Victoria Beckham: As a mother, I ‘feel guilty every time I go to work”

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham covers the August issue of Vogue China, and she looks like a delicate little … China doll. Over the past decade or so, I’ve always thought that Victoria seems incredibly fragile from a physical standpoint as she is not naturally thin but appears to deprive herself by looking at a cake and choosing to eat a celebratory fruit plate even on special occasions such as birthdays. I honestly don’t mean to knock ultra-skinny people at all, but Victoria always looks so hungry and full of self deprivation, and this cover is no exception. I love her sarcastic, witty personality, but I worry about Posh. For real.

While the bustier shot on the cover isn’t very flattering, Victoria fares better in the editorial, which is rather subtle and photographed by Josh Olins. This black coat is rather gorgeous, isn’t it? That’s my favorite shot of the bunch. The interview isn’t anything special and mostly involves VB talking about her work-induced guilt as a mother of four. Victoria has talked about this subject very recently in terms of balancing work and motherhood, but I suspect that it weighs very heavily on her mind especially after giving birth to little Harper Seven:

Victoria Beckham

On staying on top: “When you are successful, the hardest thing is maintaining that level of success, so you work harder to maintain what you have achieved.”

Working motherhood is tough: “It’s a huge juggling act, when you are a working mother and looking after your family. Millions and millions of women around the world are doing this every day, but it’s not easy and yes, you feel guilty every time you walk out of the door to go to work.”

But it’s all worth it: “I have been in the limelight for over 20 years. I am not on an ego trip; empowering women and making them feel sexy and great when they wear my clothes means more than thousands of people clapping. Empowering women is what makes me feel good.”

She’s a China girl: “I love China. The women really understand fashion and I can honestly say the women who come to my events are some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. They have remarkable bodies and are happy and positive and I love that. I think they know what looks good, how to accessorise and have beautiful hair and flawless skin.”

[From Vogue China]

I suspect that, at this stage in the fashion game, Victoria could get away with a hefty amount of delegation, but she enjoys maintaining a high level of control over her empire. And that’s fine. She and David appear to be very close to their children, and David won’t be away nearly as much from the family now that he’s officially retired from professional soccer. Now it’s Victoria’s time to shine, but I understand her working-mom guilt completely.

By the way, is anyone else wondering what Victoria means by the “remarkable bodies” of women in China? I think she meant to say, “petite.”

Victoria Beckham

Photos courtesy of Vogue China

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  1. Newyorking says:

    What work? Ugh. Ya by women in China she means petite and skinny. She is such a scarecrow.

    • rundee says:

      Scarecrow? Excuse me? When I saw the picture I thought it´s Emma Watson, who is like 18.
      If this is a scarecrow, I wanna be a scarecrow too.

    • Denise says:

      She works. I never thought I’d be defending Victoria Beckham because I was only too aware of her in her WAG days in the UK with her extensions, half concrete melons and cut-offs worn like a thong. But she has earned what she’s achieved in fashion. Just look at the photos of her looking like a zombie when the collections are on, she’s had zero sleep in probably a week trying to get it ready, plus four kids at home. She’s no diva when it comes down to it.

  2. Maria says:

    i wouldnt read too much into her remark about chinese women, she just wanted to flatter the people she tries to sell her stuff to. she would have complimented women no matter what country the magazine is from.

  3. kayls says:

    I think she look quite good here – her normal Caucasian color rather than perma-Orange is a welcome change. The nostril shot is kind of a weird one though.

  4. Seagulls says:

    I love this woman. She’s just utterly herself and appears to be a hard worker, dedicated mother and seems like such fun.

    • littlestar says:

      I love her too. She gets a bad rap because of how she poses so hard in pictures (never smiling of course), but when you watch interviews of her, she is just so nice and funny and self-deprecating. I wish she’d loosen up a little bit and enjoy a treat every now and then. I also wish she’d let the dream of being on US Vogue go.

  5. Just Me says:

    Working Mom guilt for normal women? Yes. Do I buy that VB has it? I’m not sure. She has a team of people looking after her family. It’s not like she has to worry about dinner being late, or any of the other things that normal Moms worry about. Her team does those things for her. Does she MISS her kids? Probably. Does she worry about DB boinking the nanny? Probably. Personally, I think this is a PR move to seem more relatable to the masses, as the word & VB most definitely are not synonymous.

