Lindsay Lohan tells TMZ she’s off Adderall & is going into hiding: delusional?

Lindsay Lohan is in the third rehab she’s tried in her latest rehab cycle, which she’s conveniently ignored is court-ordered. The last we heard from the Cracken she was squawking about how she wanted to switch rehabs yet again, to the one her daddy was endorsing. That was just a mere 10 days ago. Well now Lindsay has sobered up enough to leak more stories to TMZ, and she claims she’s off Adderall and is fine with it, and that she plans “to go deep into hiding” when she gets out of rehab in August. She supposedly thinks this will help her maintain her sobriety. She probably wants to hide from several process servers as well.

Lindsay Lohan is going from reckless to recluse — we’ve learned she plans to go deep into hiding after she gets out of rehab in August … to maintain her sobriety.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us, she now realizes she’s been powerless in combating her addictions, and says cities like New York and L.A. only feed her demons … so she needs to get out STAT.

Lindsay’s scheduled to get out of rehab in early August — and we’re told she plans to move somewhere in the U.S. where there are no paparazzi … somewhere she can get back in touch with her true self. A little pie in the sky, but that’s what she thinks.

Sources connected with her treatment claim the 12-step program has been working. We’re also told she’s deathly afraid of relapsing, and escape is her solution.

As for how long she wants to disappear, we’re told Lindsay’s not sure — as long as it takes.

[From TMZ]

Lohan claims she’s going to remain sober and yet she’s going to give up infamy as well? This girl doesn’t exist without attention. We’ll see paparazzi photos of her within a day of her release, and she’ll be going out to the clubs that night. How much do you want to bet that she’ll be jonesing to celebrate her birthday and will tell herself “it’s just one night,” which will of course lead to months.

I would love to be wrong, I would love to see Lohan embrace sobriety. That would require being humble and admitting she was wrong, and throughout her entire life in the spotlight we’ve never seen her do either. It’s always someone else’s fault, and she has more excuses than she does lives. This is a good plan though, even if it sounds like a massive pipe dream. Let Lohan terrorize some random midwestern city. Sorry midwestern peeps, send photos!

These are file photos of Lindsay along with stills from The Canyons. Credit:

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    Oh, boy.
    You KNOW she only wants to go into hiding because she’ll try to lose the weight she likely gained from getting off Adderall. Don’t wanna know HOW.

    Can’t she see? It’s a GOOD thing that she is gaining weight. Some people’s metabolism is so screwed up after years of drugs and ED that the whole body just shuts down, no matter what measures are taken: they die, period. She’s lucky.

    • Samtha says:

      That was my thought as well–she’s only going into “hiding” until she loses the post-Adderall weight gain.

    • Mayday says:


      • Denise says:

        Come on guys, give her the benefit of the doubt, you know she’s earned it! Ba ha.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      The clothing company that is suing her said they were going to wait to serve her until she gets out of rehab….so yeah, I think this is a plan to try and dodge being served.

      I think it would be great if she dropped the excuses and addictions, but I will believe it when I see it.

    • Lucy2 says:

      Good point- I bet you’re right!

  2. Pandy says:

    I hope she does disappear lol. It would be good for her and great for us!

    • Angie says:

      Maybe she is going to live in a sober living house for the next year while she learns how to live life without drugs. I sure hope so. She has been living the life of an addict for a long time. A Sober Living Home outside of CA or NY would be the best next move. I pray she can make it this time.

  3. truthful says:

    she nds one of those sober coaches living w/her…this plan is just to be alone w/all of the wrong vices.

    Paps are not the cause of her crackle romps, they just “catch” her in them.

    she wants to be free to snap, crackle and pop w/o photos being snapped.

  4. dorothy says:

    Oh please let this be true.

    • V4Real says:

      Let’s just hope this is one promise she keeps. I know a few more celebs I would like for her to take with her.

  5. Nicolette says:

    If this is true, it would be a great start to the week.

  6. TheOriginalKitten says:

    In her mugshot, her nose is looking really inflamed/swollen from whatever she’s snorting.

    • Moncheechee says:

      something is really weird about her chin too in the first pic. It’s like a combo of the way she is using makeup in a failed attempt to contour her face (which results in her jowls appearing even more prominent) and her chin structure looking different. strange…. :/

    • KCREX says:

      I think that she looks super pretty in that mug shot (no snark).

  7. SW says:

    Hahah…I live in South Dakota, I would love to see her hide out here….lol. Most people around here don’t put up with drama BS! Lol

  8. lori says:

    Maybe Elton John would put her up for a while. He often helps out celebrity addicts getting clean as he had a problem himself.

  9. Finn says:

    She’ll probably head directly to Venice–get a head start on partying for the festival.

  10. I hope this actually happens, although announcing it to TMZ isn’t exactly a sign that it will.

    • break says:

      Exactly. Not sincere, and won’t last.

