“Victoria Beckham had a celebratory fruit plate for her 38th birthday” links

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  1. Eve says:

    She sniffed it she and was already full.

  2. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Oooooh how very exciting!!!

    Honestly – she can’t even treat herself on her b’day – how miserable

  3. Relli says:

    I am sure this was extravagant for her. Fruit has a lot of carbs*

    *I am totally being sarcastic in case anyone gets upset.

  4. Beth says:

    My birthday was on Sunday, and I didn’t have cake, either. Not even ice cream cake. But I’m also gluten intolerant and don’t like ice cream, so I had an apple with peanut butter. We don’t know about her food sensitivities. Anyone who saw my birthday “dessert” would have wondered what my deal was, too. Personally, the fruit looks more appetizing than an overly sweet pile of lard, flour and sugar, but I’m weird that way. And so is my son-in-law who doesn’t like cake, either. Maybe Victoria’s weird that way, too …

    • LAK says:

      your reasons for not splurging on cake are legit and understandable.

      VB, on the otherhand, is known to stick to this rigid diet purely for vanity reasons….

      i pity her daughter in that she has every chance of developing her mother’s eating, weight and body philosophy, but on the other hand David, her brothers and karma might give her a tomboy, cake eating daughter, i can’t wait to see which way she turns out.

    • marie says:

      gimme lard, gimme lard.. topped with rot your teeth sugar, if I can’t splurge on my birthday then when can I?

    • Agnes says:

      you don’t have to have cake on your birthday, that’s hardly the point. the point is that this miserable woman (and many like her) treat fruit, FRUIT, for god’s sake, as some insane indulgence to be eaten (or just looked at?) on very special occasions. :) (i’m gluten intolerant too, so i don’t eat cake-cake, but there are plenty of good “fake” cakes out there that one can have.)

      • LAK says:

        i don’t know why fruit has been deemed bad for you ie full of carbs and sugar therefore to be avoided.

        I actually think that plate looks delicious but i do have friends who would be terrorised by it!

      • Seagulls says:

        Fruit does have to be a treat for me, it puts weight on just that fast.

      • gg says:

        Alas, I’m not a cakeeater either. I like fruit, and it puts on the weight because it’s still sugar. And that’s why I crave it and that’s also why I have to severely limit it.


      • LAK says:

        @gg – that website is seriously deranged. If fruit only had sugar, then that would be a very good point. That website discounts all the other nutritional value of fruit. If you cut fruit from your diet, where are you going to get your vitamins from? Is that the reason people now get enhanced food instead of eating fruit?

        How does a person put on weight from eating fruit? what kind of fruit is this that makes a person fat? Show me a fat vegan or people whose principal diet is fruit and vegetables who is fat.

        The amount of misinformation by the diet industry is really shocking.

        I would happily bet that there is another reason you put on weight when you eat fruit, that has nothing to do with the sugar therein.

        And for the record, my mum was a fruitarian, ie existed solely on fruit. All kinds of fruit which she ate several times a day. The only problem with her was brittle bones through lack of calcium, but it certainly wasn’t excess weight from eating all that fruit.

      • LAK says:

        @pai – you had me until…’a bag of oranges everyday will make you fat.’ and also ” fruit is good only in moderation’

        Firstly, clearly more than 100M vegetarians/vegans in the world must be wrong. Our hospitals are full of people who o’ded on fruit. yes, fruit poisoning [edible fruit]is a serious problem!!!!

        In what world is a bag of oranges equal to fattening. What kind of oranges are these that make a person fat?? If one took 1kg of pure sugar vs 1kg of pure honey vs 1kg of fresh fruit, it would contain the same amount of sugar???

        Do you know what this is? The diet industry has successfully brainwashed people into believing that fruit, natural fruit is bad for you. Just like they did Fat once, and carbs too. Let’s discount all the other major nutritional value of fruit because it contains 1% sugar in the whole.

        I can not believe that Fruit has managed to get a bad rep.

        i feel a crusade and campaign coming on to re-educate people about fruit. And how it relates to the human body.

        And i am not talking about people who have sugar related problems like diabetes.

      • Seagulls says:

        I don’t know, LAK, why can some people eat nothing but junk food and never gain weight? Because we all metabolize food differently. Whether your mother subsisted on fruit, coffee grounds or stones is irrelevant to me; I gain weight when I eat fruit.

