Justin Bieber & Bill Clinton talk out pee-gate, Biebs & Selena are back on

Justin Bieber

Well, crap. Just a few days ago, I covered the above “Heartbreaker” photo of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez from his Instagram account and hoped against all hope that the picture was an old one that Bieber had just posted to make us think that Selena had taken him back yet again. Sadly, it turns out that Selena has gone there for real, and Hollywood Life says that creepy Scooter Braun (Bieb’s manager) talked her into it. TMZ adds to the story with details that Selena told Bieber he needed to straighten up, and on July 4, Bieber “won her back by promising to change his douche ways.” Don’t worry, it won’t last.

Indeed, Bieber just got busted on Tuesday evening for underage drinking in a Chicago club. He got kicked out of the joint, and the club was fined $1000. Now for a followup to that gross story about how Bieber peed in a restaurant cleaning bucket while (oddly) exclaiming, “F— Bill Clinton.” Apparently, Bill thought it was funny, and he and Bieber have made nice:

Justin Bieber could teach a master class in damage control.

After getting caught on video urinating in a mop bucket and spraying cleaning fluid onto a picture of Bill Clinton while saying “F— Bill Clinton,” the 19-year-old actually spoke to the former U.S. president today and apologized for his actions, a source close to the situation confirms to E! News.

And it sounds as if Clinton was really cool about it!

The insider tells us that the erstwhile commander in chief took Bieber’s slam in jest, saying something along the lines of, “If that is the worst thing you have ever done, all is well.”

And that had to have felt good to hear, considering the rough time Bieber has been having staying out of headline-making situations lately.

“@billclinton thanks for taking the time to talk Mr. President. Your words meant alot. #greatguy,” he tweeted earlier today after their talk.

We’re also told that Bieber told the statesman and activist that if there was anything he could do for the Clinton Global Initiative, he would love to help.

Clinton, in turn, told the pop singer to focus on the good that he can do for the world–and to keep an eye on his friends (one of whom purportedly leaked the video in question).

They say you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, and at least the Biebs was left with an omelet today.

[From E! Online]

Man, I can’t believe Bill Clinton actually responded to Bieber’s pee-in-a-bucket diss. He should have just ignored Bieber’s arrogant ass, but I would have been pretty pleased if Bill would have made a video much like the one where Obama called Kanye West a jackass.

Since this is a catch-all Bieber post, there’s also a new article up at People that rounds up some recent quotes from Bieb-mom Pattie Mallette. She tries to emphasize that Bieber is a good kid because he sometimes meets with sick kids in hospitals, and she ambiguously states, “He knows what I disagree with and he knows all the things that I’m really proud of him for, too.” Further, she likens Bieber’s world tour to him going off to college and learning life lessons in the process. Discuss.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Instagram

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  1. Insomniac says:

    So did he apologize to the people at the restaurant? I’d be a bit more impressed if he did that.

    • doofus says:

      seriously, THAT would be a bit of a redemption in my eyes, too.

      what a little pr*ck. apologize to the “important” people, but f*ck the little people.

      this kid makes me stabby.

    • Rachel says:

      Exactly. All due respect to President Clinton, but insulting him was obviously NOT the worst thing Justin Beiber has done.

      He urinated in a cleaning bucket that was probably then used to clean the entire restaurant because the staff probably only learned about it when that video went up.

      He uses the streets in his neighborhood as his own personal Formula 1 racetrack, endangering the lives of the people who live there.

      He has no respect for anyone or anything.

    • Abra says:

      My sentiments exactly!
      The fact that a spoiled millionaire teenager peed into a mop bucket that would have to be dealt with by an employee who probably makes minimum wage is far more insulting than the Bill Clinton comment.

    • megan says:

      YUP! First thing I thought of. I guess the people who had to HANDLE YOUR URINE don’t matter.

  2. lisa2 says:

    The picture of the Bodyguard holding him back is still priceless. I just noticed that he is really detaining him with ONE muscular arm. He is holding a phone and drink bottle in the other hand.

    somehow that ONE arm detainment makes it even funnier.

