way before the breakup, but somehow he goes once after the breakup and he’s this cliche douche. Even though there’s no evidence he was partying or doing anything Lindsay Lohan-like. Yet he was compared to her.

        As for that situation you said, it seems a little skewed.

        It started because an over-invested KSTEW fan MADE UP a fake report to “E” about how she saw them holding hands.

        The reporter knew it was false, and posted it anyway.

        I’ve personally been attacked by her “fans” when I’ve never ever engaged them. I’ve seen them threaten the life of more than one person and accuse them of having sex with their dads and a bunch of other disgusting things.

        They say to give them privacy, while meanwhile they plan a trip to LA to stalk them. This would be the second stalking trip.

        As for the YAYO thing, I’ve seen many joke about it, because Stew fans lose their minds when anybody even mentions it.

        The shipping with Chris Brown thing is such a joke, I can’t even believe anyone can take that seriously. Again, it makes Stew fans lose their minds.

        Which doesn’t take much.

      • Original A says:


        Of course he’s not Lilo. I just don’t get the point in acting like he only goes to the CM once in a while; he seems to be a regular. It’s not a big deal in my opinion

        My point remains that Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have equally crazy stans who get really hateful. I’ve seen the RPattz stans personally attack the KStew stans using equally disgusting stuff as you described happened to you, and vice-versa as in what happened in your case. I don’t get the level of cray cray-ness, frankly. It’s almost Belieber level. Why troll for random tweets for a celebrity you don’t even like (granted, I don’t get even doing that for a celebrity you do like)? It’s a waste of time.

        As far as the journalist goes…of course she was a shitty journalist (I have little sympathy for tabloid reporters unless it is for People magazine). The language that was used was so hyperbolic, and the demand of her removing it in five (and not even 25) minutes was irrational. Nobody could get that kind of thing scrubbed off the internet in five minutes unless maybe it was grounds for a lawsuit. Add in the twitter bio, and that’s why people thought the person was batshit crazy.

        As far as the Chris Brown thing…um, I don’t blame people for losing it on that one. That’s not funny at all, and it’s even disturbing that people think it is a dumb joke.

  55. lulu says:

    don’t see how rob is being a cliché. he is hardly seen anywhere. he is rarely photographed, and Justin beiber? lol, that happened well over a yr ago. he was hanging out with his friends Shannon and katy. he seems to keep the same friends for years. career wise he is doing a lot of great things. dior, the rover promo, and working with cronenberg again. you know the cronenberg movie will open either at cannes, or tiff. the rover has been rumored to open at tiff this yr.

  56. Lou says:

    Wow I’m not even going to bother reading these comments today. It’s as bad as E! Or Gossip Cop. This used to be an interesting place to visit and read posts, it’s been taken over by the feuding fans and disgusting KStew stans. Ugh, I thought we had one gossip site free of them. Apparently not.

  57. judyjudy says:

    He’s always been a cliche.

    And I’m pretty sure K Stew is a lesbian.

  58. c'est la vie says:

    Oy vey!

  59. Lina says:

    Becoming a cliche? He’s always been a cliche…

    • c'est la vie says:

      Ever since he played Cedric Diggory.

      I have to get out of this thread. I’m having too much fun with it…

  60. amy says:

    He is no becoming gross cliché he already is and has been for the while, shame, for the short time i thought this guy is going to be something real but no just another Hollywood sell out.

  61. Janet says:

    Please, no more KStew or RPatz threads. The last thing we need is Twihards infesting this blog. They already destroyed Gossip Cop. Enough is enough.

    • Nicole says:

      Well you reap what you sow. Start a thread that is pure rat bait and don’t be surprised when the rodent army swarms over from its Gossip Cop home and camps on your lawn!

  62. blueclouds says:

    Note to Celebitchy: Don’t ever post an article that causes fan feuds like this again. You can get more hits, more comments (over 200), but it makes you no better than the comment sections of Robsten articles on Gossip Cop and Hollywood Life. I used to think this site is a fun place to post and read comments. Sigh…

  63. Perplexed says:

    Adding my support to 61 and 62 and any others above who have made a similar comment. I also note that many who had balanced/amusing views and expressed them very well, don’t bother commenting anymore and I can’t say I blame them.
    I also think that many fans on either sides are having withdrawal symptoms as this story has reached a peak and it is doubtful it will be equaled again. Fans must readjust, after let’s admit it having been somewhat manipulated by a huge publicity machine, and that is no easy for some.
    Gossip is supposed to be fun, informative, snarky at times, but not a battlefield.
    (sorry for my bad english)

  64. Just Me says:

    …But he ACCIDENTALLY got onto Bieber’s party bus!

    …KStew is more dirty & drunk than he is!

    Kaiser, you’re a traitor!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I’ve been crazy busy so I missed aaaaall of this. Kaiser, you totally whipped these Stans into a tizzy on purpose!