    • Tiffany says:

      I think it is horrible that our society has become so intolerant of healthy eating. Look at how much hate she gets because she is eating something delicious and good for you!

      I just don’t understand people sometimes.

      • Eleonor says:

        On which planet Posh has an healthy figure?? She has never been overweight, but at the beginning of her career she looked way better because she had some weight on her bones, now she is a skeleton. Being that thin it’s not healthy, she is starving herself, and this is the prove of it.

      • momoftwo says:

        I get what you are saying. In a country with sky high obesity rate (I myself fall into this category cuz do not pass on any cake!) you would think we would raise our eyebrows at the fact that every holiday (bdays, easter, halloween, etc) are punctuated by plates and bags of sugar.

        Instead we pump ourselves and our kids (I am guilty of this too) of junk and sugar and call that normal.

        I only wish I could only enjoy a fruit plate for special occasions and leave it at that!!

      • Pia says:

        This is hardly an attack on healthy eating. If she doesn’t want cake, fine, that’s her choice. But someone who avoids fruits, even tomatoes (also a fruit yes, but less sugar) because “they have carbs” has a seriously skewed idea of nutrition. Fresh, ripe fruit is heavenly and GOOD for you in moderation. Obviously if someone eats a whole bag of oranges everyday, they are going to get fat from sugar, but treating it like a naughty indulgence? Sorry, I don’t think that is a normal or happy way to live.

  5. Reece says:

    She totally splurged! The writing was in chocolate.

  6. hatsumomo says:

    Thats the lamest thing Ive ever heard of( opinioned by the dorkiest person ever).

  7. Bubulle says:

    She can’t even enjoy the simple pleasures of life, she also turns a blind eye to her husband’s infidelities, what a sad life.

  8. sirsnarksalot says:

    I weep for her daughter and the lifelong messages about weight and beauty she is going to get (spoken and unspoken) from her Mom. Just goes to show that you can have all the money in the world and still not be happy with yourself.

    I’m off to have a Magnolia’s cupcake in her honor…

  9. MrsBarneyStinson says:

    The way I cried when I heard about Taylor Hanson’s marriage. The wound is still fresh. :’(

  10. Skinnybetch says:

    How does she have the energy to be a fashion designer, take care of 4 kids and keep db from cheating her all on an empty stomach? I would be exhausted!

  11. Onyx XV says:

    Never thought I’d say this about Posh, but that’s just beyond sad and pathetic.

  12. Zelda says:

    Meh. Some people don’t like cake. A friend of mine specifically aksed us not to get her one on her birthday because she doesn’t like it.

  13. Hautie says:

    Well at least that baby finally got to wear something besides black and gray! How did Victoria let that happen! :)

  14. Jenna says:

    I don’t know why I laughed so hard at that…………but I did.

  15. Bad Gal Addiction says:

    Oh boy, how sad is this!? Seems to be really cheap to take her out though^^

  16. Chatcat says:

    On my 38th birthday I was at the Four Seasons in Newport Beach, CA and my husband had choclate covered strawberries sent to me with the whole Happy Birthday in choclate around the plate. I ate them all! Please Victoria, eat some fruit and swipe it thru the chocolate writing to add some calories….PLEASE!!!!

  17. Mia says:

    At least she doesn’t lie about eating like other celebs. “I don’t diet! I eat what I like just in small amounts! I can’t give up food”

  18. Az says:

    You can say what you want about Posh, but you have to admire her discipline. I would never be able to do it like she does!

  19. Belle Epoch says:

    That picture of her is truly awful. Bony chicken with cranky face – AGAIN. A smile might make her more attractive – but I guess smiles cause wrinkles.

    I worry about that adorable baby. So far so good, but I bet there will be food restriction in her future. Both parents have 0% body fat. That’s gonna be tough.

  20. Booka says:

    Thing is you splurge once on cake and then you want it even more so why bother in the first place. To maintain her slender figure she has to eat sparingly, small portions and maybe one small treat a week. I can’t live like that but she must have will power – got to give her credit.

  21. lettylynton says:

    Christina did not look too pleased, I’d agree with that. And I look at Kelly Brook’s pictures everyday before I go to the gym. She is magnificent.