    I’m too old to like Justin.
    Thank you God.

    • Spooks says:

      Yes, and I would just like to say i appreciate that those pictures always come with a Bieber post.

      And, like him or not, but Obama is so cool.

    • Maxine says:

      Hahaha! Never noticed that before – Good one lisa2 – makes it 100 times better.

    • Bianca says:

      Thank you so much for pointing that out! Hilarious!

    • Amelia says:

      These pictures will *never* get old!

    • LB says:

      Great catch! I never noticed that.

      I don’t think I’d ever comment on Bieber stories unless those pictures are posted and then usually I am talking about those pictures.

    • Raquel says:

      Especially since he clearly doesn’t even give a shit that Justin has a puny little hand on his throat.

    • Atticus says:

      OMG thank you….I didn’t notice the one arm thing, that is priceless.

      I thought it looked like a dad taking his kid out of his car seat.

    • K-Rock says:

      Haha I never noticed that either! HAHA! Oh this photo makes my day.

  3. Red32 says:

    Clinton really should have ignored him. You’re better than this, man!

    And like someone else said, the poor average joe who had to clean Bieber’s pee out of the mop bucket probably never got an apology.

    • gg says:

      No he’s not – Clinton laps up all the attention he can possibly get. Always has. He’s the biggest narcissist out there.

      • ncboudicca says:

        Yeah, I remember he was a bit of a celeb-whore back in the day, but I’m still disappointed to hear that he even bothered to speak to that little asshole. I hope Hilary beat him about the head after she heard the news “Bill, you just cost me a million votes in 2016!”

      • Nicolette says:


  4. Arock says:

    That picture never gets old. Little twat.

    • DreamyK says:

      I know, right? This pic and the one with Lindsay Lohan in the fake pink fur. Oh, and Miley Cyrus in the frog suit. Heh

  5. JL says:

    At this point the only person more lame that Beiber is Selena Gomez.

    • Seattlemomma says:

      Seriously. What is wrong with that girl?

    • Bbb1975 says:


    • Spooks says:

      She is so annoying Seriously, has anyone made a successful transition from Disney to movie star and still stayed classy?

      And am I the only one who finds the lyrics to “Come and get it” quite anti-feminist?

      • blaize says:

        If ‘staying classy’ means that a female pop star can’t exercise her right to do whatever she pleases with her own physical appearance, must keep her work squeaky clean or PG at all times, and is not free to take on whatever role in a film that she pleases, then ‘staying classy’ is overrated and really just another form of repression. Who would want that?

        I never thought about the lyrics to Selena’s song though.

      • Bubbles says:


      • Bubbles says:

        I agree, she annoying.

      • Spooks says:

        No, I meant female celebrities that don’t date Bieber, have a nervous breakdown, an on again off again relationship that is constantly in the media or show the mistress of their father on twitter, meanwhile making sure they are always in the media, mostly for their personal life.

      • Bijlee says:

        She’s not classy! She’s the worst. She uses all these guys she dates to raise her profile while exploiting her INCREDIBLY MARGINAL talent. Selena cannot act and she cannot sing. The chick can barely dance. Girl is a very pretty face and that’s it. The stay classy route would be to take some acting classes and work in indies, ie BUILD a career, build up her resume, maybe go to college expand her mind. She acts as if acting means so much to her and she’s so deep, but she never does anything about it. She is as dumb and manufactured as any popstar who cannot sing or act.

        But no these disney stars want fame and money and all the trappings of Hollywood. They’re enamored by this bs and their incredibly stupid parents want all this for them too. All they see with their kids now is CHA-CHING.

        She should thank whoever chooses her music, writes it, records it, and autotunes the eff out of her voice because that’s the only thing keeping her barely relevant. That and Bieber (who should also go away for a while. Rest on his millions and read a few books. maybe volunteer. get an actual education. dude is going to need tutors because he can barely string together coherent sentences. butthead.)

        Yes, I have an IMMENSE dislike for the Gomez. And the 100 other brainless bozos who make more money in a year than I may make in a lifetime. This fame and wealth is just so sadly wasted on these buttheads.