    • TG says:

      Agreed – If she was sincere she wouldn’t be announcing her plans to TMZ. Also, she wouldn’t be switching rehabs all over the place. This woman has more entitlement issues than any celeb I have ever read about. As long as Dina is along for the ride she will never get the help she needs. I should also add as long as she is able to manipulate the justice system she will never get the help she needs. That must be a pretty good high being able to manipulate a judge. What a confirmation of how special you are.

    • Bex says:

      LOL whenever I’m serious about going into hiding and avoiding paps I always leak it to TMZ.

      Ha! They didn’t cure her addiction to self-centered drama.

  11. Jackson says:

    You know, I think she may just go into hiding for a time after rehab. A couple weeks maybe? And then, BOOM! Like a moth to the flame, she won’t be able to stay gone. She may get rehabbed for drugs, but she will always be a narcissistic famewhore. Ain’t no rehab for that.

  12. aims says:

    Two thoughts, 1. She’s full of it. She’s drawn to anything involving any kind of press, like flies on sh*t.

    2. Please, please don’t have her show up in my town. We’re known as being a little quirky here, but even we can’t handle her type of crazy.

    • TG says:

      Is your hometown Takoma Park, MD? I used to live there and it was awesome. Or do you live in one of those querky Alaska towns? Can’t see her moving to Alaska though.

      • aims says:

        Portland ore, where our slogan is,”keep Portland weird.” Love my city.

      • Sugar says:

        @ Aims I live just over the ridge from Portland- lived there for 8 years. I finally watched Portlandia!

    • EmmGee says:

      Hubs and I are moving up there (we are currently in S. Oregon) in a month or so and I’m looking forward to adding a little quirk into my life. Portlandia has been my relocation tutorial, and I’m ready to embrace the weirdness!

      • aims says:

        I was born and spent a huge chunk of my life in Eugene (go Ducks!) Portland is a great place to live, I hope you and your husband love it here.

  13. brin says:

    That’s a good one!

  14. UsedToBeLulu says:

    Maybe now that the drugs have left her system she has moments of thinking clearly. Moments. Not likely enough to keep her sober I’m afraid.

  15. SamiHami says:

    I know it’s not likely, but I really hope it’s true. She is still young, and I figure if RDJ can kick his heroin habit, surely she can kick her addictions, right? I just hate to see someone waste their life like this.

    • bbETH says:

      Thank you for being a nice person

    • Faye says:

      I don’t presume to be an expert on drug addiction. However, to me there was a big difference between Lindsay and RDJ. RDJ was a hard-core addict for years, it’s true, but as far as I know, he never played the “blame game” as Lindsay does. He did “flunk out” of rehab, but eventually he took ownership of his drug problem and said look, I don’t want to do this anymore. And he made it work.

      With Lindsay, nothing is ever her fault. The drugs, the stealing, the accidents. Someone like her, someone who truly believes nothing is ever her fault, is never going to recover because she doesn’t believe there’s anything she can do to prevent things from happening. If only all these people would just stop persecuting her!

      • Becky says:

        But rjd also has his wife to constantly police him – which he still needs, as he admits – and to live for. What does Lindsay have? She can’t maintain a personal relationship, she’s burnt every bridge and her family is always going to be a problem rather than a place of support and love.

      • Becky says:

        Clearly rdj is a great guy, pleasant, intelligent, gracious and Lindsay is absolutely none of these things. maybe that’s is why he has someone by his side to help him through his his issues and she is all alone.

    • Nina W says:

      RDJ has a family that loves him and wants to help him stay sober. Lindsay has a pack of grifters feeding off of her.

  16. Izzy says:

    Maybe she can STAY hidden. Like, forever.

  17. d says:

    You can’t escape from your demons. They are always tied to you, they are part of you, they are you. You have to confront them and make peace. Hiding out, escaping doesn’t work. Plus, let me guess: Lindsey will “hide out”, paps will find her, cause her to “relapse”, she’ll blame them, of course, and it starts all over again. And yeah, I also think she wants to hide out and lose weight. This leak to TMZ of all things, tell me nothing’s changed with this family. Nothing. Telling people she’s going to hide out. Why not just hide out and tell no one? She’s still letting her demons control her, not the other way around. A ruined, wasted life, this one.

  18. Apples says:

    I am so confused by her, “Off Adderall’ statement.
    I know two people who take Adderall when they want it and don’t feel any withdrawal if they don’t take it daily- aren’t addicted. On the other hand, one of the people says that while Adderal isn’t physically addictive, he finds caffeine incredibly addictive.

    • Gabby says:

      I don’t think Lindsay was taking it as prescribed.