    • marie says:

      I can’t believe I’m defending her over this, but you see more photos of her with her family than without. Maybe I’m being naive but I do think she’s very active in her kids lives. Yes, I’m sure there are nannies that help, but I don’t think they are in any way raising her kids.

    • gogoGorilla says:

      Yeah, I agree with you. I like VB a lot and she does seem to spend a lot of time with her kids, but it really yanks my chain when celebrities carry on about how difficult it is to balance work/family life when you know they have a cook, nanny, personal trainer, financial manager, personal shopper, etc., etc. It really doesn’t equate to what families without a personal staff go through, but I get that they want to be all “me, too” in case that helps their popularity levels.

      • Just Me says:

        Especially since this push is coming out after the THIRD child, which came yeeeeeeears after her first two. Are we to believe that because she had a girl, she suddenly developed a conscience? The first magazine article…maybe (not really). But now the push just seems like an angle, doesn’t it? That’s not to say I don’t like VB and that I don’t truly think she loves and misses her kids. No one is denying that.

        The first thing anyone should think about when reading an interview is what that celeb is selling; because truly, that’s the only reason these celebs allow us into their lives like this. When they have something to promote or sell us. It always surprises me how quickly people buy any and everything coming out of Hollywood. I find it funny when people come out of the woodwork to defend these celebs, when in reality, they know absolutely nothing about them other than what their PR team wants you to know.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I feel like celebs can’t win with this.

        If she said that it was easy then everyone would be screaming “of course it’s easy for you! You have a team of nannies helping.”
        Truthfully, I’m sure there are plenty of working women in this country that would welcome the help from a nanny if they could afford it. She has the money so I don’t fault her for that.

        I think she answered the question as diplomatically as she could, but most of all, I wish mothers would stop jumping on each other for every little thing. I swear, it becomes a contest of “who has the harder life”, when really nobody MADE anyone have children. It’s a choice that comes with a lot of challenges AND a lot of rewards.

      • Lucinda says:

        This right here! They just can’t win. I thought it was really nice that she acknowledged all the working mothers out there and didn’t pretend she was the only one to feel that guilt.

        As for one-upping–we know nothing about her life really. And we all feel stress and guilt differently. There are moms out there who do things I could NEVER handle but I do things they could NEVER handle without giving it a second thought. I’m quite sure she deals with things we could never imagine.

        How about we just commend her for acknowledging the inherent guilt that often comes with working and praise her for all the times we do see her with her kids.

      • Stef Leppard says:

        @ Just Me

        She has four kids. Three boys and a girl.

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      Agree. I feel like telling her to STAY HOME THEN. God knows she can afford it, and her children would benefit.

  6. Jess says:

    This must be the first time in over a decade that she’s let herself be seen without her precious fake tan. She really wants some of China’s cash!

    Her fashion line is made up of rip-off’s, so how much work could there really be? See a dress, order someone to copy it with a minor alteration so as to avoid a lawsuit, pay a celeb to wear it.

  7. Jennifer12 says:

    I like Posh, I really do. Wish she would eat, but I like her. And the working mom-guilt thing? Without a doubt. I’m out of commission for a few weeks and my kids are in heaven because I’m generally working 6 days a week.

  8. LAK says:

    Her clothing is cut for skinny with no curves….

    You have to buy a size bigger to fit, and if you have curves, 2 sizes bigger.

    It’s really frustrating because her clothes are beautiful.

  9. Sannie says:

    On the cover she looks like Emma Watson

  10. Lulu86 says:

    No she is definitely not naturally skinny you can tell from her pics when she was trying to be a dancer. She reminds me of Nancy Regan another much h3eavier woman that became ‘petite’. Her and Madonna have some sick discipline.

  11. Katie says:

    So stay home with the kids, Victoria. It’s not like you need the money.

    I liked her much better when she wasn’t trying to appeal to the mommies. Are there any famous “working” mothers that make no bones about enjoying their jobs and not feeling any guilt about working (and setting a positive example for their children by doing so) while raising children, or does everyone have to kowtow to the self-righteous stay at home moms nowadays?