        And yes @Spooks her song is anti-feminist. It’s cultural appropriation. It’s sexualized in the dumbest way. But it’s still catchy like all her music.

      • blaize says:

        @Spooks: I don’t think a person can help having a breakdown. The ones who had a breakdown- Britney and Demi- both have bipolar, so that’s not really their fault. And it takes two people to make an on again, off again relationship. The media obsesses over who’s dating who, and who broke up with who.

      • blaize says:

        @Bijlee: Wow. I agree that Selena has almost no talent, but that’s not enough for me to loathe her or assume that she’s brainless. I don’t care about the money she makes either. All these stars are overpaid when compared to people out there who are saving lives and doing things that really matter. I’d rather be my own non-famous self than be a celebrity with no privacy, and with constant pressure to look and be ‘perfect’. I think I’d go crazy after several years in that environment. Until she does something bad or becomes a snobby bitch like some other celebs, I won’t have a problem with her. So far my opinion of her is neutral.

        As for the cultural appropriation debate, I’ve never felt that it’s wrong to wear clothing from or do dances or music from other cultures, and I’ve never been offended by other people doing it either. I see the fact that we can share different cultures as progress, and I see putting limits on what people can wear, how they can dance, and what kind of music they can perform based on their race as racism itself. To me it’s only problematic if it’s done in a way to belittle, put down, or vilify that race.

      • Spooks says:

        I didn’t know Demi was bipolar, and even if I did, I shouldn’t have mentioned her, my bad.
        And yes, it takes two for a relationship, but that doesn’t make it any less repulsive that they sell it constantly. And as mentioned before, Selena can neither sing nor act. She’s just pretty.

      • Raquel says:

        Come to think about it, Jodie Foster was the last one.

        Hillary Duff made a good attempt, but the girl seriously had no acting or singing talent, and she sort of went the annoying-albeit less annoying than Lohan–route of the over-the-top goody-goody two shoes.

      • JM says:

        The only one I can think of is Jodi Foster.

      • Bijlee says:

        @blaize oh dear lord. I got it you are a much kinder person than I could ever hope to be. I did not say I loathed her. I do dislike her though and a lot. And please didn’t you say the other day you didn’t like that woodsy girl because of something she said one time in a magazine…an asinine reason to dislike someone if there ever was one. She also got shat on for her comments. Selena never does so let me be the Lone Ranger who does.

        And congrats you have such an open mind when it comes to cultures. Obviously not enough of one to understand why it’s bothersome and why hers is problematic. Frankly I said none of what you thought I said. I have no problem with people being interested on other cultures. It’s when they do it ignorantly I have a problem.

        I didn’t come to the conclusion that Selena is brainless out if jealousy of her money or fame. She obviously doesn’t even appreciate the culture she’s borrowing from. She’s called it tribal music. Strike one Selena you butt. When she performed her song she referred to it as Arabian nights. Strike two. She can’t even learn the differences. And she’s not even really doing Indian dance! Maybe at best Bollywood fusion hip hop but stop labeling it Indian! There’s a huge difference between Bollywood dances and current traditional dance none of which she is doing! Strike three. She wears a bindi as a fashion accessory….actually that don’t bug.

        The girl has the world at her fingertips. She has the ability to learn about these things in a way other people may never. She could read books about it. Go to classes etc. all to make her image richer and better and indicate to people that she’s clearly respectful and inquisitive. She did none of that. All she did was listen to her management team. Tell them yeah I liked the song where are the scripts guys? Whose gonna make dances for me? So yes BRAINLESS POPSTAR. Did she even care to learn what the word at te beginning mean??? Me thinks not. Also she’s dating bieber, lol please for her career. The girls full of it.

        It IS appropriation. A bunch of white girls thinking they’re doing Indian dance and wearing WHAT THEY THINK are Indian clothes. And for what reason? Not out of respect or genuine artisty, Selena is not an artist. But to make a quick buck. So yes I find it offensive that MY culture one for which I’m made fun of or given weird looks for is table seasoning on her current image. It bugs.