  22. Zelda says:

    You know what, I will insist a celebrity “eat a sandwich” or “eat some cake” on this site the day it becomes acceptable to snark that someone should “eat less sandwiches” or “put down the cake” on this site.

    People are allowed to mold their bodies however they’d like, and hearing people bitch about how other people choose to do it (only the thin ones, mind you) while hiding behind the excuses of armchair psychology and “medical concern”– it is really wearing thin. There are a bunch of funny, smart, interesting posters here– we can afford to vary the conversation a bit, can’t we?

    Of course, when someone writes that Adele or Octavia Spencer should put down the hamburgers, because she’s eating her feelings/at risk for heart disease/gross to look at, then I’ll consider the body snark even and at least fair, if boring.

    Now bring on the flames about how “curvy” is sexier than “bony”. I’ll wait. I love semantics.

    • the original almond says:

      I don’t think it’s about one body type being hotter than the other, but the extremes to which some of these women go to maintain unnecessary and most times undesirable level of thinness is mind-blowing.

      I’ll refrain from judging on mere sight, but to see something like this and knowing her history with diets and figure concerns makes me want to shake her. It’s understandable and -most times- admirable to maintain the weight at which you are most comfortable and confident. But if it comes with so many sacrifices and, I imagine, a feeling of constant hunger it’s not worth it, in my opinion. Just as the pleasure of indulging in all of one’s cravings is not worth the extra weight and the level of discomfort.

    • Pia says:

      Well, I think Adele is too fat and I have voiced it before. I also think Posh is too skinny and fruit being an “indulgence” is just crazy to me. It also drives me crazy when girls use the word “curvy” to replace “fat”. Sofia Vergara comes to mind when I think “curvy”. I know this is harsh, but not all girls get more curvy when they gain weight. Some, like myself simply get lumpy in all the wrong places and are optimally curvy at a healthy weight.

  23. the original almond says:

    Whenever I hear about the drastic diets these celebrities maintain themselves on I wonder how would they look if they ate like us, peasants.

    I mean, do they have such unfortunate body types that even if they exercise regularly and maintain a well balanced diet they still get fat? I can’t imagine having that problem and not seeing a doctor. So why do they essentially starve themselves and exercise like crazy? I’m not a big eater but the stuff I like I cannot be parted with. So is it really worth it to deprive yourself of all things gastronomically pleasant?

    Personally, I prefer a nice, toned and fit figure to a scrawny, skeletal one but to each their own, I suppose.

    • j says:

      I wonder this too. If she ate just a bit more and used slightly less discipline, what would she look like? 5, maybe 10 pounds heavier? She’d still be quite thin and quite disciplined. I understand limiting yourself, especially in her industry, but after reading about her eating a salad with plain balsamic vinegar instead of balsamic dressing…I mean seriously, is she going to get fat from a bit of dressing? How slow is your metabolism if this is a concern?

      • LAK says:

        There was an article in a London magazine, i forget which, where shee was hosting a lunch for lots of journalists and editors. The menu consisted of fish with a side of tomatoes, and apparently she insisted that her portion of fish was halved, steamed, and no tomatoes – too many carbs!!

      • the original almond says:

        Was there any salt on that sucker or would that have caused her to retain water?

        I literally cannot imagine surviving on such dietary restrictions. I’d probably go insane. Aren’t most people more irritable when hungry? And cranky? She must be a delight to be around.

      • j says:

        NO TOMATOES!!! I read that too. Couldn’t she just abstain from eating the tomatoes? Or would they be too tempting, sitting there on her plate?

        All of these restrictions make me think she consumes around 500-800 calories per day, which would be seriously unhealthy over time. I’m hoping she’s just super disciplined when we witness it, and then goes home and eats a cupcake to make up for the caloric deficit.

      • gg says:

        Body dysmorphia causes extreme behaviors. She has gotten much better about it though, since she ditched the huge implants, but she is still mangling her feet by insisting on wearing spiked heels 24/7, including taking her kids to play outside, etc. I have a bigger problem with that than I do the fact that she’d prefer fruit to cake. Cake addicts scare me.