    • Anna-fo-Fanna says:

      Yes, Ivanka Trump. She often talks about how much she loves her job and works long days at it. And do you know what?? She was absolutely SLAUGHTERED on here by some for neglecting her daughter (there were some resonable voices asking if everyone would have been so outraged if a dad had said it, so that was nice).

      These celebs can’t win. No matter what they say, someone is waiting to jump on it.

    • Bodhi says:

      I’m a mostly stay-at-home mom & I would much rather be working. I love my son & I love being with him, but I really miss working more than 24 hours a week. I’m home with him because day care is prohibitively expensive. I’m looking forward to his starting pre-school so I can finally get started on grad school!

  12. Maum says:

    You know what?
    Fuck off.

    She has more money than she can spend, she’s not a ‘working mom’. She’s a rich woman who loves fashion and used her opportunities (ie cash) to build herself a rather successful career. She works because she loves it and it’s actually a great example to give all her children. I hate the working woman guilt.

    It’s also extremely insulting to the millions of mothers who have to go to work because they need the money.

    • mata says:

      Yup. I have no doubt that she’s hands on with her kids and misses them when she’s at work, but if she really felt that way she could easily quit and live quite comfortably off the millions that she’s already accumulated. Most working moms don’t have that choice.

    • ZinJoJo says:

      Right there with you. She does not have to work at all, she chooses to. Which I understand — I’m a much happier person and a better mother because I DO work. But it’s also not a choice, like millions of other women — we do it because we need to make a living.

      I’m sure she misses her kids when she’s working, but she’s trying to appear more relatable now.

    • Gia says:

      I agree. Overall, I don’t get the V appeal. She’s pretty boring and cares far too much about how others perceive her (which to me is glaringly obvious by her try hard posing all the time, airport strutting and never smiling). She needs to relax. That said, I agree that if she really feels bad about being away from her kids, then she can just stay home and raise them. She hired some of the best in the business to design and create her (second attempt…don’t forget the crown on the ass jeans) clothing line. And if anyone thinks that she has anything to do creatively with these clothes, you are fooling yourself. Her style is as chavy as they come. Don’t foget her wag years. That’s the real Victoria. Now she just employs people to tell her what to wear.

  13. T.fanty says:

    She’s recently had work done on her nose, right? That’s all I could notice in these pics.

  14. JL says:

    God I’m tired of other women pounding on those women who are successful!
    So she feels a twinge when she goes to work, what woman doesn’t?
    WHAT she should say fuck the kids I’m outta here?
    She should feel bad because she’s successful and others aren’t?

    Working because your husband doesn’t make enough to support your lifestyle or your a single mom is more noble in some aspect?

    Being successful, setting an example and ensuring your children have the ways and means to do the same is now bad?

    Yep, I am so over it. I’m successful, I work my ass off, I’m not apologizing for it either. If I miss the kids, dog or anything else – well that’s my choice.

    I fail to see how missing her children while at work is an insult to anyone, in the end it’s HER family, HER kids and doesn’t really impact my life in any way.

    • Just Me says:

      I think you’re taking this a little too personal. I don’t think anyone is saying she shouldn’t be successful and that she shouldn’t be working. I think the majority of posters here are working women. I do, however, think some of us are calling out an obvious PR angle.

      And FTR, I’m a Mom. I work. And I don’t have to. My husband makes more than enough to support us. I work because I love my job and it fulfills something inside me that has nothing at all to do with being a Mom. Just as, I’m sure, VB’s work does for her. It’s all gossip. Don’t take it personal. Nothing is real in Hollywood. Which is why all of this is the perfect escape. Until people start taking it seriously and fighting with one another.

      • JL says:

        Don’t take it personally? Isn’t that what all these “I’m offended” and “How dare she comments are?” “She has money” – well that one is just snarky and envious….IMHO

        I really don’t see the difference in a nanny and dropping the tots off with grandma or the daycare or having grandma help out on a shopping trip. She can just afford better care.

        Many women work because they want to, some jobs pay well, some pay in other ways – all are of value. In reality some stay at home moms would do better to drop their kids at daycare. Many kids with working mom do exceptionally well……

        My point is anyone can stay home, live on less, live on welfare, but why oh why do women wail on each other over such nonsense?