        It leads to racist movies like the Lone Ranger, dragon ball z, whitewashing Arabian nights that lunkhead douche Liam’s involved, prince of Persia, the horrific airbender film for which i get to thank one of my own sham-a-lama. Because white people can partake in any culture to! Amirite?!!

        And then I get to hear people shit on India and wonder why are we so f*cking savage and backwards while you people use our culture as a spice to sell your product.

        And her song is about being completely passive. Again the girl gives off a problematic image. One you wouldn’t like. She’s got that Virginia whore dichotomy going.

        So yes it does annoy. I find her annoying. Is she harmless…sure. But Liam seems pretty harmless to and i shat all over him the other day for the same crap. But then again there are very few people I do like who are celebrities. Very few.

        TL;DR I don’t like gomez.

      • Hakura says:

        @Blaize – I agree w/every word of your opinion on ‘cultural appropriation’. How is it not racist for someone to ban you from doing something (involving aspects of a culture other than your own) purely because of what color you are, or where you’re from?

        I *do* understand & agree that for someone to intentionally use aspects of someone’s culture purely for negative/hateful reasons is very good reason to be offended, it’s just not always the case,

        @Biljee – While I may disagree on some of your points, I do see where you’re coming from. But the 1 thing that gets to me… When people make a reference to ‘white people‘, saying ‘white people do this’ or ‘white people did that’ or ‘white people think like this’. It implies that *every* white person is a certain way, or could never possibly understand & respect another culture, just because they’re *white*, which I find offensive.

        There are *countless* different cultures/religions/heritages in ‘white culture’, but it’s always being lumped into 1 category. It’s like calling ALL Native Americans ‘Cherokee’, & that certainly wouldn’t be acceptable.

      • Bijlee says:

        @hakura my point was VERY specific in the context of that paragraph. Every single role that was meant for someone of a different race was given to a white actor within ALL those movies. I did not nor have I denied that white people have different cultures or arent allowed to partake in any culture besides their own. I did not imply that all white people are racist or can’t sympathize with people of different races. Nowhere did I say that.

        But I got it. It’s not offensive or problematic to YOU guys. Understandable. It’s harmless right. She’s appreciating a culture no matter how superficial it may be…to make what…money. And I’m surprised how much people want to derail this conversation because they see it as racist against white people. The problem is that most of the pop stars that are borrowing from other cultures for their image, music, style whatever, almost always happen to be white. That’s why cultural appropriation is even a debate. There’s a historical context for this.

        I’m VERY clear what my main problem is with Selena’s whole image. She clearly has next to no input, puts no effort into her image, just shows up and follows what they do.

        Yes, I’m overly critical and bitchy at the moment. Especially with regards to the Gomez. (I also snipped at Liam hemsworth for something he had no control over either if that makes you guys madder or makes you feel better, etc). Im sorry my annoyance offends people.

      • Leen says:

        @Blaize, I’m actually very lax about using other cultures in artistic endeavors and the like (as long as you UNDERSTAND the culture). I’m Arab and when I saw Selena Gomez referring to her dance/performance/single/whatever as Arabian Nights, I just.. ugh. FYI, India and the Middle East are TWO vastly different places. Also as Bijlee has said, it’s not even Indian, it’s very bollywood like. You know we are not the same, Indians, Arabs, whatevre. And to refer us as the same is very orientalist (check out Edward Said’s Orientalist to see how problematic that really is).

        I agree with Bijlee, and mind you I also have European heritage. But I’m still going to call out white/Europeans/Americans/etc if they appropriate my Arab culture though.

        But I truly recommend reading Orientalism by Edward Said to understand why this is a problem.

      • Bijlee says:

        @leen thank you! People are acting as if I’m saying don’t ever interact or borrow from other cultures because its racist if you do. I’m not saying that at all! The way a lot of popstars (and people) do it it still perpetuates stereotypes and can be racist. And very few people seem willing to discuss how problematic it can be. Excellent book reccomendation! I’ve written way too many words on a jelena post.