  24. Maria says:

    she is NOT going to age well…she is TOO thin…and to be THAT level of thin-ness at her age is definitely work. Discipline is good, and essential to stay somewhat healthy and age well, BUT, women need to put on a bit of weight with age since it goes from the face later on…prime example is Madonna. If she just left her face alone, with her low level of bodyfat, her face would look gaunt and she would look tired. bodyfat stores differently at different life stages. a face looks softer, prettier and younger when there is a bit of fat on the entire body. A little bit goes a long way.

    • TXCinderella says:

      Well said Maria. She probably thinks she looks good like that. No, that is not discipline, that is a disease called anorexia. Anorexics are very skilled at hiding the disorder. My sister-in-law is a perfect example of the over-exercising, rearranging food on her plate to make it appear that she actually ate something, anorexic. It’s sad really.

      • Maria says:

        yes, true.. it is extreme in her case. In the early days of her girl band you could see she was definitely meatier…but looked great. As a personal trainer, I deal with body issues daily with my clients, and as I age, I must admit, it is HARD to release the ideal of myself i easily maintained in my 20s and 30s…but I love good food, so I do smart workouts so I can eat my healthy, albeit high fat meals. So, must in experience with myself and others, SHE really has to not be eating much, OR, over exercising..or both…. it is SO not healthy to do so…SO much stress hormone released not to mention inflammation throughout her little body…eventually, her poor adrenals will give out and she will ballon up, and fast. She is going to create the very thing she fears the most. I wish I could just talk to her so she could understand how she is sabatoging her health down the road.

    • gg says:

      She and Angelina will find out soon enough when their bones get brittle in their 50s that they should’ve watched their nutrition better.

  25. stinky says:

    Go Zelda!
    It’s your birthday!!
    We gonna partay like is yer burfday!!!

  26. Agnes says:

    no wonder victoria always looks tired, miserable and sad. what does she eat? water and iceberg lettuce?

  27. Isa says:

    I wish I had her discipline.
    I think that fruit plate looks amazing!
    But I would’ve wanted cake too. :)

  28. fabgrrl says:

    For my birthday I didn’t have cake and ice cream either. I had fruit….

    …in pie form! :^)

  29. Incredulous says:

    *Reads this while eating chocolate truffles*

    It’s my brother’s birthday, pretty sure he’s getting cake.

  30. Alex'sMommy says:

    I think her baby is bigger than her!

  31. Nance says:

    So basically, ScarJo was nude underneath her CLOTHES in the movie… sexy!

  32. Kelly says:

    That poor daughter of hers is going to grow up with poor eating habits from seeing her anorexic mother. So sad…

  33. fabgrrl says:

    That “Stand Your Ground” story is enraging. I’d bet if that women had actually killed her abusive husband, instead of warning him off, she would have a MUCH lighter sentence, if any at all.

  34. TXCinderella says:

    You can see Victoria’s scalp through her hair in that first pic. One of the sure signs of anorexia is hair loss.

  35. call_in says:

    Dude. Miley looks so hot.

  36. the original almond says:

    Now that I’ve noticed it I can’t unsee it: what is with Miley’s shoulders? They seem disproportionate from the rest of her body. Is she swimming a lot or something?

  37. Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

    I lust for cake of all types: birthday, carrot, cheese, chocolate, etc. But even I, most of the time, would rather have a bowl of PERFECTLY ripe luscious fruit. Perfect fruit is much harder to attain than perfect cake.

    The obnoxious thing about it is that she tweeted a pic of her birthday fruit plate, knowing it would get a reaction. She’s desperately trying to stay relevant; and it’s really kind of annoying.

  38. Cleveland Girl says:

    So she had fruit, WHO cares?? WHY can’t she hold her head up??? The last 10 pics of her, she has been hanging her head in that ridiculous position. What’ the deal???

  39. Euphorima says:

    Did Victoria or anyone close to her ever confirm that she did not have any cake or ice cream for her birthday?

  40. Happy21 says:

    I love cake and I love fruit. I would eat cake on my birthday and I would eat it if I were at a birthday party if it were served. I would not just make cake for the sake of eating it but I would splurge for special occasions.

    I love fruit. Its delish. Fresh fruit is amazing and mouth watering. I’m so tired of people saying fruit is bad for you. I have a friend who gets on to pretty much every fad diet imaginable and last summer she wouldn’t eat some fruit or other because of the carbs. I told her in no uncertain terms that fruit (in moderation) would not make her fatter! Its better to eat the fruit than to eat the “healthy” 100 calorie preserved snack like a granola bar or little bags of chips which is what she eats instead. BS.