        I see Angelia Jolie is going to be working in Hawaii on a film, where’s all the Bitch how dare she? for her? She has nannies, as do many many people including the “common” woman who shares one with a bunch of other people at the daycare.

      • Just Me says:

        DAMN girl. You just proved my point about taking things personally. Not everyone here with a dissenting opinion is a SAHM ragging on other women who work. I hate to tell you that you’re preaching to the choir in your lecture to me on feminism. For many of us, this is not about feminism. Or even classism. It’s about an obvious PR angle that you’ve identified with and are taking personally, which, honestly, is exactly what VB and her PR team want. This shit is not real.

    • Cidee says:

      THIS x 1000!!!!

    • Faye says:

      Thank you. I don’t get all the Victoria bashing. It is possible to love your job and do it out of love, not necessity, but STILL feel some guilt. It’s called being human. I applaud her honesty, and while I feel for women who work out of necessity but wish they could stay home, that doesn’t give them the right to bash other women who are in different circumstances. There’s always someone worse off than you; how would you like it if some poor woman in a Calcutta slum told you to fuck off for complaining about your relatively cushy job?

    • bamafresh says:


    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Agree with JL.

      Nobody is OBLIGATED to procreate. Why do women act like ‘having’ to work while raising children isn’t a choice in and of itself? No one made you have a kid….it’s NOT somehow more *noble* because really, if you can’t afford to have kids then maybe just don’t have them.

      Bottom line: if you have the money to afford nannies and you enjoy working, then you have the freedom to do so and it’s really nobody’s business. VB isn’t asking any of us to watch her kids while she works all day. If you don’t really have the financial stability to afford kids but you have them anyway and have to work full-time to afford them, then that choice is on YOU. You are not somehow more worthy of empathy or more entitled to bitch about it.

      I don’t get why women who want to work and can afford to hire extra help to raise their children are constantly shamed over it.

      BTW, just because a woman chose to have children and has to work all day to support them, doesn’t mean her children will turn out any better than kids raised by nannies.

      • Zoid says:

        I mean, there’s really no winning when a woman gets asked these statements. Is it really so hard to believe she just loves her job and misses her kids when she’s traveling?

      • JL says:

        Preach it sister! My point exactly!

      • Linda says:

        Nobody is OBLIGATED to procreate. Why do women act like ‘having’ to work while raising children isn’t a choice in and of itself?

        I find your comments to be very offensive.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Why is it offensive? What about my comment ISN’T true?

        Look, the point isn’t to say that it can’t be difficult and challenging for both working moms AND stay-at-home moms, the point is that it’s a PERSONAL CHOICE we make as individuals. As such, we need to be held accountable for the consequences (both good and bad) that come with making that choice.

        Basically, nobody forced you to have a child so stop acting like because of your circumstances, you are somehow more deserving of martyrdom than another mother who chose a different path.

      • JL says:

        Here’s what I find offensive,

        Women who want to whine, cry, bitch and moan about how hard they have it and how we should all glorify the mommies that suddenly discover that having children is expensive, time consuming and a huge commitment and not all unicorns and rainbows. OMG I have to work and she doesn’t its so hard!

        I find it offensive that women dog other women’s choices and play the martyr because they have to work to support the children they decided to have and then have the audacity to bitch about it. You knew your financial, educational and social position before you had kids and willing took it on.

        I find it offensive when women try to put themselves in the mommy/Body/looks/success shaming mode when some one’s circumstances allow them more opportunities. Frankly I find it embarrassing for those people.

        Children are supposed to be a blessing, to be taught to be good, accepting and loving and supportive of their fellows – not that you’d know it from what you read on here. It seems half the readers hate having kids and the other half hates anyone who doesn’t share their misery.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        “I find it offensive when women try to put themselves in the mommy/Body/looks/success shaming mode when some one’s circumstances allow them more opportunities.”

        ^^^^^^ THIS EXACTLY.

      • MorganM says:

        Well, nobody said any woman was “obligated” to procreate. Most women know they don’t have to have kids, if they don’t want to. They know (or should know) that this was their choice entirely.

    • Gia says:

      But she doesn’t work! She pretends she works and shows up to meetings and ‘approves’ other peoples’ work. It’s a total sham. She wanted to be taken seriously in the fashion world, so she hired a bunch of talented people to develop it for her. It will take a lot of convincing for me to believe that this hair extension loving, overly tanned, fake balloon tittied spice girl has a high fashion bone in her entire body!