      • blaize says:

        @Bijlee and Leena: Sorry. I wasn’t trying to dismiss anyone’s feelings, and believe me, I definitely know that India and the Middle East are different places- I’m Indian, Irish, and Native American. I didn’t know about the comments Selena made, that definitely puts an ignorant spin on what she’s doing and shows that she didn’t bother to research what she was doing.

        I still feel differently about people wearing or participating in clothing, dance, or music from other cultures. To me it seems a little bit like penalizing certain people for the wrongs of their ancestors. But that’s just my opinion- we don’t all have to agree. And I will read the thing on orientalism.

        I agree with you about the fact that Selena Gomez isn’t really in control of her image- I don’t think she ever was. It seems like most stars in Hollywood don’t get control over their image until they’re in their mid-to-late 20’s. Every once in a while you’ll hear about some pop star in their early 20’s who decides to take control- like Pink or Christina Aguilera. Even Miley seems to have a little more control of her image than Selena. The reason why she has a sexually passive song out like Come and Get it probably has something to do with Selena being torn and not very assertive. Based on some things she has said in the past year, it seems like part of her wants to be seen as a ‘good role model’ to her younger fanbase and keep the approval that she has- nobody wants to be bullied by the public like Miley and some other pop stars have been. But at the same time she also seems to want to be more sexual. The fact that she can be talked in to taking Peeber back is more proof that she’s not a very assertive girl.

      • joe says:

        How is she annoying? ur the one who is annoying

  6. JL says:

    “Some days you’re the Bieber, and some days you’re the mop bucket.”

    Quote from a story about Beiber touching the Stanley cup on CNN – priceless.

    • Rachel says:

      OMG. Thank you for sharing. That may be the best line in sports writing history.

  7. Merritt says:

    This little brat needs to just go away. And his annoying little fans can go too.

  8. aquarius64 says:

    And the damage control PR continues. Having one of America’s Sweethearts take this idiot back and said idiot calling a popular former president to apologize are signs that Scooter & Co. are afraid their meal ticket’s career is going to end – fast. Throw in Pimp Mom Patti emphasizing her son’s charity work and it shows that fear is real. Unfortunately Team Bieber has to deal with another PR setback: one of his “friends”, Li’l Twerp, eh, Li’l Twist, got busted for DUI (marijuana) in Bieber’s chromed-out Fisker. He made bail yesterday.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Thanks for making sense of it all.

      I cannot comprehend how Selena can go so low. Where are HER handlers? Or does she also appeal to 11 year olds?

  9. Shauna says:

    A lot is TWO words, Peeber.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Hee. Peeber. I think I’m going to start calling him that from now on.

      Where’s the apology for pissing in the mop bucket? Gawd this little douche gets douchier every day.

      • Pandy says:

        Peeber LOLLLL. LOVE it!! An Gomez will be another statistic soon enough. Not enough talent.

  10. Ag says:

    i just come to these stories for fussy baby bieber pics. please don’t ever stop posting those. haha

  11. Anastasia says:

    Wait, she’s comparing his world tour to a person’s first year at college?

    She needs to stop. MOST college freshman do not have millions of dollars, a private jet at their disposal, and a crowd of sycophants surrounding them at all times, telling them yes and you’re brilliant.

    So, you know, there are THOSE huge differences.

    • Emily C. says:

      And if they show up late to class or work they get in trouble. If they continually show up late, they get in serious trouble. And the entire college does not exist to cater to their whims. And they don’t make stupid amounts of money while going.

      The woman has the brains of a gnat.

  12. Nicolette says:

    Hoped Selena was smarter than that, but guess not.

  13. blaize says:

    What I want to know is why. I knew the guy was a jerk, but I didn’t think he was crazy. What was his motive for doing that?

    I have to say I’m kind of happy to see Bieber’s downfall. I always thought he was overrated, and his fans can be annoying to deal with on the internet. I remember a few years ago some people were talking about how Bieber is so much better than Miley Cyrus, because he’s a ‘good role model’ and Miley is ‘evil’ because of the way she dresses and dances. Ha, look at him now. At least Miley’s not the one peeing in restaurant cleaning buckets, throwing tantrums, endangering people’s lives, neglecting animals, and treating people like crap.

