Is Britney Broke?

There are two stories today that suggest that Britney is hemorrhaging money as well as public goodwill with her latest antics. She’s selling the mansion in Beverly Hills she bought just two months ago, with the excuse that her son is more at home in her Malibu estate. She only lived there for a month before she left. While it’s possible she can’t afford it, I would bet she just wasn’t comfortable with the neighborhood:

Looks like Britney Spears is shedding more than her hair.

The newly bald “Toxic” singer is looking to sell the Beverly Hills house that she bought only two months ago, according to OK! magazine.

Spears bought the six-bedroom, six-and-a-half bathroom 7,553 square-foot Tuscan villa on Dec. 11 for $7.2 million, moved in a month later, moved out on January 25, and now is looking to sell it for $7.5 million, reports the mag.
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The quick sell is prompting some to question whether the singer needs to reel in her free-spending ways, but according to OK!, it was her sixteen-month-old son’s preference to stay put at Spears’ Malibu house.

“Britney says that Preston preferred living at the Malibu property,” a “source close to Britney” told OK! “It has more land and huge garden — it’s a better environment for Britney to raise the boys.”

Well no wonder Britney’s all f’ed up – she hates her new house!

There’s also a story that Britney tried to book a hotel room but was denied because she had only part of her credit card number written down on a piece of paper and no cash or other cards. She was in standard form and drank heavily, shaved her legs by the pool while wearing cowbooy boots, and tried to switch bikinis with another woman. When she was told she couldn’t stay there without a proper credit card she cried and said “Nobody wants me anymore.” Bald Britney was seen in two different cheap wigs, one blonde and one bright blue.

It’s possible that someone confiscated Britney’s wallet in an attempt to save her from herself, or that she just lost it in a drunken bought of forgetfulness. I doubt that her credit has been cut off. The girl has an AmEx black card with no limit.

Britney later hit bars on Sunset Strip while wearing the Halloween-quality wig and was said to have stormed out of the The Roxy when someone played her old song “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” Another report had people singing Karaoke to it, and not recognizing Britney or realizing she was actually there.

With a bald head, no career in sight and only occasional visits to the studio, how long is it going to be before Spears goes the way of MC Hammer? Britney also recently blew off several recording sessions with Pharrell. Then again, she doesn’t really have expensive taste otherwise and with K-Fed cut loose she’ll be spending less overall. Still, she could get creamed in the divorce settlement, and that seems more likely every day she leaves the house.

What do you guys think: is Britney broke or soon to be?

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8 Responses to “Is Britney Broke?”

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  1. Kolby says:

    Isn’t she worth upwards of $100 million? There’s no way she spent all that on Cheetos & cigarettes. I think she is just seriously effed up and left the house with no cash or ID…she really needs help.

  2. Iva says:

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for this totally self indulgent woman?

    All of this for what – more attention?

    Please tell me she has to go to some PUBLIC hotel for a swim – she doesn’t have a private pool at either of her residences.

    The whole shaving of the head was nothing more than a need for attention – she couldn’t have done this at home?

    She needs to grow up and realize that she is SUPPOSED to be the responsible mother of 2 INFANT children and if she wasn’t so self absorbed she would realize the damage she is doing to both of them.

    This woman is incredible and she is a woman, not a child, although her actions state otherwise. It is appauling to see what she has become and she wonders why no one wants her anymore – take a look in the mirror why would anyone want such a self-indulugent, self absorbed b!tch?

  3. Melissa says:

    Yes, I’m sure she is just as poor as Lindsey Lohan. It’s so disgusting! Perhaps we can start a telethon for them.

    Britney’s money has made plenty of money over the years. I’m sure she’ll be fine (financially anyway). I think she is just used to walking into a place and having a tab started on her name and face. People are now worried that she either won’t pay, won’t remember that she owes the money, that she actually is running out of money or that she might O.D. on their property. It is very sad how alone she is through this mess. Glad she checked back into rehab.

  4. Ginny says:

    That’s actually a decent outfit she’s wearing (minus the wig, of course) up there. It’s not skanky or in barf-worthy colors.

    I think she’s just gone nuts. She apparently invested her money really well and I’m not sure it’s very easy for her to completely blow it all, even if she never makes another album.

  5. Other Karen says:

    I doubt she managed to spend all her money partying, although part of the cash could be tied up in trusts for the boys. And there’s no way she could have destroyed all her investments in the last few months.

    I’m still shuddering about her shaving her legs by the pool. And what’s her obsession with swapping clothes?

  6. =====m says:

    id like britney to take the 7 million dollar home and buy me just a 1 million dollar home, please.

  7. Karen says:

    I love how facts from November suddenly get ignored in favor of random bashing of a person that’s at their low point.

    Congratulations. You’ve hit a new human decency low.

  8. Kelly says:

    I think she is at a bad time in here live and the tabloids aren’t helping any. She probably isn’t as bad as they are making her out to be. If she wasn’t famous no one would think twice about her behavior and her partying. But instead it’s blown into this whole circus. That has to take a toll on anyone. No wonder she’s probably having some kind of breakdown. I would have broken down along time ago.