    • StormsMama says:

      I know 2 people who take it as prescribed and they ARE dependent on it. My man forgot his when we went away Friday and admitted Sunday he was starting to feel “off” as he went they early withdrawal. His vision was slightly impaired and he was very zone-y.

    • Emily C. says:

      Every drug does not act the same way with every person. Alcohol is a good example; many people can have a drink or two and then stop. But many other people can’t.

    • Nina W says:

      I think if you have the illness taking the drug may benefit you but the drug has the potential to be addictive to some and to give them a high they seek. Vicodin has no effect on me when I have taken it yet my roommate got high as a kite off a dose of it. People definitely have different reactions to prescription drugs.

  19. the original bellaluna says:

    Maybe Alaska? *crosses fingers*

    • Meggie says:

      Hey. Hey. :(

      I have friends there. Very nice friends. There’s enough insanity there without that crack-vacuum.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        I’m sorry. But could you imagine her and Sarah Palin running into each at a restaurant? I would PAY to see that! :D

    • Emily C. says:

      A rocket to Mars in a shared room with Justin Bieber.

  20. Poppy says:

    I’d really really love for this to be true, and for it to work. But I’m a sucker for things like that, and I fully expect to be disappointed!

  21. Liberty says:

    Is this like post-surgical hiding, or working in some old rich douche’s harem retreat hiding, or filming raw shorts in a house in Nevada hiding, or North Korean dictator love model hiding?

    And how do you pack for this?

  22. Stubbylove says:

    It’s all or nothing with her – either she’s coked out of her ass or it’s going into hiding! Such fucking drama. Hopefully now that the drugs are out of her system she will begin to learn the truth lies in living each day at a time and will begin to mature. I don’t think anybody would shed a tear if she went into hiding for a good long year. Even though she bugs the living shit out of me – I do hope she finds sobriety and happiness perhaps similar to RDJ.

    • aims says:

      Yeah, there’s no middle ground with this chick. If she’s going into hiding, she also needs to give her parents the slip. They’re big time enablers. The whole family is a bunch of crackheads.

    • msw says:

      I agree that Lindsay seems like an “all or nothing” kinda chick (this is also common among addicts–often this type of thinking leads to that behavior in the first place) I hope she will get the hell out of LA/NY. She will be best off getting away from the leeches and enablers. For her sake, I hope she is serious. The best thing she could do is surround herself with supportive people and get away from the paps who are egging her on to fail.

  23. Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

    But what will the Crackie do for money in hiding? Her cash flow depends on tabloid stories and illicit “dates.” Will the dudes in Cincinnati be able to afford her services?

  24. Andrew says:

    I really hope it’s true. I’d like to see her come out of hiding as a healthy woman who has recovered. Unlikely, but many crazy drugged up people have done it.

  25. Madriani's Girl says:

    This is such a crock. The only “hiding” she’ll be doing is trying to find a new hiding place for her Adderall. She never believed or admitted she has a problem in her first six times through rehab and she didn’t prior to this one. Sobriety parted ways with BloHan years ago when it kept getting the raw end of the deal and has no desire to return to the fold.

  26. bettyrose says:

    She’s right about LA and NYC for someone like her. I don’t get why all actors don’t pull a Sandra Bullock and only appear when working.

  27. Barhey says:

    Fame is probably the most addictive drug of all. I don’t know if she can get off that, adderall and whatever else she is snorting at the same time.

  28. The Original G says:

    Crackie will be at the premiere of the Canyons and she’ll use this excuse to avoid process servers and work she doesn’t want to do. Maybe she’ll hole up with one of her sugar daddies to protect her sobriety. I haven’t missed her.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      And she’ll also be in Venice to promote it. Going into hiding, my arse!

  29. JL says:

    If she was serious she’d have kept her damn mouth shut, disappeared without talking to the press and let them look allover LA and NY for her.

    NO, she had to put all her business out there from REHAB where she’s supposedly solely focused on getting sober, not keeping the press up to date.

    I call Bull Sh*t!

  30. Liberty says:

    Wait — can we send her to be Snowden’s Moscow airport wife forever? Then she can be gone permanently but still have some fame and vodka.

    • bettyrose says:

      If she won’t go I’d consider a vodka soaked airport tryst with that cutie.

      • Liberty says:

        You’re right, so, I should not wish this fate on him! And so….let’s send her to live in Uncle Terry’s candy pantry instead?

  31. Ruyana says:

    Sounds like pure fantasy spun by someone on Lohan’s “team”.

    If she isn’t in the hospital with a massive OD within two weeks of getting out of rehab I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  32. Christo says:

    Adderall, or at least the improper dosage of it, will dry the skin out in general as well as rid the body body of close to 10 pounds of pre-Adderall water weight. My best friend went off of it and kept her diet exactly the same, and, despite, her almost scientific calorie measuring, she still put on 10 pounds within 2 month. In general, the over-stimulation of the body’s senses will age you and fatigue the human body overtime. Yeah, it may improves ones focus upon a SINGULAR THING, but it all but destroys one’s ability to multi-task. And though the studies are still relatively new, there is some indication that Adderall can damage the thyroid gland.