  14. Veery Verytas says:

    Baby Bieber just slipped Beelzebubba a few million for his charity and all was good.

  15. Raquel says:

    Did Justin apologize to the minimum wage worker who had to dispose of his piss? What he did to that worker is way worse than what he did to Clinton.

    He can’t get attention from apologizing to a peasant, though.

    • Emily C. says:

      I bet he thinks that peasant should feel honored to deal with Baby Douche’s piss. That’s how most rich people are these days. That’s also how they were in 1780 or so in France.

      • blaize says:

        I think that’s a bit of an unfair stereotype against the modern rich person (although you’re probably right about it being true of Bieber and some other celebs). I’ve grown up around people from different financial backgrounds (rich and poor) and I can tell you that there are narcissistic douchebags in every class, just like there are nice people in every class.

  16. Mandy says:

    I don’t know if there is a whole lot that Pattie can do with this kid. I would hate to be in her situation. I’m sure she isn’t happy with him at all right now and wants the best for him but since he is an adult she can’t MAKE him do anything. And if she makes him mad, he could cut off the money.

  17. Madriani's Girl says:

    Almost all kids his age do stupid, irresponsible things but most of them are not millionaires or famous and are held accountable for their actions. No one will hold this little POS responsible except people like us because anyone who would normally have influence over him is on the payroll and won’t say boo or else risk losing getting kicked off the gravy train.

    • blaize says:

      Most of us young people have said and done some stupid, irresponsible things, but I don’t know anyone else who did this. My friends and I also don’t abandon our pets. His behavior is beyond young irresponsibility and wildness. He has anger management issues and he comes off as arrogant.

  18. emma says:

    he’s not learning any real life lessons.

  19. Emily C. says:

    Learning “life lessons” like what, that he can do anything he wants and get away with it because he’s a rich boy? College isn’t just about the life lessons, either; it’s about getting an education.

    Frankly, I think his mom’s just been riding her son’s gravy train, and that’s the only thing she cares about.

    • blaize says:

      Exactly. If a normal person got caught doing this (even though most normal people don’t do that) they would have been arrested. What a little pig.

    • CassT says:

      College is not for people who are young and famous. Its for working class people who need 9 to 5 jobs. It would be a waste of time for people like Beiber, Britney Spears, etc to attend college. I mean, what would they do, study accounting? For what purpose?

  20. Side-Eye says:

    Both of these people are talentless and useless.

  21. Dommy Dearest says:

    Can we deport him yet? Please? PLEASE!

    • Jane says:

      I’ve been wishing that since he came here. I am afraid we are stuck with this a**hole.

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        Is it wrong of me to hope he has a terrible accident and gets sent away to prison or something? My dislike is to that point.

    • Bijlee says:

      Back to Canada with ye! I desperately want this kid to grow up. I do think he has talent, but for the love of god why can’t someone ground him. This kid was given wayyyyyy too much freedom at a young age. Way to much.

  22. Butterscotch says:

    Selena Gomez needs to go into therapy. Just saying.

  23. Norman says:

    I don’t know if this means anything but Austine Mahone exclusively tells Just Jared.com that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are not dating.

    On this whole deport his ass to Canada thing: He was born in Canada but our tweens and teens made him just like those kids who are delusional about him on HollywoodLife.com.

    I think Demi Lovato said it best. “We don’t need another little punk running in the streets”. Send him to rehab.

    • joe says:

      Bieber never assaulted anyone. Demi did but got away with it by going to rehab. Demi is a bigger punk

      • blaize says:

        She didn’t get away with it. She got sued, had to apologize for it, and got flak for it- as she should have. But she did need to be in rehab- she had a breakdown and other issues.

  24. CassT says:

    Based on everything I have ever read about Justin Bieber, I would not want to meet him in person. Ever.

  25. freddie says:

    Then far more friends could talk about this concern