      • JL says:

        Wow that sounds just like what a CEO does in a major company. A CEO hires talent and runs the show, approves things and sets the pace AND takes the heat when things go wrong or the company loses money…..

        I’m betting that’s not nearly as easy or glamorous as it may seem. I’m guessing it’s really a pain in the ass.

        There are days I’d love to just punch a clock, do what’s in front of me and when I leave call it a day and let everyone else worry about keeping everyone employed, how much business we have and of we’re set up to make bank in the future.

      • JL says:

        Also those three years at Laine College preparing for her career wasn’t work?
        Nothing in life is free or that easy.

      • Gia says:

        @JL A CEO would actually have an education and a work history to back up her position…you know, works their way up. She has none of the above. Just a lot of cash and a team that knows better. Come on…do you really think she designs those clothes? Just out of the blue like that she’s running and designing a successful, high fashion line?? Really?

  15. the artful dodger says:

    I think you’re reading into her commments a bit too heavily. Posh has always come across as a very level headed celebrity. I think she suffers from ‘bitch face’ and because she is a perfectionist (especially in terms of appearence) I think she gets written up as this harsh, closeted pro-anna kind of person. I just dont believe that though, she seems way more grounded than that.

  16. janie says:

    I love her! I do believe above anything else, being a mom and good wife is her number one priority. She’s very involved with her kids & they appear to be fairly normal & well behaved. I read she wants another baby. I used to think she was lucky to have David, now I feel he’s the lucky one.

  17. Ag says:

    while i totally agree with the comments that say that she’s not a “working mom”, i understand what she’s saying. yes, she has a ton of money and a team of nannies, and she doesn’t have to work a day in her life if she chooses not to. but, she chooses to – probably because she likes it, and she finds it fulfilling on a level different than raising her kids. i love working and i love spending time with my baby. i wouldn’t want to give either up. doesn’t mean one aspect of my life is lesser than the other, of course. still, the guilt of leaving my son at daycare and being away from him is sometimes crushing.

    • Mazza666 says:

      Well said.

      Though I’d go one further and ask why isn’t she a working mum? She’s a mum and she works. End of.

      The accusations that she has enough money so she should just stay at home if she has the audacity to both work and miss her kids are just offensive to me and, frankly, make me wonder what century we’re in?

      As for the “she’s got a nanny, so she can hardly find being a mum hard” arguments: again, seriously? So what if she does have a nanny, do you only have to be a single mother on the poverty breadline to be able to have any opinion about your own personal experience with motherhood? And actually, if you read her comments, she rightly points out that she is in the same boat as many other mothers. Yes, she has the luxury of money and help, but she does seem like a doting, hands-on mother (literally in the case of H7) and she also seems incredibly hard-working. I, for one, think it’s alright to be both and admit that balancing the two sometimes leaves you feeling a little guilty (or, god forbid, totally knackered!)

      On an unrelated (and less incendiary!) topic – I totally agree with the Emma Watson comments.

      • maum says:

        I don’t think she should stay at home if she misses her kids. I just think it’s a bit of a disingenuous comment. It almost feels as she’s pandering to the homemakers.
        I would have much more respect for her if she said that yes she did miss her kids sometimes but ultimately she was happy and fulfilled as a woman with a job and a family. It IS possible.

      • JL says:


      • Ag says:

        @Mazza666 – I mean to say that she’s not the “traditional working mom”, I somehow missed that. 🙂

  18. Micki says:

    I think the cover is photoshoped to the limit.Her face looks like alien’s and with her BMI I wonder there are no ribcage bones to be seen.

    This “guilt”-talk starts to irritate me a bit. She has earned a lot of money prior any of her kids. It was her decision to turn into fashion. She managed to become not only fashion but also designer name, but I think just like Ivanka Thrump she can decide how much and when to work.
    Millions of working mothers have to make ends meet which is another story completely.
    Sometimes I think the “guilt” talk is a shield against critic.
    “She has to work you see although she’s stay with the kids if she could. So she’s busy but she’s thinking about them all the time”

    Honestly I prefer Ivanka’s no nonsence approach.