    Many people are aware of this already, but Adderall is simply a less extreme version of Amphetamine Salts. There’s no way that the body can take this chemical for decades without some detrimental effect, and the human test cases will no doubt prove this in the coming years.

    • Brittney says:

      “Many people are aware of this already, but Adderall is simply a less extreme version of Amphetamine Salts”

      Really? I’m prescribed Adderall (and have been for years); when the “generic” version became available, my insurance company made me switch. Each pill has “amphetamine salts” printed on it in black text. Is the cheaper, insurance-preferred pill really the EXTREME version of the name brand?!

  33. lisa says:

    if a cracken falls in the woods, does anyone care

  34. EricaC says:

    I thought this was an April Fools joke, but then I realised it was July 1st, not April 1st.

    Please, no way will Crackie move to another state. She’ll stay in California because where else will the law let her away with it when she f**ks up?

    And she will, you know it.

  35. Emily C. says:

    So, what, Chicago? I’m sure she’ll find it totally impossible to find drugs and johns and parties in the third largest city in the country.

  36. The Original G says:

    Where will she do her community service? Only LA and NYC were approved.

  37. Lem says:

    I am scared at how incredibly knocked up she looks in todays ‘don’t forget about me’ paparazzi shots
    Oh dear lord please don’t let her have gotten knocked up by child support king, Sheen

  38. Sonia says:

    Im thinking her tricks for middle eastern men have turned into a month long stay at the party when she gets out! That truly is ‘going into hiding’ since it worked on her little sister…did she ever come back from wherever she was ‘modeling’?

    And, send her to Omaha where she and the back door teen mom can self combust and I can see it live!

  39. Norman says:

    She can go into hiding because: 1) Any potential movie she is in will flop. a) Can’t act, b) Likely bad movie c) Uninsurable d) “a” and “b” are mutual. e) Poor relationship guaranteed with cast. 2) Endless money flow. a) Rapidly pays very expensive lawyer though in alleged debt. b) Seems to pay off bail bond. 3) Public pariah. a) Bad press of her own making. b) Very few like her. c) Frequent public inebriation/intoxication . She can take Amanda Bynes with her.

  40. rudy says:

    It would be great if she went back to acting. Serious acting. She was wonderful in Parent Trap and Freaky Friday. These are first movies she made, before plasticness before drugs. She was a natural comedienne.

  41. DanaG says:

    What makes it even funnier is there are pictures of her at her rehab today so the hiding didn’t last. Doubt she will do it she loves the attention and where would she go? I can’t imagine Lindsay in a small town she would wreck it in minutes plus how is she going to afford this new hidden lifestyle? Yep she will only go in hiding to lose weight (which she will do by going back on Adderall the minute she steps out of rehab) and to avoid being served!

  42. dorita72 says:

    Did anyone else see the blind about a troubled star being pregnant? Sure would be a reason to stop the adderall and disappear for awhile.. just sayin.

    • d says:

      Oh dear Lord, say it isn’t so. I’m not especially religious, but pray for the child if it is. And that it’s taken away and given a decent, calm, drama-free home environment.

  43. hillbillyinthecorner says:

    Looks like TMZ pulled their story tonight…What’s up with that ? They moved it to the top twice then Boom ! its gone….maybe pissed that ROL had a opposite tale to tell about her going to the Canyons premiere ….and isn’t it funny how they couldn’t give it away the movie I mean and suddenly they are invited to the Venice film festival …Do I smell the smell of a Lohan involved in this to keep the movie afloat(a little phone call here and there ) like they did Liz and Dick…..?? and we all know what that one look like ..can this one be better……LOL

  44. Gal says:

    Will she notify TMZ of her hiding place?

  45. Kathryn says:

    The more I hear from stars like RDJ and Matthew perry about their addictions the less I can feel for Lindsay. They have fully owned up to it. This girl still won’t be honest. And seriously you look at Matthew Perry who was hungover almost every day on Friends yet made it to work on time and put out a killer effort? Please, LL and you can’t even put out a guest appearance on 1 ep of Glee. This is why you will never ever make a comeback.

  46. jojo says:

    One of the wwE DIVAS said that lilo needs to have some sense beaten into her and that she would do it.
    although I don’t condone violence, I think that in this case, it would be most appropriate.
    Lest you think that I harbor such animosity against females only, let me tell you that 2 guys need a beatdown worse than lilo; Justin bieber and most of all, chris brown.

    Brown needs a beatdown by Jon Jones of the UFC. I would love to see brown get his face pounded in and then guillotine choked