    Victoria Beckham is effed in the head. Period.

  41. Kel says:

    If she had cake, she’ll never tell any of us…the same way she never shares many details about other parts of her life. I hope whatever she did it made HER happy.

  42. NYC_girl says:

    I had fruit too for my birthday yesterday. Then I had eggs Benedict with roasted potatoes, 1/2 a chocolate croissant, and some of the lemon ricotta pancakes they brought us with a candle in it.

  43. DD says:

    I hate cake. It’s disgusting. That fruit looks good.

  44. jane says:

    I couldn’t not have cake on my birthday. It’s one of the few days during the year that I like to splurge.

  45. Katie says:

    That fruit looks way better than cake!

  46. Seymour Butts says:

    Figures. Those cheek implants look PAINful. That’s all.

  47. Alex'sMommy says:

    Harper is bigger than she is!

  48. Lisa says:

    I want that fruit platter for MY birthday.

  49. dorothy says:

    How sad to be so afraid of gaining weight that you can’t enjoy a slice of birthday cake. How shallow is her life?

  50. the other mel says:

    Harper and David’s expressions are uncannily similar in that photo. And that baby is totes adorbs!

  51. palermo says:

    Eh, it’s her choice but speaking as an Italian who loves her food, I don’t understand this extreme sacrifice all the time. I think she is missing out on one of the joys of life personally.

    • Pia says:

      Ciao, Palermo! My mom is from Siracusa.
      Anyway, ITA. One slice of cake a year isn’t going to kill you. If your metabolism is decent you won’t even gain an ounce. I’d rather enjoy the foods I want in moderation and maintain a healthy weight than constantly starve and deny myself, and look like a rail as a result. I personally have never been able to go vegetarian because that would mean no salami, sopressata, mortadella, proscuitto… the horror!!! I can limit myself for health and animal rights reasons, but none ever again for life? No way!! And no tomatoes?? Is she crazy??

  52. sup says:

    thought the title was a joke, i clicked and the sight of that fruit plate made me sad. can’t she even treat herself on her birthday? she is so shallow that she thinks visualizing an outfit means that she is spiritual (her words not mine)… roflol most celebs are dumb beyond words…

  53. labyrinth says:

    Labyrinth Posh Prognosis: Early onset osteoporosis. I doubt she is getting the amount of calcium she needs. Same as Goop. Is skinniness worth brittle bones?

  54. TheOriginalKitten says:

    You people must all be from Cali or somewhere fruit is always in season. I live in Boston and good, fresh fruit is a TREAT. I can bake a pie or a cake anytime but I love fresh fruit more than both.

  55. MrsNix says:

    I found the comment from the Lainey article interesting…that she “doesn’t lie about it.” Paraphrasing of course.

    That’s the whole point, I think. This is what it takes to be Hollywood thin. To have a figure like the women who make their careers on camera/in print ads, one of two conditions is mandatory: Either 1.) you have a natural genetic predisposition to this particular brand of slender OR 2.) you seriously restrict and micromanage every bite of food that goes into your mouth…always.

    There are a lot of women in the world with healthy, fit bodies. They eat 1200-2000kc per day, the work out, and they indulge in cake and/or ice cream on their birthdays. They don’t look like Posh. They wear size 6 or size 8 or size 10. They don’t wear sample sizes.

    This is what it takes. You can lambaste her for doing it or call it misery, but that is the choice she made. Her body during the Spice Girl days shows without question that she is not naturally sample-size slim, so she has made a choice to govern her food intake and make it happen.

    And…unlike all the “oh, I just eat a lot of fish” set, Posh doesn’t lie about what she doesn’t eat.

    **About calcium: a serving of kale or broccoli (or some other calcium-rich green leafy) takes care of that. You don’t have to glug down the fat and sugar of dairy to get calcium, no matter how loudly and often the National Dairy Council bleats otherwise.

  56. B says:

    I actually requested a fruit platter for my birthday (as I was caked out from the birthdays of other relatives) this year and it was delicious. Served with high fructose corn syrup laden vanilla “cheesecake” dip…with the raspberries, it was awesomeness. I would never purchase the dip myself and have yet to have it again, but it was a nice indulgence.