    • maum says:


    • NM9005 says:

      Ivanka can’t say she feels guilty because you know she just doesn’t. Posh travels a lot and has a different line of work but you know her children are usually there (even when she was interviewed, Harper could be heard in the background).
      Trump only spends a few hours with her child and you know she’s not going out of her way for it. It’s two different personalities, they’re not comparable.

      Furthermore Posh was viewed as a ‘chav’ for a long time despite their enormous wealth. It’s a cultural aspect too. They’re transferring what they took from their childhood to their child(ren) which in Trump’s case were workaholic absent parents and a battery of nannies and for Posh a comfortable upbringing but with parents who were around despite having a good career (certainly her father who was a businessman). The Trumps weren’t warm parents, they do what they have to do like in a business. It’s a different approach.

  19. JQ says:

    Maybe she’s trying to be nice with the China comment. Some women here are very beautiful but many times, I am left to scratch my head at some of the things the women here step out in. Also, they over-perm their hair and they eat fattening things. Korea was a place Posh would feel right at home with all the petite women. Here in China, there are plenty of obese men and women.

    • Bijlee says:

      I feel like your Korean.

      But I would agree. I love Korean skin care products and they are so into looking natural and being healthy.

      • JQ says:

        I am not Korean. I’m American. My husband is actually Chinese. We lived in Korea and now we live in China. I loved living in Korea. And you’re right…they have some of THE best products out there. I went shopping daily. China is a bit different. I felt like Seoul was my 2nd home but there is still a lot to like about China. I just think Koreans are much more fashionable.

  20. NM9005 says:

    I like her. She always supported her husband (she’s a GOOP in that way, go through the tough shit and it gets better), her children are almost always with her and they are very rarely not interacting with her. They’re a happy family. And she’s a sweetheart besides almost never smiling but that’s her choice ever since she was in her early 20s.

    Posh worked very hard to be taken seriously. Of all the Girls, she’s the most successful. She was not the best singer or dancer but she created a new image after years of ‘chavvy poshness’. Various celebs wear her clothing, not just skinny one. And she makes herself accessible enough without overselling herself.

    I understand why she would say she feels guilty. It’s choice. She wanted to be better than what she was. She wanted to be famous for something she achieved now not be a Spice Girl forever or not be ‘the wife of’ and certainly not famous for being famous. Now that she has it, it’s hard to think of the sacrifices she has to keep making (family wise) to maintain her career. I think that’s quite human and normal to feel.

  21. pnichols says:

    I like her and I dont think shes full of it. Just answering the questions. Shes earned her place and her clothes are gorgeous. Who cares if shes thin?? God you cant win no matter what.

  22. BLOGAHOLIC says:

    Oh please…

  23. Feebee says:

    Just because you have staff so that you can go and work doesn’t lessen the guilt you feel leaving your kids to go and work. Even if you love what you do and are fully aware that you’re choosing to leave.

    Anyone who thinks Chinese women are solely “petite” should look harder. Yes, they’re generally a smaller race but there are a lot of athletic builds. And I don’t mean some of the questionable Olympic athlete types. But not the curviest body types. Maybe that’s why they fit her clothes so well?

  24. Ava says:

    The whole “empowerment” talks is such BS.
    That word has lost all meaning.

    Nobody is empowered because he/she’s wearing a designer suit/dress.

  25. LaurieH says:

    First, I agree with JL that we should cut the working class hero crap. I really hate when people play that card. Some people are wealthy. Some people are not. Some work because they have to. Some do it because they like getting out of the house. Some people work hard, some don’t – and the amount of hard work one puts is rarely commensurate with the salary (see: any celebrity in Hollywood vs any waitress working a double shift). All work is noble – be it making designer dresses, slinging hash at The Waffle House, working in a shop, digging a ditch or staying at home running a household. Making excuses not to work when you financially can’t afford to not work – not so noble. I have friends who are wealthier than me and I have friends who are poorer than me. If a friend needs a hand, no problem. It’s just money. Some people have lots, some people have little, but in the end, we all die. So what? No one wants to be remembered as “the rich person” or the “poor person” but rather the kind person, funny person, positive person, friendly person…all those kind of persons that you don’t need money to be.

  26. Bijlee says:

    I can understand why people would be annoyed when CELEBRITIES /(maybe rich people) talk about being moms. It always seems like PR and a way to get them to seem relatable to you, aka not genuine. You’re there for them to make money off of you so they can go get more fame and have more dream vacations while they backhandedly tell you they understand what you go through. There’s a huge difference of class between “regular” working moms who have high stress jobs and can’t manage to take off a day to go to the spa frequently like celebrities. Different standards, different classes. As a working mom (whether married or unmarried) you probably don’t have the help you expected to have. Dads still suck at doing their fair share of the housework or the parenting or child support, etc.

    Kudos you have a partner who does their fair share. That’s amazing! Congrats! But I see more women having a partner who DOES NOT do his/her fair share then I see do. VB probably doesn’t have to deal with the mind numbing grunt work that comes with children on a daily basis. To her it could be special time. Most women come home exhausted from work, the house is a mess and they have to deal with kids who for some reason are able to produce mass tons of bodily fluids within the span of a few minutes. And they always manage to be sticky.

    To those of you saying these women don’t deserve to bitch or complain or act like what they do deserves sainthood, I get that. But most everyone that is a working woman and rolling their eyes at the crap celebrities spread when it comes to motherhood are well aware of this (and in my estimation VB is NOT one of those high and mighty up her own bum celebrities…Salma Hayek is though, she’s an awful person).

    It is a thankless job, one that gets taken completely for granted from ALL involved. Everyone is judging these parents. From breeders to non-breeders, sahm, other working moms, sahd, useless dads, working dads, useful dads, teenagers, you name it. WE judge. Everyone judges. The judgement NEVER ends for them.

    Some women don’t choose to be poor, they had kids in better circumstances but then all of a sudden they become less than ideal circumstances whether due to divorce, etc. Blame the economy, the job market what have you it happens. So yeah, I think they have a right to complain because the way society and government is right now, people are completely un-supportive of mothers. Especially working moms who don’t have the means that celeb mommas do. These celeb mommas work in a place where motherhood has become a lucrative business decision. And again, VB is IMO not one of those people. But yes, it’s still annoying.

    I don’t think we should trash celeb mommas left and right for what they say about being moms or having nannies. I’m not shaming them for having nannies. Lord knows I would have them if I had children…or just even for myself, but I’m just tired of this whole motherhood is a business decision for them more than anything.

    I’m honestly not interested in being congratulatory or sympathetic to their plight either. IT IS easier for them to be parents when they have all this possibly round the clock help. Parenting becomes a far less stressful job and they’ll romanticize every moment they wiped away their child’s drool.

    But my sympathy for VB is like a 7/10, because I don’t think she’s anywhere near other celeb mommas that make money for their motherhood image.

    But I’m a young grad student from a poor, immigrant, working class background. I have no kids and probably never will. And my mother was ABSOLUTELY a hero. So here’s my finger to those of you who don’t think she deserves praise and hero-like status for single-handedly working her tail off to the detriment of her health to raise her THREE kids. My dad’s scum you can piss on him all you want though.

    • JL says:

      No finger needed here Bijlee;

      If your mother raised you to think that way then I’m betting she did her job as a mother 1st and an employee 2nd and did it without worrying about or demeaning other women / moms. YOU are her paycheck in the end and it seems she got a very good one!

  27. MissR says:

    As someone who lives in China, I have to say that the Chinese women might be skinny but they don’t work out at all and they don’t save their armpits (and more). As for their style, no style at all, only the very rich ones know how to dress but the majority doesn’t. Sorry but it’s true.

  28. Baskingshark says:

    Someone needs to create a small, air-conditioned concrete vault with no windows, constant CCTV recording every inch of the place from multiple angles and one heavily-guarded solid-iron door providing the only access. In the middle of the room, there needs to be a chair, a drawing table and a bunch of pens and blank paper. There also needs to be an electromagnetic pulse radiating throughout the place constantly to destroy any communication devices brought into it. Then Victoria Beckham needs to be placed inside the cell, wearing a skintight suit with no pockets and nowhere to hide anything, having been searched thoroughly. When she comes out having drawn a picture of a dress that does not look like something a five-year-old’s proud parents would stick on their refrigerator, I’ll believe she designs those outfits and not before. I don’t care what Anna Wintour says!